Get to Know Me Tag (Because I’m Secretive and You Need to Know More About This Amazing Queen)

It’s been about five months running this blog, and you still don’t know a lot about me.

Of course, that could be the fact that 1) I don’t like talking about myself, 2) books and writing is MUCH more interesting than me, and 3) you’re not here for me, you’re actually here for the mangoes. #truth

Okay so maybe you’re crazy and are actually here for ME and NOT the mangoes??? In that case here is the post. And even if you don’t want to know more about me… well. Mangoes at the end.

Note: I am currently dying somewhere in Canada from hiking and disgusting insects and something called nature. But I think I’ll live. At least I can leave this world with the view of pretty mountains.


This and the next two posts will be scheduled! I am 90% sure we will have WiFi, but will it be GOOD WiFi??? No one knows.

(Also: I won’t be posting anything next Monday. SORRY!!! But it was quite stressful in the days leading up to my vacation and I couldn’t write a post. Quality over quantity! Or so they say.)flowers


Name: May Everly (which is actually not my real name, contrary to popular belief).

Nicknames: the Mango Queen, Your Mangoness, Your Majesty, Your Highness… etc. (And also Mayonnaise/Mayo, as dubbed by Jackie deeeeeeear.)

Birthday: November 17. I’M A NOVEMBER BABY.

Star Sign: Scorpio!!! *pinches everyone*

Image result for pinch gif

Occupation: *blinks* Um. None. Except for being mango queen obviously. But I WOULD LIKE to be a (traditionally) published author. And if not that, an EDITOR. I heard they make lots of $$$.



This is me with a notebook as my face. It’s also in my sidebar. IF YOU HAVEN’T NOTICED.

Hair color: Black. #Asian

Hair length: A little lower than where my armpits start. (Best description I have, sorry???)

Eye Color: Dark dark brown. (When I was younger someone thought my eyes were black and I was like nO cHiLd.)

Best Feature: Um… nothing. 😛 FINE APPARENTLY PEOPLE LIKE MY HAIR. They say it’s soft (but they don’t know I only brush it once a day!!!).

Braces: YES UNFORTUNATELY. Top and bottom. But I’ll be getting them off after I come back from vacay! #soreadyforthis

Piercings: Nope. My sister got piercings… and got infected. My mom’s also allergic to some type of earring metal so NOPE. Also holes in skin scare me.

Tattoos: I’m 13.

Image result for duh glare gif

Right or Left: RIGHTY. I feel like I was supposed to be a Lefty, though, because when I clasp my hands, my left thumb is over my right??? And my left ankle/leg crosses in front of my right??? ALSO I’M TRYING TO LEARN TO WRITE LEFT-HANDED BUT IT’S NOT WORKING.



Real Holiday: What does this mean??? Well I was born on the 17th of November… so technically I first celebrated Thanksgiving. As like a week-old infant. But you said REAL… I DON’T KNOW.

Best Friend: My very good friend Riya! I went to her one-year-old birthday party… as less than a one-year-old. BUT HEY. ALL’S GOOD. She’s still one of my best friends (even though I don’t see her as much! </3).

Award: HOW THE HECK AM I SUPPOSED TO REMEMBER THIS. Well, I do know that I got an award for being “Queen of the Library” in second grade for checking out the most books. #GeniusAtChildhood

Sport: DANCE IS A SPORT, KAY. Been doing it since I was four years old.

Image result for dancing gif

Concert: NeVeR bEeN tO oNe. *cue shocked looks*



TV Show(s): I… don’t watch TV shows??? *hides* Unless it’s like, The Voice or America’s Got Talent or America Ninja Warrior. #onlyme

Color: PINK. I know I’ve mentioned this, but pink shouldn’t be stereotyped as a “girl color” because there shouldn’t be gendered things like that??? PINK POWERRRR.

Songs: I have too many… Let’s just say HAMILTON.

Restaurant: You can’t make me choose between my food???

Shop: BARNES AND NOBLE. (A bookstore in the US.) Although I didn’t realize where the YA section was until I bought Illuminae in May. #smart

Books: *blinks* No.

Image result for no gif

Shoes: Converse or Doc Martens. (I started wearing my Doc Martens earlier this month and WOW THEY ARE AMAZING??? Like they make me feel tall and they’re SUPER SUPER BUSY AGAGHAGH. Although they are a STRUGGLEEEE to put on and take off.)



Feeling: Well, at the time of WRITING this post, hungry. And at the time that this post publishes, probably hungry too.


Eating: Well I just ate a lollipop??? (An organic one, mind you.) And before that, apples and pears that I stole from the refrigerator. And now, about a week later, I just ate fresh mangoes. (They were delicious, thanks for asking.)

Image result for hungry gif

Thinking About: How I shouldn’t be slouching my back. How I should be reading or writing. Especially editing. But I don’t want to.

Watching: I DON’T WATCH ANYTHING I TOLD YOU. Except right now America’s Got Talent is playing in the background.

Wearing: At the time of writing this post, an off-white batwing-y shirt with comfy grey leggings. LEGGINGS ARE FOR LIFE. And at the time of editing this post, a cool sweater top thing and comfy black leggings. I don’t have a slight obsession with leggings.*

*I totally do.



Want Children: Probably??? CHILDREN ARE CUTE. But soooo muuuuuch woooork.

Want to be Married: Probably??? I don’t know. I really don’t like people. Definitely not right now HAHA but sometime in the future perhaps??? PEOPLE SUCK THO.

Careers in Mind: I want to be a published author! Meaning I want to sit in my PJ’s at my computer all day every day and be paid to do the thing I love.

Where You Want to Live: ENGLAND. I’m sorry but the accent are too tempting.



God: Nope. To be completely honest (and respectful), I really don’t think I could believe in God at all.

Miracles: Sort of??? I honestly don’t know.

Love at first sight: I think that you can be attracted to someone at first sight, but not immediately fall in love with that person. It’s called INSTA-LOVE and it’s completely unrealistic.

Ghosts: Not really, but I do believe that the soul exists in some other form after we’re dead.

Image result for cute ghosts gif

Aliens: HELLO THE UNIVERSE IS HUGE SO WHO KNOWS IS OUT THERE. (But they’re probably not called aliens.)

Soul Mates: Nope. I don’t think we’re destined for anything or anyone. I think life is made up of little coincidences—so if you hadn’t decided to try a different route in your morning jogging, you wouldn’t have met your soul mate, therefore they wouldn’t even BE your soul mate. (That made no sense???)

Heaven: No.

Hell: It’d be weird if I believed in hell but not heaven??? (Honestly these questions are giving me an existential crisis PLEASE STOP. I NEVER THOUGHT ABOUT THIS BEFORE AND DON’T WANT TO START NOW.)

Kissing on a first date: If it feels right, what’s the problem???

Yourself: HAHAHA FUNNY QUESTION. I mean, at times I believe in myself, confident in myself, proud of myself. But sometimes, I’m just NOT. Like I just CAN’T. I do try to believe in myself, though, since it’s extremely important.



Well I sort of wasn’t tagged for this and stole it off the internet??? So it would be weird if I tagged people. BUT. If you want to do this tag, take a page out of my book* and just do it!**

*Actually don’t. I will come at you with pitchforks if you ruin a book in the slightest way.
**Sponsored by Nike. 

shall we chat

what is YOUR name? star sign? color of hair? first best friend? favorite shoes? favorite color? are you hungry rn? leggings: yes or no? (do not say no.) dream home location? dream job? AND DO YOU BELIEVE IN YOURSELF LIKE A GOOD MANGO??? 

sign off 2.0

184 thoughts on “Get to Know Me Tag (Because I’m Secretive and You Need to Know More About This Amazing Queen)

  1. YAAS. LEGGINGS. THERE IS NOTHING BETTER THAN LEGGINGS. Legit all I wear is random shirts with black leggings. Why plan out a coordinated outfit when you’ve got a handy pair of leggings to just throw on? This sounds like a ton of fun so I’m going to do it on my blog too =) also cuz i don’t know what to blog about shhhh don’t tell anyone ^-^


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