May’s Moments of the Month: May // The Month of Me, Writing, and Great Books + An Actual Book Haul???

May wasn’t a GREAT month (how dare it disappoint me), but it was still pretty good.

I mean, it should’ve been an AMAZING month, considering it IS named after ME, but we can’t all have what we want.

But I’m pretty excited for June. Excited meaning “I will totally rock this WAHOO” or “oh man there’s a 90% chance of failing and that 10% isn’t looking good”.

mmm readingI read a total of nine books this month, which I’m quite proud of. I feel like I could’ve read more… but I read a lot of adult Schwab and adult writing is hard for me to read okay???

Also I have an actual picture (of most) of the books I read. It’s okayish???

  • Shiver Maggie Stiefvater // A cute romance but was it insta-love??? ★★★★☆
  • Ghosts Raina Telgemeier// Graphic novel that I feel completely “meh” about. ★★★☆☆
  • A Gathering of Shadows VE Scwhab // Holy cow guys what a cliffhanger. THE CHARACTERS.
  • A Conjuring of Light VE Schwab // 100% PERFECTION AND I AM DEAD AND DAMAGED FOREVER. ★★★★★ [review here]
  • The Serpent King Jeff Zentner // Umm??? My heart broke only slightly??? ★★★★★
  • The Inexplicable Logic of My Life Benjamin Alire Sáenz // AGH these characters and amazing Vicente. ★★★★☆
  • Vicious VE Schwab // WOW GUYS so dark and evil and I loooove. ★★★★☆ [review here]
  • When the Moon Was Ours Anna-Marie McLemore // Magical realism yes please??? Also I love this book so so muuuuuch. ★★★★★ [review here]

As you can see, I pretty much enjoyed ALL the books I read this month, which makes me SUPER HAPPY.

I ALSO GOT A GOODREADS ACCOUNT!!! I’m super excited and spent like most of Sunday fooling around with it. Friend me, frens.

book haul!

So this month, I actually got BOOKS??? *gasp* I know! And the best part is that two out of three were free!

That’s a really bad pic of what I got. (IT’S NOT STRAIGHT AAAGGGHHH.) Basically:

  • Illuminae Amie Kaufman and Jay Kristoff // I bought this with my OWN MONEY WHOA and I’m so excited to read it!!!
  • The Girl at Midnight Melissa Grey // Delcaorte Press sent me this along with an editorial review (as a prize for a writing contest I won).
  • The Shadow Hour Melissa Grey // Sequel to The Girl at Midnight. I’m not sure if I’ll read these because it seems MG-ish???

library haul!

Another gasp. May’s doing actual hauls??? Here is what I got from the library for June.

  • The Weight of Feathers Anna-Marie McLemore // I’ve heard great things about it PLUS it’s the debut of the person who wrote When the Moon Was Ours so obviously I need???
  • The Names They Gave Us Emery Lord // I admit that I didn’t know what this was about until after it was marked “to-read” BUT I’VE BEEN HEARING THINGS ABOUT IT, ‘KAY. (I’ve also accidentally read it already. ★★★★☆)
  • Strange the Dreamer Laini Taylor // THIS SEEMS GREAT. But I’m also scared because I ended up DNFing the last book of her Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. I WANT TO LIKE THIS SO BAD.
  • Geekerella Ashley Poston // It’s about the fandom life PLUS a cross with Cinderella. (I think. I actually didn’t read the blurb very well???) YES PLEASE.
  • Wink Poppy Midnight April Genevieve Tucholke // I checked this out a long time ago but never read it. Now after hearing somewhat good reviews, I will check it out again???
  • History is All You Left Me Adam Silvera // ONE BOOK ON MY SUMMER TBR WAHOO.
  • Because You’ll Never Meet Me Leah Thomas // I honestly don’t know why I checked this out??? The blurb seems boring to me but I WILL READ IT.

favorite book of the month?

I literally cannot stop gushing about A Conjuring of Light. Why is it so perfect and why is it so heartbreaking???

favorite author of the month?

Hmm… definitely not VE Schwab…

OF COURSE IT WAS VE SCHWAB I READ THREE OF HER BOOKS AND ENJOYED THEM ALL IMENSELY. (Even though it took me a looooong time to get through them.)

tbrs accumulated

  • Always and Forever, Lara Jean
  • This Savage Song
  • The Goodbye Days
  • The Weight of Feathers
  • Strange the Dreamer

mmm blogging

  • It’s been a third of a year that I’ve been blogging. Holy mangoes, amirite.
  • I also accumulated a total of 474 followers??? Why??? How???
  • 14 posts
  • 146 WordPress followers + 3 email followers
  • Stats went up (compared to last month… and actually all the months before) because you #missed me.

tops posts of the month?


summer tbr

writer woes 3.0

favorite post of the month?

bookish panel

I feel like this month was a GREAT blogging month, because I enjoyed writing pretty much all of the posts, but this one I feel super proud of, because I think I was wittier in this one??? Also people commented and said this too so I’M NOT IMAGINING THIS.

other awesome posts?

me taking over the blogosphere?

  • I got a Goodreads account (which 1) isn’t that blogging-related, and 2) has already been said). GO FRIEND ME. RIGHT NOW. I AM LONELY.

mmm writing

  • Here’s my 6th writerly update that is more in-depth on what’s going on in my fabulous #writerslife.
  • Basically, I got the basic structure of the plot and named some characters.
  • I’m working on worldbuilding and developing my characters.
  • And OH YES, I’m editing IMS for a writing contest. It’s not going that great??? Can someone save my red pen please???
  • OMG I CAN’T BELIEVE I DID NOT MENTION IN MY POST THAT I GOT MY WORK REVIEWED BY AN ACTUAL EDITOR!!! I will talk more of this in my next writerly update because holy cow how could I forget but basically I was so excited and nervous and gaaaaah.
  • (Basically it was a prize for winning a writing contest (the one I’m entering again) and they FINALLY GOT BACK TO ME, with feedback that is old. I’M TOO SMART FOR THIS.)
  • (No just kidding it was actually great and super helpful.)

mmm life

  • Salad actually takes a really long time to make!!! Yay…!
  • I had my dance recital, which was great. I feel like this year, I’ve been less shy dancing-wise (and sassier).
  • I also had my piano recital. The day after my dance recital. On the weekend that exams started. How fun.
  • On the topic of school, I had exams (but only three of them were actual exams). I got the results back and got all A’s… basically 100% on everything but two. *cries* I AM ALSO FINALLY FREE FROM SCHOOL HALLEULUJAH.
  • Mother’s day happened and my dad got my mom an iPad HOW DARE HE BETRAY ME.
  • The amazing Violet came over for a sleepover. It was great. We watched The Incredibles. Which was incredible. *wink wink*
  • Oh, and I chopped off two inches of my hair. Apparently I have “beautiful” and “stunning” hair, but I’m not sure if the hair-cutter* is complimenting me or his work??? #struggles
  • Near the end of May, I went to a “summer daycare” thing (I’ve been going there since I was like seven okay) and I’ve discovered that LITTLE KIDS ARE CUTE BUT THEY SMELL AND CRY A LOT. They also like my attention. 😉
  • It’s been five years since we found out that my mom had cancer (May 30th).
  • Also, I have a funny sister:

*walking from library to car*
Wow books are heavy.
Mom: Exactly.
Me: *carrying seven hardcovers plus phone with arms and chin* You think???

*Well he’s not a hair-STYLIST because he CUT my hair. #logiciamwise

mmm goals last


  • read at least eight books this month

    Nine! I wish I could’ve read more but at last it’s summer now!!! MORE READING.

  • three of those have to be fantasy

    IHmm, I read AGOS and ACOL which were obviously fantasy… but there wasn’t really another??? When the Moon was Ours is magical realism, and Vicious is supernatural/paranormal. But it could be considered fantasy??? WELL I SAY IT IS.

  • keep track of my TBR

    As I mention for the third time: I got Goodreads! Therefore I am one step closer to defeating the TBR! Friend me and we shall try to conquer this beast together!


  • edit at least chapters 1-3 of IMS

    I actually finished Chapters 1, 2, and 4. Of course, not ACTUAL edits, but at least first-round, right??? (Chapter 3 was skipped because #fullrewrite.)

  • brainstorm more ideas for “magic story” (200 words a day)

    This is like not specific at all, but I just really want to get some ideas out for my story. It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, or complete nonsense, I just gotta get going.

  • write more poetry! ㄨㄨㄨ

    Well I totally did not forget about this.


  • explore new themes and fonts and stuff

    The new font annoyed me… and I somewhat explored new themes. I THINK I know which theme I’m going with, but I’ll have to change some things around first.

  • reach 400 followers

    Image result for smirk gif

  • spend less time in the blogosphere



  • drink more water


  • get. more. sleep.


  • fix my posture at least fifteen times a day

    At the beginning yes??? And then near the end of the month no.

mmm goals this


  • read at least eleven books this month

    I think I can do this??? It’s summer. And I already read one.

  • at least two of those books have to be from the TBR

    In May, I defeated SEVEN books from my TBR. I obviously can do TWO this month right??? (Actually, 5/7 books that I checked out from the library are on my TBR. SOOOO.)

  • at least two have to be fantasy

    Dude. I checked out so many contemporary books and I’m like NO. NO NO NO NO. FANTASYYYYY. But I know that I have at least two fantasy books that I plan to read??? Maybe.


  • brainstorm EVERYTHING for “magic” story

    Including a title maybe??? But REALLY. I need to prepare everything so that I am READY to outline for Camp NaNo in July. (I also just got yet ANOTHER plot bunny which makes everything so much more complicated gosh.)

  • finish editing IMS for writing contest!

    This and brainstorming are BOTH really important because writing contest deadline is July 1 and Camp NaNo starts… July 1. #help AND I’ll be out of town on the 27th, soooo I have to finish edits before then.

  • finalize ideas for my blog writing project

    I’M SUPER EXCITED FOR THIS YO. And this would fit more in blogging but I honestly don’t care. And I was going to sign-ups in June, buuuuut a lot of things changed and now it’s moved to July. #sorrynotsorry



    Honestly. Honestly.

  • reach 600 followers???

    OMG OMG OMG I have like 469 followers right now (474 including email) BUT CAN WE MAKE IT CAN WE MAKE IT???

  • decide on new theme!

    I reeeeeeally want to try out a new look (and I think I’ve got my eye set on one) but I just have to implement it! And ask for your feedback, of course.


  • get more sleep and drink more water

    #smushing them into one I know. But honestly I suck at life so I need more goals you know???

  • straighten back MORE MORE MORE

    I reeeeeally don’t want to have a hunched back, but that’s where it’s headed towards. I’m not that confident, but I’m sure that I can improve my posture just the SLIGHTEST bit by correcting it.

  • spend more time with the fam!

    And/or outside. Because I don’t get enough outside time and slouch at my computer all day.

Look! A new feature! As if my wrap-up posts aren’t long enough. #sorrynotsorry

Here are just a few things that are coming up in this month, because you obviously need to know everything in my life.

bulletI have a three-week writing camp! Also known as three-week three-hour writing CLASSES but you know, got to make it #fancy. I’m super excited because I went to this two years ago but was unable to go last summer.

bulletSummer dance classes are also happening, because I need to stay in shape. And it’s a requirement for company dancers like moi. BUT I’LL LIKE IT. I just wish I could take contemporary… *cries*

bulletI’m also taking a trip to Canada at the end of the month! And I just realized that this may conflict with some important things… #ohdear





(That also means I’ll have some scheduled posts and can’t answer to comments.)

shall we chat

how did YOUR may go? what books did you read? any writing accomplishments? any particular goals for june? what are some other things you’re looking forward to this month?

sign off 2.0


134 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: May // The Month of Me, Writing, and Great Books + An Actual Book Haul???

  1. ASDFJHHJL; I hope you have a fun summer! My summer will be me doing… nothing, probably?

    And nooooo I didn’t know your mom had cancer! All the love ❤️❤️❤️


    and Also CONGRATS ON GETTING YOUR WORK REVIEWED WHOOOOOO and also ON WINNING THE CONTEST tbh I’m too scared of entering fiction into contests? EVERYONE SAYS MY POETRY IS BETTER THAN MY FICTION but I want to do fiction??? *cries*

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  2. I read Because You’ll Never Meet Me a while ago- and I so agree with the blurb but the book was so goood !! Love these style posts!! And I superr hope you get to 600 followers (who am I kidding: you WILL get to 600!) ❤ 😀

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  3. Dear May, your posts are always so fun to read!! You don’t suck at life at all. You write, and blog, get A’s, dance, play the piano, read.. you’re perfect and beautiful and funny and we love you! I love this monthly review posts, you do so much. I hope June treats you well, my love. Hugs. ❤ Oh, and thank you for mentioning our magazine. I'm sure you have no time but we would be honored if you decided to submit something 🙂

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  4. I seriously need to read Maggie Stiefvater’s books, they sound so awesome. Maybe next month (ME EVERY MONTH, HAHAHA) Ahh, I so want to read To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, but it’s fluffy contemporary, so WILL I LIKE IT? YES, I’m planning to read AGOS and ACOL soon, I’m glad you enjoyed them. (also, for a gathering so shadows, you didn;t add a rating) THE SERPENT KING was so heart-breaking. When the Moon Was Ours sounds so WONDERFUL. HEY, I wanna read Illuminae, it’s SCI FI so obviously.(even tho I’ve read like 5 sci-fi books in my whole life)

    EEK, I’m loving all this photography! We still buddy reading Strange The Dreamer? The Weight Of Feathers, The names They Gave Us and History Is All You Left me all sound like wonderful reads.

    YAY for 474 followers¬! You are so close to 500! I KNOW!!YOU!!CAN!!DO!! IT!!
    Thanks for the shoutout, you always make me fangirl over this! I’m checking the other links now! I CAN NOT believe your work was reviewed by an actual editor. I’m fangirling so hard right now. I hope your Dance and piano and summer and your new hair and exams, all go well or went well! WRITING CAMP SOUNDS SO FUN! YOU’RE GOING CANADA, I am infinitely jealous.

    You already know how my May went because of my wrap-up. BUT JUNE IS GONNA BE MY BIRTHDAY and AND MY LAST MONTH OF SCHOOL (apart from like 20 days In July but whatever) Goals, hmmm buddy read strange The Dreamer with you, start being more writerly (create an outline for a story to write in summer) and schedule more posts AND start using my BuJo again
    Good luck with June and all your #GOALS.

    P.S THIS POST WAS VERY SHORT? I thought you said it was near 2k? WAIT IS IT? Maybe I’m just immune.

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    • Tbh I think TRC is Maggie’s best one??? I read part of The Scorpio Races (and got bored), and Shiver was good but not great. AGH I DIDN’T??? THANKS FOR CATCHING THAT, FREN. It was five stars btw. 😉 And YAAAS I can’t wait till you read AGOS and ACOL!!! *heart eyes* ILLUMINAE! I haven’t read much sci-fi, even though it’s one of my fav genres???

      I’m glad you like it! And OF COURSE WE’RE BUDDY READING IT.

      Thank you!!! AND OF COURSE YOU GOT A SHOUT-OUT. I know!!! I fangirled so hard. WRITING CAMP!!! AND YOU LIVE IN ENGLAND I’M JEALOUS.

      YEAAAAH and while you celebrate your b-day, I’ll be at a mother-daughter workout that day for dance. *dies* OOH YOU GET OFF IN JULY??? COOOOL. AND OMG I JUST LITERALLY SCREAMED WHEN YOU SAID YOU’RE STARTING A OUTLINE!!! AHGHAGHAHGHAGHA OMGGGGGG. BUJO YAS

      Yes Mahriya, it was 2,238 words long.

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      • The Scorpio Races is the only book of Maggie’s in my libaray? I’m gonna read it soon!I know, I really want to read more sci-fi because it’s actually really awesome!
        AND YES, as soon as I finish ADSOM!
        (oops, i said rubbish)
        I SMILED SO HARD WHEN YOU SAID YOU SCREAMED AT MY PLAN TO MAKE AN OUTLINE! Hopefully I will! My Bujo died in May because of exams so I need to bring it back from the dead
        P.S Wooow, that seems like a lot but it felt so short compared to your other posts!

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  5. I’m actually not sure why “May” disappointed May!! You did soooo good!! Congratulations on so many things… 5 years of your mom being cancer free, 400+ followers, winning a writing contest!! plus getting feedback and reaching important writing goals, you are living the life!! Your “wrap up” post kills me its so great!

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  6. Lovely post, my dear! My May was filled with really wonderful things, and a few things that were very not wonderful. But overall, it was pretty great. Yay! I book haul! I don’t buy books that often, but i always leave the library with a large pile. This June I want to work on spending less time on my phone and screens in general. The average human spends 23 days a year on their phone. Kidn of creepy, right? Anyway, thanks for the post!

    ~ Pip

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  7. I tried reading Strange the Dreamer but it is set in its own universe which makes it VERY CONFUSING. My head was about to explode reading the first 20 pages, and the friend that lended it to me told me things don’t clear up till around page 100, and I honestly didn’t feel like finishing it. Let’s just say I get confused pretty easily reading sometimes 😂. When I get like TWO books I consider it a book haul (hey books are EXPENSIVE.) 2 books is like 25 dollars ☹️. Craziness. I just started buying books a little more constantly than normal this year, (but I try to only use gift cards lol) and my friend was making fun of me saying that I’ll use all my money on Barnes and noble when I get older and am living on my own. 😂😂 so true though. I better work on my self control before I go to college… hahahaha 😬😬😂😂

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  8. HAMTRASH HERE!!!! And no doubt that you will reach 500 followers soon. Plus, the struggle was real this month because of finals but now I’m all done!!! And those books that you got sound interesting!

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  9. You might as well create a bookstagram because those pictures are, GORGEOUS! Look at all those books, you are going to read!!! I know your going to have a fabulous month in June, BECAUSE YOU GOT THE WEIGHT OF FEATHERS, UGH SUCH A BEAUTIFUL BOOK!!

    May, stop being so humble, OF COURSE YOU WILL GET 500 FOLLOWERS!!!

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  10. Why do I find such enjoyment reading your wrap-up posts???? THIS IS NOT NORMAL FOR ME???

    Anyway, I am SO EXCITED that summer is finally here! It is time to accomplish ALL of the reading and ALL of the writing and ALL of the blogging hiatus’s??? Hopefully?? No? XD

    Also, what in the world is a WRITING CAMP and WHERE CAN I FIND ONE, PLEASE??? I wanna come play! I’ve never heard of a writing camp before… Is it an actual camp? With ACTUAL WRITERS??? I am all the intrigued…

    I should friend you on Goodreads! I don’t have a lot on there, though. I’m not much of a Goodreads user, it would appear, haha!

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    • Haha I LOVE reading wrap-ups, and I don’t care who writes it! 😛

      YAAAAAAAS. Actually that means more time to procrastinate and get away with it… BUT SHHH I DIDN’T SAY ANYTHING.

      The writing camp I’m taking is a writing CLASS… for three weeks. They wanted to be #fancy but failed.


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      • Yessssss! Summer is procrastination central!! I SHALL TAKE THIS SECRET TO MY GRAVE! XD

        Ohhhhh! Okay! Well, a writing class sounds utterly fantastic!!! Is it online, then? Or is it an actual class at an actual building? I’m trying to find helpful classes and things that will help me grow as a writer. XD It’s not going well, so far, hahahaha! XD

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  11. MAY! You had such a great month!!! VE Schwab is one of my faves as well! I’m planning on reading This Savage Song and Our Dark Duet this month!

    I’ve read Wink, Poppy, Midnight and I liked it a lot! Its super unique and creepy almost! The cool concept is captivating, and its quick but definitely leaves you wanting more! I hope you enjoy it!

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  12. *hides* everyone says “Daisy, read A Darker Shade of Magic!” and I’m like BUT THE BOOKS SEEM BIG AND THEY MIGHT FALL ON MY AND HURT ME OR WHAT IF THEY EAT MY SOUL? (Yes, I have a soul. :p)

    I want to read Illuminae so BAD. You’ll have to tell me if it’s good/how clean it is/if it melted your soul so I will know if I need it. 🙂

    Summer writing camp/classes? OMW jealous! My summer so far looks like some martial arts and trying to beat family members in a read challenge. (Winner gets one $10.00 starbucks drink. hello, i will read ALL the books.) And YOU DANCE? seems like I should know that? But I didn’t? Are you keeping secrets?! My dragons will look at you with very hurt expressions.

    Well, this comment has been long. :p I’m glad you got a bazillion* books to read and that you’re going to have a lovely summer. 🙂

    *not a bazillion, i know.

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  13. YAY MAY! *is a poet* Lots of stuff happened. *nods* (I’m sorry, I’m so uncreative … my mind hasn’t been working in days …) I can’t even answer your questions. I started to, and then my questions were so boring that I stopped … xD

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  14. ILLUMINAE. ❤ It's super confusing for the first couple of chapters because it tries to establish the world setting and the characters right but starts the action RIGHT OFF THE BAT, but once you get past that, it's really such a page turner! A friend of mine recommended and lended me his copy of the book and we kept fangirling / fanboying so hard until my Spanish teacher got so shocked some of her most well-behaved students wouldn't shut up for once. xD IT'S THAT GOOD. And ahhhhhhhh GEMINAAAAAAAAAAAA just read it, read it, read it– but I must warn you that once you finish the second, you'll demand the third but be in a slump because the book is still in progress (?!?!?) before publication.

    I hate waiting between series installments.

    WAIT. Your work got reviewed by an actual editor???? *flails all around* I CAN'T WAIT TO HEAR ABOUT IT!!! Super excited for what's ahead for you this month– you'll do amazing. xD

    I know I kept using xD but text emojis are cool. TIS A MANNER OF FACT.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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    • It LOOKS confusing haha! Like all of it is uniquely formatted which seems to make it SO hard to get the plot and and stuff. AND I CAN JUST FEEEEEL THAT I’M GOING TO LOVE IT. How long until Obsidian comes out??? And the books in the two series are always checked our at my library so IDK when I’ll be able to get Gemina…

      IT DID!!! I WAS SOOOOOO HAPPY. I mean, it was like SMILE SMILE SMILE *slowly fades* XD

      Haha, I use xD too! I just do it all caps and then it turns to an actual emoji.


  15. MAY OMG I LOVE READING YOUR BLOG. You write with so much personality it kills me. Teach me your ways, oh great one. Like actually, I would appreciate it a lot. I need it. xD
    Also, congrats on almost 500 followers! That’s crazy!! I’m not surprised at all though. Your blog is my favorite thing ever out of the 200 something blogs I follow.

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  16. Your wrap-ups are always EPIC, May, but I love reading them. I have to ask: DID YOU CRY while reading The Serpent King? Because I couldn’t help myself, this book broke me and I didn’t expect it to ahah.
    Congratulations on the followers, May – I don’t doubt you’ll reach 3,000 and more in the matter of a couple more months ahha 😉
    I’m so sorry to hear about your mom, May, and I’m sending you all of the hugs in the world ❤ ❤ ❤
    I hope you will have a lovely month of June ❤

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  17. Sounds like this month was a busy one for you! I started reading Inexplicable Logic but I didn’t get to finish cause my digital loan expired and now there’s like 20 people in front of me in the hold line *sobs*. OHHH I HOPE YOU LOVE GEEKERELLA!!! That boook stole my heart. Also congrats on the followers!!!

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  18. Yay! I’m the 101th comment! And Congratulations on 476 followers!! Your posts are amazing and you never fail to crack me up 😂 Anyway you totally deserve it!! I can’t wait to be celebrating 600 followers next month!! Go May!! And also congratulations on FREE BOOKs!! I went to the library recently as well and I’m very motivated to read more during my holidays! And also congratulations on getting your writing reviewed and winning the contest! I’m sure that you will be a published author in no time now. But you have to give all of us a sneak peek before,please? 😊❤ and I really hope that your mum is doing well now..❤
    P.S-I’m so sorry for not being very active on your blog lately,my wifi had become super laggy so I couldn’t do anything 😦

    Liked by 1 person

    • THANK YOU! And I’m glad they crack you up! 😛 Oh yes, seeing that I have more books always motivates me to read more. 😛 AGH YOU’RE TO SWEET!!! Of course you can have a peek of my writing, since I won’t be publishing any time soon. 😉 And my mom’s great! She’s in remission and has been for years, but there’s no cure for chronic leukemia, so… *shrugs*

      (And no, Sasha, you’re completely fine! Comment when you can, sweetie. ❤

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  19. Well, you’ve had a very busy month! And I’m glad you liked the Serpent King. (SO SAD) Also go you for writing! My writing was sort of flailing this month, but I was quite busy with, you know FINISHING HIGH SCHOOL so I forgive myself haha. And I just sent you a friend request on goodreads. Have a wonderful june ❤

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  20. Great recap for this month May, although I’m sorry your month wasn’t as good as you’d hoped it would be (especially considering it’s ‘your’ month, how dare it be anything less than perfect right?!) 🙂
    I will say though based on the books you read and hauled you had to have had a pretty good reading month right? I’m so glad you loved A Gathering of Shadows, A Conjuring of Light and When the Moon Was Ours (I can’t wait to see your review for the last book either), and I hope you enjoy the other books you got as well (mainly Strange the Dreamer and Geekerella, I’ve read the first and heard amazing things about the second!)
    Again great recap, and good luck with your next month goals as well! 😀 ❤

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  21. how did YOUR may go? Pretty good! Busy with school, but it was good anyways…

    what books did you read? I haven’t updated goodreads recently (like, I still have books from April to put on…oops) and I also didn’t make a list of them…but I only read two or three. Which was probably good since I procrastinated less, maybe.

    any writing accomplishments? I finished my Iris novella! But I don’t know what to write next now…there are so many projects and conflicted feelings.

    any particular goals for june? Write a lot, earn some money, be awesome… 😉

    what are some other things you’re looking forward to this month? Not having to go to school! Also we’re going to have a short family vacation and that will be fun as well. 😀

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  22. May I just say that your posts are always so LOVELY AND FUN AND ENTERTAINING TO READ?!? Because they are. ANd you must keep blogging forever because I love reading it.💕 *twirls happily*

    Also omg so much excitement?!?? CONGRATS ON THE EDITOR READING YOUR WORK. I can’t wait to hear more about that! And also those books. 😍 VE Schwab is QUEEN and I love everything of ever that’s she’s written. *sobs over ACOL because jfkadlsjadk* And I really really really loved Weight of Feathers. I mind of stole my heart. ❤ I also ADORED Strange the Dreamer, but it's super flowery with the prose and the audiobook was the best way to go imo. And Wink Poppy Midnight is actually good!! Plus that cover, amirite?!

    Liked by 1 person

    • ASDFHFHGLHL *flails* THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! You and your blog are simply AMAZING and to hear that from you just makes me… *melts*

      Agh, thanks! And yaaaas omg ACOL DESTROYED ME. I finished The Weight of Feathers and it was super good! And yes, Cait, we all know you’re a LITTLE obsessed with Strange the Dreamer. XD



    Secondly, I'm so jealous of all the VE. Schwab books that you've read like ????? I haven't read any of her books yet??? Am I the worst??? Yes. I am.


    "Shiver Maggie Stiefvater // A cute romance but was it insta-love???" my thoughts exactly when I read it! I think I gave it 4 stars as well but I honestly can't remember a thing about the book anymore and I don't know if I'll continue with the series!


    Liked by 1 person

    • Of course I would give you a shoutout, dear!!! ❤


      I'm reading Geekerella right now! I'm really annoyed by Catherine and totally relate to Elle. No sure how I feel about Darien yet???

      I KNOW it was cute and all, but like… they "knew" each other for six years (aka stared at each other)… and then kissed on like the second day they met???



  24. VICIOUS AND ILLUMINAE. ❤ I am so glad you liked Vicious as much as I did (It was so good, right?) and I can’t wait to see what you think of Illuminae. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous recap!

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  25. Oh look, I’ve got to this post now. NOW. When we’re almost 10 days into June. I suck lol😂 YOU READ SO MANY BOOKS IN MAY, MAY!!!!!!! I’m so proud of you! As for me, I am savouring every book I read and trying to be eclectic. I had read 8 books in May, and this month, I’m trying to juggle school, reading, blogging, studying and getting some decent amount of sleep. ALSO, LET’S GO 600!!!! Speaking of which, I don’t even know why but people actually liked my blog and followed me. Like, a HELLA LOT OF PEOPLE AND I’M SO SURPRISED BECAUSE HOWWWWW?? WHY? Why do you even want to follow this girl, who terrorises everyone with her obsessive usage of the capslock key?😂


    This is weird, but I kinda like the taste of salad. I don’t even know. It just makes me feel all healthy. 😆 I ACTUALLY DID A HAIRCUT ONE YEAR BACK. AND IT WAS ACTUALLY 4 INCHES (THANKS MOM) I love my long hair and I just don’t want to make it short. Ever. Even if it’s summer.

    YOUR THEME IS FANTASTIC, MAY. But, I’m open for a change! I cannot wait to see what you’re going to do because your blog is literal GOALS. I have been debating on this, myself, and I want to try out a minimalistic look but the free WordPress themes don’t even support this. And I’m too broke to afford a premium account. #SOS😂


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    • OH MY GOSH ANJ WHY IS THIS SO FREAKING LONG??? I mean I love it… but do you have to waste time for this???

      Agh, thank you! Hopefully I read more books this month. (And don’t worry about commenting, dear Anj!) Good luck on reading and blogging and school! ❤ AND SAAAAAME. Like why do you want to hear me scream and be cringy??? I honestly don't know why or how these people followed me. XD

      YES GO READ SOME SCHWAB OR MY MANGO ARMY WILL GO AFTER YOU. And what's there to obsess about on my GR page…? XD

      It depends on the salad, I guess. And if I've been eating the same one for weeks. I had long hair but it made me look weird??? (Who am I kidding I always look weird.) Shoulder-length fits me the best.

      Ah, thank you! And aww, thank you!!! Yours is aesthetic too omgggg. I know a minimalistic theme is Spun… but it's a little TOO minimalistic haha. Yeah, I just wish I could design my own theme because none of the WP themes I actually LOVE.



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