12 Books to Read When You’re in a Slump

As someone who has been struggling to read with the start of a new busy semester, I’m trying to turn to books that take me less time to read so I don’t have to feel bad about taking forever to finish a book. Still, I’ve been going some days/weeks without reading a single book! I know I’m not alone in feeling slumpy, so I thought it might be nice to make a list of recommendations for those who are in search of a quick read to help them out in a slump.

These are all books that I flew through, not necessarily books that are short!! Some books might be on the longer side, but I chose them for their readability, based on my personal experience. (There are lots of short books that I’ve taken a while to get through!)

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666 Reading Challenge: 2022 Wrap-Up & New Genres for 2023!

Last year, I created a challenge for myself, in which I decided 3 genres I wanted to read more from and made a goal of reading at least 6 books in each of those genres. Today I’m here to talk about how that challenge went, including the books I ended up reading for it and what my thoughts were on this challenge overall! (If you’d like to know more about the challenge, you can read my first post here.)

Because I actually did quite well on this challenge in 2022—and more importantly, I had a lot of fun doing it—I’ve decided to try it again for 2023! So this post will not only be a wrap-up of how the 2022 challenge went but also an introduction for 2023 and some of the books I might pick up for it.

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Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging – Q&A!

This bad boy is going to first grade!

(Bad boy being my blog. I cannot talk normally.)

Clearly, I’ve been absolutely abhorrent at blogging this past year. There many times that I thought that my fifth year of blogging would be my last. But I truly am happy to be saying that I’m going into my sixth year (what a wild number to wrap my head around!), even if this year of blogging will look very different from my past. There are many ways I’ve changed since I started this blog six years ago, both as a blogger and as a person in general, and I think it is so important and wonderful that my blog evolves along with me.

Like I said in my “comeback” post, I feel very grateful and thankful to anyone who’s stuck with reading my silly little blog throughout all its ups and downs. Blogging can be lonely without any interactions with people, and it honestly blows my mind that I’ve been able to connect with so many people through this silly little space on the internet.

All my time away made me see how, yes, I don’t need to post on my blog to find fulfillment in my life, but also how blogging was something that added to my happiness. I missed it, and I can’t wait to see the fun I get up to over this next year of blogging!

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50 Anticipated Releases: January through June 2023

Every year I add a ridiculous amount of books to my TBR.

I thought I wouldn’t make this post, because I’ve been missing for so long and feel like I have very little grasp on recent book releases, much less upcoming ones. But once I started looking at the books 2023 has to offer, I realized that there are so many that sound good! The 2023 releases on my TBR grew in number from about 20 to over 50.

We will ignore that I will barely read any of these and take the majority of these off my TBR by the end of the year. It’s all exciting and new right now!!!

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Goodbye 2022: My Favorite Things, Moments & Media of 2022

2022 was thankfully quite good to me.

Even though there were rough patches like any other year, it was truly a nice year for me, full of lots of happy things and moments for me. I always like to write a post on the moments that stand out each year, as a way to remember the positives and carry that into the new year with me, but this time I’m also talking about specific items and media that I loved. I feel like I feel less inclined to talk about more specific parts of my life now, after being away for so long, so hopefully those extra tidbits will make up for it!

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