Writerly Update #2 // In Which My Outline Kills Me


Please? I’m honestly dying right now. There’s this thing that looks like a bunch of paper and it’s carrying a dagger and running straight at me and it looks like it’s going to stab me but then it pushes me down and hovers over me and smiles evilly (can it even smile???) and proceeds to do absolutely nothing except stare and stare at me until I’m forced to look away and DIE. A HORRIBLE, PAINFUL DEATH.

And just after I die, my logical side of the brain decides to butt in and say, Hey, you know this wouldn’t have happened if you didn’t write that outline in the first place, right? Of course, O Wondrous Logic is too late and I’m already dead.

Image result for dead gif


Ahem. But really, my outline is killing me??? It’s hard enough thinking of careful details of the plot, and then I have to actually go and make it difficult for my charries to get through this whole story??? I mean, can’t everything just be so easy and simple and painless?

Wait. I take that back. I like causing my dear babies pain.

Seriously, though. Outlining is harder than I thought. And I’ve figured out that I am very bad at trying to scheme thefts because I have a whole section (talking about theft) that’s blank. #notgenius



It’s so plain and uncolorful. 😦 BUT LOOK AT ALL THAT IS MISSING. WHERE IS THE THEFT. BRAIN, GO AND FIND IT. Preferably NOW.


Besides trying to convince my brilliant brain to come up with actual plotting, outlining is making me see all these horrible things in my plot. One being that it’s just so convenient for these characters to get there, and these characters to get there, and it’s like AGH NO THERE CAN’T BE COINCIDENCES. EVERYTHING MUST HAPPEN FOR. A. REASON. Well, I guess those are two different problems… BUT STILL. I have to figure out how to make things less convenient for my charries (sorry, darlings) and make everything look less coincidence-y.

But the thing is, there are so many secrets in this story??? Like, not murder-stabby-darkness secrets. (Though that would be awesome.) More like OOH THE GOVERNMENT DOES BAD THINGS AND OOH LOOK AT WHAT HAPPENED TO HER AND WHAT?! THAT’S HIM???


Image result for shh gifs


And as we all know, secrets make all events seem coincidental, when they’re really not. I just have to figure out how to make them actually not coincidental. Because some events are just purely coincidental and #no???

That will happen in the rewrites though. I am NOT going to put myself through that when I haven’t even finished the first draft. I need to finish writing everything, and when I get to that revising/rewriting stage (we can all agree those are pretty much the same thing), I’ll patch everything up.

Non-outline-wise, I need to start developing characters again. I thought this was over, but NO. A WRITER’S TORTURE IS APPARENTLY NEVER OVER. (#help)

This is different though. I had finished developing my five main characters/protagonists. (Though I daresay I could develop them even MORE, because so far, I’m failing with portraying two of them the right way.) I need to develop Mazarine and Jamison now. I hadn’t gotten around to it because I’d just figured out Mazarine’s role in the plot, and Jamison was just a random character I was like OH THAT WOULD BE COOL (and much more complicating, THANKS PAST MAY). Which is also why his name is Jamison; I randomly thought of it.

Maybe that’s because there was someone in my sister’s class named Jamison and I keep thinking of him for some odd reason???

Anyways, my goals writing-wise are to:

  • finish my outline by the end of February (preferably a few days before March starts)
  • [start and] finish developing Mazarine and Jamison by March 11 (hopefully, if I finish my outline before March starts, I can get this done quicker than the eleventh)
  • complete ALL my character questionnaires (this will be tough; the questionnaire I’m using is QUITE long)
  • START. WRITING. AGAIN. (preferably before Spring Break)

So. This wasn’t too short of a post, but not too long of one either (BUT LOOK IT’S UNDER 1000 WORDS HALLELUJAH), so I hope you were able to get through it and not fall asleep and/or die from boredom. (Although if you DID die, that would be quite nice, since you could join me in my fabulous afterlife and we could eternally complain about the dangers of outlining/writing/living.)


Image result for living is dangerous gifs
Okay, this isn’t really in context, BUT IT’S EMMA WATSON SO??? *flails*



Did you enjoy this wondrous second Writerly Update? Do you have similar dying problems? Are you feeling the struggle between making your charries’ lives easier or harder? Do you have goals for your novel/writing life these next weeks/months/years/decades/centuries? (We all know that I am the only one who can live for centuries, though. And a few more thousand years.) D’YOU AGREE THAT LIVING IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS AND CAN LEAD TO DEATH??? Talk with me!


P.S. I’ve actually been on an outlining break (for a little bit) because I’ve been so busy, but OMG I HAVEN’T THE PROCESSED THE FACT THAT I’M MORE THAN HALFWAY FINISHED WITH IT. *commands you to look at sidebar* Of course, I’m actually not halfway through the plot (maybe???) so I’ll probably end up with more than 2,500 words. 😥


54 thoughts on “Writerly Update #2 // In Which My Outline Kills Me

  1. Outlines… *shakes head in disgust* Like, I need them, but I hate them. Because APPARENTLY when you’re terrible at pantsing when you wanted to be a plantser it means crazy things go on in your story. However, your outline looks very nice and polished. You are absolutely right, the leading cause of death is life.

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  2. Outline, you are hereby charged with the murder of May Everly.
    JUST KIDDING NO MURDER. MAY COME BACK. But seriously, outlines are such a pain. 😛 Good thing mangoes exist to get us through them . . . XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I understand. I can hardly approach it. It’s like ‘oh ha ha let me outline today’ and the next second ‘why? Why??????? Why is my plot so ridiculous and empty and boring and coincidental and cliche????????’ After that I usually end up being a hermit or go live on Pluto. The latter is nice so you can join me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OH MY GOSH! Today I was supposed to outline a lot of things but I just kept putting it aside and aside until it was too late and BOOM. No more time. XD I’m trying to do it tonight, but my brain is always uncooperative when it’s sleepy. 😛


      Liked by 1 person

    I mean, I’m not dealing with outlining too much, but I totally understand how you feel. You start to fix the plot, and then you realize the characters need more development, and then there’s nothing in your setting, but once you fix all of that your plot could be taken to another level and so you do that but then there’s more characters and settings to figure out and AGH. IT’S A STRUGGLE.

    But one thing that I think could be helpful is that coincidences to get your characters out of trouble aren’t really acceptable, since they have to figure that out. But coincidences that put more stress on your characters and get them into more trouble really work and are accepted by your readers for that reason. So that might help with some of the coincidence things hopefully!

    And yeah, as far as writing goals go, I’m trying to finish my first draft of Enhanced by the end of May, with a break during April to do Camp NaNo with the dragon MG. If I could finish by March, that’d be awesome, but I doubt that will happen. *shrugs* Still, it’s nice to hope!

    Good luck with your outlining!

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    1. Agh, thank you for this wonderful comment, Lana! I absolutely love long comments with room for discussion, and yours are always just that!

      YES. WHY CAN’T OUTLINING JUST BE OUTLINING THE PLOT AND NOTHING MORE??? It would save us writers a LOT of stress. And time. And death.

      Agh, that is awesome advice! Thank you so much, Lana! I’ll keep this in mind when I’m outlining, though all of those “coincidence” cases are the ones getting them out of trouble… Well, it’s more of moving them to the place they need to be…

      Ooh, how far are you into Enhanced? *is too lazy to go look at your word count bar* I believe you can do it! 😛

      Thank you! Good luck with writing Enhanced and your MG dragon story! 🙂


      1. Haha, thanks! The thing is, I just read this great posts and then I have so much to say and my comments take forever. Probably why I procrastinate commenting so much…but I’m glad you like them!

        THAT WOULD BE GREAT. And yeah, it would save us a lot of death! Gosh! I need all the deaths I can get! 😛

        Thanks! I heard it from somewhere else, but I don’t remember where now…we can just pretend I thought of it myself. 😛 Ahhh, I get those. But some coincidence in a story is acceptable because otherwise it wouldn’t be much of a story. Hmm…one thing to keep in mind is to make sure that the characters have a reason for being where they need to be for the story to move forward. If they have a reason for being there, then it seems less like a purposeful coincidence and more like a…coincidence.

        I think almost 39k…I haven’t been writing in it recently, but thankfully I did work on it a little bit today, so that’s something!

        Thank you!

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        1. XD Outlining is way too hard for us writers. How did I ever think I could finish my outline by Sunday???

          Ooh, okay, thank you so much, Lana!

          That’s great! 39K is a lot. A lot more than mine, anyways… XD

          You are most welcome!


          1. Oh wow. Well, there’s still the weekend! I believe that you can do it! Just keep lots of snacks near you while you do it. 🙂

            Thanks! I am supposed to have 10-15K more written by the end of the month…which probably won’t happen at this rate… *sighs*

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  5. Best of luck for all of your outlining and writing! YOU CAN DO THIS, and you WILL write before spring break, I have faith in you 😀 The important thing is that you stay passionate about your story ❤
    I am currently trying to finish my WIP, and hoping to get through it by the end of the year. I'm taking this slowly since I don't have that much time to write, so trying not to fix massive goals for now haha. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you so much, Marie! I appreciate your encouragement so much! 🙂
      You got this, Marie! Will you be participating in NaNoWriMo? That’s how I’m anticipating to get most of my writing done this year. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I think I will if I have the time -I really want to. I did it in 2014 and 2015, but couldn’t last year and I MISSED IT WAY TOO MUCH. 😦 Are you just doing NaNo, or Camp just as well? 😀

        Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, I just really really want to finish a novel. Before, you know, I die. (And I’m pretty sure living will kill me before I can finish. Or will writing kill me??? #confused)
      Oh, do you mean the “adult” NaNo? I did it on the YWP last time.

      Liked by 1 person

                    1. Oh, haha! 😛 Okay, awesome! Let me know when you’re able to start posting! 🙂
                      (I posted before I was thirteen, actually, because my birthday was in the middle of November and I was like no one will care… XD )

                      Liked by 1 person

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