Get to Know Me Tag (Because I’m Secretive and You Need to Know More About This Amazing Queen)

It’s been about five months running this blog, and you still don’t know a lot about me.

Of course, that could be the fact that 1) I don’t like talking about myself, 2) books and writing is MUCH more interesting than me, and 3) you’re not here for me, you’re actually here for the mangoes. #truth

Okay so maybe you’re crazy and are actually here for ME and NOT the mangoes??? In that case here is the post. And even if you don’t want to know more about me… well. Mangoes at the end.

Note: I am currently dying somewhere in Canada from hiking and disgusting insects and something called nature. But I think I’ll live. At least I can leave this world with the view of pretty mountains.


This and the next two posts will be scheduled! I am 90% sure we will have WiFi, but will it be GOOD WiFi??? No one knows.

(Also: I won’t be posting anything next Monday. SORRY!!! But it was quite stressful in the days leading up to my vacation and I couldn’t write a post. Quality over quantity! Or so they say.)flowers


Name: May Everly (which is actually not my real name, contrary to popular belief).

Nicknames: the Mango Queen, Your Mangoness, Your Majesty, Your Highness… etc. (And also Mayonnaise/Mayo, as dubbed by Jackie deeeeeeear.)

Birthday: November 17. I’M A NOVEMBER BABY.

Star Sign: Scorpio!!! *pinches everyone*

Image result for pinch gif

Occupation: *blinks* Um. None. Except for being mango queen obviously. But I WOULD LIKE to be a (traditionally) published author. And if not that, an EDITOR. I heard they make lots of $$$.



This is me with a notebook as my face. It’s also in my sidebar. IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED.

Hair color: Black. #Asian

Hair length: A little lower than where my armpits start. (Best description I have, sorry???)

Eye Color: Dark dark brown. (When I was younger someone thought my eyes were black and I was like nO cHiLd.)

Best Feature: Um… nothing. 😛 FINE APPARENTLY PEOPLE LIKE MY HAIR. They say it’s soft (but they don’t know I only brush it once a day!!!).

Braces: YES UNFORTUNATELY. Top and bottom. But I’ll be getting them off after I come back from vacay! #soreadyforthis

Piercings: Nope. My sister got piercings… and got infected. My mom’s also allergic to some type of earring metal so NOPE. Also holes in skin scare me.

Tattoos: I’m 13.

Image result for duh glare gif

Right or Left: RIGHTY. I feel like I was supposed to be a Lefty, though, because when I clasp my hands, my left thumb is over my right??? And my left ankle/leg crosses in front of my right??? ALSO I’M TRYING TO LEARN TO WRITE LEFT-HANDED BUT IT’S NOT WORKING.



Real Holiday: What does this mean??? Well I was born on the 17th of November… so technically I first celebrated Thanksgiving. As like a week-old infant. But you said REAL… I DON’T KNOW.

Best Friend: My very good friend Riya! I went to her one-year-old birthday party… as less than a one-year-old. BUT HEY. ALL’S GOOD. She’s still one of my best friends (even though I don’t see her as much! </3).

Award: HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THIS. Well, I do know that I got an award for being “Queen of the Library” in second grade for checking out the most books. #GeniusAtChildhood

Sport: DANCE IS A SPORT, KAY. Been doing it since I was four years old.

Image result for dancing gif

Concert: NeVeR bEeN tO oNe. *cue shocked looks*



TV Show(s): I… don’t watch TV shows??? *hides* Unless it’s like, The Voice or America’s Got Talent or America Ninja Warrior. #onlyme

Color: PINK. I know I’ve mentioned this, but pink shouldn’t be stereotyped as a “girl color” because there shouldn’t be gendered things like that??? PINK POWERRRR.

Songs: I have too many… Let’s just say HAMILTON.

Restaurant: You can’t make me choose between my food???

Shop: BARNES AND NOBLE. (A bookstore in the US.) Although I didn’t realize where the YA section was until I bought Illuminae in May. #smart

Books: *blinks* No.

Image result for no gif

Shoes: Converse or Doc Martens. (I started wearing my Doc Martens earlier this month and WOW THEY ARE AMAZING??? Like they make me feel tall and they’re SUPER SUPER BUSY AGAGHAGH. Although they are a STRUGGLEEEE to put on and take off.)



Feeling: Well, at the time of WRITING this post, hungry. And at the time that this post publishes, probably hungry too.


Eating: Well I just ate a lollipop??? (An organic one, mind you.) And before that, apples and pears that I stole from the refrigerator. And now, about a week later, I just ate fresh mangoes. (They were delicious, thanks for asking.)

Image result for hungry gif

Thinking About: How I shouldn’t be slouching my back. How I should be reading or writing. Especially editing. But I don’t want to.

Watching: I DON’T WATCH ANYTHING I TOLD YOU. Except right now America’s Got Talent is playing in the background.

Wearing: At the time of writing this post, an off-white batwing-y shirt with comfy grey leggings. LEGGINGS ARE FOR LIFE. And at the time of editing this post, a cool sweater top thing and comfy black leggings. I don’t have a slight obsession with leggings.*

*I totally do.



Want Children: Probably??? CHILDREN ARE CUTE. But soooo muuuuuch woooork.

Want to be Married: Probably??? I don’t know. I really don’t like people. Definitely not right now HAHA but sometime in the future perhaps??? PEOPLE SUCK THO.

Careers in Mind: I want to be a published author! Meaning I want to sit in my PJ’s at my computer all day every day and be paid to do the thing I love.

Where You Want to Live: ENGLAND. I’m sorry but the accent are too tempting.



God: Nope. To be completely honest (and respectful), I really don’t think I could believe in God at all.

Miracles: Sort of??? I honestly don’t know.

Love at first sight: I think that you can be attracted to someone at first sight, but not immediately fall in love with that person. It’s called INSTA-LOVE and it’s completely unrealistic.

Ghosts: Not really, but I do believe that the soul exists in some other form after we’re dead.

Image result for cute ghosts gif

Aliens: HELLO THE UNIVERSE IS HUGE SO WHO KNOWS IS OUT THERE. (But they’re probably not called aliens.)

Soul Mates: Nope. I don’t think we’re destined for anything or anyone. I think life is made up of little coincidences—so if you hadn’t decided to try a different route in your morning jogging, you wouldn’t have met your soul mate, therefore they wouldn’t even BE your soul mate. (That made no sense???)

Heaven: No.

Hell: It’d be weird if I believed in hell but not heaven??? (Honestly these questions are giving me an existential crisis PLEASE STOP. I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BEFORE AND DON’T WANT TO START NOW.)

Kissing on a first date: If it feels right, what’s the problem???

Yourself: HAHAHA FUNNY QUESTION. I mean, at times I believe in myself, confident in myself, proud of myself. But sometimes, I’m just NOT. Like I just CAN’T. I do try to believe in myself, though, since it’s extremely important.



Well I sort of wasn’t tagged for this and stole it off the internet??? So it would be weird if I tagged people. BUT. If you want to do this tag, take a page out of my book* and just do it!**

*Actually don’t. I will come at you with pitchforks if you ruin a book in the slightest way.
**Sponsored by Nike. 

shall we chat

what is YOUR name? star sign? color of hair? first best friend? favorite shoes? favorite color? are you hungry rn? leggings: yes or no? (do not say no.) dream home location? dream job? AND DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE A GOOD MANGO??? 

sign off 2.0


182 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag (Because I’m Secretive and You Need to Know More About This Amazing Queen)

  1. *dies laughing* You are a goofy, goofy mango, yer mangoness.

    and I have to answer your questions but basically your questions are the tag? Did you realize this?

    what is YOUR name?
    Daisy the Frog. Daisy the Book. Daisy Baggins. Daisy Paquet. Daisy Is Not a Pretty Little Flower.

    star sign?
    *thinks* I’m garbage at this… which one is May? see, i don’t do this zodiac stuff ever?

    color of hair?
    *cries* MAYYYY NO DON’T ASK. It’s this dark blonde/light brown that occasionally has reddish but is mostly just dust colored?? Maybe??

    first best friend?
    HER NAME IS LEMONS. well her faux internet name is lemons.
    favorite shoes?
    I have these black canvas rocketdogs…
    favorite color?
    are you hungry rn?
    *looks at you confusedly* uh, yeah?
    leggings: yes or no? (do not say no.)
    I don’t like the way they make my skin feel? 0.o but I like JEGGINGS YES.

    dream home location?

    dream job?
    famous #selfpub authoress and bookstore owner and internet personality.

    *raises eyebrows* I’m batgirl. Of course I believe in myself??



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  2. Cool post! I really enjoyed learning more about you! I cannot give the title of which I am called. Just kidding, but seriously, I do write using a pen name. First and last best friend is my older sister (and younger too, but not really my first because she wasn’t born yet). Sisters are just the best.

    Yes to leggings! I do prefer joggers, though. Sometimes legging are just too tight and the actually comfortable.

    I try to believe in myself. But it can definitely be hard. The weird thing is, most people think extroverts are really confident. But we aren’t! Acting confident makes us feel better, but on the inside we question our every move. Well, not always. Sometimes though.

    ~ Pip

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  3. Omg dude. I can’t believe you’re 13 I feel old. But wow you have such a wide view of the world it’s quite amazing for someone your age.

    I’m Sarah/EB you knew that already ;P I’m 21 a Sagittarius (Nov 27 heh November babies) My hair is currently green (it faded from blue) but like you I’m Asian and normally have black hair. I’m only going to answer a few of the questions you asked cause I want to do the tag too lol. I’ll do that… when I’m not feeling lazy~ It’s a great tag and I learned a lot about you lmao. I want to be a traditionally published author too. I hope that it’s something that we both achieve in the future!

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    • I HONESTLY FEEL OLDER THAN 13??? Like am I 17 at heart what.

      WOOO NOVEMBER BABIES! *high fives back* Agh green hair!!! Dyed hair is SO awesome gah. And ooh, if you do the tag, be sure to link it to my post so I can read it! And WHOOP LET’S GO AUTHORS! 🎉

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  4. I want to have children sooooo bad but my mom was watching a TV special about births and started talking about C sections and I just wanted to pass out from how awkward the conversation was going. I’m like, “MOM. I want to have kids but I also don’t want to know how they cut your stomach open so I can get out and meet the world. I also do not want to know how painful it is to push a baby out of the womb. I’m trying to write.”

    I love Barnes and Noble, but I LOVED Borders before they closed down. I always spent my Saturday afternoons in there, just looking at why this best-selling book called “New Moon” by some author named Stephanie Meyer was so popular when the cover was OBVIOUSLY misleading. I mean, a flower? THAT’S NOT A MOON. (I know who she is now, but… *shakes head*)

    All right, I feel a speed round coming on, so let’s go.

    what is YOUR name? Abigail Lennah.
    star sign? Libra ALL THE WAY ALL DAY BUDDY
    color of hair? Uh… black? Or very *insert Lego Batman voice* dark dark dark dark dark dark gray. Or brown.
    first best friend? Sophia, the girl in preschool who chewed gum all the time and put the gum back in her mouth after eating (she’d place the gum on her plate during lunch). It’s a bit disgusting, but she was my best friend, okay?
    favorite shoes? these:
    favorite color? A bright orange.
    are you hungry rn? I just ate but I also have peach mango pie from when I went to Jollibee, which is a Filipino fast food chain that also has a branch in Las Vegas that we brought home, so…. I’ll give you half!
    leggings: yes or no? (do not say no.) ALL THE WAY!
    dream home location? Some place that has cottages but kind of secluded. Sounds like the Alps.
    dream job? Published author whOOOO

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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    • XD #AWKWARD. Like I’m a teenager and I don’t think I’ll be getting pregnant any time soon (O.o) so EXPLAIN THIS TO ME WHEN I’M ACTUALLY GOING TO HAVE A BABY. XD

      What is this Borders you speak of? I’ve never heard of it. XD BUT IF YOU SPENT YOUR SATURDAY AFTERNOONS THERE OT MUST’VE BEEN WONDERFUL.

      BLACK IS A GOOD COLOR THO. And omg those shooooes. I LOVE BOOTS LIKE THAT!!!

      Omg peach mango pie??? YES PLEASE. And leggings are my favorite aaghahaga. LET’S GO, PUBLISHED AUTHORS!!! ❤


  5. You asked for it:

    what is YOUR name? If it’s not obvious: Rebekah.
    star sign? I honestly have no idea.
    color of hair? Rather not say…
    first best friend? This super nice girl called Natalie whom I met in choir. I don’t see her anymore because #wemoved.
    favorite shoes? I don’t exactly care about my shoes…
    favorite color? AHH I AGREE!!! I LOVE PINK!!! BUT I AM TOTALLY NOT GIRLY!!!
    are you hungry rn? Yes. Am I not always? I seriously haven’t eaten for five minutes! I’m dying!
    leggings: yes or no? (do not say no.) Um…yes. I guess. As I said, I DON’T CARE ABOUT MY CLOTHING OKAYY.
    dream home location? Uh…right where I’m living right now! XD
    dream job? I haven’t told many people this but filmmakerrrrrr.

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    • Ah. moving… I moved once… but stayed in the same neighborhood. XD YES PINK DOES NOT MEAN YOU’RE GIRLY!!! GIRLY SHOULDN’T EVEN BE A TERM!!! And dude I’m hungry all the time omg. OOH A FILMMAKER! That’s so awesome — you don’t often hear that as a dream job! I hope you become one! 🎉

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  6. What is my name? “Princess Dude.” Well duh. (SEE WHAT YOU’VE DONE TO MY LIFE MAY NOW I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE THAT XD)

    My hair is black. But you knew that bc #Asian. And also my profile pic but whatever. XDD AND MY SIS IS MY CURRENT AND WAS MY FIRST BESTIE. SINCE I WAS A . . . FETUS. well this comment took a weird turn but OH WELL. and YES leggings are amazingnesss.

    my dream location = NEW ZEALAND. bc we have family there and IT IS A GORGEOUS PLACE WHERE THEY GIVE YOU FREE HEALTHCARE. #goals My dream job would probably be an author, a social activist, one of those people who goes and teaches the arts to kids in underadvantaged urban areas (or something like that you know what i mean lol), or someone who works with Doctors Without Borders or something?? idk. i’m indecisive. i’m an indecisive bean.

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      Your sis and you are so cute omg. I mean I love my sister but not to your level. XD OMG LEGGINGS!!! 😍

      New Zealand is cool! I think! FREE HEALTHCARE HALLELUJAH. XD Yes activist!!! I so want to be an activist for feminism, anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-sexualism (idk what it’s called) BUT I’m too shy for public speaking ugh.

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      • Okay so we were talking abt what our names meant BC YOU WOULDN’T TELL ME YOURS XD (btw I’m still fully convinced that your real name is either “wild boar in a woodland clearing” or “potato chips dude”) and then I think you looked up what mine meant and said “it’s princess dude”. As in, “your name means princess, dude.” But it came out as “your name is ‘princess dude’ “. so yeah. We are strange children XDD

        Wow May wow XD but overall SUBLINGS ARE GREAT. And New Zealand IS cool!


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        • OH YES I REMEMBEEEEEEER. That was great. Commas are important, people!!! (Before blogging I put commas everywhere??? And now I don’t. For some reason.)

          Also I’m probably gonna announce my real name but still go by May lol. #rebel

          I AM SHY AS HECK, CHILD. I can scream online but in real life??? Hahahah NO.

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  7. Wow, I’m even more impressed with your writing knowing that you’re 13!

    What is YOUR name? Valerie Long
    Star sign? Capricorn – early January – yay, beginning of the year! boo, two weeks after Christmas.
    Color of hair? This second, brown with a little grey. Getting it re-dyed purple on Saturday!
    First best friend? Michelle. We meet in kindergarten and are still friends today, tho’ not quite as close as we were as kids.
    Favorite shoes? Sketchers
    Favorite color? Purple – think amethyst or royal purple
    Are you hungry rn? Nope. I just finished dinner. 🙂
    Leggings: yes or no? I love them, but only under something. I’m way too fat to wear them without a skirt or something over top.
    Dream home location? Ummm… tough. In the country, but I don’t want a HUGE piece of land, just enough for a few flowers and a water garden/pond. Specific location? No clue. Maybe the UK.
    Dream job? I’m already doing it. I’m a librarian. 🙂 I love my job. 🙂

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  8. What is your name? Rayne. 😀
    Star sign? Scorpio just like you, May! TWINSIES.
    Color of hair? Brown. Just plain ol’ brown.
    First best friend? Mah frend, Aniela, was my bestie when I was four. That’s as far back as I go as far as friendships.
    Favorite shoes? My six-dollar sandals from Walmart…
    Favorite color? Grey – might sound depressing, but I really love it. And green.
    Are you hungry right now? Nope! But I get hungry often…
    Leggings: yes or no? I don’t wear leggings a ton but I’m wearing some right now… so yes?
    Dream home location? I’m right where I wanna be.
    Dream job? Writer and a mama. ❤ (Currently I'm a student and a piano teacher, those are terrific for the time being.)
    AND DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE A GOOD MANGO??? I've always been confused as to what that means – does it mean self-confidence? If so, then yeah, I have a tendency to self-confidence – it's both a flaw and a strength.

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  9. You’re gonna have a heck of a field day answering these comments once you get wifi (just sayin’… I’ll try and keep this short).
    Lol I love how on the tattoo question you just say “I’m 13” I read that in such a sarcastic and sassy tone, and how is a lollipop organic? I’m very curious to know.

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  10. Hey May! I’d really like to do this tag, since I want to do more stuff like this on my blog. Your answers are totally hilarious, and your personality is amazing. Have some Mangoes! *dramatically hands Mangoes as a sign of peace, goodwill, and friendship XD*. I’m gonna probably do this sometime next week.

    Live long and prosper,

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  11. Hiii May! 🙈 I really really reallyyy (ok, I think you get the picture now) enjoyed reading this! 😍

    You have such a bubbly, fun, & creative personality, and most of your answers are just…hilarious (but in a good way)! 👍

    My name: Smiling Dreamer (obviously not the real one)
    My starsign: Pisces (did you know that pisces & scorpio get on together real well? Woo Hoo – that’s you & me!)
    Hair Colour: Brown (kind of almond coloured)
    First bestie: she’s called Hana & I know her since I was 3! (No – she sadly doesn’t blog)
    Fav shoes: Nike Air & Adidas Superstar & Pink Converse (srsly can’t choose here)
    Fav colour: all shades of blue & pink (totallyyyyy agree with what you said about pink! Pink Power Forever!)
    Hungry rn? Yupp – just making dinner & getting ready to dig in (melted cheese in toast if you’re interested to know)
    Leggings: duh…yesss! But mostly at home. If I’m going somewhere public, I prefer Yoga Pants!
    Dream Home Location: Anywhere lovely in the world! (Paris? London? Barcelona? New York? – they all seem as ideal options!)
    Dream job: Engineer (still not sure what specialty) and later on a Mum! ❤️
    Do you believe in yourself like a good mango? Not always…*sheepish grin* I have my ups and downs! Sometimes I do & sometimes I don’t 😊

    Anywayyyy, I srsly LOVED this so much! It was great knowing more about you! Even tho I’ve answered a few things here…I’m genuinely thinking of doing this tag! It’s so cool! I’ll link you to my post, when I do it! All kudos to you! 😘

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    • I’m glad you found it fun!

      Huh, I did NOT know Pisces and Scorpio went well together! *high fives* Wow, that’s so great that you’re still friends with Hana! I WANNA LIVE IN LONDON. OR ANYWHERE IN ENGLAND. TO GET AN ACCENT. And I think that if you’re always self-confident, you won’t have doubts that are necessary to learning and growing, you know?

      Agh, I’m so glad you enjoyed it this much! And please link it back to my post so I can read and comment! 🙂

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  12. I dance too!! I started when I was three and will finish my final season at my studio in August after nationals 😦 but spent fifteen fabulous years in the studio! Hoping to dance a lil in college, but nothing too serious. What are your favorite styles??

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  13. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF MAY!!! Really, though, I think you’re awesome.

    what is YOUR name?: Kellyn Roth. Well, Kelly Lyn [last name which I don’t want to give away]. I use my grandma’s maiden name online …

    star sign?: I have no idea … I was born in August …

    color of hair?: red! Well, auburn. Coppery-auburn-red.

    first best friend?: okay, so … that’s hard to say. I’ve never had a real best friend (at least not that I told anyone; I’d like pick random people and mentally assign them as my best friend when I was little) until Bailey … so I guess my current one. Bailey. She’s amaze. ❤

    favorite shoes?: eh. I normally wear beat-up old tennis shoes. But I'd rather wear NO SHOES!

    favorite color?: PINNNNKKKKKK!!!!! *highfives*

    are you hungry rn?: yeah, actually … but there's nothing to eat …

    leggings: yes or no?: no. XD Sorry, I couldn't resist … but seriously, I rarely wear leggings because the ones I've had always seem to wrinkle at the ankle … drives me nuts.

    dream home location?: in the country somewhere … ranch country, though, not farm country.

    dream job?: WRITER!

    AND DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE A GOOD MANGO???: eh … kinda? I don't exactly believe in myself, but I believe in … *coughs* *blushes* *hides* God. And all that. So yeah … I do have confidence that whatever I do will go right, etc. etc. but not because I think I'm amazing. (Though let's be awesome. Of course I am.) So … *is awkward* No offense?

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      WHAT. YOUR NAME ISN'T KELLYN ROTH??? I'VE BEEN LIED TO OMG. Wait so people call you Kelly??? AGH this is so CRAZY WHAT.

      Bailey seems like an amazing friend! BAREFOOT WHOOP. And yaaaaas PINK. PINK POWERRRRR. And the poor leggings… 😥 XD

      Hey, don't cough and blush and hide cuz of your religion! We may not share the same beliefs, but I respect yours. 🙂 And are you suuuuure you're amazing? 😉

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  14. I am hungry right now, I’m eating cereal☺️
    And I do believe in myself like a good mango! My favorite color is pink, and your notebook is cute☺️
    Also, is it nickel metal? That’s what I’m allergic to

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  15. YESS I have braces too!!! They’re the most annoying thing ever(ly) and I can’t eat burgers because of it :(( which is sad. And I turn 13 on July 5 so I’m not lying if I say I’m 13 :p only 12 but my mind is older.
    And your hair looks vv pretty :))
    and yes yes agt is amazing and one of the few shows I watch with my parents
    I loved this post 😀 and it’s awesome learning more about our great mango queen

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  16. Ah I loved reading your answers for this tag May, and I definitely feel I know you better now. I can’t believe you’re running this blog, an amazing blog, and you’re only 13. That’s incredible. I can’t remember what I was doing at 13 but it was nothing this organised. 🙂
    Also I can’t believe the shows you mentioned are the only TV shows you’re watching. I will watch anything and I have to have something playing in the background as I blog. It’s the only way I can concentrate.
    Being a published author sounds like an amazing goal to have, you certainly already seem like a dedicated writer and editor from your posts here. 🙂
    Again great post! ❤️

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    • Haha, I feel SO much older than 13 though??? I guess I have an old soul. 😉

      Huh, it’s funny (but cool) that you need to have TV shows in the background to blog! Yeah, I guess I’m glued to books and my computer to not really pay attention to TV. XD

      Thanks! And I LOOOVE writing so much (as you can probably tell???). I’m glad you liked it! 🙂

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      • I would have thought you were older than 13, then again my brain seems to default everyone’s age on WordPress to the same as mine! 🙂
        I wouldn’t say I pay attention to whatever’s on my TV while in blogging. I just need some form of background noise to help me concentrate, not sure why.
        I can definitely tell you love writing, and that’s all right! 😀 ❤️


  17. Oh, I loved this post, May! First off, I didn’t know you were only 13 (Seriously, did anyone? 😀 I thought you were 16 or 17). That’s so impressive. I can’t remember what I was doing at 13, but I definitely wasn’t writing (yet) or keeping a blog.

    Wanting to become a published author is a great goal to have. I’d say you’re on the right path because you’re obviously practicing your writing from a young age, which is great. Being an editor would also be cool though! But I have to point out they really don’t make that much money (unless you’ve been doing it for a long long time and you’re brilliant). I hope I’m not crushing dreams here haha xD

    PS: I love the Steve Carell GIF! 😉

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    • EVERYONE ASSUMES I’M 16 OR 17 TOO. SO I GUESS I AM. I FEEL THAT AGE TOO. XD But like seriously, I DO NOT feel like I’m thirteen???

      Writing at a young age is definitely helpful for writing as a career! And NOOOO YOU CRUSHED MY DREAMSSSS. XD No, it’s always like that. You either have it or you don’t! (Hopefully I have it???)


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  18. I feel ancient. And you are hilarious!!

    what is YOUR name? Poulami though I prefer Polo (and Felicity which is one of my secret, now not so secret name too)
    star sign? Libra
    color of hair? Blaaack
    first best friend? 1st… Dona!!
    favorite shoes? The one from Catwalk that didn;t tear my leg apart like most shoes usually do. (I need shoes made of cotton I think…)
    favorite color? Blueeee
    are you hungry rn? I’m trying to be on a diet, so shush!
    leggings: yes or no? (do not say no.) YAAAAS!! They are a lifesaver!
    dream home location? Same as yours because the accent though… XD
    dream job? Published writer!!

    I’m gonna do the tag. Someday. If I can get up from the already long list! But I wanna do this!! Love this post!!! ❤

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  19. I’m at the part where you mention you were meant to left handed…and same!! When I was little my mum said I was beginning to write and do stuff accurately with my right and left hand, so I guess I would have been able to write with both (which would have been awesome because then I would be a rare human😄) buttt she ended up encouraging me to write with my right, so that was over before it started😭
    I just had to say that, I’m off to read the rest of the post!😂

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  20. 1) I have 46 favorite songs, each one is from the Hamilton album
    2) I’m hungry…..even though I just ate (is that even humanly possible? or am i not a human….DUN DUN DUNNNN?!?!?!)
    3) I only ever ask for B&N gift cards for every.single.occasion. so that they will last me throughout the year until Christmas comes again
    4) I literally live in my 3 favorite leggings #basic
    ok byeeeee

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  21. This is such a fun tag, I always love whenever someone does it. YES ENGLISH ACCENT IS SOOOOOOOOOOO great. I love it, it feels like music to me ahah ❤
    Also, I want to say that you're going to be a published author in just a couple years, I am sure of it 😉

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  22. I kinda just smiled like a freak at the end of this post because it was so strangely refreshing? i don’t even know?!

    First off, it’s so cool your friend is called Riya! ALSO, I DEFINITELY THINK THERE’S ALIEN’s out therE? That’d be so cool.ALSO, I like Britain’s Got Talent though I’ve watched a few America’s got talents on Youtube! I used to watch that Ninja show too (like once) XD
    My name is Mangold Beanato.
    Gemini which is orange Cheeto president’s one as well and UGH? Brownish, black hair? Not completely black though? FIRST BEST FRIEND. #help? I have friends..? I’m actually not hungry right now because I just ate…LEGGINGS YES. Dream home location…Australia (THEIR ACCENT) Drake job…do I even need to clarify?

    Liked by 1 person

    • REALLY??? XD I mean sometimes I just smile when I finish reading a post, sooooo.

      Britain’s Got Talent!!! I want to listen because THE ACCENTS AGAHGA. Yes your name is Mangold Beanato. GEMINI REMINDS ME OF GEMINA. And oh, I am very sorry for you. 😭 LEGGINGS ARE AMAZING OMG. Australia’s cool but I like your accents better!!! AND WHAT’S YOUR DREAM JOB??? PUBLISHED AUTHOR?

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  23. i loved this post! glad i got to know you mayyyyyyy! wait.. how was… nature? so you’re 13.. awesome! i turn 13 in october!
    my name is jana
    my star sign is libra!
    i’m blonde
    hmm.. wait do you mean like FIRST best friend or like current best friend? cause if it’s my current best friend she’s maryam and she’s also a blogger!
    i’ll have to say my adidas superstar (i know i know, the basic answer)
    i’m always hungry 🙂
    yes, like duh!
    hmmm.. sorry i don’t really know!
    chessy but i hope to make a living out of blogging!
    SOMETIMES I AM A PRETTY GOOD MANGO AND I BELIEVE IN MYSELF…. other times the words that come out of my mouth have no meaning and i want to live in a black hole for the rest of my life! 🙂 😦

    Liked by 1 person

      • NOOOOOOOO 😦 Let me do it all over again then:

        YAAAAAS YOU’RE MY LIL MAYONNAISE 😜 and you’re a Scorpio??? I’M a Scorpio!!! #twins

        JIMMY FALLON IS THE M A N. I love him so much. And I love looking at gifs of him hahaha XD Also, yes to Comverse!!! I’ve never worn Doc Martens but they’re so popular and they look really cool so I might have to get a pair for myself!


        Liked by 1 person

        • AND YOU’RE MY HACKIE/JACKE(T). And whaaat? NO WAY. *high fives*

          Jimmy Fallon is absolutely hilarious omg. And Converse are SO AESTHETIC AGH! and Doc Martens are AWESOME. I promise. They’re so bouncy and pretty… 😍


          Liked by 1 person

          • I love that Jimmy Fallon has so much fun with his guests like he’s laughing ALL THE TIME! And I love when he does Box of Lies or the Lip Sync Battles 😂😂

            I neeeed to get myself some Doc Martens (Docs? Martens? Do they have a nickname?) XD


            Liked by 1 person

            • I know! He genuinely seems like a happy guy. DUDE I LOVE ANYTHING HE DOES. XD When I went to NYC last summer, I actually got to MEET HIM!!!

              Just kidding, I saw the studio of where they shoot the show. 😂

              YOU DO! And lol I have no idea??? Heat about Dartens? 😂

              OH LOL I ALWAYS ASK FOR BOOKS. 😛

              Liked by 1 person



                Oh my god……. I should have read that second paragraph. All I read was JIMMY FALLON and MEET and I just freaked out. DAMN MAY 😂

                Dartens sounds good XD

                I always ask for books too but I add in leggings because I need my fair share of #comfy

                Liked by 1 person


                  Oh wait I probably should’ve read your second paragraph too. XD WE ARE GREAT.

                  I get leggings throughout the year though! WAIT DO YOU HAVE A DRESS CODE AT UNI???

                  Liked by 1 person

                    • me: replies 3 days later

                      I’m soooo sorry for being so late omg I didn’t have wifi since Thursday (I still don’t but I am at my aunt’s place and I’m stealing theirs XD)

                      UGH I’d hate having to wear uniforms! I think it’s so nice to just wear what you want and whatever you’re comfortable with! I remember back in high school I had to write an exam about school uniforms and I was like THEY SUCK WHY DO THEY MAKE PEOPLE WEAR THEM 😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • It’s okay, Jacket! And mwahaha steal that WiFi.

                      Oh you had uniforms in high school? I mean mine isn’t the strictest… but still. But then again I have so much trouble picking out outfits on the weekends that maybe it’s doing me a favor. 😂

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Nooo we didn’t have uniforms in high school but the teachers always made us write essay about it because the UK has uniforms and they were like “Imagine if they introduced that idea in Germany bla bla” XD

                      Haha I feel you! Sometimes I wish we had uniforms because I never know what to wear in the morning! I have tons of clothes but I always think I have nothing to wear XD

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  24. I’ve seen this tag at least 100 times now but OMG YOU MAKE EVERYTHING SO INTERESTING. LIKE HOW? CAN I STEAL YOUR PERSONALITY PLEASE LOL? That little ghosty gif is so cute hahahaha I don’t even know why but it IS. Same here with the soul thing. When I was little I asked my mom if ghosts were real and she told me no but she thinks souls are so yeah. There’s also this quote in We Were Liars (lol I bring that book into every situation possible) when Gat (one of the characters. Have you read this? I forget.) says that he doesn’t believe theres such thing as god because how could he treat those people this way (he’s from a third world country). Okay that quote is really deep are some people might have a little freakout about it, but I like it. Oh god I hope no one else is reading this. All my best friends are religious so I wouldn’t ever tell them but yeah there’s no way I could believe in God either. And irk how did we even come up with the way a stereotypical alien looks like?? I honestly think ‘aliens’ would think humans are complete idiots if they ever saw a picture of what we perceive them as hahaha. Omg I’ve never been to a concert either!! I’ve been invited to a 1D and Shawn Mendes concert (SIGH. I WOULD KILL TO GO TO THAT NOW) when I was younger but my very protective parents said: NEVERRRRRR. And then Shawn Mendes one was on a school night *exaggerated frown*. WOW I JUST WROTE LIKE AN ESSAY I’M REALLY SORRY MAY. *wishes I knew you irl because I have a feeling saying this would be way easier hehe*

    Liked by 1 person

    • AGH YOU’RE SO SWEET. But no you cannot steal my personality how dare you even ask. 😂

      YES I’VE READ WE WERE LIARS! Omg Gat. 😍❤ And yes, it’s not only that the supposed God is letting horrible stuff happen — it just doesn’t make SENSE. I know it’s all about belief but… still.

      Maybe the aliens call US aliens idk???

      I HAVE PROTECTIVE PARENTS TOO. Although my mom probably would’ve wanted me to go to those concerts because #shy. No, it’s okay, I love long comments! And I WISH I KNEW YOU IRL TOO.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Haha I SUPPOSE I shouldn’t steal someone’s personality…THAT’S NOT WEIRD. Yep, I think SUPER logically. Like to the extent where it’s a little weird (#aspiringphilosopher; what’s with the hashtags lately lol :P). MY FRIEND AND I CONTEMPLATED OUR EXISTENCE AND THE UNIVERSE FOR AN HOUR LAST WEEK 😂😂. I can’t wrap my head around stuff like ghosts and god. I guess since we live in such an unpredictable universe anything at all could happen omg my brain is going into that ‘I’m gonna explode’ mode! But with everything we know how could those things exist. I wonder if scientists who study stuff like space find it easy to believe. Nope I think I’ll call it ‘weirdo-deep-thinking mode’ XD.

        I always feel weird saying in real life when blogging because it IS real life after all duh but it ISN’T. SO WEIRD. HEY MAYBE WE’LL RUN INTO EACH OTHER WHEN I’M VISITING MY COUSINS IN TEXAS. WHAT NO I’M NOT A CREEP WHAT?? Lol that would never happen and besidessss I would have to recognize you from that picture of your hand from the collab. “Heyyyy that hand looks strangely familiar. IT’S MAY.” Actually that would be even weirder because that’s not your name irl. UGH I HATE SAYING IRL. Omg rereading that comment I sound like such a creep I’m sorry I swear I would never recognize you by your hand 😂😂😂.

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  25. okay, so what do you mean you’re tHirTeEn?? i mean, i’m only three years older, but you definitely sounded older than me, hahahah.
    i’m a black-haired and black-eyed libra. i actually don’t mind hair/eye colors that much, except for the fact no one will ever be able to write an entire paragraph about the color of my eyes, since they’re pretty much like black holes in my face 🙂 not very romantic, right?
    i think i agree that barnes & noble is probably the best store ever, even though i’ve been there, idk, twice. i still remember having the best caramel frapuccino i’ve ever had (and i drink caramel frapuccino at least once a week) at the barnes & noble’s starbucks in orlando, so i definitely have great memories in that store. and a lot of regrets when i think about all the books i should’ve bought 😦
    anywayyyy, it was nice getting to know more about you, may! 😀

    Liked by 1 person


      Well no one has BLACK eyes! Just very very very very VERY dark brown (like mine 😂). Unless you’re in fantasy novels like ADSOM… 😛

      I’ve had no frappucinos (autocorrect says track puck now XD) or lattes or coffee — BUT IT SOUNDS YUMMY! I rarely buy books from B&N, but just SEEING all those books is magical. 😍



    okay, so.
    MY NAME is Julianna. (Bet you didn’t know that one.)
    I am a Virgo. Because I was born in AUGUST.
    My hair is black. I’m also #asian
    I don’t have favorite shoes. Probably just sneakers. Or flip flops.
    I like blue. Like, light blue.
    I am hungry right now.
    I NEVER WEAR LEGGINGS except for when I’m wearing a dress but that’s like #never. so.
    BUT THEY SEEM CONFORTABLE??? But also it’s summer right now and I don’t want to die.
    I WANT TO LIVE IN EUROPE. OR SOMETHING. Or maybe just listen to my heart and tend to some llamas in Iceland.
    Do I believe in myself??? hahahahhahaha.

    Also, that Nike comment was gold.

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  27. Oh wow, you’re 13 and have a blog – that’s incredible!!
    Also I feel you on the braces thing, but I’m 23 and I feel like they’re a million times worse having them as an adult lol.
    Oh and leggings yes, 100%. I live in leggings – if I could wear them to work, I would. 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  28. I’M HUNGRY ALWAYSSSS. 😭😂 Especially right now, darnit. *scrambles off to chocolate stash* Anyway. Leggings are fabulous!! I need to get a new pair though, I have one that’s my favourite and neglect everything else oops. Oh and yessss pink power!! I lean towards purple or blue more irl, but like my blog is pink themed and I adored pink for such a long time haha. It’s a really pretty colour! 😊 AND ENGLAND YES oh my gosh. I want to visit/live there so much, just imagineeeee the accents ❤ Loved this post May!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I WANT A CHOCOLATE STASH. And tbh who isn’t hungry all the time??? XD I don’t think I show favoritism towards my leggings (#EQUALITY) but definitely get a new pair! 😂 AH YES YOUR BLOG IS SO AESTHETICALLY PINK AND IT’S WONDERFUL. ❤ And *cries* I reallyyyyyyy want a British accent.


  29. I’m doing this just for the deep questions because I’m #edgy and I felt like I was supposed to be surprised by these answers??? I know you too well?????? I guess I just need to stop knowing you now 😥

    also this post is lit and your amazing (great feedback like always)


    Yes, I have like DARK brown eyes girl, and in kindergarten, the teacher told us to tell our desk partners what color eyes we have and my partner said I have black eyes, and I almost cried. #storytime
    Anyways, this was soooo much fun to read. I think I like reading about mango queens. My favorite subject. They need a class about us. XD XD
    But we don’t have mangoes in our house. This is a problem.
    I love my legging so much, you wouldn’t believe. BUT my stupid school dresscode outlaws them and tights. (Unless under a skirt or shorts, which in my opinion looks absurd!) And you literally can’t put leggings and tights in the same category. So now we have to wear JEANS. uggh. I need my leggin’s.
    I’ve never been to a concert but I NEED TO GO TO A PANIC! AT THE DISCO concert. Like, now. Right this moment.
    Anyways, great post, I’m stealing this tag from you…. (lol I’m giving you credit of course)

    Liked by 1 person

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