My Weirdest Bookish Habits that Only the Strange Bookworms Can Relate to

We can definitely agree that May is a very odd little worm.

Worm as in bookworm, mind you. I do like the color pink, but not THAT much. *shudders*

I’ve been focusing a lot on writing this month, and because I offer you the best love and care in the world, I wanted to feature a bookish post. And so I didn’t.


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The Writer’s Ink Challenge Because I Like to Talk About Writing

It is absolutely no secret that writers (including moi) looooooove to talk about their writing and/or themselves.

And with the Writer’s Ink Challenge, we can do just that!

Also this month is writing-themed IF YOU CAN’T TELL. This was actually supposed to be a book review but that was canceled you’re welcome.

However, it has come to my knowledge that this challenge doesn’t cover everything??? SO, I have added one more question that I feel is important to me. #yourewelcome

Also I just wanted this to stick with the FAE tradition of NINE.

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Writer Woes 2.0—How to Keep Writing When the Words Disobey (How Dare They)

We’ve officially hit the halfway mark of Camp NaNo… and we’re slowly dying.

At least some of us are? I mean, I’M DOING GREAT. Partly because it’s a THREE-DAY WEEKEND WHAT IS THIS MAGICAL NONSENSE???

*cries* I’m fine.

Image result for im fine gifs supernatural
I think I’ve used this gif before. #oops


I actually am doing fine, though. I’m ON TRACK and starting to go a little bit above my daily goal, which is SUPER AWESOME, because I really want to surpass my word count goal of 15K. #overachiever

(Okay, I’m not REALLY an overachiever. I just want to SUCCEED.)

(And succeed a little more.)

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Writerly Update #4 Ft. Bad Snippets and Worse Poems

Being sick apparently takes away your writing time, as does procrastinating and staring at a blank screen. #surprise

Okay, so I knew this. But I didn’t want to??? I wanted to assume that HAHAHA I CAN WRITE WHILE I’M SICK because that totally doesn’t require you to use your brain at all AND PROCRASTINATING = WRITING am I right or am I right.

(Spoiler: right.)

Today’s Writerly Update includes my experiences with Camp NaNo and NaPo (so far), along with some horrible snippets and worse poems, and an update on how [bad] my magic story is going.

*thumbs up*

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Mini Reviews // All the Contemporaries Attack Me

*Please note that I am sick and therefore my thoughts may be a little jumbled, and this post may or may not have a sucky featured image.


I don’t usually read contemporaries. So then they all decided to attack me.

I first thought contemporaries were all drama-y and not that interesting to read. (Save the school drama for school please.)

But actually, contemporaries are smol little beings that 1) are unique in style and voice, 2) talk about and address modern issues, and 3) are almost always deep and meaningful. Meaning not your school drama type of book.

So after realizing this, of course I have to go and read some fantastic contemporaries.

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