3-Year Blogiversary Q&A: Part 1!

It’s been 3 years since I started blogging.

It’s so strange to say that (it makes me feel old even though… I am a baby), to think that I’m going into my third year of blogging in this community. I’ve changed and grown so much throughout these years, and blogging has contributed to that.

You all mean the world to me, and I can only hope to one day repay every one of you for your kindnesses. It’s very surreal to me, and though there have been rough spots and I still struggle with some things, it has been an amazing three years and I’m so grateful to still be here with your support <33

I decided today to just go ahead and start my Q&A, instead of another post like I usually do, since it’ll be split into two parts! If you’d still like to ask questions, you can comment them below or submit them here!!

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Goodbye 2019: The End of Year Book Survey, ft. My Best & Worst Books and Yearly Stats!!

FINALLY, I can write this post.

I’m gonna be honest, I’ve been waiting all year for this post, because it’s one of my favorites to write, despite all the hours of work it takes me.

Today, as always, I’m linking up with the End of Year Book Survey created by The Perpetual Page Turner. There are lots of questions on this wonderful survey that I won’t be answering, but I truly love how comprehensive it is! I’ll also be talking about my reading stats, garnered by my wondrous google spreadsheet and presented in the form of pie charts!!

Also: Hi! I’m currently in NYC right now, having the time of my life!! (Perhaps we’ll see a post about it?) I just wanted to say that this post took me HOURS to make, hence why I’m posting it so much later than I wanted to. Who knows if I’ll disappear again, but I hope you all have a good day!!

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Goodbye 2019: My Favorite Moments of the Year and the Decade!

It’s that time of year…

That time of year when I reflect on everything that happened and realized this year was a lot worse than I thought!!

In an effort to be more positive (because as you can see, I’m not very good at that), I’ve decided this year to take out the “least favorite” moments, because I’d rather not dwell on all of those. And I’m a little afraid there would be more of those than favorite moments.

Also, 2019’s special because it’s the end of a decade, so I decided to throw in some overall favorite moments of the decade as well! I was practically 2 years old at the start of the decade (I’m exaggerating!!!), so they’re all a bit more recent, but still important enough to me.

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Goodbye 2019: Checking My Goals for 2019 and Making New 2020 Resolutions!

Hi, and welcome to the new year!!!

It feels surreal to be saying 2020 (I’m usually good about switching years when I write the date, but this one will be next to impossible to remember), but it almost feels hopeful? Maybe that’s just me being wistful.

I’m very excited to be back and talking about my goals, both old and new! I reached 10/16 of my 2019 goals, and while not the Best I could have done, I think it’s still pretty good, considering I had almost no motivation to do anything in 2019!

Note: I am so so sorry to have abandoned my blog yet again in December, but I truly needed it. (It was my worst month of the year.) I’m so excited to be blogging again, but to post everything I want to this month, I’ve decided not to post a December monthly wrap-up! Missed you all so so much, and thanks for still supporting me even when I’ve disappeared. <33

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May’s Moments of the Month: November // Absolutely Failed at Blogging and NaNoWriMo… but I Read 7 Books in 2 Days

Hi guys!! Sorry for my absence…

I don’t know if anyone noticed (and I don’t expect anyone to have noticed), but I took an unplanned break from blogging this past month. I’m half sorry and half not: I’m sorry for having become terrible at this whole blogging thing, but I’m glad I took the accidental hiatus because I feel more refreshed! (And I honestly needed it.)

I’ve missed you guys a lot, and I’ve missed blogging a lot, and I have to say, I’ve come back at the right time because end of the year blog posts are my absolute favorite to read and write! I guess I’ll explain more about why I didn’t post, and also what I did in November, because I actually kind of accomplished a lot? Just kidding I just read a bunch.

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