Writerly Update #1 + Happy Birthday to Friend S!

Hello and welcome to my first ever post of my brand new blog series: Writerly Updates! *cheering* *applause* *mangoes thrown into the air*

Yes, thank you, I know, such an exciting event!

(And isn’t that graphic BEAUTIFUL??? 😛 )

Basically, in my Writerly Update series, I’ll just update y’all on what’s going on in my writing life―things like accomplishments, small goals, and any problems or issues. I’m hoping that 1) it’ll help me accomplish more in writing, and that 2) you enjoy it, of course!

Without further ado, I present to you…


*cheering* *applause* *mangoes thrown into the air*

So. What’s up?

The ceiling. The sky. THE STARSSSSS.



Well, I’ve been making progress on my outline. Sort of. I mean, I’ve set a goal to have 1,400 words of it written by next Sunday, which, let’s face it, is probably not going to happen (especially with the big events happening this weekend―more on that later). I’m actually a bit behind, so I must get to work on that!

Here’s a screenshot for all you lovely visual people:


Yes, I blurred some parts out. (Because SPOILERS.) And yes, LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL AESTHETIC RAINBOW UP THERE.


*cheering* *applause* *mangoes thrown into the air*

As the outline goes on, the events described get more detailed. Which means I’ll probably have to go back to these beginning events and give them a few more details, but LATER.


I’ve also gotten a slight idea of what the sequel will be named. All I know of the sequel is that its title is going to start with a “When” and be similar to the “If Memory Serves” thing. Like “When Love Dies”, except not that. Because #ew. I also know that a certain character will appear more often (as the antagonist), and that all five “team members” will be present as well, but I’m not sure what the plot/problem/conflict will be??? I know, so good at this.

And I ALSO know that one character in particular is going to die. 🙂 Although there are different scenarios, but I’m pretty sure this person will end up dying no matter what. 🙂 🙂 🙂

(What. Killing people is fun.)

(I mean, killing CHARACTERS is fun. Not real live people. Because… um… uh… er… mangoes?)


(Unless you count that guy who―NOPE NOTHING NADA. GO AWAY. LEAVE ME ALONE.)

(But leave me alone with some mangoes. Or books. Or both. Thanks.)


And that’s it! I know you wanted to hear more about me and my amazing writerliness. Sorry for disappointing.

Well, I do have one more thing to say…


I was like, Okay, I can get the outline done by this month, which leaves me March to get back into the writing flow, and then April to develop the―WAIT WHAT APRIL ALREADY???

And I still have one more thing to say… If you want to see the post where I officially  introduced my novel, check it out here. Yesterday, April and I did a collab author interview, so if you would like to see my answers, click here. 🙂

A couple o’ announcements

This Saturday, I will not be able to post like I usually do, because I am taking the ACT in the morning (as part of the Duke TIP 7th Grade Talent Search thingamajig), and then I have my last dance rehearsal at the studio before we have our dress rehearsal and then our actual showcase. (!!!) So I will probably be brain-dead and physically dead when I get back home. I mean I cooooould draft the post before (which I usually do) and post it, but then I’d have to deal with answering all the comments―even though comments are absolutely wonderful and make me smile. (Meaning: COMMENT AND I’LL GIVE YOU MANGOES.)

In order to compensate for my loss of posting this Saturday, I am posting on both Friday and Sunday. Yay! More posts! *jazz hands* (If you haven’t noticed already, like the wonderfully observant mangoes you SHOULD be, I usually post on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays.)

On the other hand, TODAY IS MY FRIEND’S THIRTEENTH BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!! *sings Happy Birthday* It’s quite sad because this year I can’t go to her birthday party because―surprise, surprise―it coincides with the ACT and the dance rehearsal. 😦 But at least I can celebrate with her today! Happy birthday, S!

And also: 45 FOLLOWERS??? ALREADY??? HOW??? Whatever magickness has made you do this, THANK YOU SO MUCH. (Of course, I should be thanking myself for being so fabulous and attracting people and being skilled in people manipulation, BUT STILL. THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU.)


How’d you like the first ever Writerly Update? Have any words of wisdom or encouragement? Excited for more posts this week (!!!)? WANT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY??? Tell me in the comments!




50 thoughts on “Writerly Update #1 + Happy Birthday to Friend S!

    1. Thank you! I’m not even halfway through and it’s already killing me… BUT IT’S ALWAYS FUN! But it’s paired with tears, of course. TEARS OF GIDDINESS. (And sadness. I admit it.) And thank you! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  1. How’d you like the first ever Writerly Update?: It was amazing! How are you doing that outline, though, May?! It’s sooo cool! I mean, I wanna do one just like that … and I don’t even have anything to outline! XD
    Have any words of wisdom or encouragement?: Not really … um … keep on … doing stuff?
    Excited for more posts this week (!!!)?: YES DUH
    WANT TO SAY HAPPY BIRTHDAY???: HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDOM FRIEND YOU’RE AWESOME!!! Okay, so, seriously, girl, thirteen was a great year for me! I think. I mean, I can’t really remember specific years so much as dates, but yeah. It was just two years ago for me, so I should be able to remember it … Anyway, 13 is awesome because you’re a teen (officially!) and you’ll start really bonding with the girl who ends up being your best friend forever (what? It happens when you’re thirteen …) and … let me see. Oh, I wrote my first book to completion! Which ended up getting published … kinda a big deal … 😉 Seriously, though, S, you’re gonna ROCK 13!!! (and no, it wasn’t weird that I just wrote this whole big random thing … it’s you’re birthday for crying out loud!)
    Tell me in the comments!: Okay, that’s a kinda stupid question. I guess the answer is ‘yes, I’ll tell you in the comments … right now …’

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you so much! Aww, that makes me really happy to hear! I found that that format really helps me out, with keeping things minimal but outlining important details as well.
      *snods* Very good advice, Kellyn.
      13 is scary and exciting, because 1) you’re a teenager, 2) you’re a teenager, and 3) you’re a teenager. Oh really? I have so many friends though… OMG REALLY THAT’S AWESOME!!! I wish I could complete my first book this year, but I don’t think that’s going to happen. *answers Kellyn’s comments to friend* Oh well. They were meant for me to answer. *flips hair* LIKE I JUST COULDN’T NOT ANSWER THEM. Or reply to them. Since they’re not questions. But whatever.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. CONGRATS ON 45 FOLLOWERS (or your “skills in people manipulation”? you choose, lol), GIRL! Wow . . . when I was blogging, it took me three months to get to thirty followers. 😛

    I loved this post! IMS sounds so cool. Lol, I did the Duke TIP thing when I was in 7th grade . . . dare I say taking the SAT was sort of fun? Bring mangoes for the breaks! XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, thank you so much! 😛 Aww, thank you! That makes me really happy to hear. 🙂 And haha, that’s funny! I haven’t studied or anything, since they said not to, and I’m not really nervous or anything. Tell that to the high school students, Sarah! XD OH YES I TOTALLY SHOULD!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha! I didn’t study for it either, although I have an older sister so I knew what the English questions would be like. Lol, I kind of am a high schooler . . . and most of my friends took it in 7th grade with me . . . XD BUT YES YOU SHOULD. *dumps mangoes on May*

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  3. Woah, you have to take the actual ACT? Or is it like an ACT Prep thingy? ‘Cause, uh, 7th grade seems a little early for that. 😛 I’m taking the actual ACT in March and UGH. Studying. Anyway, good luck with it!! I totally understand not commenting after that.

    Also, I totally get the killing characters thing, hehe… I also have a character planned out to die sometime in the later books, and…agh, it kind of hurts my feels, actually. But I also feel like an evil mastermind, so, you know, there’s upsides.

    Anyway, I really like your outline! Mine is a lot less organized, but it has lots of different colored highlighters for the different plots. Probably because I’m writing it as I go along. I can’t outline an entire novel, but I can outline a couple of chapters ahead, which is helpful so that I don’t get stuck while doing my writing.

    And yes, I love the new blog series! I’m thinking of doing a writerly update post myself…I’m not entirely sure if I should make it a Spotlight and share excerpts, though. So we’ll see. *should probably write that post instead of procrastinating*


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, yup! It’s a diagnostic test, to see how “gifted” I am. *rolls eyes* But it’s the same one high school students would take, so??? D: Haha, thanks! They said that studying wasn’t required, since they just want to see how capable we are with just our previous knowledge.
      Thank you! I just find that that format helps me the most. Not that I’ve tried any other formats… XD
      Thanks! 🙂 *should do a billion other things instead of procrastinating*
      YAY! *throws confetti*


      1. Oh wow. That sounds stressful…but at least it doesn’t really matter what you get and whether or not you know anything! I’m hoping that I can get a high enough ACT score to get some sort of scholarship for college…but oh well, I guess if I don’t do as well as I want to, I can study more and take it again.


        Hehe, yeah. I like to have a super general plot at the beginning, but the specific outline comes as I write it.


        YAY *dances under confetti*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Yeah! I hope you’re able to get a scholarship! 🙂
          It’s so hard to write an outline though, because you have to really think ahead and stuff. I think it could actually be harder than writing!
          *throws more confetti*


            1. It went pretty good! I mean, there were some I was just like WHAT on, but I think I did pretty well for a seventh grader. 😛
              Oh, yes, outlining is a pain. I mean, ugh. And it’s making me hate my plot and see all these massive “conveniences”… 😦


                1. Yeah, they said we’ll get our scores in three to eight weeks.
                  It’s quite helpful! It’s just making me feel really bad about my plot. But other than that, it will REALLY help me with writing my novel. 🙂


                    1. Yeah!
                      I agree! I mean, I just see so many places where I made everything so convenient for the characters — there needed to be more obstacles and there just wasn’t. But hopefully, when I start revising/rewriting, I’ll fix that issue! 😛


  4. *comments so I can have mangoes* haha, but seriously, great post!! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY RANDOM FRIEND! Any friend of Moon is a friend of mine! Unless, you’re, like, a serial killer but I highly doubt that….
    Anywaaaaays, I love the outline format! It looks super handy and I’m definitely planning on trying it when I have something to outline. Do you have to change the colors every new line?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *gives mangoes* Thank you! 😀 YEAH, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! LOL!
      It makes me happy to hear that my method will help you! 🙂 The colors depend on which character is narrating. For example, the first section is that fuschia color, because it’s describing Alaira’s actions. The second section (after the chapter break) is in red because they are describing Ryet’s actions. Does that make sense?

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Urgh, I really like this post but all of my followed bloggers are posting at the same time! I’m reading about 7 different ones. This is the best of all the posts so far! No offence meant BTW.

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