Writerly Update #6 // Edits, Planning, and A Procrastinating Mango Queen (No Really???)

If I’m a procrastinator, I obviously procrastinate.

And that means I procrastinate as a writer too.

Me: Yeah, let’s edit!
Me: *edits two chapters*
Me: Oh I should probably start editing again.

HONESTLY. Sometimes I can’t even with myself.

But that’s pretty much my writer’s life. Even though I love writing and thinking of new ideas (43.7% of the time), I just PROCRASTINATE.

IT’S OKAY THO. I know I’ll always come back to it (will I???). I’m trying to make myself do writing-related things each day. Not sure if it’s working, but at least I’m trying??? APPRECIATE ME FOR A SECOND HERE.

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How to Get My Undivided Attention (and Unparalleled Devotion) for Your Blog

In which May decides to be helpful (and also posts abnormally on a Friday GASPPPPP).

Some people* have been asking me about some blogging tips for newbies, and because I’m actually a KIND and GENEROUS person, I decided to write this post!

Of course, this is also my contribution to Mikaela’s Project Big Blogger, Little Blogger. Her project is basically aimed towards big (book) bloggers helping out little bloggers—supporting them in any way to help these little bloggers gain more followers! I’m a Big Blogger (gasp yet again???) and my Little Blogger is Nuala Charlie, over at Engrossed in Books. I hope you find this helpful, Nuala!

But in general, this can help all of you! You may or may not know that I am greatly against following for follows. But in this post you’ll see some things that will get my attention and cause me to click follow!

*Aka everyone.

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The Liebster Award // Four Nominations = Four Thousand Dutiful Mango Followers

Obviously when I’m nominated for something, I’m nominated like five times.

Okay, I exaggerate. More like four times.

And OBVIOUSLY, if four blogs nominated me for something, that means that four thousand* people are dutiful mango followers who will do as I say. My logic has no flaws.



But seriously! Thank you so much to Pip and LollyKarina, and Cheila for nominating me for this lovely award. Obviously I remember the fourth person who nominated me, because why wouldn’t I??? Seriously though, if you nominated me for this award, please let me know!!!

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The Perfect Bookish Panel That I Probably Will Never Get to Attend

As a diehard bookworm and fangirl, there are some things I wish I could do, but can’t.

So I have to compromise and just dream.

But then Eventbrite, a place to plan your own conference through their registration online page, contacted me and asked me to write a post on the perfect panel of authors (or characters) that I’d love to see at a conference, and I of course jumped at this wonderful opportunity to fangirl!

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A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab // aka a Conjuring of Absolute Destruction and Heartbreak #help

I am utterly and completely DESTROYED by this book.

A Conjuring of Light by VE Schwab is absolute PERFECTION. I finished it on Tuesday and fangirled a bit (A BIT) in Wednesday’s post, but OMG IT DESERVES A REVIEW. IT IS JUST THAT AMAZING.

You know when you finally finish a book and just breathe out a sigh of relief??? Like “omg I’m done wow it feels so weird to finish”.


Me finishing ACOL:
Me finishing ACOL:
Me finishing ACOL: *breathes in slowly*

Image result for sobbing gif

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