9 Reasons Why You Should Never Ever Trust a Writer/Author (They’ll Actually Kill You) Ft. Emotional Pain

Writers are SCARY PEOPLE.

They can do many things to you, ranging from making you feel extreme emotions to also killing you.


jal;ksdjfLJ;LFKJAL;SDJFlkjaf;lajkdsf They are evil and cruel and horrible and ghastly and yet we still love them.

But! MANY negative things happen to you that are caused by writers/authors, so that’s why I decided to make a list on why you should never trust writers. And also because I did a similar post with bookworms and it was much fun.

Note: This list consists of pain, pain, and pain, so if you don’t want to read the whole thing, THERE YOU GO! You have a one-word summary: PAIN.

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How to Deal With Bookish Disappointments (Without Intense Sobbing—or Death! Wow!)

I am not easily disappointed.

Especially by books! I’m actually really really nice when I rate books*, so I’m always expecting to NEVER be disappointed. (Why read a book you think will disappoint you???) And for 98.3%, I’m not!!!

But the other 1.7% or something**, I DO get disappointed. And because that’s such a rare feeling for me, I don’t know how to deal with it???

LUCKILY FOR YOU, I’ve put together a little guide about how to deal with bookish disappointments, because if you’re like me, you probably just end up sobbing and/or dying from disappointment.


*Which is why I have never rated a book one star… Strangle me.
**I hate math.

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The Pros and Cons Viewing Posts on the Site vs. the WordPress Reader + My (Very Biased!!!) Opinion

The important question is: Where are you viewing this post RIGHT NOW?

If you’re viewing it on my actual site, YAY GO YOU I LOVE YOU KEEP DOING GREAT THINGS.

If you’re viewing it in the WordPress Reader… bye.


As you can tell, I have a very biased opinion on where you should view blog posts. And because I know people have different thoughts on this as well, I thought, Why not write a discussion about it? AND HERE I AM.

I’m a very big believer in viewing posts on the actual site, but I will try my hardest not to let my bias show in my list of pros and cons. (Lol it ain’t gonna work.)

And I also realize* that there are other ways to view posts, but these are the main two, yeah? And I also don’t really know the other ways…

*I spelled this as “realise” at first I SWEAR I AM BRITISH.

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Writerly Update #10 // Scribbler is Going Splendidly (and Stressfully) + a Peek at My (Amazing) Plot Bunnies???

Writing this month is feeling very chill and lax.

Which is good!!! Sometimes I feel like I overwhelm myself with TOO many writing-related things to do, which is very bad for my health.

Actually, if I think about it… I’ve been a little stressed with my blog writing project, The Scribbler’s Challenge. And also a little stressed with planning out my plot bunnies. And also stressed with doing all of this with school.


But! I’m having FUN and enjoying myself. It’s stressfully fun.

Image result for narrow eyes confused gif


*Note: Guess who got a new phone and therefore a better camera and TOOK THIS FEATURED IMAGE BY HERSELF??? This girllll. And I’m regretting the fact that I made the bottom both black AND white so now “Forever and Everly” looks messed up. Also my handwriting is ugly.

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Bloggers for Change: How Blogging Can Help with Social Anxiety | Part Three of a Collab (!!!) with Abigail and Charis

Blogging is AWESOME.

Because of many reasons! You make new friends, find awesome blogs, and create something that you’re supposed to be proud of.

But not only is blogging supremely awesome, it can be extremely helpful.

As part of Gracie’s Bloggers for Change project, I’m teaming up with Abigail and Charis to talk about various ways that blogging can help with social anxiety.

This is a bit different from what I usually post, but I feel like it’s something really important to talk about so hopefully you’ll enjoy it???

I’ll be talking about how blogging can help people with social anxiety interact with others in real life. Check out Part One (by Abigail), and Part Two (by Charis)!

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