In Review: A Darker Shade of Magic // HOW IS THIS SO BEAUTIFUL

You’d think that I’ve read enough beautiful books that I wouldn’t be surprised by another.

Yeah no.

I read A Darker Shade of Magic by VE Schwab a few weeks ago. And gosh, it was absolutely MAGICAL. Or maybe that’s because the book involved magic???

Ignore me while I cry please.

*note that this is my first review of ever and because I have like no experience writing reviews, my thoughts are probably all over the place and it’s disorganized. whoops.

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The Writer’s Prompt Challenge #2―Less Dark, More Cringy *cringes*

I succeeded in being less dark this time, and also more cringy!


I’m participating in the second Writer’s Prompt Challenge, hosted by Grace (at The Girl Upstairs) and Allie Taylor (at The Depth of My Faith).


Honestly my writing is so bad. I mean, it’s probably better than your average gal, but it’s still not my best. Well, probably because I was struggling with staying within the word limit, but whateveeeeeeeeeer.

Also, I’m writing in third person present. I’ve never tried writing in that style before, so it’s very odd and cool. I’ve always written third person past (which is muuuuuuuuch easier), but third person present just sounds so AWESOME, and I just have to try it???

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My Promises as a Better Blogger // Two Month Blogiversary!!!

Even though I am the Mango Queen and am supposed to be utterly perfect, the world refuses to acknowledge that. #rude

I am a Queen and Queens are perfect, but apparently NOT ME because I just have to be this great person who made lots of mistakes as a newbie blogger. Why all this rudeness??? Can’t we live in peace and harmony and agree that I am simply an amazing person with no flaws???


Image result for sound of music gif
That’s peace and harmony right there, beans.


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Favorite Foods (Obviously Mangoes)

Obviously, I like food.

If you can’t tell. I mean, who doesn’t like food???

And obviously, mangoes are included in the list of my favorite foods.

Also obviously, this post was inspired by my Favorite Authors post from long ago. Do you remember this lovely post? It was the post I was too lazy to think of another favorite author for, therefore resulting in my top NINE favorite authors, instead of my top ten. And do you know what this caused? THIS CAUSED ME TO HAVE A THEME OF “TOP NINE” ALL OVER MY BLOG, INSTEAD OF “TOP TEN” LIKE A SANE PERSON.

And it also caused me to start this little “tradition” of favorites posts. Of course you’re fine with me telling you all about my favorite things, right?

Image result for of course gif

*I will be keeping these glorious flower graphics until further notice. The lovely Sarah pointed out that they are a BIT too similar to Cait‘s wonderful flower graphics, which I totally agree with, so I’m tryna see if there’s another graphic thing I could make with flowers because flowers are #pretty.

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Writerly Update #3―Abandoning a Novel + Coming up With a New One + Tackling Racism

After Camp NaNo, I will be taking a looong break from If Memory Serves. For as long as maybe five billion years.

No. I’m not kidding. And I’m really quite sad, contrary to what you might think.

This story has been with me since October 2016, and I have loved it, cared for it, and grew it. It is my baby, a part of me and my life. I worked hard on it for NaNoWriMo 2016, my first NaNo ever, and I reached my goal of 15,000 words with this precious little baby. After revisiting the plot in an attempt to form an outline for it, I came to the conclusion that I cannot go on with this story.

*note: I am making a new graphic for each writerly update because my writerly update graphics are cringy.


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