Favorite Foods (Obviously Mangoes)

Obviously, I like food.

If you can’t tell. I mean, who doesn’t like food???

And obviously, mangoes are included in the list of my favorite foods.

Also obviously, this post was inspired by my Favorite Authors post from long ago. Do you remember this lovely post? It was the post I was too lazy to think of another favorite author for, therefore resulting in my top NINE favorite authors, instead of my top ten. And do you know what this caused? THIS CAUSED ME TO HAVE A THEME OF “TOP NINE” ALL OVER MY BLOG, INSTEAD OF “TOP TEN” LIKE A SANE PERSON.

And it also caused me to start this little “tradition” of favorites posts. Of course you’re fine with me telling you all about my favorite things, right?

Image result for of course gif

*I will be keeping these glorious flower graphics until further notice. The lovely Sarah pointed out that they are a BIT too similar to Cait‘s wonderful flower graphics, which I totally agree with, so I’m tryna see if there’s another graphic thing I could make with flowers because flowers are #pretty.

favorite foods

1. mangoes

Of course this is first??? I would be doing myself a dishonor if it wasn’t. I am the MANGO QUEEN, after all.

I like fresh mangoes, dried mangoes, frozen mangoes, all types of mangoes. Mangoes from Thailand are the best because 1) tropical, 2) #countrypride, and 3) HAVE YOU TRIED STICKY RICE WITH MANGOES??? IT IS DELICIOUS along with a wide assortment of other Thai foods.


Image result for mangoes
My madre cuts it more appetizingly, but it’ll do.


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2. lots of other fruits (including dried fruits)

I. Love. Fruit.

It’s sort of obvious, with mangoes being a favorite. But I love other fruit too??? Like:

  • blueberries
  • raspberries
  • strawberries
  • blackberries
  • grapes
  • mangoes obviously
  • and fifty million others that I am conveniently forgetting at the moment???

And don’t forget them dried fruits!

  • dried cranberries
  • dried apples/apple chips
  • raisins
  • dried mangoes obviously this is my life right here


Image result for dried mangoes made in nature
This is the brand I eat, dearies!!! Buy some for me or face a mangoless life!!!


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3. thai food

This isn’t just because I’m Thai. THAI FOOD IS GREAT, PEOPLE. I’D EAT IT OVER American/Chinese/Mexican/Italian/Indian/other nationalities I’m forgetting FOOD ANY DAY.

Some of my favorite Thai dishes include:

  • pad see ew
  • lard nah (only my mom’s old version tho)
  • moo ping
  • kai jeow moo sab
  • kai yang
  • moo tawt
  • and a few billion more that I forget

I apologize for my horrible spelling??? I can’t translate languages.

Just to torture your taste buds, LOTS AND LOTS OF PICS:


Image result for pad see ew
pad see ew
Image result for sticky rice with mangoes
sticky rice with mangoes
Image result for kai jeow moo sab with rice
Image result for kai yang
kai yang

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4. cookies and cream ice cream

This is the most delicious ice cream you will feast your eyes on.

I mean, it has Oreos in it??? And because I never get food like that (thanks, mom) THAT IS AMAZING??? Okay, so the healthy version I eat doesn’t have Oreos EXACTLY, but it’s still similar.


Image result for cookies and cream ice cream
Give me now, please???


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5. chocolate

How could I not include this??? It’s CHOCOLATE.

Personally, I think milk chocolate is too sweet, but I also think that some dark chocolates can be too bitter. So I like it right in the middle. My favorite brands are Ghirardelli and Lint. But I also like chocolate ice cream and chocolate cake so???


Image result for chocolate


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6. bread

I like all types of bread! My favorite would be BAGUETTES, though, because they’re so chewy and yummy and delicious and AGH! Unfortunately, I can’t eat it with braces, though I’m SURE I could if I tried, but my mother has promised me that when I get them off (IN EARLY JUNE WHICH IS LIKE A FEW MONTHS AWAY #YAS) she will buy me a baguette. ❤


Image result for baguette panera bread
Slowly dying here.


flower divider

7. donuts (from a certain place)

Okay, so my local donut “place” is sort of known for their donuts. (I don’t want to say the name because STALKERISH BEANS.) But they have a REASON to be known for their donuts, because ACK WHY ARE THEY SO GOOD AND AMAZING AND AAAGGHHH. *dies* They just… melt… in your mouth…


Image result for round rock donuts


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8. taro bubble tea with tapioca pearls

This is a drink, and not a food, but it’s still really great and deserves to be mentioned??? This has to be drunk fast though, because then the tapioca pearls will get hard and icky. BUT HONESTLY THE PEARLS ARE THE BEST THING.


Image result for taro bubble tea tapioca pearls
Ignore what suspiciously looks like a chain-link fence in the background???


flower divider


Well, I obviously enjoy eating books? Eating books is my job. What is life without eating books.

Of course, poor little me is a HORRIBLY SLOW READER and I always cry when I’m on the first page of a book while my fren is at like five hundred.

This is me comparing myself to the speeds of other readers. I am actually faster than my parents and some other unimportant people. BUT AM I AS FAST AS BOOKWORMS? #NO. DOES THAT MAKE ME SAD? #YES.

Image result for eating books

Ahem. I really couldn’t think of any favorite foods past my first six ones, so the rest are kind of random. Also, I’m a forgetful little bean and I’m SURE I have more favorite foods. But I just can’t recall them. You’re welcome. 😉

I also love how the majority of these are sweets.

shall we chat

what are some of YOUR favorite foods? do you share some of the same fav foods as me? have you eaten any of these and do you like them? and also, do you like this kind of random (but VERY SHORT OMG LESS THAN 1000 WORDS YIPEE) post or naw? give me all the deets, peeps. (i can’t rhyme i’m sorry.)  

 sign off 2.0


98 thoughts on “Favorite Foods (Obviously Mangoes)


    *ahem* I also LOVE dried fruits – especially dried raspberries…or is it strawberries? *can’t decide* We actually have dehydrator, where we can make our own dried fruit – YUM! – so next time we get a mango I will dry one in your honor. Sound good? Good.
    Hmm…I definitely enjoy eating books, chocolate, fruit, carrots (I was forced to eat them in Alice and now I like them), homemade cake & cupcakes, and HUMMUS. Oh, and Leslie & Lin too, but they’re just adorable little cinnamon buns.

    All right, I’ll stop now. But only because you’ve made me hungry. *glares*

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I could live on bubble tea, sticky rice with mango, and bread for the rest of my life. Those are some of the best foods out there! And yes, dried mangoes are like, on a different level. Still not sure how it’s possible for them to be that delicious.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I LOVE MANGOES! They are amazing, and it;s so satisfying when you cut them, and they’re just all around AMAZING!
    I also love kiwi’s. Hmm, I’ve never tried Thai food, but it looks delicious! My favorite food is probably sushi though…
    Would it be alright if sometime in the future I could do a favorite foods post? It’s totally OK, if not, I’ll live. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. okay okay Thai food IS good. and I’m not even Thai . . . *hides* I also love Chinese and Italian? Probably because I am Chinese, and Italian food because ITALIAN FOOD. *nodnod* ALSO HOW HAVE I NEVER TRIED MANGOES WITH STICKY RICE AHH

    Liked by 1 person

  5. what are some of YOUR favorite foods?: chocolate. There can be no other.

    Though seriously … other foods. That I can’t remember now. XD

    do you share some of the same fav foods as me?: chocolate, ice cream, donuts, bread, various fruits …

    have you eaten any of these and do you like them?: yep! Chocolate, ice cream, donuts, bread, various fruits … 😛

    and also, do you like this kind of random post or naw?: yes, I do! But I don’t think it’s too short, honestly. *nods* Of course, longer is better … but shorter is good, too! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  6. ERM. THIS IS GLORIOUS. TOOOOOOO. Also Thanks for that because NOW I AM RAVENOUS. ALSO. You speak to my soul young padowan because MANGOS ARE THE FRUIT OF THE GODS. Also I love berries and ice cream and chocolate and obviously books??????? Those are like all the things I like???????? How u reading my mind???

    Liked by 1 person

    • HAHAHA My evil plan is working! But tbh, I got like really hungry writing this post too, so… um… XD YES THANK YOU MANGOES ARE INDEED THE FRUIT OF THE GODS. THEY ARE TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD. And I don’t know how I’m reading your mind??? I think it’s because I’m a queen??? Or maybe it’s because I eat mangoes???

      Liked by 1 person

    Could you give your opinion on my little sidebar graphics? I don’t want to copy you by any means, but I like the idea of having them. And I did have a question…what’s the size for YOUR (gorgeous) sidebar graphics?
    Thanks s’much, dear!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. SO MUCH FOOD I’m hungry now May how dare you do that to me *goes off to stuff face with chocolate and ice cream + cake* I kind of love this list too much?? It pretty much describes me so like… how could I not??? I actually haven’t eaten much Thai foods though, but that is now on my to-do list because it looks SO GOOD. *insert heart-eyed emoji* But CHOCOLATE. My loveeeee and cookies and cream ice cream is also so delicious. Hahahaha I also love fruits (gotta have those healthy foods in there!), and of course mangoes!! (Though for the latter I don’t get many of them until the summer season ahah.)

    Liked by 1 person

  9. MANGOES YAAAS. We get a variety I mangoes here in India, too! And there’s nothing like it! I love summer because a) we get hols b)ice creams c)MANGOES. MANGOES. MANGOES. Hey, I’m a mango queen too. *just kidding,May* 😂 WHERE IS THE MANGO EMOJI? *searches frantically, glaring at qwerty*

    Liked by 1 person

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