How to Get My Undivided Attention (and Unparalleled Devotion) for Your Blog

In which May decides to be helpful (and also posts abnormally on a Friday GASPPPPP).

Some people* have been asking me about some blogging tips for newbies, and because I’m actually a KIND and GENEROUS person, I decided to write this post!

Of course, this is also my contribution to Mikaela’s Project Big Blogger, Little Blogger. Her project is basically aimed towards big (book) bloggers helping out little bloggers—supporting them in any way to help these little bloggers gain more followers! I’m a Big Blogger (gasp yet again???) and my Little Blogger is Nuala Charlie, over at Engrossed in Books. I hope you find this helpful, Nuala!

But in general, this can help all of you! You may or may not know that I am greatly against following for follows. But in this post you’ll see some things that will get my attention and cause me to click follow!

*Aka everyone.


1. do you post content that i’m genuninely interested in?

Sure, you may post about books, but are the type of books that I like? Books I want to read?

And sometimes I go to easy on ya. I’ll find a blog, lowkey obsess over it for a bit, and during that intense fangirling, I will follow. But after a while, I’ll just be like, “Why did I follow this blog again???” And I might unfollow.

Image result for guilty gif

BUT REALLY. If I dread seeing your posts in my Reader, then there’s something wrong.


2. are you “professional”?

Now I don’t mean “May 2.0” professional (because 1) I’m TOTALLY professional, and 2) you cannot copy me that is plagiarism + illegal).

When I talk about professional, I mean many things. Here are just a COUPLE of my requirements:

  • Do you post short random posts that are basically like diary entries? I get on a writing blog, you can post poems and such. But do you post, “hello today was a good day I had cookies and lots of caramel chocolate and my theatre teacher yelled at me because hello I had food”??? If so, I probably 1) will roll my eyes, 2) won’t care, 3) won’t follow.
  • But do you post things that stay true to you? Do you post long posts because other bloggers are posting long posts? Do you post about what you ate for lunch because another blogger posted about your lunch?
  • Does your blog look aesthetic? Because obviously I have #priorities. Also my eyes will hurt when reading your posts (because unlike SOME devious monsters, I DON’T READ POSTS FROM MY READER) and I want no pain.
  • But does your blog look like what YOU want it to? Stay true to your dreams, folks. Even when you think you can defeat the abyss we call the TBR.

But you know why I’m being sarcastic and contradictory and overall unhelpful*? BECAUSE THERE IS NO RIGHT WAY TO BLOG. You can blog  any way you want, because it’s YOUR blog.

However, just because you’re blogging your way doesn’t mean I’ll like it. (Wow I’m nice.) Find the balance between what’s pleasing for your readers, and what stays true to you.

*What am I talking about. I’m always helpful.


3. is your blog aesthetic?

Because even though I already mentioned this, I need to say it again.


For you little clueless beans who know nothing about “aesthetics”:

So basically, anyone who is concerned with aesthetics is shallow. Wait why did I just insult myself.

But really. If your blog does not look pretty or hurts my eyes in any way, I WILL MOST LIKELY NOT FOLLOW. I read posts directly from the site, and if it is ugly I cannot stare at it for more than .94 seconds.

(Also note that this relates to how readable your blog is—is your background black and your text black? Btw do not do this.)


4. are you a cool person?

I need to make sure that you, the blogger:

  • are nice
  • are preferably witty and/or funny
  • are a mango lover
  • will bow down to me, the Mango Queen
  • comment on others’ blogs and reply to comments on your own
  • interact with other bloggers
  • are someone I will get along with

Image result for thumbs up gif

Because if I don’t like YOU, how will I like your POSTS??? It’s like, will I like the mango if I don’t like the brand. Actually I probably would like the mango no matter what.


5. will you support me?

Okay, so this is probably selfish, but if I support you, I want you to support me! I mean, obviously I’m not asking for you to follow me back because I followed you—that would make me a HYPOCRITE, yo. I’m just asking for you to comment once in a while on my blog, ya know?

I mean, I follow blogs that have never commented on MY blog. And that’s okay! I really love their blogs. But I do quite like it when you choose to support me, like I choose to support you.

Also, I (try to) comment back, meaning I will comment on your blog if you comment on mine (if I’m not already following you).


6. do you post consistently?

I’m more likely to follow the person who posts every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, than the person who decides to post every time you wear pink jeans. Okay now I want those jeans.

I mean, post one time a month, sure. BUT AT LEAST POST ONE TIME EVERY MONTH. Don’t post five times this month, zero times another month, then fifteen times the next. Like DON’T. I WILL GET ANNOYED AND THROW ROTTEN MANGOES AT YOU.

Image result for throw food gif

EDIT: However you need to know that taking breaks when needed is ALWAYS okay. Just don’t take to many.


7. are you my friend?

Okay so this sounds a bit weird, but sometimes I follow the blog for the blogger, and not really the content. That’s 100% okay to me! I’m supporting them.

For example, my IRL friends. If an IRL friend starts a blog, I will automatically follow them. I may not know what their posts will be about, but they’re my friend and I SUPPORT my friends.

This applies to people who comment on my blog. They may comment and then I visit their blog. I might think, “Eh, I don’t really want to follow.” But then when they keep commenting, and I get to be their friends, I decide to follow, just to support them. See, I’m #nice.

So, if we become/are friends, I will probably follow your blog.


8. do your posts benefit me? (are they enjoyable to read?)

Look. Reading your blog better be worth my time.

I mean, obviously I still post some things that are about ME, but I still try to make it fun and enjoyable. If you’re talking about your life and some problems you’ve been having—cool. But I’m not going to care unless you MAKE me.

I also like when I get something out of the post (though we can’t ALWAYS post posts like that). For example, I might get writing advice, or some new book recommendations*, or a tutorial on how to make something. THIS IS GREAT. I LEARNED SOMETHING.

But if they’re boring, all about you, and no fun to read at all? Wut am I even doing.

Image result for eye roll gif

*This is actually quite bad because my TBR grows.


9. do we have similar interests/tastes?

For example: I like mangoes. You like mangoes. Therefore we are best friends and will eat mangoes forever (and everly) under a starry night sky.

Often, having similar tastes/interests means that I will relate to your content (and you) more, which makes following your blog more enjoyable. Also, if you’re a book blog and we read a similar style of books, I will want to hear your recommendations and read your reviews.

BUT, I also follow blogs that I don’t really share a lot in common with. For example, fashion blogs, or makeup blogs. I don’t care for fashion much, nor makeup, but it’s good to learn new things and expose myself to diversity, ya know?


So, on the topic of following blogs, my IRL friend Neela has started a blog!

And yes, this is like, what, the sixth friend I’ve inspired to start a blog? HEY, I’m an inspiring person okay??? LEAVE THEM ALONE. THEY APPRECIATE ME.

But seriously, I’m super excited for her! Apparently she’d been wanting to start a blog but didn’t know how to. And of course I stepped in and helped her tremendously (and even designed her header which is why it sucks), and NOW SHE WILL BE FAMOUS. Because of me. #ThankMeWhenYoureFamous

But honestly, if you don’t check it out, I will take all the mangoes away from your and/or scream. It’s called Crafting with Charm (you have no idea how long it took to come up with a name), and you must click the link and follow!

shall we chat

how do people’s blogs get YOUR attention? do you follow for follows? comment back? do you agree that there’s no right way to blog? must blogs be aesthetic? and will you check neela’s awesome blog out??? (you better. i will hunt you down if you don’t.)

sign off 2.0

197 thoughts on “How to Get My Undivided Attention (and Unparalleled Devotion) for Your Blog

  1. I’m going to comment here because IT DIDN’T WORK ON YOUR OTHER POST. WORDPRESS IS FAILING ME. WHY????

    YOU HAVE 700 FOLLOWERS. I THINK. ALMOST. IN SIX MONTHS. THAT’S CRAZY. Although, you’re crazy talented, so I guess it makes sense.

    As a fellow mango lover, I’d like to mention that MY DAD JUST BOUGHT MANGOS AND THEY TASTE AMAZING. I LOVE THEM.

    Anyway, your blog is amazing, and I look forward to your future posts!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hmm, maybe it was put in spam??? #WordPressStruggles

      WELL I THINK IT’S CLOSE TO 700. LET ME CHECK. Ah, just one follower away! 😂 And agh that means so much, thank you! I’m very grateful and also confused. 😂


      Thank yoooou~ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You know, this is one of those moments when gifs should be available to wordpress already because HOW IN THE WORLD AM I GOING TO EXPRESS MY FEELINGS EXPRESSIVELY WITHOUT GIFS???
    I totally agree about that part about the diary and eating cookies. I recently unfollowed someone who basically only posts (once in a couple of months) only to say how busy that person was and apologizing about it like ughhh they’re probably gonna be busy forever so *clicks unfollow*
    By the way, I was reading your Why I’ll Unfollow You post on reader (yes I’m one of those devious monsters, I’m three-quarters unicorn anyway it’s obvious 😛) and I think I unknowingly clicked the link to here so when I went there to comment I was like, “Wait this is not the right post? Where are am I…?” So yeah, hilarious. 😅 I’ll go crawl back to my cave of awkwardness now…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. GIFS ARE LIFE!!!

      And yeah, I mean I get you’re busy… but so am I. And I don’t want to read your posts if you’re just gonna apologize and disappear???

      GASP YOU READ POSTS IN YOUR READER??? *cries* (I’m actually planning a post on that next month lol.) And OHHHH okay that makes sense. I was like… What diary and eating cookies??? XD

      Liked by 1 person

    I know right??? And it took me soo long to unfollow the person. I was just hoping they’d be back to actually posting something interesting, y’know? But they have a new post and *balloon deflating* it’s another I’m Sorry I was Super Busy post. *sigh*
    And I am not ashamed of it! *puffs chest* Tho I gotta hand it to you, May, you’re awesome for actually reading on the blog’s site itself. I should do that more often 😄

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is so fabulous! I agree with 99% of this post. A+ 😂 I don’t follow for follow either; I just don’t get that idea. Sorry, but it seems like a sell out to me? But I always comment back; as I continue to grow as a blogger, I just find it to be common courtesy. If you care enough to comment on my blog, I should care enough to comment on yours. And vice versa, don’t you think?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know, exactly?? Following for follows is SO not the right way to go about it, and it’s definitely not going to get you active followers who comment!! Yes, that’s what I’m trying to do as well! Tho I procrastinate so much that I only have time to write posts, comment on posts, and reply to comments. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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