The Goodreads Tag // I Got Goodreads (and I’m Procrastinating)???

It’s official: the Mango Queen has a Goodreads account.

GASP??? Pretty much everyone voted “yes” in the poll I had some time ago so I got it because I succumb to #pressure like that.* Just so you know, it is EXTREMELY HARD to remember all the books I’ve read in my lifetime. I tried.

If I’ve not already reached out to you and requested to be your friend, that’s probably because 1) I couldn’t find your GR username, or 2) I forgot you. I’m sorry but it’s most likely that the latter is the case???**

BUT I also stalked some people in my friends’ friend lists. So ha.


(And even if you don’t have an account, click on the link and read my bio because I’m honestly too proud of it.)

I’m also super happy that my dear friend Grace @ The Girl Upstairs (who is actually moving to a self-hosted blog!!!) nominated me for The Goodreads Tag! It’s the perfect way to announce my new account and also share how much I’ve already procrastinated on it.

*I’M OBVIOUSLY KIDDING. As a queen I must be resilient. I just really wanted Goodreads. But needed approval. WAIT AM I REALLY A QUEEN??? #existentialcrisis
**Actually some people I really tried to find but couldn’t??? WHY DO YOU MAKE THIS HARD FOR ME.


what was the last book you marked as “read”?

Vicious by VE Schwab. (Click to read my review!)

Can I just say, OMG SCHWAB HAS DONE IT AGAIN. Vicious was like richly dark and amazing??? MY HEART LOVES THIS TOO MUCH.

Please go do yourself a favor and hoard all the books ever written by Victoria/VE Schwab. Thou wilt not regret. I PROMISETH.

I mean. It wasn’t five stars for me (because I COULDN’T CONNECT TO THE CHARACTERS GAAAAH), but it was still AMAZING. *heart eyes*


what are you currently reading?

I’m reading When the Moon* Was Ours by Anna-Marie McLemora. It was recommended by my wonderful friend Beth and OMG IT’S BEAUTIFUL. It’s magical realism and ever since reading Bone Gap, I needed more of this genre??? IT IS NOT DISAPPOINTING.


Actually, I’m basically like two pages from the ending, so here’s another:

Illuminae by Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff is a book I actually bought (!!!) and I’m so excited to read it! I don’t usually enjoy sci-fi space-y stuff but I’VE HEARD GREAT THINGS. Plus all of it is uniquely formatted??? *more heart eyes*

*I definitely did not spell this as “Moo”. That would be stupid of me.


what was the last book you marked as “to-read”?

Well, I’ll get more into detail with this later, but I have two TBR shelves—one called “to-read”, the other called “tbr-releases”, meaning that the book is on my TBR but hasn’t been released yet. Because I’m #smart like that, you know???

On my to-read shelf: The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. Hehe I should probably read this soon???

On my tbr-releases shelf: The Gallery of Unfinished Girls by Lauren Karcz. Does this not look amazing??? LIKE IT SOUNDS SO MYSTERIOUS and also that coveeeer. Coming July 25.


do you use the star system?

I do! I don’t use what they say is “did not like it” (1) and “it was okay” (2) and “liked it” (3) and “really liked it” (4) and “it was amazing” (5). I HAVE MY OWN SYSTEM, ‘KAY???

Also for those wonderful smol beans who are curious: my system—

Four stars: I really loved this one! It wasn’t AMAZING, but still quite solid.
Three stars: Eh, it was okay. Very “meh”. I liked it… but there were problems.
Two stars: Disliked it more than liked it. Like a mango that’s more sour than sweet.

Image result for it disappeared gif


are you doing the 2017 reading challenge?

YOU BET I AM, SISTAH. Doing things like this REALLY motivates me. My goal is 100 books and I’m feeling very much overwhelmed. But I PROMISE I WILL BE ALL RIGHT. (Hopefully.)

So far I’ve read 38 books (soon to be 39), and since I’ll be reaching 39 in like two minutes… I am one. book. behind. I AM ANGRY* OVER THIS. WHY JUST ONE. I AM TRIGGERED.

*I definitely did not spell this as “angree”. I am absolutely great at spelling today.


do you have a wishlist?

*cries* What does this mean??? Like is it a feature on Goodreads or like an actual wishlist for books?

If the latter, basically all the books on my TBR. Thank you to whoever buys these for me because you are obviously great.



who are you favorite authors?

I’m glad you asked.

Image result for waggles eyebrows gif

  • JK Rowling: Erm how could I NOT put her here??? QUEEN.
  • Marie Lu: She’s written a book that I’ve cried over, and I LOOOVE her characters.
  • Marissa Meyer: Cinder & crew is honestly the best omggggg.
  • VE Schwab: Ignore me while I scream about how MUCH I LOVE HER BOOKS.

And yeah that’s pretty much it. Those are my top favorite authors (ones that I would want to see at a book conference panel), but I also love other people’s novels. These are just the notable ones.


have you joined any groups?

In fact, I have! The wonderful Julianna invited me to join the group YA Book Bloggers (which I found out is co-moderated by my friend Jackie!!!)

And yeah that’s it.


how many goodreads shelves do you have?

Oh. Um.

So… 23 shelves. (Also be grateful I did the math for you. Aka counting. But still math.)

Basically I really like being organized so I have the level of the books (MG, YA*), and I also have the star rating of the books (no 1-stars yet!). And because I need to take it a step further, I have all the genres.

OH AND I ALSO HAVE to read, currently reading, and read. I forgot all the books I’ve read in my lifetime and just did the most notable ones.

Image result for i don't remember you gif
Sorry but no.

I also have one called “TBR releases” which means books on my TBR that are not yet released because it reassures me that A LOT OF THE BOOKS ON MY TBR AREN’T EVEN OUT YET.

And what??? I totally don’t forget to add all the genres and stars to books I read??? (But dude I want to rate the book to mark it as “read”. NOT CLICK THE ARROW AND MARK AS READ AND ADD ALL THE OTHER SHELVES.

But the lengths I will go for books.

*The reason there are zero books in MG and YA is because I still have to go through them all and I am BUSY ENOUGH.



Everyone who wants to do this tag and has Goodreads! #thatblogger

shall we chat

do you have a goodreads account? do you procrastinate on it? what are you currently reading?  what about your last read? was it amazing or just meh? who are YOUR favorite authors? AND WILL YOU FRIEND ME?chat with me, frens! (and let us cringe over my attempt at bookish pics.)

sign off 2.0

117 thoughts on “The Goodreads Tag // I Got Goodreads (and I’m Procrastinating)???

  1. I’M SO GLAD YOU’RE ON GOODREADS NOW! I honestly don’t know what I would do without it. How do people even keep track of their books without Goodreads?!?

    Plus I definitely need to do this tag! It’s so good! ❤️

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  2. YAY I LOVE GOODREADS!! And now you can keep track of your extensive TBR, so that’s good. And you can cry over how many books you have… but look on the bright side!

    Also apparently my little brother had been talking to me for the past ten minutes but all I was doing was reading this post and not paying attention.. at the end I went “wait what did you say” and he just said “Wait wHAT YOU WEREN’T LISTENING? THAT WAS SUCH A LONG SPEECH” #siblings

    This tag sounds super fun and also HAVE YOU READ HEARTLESS by Marissa Meyer? I know I could just check your Goodreads but then I’d have to open up a new tab and all (it’s SO MUCH WORK)

    Liked by 1 person

        1. OKAY OKAY OKAY

          OKAY OKAY OKAY

          I read The Graces and it was weird??? Three stars — liked it but RIVER. I WANT MORE OF THE GRACES. RIVER IS LIKE BLECH. And I actually checked out WPM but it didn’t look that good so I checked it back in??? Obviously I know better now. XD


  3. Aw, I don’t have a Goodreads account, but I do LOVE to read! My most recent read was Chronicle of a Death Foretold by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It was very well-told (yes, definitely amazing). I’m currently reading a collection of short stories by Wendel Berry, entitled That Distant Land. The author has a great voice – very soothing and easy to follow.
    I love J.K. Rowling too! Harry Potter is awesome! Favorite character’s gotta be Hermione. What about you?

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yessss, Luna and Sirius!!!! J.K. Rowling is a master of keeping you on the edge of your seat.

        Chronicle of a Death Foretold is a novella – only 120 pages. I read it in maybe… three sittings? It’s incredible how many characters were introduced and how all their mini plots were tied together at the end in a very satisfying way. Very masterful (I recommend it)! 🙂

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    1. I’ve only read 32 books though, so at least you know that you are ahead of me. * laughs nervously because I have no idea how I am going to have time to read that many books.* oh, and I added you as a friend!

      Liked by 1 person

        1. I am homeschooled but yes, I’m done with school for the summer. My main problem with not having much time is because of dance. I dance almost every weeknight so I get have much free time. I am dancing A TON in June, but then I am off July and most of August and I plan to get a lot of reading done then. 😉

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            1. OH MY GOSH, REALLY? That is so cool! Where do you dance? Yes, I am going to one studio to take a week of intensives and then another for some pickup classes. I took a masters class last summer at the Georgia Ballet ( not sure if you’ve heard of it ) and I loved it!

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  4. Yayy! You got a Goodreads, May! So this will probably sound weird but I’m glad because besides the fact that it’s useful for people I really like your taste in books and your review style? I mean it’ll probably make my TBR suffer and die because of too many books but … 😉
    do you have a goodreads account? Yep!
    do you procrastinate on it? *coughs* *sifts eyes* Yes …
    what are you currently reading? For whatever reason I’m currently trying to finish Gone With The Wind because I need more classics in my life and I’ve been reading it for too long. XD
    what about your last read? I honestly think it was like … a book based on Frozen?
    was it amazing or just meh? It disappointed me greatly. *nods sadly*
    who are YOUR favorite authors? *tsks* Mango Queen, I trust your judgment in many things but you should know better than to make me choose from all the lovelies. Though authors are waaay better than books, I suppose. 😉
    AND WILL YOU FRIEND ME?: I think I sent a friend request?? (So the question now is if you’ll friend me, I suppose 😛 ) but I’m currently following your reviews!!



      Agh I’m so glad my review style/book taste is appealing to you! And hahaha I CAN’T READ CLASSICS FOR MY LIFE. Like, I just can’t. XD

      Sarah don’t you understand??? I asked for you favorite authorSSSSS, because I know people can’t choose just ONE. Hence why I have six.

      Yup, I’ve accepted!


  5. CRAP I HAVE GOODREADS BUT SIMULTANEOUSLY I DON’T DO A TON OF TAGS EITHER AHHHHHHHH!!! I’m so happy that you’ve finally gotten an account though, although I must confess it is so easy to get stuck down the rabbit hole of the site. It’s that addicting! xD

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  6. Hahaha “that blogger”. I’m so awful with goodreads to be honest 😩. I always forget to keep track of all the books I read so I’m currently at about 2 on my 2017 reading challenge lol. I want to type a really long comment and ramble about goodreads but my kindle is being seriously glitchy!! (When you are *that* blogger who takes full advantage of her kindle fire 😶😂😂)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. I don’t have GoodReads *hides* BUT! I still enjoyed this post! And also excuse me while I rant bc I FEEL LIKE RANTING KK UGH IM VERY MAD RIGHT NOW SO BEAR WITH ME XD

    So. We got our yearbooks today, and one of the seniors decided to make his quote this horribly sexist so-called “funny” joke about women and womens’ rights. A) WOMEN ARE NOT A JOKE B) STOP BEING SUCH A MISOGYNIST C) Twitter basically blew up over it and then a bunch of his fellow misogynists decided to hate on everyone who was pointing out how sexist it was and say things like “STOP WHINING OVER IT” and “SUCK IT UP.” EXCUSE ME?? DO WE NOT HAVE THE RIGHT TO EQUALITY WITH MEN?? And when people make sexist jokes, do we not have the right to point it out?? THIS IS SERIOUSLY NOT TOLERABLE OR RIGHT OR FAIR AND IM SO DISGUSTED.


    also for everyone else: this was super rant-y?? but seriously — if people are being sexist or racist or are discriminating against anyone for any reason, please speak out against it. and don’t listen to the misogynists. :))

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Wait what was the quote??? (Unless it gives out your school name.) And uuuuugh I hate that. It’s like, this is why women are “complaining” about their rights. Because of sexist people of you who don’t listen??? And then each time women say these things, no one listens because they’re WOMEN. (And no, it’s fine, I don’t mind you ranting.)

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  8. YOU HAVE GOODREADSSSSS! *skips off to friend you*
    *comes back*

    Do mangoes eat dragons? What if the plural of mango were mangee?


    Since you were ‘that blogger’ if I did it and tagged no one (because ‘that blogger’) would it start a chain that would rupture the ozone? I bet it would….

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  9. I don’t have Goodreads, but I love books! This post was great, May. Brilliant! I quite like the sound of the one you’re currently reading. I’m also desperate to get my head round The Book Thief. I tried a couple of years ago and it was so #confusing. Do you have a plan of action? Plus I loooooove the *wiggles eyebrows* GIF!

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  10. Hah!! Finally you’re on gooodreads ! I’ve already sent a request but beware it’s really addictive atleast for the first 5 days you’ll find your self there a lot of time.
    I’m also doing the goodreads reading challenge!
    I’ve been procrastinating reading the Book Thief maybe I would read it soon.

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  11. I should probably get a Goodreads, I’ve had many in the past but I always deleted them! It would give me an excuse to raid my local library😂 I haven’t done that in a year….seriously. How have I not been to a library in a year??😭😭

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  12. YES YOU HAVE A GOODREADS. I just added you on here, and I’m thrilled to be able to stalk your bookish shelves now haha. 😀
    I can’t WAIT to read When The Moon Was Ours, I only heard fantastic things about this book and the author’s writing overall. So glad you are enjoying it so far! 🙂 Great answers! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    Firstly, I saw your review of Vicious and it was #GOALLLLS!
    The Book Theif Movie made me tear up SO BAD!!! I haven’t read the book, but the movie had me in TEARS! My goal is 60 books? BUT I AM AHEAD OF SCHEDULE! I have the normal 3 shelves, and one extra DNF shelves. I can’t deal with more! I LOVE YOUR RATING SYSTEM, tobe honest I dont even know what mine is, I just go with my feelings? I GUESS

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, thank you! I didn’t think it was #goals???

      I feel like the more shelves I have, the more organized I am. And like I feel like I just NEED to have shelves of the ratings and the genres and etc.??? #perfectionistproblems My rating is based on how much I liked it. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  14. Yay for joining GR May. Also I feel like your more present in Goodreads than I am! At the moment I just use it to mark the books I’ve read and want to read and I only have like four shelves! 😀 I’ll get there one day though.
    Ohhh, I am so so so so so glad you loved When the Moon Was Ours, I am also so excited for your review for that book because I need to know more of you thoughts on it! 🙂 I hope you really enjoy Illuminae as well, god that’s an amazing book so I’m sure you will love it. Same with The Book Thief which is an all-time favourite of mine.
    Good luck with your reading challenge for this year. I’m sure you’ll be able to catch up on that book you’re behind at the moment. Especially with you having more free time over the summer holidays! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haha, I’m just getting started on GR! 😛 Having a lot of shelves makes me feel more organized… and I just need them. XD #perfectionist And YAS I’m going to type my review up after I finish commenting on posts! It was SO SO good. Thank you so much for recommending it!!! ❤

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  15. YOU GOT GOODREADS ASDFJKL; *goes to friend you* I will stalk your shelves forever, because I am HORRIBLE at finding books myself.

    Actually, you just gave me an idea. I NEED TO READ PERCY JACKSON. I’ve heard so many good things about them but haven’t read them yet. So thanks for putting that up there xD

    (btw, you commented on my blog just as I was about to come comment on yours #coincidence)

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  16. It’s so great you got goodreads! How do you make opening a goodreads account so fun?! *bows and tips my hat* I don’t know what I would do without goodreads now!!! I love procrastinating actually you have so much more free time as you aren’t doing anything on your list, lol! BYW Why is peer pressure exciting? I enjoyed your conversation with Amelie but 😵 of curiosity!!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I like Amelie even more! To be frank I had to look up what LIT meant, lol. I also was being sarcastic but am not as successful at it as you and your friend! I despise procrastination but obviously I must like it secretly because I do it often?! I combat it by loading my plate so full there is bound to be something that falls off! Then I don’t feel as bad about missing something… umm I’m not sure that works though. I love your cute posts like so many of your other fans. It was just as cute seeing you and Amelie chat!! 💕🌈😍

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  17. THIS IS SO COOL! I don’t have a GoodReads account but you have to update me with how you like it!

    Good luck with your reading goal! 100 is A LOT and wow you’re already at 39?! WOW.

    – andrea at

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  18. Hey May…I’m in a bit of a dilemma, I was wondering if you could help?
    We both use the same theme, and I’ve noticed you’ve managed to change to change the font colours on the theme and I have no clue how to do that! If you could tell me how that would be absolutely amazing😊❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Of course I can help! Hmm, the font colors? You can change font colors no matter the theme, but do you mean like the theme color?

      For font colors, there’s a little button that has an uppercase “A” (in the place where your write your post). It has an underline thing which tells you which color you’re on.

      Wait a minute I just realized you know how to do that because you make your font orange at the beginning of the post??? I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about. XD

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Like you know when you want to customise your theme, and you can change the background colour, is there a way to change the colours of the fonts, not in posts but all the text on the website? I hope that makes more sense!🙂

        Liked by 1 person

            1. The only way you can change theme font is through the color palettes they have available, so you’ll have to look around to see which do! (I know for a fact Orvus (I think that’s the name???) can change font color, and Spun (???) as well but I don’t know what else!) You can explore the different themes and the customization options by click “Try and Customize” whrn looking at the themes.

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  19. I should do this tag. #maybe #wellsee. I do use goodreads, it was my gateway drug into the world of bookblogging I guess haha. I don’t use it quite as much as I used to (because of twitter) but I do like it. Some of my favourite authors are Michelle Cooper and Garth Nix.

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  20. YAAASSSS I’M STILL SO HAPPY THAT YOU’RE FINALLY ON GOODREADS!!! How are you liking it so far? I hope it’s not distracting you TOO MUCH because I can get lost in it for hours at times XD

    AND YAY FOR JOINING OUR SUPER COOL GROUP! I am literally the worst co-host ever like I haven’t even INTRODUCED MYSELF in the group *bad Jackie* but I’m so excited for the buddy reads and the chats and ahhhh!

    I love the Gif usage in this post lol it cracked me up! 😀

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