More Talking of Writing With the Writer’s Tag + the #Smushing of Important Topics

Dude I was given a chance to talk about writing again??? No way am I not doing this.

It is 100% obvious that I LOVE TALKING ABOUT WRITING. Like it’s so fun??? I don’t understand. Why can’t I WRITE as much as I TALK about it? I’d honestly get so much more done.

But truly, I think all writers secretly like talking about writing rather than actually writing. It gives us an excuse. It lets us procrastinate, and procrastination is OBVIOUSLY MY BEST FRIEND and not at all my worst enemy.

So when the amazing Madeline over at A Paper Reverie nominated me for this wonderful tag, I SQUEALED because 1) Madeline is one of the bloggers I look up to like the smol bean I am, and 2) I love to talk about writing??? Nooooo.

But first, go check out (and follow???) her blog! It’s aesthetic, enlightening, and she’s such a wonderful little bean! Check out her post here.

(Note that some of these questions were answered in The Writer’s Ink Challenge post I did, but hey. I can always talk about writing. You can always listen again. And I did add some little FUN FACTS for ya.)


what genres, styles, and topics do you write about?

  • I mostly write a mix of fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian.
  • The fantasy I wrote was mostly of powers and abilities and such.
  • The sci-fi I wrote was like some… sci-fi aspect. Like a mutation. (whencough cough* IMS.)
  • And the dystopian I wrote was basically messed-up-future-worlds-where-the-government-is-controlling-but-people-think-it’s-perfect.
  • Lol basically I am a weirdo writer.
  • I really really want to try and write contemporary and magical realism though. I’ve been getting into those genres, and it just seems like really awesome.
  • And don’t forget that I really want to write a dark fantasy! Or a dark retelling! Or a fairy tale retelling in general! But dark and stabby is great too!
Image result for dark stabby gif
Lol but not in real life.

FUN FACT: The novel I am planning right now (titled “magic story” because I’m #creative) is fantasy. But you probably already knew this.

  • I used to write in first person (I think most writers do when they start out).
  • But now, I just CANNOT write in anything other than third person. I love it so much and I MUCHLY prefer it over first. And I will GLADLY read books in third person.
  • I also write in past tense, because it just comes easiest with third person, but I’d looove to try third person present! I’ve seen it done, and I’ve read and enjoyed it.

FUN FACT: I’ve only written third person for three stories though. (And all of them were unfinished.)

  • What does “topics” mean??? I honestly don’t know, yo.
  • I guess some elements I like to include in my writing include magic/powers/abilities, the whole messed up future world thing, and… um… people. Obviously.
  • Some things I’d LOOOVE to write about though are: ghosts, libraries, magical food (and books because why not), unraveling skin, masks, some O Wondrous Clock, and a bunch of other things.

FUN FACT: I want to write about some of my beliefs one day, as well as something with cancer because (here’s the fun fact part) my mom has cancer―leukemia. So it would be nice to “honor” her in some way. (DON’T WORRY SHE’S SITLL ALIVE.)


how long have you been writing?

My love for writing stories first arrived in second grade. But technically, I started writing “seriously” in fifth grade. So… two years??? I sound so young omg.

FUN FACT: Second grade was also when I changed how I wrote my a’s. (There’s that cursive a, and then the a you see in this font. I write the “font” type of a.) #geniusatchildhood


why do you write?

  • to express
  • to create worlds and people and stories
  • to say something without actually SAYING it
  • to use my voice
  • to bond with others
  • to fall in love with what I create

Also because my mind is crazy and I need some place to let it all out.

FUN FACT: To continue this lovely question…

Related image
By the way, I’m doing something where if you click on the gif, it’ll link back to the original source. Because I have to link back in an inconspicuous way. (Also apparently this caption is a link???)



when is the best time to write?

I don’t really know??? I just write when I write.* Usually after blogging + homework + other nice things that I should get done but don’t because of #BLOGGING. *glares*

I guess I like to write at night. I mean that’s when I have the time to anyways. But one day I want to wake up early and just write. Because night = tired and morning = tired but then refreshed.

FUN FACT: I was brainstorming for my magic story the other night. And then I just like fell asleep. #productive

*Also known as when I force myself to write.


what parts of writing do you love and hate?

  • The actual writing. Writing is so much fun! Like you just… write. Isn’t that just amazing???
  • The characters. Characters are my FAVORITE part of writing. And reading. I will always love my characters more than anything—more than plot, than setting.
  • Brainstorming, or actually, getting ideas. There’s something just so awesome about getting ideas (whether they be complete story ideas, or ideas FOR a story). Like I CAN IMAGINE SOMETHING WOWOWOW.
  • That feeling of accomplishment. Whether it’s from finishing a chapter or writing 5K words in a day (never gonna happen) or just FIGURING A PLOT HOLE OUT—I loooooove that proud feeling like you just succeeded in taking over the world.*
  • Constructive criticism/good feedback/fangirly squeals. There’s nothing better than having readers give you awesome critiques and feedback. Or even squeal over your writing. IT’S LIKE YOUR OWN LITTLE FANDOM. (Plus we writers are shy in sharing our work and when people actually like it??? *dies*)
  • Improving as a writer. #progress
  • And finally, the love I feel towards my world. As in, I love that feeling of absolute adoration towards my writing and my world and my characters and my plot and just EVERYTHING. I LOVE THE LOVE.

FUN FACT: I scream inside each time you compliment my writing.

Image result for fangirl scream gif

  • Editing. I guess I have a love-hate relationship with edits??? Because some days I’ll just be like, “Oh yeah editing is fun let’s edit two chapters in a row and then maybe do more!!!” And other days I’m like, “Um no I’m not editing at all today JUST NO.”
  • Getting overwhelmed with plot bunnies. As much as I love getting ideas, I CANNOT GET ATTACKED BY THEM. I don’t have tiiiiiime. (I also hate not having any ideas at all, because then what do you do with your life.)
  • Criticism not put nicely/negative feedback. Well duh. Try to be a little nice please???
  • Doubting/comparing myself. I hate this. I try to think of myself/my writing positively, but something I can’t. And comparing my writing to others’ writing doesn’t help either.
  • No motivation. No motivation to write is just HORRIBLE. You feel so stuck, and you WANT to keep writing, but you just caaaaaaaaan’t.
  • When you end up copying something on accident. I get inspired A LOT by things like books. And then my story suspiciously starts to sound like that book… *cries* NO. STOP. I DON’T WANT THIS.
  • The feeling of giving up. I HAVE TO KEEP GOING BUT I CAAAAAAN’T.

FUN FACT: Sometimes I get really defensive when I get feedback from other writers (but it depends on tone).


how do you overcome writer’s block?

For me, writer’s block comes in the form of lack of motivation. How I overcome that lack of motivation is read what I wrote before of that novel (WITHOUT EDITING, of course) and get myself immersed in my story again.

OR I just spam-text a writer friend until they give in and LET ME DEFEAT THEM IN WORD WARS. #competitive

Image result for competitive gif

But writer’s block is not knowing what to write (right??? hahaha #unintentionalpun) Usually my lack of motivation is that—lack of motivation to write. I already have things plotted out (though not as thoroughly as I’d like). So I guess I have plotter’s block??? I haven’t plotted enough novels out to know, though.

FUN FACT: I will love you forever if you word war with me.


are you working on something at the moment?

Yes I am! I’m editing my sci-fi/dystopian novel IF MEMORY SERVES—at least, the first five chapters.

I’m also brainstorming ideas for my new fantasy novel, “magic story”. LET’S TAKE A PEEK AT MY INSANE RANTING, RIGHT???

FUN FACT: I bet you didn’t know that Lilah’s dad is trash and keeps remarrying. *nodnod*


what are your writing goals this year?


By the way, note that my self-confidence is low and I’m 99% sure that I will not be finishing a novel this year. *thumbs up*

  • Successfully edit the first five chapters of IMS. For a writing contest. That I hopefully will win??? (I won last year so maybe???)
  • Successfully outline my magic story. I need to put “successfully” because I could always outline, just horribly.
  • Start writing my magic story! Obviously not FINISH it because I’m a smol beginner writer with no stamina or motivation.
  • Write 5K in a day. Because I have low self-esteem and can’t aim any higher.
  • Think of new novel ideas and write them down. And maybe plot them out??? So then I can just finish a project and then move right to another one??? Smoothly and without tears, folks.
  • Get my own Pinterest account. Aesthetics needs.
  • ACTUALLY WRITE AND NOT PROCRASTINATE. Well now we know which one May will DEFINITELY achieve!!!

FUN FACT: May will be doing a goals post sometime soon where she will fangirl more about how fun it is to make goals. May also likes to talk in third person??? (She likes to write in third person too.)


i tag… everyone who wants to do this.

Because I’m being #thatblogger.

the #smushing

So I just ranted about writing for 1000+ words (you’re welcome), but now it’s time to rant about something else!

Hopefully this will be a short rant.

TOMORROW’S MOTHER’S DAY, GUYS. But beyond just giving gifts and stuff, you have to show how much your mama means to you.

To those of you who are mothers: You are wonderful people, working hard each day (unless you aren’t) to make sure your children are safe and loved. Keep doing it. The children appreciate it. ❤

To those of you who lost your mothers: “Sorry” won’t help anything, but as long as you keep remembering her, her spirit will never fade, and she will always be with you. ❤

To those of you who never experienced that motherly love: ❤ We’re here for you. ❤

Tomorrow, and every day, remind your mom how much you love her, because she has worked hard and endured so many things to provide the best possible life for you (unless she hasn’t, of course). Also remember that one day she will die and you will never see her again. #morbidthoughts


(Look I kept up the theme of “love”. I love talking about writing??? I love my mother??? #genius)

Gracie Chick and lonelymeme both asked me to help out in spreading the word of Mental Health Awareness Week. Please check out Gracie’s post here, and lonelymeme’s post here.

I think mental illness is an incredibly important issue, one that isn’t addressed enough or treated as seriously as it should be. People say that they are “depressed”, some complain of “panic attacks”—while most of them haven’t even experienced the real things.

And mental illness isn’t just depression or anxiety or panic attacks. It’s much much more. I don’t know a lot about mental illness, definitely not as much as I should, but I do know that it has sooo many stigmas against it, and it shouldn’t.

To those who are suffering from mental illness: You are loved. Please, please keep fighting, no matter what. You may not be okay right now, but you must believe and hope that one day, you will be. There are good days and bad days. Try to see every day as a good day, because the bad days exist when we can’t see the good. ❤

To those who know someone suffering from mental illness: Support them all that you can. They are fighting, or maybe they’re not, but you have to fight alongside with them. Please, please show your love to them. ❤

To those whose mental health may be slipping: You lose the battle when you stop fighting. Don’t lose. Win. Keep fighting. Find someone you trust. But most of all, never stop hoping for the better. ❤

To everyone: Take care of yourself, and your health, especially your mental health. Your mind is a fragile thing.

If you can talk about Mental Health Awareness week on your blog, I hope you will. Mental illness is a serious issue, and mental health is something that you have to take special care of.

shall we chat

do you want to do the writers’ tag? (by all means, feel free to!) what do YOU love and hate about writing? any writing goals for the year? how are you celebrating mother’s day? and do you know anyone who is suffering from mental illness???

PS i changed the font of the body text, if you can tell/noticed. this post is also 2000+ words I’M SORRY.

sign off 2.0

92 thoughts on “More Talking of Writing With the Writer’s Tag + the #Smushing of Important Topics

  1. Oh my gosh, I could talk about my writing all day and never. actually. write. I UNDERSTAND YOU, MAY. LET’S JUST TALK ABOUT WRITING UNTIL THE END OF TIME.

    do you want to do the writers’ tag? (by all means, feel free to!) Maybe! I don’t normally do blog tags on my blog, but this one sounds quite fun!

    what do YOU love and hate about writing? I love those moments of inspiration, when you just GET IT. Or you realize why a character acts the way they do, or you think of something really tragic to happen… And I also just love the actual craft of putting a story down on paper. I love that I can just build more and more and then suddenly I have 17 pages of something that was supposed to be a short story… (totally not what’s happening right now, hahahh).

    any writing goals for the year? Yup! I want to finish three novels this year, and one of them has to be Enhanced. (Which I should probably work on so that I can finish…) I was also going to do the 365K challenge, but that hasn’t worked out, so I think what I really want to do is just write some every day. At least 30 minutes if I can get it, but if I don’t have much time then just at least a few sentences every day.

    how are you celebrating mother’s day? I dunno…probably making my mom breakfast in bed and making chocolate strawberries as well or something? *is totally prepared for this*

    and do you know anyone who is suffering from mental illness??? My mom has had depression at times & my brother has a minor form of it, I think. I also have a friend who has panic attacks.

    Liked by 1 person


      Those moments of inspiration are just GREAT. AND MWAHAHAHA I love spinning tragic backstories for my characters. XD

      I think writing every day is super important. I’m trying to keep that a habit (even though right now I’m editing/planning). I hope you finish three novels though!

      Lol I don’t have much of a plan for Mother’s Day either. And aww, I hope your brother and friend are okay! ❤



        I KNOW. Hehhhh I think I enjoy tragic backstories a little bit too much…

        I agree! I hope so too! I mean, I’m not really on track for it, but I do hope so. 😛

        Yep, they’re all right. 🙂 They struggle sometimes but overall they have good mentalities.

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  2. Ack!!! I have so many tags already lined up that I need to do, but I CAN’T. RESIST. THE. WRITING. TAG.


    Secondly, this was so much fun to read!! But…but…but what do you mean writers like to talk about writing more than they like to write??? Haha…ha… What are you talking about??? *shoves entire blog underneath carpet* I’m obviously a writer who likes to write. I rarely talk about writing. OBVIOUSLY. 😂

    I LOVE plotting!!!! Which is strange, since I thought I was more of a pantser, but ever since I started my current WIP, everlost, I’ve realized just how much if a plotter I am… Or maybe that’s just my second draft trying to murder me with a hatchet… But I also love writing first drafts! But I think my favorite parts of writing are the opening chapters. They’re just so new and fresh, and just UGH! I love them!!!

    I loathe second drafts. Hate, hate, double hate, LOATHE ENTIRELY. Blech….

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    1. Yes, totally do it! I’d love to see your answers. 🙂

      Obviously writers WRITE and don’t TALK about it??? Right???

      everlost sounds like a super awesome story! (aka tell me more now, Kenzie) And YAS the opening chapters are so great! It’s so fresh and you actually LIKE your novel at that poem. Whereas in the middle chapters you’re just dead. XD

      I’ve never made it to the second drat stage… *cries*

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      1. I think I will! After I get all my other tags under control, which will HOPEFULLY happen over the course of the next two weeks, LOL! XD

        Oh yes, OBVIOUSLY! XD

        Awww, thank you!!! AH! SPOILERS!!! I shan’t let out any spoilers!!! (which is my way of saying that A) I am terrible at talking about the storyline of my WIPs, and B) I currently have it in shambles, and don’t know what it’s about????) But it’s sort of a sci-fi, with a tiny little strand of fantasy woven in???? Yes, exactly!!!!! The first chapter is where I fall in love with the book.

        The second is were it dies.

        Oh! Don’t worry! Second drafts are evil. They rip your soul out, I’ve heard.

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        1. I think I’ve been nominated for too many… I don’t even know what or where they are. XD

          OMG SCI-FI WITH FANTASY MIXED IN SOUNDS AMAZING. Is it like sci-fi in space or???

          Haha for me, it’s like the first TWO chapters I’m in love with, and then the third chapter I hate. XD

          What about third drafts???

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          1. I just saw the massive typo in my previous comment, and I inwardly cringed for 90 years…

            ANYWAY! Same! There are too many tags, and too little time! It is quite awful.

            More like sci-fi on an island-ish? It’s slightly confusing. (Read “extremely”) But it’s not necessarily space. More like earthen sci-fi, if that makes any sense.

            Well, at least you have that second chapter! I don’t even have that, hahaha!!! 😂😂😂

            I’ve actually never gotten to a third draft…. I’m shameful, I know. #fraud But I think in the third draft it rips out the heart and possibly the left front tooth?

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  3. hey hey look since i want yo do it im automatically tagged? #cool

    mental health awareness month is neat; i personally am always aware because reasons, :p

    SUCH SMUSHING. your smushing is SOOO aesthetic. :p

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  4. do you want to do the writers’ tag?: eh … I would say yes, but … *glances at pile of tags I was specifically nominated for* I’d better not. XD

    what do YOU love and hate about writing?: I love writing. I hate writing. *drops mike*

    any writing goals for the year?: about a thousand. But I’ll accomplish NOTHING! *sobs* Okay, I’ll accomplish SOMETHING, but nowhere near how much I’d like to!

    how are you celebrating mother’s day?: ehhhh, we’re not really. My grandma has a bad habit of going out of town on mother’s day just in case her (loving) children don’t choose to celebrate Mother’s Day. But she changed her plans all of the sudden, and … we’re still scrambling to come up with a plan! so I don’t know!

    and do you know anyone who is suffering from mental illness???: nope, I don’t. Well, actually, I know a couple people with ADHD, dyslexia, autism, etc. … but that’s not really a mental disease … it’s more like … a bit of a disability. And, for the most part, I’d never had known if they hadn’t told me. So … nope.

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    1. I have so many tags/awards that I need to do omgggggg. (And I don’t know what or where they are.)


      Ack, hope you figure out something soon! My sis and I are going lowkey this time. XD

      Yeah, those are mostly disabilities. 😛 Although I’m not sure what autism was??? Probably a disability. *needs to more research*

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      1. I don’t know a ton about autism, though I did do a little research on it, but I can’t remember what people called it … I think just a disability, though … I don’t know.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. I should know, too. I know a few autistic people. I should definitely know this … and then I know lots of people with ADHD. I don’t think it’s that big a deal … they’re always so normal that I’m like, “Whaaa? Seriously? You seem so … awesome!” And then I realize it was probably offensive to be surprised that they are “normal.” XD I’m such an awkward little mango … heeeelp!!!

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              1. My awkwardness will be the death of me … and what’s worse is, I can be awfully insensitive. I’m an insensitive and awkward and overall terrible mango. XD


  5. LOVE THIS POST SO MUCH!!! I’m sorry I haven’t been very up-to-date around here because #vacation. Cool tag, by the way. Also it IS mother’s day out here today so… Yay? Procrastination isn’t just for WRITING, it’s also for reading my reader. *sobs*

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  6. Congratulations on the tag. Ahh, Madeline’s blog is just so awesome, okay?? HER BLOG IS JUST SO AWESOME.

    I normally write dystopian (like i ever write) and a bit of fantasy but I’ve never tried sci-fi. I totally want to though. I also mainly write contemporary but with like some cool weird stuff? I’ve never done a retelling but it seems cool, i guess? AHH, you love stabbing *Runs for life*
    I alternate between 1st and 3rd person A LOT, it depends on the story. I think past tense is the only tense I write in? I don’t’ even know.I really want to write about libraries, and books, and masks too! I also want to have like this typewriter story – well, because of #TYPEWRITERS?

    OMG, your mum has cancer (AHH, SHE’S STILL ALIVE) I think it’d be great if you wrote a book about that. Now knowing that, I think YOU’D REALLY ENJOY A MONSTER CALLS (you must read it omg)
    WRITING IS SO MUCH FUN – when you wanna write. Characters are amazing and bring them to life, gah! Brainstorming is just awesome and reading over my work is also somewhat satisfying??? I don’t know. I HATE not being able to name my characters originally, and giving up is just the worst feeling ever? not having the motivation and time to write also sucks.
    Also goldfish moments, um, I thought you were abandoning IMS, no, jus me, okay?

    OOH, YAYA MOTHER’S DAY. I love mother’s day but I also think we should love our mothers’ every day and show our appreciating ALL the time. But I still love the day, because it recognises the important roles of mothers and is very eye opening. A wonderful reminder. I’m probably gonna give my mum some love and help our out a little.

    I MUST talk about mental health awareness week on my blog and everywhere because some people are just SO disregarding of it, like ‘yeah, I’m depressed because I just lost a football match’ NO, YOU’re NOT, it’s an actual illness. You get diagnosed.I’ve heard people say ‘be patient, mental illness is just a phase’ LIKE GOSH, NO, IT’s REAL GUYS. Just because you don’t start having major physical symptoms, doesn’t make it any less real. I do know some people with a mental illness, and I sometimes just talk to them and ALSO TREAT THEM NORMALLY (because stop alienating people right) and support them.

    I’m very shy about my writing so I probably won’t do this even though i do love talking about my writing, doesn’t mean I talk to OTHER PEOPLE about it that often. It’ usually just rants to my books and me. I want to talk about writing more on my blog because of #breakingoutofshell. Also, i want to start sharing more of my work with people and maybe start plotting a book.

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    1. Madeline’s blog is AWESOME. And lol you MUST WRITE MORE SO I CAN READ IT.

      Yup, my “mum” (!!!) has cancer. AND OKAY I’VE HEARD OF THAT BEFORE.

      Omg naming characters is the WORST. And yeah, I’m editing IMS for a writing contest, but then after that, it’s done. 😥

      We should definitely appreciate our mothers every day! But today is just a more special day, a reminder.

      Oh yes, definitely talk about mental illness on your blog! People joke so much about it and I’m just like NO STOP. It’s a really serious issue and people don’t think it is. And yes, treating them like normal is super important!


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  7. I loved your answers for this tag May. I love hearing about people’s writing processes, it always makes me want to start writing right away even if they’re complaining about how the editing of their story is going (one of my friends is in the process of trying to get a book published so we talk about it a lot). She would definitely agree with you how editing is one part of the writing process she doesn’t like as well! All your reasons you love writing are the same as mine. The main one is just because I love writing. I seem to get stuck before I start writing but once I finally start typing into a Word document I can’t stop, that’s the way my blog posts go as well. I have to force myself to start in a way but once I have started I don’t want to stop! 😀
    If you ever write a dark fantasy/dark fairytale retelling that would be amazing! There needs to be more books like that out in the world. Also good luck with your attempts of contemporary or magical realism stories if you ever decide to give them ago. I guess branching across other genres could be an interesting experiment right? 🙂
    Great post May! 😀 ❤

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    1. I love hearing about others’ writing processes too! It’s really interesting, and inspirational! Ooh, I hope your friend is able to get her book published. 🙂 And yes! Just plain old WRITING is one of the best parts of, well, writing! 😛 The words just flow out and it feels so great!

      Oh, yes, I’d LOVE to see more dark fantasy/dark fairy tale retellings in YA! And haha, yeah, it will be… interesting. XD

      Thanks, Beth! 😀

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      1. I definitely agree with you. And since I started following your blog and talking to you my desire to start reading has really really sky rocketed. 😀 I hope so too, she’s joined the Author Mentor Match and has a mentor from that so hopefully that will be good for her! 😀
        If I could I’d make it so the writing process was just writing, no editing needed! 🙂
        Here’s hoping we get some then.
        That’s all right! 😀 ❤

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          1. Yeah, I meant start writing again. I’ve been reading for longer than I’ve been blogging even! 😀
            It did seem like a really cool event to take part in, and she seems to be enjoying it as well.
            I guess no editing is every writer’s dream isn’t it? 🙂

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  8. THIS WAS SUCH A LOVELY POST! There were so many things that I was going to mention but now that I got to the end of the post… I honestly don’t remember a thing :’)

    I loved the use of all the hashtags hahaha it made me laugh so much 😀 and writing 5k words a day? Wow, I’m lucky if I write 2 sentences a WEEK (not counting blog posts or homework) lol XD I really wish I was a more consistent writer because I feel like I can relate to so many of the things you mentioned but at the same time I CAN’T – it’s weird I know 😀

    BY THE WAY, how do you change font size??? Help a girl out! 😀

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    1. I’M GLAD YOU LIKED IT! And haha, that’s me with literally every post. XD

      Why thank you! I don’t remember what hashtags I used, of course, but thank you anyways! And 😛 I understand! Like some bloggers talk about depression, and while I’m not depressed, I relate — but don’t relate. XD

      Okay, so I use a specific code for it. Here’s the site that I got it from (because I don’t think it will show up in the comment):

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        1. You’re welcome! I was so excited when I figured out how to do it. XD Make sure to put the code in “HTML” mode though! (You’ll find that with all the “draft” settings.)

          Also, I’m SO TEMPTED to make a GR account right now, but I’m going to procrastinate on it sooo bad! XD

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  9. Is it weird that I am so in love with the stabbing gif? When I get home today, I’m saving that because I feel like I’ll need that A HECK LOT.
    I honestly think writing 5K words is an amazing feat! I feel overwhelmed when I reach 2K, tbh
    Awesome post May!

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  10. Hi, I’m your little blogger through Mikaela’s Project Big Blogger, Small Blogger. As you probably realise I haven’t been doing book blogging for very long (around 2 weeks) and I am not 100% sure what we are supposed to be doing but hey. Do you mostly read YA books btw, as this is not a “genre” I am that familiar with (apart from Harry Potter and the Hunger Games)?

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    1. Hi Nuala! (Do I call you that?) I mostly read YA books. It mostly applies to Young Adult (with characters in that age range AND books aimed towards that age range). I’m sure that if you look up “good YA books” on, you can find lots to start with! Let me know if I can help you with anything else. 🙂


      1. HI.
        I’m not looking to start reading young adult novels as I think I am about 20 years too old for that. I am sure there are some that are quality writers in there but it is a genre I tend to avoid (reading one of the twilight novels was enough to put me off for life).

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  11. FANTASY, SCI-FI, AND DYSTOPIAN ARE EPIC. I honestly cannot write anything but those. (I even smush them together into whole new genres. XD) And I guess I… love editing? Since I don’t have to write anything new and can polish what I have until it shines (I might be a perfectionist 😉 )

    Okay, so that aside, this tag was so fun to read. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right??? I love reading them too. And honestly the way I write those genres is really weird. XD I’M A PERFECTIONIST TOO. *high fives* Ah, I’m glad you enjoyed it! Feel free to steal the tag if you’d like. 😉


  12. FANTASYYYY is like the best genre ever, you can fight me on that. I am not a writer, I tried and I just failed. Soo excited for this new book, snippets please??

    I BELIEVE THAT YOU CAN DO THIS MAYYY, YOU CAN WRITE THIS BOOK… I will help you, but when your book become a national bestseller, you should thank me in your acknowledgments (just kidding).

    Liked by 1 person


    I actually love writing but I never ever have managed to keep writing one particular thing. I keep writing these disjointed passages and stuff that comes into my brain and it honestly DOESN’T MAKE ANY SENSE AT ALL. I love poetry though. It’s really peaceful to sit down and not think about anything else but instead, giving some special time to YOUR thoughts and feelings. It calms me so much. Plus, you’re not the only one who has procrastination issues. Guess who else? *You guessed it*

    EDITING SUCKS. I’M TALKING ABOUT EDITING ANYTHING. A blogpost, an article, an essay that’s maybe due tomorrow. Although it’s really frustrating, I’ve noticed that when you edit, you come across a lot of mistakes and errors which implies that your brain has been whizzing faster than your hand which is amazing. See, #brilliance 😂

    Mental Health is so important. I cannot emphasize how much because my words won’t do justice to it. I really hope that people keep fighting and winning and do not lose hope.
    P.S: Say Hi to your mom, May! I hope she’s fighting hard. ALL THE RESPECT. 💛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Writing passages is so much fun! Like why write a novel and COMMIT, when you can just write little pieces and not be stressed??? XD Poetry is AWESOME though! It’s soooo expressive. ❤

      EDITING IS SO HARD. And long. And boring. And just AHGHGAHGAHGHG. And you either realize you're brilliant at writing or you suck. XDD

      I know — mental health is a serious issue that needs to be taken seriously!

      (And aww, thank you! She's in remission, not taking medicine (bad side effects), and zero cancer cells. *thumbs up*)


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