#AmCurrently Update: Apparently You Want to Know What I’m Doing While Social Distancing

You all are too kind to me!! I’m boring!!!

About a week ago (time is a complete mush in my head now), I put out a link to a feedback survey that was supposed to go up on my blogiversary but didn’t because I’m a mess. And for a question about what content you want me to post, a lot of you wanted to know what’s up with my life amidst this COVID-19 social distancing nightmare!

So I’ve decided to please you all with that exact post, because 1) I am running really really low on post ideas, and 2) I’m annoying and enjoy talking about my own life!! (You know that one post on every social media platform that’s like “I have this weird self-esteem issue where I hate myself but also think I’m better than everyone else”? That’s me.)

Also, if you’d like to fill the survey out, it’s still open and I’d really appreciate it!! I love the validation, yes, but I also value your feedback, especially in terms of what content you guys are interested in. (And if you’ve already filled it out, you have my entire heart!!!)

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ARC Review: A Wish in the Dark by Christina Soontornvat // The Thai Book of My Heart!!

Let me tell you a story.

It’s not very interesting, but we’re gonna roll with it!

One day, all the way back in 2018 when I was a gross little thing, I found out about a Thai-inspired Middle Grade fantasy releasing in 2020. I think I might have teared up about the Thai rep or done something else equally pathetic (I say, as if I don’t cry over not being in Thailand).

It felt like such a long time to wait for a book that I thought would steal my heart, but now that day is FINALLY here!!

Today is the day I will convince you to read A Wish in the Dark at least some time in the future or die. Because I need to make as many people read this beautiful, godly book, and understand why it makes me so happy beyond Thai rep. It’s a phenomenal book and I genuinely am so excited for the whole world, especially young (Thai) kids, to be able to read it now.

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Upcoming Book Releases (March-June) to Support During This Pandemic!!

COVID-19, the taboo word on everyone’s mind right now.

(It’s taboo for me, because I don’t like to think about it.)

It’s a very scary situation right now, and I’m keeping everyone in my thoughts. I hope you’re all as safe and healthy as you can be, and staying home if you can! Please take care of yourselves now more than ever!

But among one of the effects of this is that authors have had to cancel multiple events that would help them promote their books, so! I wanted to write a post of some books releasing soon that I think deserve your attention and support. I tried to include only books with less than 10,000 adds on Goodreads, because I think promoting lesser hyped books has more of an effect than promoting the super hyped ones!

I’m only doing March through July because 1) I was supposed to make a list of releases in January – June but obviously I’m the worst and didn’t, and 2) I’m fiercely holding on to the hope that this will all calm down by July, which is when I’m scheduled to go to Thailand!!

ALSO: I completely forgot about this on my blogiversary, but I always like to do a yearly FEEDBACK SURVEY to help decide how to improve my blog for you guys, so if you could fill it out I would really appreciate it!!!

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ARC Review: The Electric Heir by Victoria Lee // A Poignant Story of Survivors

Victoria Lee said I’m gonna give the gays everything they want but also break their hearts a little. as a treat.

Some of you may recall last year when I talked a lot about The Fever King, an epic dystopian-ish sci-fi fantasy about magic and plagues and two boys in love. It’s one of my favorites, so when I was offered the chance to read and review the sequel, I was beyond ecstatic!

Today I’m here to talk about (aka gush over) The Electric Heir. It, as stated, includes gays and heartbreak, and it was the perfect sequel and ending to Noam and Dara’s story.

(Also bonus! You can get The Fever King for 99 cents right now on Kindle US!)

This review is spoiler-free, for both book 1 and book 2.

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The Year of the Asian Reading Challenge 2020: Sign-Up/Update Post + TBR!

i’m back to normal, with the usual asian book love!

just kidding, i’m still struggling in all aspects of my life* and i like to represent that by refusing to type with proper capitalization. i’m not like other girls!

but Yes, i am here writing a post? that is not just a wrap-up? which is something i’m choosing to be proud of right now. and i really wanted to finally make my official sign-up (and update!) post for the year of the asian reading challenge, 2020 edition!

this reading challenge is hosted by lilycw, vicky, and shealea. the goal is to read as many books by asian authors as you can this year. please check out any of the posts linked to find out more info!

*i’m doing much better right now though!! thank you all for the love recently <33

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