Writerly Update #7 // I’m Restraining Myself From All Caps Please Save Me

Since I couldn’t type in all caps in the title, I’LL DO IT NOW.


I mean, it’s not even that much, considering I’m also juggling blogging and reading???

But I’m working on two projects at the same time and their deadlines are both at the end of the month and it’s SO. STRESSFUL.

*whispers* Please someone save me it’s summer and I should be relaxed but I’m NOOOOOOOT.




So you know how in my last Writerly Update I said that I had a hate-love relationship with editing?

Well it has now been promoted to a HATE-HATE RELATIONSHIP.

There are only so many times you can read your manuscript before getting bored. (One.) AND I SLOWLY DIE INSIDE because it takes like 20+ minutes to edit a chapter JUST BARELY.

It’s not even big edits yet (though I’m starting those today). I’m just going through, marking little stuff down, fixing grammar or wording, and making myself notes to fix when the big edits come in.


Image result for crying gif

I’ve made myself a writing schedule because I’m THAT stressed, and… it’s slightly working. Not completely, but slightly. I’m planning to finish edits by Friday the 23rd, so then I have the weekend to look over it and then SUBMIT IT TO THE CONTEST.

The absolute WORST part of this is that my mother refuses to buy dried mangoes for me until we go on vacation. What am I supposed to eat while I edit??? AVOCADOES???*

*Please no.



(I did not just write “manga story”.)

(And I did not just write “mango story”.)

On top of edits, I’m also planning out my magic story. I SORT OF know the plot for it. Or I will figure it out later during Camp and regret everything.

But as much as I said I LOVED develop characters… IT’S NOT WORKING. Backstory is TORTUROUS for me, even though backstory is my favorite! part! ever! NOT FAIR.

I think it might be because I didn’t flesh out the plot enough??? I just had the basic structure and am planning to get the details while I outline for Camp. But I’m realizing that’s not the best plan??? #TooLate

Let’s not forget worldbuliding. Which I hate. I’m going to say it again because I can’t say it enough: I. HATE. WORLDBUILDING. I HATE HATE HATE IT.

Image result for tantrum gif

It’s honestly so hard??? Like whatever I can come up with a story and some people, but a world??? NO. I’m focusing on characters right now, but soon it’ll be time for worldbuilding… And I will turn into a pile of pumpkin mush. Don’t know why it was pumpkin.

I think I’ll have to turn to my own writing advice for this. Too bad it sucks.

I’m aiming to be finished with ALL my planning on Monday the 26th. So then I can enjoy my vacation to Canada without worrying about anything writing-related. But if I need it (and I probably will), I’ll take my planning to Canada with me. I mean, I already have to bring a notebook to start my outline for Camp. #RIPMaysVacay2K17

Also let us pray for May as she struggles to come up with a title for her story.



In my May MMM*, I talked about how I  C O M P L E T E L Y  F O R G O T  to tell you guys that I actually got an editorial review on an excerpt of my work. *cue the fangirl screaming*

Okay, so like it was two pages, and a lot of it I have learned this past year, but STILL. AN EDITORIAL REVIEW. FROM AN ACTUAL PUBLISHING HOUSE/EDITOR. Asdfghjkl.

I read over the feedback and made it generalized:

  • ground the setting
    • outline and define the world and its rules
    • weave the details into the story
  • provide enough understanding and background of significant plot points
  • more background on the focus of the story (MC)
  • describe emotions and feelings of characters
  • make dialogue flow naturally (like regular convos with friends)

Cool right??? I basically jumped up and down when I saw it was in the mail. And the smile on my face slowly faded as I read the feedback. I mean, you gotta love it. But it’s hard.

Image result for smile fading gif

*This technically reads as “May May’s Moments of the Month” but do I care??? No.



So. In my last Writerly Update™ I said that I would be introducing a blog writing project to you near the end of June.

I lied.

LOOK, I’M SORRY??? I had a WHOOOOLE different plan when I said that. And it was a HORRIBLE idea, whereas my current idea is 112% amazing.

(I think.)

Anyways, expect to see a post about it on Saturday, July 8th! I would post it earlier, but #vacay. But like… I have the post ready and everything??? But it’s not actually happening till like August ahem.

I would also like to inform you that I have SUCCESSFULLY COME UP WITH A NAME FOR THIS PROJECT. I mean it sucks because I’m #creative like that, but it’s the best I’ve got, okay???

I’M SUPER EXCITED ABOUT THIS THO. Expect prompts and feedback and partners.*

*This is obviously “partner” as in “HOWDY PARTNER”. #YesIAmTexan #NoIDoNotSayThat



  • I wrote a magical realism story.
  • Okay more like the prologue of a magical realism story—but the main character is a boy named Cadis (IDK HOW I THOUGHT OF THIS BY MYSLEF BUT I LIKE IT???) who has a useless (muscleless, boneless) arm, and flowers growing on his back AND I’M EXCITED.
  • The flowers thing is hard to explain, but basically imagine a moving tattoo???
  • There are also FOUR people in this camp who were seventh graders at my school. (Not including me.)
More like… I KNOW THEM.
  • And the camp’s “process” is “Read. Write. Share.” And I’m just like I CAN DO THE FIRST TWO BUT NOT THE LAST!!!



That moment when Google Docs says “said” should be corrected to “saaid”.

That moment when Google Docs says “Oh” should be corrected to “O”.

Clearly I need to have a talk with Google Docs.

That moment when you do some keyboard shortcut wrong and THE FONT SUDDENLY SWITCHES LIKE WHOA.

That moment when it says “hid his arm and back in dear” instead of “hid his arm and back in fear”. OBVIOUSLY I AM DEARFUL OF YOU.

That moment when you have no other moments to share. #rude

shall we chat

how’s writing going for YOU? what manga mango stories are you cooking up? planning on doing camp nano? are you turning into pumpkin mush??? are you dearful of anyone??? AND ARE YOU GOING TO JOIN MY WRITING PROJECT? tell me alllll, folks.

sign off 2.0


169 thoughts on “Writerly Update #7 // I’m Restraining Myself From All Caps Please Save Me

  1. “Well it has now been promoted to a HATE-HATE RELATIONSHIP.” 😂 It’s me, though. Editing is awful but like I love my book babies?? And also moving tattoo in your magical realism book sounds #fabulous.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m super excited to read about your writing protect! I’ll probably join, if I have time… I want to do camp nano, but theatre and blogging are my main goals right now. Oh well. Maybe in November? Will you pretty please include some snippits in an upcoming post? I love to read other people’s writing.

    ~ Pip

    Liked by 1 person

  3. *slides in* Here I am to apologize for not commenting on your posts (or anyone else’s posts) for a zillion years while on vacation. *bows*

    how’s writing going for YOU?:
    THERE IS NO TIME!!! But it’s awesome that you’re writing. ‘Cause I’m not. And someone in this world should be writing …

    what stories are you cooking up?:
    Uh … *glances at word count* *which is zero* *shrugs*

    planning on doing camp nano?:
    Yep! Hopefully I’ll have time …

    are you turning into pumpkin mush???:

    I don’t know, May … I’m so busy. Everything is crazy. *holds gun to head* *shoots self* *realizes the gun was full of icecream* *eats icecream* *which is kinda gross, but IT’S ICECREAM*

    For some reason I never realized you were from Texas before. *coughs* *knows nothing* That’s … cool … I guess. (says the girl who loves the idea of Texas but not Texas in reality XD ) Seriously, though, Oregon is boring … at least yours has a reputation that isn’t probably even true …. 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • IT’S OKAY, KELL! You were on #vacay.

      Haha, I’m like FORCING myself to write, but whatever. XD

      Even if you don’t have time for Camp, you can set a low goal that you can reach without being overly stressed!

      I WANT ICE CREAM. And that’s okay! I totally get the business thing — which is why it’ll start up in August. Two months from now. XDD

      I need to do a “Texan stereotypes” post one day tho. IT MAKES ME SO ANGRY AGH. Do you think we ride horses to school??? What do you think I’m wearing right now??? (But lol there’s ONE “stereotype” that’s true: IT’S HOT.)


      Liked by 1 person

      • Me setting a low goal: 2000 words sounds good … XD Seriously, though, I think I can do 10,000 … even though I’d like to do like 30K. That would be nice … or a zillion. A zillion words … I would never have to write again … which would be sad.

        I KNOW ICECREAM IS AMAZING! And I might be able to do it … though I don’t know. August looks busy, but perhaps that’s just because I haven’t experienced it yet. *nods*

        Nah, I don’t think that … but I don’t know, would I if I didn’t know so many people from Texas? It’s hard to tell. (And duh, you’re wearing a cowboy hat and blue jeans and a button-up shirt … what else would you be wearing? You’re a Texan. 😛 )

        I would do an ‘Oregon stereotypes’ post except there are no stereotypes here. I don’t think. Are there? I have no idea. I could do a Portland (OR) stereotypes post, but then I’m not convinced that some of them aren’t true … 😉 JUST KIDDING ALL YOU PORTLANDERS OUT THERE!

        Oh, you know, the gunslinger reputation. I know you’re secretly a cowgirl … it’s okay … I won’t judge … 😉 Jk.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Stereotypes about people who live in a certain place (or really stereotypes about anything) drive me crazy.
        I know some people who lived in Texas for a while, and they once got stopped coming across the border because the border guard was convinced that since they had a Texas license plate it must mean they had guns with them.

        Liked by 1 person

  4. I am currently super behind with writing because SCHOOL UGH! It’s almost over though, FIVE MORE SCHOOL DAYS & one exam then I’m done! And all my time can be devoted to writing, reading and blogging! I CAN”T WAIT!

    Also, YOU ARE COMING TO CANADA??? That is where I am from!!!!! Where about are you travelling to??? (If you don’t mind sharing!!) It’s honestly great here so anywhere is a good place to go to!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. I am currently writing but I’ve gotten past the stage of freaking out over everything (but I bet it’ll come back again soon *cries*) so now I’m just trying to write as much as I can before I get all the inspiration sucked out of me. And have fun in Canada! Hug a moose for me!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I totally forgot the deadline for the contest…. oh well !! Also I’m going to fight you because you used slang. stop. i’m the white one. and what is writing? i have actually slept every single day this week because little children are spawn of the devil. just saying. but i’m glad you’ve gotten stuff done !! yay !!

    Liked by 1 person


    (or are we still going with the rly morbid version of the name)

    HA. so i’m still utterly stuck on Camp NaNo. i don’t think i’m running with the story i was telling you about, but i don’t feel like writing Masquerade this month either, so idkkk. right now, i’m tentatively planning to write another contemporary (CONTEMPORARIES ARE MY LIFE K) that i thought of, but seriously, idk. XDD


    Liked by 1 person

  8. I luuuuuuuuvvv editing! I can’t write the base of the scene! *cringe* I know I’m all backwards… you are doing it right!! And two at once…. ARE YOU CRAZY?! 🤗😆🤓😅😁 I am so excited for your prompts and partners, partner… (I am from Texas too and I do use it…?) just kidding!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. I HATE IT WHEN GOOGLE GIVES YOU WORD SUGGESTIONS & YOU’RE LIKE, “No, Google, that’s where you’re wrong.” *flalis* I’m about ready to head off to bed (it’s been a long day and tomorrow will also be another long day) but believe me when I say I’m going to try to decipher what this project is. *gives detective eye viewing through a monocle* *flounces*

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    Liked by 1 person

    ~april (who could pretty much be called a magician cause she has the disappearing act down)

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  11. I know it’s rude to laugh at someone’s woes but the gifs and capslock and changing font sizes nearly done me in 😂
    Also DRIED MANGOES?? 👌👌
    AVOCADOES?? 👎👎
    Congratulations on getting an editorial review!! But ohgosh that Kanye gif 😂😂
    AND KING GEORGEEE! The epitome of evil fabulousness ❤
    I want to know more about that boy with flowers growing on his back, it’s inspiring an illustration in my head 😍

    Liked by 1 person

  12. I HATE it when Google docs keeps suggesting words that are not actually words that belong to the English dictionary. Like, does it even know how to spell? I keep adding these “wrong” words to my personal dictionary or whatever (to get rid of those stupid red lines) when they’re actually all NORMAL, ENGLISH WORDS. Sorry about the rant, but I really hate it when someone (well, something) corrects me when I’m not wrong.
    Also, working on two different projects? Try THREE. *wails* Last week, I didn’t even enough inspiration for one project and now I’m doing pinterest boards for three stories. (yes, I do pinterest boards. Don’t judge me. It’s all part of research)
    Seriously though, good luck!

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  13. I love how you said that editing has been promoted to a HATE-HATE relationship because I FEEL YOU! You know that I’ve never written like a big huge story (like you, my sweet friend) but even with my little short stories I GET TIRED OF IT AFTER READING THROUGH IT O N C E! And the more I read through it, the worse it gets and I keep editing and editing and the result is just… #bad. XD

    AND YAYYY congrats on that editorial review!!! That must be the best feeling! But also the worst because someone is criticising your work and you need to EDIT SOME MORE and ugh!

    Oh and I can’t wait for your writing project!!! July 8th I am ready for you! And it’s taking place in August which is great! But maybe not because I’m on vacation in August. For like 3 weeks. BUT WE’LL SEE! AND I’M EXCITED FOR IT EITHER WAY ❤️

    Umm, I think that’s all that I wanted to say? I’m not sure? I guess this is goodbye? *waves*

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  14. I -completely- understand. I’m working on three manuscripts right now, one is with another writer. One manuscript is on its 16th full edit/re-write and another is on hold since I’m at a stand still on what to do with it. Words are hard. And the more words you have the harder it feels.

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  15. EEK, UGH, I hate Avocados. AHH, I hope tHe Writerly Schedule is WORKING WELL! Punish it if it isn’t working! Any idea on punishments for schedules, I may need a few ideas *laughs nervously*

    Editing just seems really SAD, and then there are those people who ACTUALLY want to be an Editor when they’re older. #EXPLAIN

    I’m SO EXCITED FOR CANADA. Oh wait, I’m not going BUT YOU’LL KEEP US UPDATED, right? ALSO, I’M SO CAKING JEALOUS that your work got an editorial review! *SCREAMS INTO WRITING VOID (if there is one) *

    I HATE HATE HATE HATE sharing my writing. (apart from with you because like you’re so nice, somehow? AND I NEED YOUR HELP. Though I’m still reluctant.) WRITING CAMP SOUNDS SO FUN and UNFAIR – gimme your magical realism story NOW. oooh, you haven’t written it #sad

    THE GOOGLE DOC STRUGGLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Writing??? OH YEAH, THAT THING. I’m entering a writing competition (SHHHH. I obviously didn’t tell you about this and you obviously didn;t help me with it) I COOK STORIES but they’re always UNDERCOOKED like I get the frying pan out and the food, but never actually cook? You make salad though so we’re different there. I REFUSE to do cam Nano but maybe in November I’ll.. – NO I CANNOT LIE.

    Pumpkin Mush. NO. Marshmallows


    P.S “This technically reads as “May May’s Moments of the Month” but do I care??? No”


    Liked by 1 person


      I was looking for an avocado emoji (there's not one) and then I found an emoji that LOOKED LIKE A MANGO!!! But it's a lemon. *cries* And my writing schedule is basically "brainstorm for 40 mins or die/get a big red X".

      I hate sharing my writing too!!! Snippets of it are okaaaaay I guess. And yes, I'm very kind amd always helpful. Writing camp IS fun, and I ONLY HAVE THE PROLOGUE BUT LIKE… NOT WITH ME.


      Oh yes, a writing competition??? Why did you never tell me this??? And FOOD I WANT FOOD. And wut no I don't like salad. YOU AREN'T PARTICIPATING IN ANY NANO??? *sobs*

      No. Mango mush.

      I think you MAY (hahahahaha) have to battle some people for that title. *sits back* *sips mango smoothie* *cheers for blood*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Really? And I thought my comments were getting shorter *deep sigh*

        A BIG CROSS? This is officially murder. I’d probably just deprive myself of marshmallows and smear on the writing schedule. NO, i could not do this, LIKE EVER. Punishment? EAT THE PAPER. MWHAHAHAHA

        because I obviously eat paper

        I LUV SALAD.


        Excuse me? Are you trying to say i’m NOT your no.1 fan


        you’re real funny may

        Liked by 1 person

  16. Oh it sounds like you have a lot going on in terms of your writing May! 🙂 I hope you’re having some time to relax as well but then again if you enjoy writing who needs time off the relax right? 😀 Still I can imagine how editing must suck, it’s great you’re getting through it and that you have a deadline to get it done by so you can enjoy your holiday, which I really hope you manage to meet so you can have some time off to enjoy your holiday. 🙂
    I love the sound of your magical realism story already! Do you reckon you’ll find the time to write more of it. The flowers kind of reminded me of When the Moon Was Ours which is a story I love so I’m sure yours will be just as amazing! And that’s great about the feedback as well, it must have been so exciting seeing that email from a publishing house.
    Good luck with all your writing aims, and I hope you really enjoy camp/your holiday! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, up! And yeah, if I’m enjoying the writing, then there’s really no need to relax! 😛 Yeah, I am a deadline person — if I don’t have one, I get all wacky. XD And thank you! I hope I finish before then too. 🙂

      Haha, I might continue it! Probably after I chase my other plot bunnies — I’ve got so many agh! Oh yes, that’s what I thought of too! I was going to have flowers grow out of his back, but decided that as too similar to When the Moon Was Ours. 😉

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re having a good summer so far. 🙂 ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  17. Haha this sounds kind of just like how editing goes for most people. I actually really like editing, I make no sense. It’s awesome that you got editorial feedback though! That’s really wonderful. You should be proud of that alone.
    And yeah, Google Docs doesn’t know what is going on most of the time in my experience, which is why I have abandoned it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  18. I WANT TO WRITE A MANGO STORY. Also I just finished editing!! *flails and dies* It is SO exhausting and SO worth it. But exhausting. *cries* I struggle with how slow it is??? Like I literally spent all days editing sometimes and I’m so behind on my reading now because of all. the. darn. editing.

    Also autocorrect never fails to amuse me on Scrivener. OR MAKE ME SCREAM. I tried to write “hell” and it changed it to “helm” … so aye aye me hearties, this is now a pirate book. 😂

    I LOVE THE NAME CADIS. Also congrats on getting the edits form a publisher! SO EXCITING.

    Liked by 1 person

  19. THIS IS ALL SO EXCITING!!! Good luck with your writing, I’m sure you can pull everything off in the end. And yes I would love to be a beta reader for a mango story! What do you think — 1st or 3rd POV?

    (PLEASE EXCUSE ME WHILE I FREAK ABOUT YOU GETTING AN EDITORIAL REVIEW! The way you’re really taking the advice is so great, I’m so happy for you!)

    – andrea at asurgeofthunder.blogspot.com

    Liked by 1 person

  20. OKAY excuse me for a minute, I’m sorry if this is slightly-a-little-bit-maybe-a-lot fast but I LOVE YOU. There. I said it. This post was just the BEST thing to read and gosh, I’m smiling like a completely dork at my laptop. Also, screaming YES. I GET IT. YOU GET ME. WHO ARE YOU WHY ARE YOU IN MY HEAD isn’t really doing much to convince people I’m not insane. But yes to world-building killing my soul because I GET YOU THERE (AND EVERYWHERE – WOW THAT SOUNDED WEIRD but I think you get the point *cries*) But OH MY HOLY, how much I want to read that idea because Cardis IS A BEAUTIFUL NAME and flowers growing on his back? I don’t know, I want to kidnap this boy and take care of this precious SO UM YEAH. Still in love with you and now going to go stalk your other posts. I’m sorry (but really not sorry)

    Liked by 1 person

    • AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA *howls with laughter* THANK YOU. I TRY TO BE LOVABLE. I smile like a dork at my computer all the time yo. And omgggg I CANNOT worldbuild. It kills my soooooooul. Like if I disappear, worldbuilding did it. Sue it.

      CADIS IS A BEAUTIFUL NAME I AGREE. I honestly don’t know how I came up with it??? And dude let me tell you, he is VERY smol — his father whips and beats him. The poor babyyyyyyy. (Says the author who did it to him.) And feel free to stalk all my posts! I’m cringy in all of them. 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  21. Writing for me is HORRIBLEEEE *cries because I want to work but also I want to curl up in my bed eating food?*


    YES I AM DOING CAMP NANO (hopefully it will HELP ME NOT BE LAZY AND ACTUALLY GET STUFF DONE) (I swear this comment is just me ranting bout my writing laziness..)


    Liked by 1 person

    • RIGHT. I punish myself each night by staying up to do the work I DIDN’T do during the day. *cries*

      YAY FOR DOING CAMP NANO!!! The graph is very very motivational. XD

      I’M EXCITED TOO!!! I literally have everything ready to go, but it’s too early. 😦

      Liked by 1 person

  22. YOU’RE DOING SO MUCH WORK THAT IT TIRED ME OUT TOO! OH MY! Also, just want to say that I love that gif of toddler playing the golf haha. Anyways, that is so much work, my brain can’t even handle it! Also, so proud of you having an editorial review and I hope it helps you on writing!

    Liked by 1 person

  23. Omg we haven’t talked in forever omg I’m ccrying it’s been too longggg!!!! I know this was posted a long time ago but I still have to comment cause i have to be #agreatfriend. Vacation? When? Where? (actually don’t comment that for the sake of stalkers) anywho, you’re blog looks great!!!!!! I love the new updates to it! That a+++++++++ picture of you thooo. I feel so out of loop. I just got my computer and I literally am trying to go loo at a bunch of blogs and comment on everything this will be hard.
    Anyways, let’s talk about the post.
    Amazing as always and hilarious as always and proof that you are so much more productive than me like always. Just great like always!!! I’m so proud of you, I know you willl get everything done!!!
    Writing is trash. I haven’t written at all cause I failed. Obviously, I’m going to join your project. I am actually a terrible person because of other stuff but Ill tell you later??? Peace.

    Liked by 1 person

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