Writing With Fury―Plot + One Awesome Announcement

*Note: I am in the middle of a sort of “family crisis” right now so I’m posting this in a rush.

I spend more time talking about my writing than actually writing.

It’s true.

Honestly, guys, look at a writing log I’m keeping:

You can’t deny it.

And now I’ve found another writer link-up to talk about my writing. #YAY

The link-up I’m talking about it the Writing With Fury link-up, hosted by Allie (at The Depth of My Faith who has MOVED her blog to Blogger) and Grace (at The Girl Upstairs). I was SUPER excited to see this post on Allie’s blog, because I really do love talking about writing. I could spend hours answering writing-related questions, instead of actually WRITING.



Click here to read Allie’s post and find out more about the link-up. Since I’m so anxious to get started, I’m going to skip all that fluffy random intros and just GET ON WITH IT.

P.S. The flowery graphics/dividers/borders/whatevers are inspired by Cait‘s flowery graphics/dividers/borders/whatevers. They are super cool, even though they took me FOREVER to do! I’m not sure if I’m going to keep them, but tell me if you like it!

the questions

1. what are your top 3 writing to-dos for this month?

Okay, so I have an announcement to make in this Saturday’s third Writerly Update, but until then, you won’t know. 😉

  • Start rewriting Chapter 7 of IMS.
  • Brainstorm new story ideas.
  • [#secret because of something I’ll be talking about later]

flower divider

2. what is your #1 goal for progress with your wip this month?

Well, my #1 goal is to just write as much as I can and get back into the writing flow. I really want to reach my goal of 17,500 words for Camp NaNo, but to do that, I REALLY need to start writing again. I haven’t written a single word of IMS since early January!

flower divider

3. can you describe your plotting process?

Yes, of course I can.

I am 100% capable of this.

Image result for wink gif
This isn’t the best winking gif, but it’s Supernatural YOU’RE WELCOME CAS.


Okay, fine. This was the first story I’ve ever tried outlining for, and while it was horribly torturous, it is SUPER helpful, and I am DEFINITELY doing it for future stories. A lot of the time, I get novel ideas by characters, so I’ll build worlds around the characters, and then plots around the world and characters. Then I’ll keep coming up with details, define the goal of the story, the climax, the rising action, and all those other important plot points.  I’ll make a loose plot structure. And after that, using my plot structure as a guide, I’ll outline! Of course, this is only what I sort of did for IMS, and what I hope to do for future stories. 😛

flower divider

4. do you work best with a friend helping in the plotting process, or are you rocking the lone-wolf thing?

Well, one of the friends who is very into my writing (Ivy) is who I talk to a lot about IMS. I finally caved in after not wanting to spoil it for her. XD Another very close friend I talk to about writing, and she often is a source of ideas, even though she doesn’t entirely know what the plot is. XD But other than that, I’m pretty much a lone wolf. But it’s very hard to be a writer, and you need lots of support. Which I don’t have. *finger guns*

Image result for finger guns gif

flower divider

5. how are you going to execute your to-dos for this month?

Well, first I’ll just, you know, rewrite Chapter 7. Then I will make a Google Doc on just random story ideas I have: genre, plot, characters, setting, etc. And finally, I will *mumbles*. Hey. Are you at the end of this post yet? NO. Which means I cannot tell you my amazing announcement that I am silently squealing about.

(But don’t go read it right now FINISH READING MY WONDERFUL ANSWERS.)

flower divider

6. are you fairly organized with your writing, or messy?

Both. I am usually organized, with specific pages for specific details, but sometimes I just need to jot something down, or I’ll forget it. On one page of my notebook, I have this whole math section (I KNOW. THE HORROR. MATH IN WRITING???) and all these messy notes while I try to figure out ages of this person while this person is this age and this person grows up to be this age and this person is this age. Yes. It’s very confusing. I’m confused reading over it again. Which is #notgood.

Image result for not good gif
I’m not sure what the context of this is, but… you said it perfectly, sir.


flower divider

7. what, in your opinion, is the best way of keeping track of your instant ideas?

For Christmas, my little sister gave me a journal. It’s not huge, but not small, and I bring that, along with a pencil pouch of my four Paper Mate pens, to school with me every day. I can jot down things there, and this also the journal I use for my habit tracker.

If you’re a writer, I highly recommend always having a small notebook and pen/pencil to jot down ideas on the go. Or a phone, if you can take notes on it. They are ESSENTIAL to a writer’s life, because if you don’t have something to jot down instant ideas, THEY WILL BE LOST FOREVER. I have been victim to this horrible tragedy, and it is NOT something you want to experience. THE HORROR.

flower divider

8. binder, pinterest board, notebook, or scattered sticky notes?

*laughs at the coincidence* *struggles to keep straight face* What a coincidence.

As of right now, I have my notebook(s) to keep track of my ideas and stuff. I also have this “hutch” thing above my desk (I forgot what it’s called, sorry???) and I just stick random sticky notes on the ledge of it. Although, they’re not all for my novel. Sometimes they’re just random thoughts. Or words. Or names. Cuz names are #awesome.

I think a binder would be super cool, but I just don’t think I would want to use it because 1) it’s heavy and my arms are already tired from carrying my notebook and pencil pouch and a tagalong book around school??? and 2) I’m way too lazy to hole-punch everything.

flower divider

9. aesthetics in pictures or words?

Um… pictures??? Of course, graphic design is the best aesthetic of all because they incorporate both fonts and pictures… WAIT. BUT WORDS ARE PRETTY TOO. AGH NO HOW CAN YOU ASK THIS. Okay. Let me say. Pretty pictures and pretty words are both aesthetic. Especially beautifully colored pictures and gorgeous fonts. FONTS. AGH. I COULD JUST FANGIRL OVER FONTS ANY DAY. But don’t forget about those super awesome photographs―so amazing! NO. I CAN’T CHOOSE. #HALP

Image result for help gif
Me trying to ask nicely.


flower divider

10. how will you reward yourself if you complete your goals and tasks?

I won’t…? XD I don’t really reward myself. I mean, I just think, YAY I DID IT I’M ACTUALLY A DECENT WRITER. I don’t even reward myself with food or books. I know. It’s so horrible. I think I’ll only reward myself when I actually finish the whole thing. And finally get everything over with.

Well, I guess if I’ve been writing for a long time, I’ll grant myself internet-browsing time, but, I mean, I browse the internet INSTEAD of writing, and I don’t think I’m supposed to encourage that???

And now for the exciting announcement!

I’m starting to post things at The Writing Writers! ‘Tis a blog for writers (like me) to share their writing, unless they’re really #shy like me. Then they’ll just do some random post or something.

It will mean a lot to me (and the others) if you check it out. Who knows, you may be invited to join! (Like I was by Mirra. I don’t know you very well, but thank you???)

Check out my hello post HERE.

shall we chat

dost thou like the flower graphics/dividers/borders/whatevers? what is THY plotting process? hast thou participated in writing with fury yet? (if so, links, my frens) wilt thou check out the writing writers? and dost thou know why i am speaking like this to thee??? tell me everythiiiiiing, beans.

sign off 2.0



66 thoughts on “Writing With Fury―Plot + One Awesome Announcement

  1. YOU HAVE A PINTEREST YAY!!!!!! Also I’m sorry about the family thing May 😦 ALSO I am disappointed u aren’t talking to me about IMS like come on man 😥 BUT YAY I’M SO HAPPY FOR YOU MY SMALL CHILD!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. EEE LOVED THIS POST, MY DEAR MANGO QUEEN! Hmm . . . I mean, I like the flowery things, but they look a little too similar to Cait’s (my opinion XD), and I feel like it would match your blog design better if your divider thingy was that pink-flower-and-branches in all your sidebar graphics and that thingy. 🙂 Ooh, and neat blog! I’ll go check it out!

    Aw, I hope your family thing works itself out soon! I know you’re not Christian, but I’ll be praying for you! ❤


    DUDE IT FELT SO WEIRD READING ALL OF THIS BECAUSE UM? I’M STILL WAITING FOR SATURDAY?!! (Although granted, that writing teacher thing is so me. XD)

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Lol, I just noticed a typo. “Writing teacher”. Yes, everyone, I am a “writing teacher”. I MEANT TRACKER, AUTOCORRECT. XDD

        *dies* *comes back to life* *dies again* I AM AN IMPATIENT SMOL BEAN TELL MEEEEEEE

        Liked by 1 person


                Liked by 1 person

                    1. J’ai treize ans.
                      😛 I’m thirteen lol. (Dost thou speak French??? Or a different language???) And yeah, I was thinking like when I turn fourteen or something. Maybe??? I don’t really want Insta or Snap or any of that. Just Pinterest. 😉

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. *attempts to speak more French but fails*
                      Whoop whoop! #teenagers And yeah. She said I could use her account but… not the same, not the same. XD Dost thou have other social media besides Pinterest?

                      Liked by 1 person

                    3. Same! I mean, I learned two very basic years of it in fifth & sixth grade, but then this year was the year we went much deeper lol. Oh, high school. *shudders with you*
                      I automatically have Google+ too! It’s also weird because it sends me random notifications and I’m like I don’t care??? XD

                      Liked by 1 person

  3. Excellent post. You brought up many great points on writing. I think it’s important to be consistent and make sure you make the time for it! Life is distracting. I have to get my daily word count in or I’m a beast! Ha ha. Congrats on writing for The Writing Writers!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I LOVE THE GRAPHICS! Cait’s blog always seems to look so GRAPHIC FILLED and I’m here with a lousy potato GIF. They look like they took long BUT THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL – so keep them!
    I haven’t participated in Writing WIth Fury yet because….I’m not writing anything atm so I can’t be writing WITH anything. The Writing WRITERS! I really hope more people join and I get my intor up today!!! So excited that you part of the blog toooo. I have no idea why are you are saying THOU or THEE but ‘m a mangold so I would probably not understand if you told me. AND I’m a BEAN now as well. So, I am a mango, Goldfish, potato and been Mangold Beanato (my full name)
    Also, do Mangolds have a QUEEN? I mean MANGOES do, but I was thinking since there’s no-one to take up the offer, I could maybe take the Mangold humble throne? *RUNS FOR LIFE*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Agh, thank you! Sarah said that they were very similar to Cait’s graphics, so I may change them up a bit??? But aagghh so much tiiiiime. And eek, you need to write something, so I can read it and fangirl over it! Oh yas, get that intro up, gurl. ‘Tis fun to say thou ad thee, though. Mangolds must learn. Oh yes, that is a wonderful name. I approve. *nods*
      Oh goodness, I forgot about a Mangold Queen! Yes, you shall be the perfect queen for the dear mangolds. *crowns Mangold Beanato*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. NOOO, you’ve just taken inspiartion AND given credit. I REALLY like them. And even though, there not ‘theme related’ they don’t have to be. Cait’s ones aren’t to related to here theme – okay, let’s admit, I JUST WANT YOU TO KEEp. but the mango queen will make her decision. and that is final. I’m going to write a post explaining HOW I can’t write a book, so look out. And yes, the intro is work in progress. THANK YOU. *sits in throne*

        Liked by 1 person

        1. XD Yeah, I know. I think they’re really nice too! We’ll see, though. 😉 And NOOO YOU MUST WRITE A BOOK. I haven’t finished a novel, but I call myself a writer so you’re fine! And yay! THOU ART WELCOME.

          Liked by 1 person

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