Genre Recommendations With the Lovely Sarah @ Between the Pages

Despite our ever-growing TBRs, us bookworms can’t say no to book recommendations.

We are slowly killing ourselves???

But despite the self-murder going on here, I decided to say yes to the wonderful Sarah @ Between the Pages when she asked me to do a collab with her. And obviously because we are great and growers-of-TBRs, we decided to give some book recommendations!

…Of course just a random post on recommendations would be boring. So Sarah and I decided to give each other recs* for some specific genres, so we could EXPAND OUR HORIZONS.

*waggles eyebrows* Look at that fancy wording huh huh.

*This stands for recommendations. For any unsure beans out there. I’m here for you.

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the genres

(Am I just adding this to make the post longer??? No. By the way this is May because I feel the need to make all my posts at least 1K words you’re welcome.)

  • MYSTERY: Sarah loooves mystery, and I need to read more! Maybe.
  • DYSTOPIAN: I’m somewhat growing out of this phase… but I still like that futuristic-society-that-sucks vibe.
  • ADVENTURE: I also don’t read enough adventure??? Or maybe I do I just don’t know it’s labeled as adventure #oops.

Also, please note that the flower graphics you see are NOT MINE and BELONG TO SARAH. The bookish pics you see below ALSO BELONG TO SARAH. But dude aren’t they pretty??? I want seashells.

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introducing sarah!

Good afternoon to the followers of the beloved Mango Queen! May and I have guest posted book recommendations, a few per a genre, on one another’s blogs. I was so excited to find that she was willing to do this, and I think our plan worked out pretty good. You guys can be the judges of that!

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Mystery has recently officially become my favorite genre, which therefore means I already have an endless mental list of mystery novels that I thoroughly enjoyed, but these two (We Were Liars and We Are Okay) are some of my all-time favs. (And I don’t own a whole lot of other mystery books haha….the irony just made this awkward lol.)

Anyways, I just find it really entertaining to unravel a good, twisted mystery, and if some romance is thrown in, EVEN BETTER!

Also, you may notice a shell theme in the bookish photos in this post, just because I recently noticed I hoard A LOT of shells.

Comment from May: Oh yes, I read We Were Liars and it was pretty great! THE PLOT TWIST WAS SO AMAZING OMG. (I was actually going to recommend this as well, but figured you would do it instead haha.) And eek, I really want to read We Are Okay! Glad to know you enjoyed it. 🙂

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I suffered from a severe Divergent obsession a few years ago, and I still haven’t read Carve the Mark; basically sixth-grade Sarah would want to murder me, but I’m just not a sci-fi person.

Okay, I know that Red Queen is definitely more on the fantasy side than dystopian, but HEY THE WHOLE BLOOD RACISM (like racism but instead depending on your blood type. It’s not a real thing. YET). THINGS COULD HAPPEN. Futuristic in a way depending on how you look a it? Eek.

Legend is a great book based around a dystopian government, and it’s like a less hyped over but better version of Divergent, if that makes sense. The are all equally amazing, the character development is great, etc.

Comment from May: Omg yeees. I was a huge fan of Divergent as well haha! And I’m proud of myself for reading both of these books. Red Queen was pretty good (then it got worse…) and LEGEND IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE BOOKS EVER OMG MARIE LU IS QUEEN.

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Ahhh, the genre of escapism! Always my favorite before I met YA… The book to the left is The Girl Who Could Fly (sounds cheesy, I know, but TRY to look past that).

Moving on, all of Cassandra Clare’s books are AMAZING fantasy books, and must-reads! I don’t own TMI book one, so I had to use Lady Midnight for the photo (C.C.’s third series), but all of the series are kinda connected. Which means that you can NOT SIMPLY START ON LADY MIDNIGHT UNLESS YOU WISH FOR YOUR BRAINS TO EXPLODE. Click here.

Comment from May: Oh yes, fantasy is DEFINITELY a favorite genre of mine as well! I’m planning on reading TMI this summer, but there are just soooo many that I don’t know if I can get through them haha. And ooh, I’ll definitely add The Girl Who Could Fly to my TBR!

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Okay first off, apologies for the disgusting light glare on Maximum Ride. Speaking of which, that book was originally a novel series by James Patterson, but then was adapted into a manga series by Narae Lee. The art in it is amazing, which also leads me to… Wonder Struck!

It’s another book like The Invention of Hugo Cabet. (Pretty cool.) Adventure is sort of a weird, in between genre. I feel like nothing is solely adventure in YA. Honestly THOUGH  it’s pretty hard to even think of a YA book that doesn’t have even a little romance in it!! Not saying that I mind though. 😉

Comment from May: I’ve heard of Wonder Struck! It seems pretty great. And haha, yes, as long as the romance isn’t unrealistic or “too much” I’ll love it. I actually read Maxmium Ride, but didn’t finish the rest of the series, so I’ll have to do that!


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Thanks so much, Sarah, for this awesome collab! These recs are all awesome, and I’ll definitely be checking some out. 🙂

Anyways, be sure to visit her blog, Between the Pages, if you haven’t already! And also check out what I recommended. Because they’re all amazing books and you need to add them to your TBR now because what are book recommendations if they aren’t there to make you suffer??? #mwahahaha

No I am not cruel why would you ask that.

(I also included cringy bookish pics so if you want to see that, head on over.)

shall we chat

have you read any of these books before? what did you think of them? what other recommendations would you add for these genres? have you checked out sarah’s blog and/or my post yet? and isn’t tbr-growing fun yet also torturous??? let us chat and grow tbrs!

P.S. I hit 1078 words #areyouproud.

sign off 2.0


86 thoughts on “Genre Recommendations With the Lovely Sarah @ Between the Pages


    anyways, GAHH I READ MAXIMUM RIDE AND IT WAS SO GOOD but I was super lost when there was this whole thing about the memory thing and I got really confused about who was on who’s side and sdfghjk

    And also I read TMI and AGHHH I LOVE CASSANDRA CLARE. But I haven’t read any of her other books?? Even though they are spin-offs (which I actually did not know before)?

    I’ll have to check out We Were Liars. I know that E. Lockhart Is known for her confusing and good mystery books and I WANT.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 1077 WORDS YOU DUMMY.

      Maximum Ride was good! I mean I stopped reading it for sometime, then went back to it. And it was pretty good.

      I NEED TO READ TMI! It’s on my summer TBR and haha I have totally been reading books on my TBR??? And yes, Ju, they are spin-offs??? XD


      Liked by 1 person

  2. *screams* ALL HAIL QUEEN OF DYSTOPIA MARIE LU. THIS IS NOT A DRILL– I REPEAT, THIS IS NOT A DRILL. I can’t wait for her new book series to come out later this year!

    Ooh, Wonderstruck! I love Brian Selznick’s books. They bring back good childhood memories. Warm feels and fuzzies (kind of like what the guy in Frozen ate to calm himself down but not that disgusting taste wise).

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    P.S. Did you see what I did to the document yet?

    Liked by 1 person


      I need to read his books! I know that Wonder Struck was chosen for some state book award thing. And what guy in Frozen???

      (I’ll go check! 🙂 )


    (i would continue chanting forever but……..)
    yeah, so i’d pretty much sell my soul for marie lu and she’s amazing and the actual loml sooooooo….
    i feel kind of bad because i was just rubbing my hands over the post and whispering “problematic, problematic” but we are okay is great and i read it at a costco. also i’m going to cackle and laugh because i have like 10 books on my tbr shelf 😉 😉 😉

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  4. I haven’t read any of those books before but all the titles sound pretty interesting and the covers lol you’re not supposed to judge that way but you can by great recs ☺️ this was a good idea for a collar and I’m now going to go over to see your picks✨

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I love Wonder Struck! They story, sketches, everything is just Wonder-ful. Did you catch my pun there? Anyway, I really want to read We Were Liars. It looks amazing!

    ~ Pip

    Liked by 1 person

  6. We are Okay sounds great and looks like a fun read from the cover! I definitely need to read more Marie Lu… I read one of her series and thought it was okay but the dragons didn’t make much sense. I liked the other elements of the story though so I’m going to read more soon (soonish? sometime?) The Girl who could Fly I put on the tbr right away… I’m reading a lot of middle grade lately (why? I don’t know…) (oh and is 4 books a lot?) Great collaboration! Sarah seems like a great blogger.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I really want to read We Are Okay! MARIE LU IS AMAZING!!! Although I don’t think she’s ever written a series about dragons??? Maybe you’re thinking of another author. XD Haha, I am in a YA mood, with like… ten YA books checked out. XD And Sarah is an awesome blogger!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. We Are Okay is a mystery? Huh. I guess I never really paid enough attention to that title (although I’ve seen it around). Didn’t think it was a mystery.

    Also, it’s funny how both the recs just have a 1 word difference 😀

    By the way, blood type racism is a little bit of a thing in Japan and Korea. They look at it there like we look at star signs. My blood type happens to be “the stupidest and meanest” (type A) and people do laugh when they find out. They’re like, “no way you could be THAT type, you’re not THAT bad” 😀 and I’m just… surprised how something so stupid can be taken as a measure of character..? I guess this illustrates what racism is just perfectly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I didn’t know it was a mystery either! I think I added it to my TBR cuz of the cover. XD

      Haha, yeah!

      Whoa, that is super interesting! And also mean. But interesting. XD And yes, ANY type of racism (or discrimination) is horrible and needs to stop! #SpreadtheLove


  8. YES, I’m reading LEGEND RIGHT NOW and was about to buy The Young Elites the other day but I was like – IS IT WORTH IT? I’ve got Lady Midnight from the library just sitting at home but I haven’t read The Mortal Instruments so I’m not sure whether to read it? Red Queen and We Were Liars are both on my TBR and I’ve heard AMAZING things about them! I love Sarah’s blog! It’s actually so amazing.My recommendations would be:
    MYSTERY: OH UM? I’ve read loooads but can’t think of any right now? #insane
    DYSTOPIAN: I really liked The Killables series by Gemma Malley and The Hunger Games was okay too? I’ve read Divergent but didn’t like Insurgent. And I’m yet to read Allegiant.
    FANTASY: Six Of Crows, A Darker Shade Of Magic, Harry Potter, Ink and Bone, The Hobbit – I COULD GO ON FOREVER
    ADVENTURE: #help

    I’m reading your post next! TBR’s are just…NO COMMENT

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LEGEND IS SO GREAT!!! TYE is also really good, but imo The Midnight Star was the best of them all (probably because of the heartbreaking scene at the end???). Yeah, all of Cassie Clare’s books are spinoffs of TMI, so you MIGHT want to read that first lol.

      Red Queen was 4 stars to me, but then WHAM Glass Sword sucked. I read King’s Cage but honestly I just want it to be oveeeeeeer. (It’s not.)

      THG IS ON MY TBR. And Allegiant made me cry! 😭 Even though I knew what would happen.

      BASICALLY MY FANTASY RECS ARE THE SAME AS YOURS (except for The Hobbit >:) )

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m balancing read Legend with Strange The Dreamer. THAT REMINDS ME. Ahem

        Ahh, I’m so sad you didn’t like The Red Queen series, BECAUSE IT’s SO HYPED? AND I GET HAPPY WHEN HYPED BOOKS LIVE UP TO THEIR REPUATION? No, just me?

        I know someone told me what happens in Allegiant #ANGRY

        THOU MUST READ THE HOBBIT (tis amazing)

        Liked by 1 person

  9. I love this idea for a collab May, 🙂 and these are some great recommendations as well. I’ve read and really enjoyed We Were Liars (that twist ending was insane right?!), I haven’t read any of Nina LaCour’s books yet but they’re all on my to-read list so hopefully one day I’ll get around to them.
    Legend is a series I still need to get around to (hopefully very soon though), and oh I love Cassandra Clare’s books. I’m not far with her series yet but I’ve heard amazing things about Lady Midnight so hopefully I’ll feel the same what I pick it up.
    These are some amazing recommendations, I wholly agree with the ones I have read and the ones I haven’t are going to have to be added to my to-read list now! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, the plot twist for We Were Liars had me like WHAAAT? Yes, a lot of Nina LaCour’s books are on my TBR as well!

      LEGEND! Yes, I hope you get around to it soon. 😉 I need to read TMI! I’ve heard great things about Lady Midnight, and I hope you enjoy it. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  10. I have some recommendations (no please don’t kill me please)!
    I am with Sarah on this one, mystery is just the best. I recommend the ‘Cherub’ series (young adult/teen) and The Laura Marlin Mysteries (older kids).

    For adventure, it depends whether you like realistic or fantastical stuff? I only really read realistic. I recommend ‘Swallows and Amazons’ and all ‘Michael Morpurgo ‘ books, especially ‘Listen To The Moon’s and ‘Sparrow’.

    Three books that I absolutely love are ‘Artichoke Hearts’, ‘Jasmine Skies’ and ‘Red Leaves’ all by Sita Brahmachari. Promise me you’ll read them! They are gems of the book world! Beyond words and utter perfection. I guess they are contemporary?

    Sorry for these additions to your tbrs! Apologies all round!

    P.S. Yes, May! Very proud indeed. XD

    Liked by 1 person

  11. This is such a lovely post, I love these recs! I read and LOVED We Were Liars and that twist, I did NOT see that coming at all and…I kind of cried?! Am I the only oneee? HAha.
    I’m hoping to read Legend sometime soon, well, for now as you know I’m going to try and survive reading The Young Elites hahaha.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. haha I read most of them a while ago, but I need to reread them because soooo goood. (But a long tbr, what to do??)

        and it’s okay!!! Don’t worry about it, BUT YOU HAVE TO (also fun fact the tony awards were Sunday and it won a ton of awards yayyy)

        Yep, we definitely need to talk more!

        Liked by 1 person

  12. What a great collab!!!!!! I love all these recs! *goes to add every single one of them to my TBR*

    BIG HUGE HUMONGOUS YES TO LEGEND BY MY FAV MARIE LU! I am so in love with that series but I read it ages ago and I barely remember what happens except that I cried. A LOT. So I better reread them ASAP!

    And I need to read We Were Liars soon! And We Are Okay! I didn’t know that one was a mystery but now I want to read it even more! 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  13. OH NO OH NO OH NO. I KNEW I SHOULDN’T HAVE CLICKED THIS POST. I KNEW IT. Death by suffocation by TBR and I am gone. My TBR just rose by a million books and I mean, it sucks that this mountain is getting closer to getting me but I guess this would be the way to go (oh wow, this got really dark real quick). BUT to return the favour, I just need to put out Scythe by Neal Shusterman out there! I’m not *too* much a dystopian fan in that I mean, I enjoy it but its not always the grab for my attention BUT HAIL IT ALL this book got my brain and hooked it to the wall (I don’t know why my mind is getting so graphic omg) and you should read it too *WINKS*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DON’T WORRY YOU WILL LIVE TO SEE YOUR TBR TOWER OVER YOU. You actually won’t die from the TBR, I’ve realized, because the TBR is too cruel to give you that escape. AND HAHAHA TOO LATE THAT WAS ONE OF MY RECS ON SARAH’S BLOG. #ObviouslyImAPsychic Scythe was soooo good though!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. mountain-sized-TBR-towers* I’m currently at school and well, the server here is JUST NOT HAVING IT with me and I can’t open the link BUT as soon as I can, you KNOW I’m running to that link. MY EXPECTATIONS ARE REACHING SKY LEVEL – JUST YOU KNOW THAT.

            Liked by 1 person

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