The Writer’s Prompt Challenge #1 // Me Being Dark and Stabby

Lookie! A challenge!


(Isn’t that a gorgeous graphic?)

I’m super excited to be participating in TWPC for the first time! TWPC is The Writer’s Prompt Challenge (if you can’t tell by the graphic) and it’s co-hosted by Grace and Allie Taylor (if you can’t tell by the graphic). Grace’s blog is The Girl Upstairs, and Allie’s blog is The Depth Of My Faith (again, if you can’t tell by the graphic). Miss Allie is judging the entries this time, but I believe they will alternate each month.


Here are the prompts:

  • Item Prompts To Include In Your Story: Sword(s), Lightning, Fear
  • The Picture Prompt
  • Sentence Prompt (basing your story off of it is optional)
    • “I’m sorry I lied. But they made me.”
  • Character Prompt #1: Boy; curly, brown hair; aqua eyes; tall; sweet
  • Character Prompt #2: Girl; long, wavy, caramel hair; sharp grey eyes; tall; timid
  • Facts: The two main characters share a dance
  • Facts: Good guy (or girl) is secret bad guy (or girl)

The prompts I am using are:

  • Item Prompts (it’s a dagger instead of a sword, but close enough…? XD )
  • Sentence Prompt
  • Character Prompts #1 and #3 (appearance)
  • Fact: The two main characters share a dance

More facts for submission:

  • My entry is 432 words long, but Allie is being a super sweet mango and letting me pass with 132 words over the limit. ❤
  • My name is May Everly. (I hope you know this by now. Unless you’re new. Then you are safe from mangoes being thrown at you.)
  • And I’m not exactly sure you need a link to my blog, since you’re on my blog right now (unless you’re viewing from something else…), but:
  • Note for Allie: I mention this below as well, but the context of this scene doesn’t make a whole lot of sense. I believe it to be more of a scene in a whole book, where there are more things going on. They are not dancing randomly. They are not dressed up randomly. And she does not… well. That’s a spoiler. 😛

*rolls up sleeves* *begins writing*

V for Vicious

Carefully adjusting the folds of her dress to ensure it hid everything, Vivenne took a deep breath, plastered on a dazzling smile, and stepped out, heading down the hall as quietly as she could. Eames was waiting for her in the candlelit room, his back turned. She stopped just outside the doorframe and studied his crisp, black suit, then took one more deep breath.

“Eames!” she said brightly, sweeping her gown into the room.

He turned around. “V!” He grinned.

Vivenne gulped down her anxiety and smiled back. “What brings you here?”

His smile widened. “Why, I came to dance with you, m’dear.”

“Then dance we shall,” she said.

Taking her hand in his, he pulled her close, until their noses were almost touching. She bit her lip as her gaze snagged on his clear aqua eyes, so gorgeous and deep it was disconcerting. Hesitantly, she lifted a hand and touched his brown curls, trying to remember the softness of them before she was forced to forget. Eames replied by running his fingertips through her own hair, pulling gently on the caramel wisps that hung by her ears.

“Your eyes, V,” he whispered, his blue eyes piercing into hers as they danced lazily around the room. “They’re so. . . sharp today. Like silver metal.”

She flinched, her mind flashing back to the silver item she’d held earlier that day. “Yeah,” she murmured. She didn’t know what else to say.

They continued to dance around the room, their feet moving in sync and their bodies swaying to a rhythm beating only in their hearts.

Eames suddenly touched his forehead to hers. She stiffened.

“V. I. . . I love you so much.”

She felt like crying, sobbing tears and tears until she was dry, every piece of her heart and soul flushed out. But she couldn’t, because she had a job to do.

Vivenne smiled sadly, then pulled Eames closer. “I love you too, E.” Then she closed her eyes, drew out her dagger, and stabbed him right through his heart.

“I’m so sorry,” she cried, her body shuddering with sobs as she sank to the ground with him. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry!”

He looked up at her, his aqua eyes now murky with misery. “Why?” he choked.

“I’m so sorry. . .” she cried again. “I’m sorry I lied to you, and did. . . this. . . But they made me.”

Then she held him in her arms as the light slowly went out of his eyes. She sobbed harder, pressed a light kiss on his lips, and stayed there, feeling the blood stain her beautiful white dress.

So? How was it? 😀

‘Bout time you got to know my dark side.

I know it’s a little odd, that they just randomly dressed up to dance. But I imagine that, if this was a real story, they would’ve set this up for a reason. A reason that I can’t think of at the moment because #lazy. I LEAVE YOU WONDERFUL READERS TO GUESS.

(Yes, lovely mangoes who read everything in my posts: I repeated the fact that it’s very out of context, BUT THAT FIRST TIME WAS A “Note for Allie” and I just wanted to make sure she had read it, so I put it up there with those necessary facts??? Stop criticizing me??? 😥 )

And do you know how hard it was for me to read over it and NOT BE ABLE TO ADD MORE WORDS??? It was torture. Especially because my writing is horrible and I am a perfectionist and I HAVE TO FIX IT???


What do you think? Do you like this dark side of me? (#mwahahahaha) Do you want to read more? Surprised at how it turned out? (Though honestly, killing people characters is the trend right now.)  Like my writing style/voice in this piece of writing? LET’S CHAT IN THIS WONDERFUL CANDELIT ROOM W/ A DEAD BOY.




38 thoughts on “The Writer’s Prompt Challenge #1 // Me Being Dark and Stabby

    • Omg, thank you so much, Audrey!!! Seriously, everyone is saying good things about it and I’m just like AWW WHY ARE YOU SO KIND IS THERE A CATCH THERE MUST BE A CATCH?
      (What’s the catch?)
      (Oh, it’s probably writing a novel on it, right?)
      (Oh dear.)

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