Diversity in Books // Why We Need it But Also How it’s “Wrong” (I’m Not Crazy, I Promise)

Before you start throwing rotten mangoes at me, let me explain.

I don’t think diversity in books is WRONG. NOT AT ALL. I just think that the way some authors and readers go about it is wrong.

NOW THAT THAT’S CLEARED UP, hello! Welcome to yet another discussion in which I am more rambly and ranty than ever. (I can’t help it with topics I’m passionate about.) I also tried to be witty but horribly failed, because passion and wit do not go hand in hand apparently??? #rude

Anyways, before I explode with a burst of words, I’d like to say: THANK YOU FOR 600 FOLLOWERS!!! This is the BEST “gift” ever before I leave on vacation tomorrow, and it makes me SO SO HAPPY to have hit another milestone this month! ❤

(And now begins the rant.)

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Blog Tour: An Author Interview with Kellyn Roth (The Dressmaker’s Secret and Ivy Introspective!) + Giveaway!


Yes, because I’m a kind soul and support my friends. Do you???

Anyways, I’m SUPER excited for today, because I’ll be helping my dear friend Kellyn Roth let everyone know that her books* have been (self-)published! I’m interviewing her, so I hope you find this entertaining. Or at least helpful.

*These books are The Dressmaker’s Secret (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy #1), and Ivy Introspective (The Chronicles of Alice and Ivy #2).

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Writer Woes 5.0—Worldbuilding (aka the Bane of My Existence and Yours Too)

Is that someone sobbing in the corner with red eyes and snot on their face???


Who is definitely not me.

Worldbuilding is a torturous pleasant experience that makes you scream in agony smile in happiness because it’s finally over you get to create whole! new! worlds!!!

It definitely does not cause you to sob in the corner with red eyes and snot on your face because THAT would be RIDICULOUS.

Image result for sobbing in the corner gif
I’m sorry, child. You do not deserve to go through this pain.

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Guest Post by Charlie @ Engrossed in a Good Book: What I’ve Learned in My Short Time Blogging

Hello hello! I know I’m having many collabs and blog tours and guest post-y stuff, but hey, gotta support my subjects!

Did I say subjects? I meant my people. My friends. Definitely not my mango subjects.

ANYWAYS*, this post is by Charlie @ Engrossed in a Good Book, who is my Little Blogger for Mikaela’s Project Big Blogger Little Blogger. She’ll be guest posting and talking about what she’s learned in her short time as a blogger!

If you’re looking for great adult books to read, definitely check out Charlie’s blog! And thanks to Mikaela for hosting this awesome project as well.

*I’m honestly so great at switching subjects omg.

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Blog Tour: Charis Rae! (A Flowery Aesthetic Self-Hosted Blog that I Want)

Welcome to my stop on the Charis Rae blog tour!

I am SUPER excited for today’s post, because it’s all about my friend’s new blog, Charis Rae!

You may know Grace @ The Girl Upstairs. Well, her real name is actually CHARIS* and she’s moving to her own self-hosted blog! Aka please teach me all you know.

I’ll be talking about Charis herself, her blog, what she’ll be posting, and some other awesome stuff. I’m also doing a review of her blog. Which can’t be the most accurate since she hasn’t started blogging yet??? BUT YO I WANT THIS POST TO BE LONG AND I’M GOING TO WRITE A REVIEW. #dealwithit

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