Habits Goals (Because I am a Horrible Mango Queen with Horrible Habits)

*Note: This graphic is heavily inspired by Sarah and her amazing For All Who Wander graphics. Her graphic designing skills are #goals??? (P.S. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of notes like this because I’m trying to find my “graphic designing style”, so I’ll be going off of different bloggers who inspire me with their GREAT DESIGNING SKILLS and then there’s me.)

The mango kingdom is very hard to rule, and that’s why the mango queen (ME) has lots to do. And unfortunately, because these mangoes are so unruly, the mango queen has developed bad habits. WHICH SHE NEEDS TO GET RID OF RIGHT. NOW.

It’s a very true story and you need to STOP LAUGHING. I have horrible habits (which may or may not have been caused by blogging) and I really need to stop being such a HORRIBLE BEAN.

Because I’m the mango queen and I’m so brilliant, I’ve done a few things already to get rid of those ugly habits, which I’ll be forcing you to read sharing with you today. And why are you looking at me like I killed something??? I’ve never killed anything. I mean, anyone.

(Dang it, now they all know. GREAT SLIPUP MAY.)

LE QUEEN HAS CREATED A HABIT TRACKER. *trumpets blare* *audience cheers* *mangoes are thrown* *is totally not moving the conversation off of killing people*

And I’m sorry to say this to you lovely folks, but NO, I have NOT started a bullet journal. I’m already bad at time management, so add bullet journaling plus writing plus reading plus blogging plus dance plus piano and I HAVE. NO. TIME. 

Oh wait. I forgot to add homework. DO YOU SEE HOW BAD THIS IS???

I’ll never escape it. Cry for me, little mangoes, cry for me. 

Here are a few pics of my habit tracker, so you know what we’re heading into here. And then you can fix everything for me.

(Again, these are BAD PHOTOS because my phone camera has poor quality, and they only look [slightly] good because I edited them. #sad)



I apologize for this weird lighting. Or is it my weird editing???

So I just wrote these in the order I remembered them. And I would’ve had a total of nine, which would have fit perfectly with my theme of “nine” ever since my first real blog post, but nooo. My ugly face had to butt in and remind my brain that I need to take care of it. How inconsiderate.

Just in case you can’t read the key (because, again, horrible camera), here it is for you: BLACK is total fail, RED is mostly a fail, PENCIL/GREY is half fail, half succeed, GREEN is did it! and BLUE is above and beyond! I have like literally no blues and lots of reds and greys. I’m great at this.

Let’s go in order, shall we?


Okay, so I am simply amazing at this??? (Sort of???) The only days I DON’T practice piano are Saturdays, because I just had piano lessons the day before, and also it’s a Saturday??? I just want to get into the habit of practicing as often as I can, so I don’t go to lessons and mess up and get embarrassed. Though that happens even when I practice a lot??? This is sad.

(And dang it all those question marks make me happy but make me annoyed to. #thestruggle)


2. WATER 1

So this basically means 1 bottle of water each day. The water bottle I use is about 3 cups. I know, I know, I need like 8 cups a day, but baby steps. Honestly, I’ve gone days without drinking ANY water. It’s really bad for me and I really want/need to stop doing it. I’ll just work up to 8 cups in like… summer. And then go back to 3 cups when school starts because it’s not that hot. 

(Actually what am I talking about, it’s always hot in Texas???)


3. 8:30 PM

Ahem. This is one that I spectacularly fail at. Basically, it means GET OFF ALL ELECTRONICS BY 8:30 OR DIE. Look, I’m sorry??? I mean, my dad turns my Wi-Fi off at 8:30, but he sometimes does it later, so how can you blame me for staying on when I can??? And then  I stay on even LATER because I just make drafts of posts even though they don’t save, and then I also do some graphics on PicMonkey experimenting with just text, because you don’t really need Wi-Fi for that??? But I try. Sort of.

Image result for try harder gifs
Not really???


4. 9 HRS.

Well, I try to get 9 hours of sleep every night. So far, I’ve only done it once in March, and that was on the weekend??? But no, stop bullying me. That’s good. And I get at least eight to eight and a half hours, which is perfectly fine to function correctly.

(Hahaha no.)


5. 100 W.

So, for most of March, there has been a little “~” because I can’t write 100 words each day when I’m filling out character questionnaires and brainstorming plot ideas, BECAUSE I’M SO FREAKIN’ STUPID AND STARTED OUT WITH A HORRIBLE PLOT. I just really want to get into the habit of writing more often, and writing every day, so I can build stamina and grow to be a BETTER WRITER.

(And the days that are colored green are days that I DID write 100 words (and more). And the black one was for yesterday, but it really should’ve been another “~”. Whoops.)

*BONUS* (#yourewelcome) Here is a picture of my writing schedule that I made after being inspired by Vivian’s amazing post. It helps with getting me achieve all my writing to-dos (and taking away sleep in the process).

There isn’t a goal for yesterday because I had a birthday party to go to. 😉

P.S. It’s all squiggly because I’m way too lazy to get out a ruler. If they weren’t squiggly like that, I would have to redo it over again like with my habit tracker to make sure the lines were PERFECTLY STRAIGHT and everything was PERFECTLY EQUAL.



I’m pretty sure this is obvious??? But for those who are 1) bad at knowing the obvious, 2) oblivious, or 3) too lazy to figure it out (shame), this means to stretch my body in different positions so I will become more flexible. Also can I take this time to say that I am almost down to the ground for my middle splits, and yet my straddle is like 135°??? What the heck, body???

(Also I’m really proud of the fact that this WHOLE ROW IS GREEN WHAT)


7. 30 MIN.

30 minutes is the amount of time I want to spend reading each day. I’ve been so busy that I rarely get time to read anymore, and I really want to get into that habit again! I used to read so much, and now… *sigh* Usually I read on the way to and from school, which is like a twenty minute drive. So multiply that by two and subtract some minutes for the minutes I spend looking out the window exhaustedly and you get about thirty minutes. Dang it, math.

And omg look, this row is home to THREE blue squares??? Why does this make me so happy???

Currently, I’m reading ADSOM, and it’s so intriguing it’s not problem to read for thirty minutes.

IT LOOKS SO BAD GAH. (BTW I used a filter on this if you can’t tell.)
Slightly better quality, with the same filter. Inspired by Madeline’s amazing and much better pic of ADOSM for her review.



“Wai pla” (or however you spell it) is the Thai/Buddhist version of “praying”. I mean, it’s not “praying” exactly, but that’s basically the only word that describes it. I USED to do this every night right before I went to sleep, but now I just don’t??? And it’s horrible because I just think to myself “OKAY YOU’RE GOING TO WAI PLA TONIGHT” and then I snuggle into my sheets and completely forget about it. This habit is one of the worse on this list, but at least it has a few green squares, UNLIKE 8:30 PM.


9. 25 × 3

Oh. This one. Well, I have a hunched back. Round shoulders, ugly posture, you know. It’s bad because I’m a dancer and I shouldn’t have it, and it’s bad because I AM A DANCER AND NEED GOOD POSTURE. So 25 × 3 is basically hunching forward exaggeratedly, then rolling your shoulders back (also exaggeratedly) to a good postural position. (Is postural even a word???) Then you repeat that until you’ve done it 25 times. Then you do it 3 times a day. Mucho fun that me mucho forget.


10. FACE

Don’t forget my ugly face! It needs taking care of, and because I feel the need to put pictures in this post, here are the four products I use for my face:

Sorry for le glare.

[Left to right] Just a spray thingy to make my face moist. (BTW all of these are bought by my mom and I don’t really know what they do; I just put them on like she tells me to. 😉 ) Then some oil to do something to the dryness of my face. (I think???) It’s jojaba: ho-ho-bah. After that is coconut oil, which is 100% great for your skin. And then finally, tea tree oil with some lavender (I think???) on any little pimples I have. Otherwise known as BLOWN UP ACNE THAT IS RED AND THE SIZE OF A HUGE BUG ON MY FACE. How pleasant, right???

This one’s easy for me, because I just do it after I brush my teeth. Huzzah. I can actually remember to do things.

What I Need to Work on

  • Obviously drinking 3 cups of water every day.
  • And VERY obviously getting off all electronics at 8:30. #help
  • Also, nine hours of sleep would be nice???
  • Following my writing calendar/schedule and actually COMPLETING most of my goals for the day.
  • I NEED TO BE RELIGIOUS. (Haha just kidding, but I just need to be respectful? Also it helps me feel calmer, which is great after two hours of frantically dancing.)
  • Can I also get rid of this hunched back???
    • Okay, confession time. I am pretty sure that at this age, my back’s not going to be completely straight. BUT, I am 99% hopeful and 1% sure that if I continue to just be aware of my posture and try my best to fix it, it WILL get better, if only by a little.
    • But can I just say how hard it is to make my back straight when I’m in a hunched and comfy position??? I’m too lazy to move???
    • It is SO bad, though. Like when I lay down on my black with my arms by my side, my shoulders are off the ground, because they’re so rounded. Seriously. Halp.

Dang it, I hate self pity.

shall we chat

did you enjoy learning about my horrible habits? how about them edited photos? agree that my ugly face ruins everything? and will you cheer me on and encourage me and REMIND ME (do this, i beg you, do this) to have a straight back??? PLEASE. I NEED HELP.

sign off 2.0


82 thoughts on “Habits Goals (Because I am a Horrible Mango Queen with Horrible Habits)

  1. I have a Bullet Journal but kinda failed. I am not telling anyone because a)shy b)I’M NOT A QUITTER (haha) c)Mangoes?. I still use it most fo the time though, but never made a habit tracker! LOOOOE YOURS and the photos are acctually SOOOO GOOD!!!!!! OMGGG. I need to make one now.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD Niiiiiiice, little mangold. I’m sure you didn’t fail, though. 😉 Haha, thank you so much! And pfft, that’s because I edited them??? Why can’t my eyes take a picture instead of my horrible phone??? (I wear glasses though so maybe not???) GO. AND SEND/SHOW/GIVE ME PICS.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I finished that excuse of a BuJo –> AND COULD FINALLY GET A NEW ONE.
        SO I MADE A HABIT TRACKER and this post helped so much BUT MINE LOOKS UGLY –> BUT IT’s SO FUN! Yesterday, I ONLY FORGOT ONE HABIT #proud. I would send you pics but a)thats too long 4 me b)there’s some PERSONAL HABITS c)I DONT KNOW

        Liked by 1 person

  2. did you enjoy learning about my horrible habits?: hehehe, yes. I’m sorry, but I did. I was like, “Man … I would never do any of this … she is so awesome for even thinking to do this …” Like, I don’t sleep and I don’t take care of my face and praying? Uh … I try to? I have a time set aside to do so … but it ain’t working for me. And any kind of exercising/body training is totally out for me … and I totally forget to read. Like, I try to read, and it doesn’t work. XD I wrote a post about it, though, and I hope my ideas will work for me … even though I haven’t really tried them a lot yet …
    how about them edited photos?: I think they’re great. I need to work on graphics … but I seriously think yours are amazing!
    agree that my ugly face ruins everything?: I’ve never seen your ugly face … how should I know?! XD Seriously, though, girl, I’m sure your face is gorgeous. Or at least you’re gorgeous on the inside. And pink. And mango-y. That’s what counts. <<that was weird …
    and will you cheer me on and encourage me and REMIND ME (do this, i beg you, do this) to have a straight back??? PLEASE. I NEED HELP: sure. HAVE A STRAIGHT BACK MAY OR ELSE I WILL STRAIGHTEN IT FOR YOU! <<that was also weird …

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha! GASP You don’t sleep? How does thou survive? The other day I stayed up till 11 to read my book. I mean, I finished it, but the next day I was so exhausted. And yes, I’m 100% sure you will do those tips. *tries to keep straight face*
      XD Thank you! Graphics/editing photos is really fun for me. 😛
      Aww, thank you! You are gorgeous as well. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I stay up until one and get up at about seven-twenty almost every day. Of course, with my new schedule (getting up at 6:30), I need to go to bed at eleven or eleven-thirty to survive … but yeah, I just don’t need sleep. Or food. XD Yeah …
        Hahaha, well, I’m gonna take that as a compliment because I plaster my face all over the internet. 😉 Juuuust kidding!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I know what you mean about the middle splits thing! I’ve got the same problem, how come you can’t get to the ground when you can get an amazing straddle right?! I need one of these it might motivate me to do heaps more and get rid of my horrible habits. I share soooooooooooo (italicize that for me!) many of the habits.
    ~Emily x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Glad that my graphic inspired yours! And lol, I feel you on the habit thingy. My bullet journal habit tracker is the same way, except I basically give up on it halfway through every month so the first half looks like #goals and the rest of it looks like #nothing (maybe because it kinda is #nothing XD). I honestly sometimes think that I only bullet journal because ALLLL the aesthetics ahhhh.

    Haha, reading this makes me feel so undisciplined. I used to not play on Saturday, since that’s my lesson day, but now I’ve somehow wound up still practicing on it?? Waht. And dude my posture sucks but I WILL TOTALLY REMIND YOU TO HAVE A STRAIGHT BACK. MONTHS FROM NOW I’LL BE COMMENTING “HAVE A STRAIGHT BACK” ON YOUR POSTS AND YOUR NEW FOLLOWERS WILL BE LIKE “STAY THIS MADNESS”. <— if anyone got that reference, you are totally required to say so. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yup! You’re just so inspirational. 😉 And XD YAAAS AESTHETIIIIIIICS.
      Oh, lol, I practice on Fridays right before my lessons, but then after the lesson I’m like, “I’M FREEEEEE.” XD And omg thank you I just sat up straight and I shall also remind you to have a straight back. HAVE A STRAIGHT BACK SARAH.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hehe!

        Lol, I can just imagine you screaming “I’M FREEEE” with your arms stretched to the heavens. Omg. XDD AND YES WE WILL SQUEAL REMINDERS AT EACH OTHER. ARE YOU SITTING UP STRAIGHT, MISS MANGO? YOU BETTER BE. *nods* I . . . used to have good posture? But now I . . . don’t?? *whaps self*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Omg that reminds me of something I watched from the Disney show ANT Farm a while back. A little robot thing that I forgot the name of had died and the owner was sad and crying and overdramatic, and when the owner leaves, the robot goes, “I’M FREE, FREE, FREEEEEEEEE” XD
          No… Because I’m laying in bed. 😉 #rebel But ny shoulders are off the bed which means they are horribly rounded SO NOW I HAVE STRAIGHTENED THEM. Are YOU sitting up straight, Miss Dumplings???

          Liked by 1 person

            1. But you still must walk with your back straight! Well, I said sit straight, so… XD AND WHY ART THOU WALKING AND CHECKING YOUR PHONE/TABLET/COMPUTER(???) AT THE SAME TIME??? NON. THOU WILT BE KILLED.
              btw my reply to your other comment isn’t sending so… >.<

              Liked by 1 person

              1. BECAUSE I AM A STRANGE DUMPLING. XDD And yeah, I probably really will be killed. BUT NOW I’M EATING LUNCH SO MY DEATH WILT BE POSTPONED FOR NOW.

                Hmm . . . wait, which comment?

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. Ohh, thou art in school? Me has spring break. YUS. *pumps fist*
                      Hahahaha… *nervously laughs* Just, um, wait till next Saturday. When all will be explained. *finger guns* *runs away*

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. OKAY I’M JELLY
                      *chants* TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME TELL ME *chases May* I’LL GIVE YOU VIRTUAL MANGOES *nodnod*

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. I don’t know! *cries* Most of the schools in my area are on Spring Break??? Is this not a thing out of Texas???
                      Actually, we start school in August (I know my area does, but not sure if the whole state does), and I know a lot of other schools outside of the state start in September, so maybe that’s why???
                      *blinks* *whispers* Mangoooooooooes. *chokes* NO I ALREADY HAVE MANGOES. I AM THE MANGO QUEEN. I DO NOT… run… out of… mangoes. Welp, I’m out. BUT I SHALL NOT SUCCUMB. Thou shalt wait. Mwahahahaha.

                      Liked by 1 person

  5. Pfffttt how DARE you be so organized and well put together! Jk but seriously! The fact that you are aware of your bad habits, and making steps to improve them, is very impressive?? Like seriously. Also, your photos look great! The background makes them look really soft and artsy! I hope you can improve on EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE. And you will. Because you are awesome. Also, I feel you with the back thing! I have pretty good posture, but have a curved spine called scoliosis (very mild though) which I just found out about last week. So not good. Anyway, love this post! Lots of love, grey xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. XD Thank you! I just really want to be rid of these really bad habits lol. And thank you! That was on my bed. XD And oh yes! I know a few people with it. 😦 I hope you’re all right! 🙂


  6. *reaches into computer and clamps May’s mouth shut* Are you kidding me? Those graphics look A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Your whole blog does, my dear. Your sidebar graphics and things look so good! 😀 I wish I could figure out how to make such pretty graphic with pretty photos, but NOOOO.

    Anyway, good luck with your habits! I just looove Habit Trackers. Although with Tech Week and shows I’ve started my HT a little late in the month, but oh well. XD My BuJo really has helped me SO much with my habits.

    Okay, I don’t know what to say anymore so I’m just gonna stahp. *munches on mango* *rides off on a pegasus*
    ~Grace ❤
    P.S. Okay, and for some WEIRD REASON I am not longer following your blog… ??? I must have accidentally hit unfollow, but anyway, I'm following again. Sorry about that, dear.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. *has mouth clamped shut by Grace* Ouch! But thank you! XD You have great graphics too! Just a different style. 😉 Also, I really love aesthetics so. XD
      Yes, habit trackers are amazing! I’m glad to know that yours is helping you as well. 😉
      XD That’s always me when I comment. Let’s just go eat mangoes.
      (Oh haha! No problemo! I do that too sometimes. 😛 )

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi May

    I just thought I’d pop by to let you know about a campaign I just launched! It’s called Tackling Racism With Haikus and is all about using our voices as bloggers to fight negative things in the world. I was wondering if you might like to get involved? The more bloggers the better. Thoughts In Life has already written an awesome post and Aqsa from Aqsa Says What is going to do one too so this movement​ is growing.

    I’d really love you to join the team, but if you can’t for ANY reason, don’t worry.
    Gracie ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh of course! Sorry, I was going to comment but I think I got sidetracked. XD Yeah, I’ll totally help out! I think racism is a HUGE problem, myself being another race than “white”. I’ll probably #smush it into a post with other things, but it will definitely be there! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  8. MUCH GOAL-MAKING YAYYY. Good for you!! I am a disorganized unmotivated mango in comparison. 😝 Haha 9hrs of sleep is… um, not a common occurrence for me which is really not good. 😂 It’s march break right now in Canada and you’d think I get more sleep…. haha nope. But I wish you luck!! And HAVE A STRAIGHT BACK MAY. I believe in you. YOU GOT THIS. ❤❤ Good luck with all your goals!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. YAAAAAAAAAAAAS. And XD This is just so I can improve my horrible self. AY, IT’S SPRING BREAK FOR ME TOO! (And Canada? THAT IS SO AWESOME!) Oh, thank you! *straightens back* Thank you, dearie! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You’re amazing don’t worry we all have things to improve on. 😉❤
        Haha awesome when I’m not freezing to death… it’s March and there’s still snow that falls! *sigh* Haha I still love it though. (The country, not the snow, because snow=cold 😂 You’d think I’d be immune by now but nope.) Of course!! 💞

        Liked by 1 person

          1. 😂😂 Okay, point taken, you Texas people haven’t grown up seeing snow your whole life though! It’s really pretty, I’ll give you that, and offered many days off from school because #snowdays but when you live with it your whole life… stops being special 🙈😝❄️

            Liked by 1 person

            1. XD I see your point! Do you “snow people” want the heat though? It’s horrible. I mean, right now, it’s pretty cool, but in February it as like in the 70s and 80s, and in October, it’s like that too, into November. OUR WINTERS ARE THE HIGHS OF 50s OR 60s AND OUR SUMMERS ARE LIKE IN THE 100s. *cries*

              Liked by 1 person

              1. *brb to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius* 🙈😂 Ehhhhhh well I suppose it depends. That sounds pretty brutal, though for us having 50s or 60s during winter would be a miracle? Haha. Our summers are pretty hot too, not as much as yours though, and only during months of May/June, and especially July/August. I love summer, but hot temperatures drive me nuts and I would not be able to survive in Texas if your temperatures are constantly so high??!! 😂 HOW DO YOU LIVE.

                Liked by 1 person

                    1. The sun is supposed to love us??? The sun is how we live??? We aren’t supposed to be hurt by it??? (Ooh, the sun is how we live but it can also kill us too… Interesting… *strokes mustache*)

                      Liked by 1 person

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