The Writer’s Ink Challenge Because I Like to Talk About Writing

It is absolutely no secret that writers (including moi) looooooove to talk about their writing and/or themselves.

And with the Writer’s Ink Challenge, we can do just that!

Also this month is writing-themed IF YOU CAN’T TELL. This was actually supposed to be a book review but that was canceled you’re welcome.

However, it has come to my knowledge that this challenge doesn’t cover everything??? SO, I have added one more question that I feel is important to me. #yourewelcome

Also I just wanted this to stick with the FAE tradition of NINE.

I was nominated for this wonderful writing challenge by Mahriya @ My Bookish Life, Sarah @ Exuberant Bookworm, and Ipuna @ Ipuna Black. Thank you so much guys!

(I told you everyone knows how much I like to talk about writing).

the rules

  • Thank your nominator(s)
  • Answer at least 8 questions about writing
  • Nominate at least 5 people

the questions

when did you first start writing?

I first started writing seriously in second grade. My first story ever was about some friends going into the jungle for a vacation (hence the name “The Jungle Story”), and then they meet an evil guy and stuff happens. The characters were me and my classmates. Creative, right.

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have you always been interested in writing?

I guess??? I mean, I always liked writing stories since second grade, and it didn’t really become anything serious until a few years ago.

(And to answer your un-asked question, yes I do hope that I will ALWAYS be interested in writing, though I can’t guarantee it. Queens are very #indecisive.)

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why do you like writing? 

Oh, gosh. There are so many things that I like about writing. You have the freedom to express. You can create whole worlds and people and stories by writing. You can tell use words to say something without actually SAYING it. (Shy bean right here.) You can use your voice. You have the ability to bond with others through it. You can and will fall in love with the worlds and people and stories you build. YOU HAVE NO LIMITS.

And some other reasons I “forgot”. (Because I don’t like all this sentimentality going on here.)

Image result for the feels gifs

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what genre do you write in? 

I believe this question should be “what genres”??? BECAUSE WHO JUST WRITES IN ONE GENRE.

Here is the very odd truth. I write:


    • I haven’t yet gotten to the point where I write like epic fantasy (btw I REALLY don’t like fantasy creatures except for HP and KOTLC). But the fantasy that I’ve written in the past is about magical abilities and powers. That stuff.
    • Also my newest story idea is fantasy. ALL ABOUT THAT MAGICCCCCCCC.
  • SCI-FI

    • I’ve written a genetic modification story with my friend Amelie, which we need to finish! I also am writing (???) IMS, which has sci-fi elements like mutations and… um… brain stuff.
    • I DON’T like to write (or prefer to read, except for TLC) sci-fi including outer space stuff.

    • My dystopian isn’t your regular “Divergent” or “Hunger Games” thing. I write… oppressive governments that control you and worlds that have strange rules and systems that the people think are beneficial to them but actually aren’t.
    • In IMS, there are a LOT of the weird systems in place that the people think is WONDERFUL but *spoiler* is actually not. And there are secrets. SECRETSSSSSS.

I realize that you didn’t ask this but shhhh I want to write more fantasy, more actual sci-fi (I have a genetic-y story simmering in the back of my mind), and I really REALLY want to write a dark story/dark retelling. I just want to have a dark MC. I also have a dark retelling planned but it’s not that great.


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who or what motivates you to write?

Well, I think what keeps me writing is because of my love for it, and my want to tell a story to the world. I also think that the fact that one day I want to make this hobby a job and make money from it and be paid to do what I love (aka write) and ACTUALLY PUBLISH A BOOK OF MINE HOLY COW is very motivational.

I think that seeing other aspiring writers’ work is very inspiring, as well as authors’ books right now. After all, reading books is the foundation of writing AND I LOVE BOOKS.

Image result for love books gifs

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do you write poetry? 

I do! In fact, I’m participating in NaPoWriMo, and you can read all of my poems here. My poetry writing style has really changed:

  • Happy and sparkly. Yay the world is full of rainbows and happiness. Let’s write about nature and beauty!
  • Call to action. The world is full of icky things but we can change it! As long as we take actiooooooon.
  • Negative. The world is full of horrible negativity and I’m a negative person we should all be negative let’s go pessimismmmmm.
  • Negative. Okay so the world’s not THAT dark but it’s still pretty bad ick.
  • Some weird thing that talks about self-love (I BLAME MILK AND HONEY) and basically what I call “poem aesthetics”??? I honestly don’t know, guys.

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have you ever written a story with a friend? 


I have written soooo many stories with friends YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW.

I’ve written a fantasy-ish thing with six friends. I’ve written a genetic modification story with the lovely Amelie (which I mentioned earlier). I wrote a mystery with Violet and a nameless little blob. I tried to write stories with Ivy. And I’m pretty sure there are more but I FORGOT.

*Also all these stories failed and have not been completed because we are #greatwriters.

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how do you write your stories (first person, third person)? 

I used to write pretty much everything in first person past. I’m pretty sure that every (young) writer starts out like this, because it’s easier. Nooooooow, I write third person past. I LOVE IT. I LOVE IT I LOVE IT I LOVE IT SOMEONE PLEASE MARRY ME TO THIS WONDERFUL PERSON. (hahaha get it i’m so punny.)

I still need to work out my voice though? Because I’m either going to write it sophisticatedly and elegantly (which I LOVE), or sarcastically and humorously (which I ALSO love).

(I’ve actually just recently passed a phase where I hated first person and would shun a book if it was written in that. I KNOW. I’M HORRIBLE. BUT NOW IT’S OVER.)

I really want to try third person present, though (which I attempted here), and if I WERE to go back to first person, it would be for dark stories that you really need to see the perspective of the person, and it would be in present tense.

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where do you see yourself writing-wise in one month? one year? ten years?

Let’s do my hopes vs. reality, shall we???

1 month: Planning and brainstorming my magic story. Also editing the first five chapters of IMS for a writing contest.
1 year: In the middle of writing the magic story, and outlining another story. Ideally I’d have written the magic story already but HAHAHA THAT AIN’T GON’ HAPPEN.
10 years: I’ll be 23 in ten years??? Hmm okay. Be finished with a couple of (good) novels. Perhaps looking for a publisher??? Maybe already being repped??? Finishing whatever degree I need (college matters, children) and writing a novel/novels on the side.

1 month: Failing to think of any ideas for my magic story. (This will be true.) Also failing at editing IMS and/or dying from editing.
1 year: Struggling to get through writing my magic story (or not even writing it anymore???) and having no inspiration for another story. #yippee Or just failing at outlining.
10 years: Having finished very bad novels and getting rejected by many publishing companies. Also struggling to find income but LOOK I GOT REJECTED AGH.

I’m not pessimistic, just realistic???

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i nominate…

So that was nine??? But hush I’m being generous.


  • Sarah @ For All Who Wander (I demand you to do it in the comments or email???)
  • Abi @ The Freckled Fashionista (if you want to post writing-related things on your blog, I know you usually don’t 🙂 )
  • also April @ April Dreams (comments possibly???)
  • And YOU! I know everyone does this, but seriously, if you want to do this, DO IT! I, the Mango Queen, give you permission to do so.
  • (Now you have permission go do it little ignorant mango.)

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the copy and paste-able questions (because i’m KIND)

  • When did you first start writing?
  • Have you always been interested in writing?
  • Why do you like writing?
  • What genre do you write in?
  • Who or what motivates you to write?
  • Do you write poetry?
  • Have you ever written a story with a friend?
  • How do you write your stories (first person or third person, past tense or present tense?
  • **BONUS QUESTION** Where do you see yourself writing-wise in one month? One year? Ten years?

(Also I added the “past tense or present tense” part because THAT IS IMPORTANT.)

shall we chat

do YOU like to talk about writing too? feel free to talk about it with me in the comments! you know i’ll join. 😉 what motivates YOU to write? and are you freaking out because you spent all of your free time on this post??? (this is the dilemma i am facing for you guys right now be grateful)

(oh wait. i still have an hour left of free time. classic may.)

sign off 2.0


74 thoughts on “The Writer’s Ink Challenge Because I Like to Talk About Writing


    // When did you first start writing?
    When I was four. I wrote a really stupid story about a girl named Katie being chased up a tree by a dog. It was pretty hilarious.

    //Have you always been interested in writing?
    Yes! Words are my LIFEEEE. No joke.

    // Why do you like writing?
    In all seriousness, I love writing because I feel a need to tell people about the wrongs in our society — violence, racism, discrimination, and the like. I also tend to wind factors about mental illness into my writing, because mentally ill people get completely hidden under the rug. We judge them for the way they seem on the outside without even trying to understand the horrible pain that they go through.

    I never delve too deeply into this because I don’t want to represent their inexpressible pain and struggles, but I do try to write about it. Our world readily repairs the physically hurt, but we shy away from the mentally ill. Many of my characters seem to be taking on implied mental illnesses, since one of my goals is to show people that those with mental illnesses are not any different from the rest of us. They’re just struggling, and we need to help them instead of judging them, even though I don’t know if the social stigma of having a mental illness will ever be fully removed from them, sadly.

    (ALSO IMMA INSERT A RANDOM NOTE HERE: you guys need to go read Challenger Deep by Neal Shusterman. This book made what I just said above so so so much clearer. We can’t even begin to understand what mentally ill people suffer through, and how much they have to fight to emerge from the depths. These people are amazing, and such strong fighters.)

    // What genre do you write in?
    This is a tricky question to answer . . . I love writing dystopian/sci-fi novels, and historical and fantasy are fun too. However, as I’m further discovering my writing voice, I’m finding myself drafting more contemporaries. I guess this is because I feel that the messages I try to portray come out more clearly in a setting more akin to our own.

    //Who or what motivates you to write?
    The blogosphere! You guys are so motivating and amazing. ❤ Big shout-out to my Camp NaNo cabin for motivating me (and kindling my competitive spirit, lol).

    // Do you write poetry?
    I do! I started out in fourth and fifth grade writing rhyming verse. They sucked. BUT I improved! I participated in a week-long poetry workshop, and one of my poems written during the week, The American Flag Speaks, was chosen as one of the top three at the end of the week. I continue to write poetry today. POETRY IS AWESOME.

    // Have you ever written a story with a friend?

    // How do you write your stories (first person or third person, past tense or present tense?
    First, mostly — I think it allows me to really get inside my MC's mind, especially since my current project, tentatively titled The Pursuit of Starlight, has a main character suffering from implied severe depression. It's essential for my reader to be able to sort through her restless thoughts, as well as see how she would look from the outside, which is why I chose this POV. However, I can definitely see how third person omniscient could work too — I might try that for a similar narrator in the future, since like I said, all of mine seem to be taking on some sort of mental illness.

    I tend to go for present tense, since I feel like it brings the reader deeper into the story (from my own experiences.

    // **BONUS QUESTION** Where do you see yourself writing-wise in one month? One year? Ten years?

    Month: DONE WITH PART OF MY CAMP NANO DRAFT (The Pursuit of Starlight) YAAAS. And planning for July, and continuing to work on TPOS.
    Year: Dying. Because I'll be prepping for AP Exams and just ugh. No time for writing . . . but I'll probably still attempt Camp NaNo.
    Ten Year: I'll be in graduate school! YAY! I'm hoping to go to a top-tier for graduate school if not also undergrad, so we'll see how the stress of that will treat me. XD

    Realistically, though, here's where I want to be:
    – I'm hoping to have attended a bunch of writing conferences. These are the best way to meet agents and editors and critique partners and fellow writers. Period.
    – I'm hoping to be represented by a literary agent at this point. Which is scary. But awesome! AGENTS ARE SUPERHEROES.
    – I'm hoping to have a community of IRL writing friends! Writers unite.
    – And this is completely unrelated but who cares. I want a bunny. A Holland Lop, or a Lionhead because omg SO CUTE. (The one I'm trying to get my mom to let me adopt is a lil' golden Holland Lop named Celery *squishes adorable bunny*)
    Phew. Kay, that's mine. XDD Great post, May! AND *COUGH COUGH* CHALLENGER DEEP CHALLENGER DEEP CHALLENGER DEEP and *MORE COUGHING* did you come up with a name for the rly cool African + English dude yet????

    Liked by 1 person

        • Oh that Katie story sounds just great. XDD

          OMG YES TO DISCRIMINATION AND VIOLENCE AND RACISM. I reaaaaaally want to write a contemporary (preferably prose-y because I think it goes hand in hand with poetry and I AM GOOD AT EMOTION-FILLED POETRY/PROSE). I want to talk about abuse, mental illness (btw I agree with everything you said ❤ ), racism, sexism, sexualism, religion-ism… Okay now I'm just making up words. XD

          AND YES. If I were to write mental illness, I would have to do TONS of research, and interviews, because I DO NOT want to misrepresent them.

          I love dystopian and sci-fi and fantasy too! (If you couldn't tell from my post.) And I said this earlier (BUT NOT IN MY POST AGH) that I want to try contemporaries. AGH SO MANY STORIES TO WRITE AND NOT ENOUGH TIME. *sobs*

          The blogosphere IS really motivational! And YAY to your cabin! 🙌🙌🙌

          Omggggg I HATE RHYMING. Rhyming sucks. I mean, it's awesome. BUT I CAN'T DO ITTTTT. Poetry is just such a unique way to express yourself.

          wink wink nudge nudge IS IT TIME TO WRITE A STORY TOGETHER??? OR AM I TOO QUEENLY FOR YOU. *sobs*

          Yeah, like I said, I LOVE LOVE LOVE and MUCH prefer third, but there are some cases that the POV HAS to be first. Like in mental illness, or a dark character, or someone going through rough times, etc. And yeah for some reason I like present tense? I use past tense for third person though. XD

          First, OMG THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE MAKES ME EXCITED, ANXIOUS, AND STRESSED. AAGAGAHAGGAGAHAG. Especially college and writing stuff. XD Second, I REAAAAAALLY want to attend writing conferences! The closest I've been to is a writing camp, which isn't the same. Ooh AP exams. Have fun. XD LET'S GO SMART PEOPLE! *high fives* I'm pretty sure most Asian parents push their children for all A's. XD

          I WANNA BE REPPED SOOOOO BAAAAAAD. To be an author is my dreeeeeeeeam, and I really would love to have an agent. I end up reading the acknowledgements of novels, to know how authors came to write their book, and I see that their agents are very close friends!

          Would you ever think of being an editor? I think it would be cool, and high-paying. (Afterworlds by Scot Westerfeld taught me SOO MUCH ABOUT THE PUBLISHING WORLD in a fictitious, intriguing book.) And I think editing and critiquing can be fun, and I'm pretty good at grammar and spelling if I say so myself. 😉

          I NEED TO READ TPOS. NOOOOOOOW (preferably). And omg I'm so freakin' excited for July! I'm planning on outlining my magic story for it, or perhaps even writing it. ASDFGHJKL MY FUTURE WITH WRITING IS SO FUN TO TALK ABOUT.

          Ooh what college(s) do you want to go to? I did some (not very good) research on good writing colleges. Let's just say I'm very indecisive. XD And OMG I REALLY WANT TO TAKE A GAP YEAR AND GO TO ENGLAND AND GET AN ACCENT. OR MAYBE I'LL JUST GO TO COLLEGE IN ENGLAND. XD #britishftw

          Thank ya! And AGH SORRY I'm reading the sequel to the book I was previously reading (AGH GRJAKFJGJR NO COHERENT THOUGHTS AVAILABLE FJSKD) but I checked out CD from the library SO IT IS NEXT.

          And NO! *wails* I really like the name Taye, but I also like the name Laye/Laie BUT THEY'RE TOO SIMILAR. *cries* *sobs* *it's quiet uptowm* If I can find another name instead of Taye, I'll probably use that, because I can't imagine Laie/Laye with a different name.

          WAIT. NOW I'M THINKING THAT LAYE/LAIE IS THE HALF-ASIAN GIRL. (The name Laye was inspired by someone on NaNo YWP with the same name and she had an Asian girl as a profile pic (not her) so that's all I can see. XD ) HELP MEEEEEEEEE

          PS yes bunnies are nice and so are irl writers

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          • How do I reply to all this amazingness XD

            YES PROSE AND POETRY. Like TPOS! (I shall give you snippets if you remind me later.)

            Cool! And ugh yes. There’s enough misrepresentation in the world already. XD and YES WRITE ALLLL THE STORIES MAY I SHALL EVERY ONE OF THEMMMM

            Rhyme has faded a bit from my poetry, just because most of the time in amateur poetry it sounds super tried-for and stretched and generally stupid. Don’t stick “rabbit hutch” into a poem about flowers just so it will rhyme, y’all. XD


            YAS AGENTS! Being an author would be AMAZING, although you don’t really start earning until you have an established reputation. Or you sell movie rights. Then you get the seven-digit checks. XD Life lesson: write a novel that someone will want to make a movie out of. XD

            Editing could be fun! I love editing. Yeah, grammar and spelling are really easy for me — but I love going deeper than that. I edited my sister’s college essay, and it was really fun figuring out what part she appealed to me and why, and what parts didn’t and why.

            (Oh also random thing: I read this article talking about editing, and it mentioned editors reading a manuscript, drawing a line where it stopped being compelling, and not reading any more. Harsh, but very constructive. I’m going to do that for my own draft when i edit, and I’m going to ask my critique partners to do that too, whoever they’ll turn out to be. XD)

            The future is scary. But exciting!! I want to go to an Ivy or some up-and-coming school like Northwestern. Hopkins would be nice if I do medicine, since they also have a top-notch music conservatory (Peabody) but it’s heck a hard to get into any of these schools, so idk. XD I also might go to one of the schools closer to home, since I’ve near some amazing, amazing universities (which I’m not gonna mention bc that’s weird and giving out my location XD) — one, a public school, has a super strong med program and is considered a “public Ivy”, and the other is a private university that I’m probably not going to get into because WHAT THE HECK IS THAT LOW ACCEPTANCE RATE *cries* But hey, it’d be nice, because it’s one of the very best in the nation. A girl can dream . . . XD

            BASICALLY that entire paragraph was me saying that I want to go to a really good school for a really good education. But I’m always wary of private schools at the same time because a lot of the students there are essentially privileged and rich. So. Yeah.


            Sigh. Names are a serious struggle. I BELIEVE IN YOU MAY FIND THAT NAME

            P.S. I agreeeee

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              I want to write all the stories but TIME IS NOT ON MY SIIIIIIDE. Why do you write like you’re running out of time???

              I’m just really bad at rhyming in general, and I’d rather not do it in poetry (though sometimes it can be effective in getting a message out).


              I would looooooove to be a published author one day. That really is my dream, and to continue to sell my books. Being an author is hard though, especially with getting enough income, but it really really is my dream.

              Yeah, I think editing extends beyond that. It would be really cool (if not difficult as well)! (OMG HELLO CRITIQUE PARTNER RIGHT HERE PLS and also that’s quite interesting! I think I would do that, except just mark out what’s not compelling and then keep reading what IS compelling — then rewrite the “uncompelling” part.)

              One of the colleges I want to go to is near my home, which is giving out my location as well, so don’t worry! 😛 And ooh, that sounds interesting! Do you want to go into medicine or law or what? I really want to get some sort of creative writing degree, but my mom is pushing me to go into law and write on the side. But I don’t want that. XD I think I have the potential to go to an Ivy League school, but I’m not sure if I want to??? And also, my school is an IB charter school, and it’s harder to get into the really good schools (because 1) you have to be accepted into the school, 2) there aren’t a lot of people in the grade compared to other schools, and 3) darn it I forgot the other reason XD ).


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              • do you want them now? XD
                YES LITERALLY MEEEEEE and haha! I tend to just leave the rhyming alone, unless I can make it into something poignant or meaningful.

                YAS WRITING. Same here — I think that I’d want to major in something else, but quite honestly, I always seem to keep freelance writing as a nice possibility. AND YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YES YOU CAN CRITIQUE MY WRITING YO

                Hehe! I really don’t know at this point. I do know that I’m going to double major, with one being piano performance, but I’m still praying to see what I should do for my other major. Right now, the possibilities are medicine (still considering the different fields), law (immigration law, if I do that, but it’s not very likely), or something else. Idk really. XD AND DANG GIRL. You’re at an IB school? I’ll be chief mourner at your funeral by the time you graduate. Just kidding XDD

                YAS FINALLY. FLAIL WITH ME ONCE YOU’RE DONE XDD (although I did have to read it four+ times to get every little detail . . . different realizations come through every time XD IT’S SO GOOD AHHH)

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                  GOOD — if I WASN’T going to critique your writing, I was going to scream. XD

                  Ooh, piano! I’m not that good at it (or willing to study it lol) so that wouldn’t be an option for me. 😛 And YES I AM CRY FOR ME WHEN I DIE

                  Okaaaaaay! It’s hard though cuz I just finished a fantasy type book and then this is all so contemporary-ish. XD

                  Liked by 1 person

                    Piano is awesome! Lol XD I’ll start planning the specifics of your funeral. Jk XDD
                    But OH MY GOODNESS IT’S AMAZING. The parallel realities are a bit hard to understand at first, but it becomes clearer later. And even clearer the second time through and even clearer the third time through. I’ve read through it six times and I’m still getting “ohhhhh that makes sense” moments XDD


  2. I was nominated? *Sheds a single dramatic tear* THANK YOU! I am honored! Anywho….
    You are such an amazing writer!! Like, actually how? Even the way you WRITE ABOUT WRITING is amazing 🙂 Have a GRRRRREAT DAY! I’m done

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  3. Thanks for tagging me, May! (what? I totally would have commented even if you hadn’t tagged me … even though I’ve gotten waaaay lame about commenting lately …)

    do YOU like to talk about writing too?: yes. So much. It’s unhealthy, actually …

    what motivates YOU to write?: oh, you know, chocolate. #sugarhighwriter OH MY GOSH! I want a blog called The Sugar High Writer … I’m sure there’s already one though. Oh well.

    and are you freaking out because you spent all of your free time on this post?: Uh … I don’t have free time. This is more like stolen time … 😉 JK. Sorry! Hope you’re able to balance it all out.

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  4. ok! i’ll do it on the doc 😉
    do i like to talk about writing. YOU BET. THATS WHY I SPAM THE COMMENTS OF THE CABIN. 😉 feel free to talk with me? well when you say feel free then of course i feel obligated. STOP YOUR MIND GAMES. IMS ;)) i want to write a mind book too cause i like science but GAHH SO MANY PLOT BUNNIES NOT ENOUGH… BOOK RABBITS? yes why did you take my time. its 9:15 and i have 2.5k more words to write. WHOOPEE. FUN.

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  5. I love how you have those lovely watercolor flowers and such a bubbly perky tone in your writing but you also love writing dark-themed stories 😊 Also YAS ANTI-HEROES HAVE MY HEART 💕

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  6. AHHHH that was so, so much fun to read – best of luck for all of your writing projects, I certainly hope to read one of your books in ten years – or even earlier than that hahaha 😀

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  7. Okay. So You already know my answers to all the questions and I’m glad the people I nominated, nominated you. SO basically I started this whole thing tagging you #braggingrights Though everyone DOES know you love writing because ahem MAY YOU ARE THE DEFINITION OF A WRITER OBSESSOR. Can you fangirl over writing? MEH, I don’t know.
    Also, May, are you SLIGHTLY Supermango? BECAUSE THIS IS MY LIFE –> (I’m not pessimistic, just realistic)

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  8. Greetings, Your Mangoness,

    A most engaging post! I was especially interested in why you like writing. Those seem to me pretty solid reasons. And I was entirely impressed that you wrote your first story in second grade! Precocious!

    I’ve always enjoyed writing, but didn’t really try to do much with it until high school. My only public outlet for it these days is my blog, which I began at the insistence (read: “shameless nagging”) of my therapist. The blog is enough for me, too. No plans for other publications. But I do now and then work on a (not for publication) autobiography that I write to help me understand my life.

    On the blog I often enough write true stories about people I’ve known. For me, it’s probably the funnest part of blogging.

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  9. Oh dear you nominated me. I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a bit of an aversion to being nominated so… agh. But I do like writing, so I may maybe might (what) do this one. Also, I literally have no post ideas and I haven’t posted in forever, so this is a good idea. Yeah, okay, I’ll go do that.

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  10. Oh my gosh you… posted the questions so you can easily copy-paste them without having to remove all the answers. You are a genius that should be worshipped. I can’t believe I never thought of that and just accepted it as it is, and let others copy-paste my answers along with the questions as well? 😂
    Anyway, I too love writing! This is such a fun and cute tag. I wasn’t freaking out about spending free time on this post, until you asked haha. Though tbh I wasn’t planning on writing anyway, but spending some time in the blogging community, so I’m good after all 😛

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  11. Ooh! I might actually do this! Thanks!

    I saw on your Sunshine Blogger Tag post that you like Hamilton soooo

    How does a ragtag, volunteer army in need of a shower somehow defeat a global superpower? How do we emerge victorious from the quagmire, leave the battlefield waving Betsy Ross’ flag higher?

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      • HAMILTON



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  12. I have my mangoes and chocolate with meeeeeee, oh my gosh this post was back in APRIL almost a month ago OOPS I’m terrible at blog hopping on time omg. (Aka #bingecommenting) Writing is totally amazing!! I hope you achieve all your goals and that your hopes become the reality!! You never know! 🙂 I would totally love to write, but I think I just lack the motivation to make time for it. AGH. Maybe someday haha. Loved reading this!

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