An Author Interview With April McLauren in Which She Amazes Us Feeble Mangoes

Hiya guys! Today, I have a different post than usual, with my friend April McLauren over at April Dreams! As you can probably tell from the title and graphic, it’s a collab author interview. I’m super excited to share her answers to the fifteen questions we came up with. Click here to read my answers―though beware: they’re quite long! (What else did you expect?)

Now on with the questions and answers!

My comments are italicized.


1. What is your current work called, and what is it about?

Well, my current WIP {work in progress, for all you non-writerly folks reading this. I made you cool by teaching you the writers lingo.

Your welcome.}

Anyways, my WIP’s name IS a WIP, but for the moment it’s Behind Locker Doors: Middle School Exposed.


So basically, it’s about this group of private school kids. They’re stereotypical private school kids in the sense they are rich and entitled, and some of them are sort of bratty. But not all of them because whining is not fun to write. So, we all know kids act different around their friends than adults, but we expect them to retain some of their qualities…

Not here.

They’re around 12, but they act like they’re 21. It’s very secretive, meant to create a sense that things are not what they seem…

*dun dun dun*

Doesn’t her novel sound so amazing???


2. How did you choose your novel’s title?

Well, I was browsing NaNo, trying to come up with a title for my novel so I could put it in the about-your-book thingy. And… it just sorta popped outta my mind. Like… title lava out of the inspiration volcano.

*gets sidetracked thinking of how an inspiration volcano could work…*

Image result for volcano gif
Except imagine the lava is ideas, not skin-melting magma…


3. Which character do you most relate with?

Hmm… I’d have to say Olivia. My darling little fighter girl. Let your guard down for moment, sweetie. I relate with inner Olivia, not the one she shows to the rest of the world. But to be honest, the outside is pretty cool too.

Image result for fantasy fire girls
How I always imagined her, lighting up the room. Firegirl.

And she came out of the inspiration volcano… fire… haha 😛


4. Which character do you have the most fun writing?

Uh, uh, how am I supposed to choose? I created them! Well, not really. They’re loosely based off real people. Classmates and ick. But whatever. I brought them to their full potential!

Oh, I still have to pick, don’t I…

Ethan and Olivia. I’m sorry, I couldn’t choose. I love writing their sarcastic dialogue with each other! It’s so witty… not to mention their reactions. They are so spicy XD

Image result for tobasco



5. How long do you expect your novel to be?

I… have no idea. I want it to be long enough to be classified as a novel, not a novella or novelette. But I also don’t want it to just be fluff, with no actual plot. Those books… *shudders* So… I expect the first draft to come out to be… around 50K words. But I am a very minimalistic writer, so that should go wayyy up in rounds of editing. So, y’know, you can tell the setting, and the character’s appearances, and not just think the book is happening in a white room with sketches for people…

50K is awesome! And yup, editing will make it go right up.


6. On average, how much do you worldbuild? Develop characters?

I don’t have to worldbuild much in any of the stories I’ve currently started, but I have a plot bunny that would involve a lot of worldbuilding. So yeah. I’m looking forward to building my skills in that category. Haha, get it?

May, you managed to sneak two questions into one… *laughs*

Well, for part b of this inquiry, I actually have done some character development on this novel! On average, my character development has gone WAYY up. Although I do have some charries floating in a notebook from 9 that have pretty good traits… now if I could only find that notebook out of the avalanche of them in my room…

So on average, a lot more than I worldbuild. XD

Same! I love love LOVE character developing.


7. What genre(s) do you write?

Well, there was that 7-year-old phase of fantasy. You know, strange names, dragons, the whole deal. Those elements can work, but I couldn’t make them. That was til about 9. Then I gave up being an author… But I couldn’t stay away. At 10, I got into realistic fiction, which is where I have started til 11, when I started developing an interest in dystopian. I’ve sort of stuck with those genres ever since… but I have a historical fiction plot bunny. WHY PLOT BUNNIES?


8. Do you prefer online or in-notebook writing? What about editing?

Let’s see, I’d have to-oh! This is two questions disguised as one… again… sneaky!



I have no hand/ finger strength. I can barely make it through a school day. There is no way I could write my novel in a notebook… props to everyone who does. You’re better than the fain of hands like me.

Editing is a different story. Big edits I just can’t deal with on a computer. The words all blend together, until I see is a jumbled mess. I can only do miniscule edits on the computer-or alphabet soup!

Image result for alphabet soup

YES. COMPUTER EDITS ARE THE WORST. I can only do minor ones, like you said.


9. Do you listen to music while you write?

Barely ever-music inspired poems. Otherwise, I am so unproductive… THE MUSIC IS ADDICTIVE!

Image result for music addict
I have no control when it comes to music…


10. What age did you really start writing?

Hmm… 11 and a half. I’m such a fetus writer… {told you May!} That’s when I found NaNo, and that really encouraged me. I started actually developing a short story called Ba-Bump, which I should really finish sometime…

Hey, it doesn’t matter when you started. As long as you keep doing it now! 🙂


11. Why do you like to write?

I’ve answered this question before… someone told me where the quote was from… but I forgot. Again. Well, here goes nothing: {credit to owner}

“Being a writer is better than controlling the universe-you create it!”

I love being able to form and shape characters from nothing but my mind… the possibilities are endless, while as humans we are limited by our anatomy.


12. What tips do you have for aspiring writers?

I should be asking for tips, I’m the aspiring author here! But… books for chocolate. Don’t forget to reward yourself! If you just keep working and working and working, you’ll wear yourself out. And then who will share your story with the world?

Related image
Mmm. *rubs stomach*



13. What are some stories that you would like to write?

I have a plot bunny about a dark/creepy novelette. I think novelette would be its official classification. Yeah. it has clowns and circuses and necklaces and curses. Fun!! As I mentioned before, revise that short story. And… I’d really like to try dystopian again, because my last one crashed and burned. SCI FI ALSO SEEMS COOL I CANT CHOOOOOOSE!


14. If you had to choose, would you rather lose the ability to write, or to read, and why?

Hmm… to write. I know… *hides from rotten tomatoes* But reading plays such a major role in my life… plus, I could hire a scribe. Those are still around, right?


15. Do you have a writing plan for the next year(s), and if so, what is it? (ie. Finish this story by this month, start this story by this month, etc.)

Hmm… well, I’d like to finish my poem book by the end of this year. I’d also like to finish revisions on my second poem book. For(Gotten) You. I… have no timeline for Behind Locker Doors. Just… having it finished before I get out of high school would be ideal. And I’d like to revise Ba-Bump {The novel from when I was 11} over the summer, maybe for July NaNo. On another note, I CANT WAIT FOR APRIL NANO! It’ll be my second camp, but my first one in an actual cabin… I’m so excited!

Camp NaNo creeped up on me! And AGH I MUST READ YOUR POEM BOOK!!!

Image result for camp nanowrimo
Even the badge is cool!


Was this awesome, or what? I totally enjoyed reading April’s answers, didn’t you? Would you like more author interviews and/or collabs? Have I inspired you to go check out her blog, April Dreams, if you haven’t yet? Will you go and read my answers here like the dutiful mangoes you are? DID THOSE CHOCOLATES MAKE YOU EXTREMELY HUNGRY??? Let’s go buy some chocolates chat!




45 thoughts on “An Author Interview With April McLauren in Which She Amazes Us Feeble Mangoes

  1. The chocolate!! The chocolate has inspired me to go eat some chocolate. You know, I have no problem eating chocolate. Not getting worn out is very important to me. Chocolate is good for the soul. Oh, chocolate.

    What? Right, the post. I really like these collabs, nicely done both of you. Mostly April (I swear me and May are actually friends, we just have a… thing going where it’s okay to insult each other. I’m a nice person, I swear)… I would definitely like to see more of those posts up.

    Good job, you lovely snowflakes. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person


    Was this awesome, or what?: it totally was! I’m so excited about “Behind Locker Doors,” too!!!
    I totally enjoyed reading April’s answers, didn’t you?: *nods* And I love the lava, too!
    Would you like more author interviews and/or collabs?: *nods* Definitely!
    Have I inspired you to go check out her blog, April Dreams, if you haven’t yet?: yeah …? April and me go way back to the BlogSpot days. *nods* *sighs* Ah, good old nano … before the beta site …
    Will you go and read my answers here like the dutiful mangoes you are?: I already have, actually!

    So, I had this long comment typed up last night ……. and then the INTERNET WENT OFF!!!! #snowedinproblems

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