How to Survive While May is on Blogging Hiatus + One Month Blogiversary!!!


Let’s cut straight to it. Because I am an impatient little bean.

I’m going on a brief blogging hiatus until next Tuesday.

. . .

Today is also my one month blogiversary!!!

How exciting, amiright???

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“What Would You Do?” Character Questionnaire with Ivy―In Which I Find All Her GIFs

Yup, another collab indeed! I have two collabs planned for next month as well.

(If you want to collab with me, let me know through the comments, contact me through the form on my Contact page, or shoot me an email! As you can see, I love love collabs! 😛 )

Anyways, I’m here with the lovely Ivy Ashtyn from Flaming Ivy. If you haven’t checked her blog out, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FLY AWAY AND DO IT NOW. And return to my blog, of course, because you need to read her glorious answers to my glorious questions!

(But while you’re at her blog, check out my answers there too! Although she is horribly representing me and my aestheticness by NOT FORMATTING EVERYTHING PERFECTLY ASDFGHJKL MY EYES.)

Ivy and I decided to do a little “What would you do?” type of character questionnaire, instead of an actual character questionnaire/interview. BEING UNIQUE IS FUN.

And you see the part after the em dash in the title? Yes. It’s true. Poor Ivy is a sad little mango who cannot find good images/gifs (or any at all), so I did it all for her. Say thank you, Ivy.

My comments are italicized.

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The Writer’s Prompt Challenge #1 // Me Being Dark and Stabby

Lookie! A challenge!


(Isn’t that a gorgeous graphic?)

I’m super excited to be participating in TWPC for the first time! TWPC is The Writer’s Prompt Challenge (if you can’t tell by the graphic) and it’s co-hosted by Grace and Allie Taylor (if you can’t tell by the graphic). Grace’s blog is The Girl Upstairs, and Allie’s blog is The Depth Of My Faith (again, if you can’t tell by the graphic). Miss Allie is judging the entries this time, but I believe they will alternate each month.


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Writerly Update #2 // In Which My Outline Kills Me


Please? I’m honestly dying right now. There’s this thing that looks like a bunch of paper and it’s carrying a dagger and running straight at me and it looks like it’s going to stab me but then it pushes me down and hovers over me and smiles evilly (can it even smile???) and proceeds to do absolutely nothing except stare and stare at me until I’m forced to look away and DIE. A HORRIBLE, PAINFUL DEATH.

And just after I die, my logical side of the brain decides to butt in and say, Hey, you know this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t write that outline in the first place, right? Of course, O Wondrous Logic is too late and I’m already dead.

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Valentine’s Day Celebration + Poem + Happy Birthday + Dance Show

Today is the day we celebrate LOVE. ❤

Of course, we should celebrate love and be loving every day, but this is a special day in which we show our love more openly.

Fortunately for me, I love no one.

love black and white i love you one tree hill chad michael murray
I can’t say the same thing about you, but why thank you, sir.

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