“What Would You Do?” Character Questionnaire with Ivy―In Which I Find All Her GIFs

Yup, another collab indeed! I have two collabs planned for next month as well.

(If you want to collab with me, let me know through the comments, contact me through the form on my Contact page, or shoot me an email! As you can see, I love love collabs! 😛 )

Anyways, I’m here with the lovely Ivy Ashtyn from Flaming Ivy. If you haven’t checked her blog out, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? FLY AWAY AND DO IT NOW. And return to my blog, of course, because you need to read her glorious answers to my glorious questions!

(But while you’re at her blog, check out my answers there too! Although she is horribly representing me and my aestheticness by NOT FORMATTING EVERYTHING PERFECTLY ASDFGHJKL MY EYES.)

Ivy and I decided to do a little “What would you do?” type of character questionnaire, instead of an actual character questionnaire/interview. BEING UNIQUE IS FUN.

And you see the part after the em dash in the title? Yes. It’s true. Poor Ivy is a sad little mango who cannot find good images/gifs (or any at all), so I did it all for her. Say thank you, Ivy.

My comments are italicized.


1. Hello there, what are your names?

M: I’m May.

A: And I’m Alex. Hello, by the way.



2. Tell me a little more about yourselves.

M: Well… I’m May, 17, and I was born in Illinois.

A: I’m Alex Quill, I’m almost 18, and I was born in Oregon.

M: Well, I’m nearly 17 and a half. So there. Also, my full name is May Abigail Rose. But Alex is a weirdo with no middle name.

A: Um, excuse me. Lots of people don’t have middle names. And I’m still older…

M: Yeah, you’re old. And weird.


3. Okay, now onto the questions. Would you kill your friends/family if it meant saving your own life? Or would you kill yourself for them to live?

M: The real questions, you mean?

A: May!

M: Sorry. I don’t know why I’m sorry, but yeah.

A: Rude May.

M: I’m sure May doesn’t mind.

A: Oh dear. The question. Right, sorry. Um… I’m quite selfish, so I’d kill myself for them to live-

M: Because you couldn’t handle the survivor’s guilt. Agreed.

All of my questions are real, thank you very much.


4. How would you react if you woke up to a gun to your head?

A: What a question. Oh dear. I have no idea. I really don’t. Maybe-

M: YOU’RE TAKING TOO LONG!! I’d punch them in the face.

A: I’d reason with them.

M: You’d die then, loser.

A: What if it was a water gun? Huh? What if they just wanted to play a game?

M: I don’t know why I put up with you.

A: Agreed.

M: You don’t know why you put up with yourself?

A: No, I- I give up.

Oh my goodness, WHAT IF IT WAS A WATER GUN??? #mindblown

Image result for water gun gif


5. If someone gave you lemons, what would you do with them?



6. What things would you save if your home caught on fire?

M: Doesn’t matter to me. Buy new stuff?

A: My family. My sister.



7. What would you do with a million dollars? (I know, so cliche.)

A: I’d love to say donate it, but I’d honestly buy something that I really don’t need, and then, once I buy it, I’d regret it forever and try to sell it, but only get, like, two dollars and then I’d be poor and die.

M: Lifetime supply of french fries.


Image result for french fries
May Everly’s comment: Uuugghhh, looking at that makes me feel siiiiiiiiiick.


8. If you were told that you would die in exactly a week, what would you do in the days up until then?

M: Tell everyone I actually cared about how important they were.

A: I’d do everything I wanted to do, but was too scared to. Skydiving, scuba diving, etc.


9. Who would you kill if you absolutely had to? (Besides yourself. And I know, toughie. You just want to kill EVERYONE, dontcha?)

M: Oh, Alex.


M:… It was a joke. Calm down, child.

A: Okay, one, I’m older than you, and two, I’d kill May’s sense of humor.

M: I’d kill your idiocy.

A: Wow, thanks.

M: Yeah, you’re welcome.

A: That was a really bad comeback.

M: Well, I’m tired.


Image result for im tired gif


10. How would you react after witnessing the murder of a loved one? What about the murder of an enemy/someone you hate?

A: Just sink into a hole of depression.

M: I’d sink with you.

A: And for an enemy… I’d probably-

M: Regret everything?

A: …Yeah.

M: Me too.

Well, that was boring.


11. If you could travel back to some time in your life, what time would you travel to and why? Would you change anything, and why or why not?

M: When I was in about… first grade. And then decide to not cut my own hair.

A: …Right. I’d go back to when I was 5. To get some time with my sister again. And as for if I’d change anything…

M: Yes

A: No

*crickets chirping*

A: Ever heard of the butterfly effect?

M: Well, maybe some things just get better.

A: Doubtful.



12. What would you do if everyone in the whole world was dead, and you were the only one left alive?

M & A: Die.

Oh, yes, dying is quite nice. I agree and applaud.

Image result for die gif
May Everly’s comment: Calm down. // May’s comment (made up by May Everly): Calm down, child. // May Everly’s comment: Hahaha I’m so funny.


Weren’t those great answers and questions? (Except for boring answer #10 and offensive answer #3.) Now, GO AND READ MY ANSWERS ON IVY’S BLOG. NOW.


Do you agree that May was very rude in answer #3? Do you agree that answer #10 was very boring? Will you be the dutiful mangoes you are and go read my answers? Did you enjoy MY gifs that I so kindly inserted for boring Ivy? SOMEONE TALK TO ME. (Actually, no. I need to work on my outline.) NO TALK TO ME I’M FREE HELLO THERE.




43 thoughts on ““What Would You Do?” Character Questionnaire with Ivy―In Which I Find All Her GIFs

  1. I hope you realize that May is nicer than you. Yeah, I meant the cool May. Also, thank you for collaborating with meeeee. Now you are a true… snowflake/marshmallow/cacao bean. As you can see, I’m somewhat indecisive.Yup.

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