Le Horribly Short Blogger Interview with Amelie Trash™ + #girlpower

It is time for yet another collab.

What??? I really love collabs. And people really like to be featured on my amazing blog. This time, it is with the lovely Amelie trash™. And yet again, no gifs. People these days.

So of course, I’ve taken to adding gifs/images/memes for her, just like I did for Ivy. And also make sure to check out my answers to her interview right HERE. They’re longer, more entertaining, and contain gifs LIKE A GOOD PERSON.

I also have a little ranty thing about #girlpower and INTERNATIONAL WOMEN’S DAY WHOOP WHOOP. I’m only a little bit of a women’s rights advocate (read: a lot), so you can bet that I have some things to say about this AMAZING DAY THAT CELEBRATES THE AMAZING PEOPLE WHO ARE WOMEN WHOOP WHOOP.

My comments are italicized.

1. Why did you start blogging?

Okay I actually have had like 7 different google blogs over the years (the most memorable one being one about origami??) but one night at like nine o’clock I started talking to you [May] about blogging and it all spiraled really quickly.

Well I’m glad to know I was such an inspiration. Of course I was. I mean, look at me???

Image result for spiral gif
May’s comment: Spiraaaaaaaal.

2. What do you like about blogging?

I like to talk to people. The graphics and being able to “express” myself. I just like to have a constant stream of people writing great things, and being able to read them just makes my day better???


3. What do you dislike about blogging?

For me, I struggle with writer’s block and not knowing what to write. Additionally I also don’t have enough time???? Like I barely have any time to do homework so what do I do about blogging? Most nights of the week I get home at 9 and have to be in bed at 10 because I have to get up early and ugh.


4. What do you feel you do well as a blogger?

I feel like I’m funny (not really) and I think my posts aren’t bad? Also now that I have some more free time I’m starting to comment more on people’s posts???

You are funny! …Hahaha no.

Image result for you think youre funny
May’s comment: HEY AMELIE LOOK A MEME. And it talks about killing yourself which we all know you want to do. (Please don’t kill yourself.)

5. How do you think you could improve as a blogger?

My blog/graphics are kind of ugly and I need to improve on them??? Since spring break is next week, I’m going to try to change my theme and make new graphics and fonts and things so my blog won’t look so ugly. I also need to start scheduling posts so I don’t write every blue moon.

How are they ugly??? You are one of the most aesthetic people I know. Your graphics are FINE. And also, hahaha good luck finding a theme. I would find a new theme myself but there is like NOTHING. (That’s for free, anyways.) Also, don’t overschedule, like I used to do. *hides ashamedly*

6. What are some of your blogging goals?

I want to be able to post weekly and to make blogging friends??? I don’t really care about followers. I just want a pretty blog that I post weekly to and friends in the community.


7. How do you plan to achieve those goals?

Commenting, I need to comment more. I also need to work on my blog design and freeing up time for blogging.


Image result for its true gif
May’s comment: #sorrynotsorry (Although you do have great graphics… most of the time.)



8. How do you see you and your blog in one year?

Hopefully I have more friends and more posts 🙂 I also hope I’ve found what my niche is and I hope my blog is sort of like yours, May. *insert blush thing*

Aww! If I had a heart, I would feel all warm and fuzzy right now. But I don’t have a heart. So.


9. Where do you find inspiration for your blog? What are some blogs that you love or are inspired by?

I suck but I’m not inspired by any blogs like I’m inspired by things throughout my day. Here is a complete list of great blogs:


Lemon Lullabies


Just Lia

Flaming Ivy

Pink For Days

Freckled Fashionista


10. How did you come up with your blog name? 😉

I like pears. Just kidding I hate them. One day I misspoke and said scary pear to a friend who then wrote it on her arm and it all spiraled from there. I get really attached to random phrases with no meaning such as “frog bait, and northern/southern Ireland???” Also my other blog name, That’s All There Is, is because I’m overly attached to Blue Sargent and Richard Gansey the Third and I have to many feelings about them.

Oh, yes, northern/southern Ireland is such an interesting concept, isn’t it. AND BLUE GANSEY BLUESEY PYNCH AAGGHH

Thanks for doing the interview with me, Amelie! It was quite fun to do. 😉

(Besides looking up “burn face” to find some kid with a cute OHHHH face after burning someone, AND INSTEAD FINDING IMAGES OF PEOPLE’S FACES WITH BURNS ON THEM. Curse you, near photographic memory.)


*clears throat*

i am a girl.

i am a girl living in a world where girls and women are not as equal as boys and men are.

i don’t like that. i disagree.

women are equal. girls are equal. (and #controversial: so are those who are transgender.) all human beings are equal to all other human beings because we are just that―human. no matter our differences, our race, our sexuality, our religion, our gender, we are EQUAL.

i hate the world we live in today because we are not enforcing that equality. many girls and women do not get the same rights as boys and men, simply because we are female. why should it matter that we are female? we are all human. our differences make who we are. they do not take away our identity; they add to it.

but i also love this world because there are people who are trying to fix this. people who are trying to make women equal, and achieve equality for all genders. (and #controversial: including transgender.) i am a feminist, and proud. (though i do have some things to say about what feminism truly is, and that being a true feminist is NOT something that should be hated on or slammed against.)

all human beings are equal, no matter what.

and today, it is the day to show that women are strong, girls are powerful, and we can be and do anything in the world. no matter what they tell us…

we are equal.

(and instead of ending this rant with that nice little note there, i feel the need to say something:

  • just because we are fighting for women’s rights doesn’t mean that we aren’t fighting for men’s rights. it doesn’t mean that we want women to be worth more than men; no, feminism is fighting for gender equality, the equality of ALL genders. right now, women do not have the same rights as men do, so we are working towards achieving those rights at the moment. later, after women have been brought to the same “level” as men, we will work on improving the rights that we currently have.
  • okay so this is not the time to be witty but honestly wut am i saying right now.
  • i fear i got too ranty.
  • can one get too ranty???
  • #ruiningfeminismtalk

*awkwardly adds ending parentheses*)

shall we chat

are you proud that i actually did my “shall we chat?” graphic? (do you like it?) did you enjoy le blogger interview with amelie trash™? (and did you read my answers yet like the dutiful mangoes you are?) how was that feminist/equality rant? SHALL WE DANCE CHAT???

*runs off singing “Shall We Dance” from The King & I (which, P.S., was the musical I was in, for those of you who don’t know)*

sign off 2.0


25 thoughts on “Le Horribly Short Blogger Interview with Amelie Trash™ + #girlpower

  1. Girl powerrrr! It’s kinda sad that we’re literally still fighting for gender equality in this day and age tho . . . late is better than never, I guess. XD

    Ooh, I love your “shall we chat?” graphic! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahhhh, I’m on the list! *big goofy grin* And YES THAT MUSICAL ASDFJADFJA!!!!

    are you proud that i actually did my “shall we chat?” graphic?: it’s cute! Love the flower. So yes. 🙂

    did you enjoy le blogger interview with amelie trash™?: mmhmm …

    (and did you read my answers yet like the dutiful mangoes you are?): and yes.

    how was that feminist/equality rant?: well, I don’t agree with it (not that I don’t think men and women are equal, but that I don’t believe women are treated unfairly anymore … and I honestly think we were treated better when we were unequal … of course, I’m gonna blame that on the men for not being gentlemen anymore … 😛 ), but it was a good rant.

    Great post! *slides over to check out your answers*

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Aghhh I agree with you 100%! Feminism is so misunderstood, while it’s just for equality of gender. 🙂 That graphic tho! I can’t even. I need to design everything for my blog but I haven’t had much time. :/

    Liked by 1 person

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