My Goals for the Next 6 Months (I’m a Half Year Older??? No???)

Do you not want to eat the cupcakes.

Look! at! how! DELICIOUS! they! look!

I mean it looks like there’s bacon sprinkled on it which EW IS DISUGSTING, but still??? Chocolate???

But you’re probably like, “What’s with the cupcakes May??? Is it your birthday??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY???”

You’re close.

It’s my half-birthday! 

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Whoever says half-birthdays don’t matter is a LIAR. YOU’RE HALFWAY TO A NEW AGE WUT.

I’m officially thirteen-and-a-half* (wow I sound so young help me) and I don’t feel any different. Honestly it was just like yesterday that I was causing chaos and wrecking the house as your most quiet two-year-old ever.

But I DO know that I have exactly SIX MORE MONTHS until I’m fourteen. (!!!) And like this calls for a celebration??? Aka a goal-making gathering???

I’m being #creative and instead of making summer goals (or maybe that’s the smarter choice), I’m making goals for the next six months, leading up to my birthday. 

(All right I would’ve done summer goals if it MEANT MAKING GOALS.)

If it’s not obvious yet, I LOOOOOVE making goals. Maybe it’s that feeling of pride I get when I cross it off? Or maybe it’s the motivation to reach that goal. WELL I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW.

Whatever it is, goal-making is one of my favorite things to do. Not that I’ll always remember them of course. Or that I’ll reach them. I just like setting something that I can work towards. Which is why I’m pumped up for this post. Hopefully you will enjoy it???

(My goals will be #goals, guys. You’ll want these #goals goals for yourself.) 

*Technically, not yet, at the time of publishing this post. BUT TECHNICALITIES.



  • Outline and start writing my magic story. I WANT THIS. Look I’m so ready for this that I even came up with the first line of the whole novel. AND IT’S ACTUALLY ENTICING. (Not sharing.)
This is obviously telling me that I should probably start having a little faith in my story. Before outlining and writing it. #HELP
  • Outline a story where I can release my inner #snark. My blogging voice is slowly bleeding into my writing voice. I’M ACTUALLY FUNNIER NOW, THANKS TO YOU GUYS. And of course I have to show that off in my writing??? I just need to write something that has witty characters.
  • (Actually, the other day I was randomly brainstorming ideas when I thought of something INSANELY AWESOME??? And it would work with the #snark thing. UNFORTUNATELY I’M WORKING ON SOMETHING AT THE MOMENT DANG IT.)
  • Write 5K one day in the summer. You’re probably familiar with this goal (except for the summer part) from this post. But dude. I REALLY WANT TO DO THIS. It’s a pathetic little record that I will MAKE.
  • Find my ultimate writing partners! I have yet to find the perfect (or close to perfect) writing partner(s) who will be there to WW with me and critique my work and HANDLE MY CRAZY WRITER CONVOS and beliefs.



  • Get my TBR under control. HAHAHAHHAHAHA I’M FUNNY AREN’T I.
  • But seriously! I’m planning on getting a Goodreads account (thanks for all your feedback, by the way!). Not because of #pressure… hahaha… I think I’ll use the organizational features first, instead of reviewing. 
  • Read 60 books. Approximately 10 per month. I can do this. ESPECIALLY WITH SCHOOL ENDING NEXT WEEK ASDFGHJKL I’M SO READY FOR THIS.

Image result for i'm ready for this gif

  • Limit the fun on GR. As in “don’t procrastinate on GR and don’t spend the whole day writing a review for GR and just go on GR TO STRANGLE THE TBR and noooot make the TBR larger”.
  • Probably not gonna work but hey I’m gonna try.
  • Try out different genres! I’ll always have a specific reading style (aka YA ALL THE WAY omg that rhymes) but I can definitely try more genres! Like contemporaries. I need more of those. AND MAGICAL REALISM. AND SCHWAB.*
  • (I just made an author a genre. DEAL.)

*SAY HELLO TO YOUR NEW KELL-AND-LILA-AND-RHY-AND-HOLLAND TRASH. That’s right. I finished A Conjuring of Light and I. AM. DEAD. It was perfection and it ruined me and I type this post as a mangled ghost whose brain has melted into mush on the floor. PER. FEC. TION.



  • Get 600 more followers??? At the end of each month, I hit the 100 milestone. (PLEASE PLEASE don’t take this as bragging! I’m actually quite shocked that you want to /read this insane girl’s blog/???) So I think I got this??? And OMG I’M AT LIKE 400 (+50) RIGHT NOW SO THAT MEANS 1K??? OH MY GOSH???

Image result for fangirl gif

  • MAKE. BLOGGING. LESS. IMPORTANT. I mean. Blogging is SOOO important to me. But right now, it’s TOO important. My grades aren’t suffering, but my stress levels are. I started procrastinating more when I started blogging. I HATE IT. I think if I get posts ready before the posting day, I’ll be good. BUT I NEED TO DO THAT.
  • Research more about self-hosting. Lol I’m that obnoxious blogger who has only been blogging for LESS THAN HALF A YEAR WUT and is already thinking about self-hosting. Do you blame me for wanting my blog to look #aesthetic the way I WANT it to be??? (Aka WordPress themes suck.)
  • Work on some blogging projects! I already have some in mind. I’m not sure if you’d like it??? BUT DUDE DO I REALLY CARE. I LIKE IT. SO OBVIOUSLY YOU WILL.


LIFE goals

  • Spend more time outside/with my family. I hate the sun but I need it. I love my family and I obviously need to interact with them more.
  • GET. OFF. THE. COMPUTER. On Sunday, I stayed off the computer for at least a few hours (3-4). I mean, some was for dinner, then TV. BUT I DID MY HOMEWORK. AND I DIDN’T DIE FROM NOT USING MY COMPUTER. PROOF THAT I WILL BE FINE. Although I did use my phone…
  • Sleeeeeeeeeep. I don’t sleep enough. I don’t fall asleep easily. I HAVE SLEEP PROBLEMS OKAY??? I just want to sleeeeeeeeeep.
Image result for fall asleep gif
  • Fix my posture more. Please??? I think as I grow older, my back is getting more hunched and it’ll be harder to make it go back to the way it’s supposed to be. SO I REALLY NEED TO WORK ON THIS.

I honestly could go on and on with a list of goals for writing and reading and blogging and life, but 1) that’s actually quite overwhelming??? and 2) you guys would be bored.

shall we chat

what are YOUR goals for the next half year? or just some goals in general? half-birthdays are important, right? do you like making goals too??? (obviously if you do, we are automatic friends.) DID YOU DIE FROM ACOL??? AND DO YOU LIKE BACON ON YOUR CUPCAKES???

PS i changed the font of my body text back. I’M TOO USED TO QUAT. SANS

sign off 2.0

170 thoughts on “My Goals for the Next 6 Months (I’m a Half Year Older??? No???)

  1. BACON ON CUPCAKES?? WHAT IS THIS??? Except now I want to try that. #oops

    Anywho — lolll May YOU MAKE ME FEEL SO OLD MUAHAHAHAHA. (never mind the fact that i’m, like six months older than you #oopsagain.) Same about spending too much time in the blogiverse . . . even after I went on my giant hiatus, I’m still spending wayyyy too much time commenting and reading other ppl’s posts and checking WordPress literally. Every. Minute. WUT IS THIS SOMEONE HALP ME.


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    1. It sounds good, but disgusting at the same time??? And HAHAHA and I will continue to be 6 m. older than you UNTIL THE 26TH. *cries* XD And noooo I HAVE THE WORDPRESS TAB UP 24/7 (I mean only some of those hours I’m actually ON the computer but whatever???) AND IT’S LITERALLY AN ADDICTION. I THINK ABOUT IT WHEN I’M NOT AT THE COMPUTER. It’s unhealthy. *cries*

      BuT nO??? WoRdPrEsS Is EaSiEr. It looks soooo confusinggggg. (I mean I’ll have to get into HTML if I self-host??? BUT… STILL.)

      And no. If I ever left you, it wouldn’t be for that. It would probably because I died from my TBR AND/OR being on WP for too long. #srslyhelp (But a business sounds cool??? I don’t even know how bloggers make money lolllllll #greatatthis.)

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      1. Wait you’ll be my age . . . Not older . . . Riiight?? #Totallynotconfusedrn

        Yeahhh but self-hosting isn’t worth it IMO unless you have a lot of money to do it and you want to make a profit off of it. If you self-host, either you or your parents are rich and I’m #broke lol XD And they make money from ads, mostly. :))


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        1. Wait what. XD You’ll be fourteen and a half soon, a year older than me??? But when I turn fourteen in Nov, I’ll be the “same age” as you for a few days.

          WELL I GOTTA SAVE UP THEN. *rubs hands* (tbh I’ll actually end up buying books instead of using it for blogging…)


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  2. I CAN AGREE WITH YOU. because I spend too much time on the computer + procrastinating + tons of other stuff and I need to stopppppp.

    And why do people put bacon on everything?? This trend needs to stop. I have seen pictures of waffle/doughnut/bacon things and what is happENING TO AMERICA.
    And yes, WordPress themes sUCK omg I don’t even,.

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        1. Oh, yes, the header for that blog is so skinny! I was playing around with that theme, though, and I found that if you insert a transparent square for your “logo”, it will make the header space taller. If that helps??? XD And AWW thank you so much!!! ❤

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  3. Okay, so, some of those goals are sooo like mine! Especially about getting critiquing buddies (where are all the people who write books like mine and love the books I like??!?!) and finishing off the TBR list and not spending waaay too much time online and blogging and such.

    And, as others before me have said, NO BACON CUPCAKES STOP STOP STOP!!!


    what are YOUR goals for the next half year?: eh … idk. When does half a year go to, anyway? It’s May … so … May + June + July + August + September + October = November. Or October. One of the two. XD So, I’ll have to have done a lot of stuff but October. Mostly lots of writing/outlining/blogging, but I CAN DO IT!

    half-birthdays are important, right?: uh …? I don’t know. I’ve never celebrated mine. Let’s see … I was born August 12th … so is my half-birthday some day in February?

    do you like making goals too???: YES! So many! Like, more than I can actually accomplish. BUT I CAN DO THIS!!! All the … stuff I want to do.

    So, I decided to go for 400 followers in June … and I don’t know, man. I’m like, “If I actually tell someone about this (which I now have, I guess …), then I am going to be such a failure when I don’t make it ’cause I’m just not good at this whole reaching out to other bloggers/readers/such thing.” XD I need to stop having anxiety attacks about everything.

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    1. I NEEEEED CRITIQUING BUDDIES! I would offer to be yours buuuuut I think we’re different styles of writers. XD And omgggg PLS I seriously spend way too much time online (aka on WORDPRESS) and it’s just NOT. GOOD.

      OH HAAHAHAHA THAT WOULD’VE BEEN PERFECT IF I’D BEEN BORN IN MAY. But alas, I was not. Maybe I should’ve chosen the pen name “November”. XD

      Woooow. Sure have a lot of goals for yourself. XD IT’S NOVEMBER. BECAUSE MY BDAY’S IN MY NOVEMBER AND IT’S MY HALF BDAY RIGHT NOW. SO.

      February 12th, dear. And GOSH I need to find more people who celebrate half-birthdays. XDD

      “more than I can accomplish” — that right there summarizes my goal-making process. XD And aww, don’t worry about it Kellyn! I’m sure you’ll reach 400 in no time! As long as you comment on MOST of the posts in your Reader and provide awesome posts (that one’s easy), you’ll be great! 😀

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      1. Yeah, I love your stories, but I don’t think we’d make the best critiquing buddies …

        Ah, okay! I wasn’t sure when your birthday was … #pitifullittlemangoknowsnothingaboutthemangoqueen

        Maybe I should start celebrating half-birthdays … I’ve been saying I’m 15 1/2 for a while (even before I really, I think, haha) and so it makes sense that I should start celebrating my half-birthday. Plus I’ve been dividing the year into halves and making goals for each half … so that would make sense. Huh. *starts thinking about this*

        Thank you, May! I’m going for it, but … well, I don’t know. BUT I SHALL MAKE AN EFFORT!

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  4. Oh my gosh, you’re almost 14! YAY! *blows party blower thingy* It’ll be my half birthday on June 31st! Yes, my mom is always telling me that if I don’t stop slouching, I’ll be a hunchback! XD XD XD
    I just tried a new genre, HORROR. Which was NOT a good choice for me. The scariest book I’ve ever read is Nancy Drew and The Hidden Staircase. But I decided to read Frozen Charlotte by Alex Bell. And HOLY BURRITO I stayed up ’till 3:00 at night reading it, because I needed to get through it or I would have to check under my bed and make sure no frozen Charlotte dolls were plastered into my wall for the rest of my life. I am a pathetic potato.

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    1. YUP! And ooh, almost there! And haha, I think I’m already a hunchback. 😦 Hopefully I can change that though!

      AGH DON’T WORRY. I hate horror. I mean, I love the thrill of action-packed plot, but creepy things just CREEP me out. I get super paranoid. Like after watching part of the movie of Miss Peregrine’s, I got SOOOOO scared of the so-called Hollows — I thought that when I opened my shower curtain, one would be staring at me! XDD

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  5. You’re so cute. I envy you. I wish I could still be in school and have the whole Summer to have fun. You’re such a sweet girl and I love you and your blog and your goals. I’m sure you’ll crush them 🙂 Happy half-birthday, beautiful May!

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      1. I have this one off, as I’m home, just taking care of my mental health. I only have my university exams but I like to study. And I obviously have to take care of my house but I like that too. It will be good and fun 🙂

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  6. Happy half-birthday! I can’t believe you’re only thirteen and a half – you’re blog posts are so well-written and intelligent that it’s almost hard to believe. xD I hope you accomplish all these goals! ❤

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        Goals are fun to make but I always forget them!

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  7. You are mature beyond your years! I think goal setting is huge! I’d like to add magical realism to my reading too. I like writing it too. Let me know if come across a good book. Good luck on a run too (if you do it!)!

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    1. Aw, thank you! People say that I’m quite mature. 😉 Yes, goal setting is awesome and fun and very beneficial! Bone Gap by Laura Ruby is an AMAZING magical realism novel, and I’m going to read When The Moon Was Ours, which I’ve heard is another great magical realism novel.

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  8. Happy half birthday!!! 13 and a half is very exciting. 13 was one of my favorite ages. You’re kind of reminding me of the Mad Hatter in Alice in Wonderland. You know, the part about unbrthdays? Anyway, please pardon me for comparing you with a mad hatter XP
    Girl, 450 followers? How?!?! I’ve been blogging for over a year and don’t even want to compare with you. Seriously though, how did you do it?
    Great goals! Posture, posture, posture. I rarely sit up straight either. I’ve been working really hard to improve, but I still forget.


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      Agh, thank you! (Actually, 460. :PPP) I don’t know??? Some of these people I’ve reached out to, following and commenting on their blogs, and others just found me! I have no idea how. XD

      Omg YEEEES, posture! *sits up straight* XD

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  9. Oh my word… You’re only 13 and a half?????? I thought we were similar ages???? I’m 4-ish years older than you, I think… This is quite shocking… You, sir, are both an amazing writer, and also an outstanding blogger. I bow to your amazingness. *flings cookies and bows extravagantly* HAPPY HALF-BIRTHDAY, BY THE WAY!!!!

    Your goals sound like so much fun!! I’m on GR, but I’m not like SUPER ACTIVE on there. I just use it to sort out what books I’ve read and put them into genres. I’d LOVE to have a goal of reading 60 books, but as you probably already know from my last post, I’M SO SCARED OF NEW BOOKS, EEK!

    My main goal for the next 3 months (because I’m a loser and am doing a three month goal) is to get the second draft of everlost FINISHED, so that I can send it off to beta readers… Fingers crossed that actually happens???

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    1. I THOUGHT WE WERE THE SAME AGE TOO WHOA. I guess I’m very mature then. 😉

      I would use GR to keep track of things, not really review (fast forward to three months where I am furiously reviewing XD ). Ooh, I hope you get everlost finished! And I’d love to be beta, if I’m not busy at that time. 😉

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      1. You are either mature, or I am thirteen and a half at heart, which I much prefer to think is likely 😂😂😂😂 I SHALL STAY YOUNG FOREVER!!!!!!

        I’m hoping to get better at reviewing! I’ve had my GR account for a while (didn’t use it at first because I thought it was a scam) and now I feel like I should get into book reviewing and book blogging. (Mostly because I love the term book blogging???)

        Aww!!! That means so much to me!! I’ve got so many people who want to be betas after starting blogging. It’s so weird… But I shall definitely keep you in mind when the time comes, and if some of my slots are open! I’ve started compiling a list, and I’m trying to keep the first round of betas to a small minimum, or I won’t know what to do with all the info thrown at me… (because FUN FACT!!! I actually have a marshmallow brain) But thank you SO much!!! That really means a lot to me!!!

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        1. #peterpansyndrome And I want to get into book reviewing/blogging too! However I find myseld posting non-bookish stuff a lot, and I really like blogging about writing as well, so I think I’ll keep my blog where it is now. 😛

          Oh yes, I know everyone has different policies for betas! Personally I find that a small amount of betas are good, because you don’t want to get overwhelmed!

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          1. It sounds like so much fun, doesn’t it??? But yeah, I’m always blogging about writing and the writing process and ALL of the writerly things, so I’m still going to focus MOSTLY on that, with some bookish posts thrown in. It should be fun… (I hope)

            Yes, exactly!!! This is my first time doing betas, so I’m just trying to keep it small at first until I know what I’m doing. Or rather, I have a vague sense of what I’m doing, because that is more accurate when it comes to me, haha! XD

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  10. WAIT– did you get a goodreads?? you must tell me what it is so that i can stalk all your reviews!!

    i loved reading your goals and same about the school getting out next week thing. i’m so ready to dive into my tbr and majorly downsize it! happy half birthday!!

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  11. Yep, Quat. Sans quite knocks everything off line. *nods* Except Karla, maybe? Karla’s great.
    YES GOALS! Though on second thought, I never took the time to sit and get them down. IDK. Though I think I might do it in my BuJo or something.
    Maaaybe one of my goals is to get published? Well, NEXT MONTH?? *haha, I love seeing dumbstruck faces*
    I seriously have to get on it, though. Wish me luck. *cringes*

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  12. I HAD A BACON CUPCAKE ONCE AND IT WAS DELICIOUS. I mean holy unexpectedly amazing food item, batman! YES YOU WILL BE ON GOODREADS! Hahaha conquering a TBR. It’ll never be done because we are insane people okay?


    I was supposed to make summer goals?

    Why does everyone have summer goals?

    *flounders* uhhhhhh I want to uhhhh CONQUER THE WORLD.


    Oh I also want to read the actual DC COMICS like not just the movies the comics…. You have amazing goals. You are really talented at making goals. Holy good talent, batman!

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    1. SO I NEVER REPLIED TO THIS??? Ahem. Bacon cupcakes sounds disgusting. And OMG I JUST REALIZED THAT NOW I’M OUT OF SCHOOL AND I CAN MAKE MY GOODREADS ACCOUNT!!! I probably need parent permission first. Uuuuuuggh #protectiveparents.


      (And also yas word warring is great.)


  13. I always love reading your blog May XD
    The way the text constantly changes makes me read it a different way. One second we’re talking normally, then there’s shouting, then whispering. It’s so fun 😀
    Happy half birthday lady! 13 and a half is very impressive. I turned 13 and a half in 2005…(I’m oooolddd, not really). I wish you luck on your blogging goals, you can totally get 600 more followers by November. Maybe even get up to four digits and reach that 1000 🙂

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    1. Aw, thank you so much, Angela! ❤

      Haha, I try to make it different for my readers! I find that a large block of text in a boring voice gets hard to read. 😛

      Thank you! Oh, wow, that's still great that you remember when you turned thirteen and a half! I probably won't in the future. XD Aw, thank you so much! ❤ I'm sure you'll get to 1000 soon too. 🙂

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  14. I’m right behind you, May! Turning thirteen and a half in July. Looking forward to it! Anyway, happy half birthday.

    Brilliant goals. Ooh! Please start some blogging projects, that would be amazing. Count me in!

    #snark Oh yes! I am doing that currently, in my novel. Faith is quite snarky.

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  15. SOOO MANY GOALS!! I hope you complete them all before your birthday! And whoa, you’re only 13?? You sounded so much older than that, I’ve been thinking you were 15 or 16! As for celebrating half birthdays, I might do that you’ve motivated me😄😂

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  16. HAPPY HALF BIRTHDAY, DARLING MAY! God, thinking about being thirteen and a half makes me feel so old. That was a fun year, ahh. I love the way you set goals for everything and actually work towards accomplishing them. It’s such an admirable quality! I hope you are able to achieve what you desire to. I wish you all the happiness (and a pot of gold) in the world)! Have a wonderful day, munching on bacon topped cupcakes and plotting world domination. 💕
    P.S. You should definitely start some blogging projects, I’m sure a lot of us would love to be part of it.
    P. P. S. You are honestly adorable.
    P. P. P. S. I’m thinking of changing my username as well; it is so long! I’ve also been looking for a theme that I really like with no luck so far. Have to admit though, your site is so pretty; something mine will never be. Not very good with tech, I don’t know head or tail of graphics and buttons and headers. Might as well be Norwegian to me. xD

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    1. Haha, thank you! I feel much older than thirteen and a half haha! I loooove making goals — but I don’t necessarily reach them #oops. Aw, thank you so much!!! ❤

      I'm super excited to be planning out blogging projects! And I'm adorable aren't I. *flips hair* And aww, thank you so much! I just randomly stuck stuff together and hoped it would look nice. 😛

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          1. I actually just revamped my site. Even changed my URL (even though it is not any shorter now). I think it looks better but I’ll probably keep fiddling with it until I’m satisfied. I’d love your opinion on it, after all, you do have an eye for aesthetics!

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                1. I realised that two seconds later after posting that comment. *sigh* It was such a lovely read too, I can’t believe it slipped my mind. Sorry!

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            1. Oh I was just looking at that theme! It’s lovely. ❤ Some things I'd change is the background color — I'd make it white, just for a clean look. I'd also change the font from something else than Fondamento, but that’s just because that font personally irritates me. XD Other than that, it looks fantastic! (And why have I not been getting your posts in my Reader??? AGHAHGHG)

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              1. Okay, white it is! Thank you so much for your feedback, it is really appreciated! And I’ll look into the other font choices I have at my disposal! You’re so sweet, May! 💕(Oh no! You have not? Why? That’s so strange!)

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                  1. Yess, just made it white and you’re right, looks better! Maybe it’s because I changed my URL? I don’t know? I’ll have to look into that.

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  17. I put off getting a Goodreads account for awhile, and I seriously have no idea why. I don’t use it so much for social interaction, but it’s really useful just to track what I’ve read.

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  18. Goals, oh um, read more books. eat marshmallows. see, i don’t want to list them here so, just read my mind or something otherwise this comment will become Mount Everest. I LOVE MAKING FRIENDS. I NEEEEED ADSOM.

    Okay. so. here’s the thing.
    I don’t think half-birthdays are like..relevant to life. I mean we already have BIRTHDAYS, so like, we might as well be celebrating quarter, and a tenth birthdays as well, no? Because the effort = maths = #no.
    So, yeah. I just don’t think it’s a big deal.So, you callin’ me a liar, because that’s my opinion? JK JK!
    FIREWORKS – have I mentioned how much I love fireworks? And sparklers are just so awesome, I feel like I’m Harry Potter doing the luminous spell! *sighs*

    I really feel like Age is just a number and our personalities don’t depend on them. Hello, some people become all responsible and ‘mature’ and stuff at the age of 7 BECAUSE THEY HAVE TO and other are children their whole life. the latter is me and peter pan.ALSO, Happy Half Birthday!!! I really want to read your ‘magic’ story! I just feel like it would be really awesome, for some reason? Oh yes, I want snarky characters but not too many of them, because then it just loses its snarkiness. You set the bar high! 5k? WOOOW. I can do like 1000 words in a day and I die.

    *hides in corner* *slowly raises hand*. I know I’m not a real writer or anything, but I’d love to word war with you and critique your work (because I must feast my eyeballs on your writing) and be your writerly partner…

    Because it’s like NEVER (NEVER) going to happen. getting your TBR under control is as impossible as me writing a book. 0% chance, to clarify.

    Read 60 books in 6 months? WOW, that’s my Goodreads goal for the whole year. Though I AM ahead of schedule #organisedI’m so excited you are getting Goodreads, it’s like GONNA BE SO AWESOME, okay? You will finally discover what true power is (well, not really…)

    I definitely want to read different genres. Oh, wait, what are genres again? #help #goldfishmemory

    AHH, if you get 1k followers, I’ll be so happy for you!!!!!! Because
    a) you will have been way more successful in getting followers than me and
    b)THERE’LL be a celebration with marshmallows and mangoes, right?

    I definitely know what you mean by making blogging less important and I’ve already had to this week. because the revision and exams are real! I researched a lot of about self-hosting so you can always ask me about SOMETHING (ok not all) I’m not going self-hosted yet because I’m not sure if I’m serious about blogging. I WANT BLOGGING PROJECT FROM YOU!
    I wanna fix my posture, though i make sure I have good sleep now!

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      Well lol I’m one for half-things. For example, at 250 followers I was like HALFWAY TO 500. And when I get 500 I’ll be like HALFWAY TO 1000. And so forth. XDD But math is horribleeeeeeee.

      FIREWORKS ARE AMAZING. And apparently I’m very mature for my age — so age really doesn’t matter to me! It’s more about personality yo.

      THANK YOU! And I want to WRITE my magic story! I don’t want to think of ideas. I JUST WANT TO WRITE. XD

      NOOOOO YOU ARE A REAL WRITER MAHRIYA STOP IT. You write poetry right??? THAT MAKES YOU A WRITER. You don’t have to write novels to be a writer! And aww, I’d love to word war with you as well! I value your feedback greatly, so if you could do that with my future work (gosh I sound so #professional), that would be sooo awesome. ❤ (Especially because I think we have similar styles of writing.)

      Well I have summer??? And I read A LOT when I have the time. XDD And I'm excited to get Goodreads too! I'm making it on Friday, I think, because school gets out on Thursday and I have a sleepover with Violet dear. 😉 ❤

      I'LL BE HAPPY TO GET 1K TOO! I'll be so happy for you too when you get 1K really soon!!! And YAAAS TEACH ME ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT SELF-HOSTING. I just straightened my back lol. And EEK school's almost out so I'll get my sleep soon enough. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  19. UMM YOU’RE 13??????? 😵 How did I not know that? Wow, I really need to stop assuming that every person I meet (whether that’s in real life or online) is the same age as me!!! 😂😂

    I see so many people talking about self-hosting but I don’t think it’s for me! I mean it’s cool being able to have your own design and stuff but I’m the worst/laziest person when it comes to graphic design so it wouldn’t really benefit me 😝


    And congrats on 400 followers wooo!!! You’re going to reach 1000 in no time!! 🎉🎊✨💞

    And I think I wanted to say something else but I FORGOT! *oops*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UMM YES I THINK I AM. XD I know! I’m just like “so they’re friends with me which obviously means they’re my age”. XD

      Haha, I just really love graphic design and aesthetics, and I want to design my own blog’s look… without actually DESIGNING it. 😛


      Thank you! And haha, I’m like “I gotta comment on this!” when I read posts — and then I forget.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha, yes that is exactly what I always think XD

        I love that you love that! I’m always so pleased when I visit your blog because the ~aesthetics~ are fantastic! 😀 I hope you’ll enjoy self-hosting though if you ever get around to figuring it all out!

        Liked by 1 person

  20. OOOH THIS IS THE COOLEST IDEA OF EVER! I’m a huge fan of goals (though they always end up stressing me out… oops), so this is something I should maybe do this September. *nodnod*

    And dude, I’m majorly impressed by you. You’re thirteen?? I hadn’t even STARTED writing at your age. XD

    katie grace
    a writer’s faith

    Liked by 1 person

  21. I definitely couldn’t plan goals for the next 6 months lol too overwhelming for me. But it’s good to see you have so many goals and ideas. Our minds do not rest but sometimes our body and eyes need it. I need to get more sleep myself. I’d also like read/write more, and get out more this summer

    Liked by 1 person

  22. Great goals, I need some of them for myself, or this idea…no, both! But my back has the opposite problem, it arches back and that’s really annoying for a runner, although I’ve just taken up gymnastics, so it’s good for that but nothing else!
    ~Emily x

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  23. Happy half birthday May! 😀 I don’t really celebrate my half birthdays (or my actual birthdays that much anymore) but I do celebrate my blogiversaries and half blogiversaries so that counts! 😀
    Also good luck with all your goals. I’m sure you’ll manage your writing ones, and your blogging ones as well. You have an amazing blog so getting another 600 followers should be easy for you. I get what you mean about taking time away from blogging as well. It’s a lot of work and sometimes you do need a break from it every now and again, especially if there’s a lot going on in your life. 🙂
    I’m sure you’ll be able to cross a lot of these off your list by the time your actual birthday comes around. Again good luck and happy half birthday! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I just celebrate my half birthdays as “yay I’m half a year older now”. XD

      Thank you! And aww, so many people are saying things like that, and that I’ll reach 1K (!!!) in little time, and it just means so much to me! ❤ And yes, blogging is so much work and I enjoy it — but not when it takes a toll on my health.

      Thank you again, Beth! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a nice thing to celebrate. Sometimes half year anniversaries of anything can be just as important.
        That’s all right, and I really do think you will. You have an amazing blog and you’re such a lovely person as well I imagine you’d attract followers like anything! 😀 No health always had to come first. ❤
        That's all right! 😀 ❤

        Liked by 1 person


    Your birthday is on a November too, *high fives* (but don’t you kinda hate having a late birthday, because everyone is older than you, and it’s not fair????)

    1K, UGH don’t make me jealous. JK, JK, JK.

    I’m so proud *beams*, you are such an accomplished smol (only a year younger than me, lol) blogger. Hope you achieve most, if not all goals.

    Liked by 1 person

  25. why are you so old????????? and so mean??? did you forget me as a writing buddy??????? 😥 also yay!!!! this is late but yayy!!!!! also goals. goals are great. i like goals. also why are you talking trash about bacon cupcakes?????? ummmmmm……

    Liked by 1 person

  26. DUDE YOU’RE SO LITTLE AND NOW I FEEL OLD. 😂 I’m like 10 years older than you omg you are such a smol bean and I shall adopt you and feed you more cupcakes (sans bacon sprinkles because #no) and also you run SUCH an amazingly fun and happy blog! I love your energy!! And your goals! 🎉🎉Good luck with the reading goals too. *flings confetti at you*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, I sent my comment a bit prematurely there 😂 ! Let’s just pretend that never happened…those cupcakes do look amazing btw!! Omg you don’t have a goodreads account?! How do you organise your TBR??? I’d be lost without it 😅 . Good luck with all your goals 💖 !!

      Liked by 1 person

  27. Happy half-birthday! *throws confetti* Good luck with all of your goals!

    I’m a fellow writer who’s new to blogging, and and am very impressed by your blog. I was wondering if you had any tips for newbie bloggers such as myself.

    If you have the time, please check out my blog @breenysbooks. I’d love any feedback. Have a wonderful day.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you! 😀

      Hmm, you already asked this of me? XD It’s all right though, here’s another tip: Comment om other people’s blogs, and interact with bloggers. If you want follows, you have to show that you’re supportive of the community and will also follow others!

      Liked by 1 person

    i wish i was your perfect writing partner but i poof too much 😦
    but hey its my birthday in less than a week :0
    also now im making this comment about me OOPS
    ur so funny honestly i love this blog get 1k.
    ya ok now i sound weird bye

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU and you could totally be my writing partner??? maybe that’ll make you poof less. XD

      OMG HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!! 🎉🎉 *gives you all the cake* and it’s okay to make the comment about you! XD and AGH I’M AT 400 RIGHT NOW AND I’M JUST LIKE SQUEEEEEEEE

      Liked by 1 person

  29. LOVE THE BLOGGING/READING GOALS. (#MYGOALSRNOWURS) AND WAIT…WE’RE LIKE ALMOST EXACTLY THE SAME AGE WHATTTTT?!! CRAZINESS. I’m turning 14 on July 25th soooo you’re not that far behind me! DANG we’d be in different grades though…right? Am I doing the math right? God I hope so, since I just had a uber hard math test that determines my grade for the last trimester. Yayyyyy. I honestly MISS seventh grade at an EXTREME level. NOW I HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL. Also yayyyyyy. Especially since I go to a middle school with 150 kids that doesn’t have a high school so everyone splits off to different high schools, and the one I’m going to is GINORMOUS. Two words: survival, and HOW. AGHHH WHY CAN’T I JUST SOCIALIZE WITH THE INTERNET BOOKWORMS INSTEAD OF ACTUALLY SEEING PEOPLE’S FACES?? Woah. I am slightly concerned for myself hahahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. WOW I HAD NO IDEA WE WERE SO CLOSE IN AGE! Your bday is a day before my sister’s haha! And YEAH WE’D BE IN DIFFERENT GRADES. 😦 Oh, I hope you did well on your math test! And agahahgah, good luck in high school! I go to an IB charter school, and it goes from kindergarten to 12. 😉 I HATE SOCIALIZING TOO I GET SO ANXIOUS AND SHY AND FLUSTERED UGHHGUH.

      Liked by 1 person

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