My Weirdest Bookish Habits that Only the Strange Bookworms Can Relate to

We can definitely agree that May is a very odd little worm.

Worm as in bookworm, mind you. I do like the color pink, but not THAT much. *shudders*

I’ve been focusing a lot on writing this month, and because I offer you the best love and care in the world, I wanted to feature a bookish post. And so I didn’t.


But really. I am odd. Weird. Strange. And therefore what I do as a reader is also odd/weird/strange as well. I thought it might be nice if I shared some of my weird habits. Feel free to make fun of me.

Actually please don’t. That would hurt my soul, and you don’t want that, do you?

1. i like to DO something while reading

Whether that be eating, playing with something in my hands, or turning my bookmark (more on this later) over and over, I feel the need to do SOMETHING when I’m reading. Even itching random spots on my head.


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(Pro tip 59098: dried mangoes serve as a GREAT snack while reading.)

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2. i run a finger down the middle of the book when i turn the page

There are exceptions, of course, but you will usually see me turn the page and flatten the page out (by running a finger down the middle part of it―the spine, I guess???). At first, this was to make the page stay open without touching it #lazy. This was especially on hardcovers.

But THEEEEN, I just held the page open but I STILL did it. I don’t exactly know why??? Muscle memory, I supposeth.

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3. i used to NOT use bookmarks at all

I always memorized page numbers. Except sometimes I forgot them and flipped through the pages and READ AHEAD AND GOT SPOILED. But I still didn’t use bookmarks.

But theeeeeen, I checked out a copy of Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe (CUTE AND FLUFFY AND AMAZING BOOK GO READ RIGHT NOW ASDFGHJKL), and tucked in its pages was a little business card for some artist.

I planned on using it as a bookmark for just Ari & Dante because 1) thrifty, and 2) I normally forget about and/or leave bookmarks somewhere to disappear forever into the void.

But it was actually a GOOD bookmark that I could just drop right into the book. Then I could open it and it would flip to the PAGE I WAS ON WITHOUT ANY DELAY (usually). How amazing is this??? Also, it’s small, thick enough, and in prime condition. YES PLEASE.

(And don’t forget that I can just keep flipping it over and over and over while I’m reading (#1 of this post). TIS A MATCH MADE IN HEAVEN, FOLKS.)

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Speaking of bookmarks…


Let me just rant a little here… If I see you dogearing, I will SCREAM at you and TEAR the book from your hands (making sure nothing rips, of course), and I will UNFOLD that HORRIBLE LITTLE DOGEARED CORNER, tell you whatever the page number is, and give the book back to you. MEMORIZE THE MEMORY. I DON’T CARE IF YOU HAVE A MANGOLD MEMORY. DON’T DESTROY THE BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOK.

*end the screaming*

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4. if you talk to me while i’m reading…

I will 1) not hear you, 2) not remember what you said, and 3) tell you to go away. This is actually normal bookworm behavior??? But I surprisingly will NOT throw something at you (because I am too immersed in the wonderful book I am reading).

But what would I throw at you??? Not the book, of course, because then it’d be injured and hurt and dying a slow death and I’M NOT THAT CRUEL. *sobs* Also I’d have to get up to retrieve it and who wants to do that???

See, this is why you don’t throw anything at all, because then you have to force yourself to get up and then walk over to pick up whatever you threw, thus breaking your book-devouring concentration. Not worth it.

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5. i will laugh out loud when reading

So a good book should make ALL readers do this? But some people are too serious.

If a character is being snarky, I laugh. If there’s just one line that’s funny (*cough cough* SIMON VS), I laugh. If a character’s reaction is funny, I laugh.



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6. i sweat

Okay, May, so does everyone else??? Thanks for telling us this gross fact??? Can we be done now???

Let me get this straight. There’s a show called American Ninja Warrior, which I love to watch. It’s basically a huge obstacle course that tests the participants’ strength, endurance, speed, and… other athletic abilities. If they touch or fall into the water, they are disqualified.


Like I’m so afraid that they will fall and be disqualified??? So then my hands get sweaty and my feet gets sweaty and I cower in fear as I watch them press the buzzer safely and move on to the next round.

This is similar to bookish me. My hands and feet will sweat when it gets all action-y, ESPECIALLY when it seems like someone’s gonna die (or when people are about to kiss/are kissing…) because like AGH SCARY GOTTA LET ALL THIS FEAR OUT IN THE FORM OF ICKY LIQUID STUFF CALLED SWEAT.

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7. sometimes i read whole pages and gain nothing

My eyes travel over the page, but I remember next to nothing nothing. When did he get halfway around the world? When did he die? WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???

“But May,” you might be saying, “how do you know what the book is about?”

The answer is easy, frens.


I just think I do.

Image result for plot twist gif

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8. sometimes i just randomly “wake up”

I’ll be reading the book, and then suddenly I “wake up”. I can’t explain it??? Maybe I’ll be dragging through this boring part, and then suddenly something happens and it’s like a jolt.

(Is this normal???)

It’s like swimming through a pile of rotten mangoes and then SPOTTING THE NON-ROTTEN MANGO.

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9. long chapters make me skittish and short chapters make me twitch

If chapters are too long, I feel like everything’s just dragging on and on and oooooooon. Like in (THE AMAZING) Ink and Bone, the chapters are sooooo loooong. JUST END ALREADY PLEASE???

And if the chapters are too short, I feel like my windpipe* has been cut off??? Unless it’s meaningful. But usually, they just stop. NO. PLEASE. DON’T STOP. KEEP GOING. I FEEL SEVEEEEERED.

On that note, typos/mistakes in books choke me. In Scythe, there was literally a typo like: yo,u. LIKE WHAT. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. (And then there were sooo many other mistakes. This editor yo.)

*I don’t think that’s the proper noun usage.

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It also so happens that today marks three months of blogging. Crazy, right?

  • 36 posts (37 including this one)
  • 2,660 comments (WAIT WE PASSED 2,000???)
  • 275 WordPress followers + 3 email followers

You guys are all so amazing! Love you all to bits. ❤

I won’t be doing any more of these stats stuff for all my blogiversary days, just half-birthday, and birthday. 😉 But seriously. Thank you ALL SO MUCH for following and liking, but most of all, reading and commenting. ❤

shall we chat

what are some of YOUR weird bookish habits? are you a bookworm too, or just a worm? do you dogear??? (the correct answer is no.) do you share any of the same habits as mine? CAN WE RANDOMLY SWEAT TOGETHER???

P.S. I really want themed featured images, so this will be the layout (I think) for future graphics. Whaddya think? (I WILL STILL USE THE GORGEOUS FONTS, DON’T WORRY)

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152 thoughts on “My Weirdest Bookish Habits that Only the Strange Bookworms Can Relate to

  1. NO NO! Don’t love me to bits because you might bit-up my eyes and then I can’t read. And my fingers so no Braille!!! How could you! I can’t believe it.
    .Woah this is scary. We are total twins. I have like fifty twins now but still! You can be my bookish twin. I also have a music twin, a writing twin, and a crafty twin…All bloggers. Anywho, sometimes if I see someone dog-earing *disgusted look* a page I just can’t talk to them! And I love ANW!! I don’t like throwing books either, especially if it’s on my Kindle.yikes. I just don’t hear them or don’t remember what they said.
    Loved this!

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          1. Oh yeah I thought you meant a different one. 😂 I saw this one on amazon that is like an elastic band you put around the pages and it has a pointer finger on it so you know what sentence you’re on.

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  2. You sweat too? I do that when I get nervous in real life as well. :/ Most of your book quirks are quite common. Whenever someone tries to talk to me when I’m reading I will answer, but if they bring up the conversation later I will have absolutely no memory of it. It’s always awful when you have to put down a book to do things like sleep. I was going to say ‘eat and sleep’. That’s not true though. I always eat and read. XP

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  3. AHHHH HAPPY 3 MONTH ANNIVERSARY ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy for you and you deserve every single follower, like and comment and SO MANY MORE! Can’t wait for you to reach your next milestone! 🙂
    And I agree – PEOPLE WHO DOGEAR THE PAGES WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!??! DON’T HURT THAT PRECIOUS LIL BOOK 😭😭 either go and buy a bookmark (or just use a piece of paper) or memorise the page (I could never do that lol I’m so forgetful 😅) but do. not. dogear. a. page.
    And I space out SO OFTEN when reading a book and when I focus again it’s like in the middle of some kind of important scene and I need to go back several pages to understand what just happened 😂 I’m glad to see we’re so alike!

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    1. Aww, thank you so much, Jackie girl! ❤ ❤ That means a lot to me. 🙂

      I KNOOOOOOW. THEY ARE D E S T R O Y I N G THE PRECIOUS BOOOOOOK. What you're doing is wrong and you need to go die in a hole??? XD Okay so maybe not that far.

      I know right! Sometimes I'll just keep reading a paragraph over and over again and not digesting anything. XD

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    what are some of YOUR weird bookish habits?
    WELL THIS IS COOL we share some habits. like i am always thinking about something else or eating while i’m reading. also who is respopnsible enough to keep track of bookmarks???and they are shaped so weird too… also i talk to my books i am a strange potato. and if they are stupid i YELL
    yes who absorbs all that information. like how. tell me the secretsssss
    are you a bookworm too, or just a worm?
    do you dogear??? (the correct answer is no.) when i was younger but NOW MY NEW SHINY BOOKS but then the dogears go with the old book aesthetic and IDK MAN. AESTHETICS
    CAN WE RANDOMLY SWEAT TOGETHER??? <– no that is weird stop sabotaging me. notice no winky face because THIS IS COMPLETELY TRUE.
    ((also when can u come to the doc i have something to tell you))

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    1. Thank you! And awwwww APRIIIIIIIL *cries with you*

      I love eating while reading. It’s just natural for me. Unless I have no food at hand??? Then it’s just sad. And really, who IS responsible enough to keep track of bookmarks???



      Why didn’t you answer the last question, April, huh, huh. Do you not want to randomly sweat with me.


  5. Absolutely NOPE to dog-earing books!! That is a sin!! And I can’t believe you never used bookmarks?! You must have an insanely good memory.😂 I use bookmarks all the time and I also lose them so much it’s actually embarrassing ahem. Also I snicker out loud if a book is funny enough. I consider that an insanely good mark of a good book!!

    (Also this is kind of weird to mention and I apologise in advance for being awkward…but the way you’re doing your post dividers seems exactly like how I do mine? Have you been doing them this way for long? 🙈🙊I might just not have noticed.😜)

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    1. I know right! It really is a sin. XD Well, sometimes I forgot? But most of the time I remembered, which is surprising. I lose bookmark all the time, which is why I don’t use any. XD

      (And oh, yes! No, don’t worry about it! I made them one day after being inspired by yours. But they really are very similar to your dividers, so I’ve been meaning to make new ones — I jut haven’t had the time. I’ll be sure to change them as soon as I can, though!)

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  6. what are some of YOUR weird bookish habits?: I don’t know. I think I do get lost in the world, but I can also read and do quite a few other things at once, so I don’t know? Sometimes I can even read and carry on a conversation … albeit somewhat uselessly on both account …

    are you a bookworm too, or just a worm?: both, darling, both.

    do you dogear???: I used to. *shivers at the thought of shameful little me* But yes, I have reformed

    do you share any of the same habits as mine?: some yes. But I don’t have your concentration. 😛

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  7. I guess I should never be near you when I’ve got a book in my hands (especially ones I’ve owned longer, as they have dogear marks all over them) because I am definitely guilty of dog-earing my books. Though I’ve stopped doing it recently! I’m now mostly using paperclips as bookmarks.

    How can you read AND do something else while doing it? I can’t even really listen to music anymore or do it at a volume that is really, really low and even THEN it feels like the music is super loud. xD I can’t have anything distracting me from my reading which is probably also why I used to only read at night when I still lived at home – all of those distractions!

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  8. OHMIGURD MAY THIS IS THE SECOND THING THAT PROVES WE ARE BOOKISH TWINSSSS. *looks into brain* (I’m sorry, I’m just trying to find some information on how we could be related.

    I do EVERY. SINGLE. ON. OF. THESE. THINGS. Especially the bookmark thing. But, if I use one, I use a RECEIPT. Yup.

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  9. All of these things are normal… I can confirm as a fellow worm that yes all these things are things that I have a tendency to do as well. Especially that blanking out and waking up thing… it happens too often. I also don’t hear anyone when I’m reading and it annoys my mom so bad because she’s usually the one trying to talk to me. It just happens and I think it’s just a part of loving books so much.

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  10. I think EVERYONE does something by reading. Whether is is eating, laughing crying or TURNING THE PAGE (okay sorry). Snacking is my main one though.Meh, I don’t think I have the time to run my fingers down pages when I’m literally so engrossed in the writing, I don’t even realise I’m turning the page.OKAY, MAY. Confession, I-I…
    I sometimes dog-ear pages.
    GASP I KNOW – but it’s usually a VERY tiny fold and I usually use a bookmark or I remember the page – which is very hard for mangolds like me. I’m SORRY *WAILS*
    GOSH, I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE TALK TO ME WHILST READING. LIKE GOSH, SHUT UP. It’s very annoying and I normally just ignore them until they go away. #genius.YAS, I will LAUGH OUT LOUD when reading too, and it’s very awkward if there are people around. aha ha ha. That also happens to you and Cait’s post – and it’s also very awkward. Though your posts are usually PUNNY and FUNNY. I never have experienced this physical sweating whilst reading. Maybe the tears streaming down my face count as sweat? I DON’T KNOW.
    I can soo relate to reading pages and not taking anything in? Like it’s weird and suddenly I’m like I WAS READING? Very weird experiences.I think another weird bookish habit is stroking the cover before you read it and smelling the book. Okay is that just me?

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    1. Your logic trumps all. *bows down* I guess I have to do something with my hands, besides turning the page???



      I KNEW THIS BEFORE BUT HOW DARE YOOOOOOOOU. Also this is going to sound like I’m screaming at you (I sorta am 😉 ) but YOU’RE DESTROYING THE PRECIOUS BOOOOOK.

      Cait’s posts and yours are the ones I laugh at. 😛 Wait, if my posts are punny and funny, what are Cait’s??? Lol, I just sweat a lot. XD

      YES! I just open the book and read, and suddenly my eyes are on the second page but I don’t even remember the first page. And haha, I don’t stroke the cover, but I do smell it. 😉


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      1. But you’re the mango queen, how can you bow down to me?
        I KNOW I AM – but only for library books – my own books, i don’t. Wait, is that worse? Cait’s post are witty and very funny and full of exaggerations.
        When i got Crooked Kingdom, it was so shiny, i had to stroke it a few times.

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  11. Oh my goodness, I can TOTALLY relate to the one about the HORRID struggles of being bookishly lazy. Like, I’ll spend 20 minutes trying the make the page sit perfectly on my desk or something without having to touch it, and then when I turn the page, I’ll have to do it all over again. XD

    DOG EAR-ING (I call it Cat Ear-ing), has been in history for centuries, something all of us bookworms that are lacking in the physical strength to get up and go get a bookmark!! *checks Wikipedia* *screams because she was actually correct*
    “A dog ear is a folded down corner of a book page. The name arises from the fact that wolves’ ears stand erect while the ears of many breeds of dog flop over.[1] A dog ear can serve as a bookmark. While generally frowned upon by those that want to preserve books in their original condition, it is particularly common in use on paperbacks which are designed to be cheaper and more harshly used than hardcovers[citation needed]. Sometimes, it is also used to keep sheets of paper together, in the absence of a stapler or paper clip.

    The phrase dates back at least to the late 18th century:

    … those opinions quoted by the Hon. Gentleman from dog’s-eared pages of pamphlets …

    — William Pitt the Younger, address to the House of Commons, Feb. 3, 1799.[2]
    Dog-earing is also commonly used to mark a section or phrase in a book that one finds to be important or of personal meaning.”

    (Google thought I meant dog eating) *shudders*

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    1. I know right??? Like I don’t want to TOUCH the book; I just want to READ it. XD EXACTLYYYYYY. My friends dogear (some) and when they do it, it looks so NATURAL to them. I’m just like no??? And WAHT HOW CAN YOU SAY DOGEARING IS AWESOME? XD
      Dog eating… Oh dear.

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  12. Habits 3, 4 and 5. YES. I still don’t use bookmarks, simply can’t, but no dog eared pages. EVER. Just no. I’ll remember your page numbers for you, no problem. But don’t you dare dog ear that page. AND NEVER EVER EVER EVER DO ROUGH WORK ON A STORY BOOK. I shall not be held responsible should I commit murder because of your deplorable, appalling and pathetic conduct.

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  13. I too sometimes read entire pages without knowing what is going on at all. And I also ‘wake up’ sometimes! I think that I’m just so immersed in the story that I’m sort of in a trance? Anyway you’re not the only strange one 😛

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    I feels, man. I FEELS. I can relate so much to almost everything in this post. Like, I used to note use any bookmarks, because like you, i would always memorize the page number. HOWEVER. I did make a duct tape bookmark, and started using that one and still use it till now. My weird reading habit? I MUST fidget with something while reading. That’s why i LOVE my duct tape bookmark, cuz i can bend it and mess with it as much as i want and it never tears! :))

    Another thing i do is rock back and forth. No, not consciously. I literally will just rock like i’m on a rocking chair…. but i’m not. It weird cuz i don’t even realize it till someone in my family points it out xD

    this was AweSOmE man:)))) ❤️❤️❤️❤️💙💙💚

    Jazzy –

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    1. Aaaaghhh, thank ya so much, Jazzy! And omg YES. I have to FIDGET with something too! The bookmark that I’m using now (my first ever that has been used for more than one book!) is flippable — I really don’t know how to explain what I do. XD

      Thank you so much again!!! ❤

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  15. I know how you feel about dog earing. I KNOW!! It’s like a HUGE bookish pet peeve. Every time I see someone do that, I literally give them the side-eye. And bookmarks are soo hard to keep track of. Like, one day I have them in a book, but then they’re gone??? I’m ashamed too say that I lost some pretty ones. But I will NEVER EVER dog-ear.

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  16. I used to use bookmarks all the time but then I stopped for absolutely no reason (seriously, why?? I can’t remember page numbers. Like, ever. I spend five minutes finding the page and spoiling half the book) Anyway…recently I found one of my old bookmarks when I was cleaning my room and it CHANGED my reading experience. Seriously, what was I thinking. Bookmarks are awesome and I’m using them forever and forever. *rant over* 😀

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  17. I always feel like I have to be doing something while I’m reading as well! Which causes problems when I try to read and get myself food at the same time and avoid spilling on my book but I neeed to know what happens next… 😛 But another weird thing is that I don’t like audiobooks (even though they’d probably help me be way more productive?) because I just get so impatient with them because I can read faster than the voices. *sighs*

    I try not to laugh out loud when I’m reading, but sometimes I can’t help it, and then people are like “What are you laughing at?” and you can’t explain because it’s just THAT CHARACTER and there’s no explanation. Ya feel?

    Nope, no dogearing for me! Bookmarks are awesome! (Although recently, I’ve been reading short fluffy books so that I can read them in one sitting…or I read on my Kindle, so that problem is eliminated.)

    *can’t think of any other weird bookish habits* *ends comment*

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    1. I know right! Crumbs in your book = no, but I MUST EAT WHILE READING. Yeah, I think we can all read faster than we can talk. 😉

      Yes! People look at me weirdly, and I’m just like, it’s the book’s fault???



  18. Sameee! Except I do dogear library books that are already dogeared, but if they’re sparkly clean and new I don’t… but please don’t kill me, my Mango Queen! I beg your forgiveness! *offers mangoes*

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  19. OMG I RELATE TO THIS SO MUCH! I hate it when people interrupt me when I’m reading, and I’m the same way when it comes to really long and really short chapters. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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    All that to say I feel your pain. :””’) And I do basically every single one of these things. and INTERRUPTIONS ARE THE WORST OMG. Especially when the interrupter is like “what are you reading??” HAH DO I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO EXPLAIN THE BOOK IN MY HANDS? NO. I LOOK LIKE I WANT TO BE LEFT ALONE GOODBYE.

    this is just too relatable omg ❤ GREAT POST

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  21. Oh my word, your blog is AMAZING. And to think I would never have found you had I not stolen your photo…


    However, I must say that you have gained yet another follower, because I want to read all of your posts now!!! WHOO!

    As for weird bookish habits, I too randomly twirl my bookmarks around!!! (When I actually USE bookmarks, of course…) They get all bent out of shape though, which is a slight bummer, but I just can’t stop fiddling with it… I also put my pinky finger over my lips while I read. I haven’t the slightest idea why. It just sort of…happens??? And I don’t think I sweat, but I DO get these weird pains in my chest if someone is going to die. That or I cover my nose and mouth with my palm because I DO NOT WANT TO READ DEATH but at the same time I WANT TO READ THE DEATH…

    This post was hilarious and amazing and I’m totally going to be stalking your blog for all of eternity now… Ye have been warned.

    (And P.S. I noticed you are the Mango Queen, and I am the COOKIE QUEEN so obviously we are distantly related, yes?)

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    1. Oh my gosh, thank you so much! I’ve been having a really tough day, and this comment just made it so much better!

      And haha, yes! I just have to flip it around. And I have started a reallt bad habit of chewing my thumbnail between my front teeth while reading? I SHALL MAKE IT STOP NOW THOUGH.

      Yes, exactly! I want to keep reading but I don’t.

      Aww, thank you so much again! ❤

      (Haha, yes, I suppose so.)

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      1. Eek! I do know when to randomly pop into existence, do I not? XD But seriously, I absolutely love your blog!!

        Ooh! Chewing nails while reading is something I think I do, too… Mostly my pinky. Because it’s right next to my face..????

        I am extremely looking forward to stalking you for eternity! 😀 EEK!


      2. ACK! I thought I had already replied to this, but apparently WordPress decided to eat my comment. Again.

        SO SORRY!

        However, I’m so glad that my comment helped you out! I HAVE IMPECCABLE TIMING, OBVIOUSLY! 😛 I am like Gandalf! WHOO!

        Oh yes, I chew my fingernails too! Usually my pinky nail. Because it’s right in front of my face…?? 😛 OH WELL!!

        I am so excited to stalk your blog!!! *prowls through older posts like a friendly stalker* XD


  22. Congrats on your blogging stats. That’s impressive!
    You crack me up on your post and good job writing! I’m getting on some edits right after I post this comment. I don’t like to fold the pages for books too. I agree with you. Don’t ruin them! I love using bookmarks, especially inspirational ones. Sometimes I highlight in the books and write notes on the side. Yes, I ruin them that way :(, but stuff sticks in my head if I do this. Happy writing!

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  23. Haha that was a lot of fun to read 😛 I have these moments sometimes when I kind of “wake up” while reading a book just as well, I don’t know how it happens but all of the sudden I’m like, falling into the book and never getting out of it haha, I feel like I’m going crazy or something but it’s that moment when I realize it’s just SO GOOD and I can’t STOP and…well, best feeling ever.

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  24. When my brother walks into my room and I’m reading or studying, I practically have a conniption. People need to know to not bother readers very much immersed in their reading. It’s not that they don’t like you, it’s just that at this current moment the book’s world is calling out to you and is the bigger priority.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    P.S. I’m super guilting of dog earring. Dx

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  25. Happy Poem in Your Pocket Day, yo! Here’s one for you by Erin Hanson:

    It’s said she’s made of storm cells
    And a wild wolf’s hungry heart,
    And she’s learn the lightning’s secret
    To ripping darkened skies apart.
    The power of her presence
    Can bring mountains to their knees,
    Her song is one of chaos
    As she stirs the angry seas.
    But if you’ve met you’d be no wiser
    For she is also born of light,
    Another face among the crowd;
    The hidden hiding in plain sight.
    Great power doesn’t always come
    In the forms that yo’d assume,
    But you would never doubt her strength
    When she is howling at the moon.

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  26. Haha this is amazing! I relate to the first one so much! I also have these bookmarks that are like a string and then they have two things on each end so I end up swinging it around absentmindedly while I read and more than once it’s flown out of my hand and across the room or I’ve hit myself in the face (ah, the shame!) AND ARI AND DANTE I AM SOLD *clicks follow* I also start sweating nervously whenever two characters are kissing or it gets a little ‘steamy’ because even if I’m in my room alone at night I still feel like someone is going to walk in and judge me or something I don’t know, it’s weird.

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    1. I know! I just play with whatever’s in my hand when I’m reading, honestly. And haha, I can honestly imagine hitting myself in the face. I’m just that #great. XD

      YAAAAS ARI AND DANTE IS MY LIIIIIIIIIIFE. Same! I mean, I’m like YES YES YES (if it’s my ship), but at the same time I’m just like hahaha… *nervous laughter*

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      1. It’s just SO AWKWARD though! If I’m just casually sitting on the couch in the living room for example and my entire family is there I feel like they’re all just staring at me like they KNOW what’s happening in the book even if they couldn’t give a crap

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  27. Congratulations on three months!

    I don’t normally use bookmarks either. I’m generally pretty good at remembering where I am in the book, so the bookmark seems superfluous, except in instance where it’s taking me like three months to get through the book.

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  28. Hi, May!!!

    I just started following your blog and thought I’d pop in to say hi for the first time!!

    Also I can relate to pretty much aaaaaallll of these??? WE MUST BE TWINS.


    Oooooh and number 3!!! I USED TO DO THE SAAAAAAAAAMMMME THING!! (Mostly I still do, to be honest.) I would just memorize page numbers and people would ask me how I knew where I was without a bookmark and I was just like, “Dude! I memorize page numbers, duh!”

    4 and 8 are both me as well. People can SHOUT my name when I am reading and I will not hear them. I also pretend REALLY WELL to be listening to what someone is saying whilst ACTUALLY reading pages and pages of my book without them knowing and I don’t HEAR A SINGLE WORD they said, but I just say “uh huh” and “yeah!” at the appropriate times and they’re never the wiser!!!

    AND I RANDOMLY WAKE UP TOO!!! Like my eyeballs have been scanning this page on autopilot but none of the words are actually making their way INTO MY BRAIN and then I’m just like HUH WHAT???? and realize I got nothing, mate.

    So we’re obviously twins!!!

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    1. Hi Kate Marie! (Or is just Kate all right?)

      I usually don’t call myself a fidgety person, but during reading, I MUST??? It’s weird. XD And now I’m too old to memorize page numbers so I’m just like… O.o

      OH YES. I pretend to listen too! Except sometimes I’m not immersed in my book enough to drown them out and I hear them. XD

      AGH THAT IS EXACTLY ME. Like I’m reading, but not actually reading, and then WOW BOOM WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN??? XD


      1. Just Kate is fine!!!

        Hm. I’m a tad hyperactive even when I’m not reading??? I pace in circles and bounce my knee when sitting or swing my leg or… something. I kind of have to be moving at all times. 😉

        Right??? It is so weird. Like your eyes just keep reading but your mind is a million miles away and gleaning NOTHING???

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  29. Oh my gosh #4 haha. I used to struggle with this one so much because my little sister WOULD NEVER LEAVE ME ALONE. Or she would and I have a few minutes of peace reading a marvelous book before she tries to talk to me again and I either don’t reply because I become deaf if I’m really immersed in a book?? Or I just screech at her because it’s a very very good book and I NEED TO CONTINUE. #siblingstruggles. And yessss I laugh toooooo! If a book can make me laugh I love it to pieces honestly and celebrate with cake. (SIMONNNNN <3)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, you know what the pros of having a fellow bookworm sister? THEY NEVER TALK TO YOU WHILE READING. (But then they do it when you’re doing your homework. XDD) Omgggg SIMON WAS SO GREAT. My favorite line is, “There are some socks that your mom shouldn’t wash.” 😂😂

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