How Much Should We Really Trust Book Reviews and/or Reviewers??? #trustissues

Obviously I have some #trustissues.

I’m mostly trustful tho??? And also trustworthy. Completely trustworthy.

One of my top trust issues is with book reviews/reviewers. Like is this book actually BAD or does that person THINK it is??? Should I read it because they say it’s good??? Or ignore it because they saiy it’s bad???

I mean if the majority of the people are like EW EW 1 STAR DO NOT READ I probably won’t read it. But if it’s a bunch of mixed reviews??? WHO DO I TRUST.

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Because of this major minor existential crisis problem I’ve been having, I decided to write a discussion on it and hear your thoughts! I seek help. A lot of it.

But a small note that I’m talking about trusting book review(er)s BEFORE reading the book. As in, should I trust this book review(er) and read/not read the book??? Hopefully that makes sense?

A NOTE: I’m posting this on a Friday (vs. a Saturday) because my post for Wednesday got RUINED. It was all about my trip to Canada and the PHOTOS DIDN’T SHOW UP ASDFGHJKL. I fixed it multiple times but it never worked. So I’m salty. Way too salty to try to fix it again. (Spent 6++ hours on that post??? SALTY.)


origins of my #trustissues

  • cookies and cream ice cream with no cookies… like waht
  • food that looks delicious but is actually disgusting
  • books I think I’ll like but actually HATE
  • Hamilton songs because why do they all start with “dun duh duh duh dun dun dun *violiny sounds*”
  • erasers that are DRY AND DON’T ERASE
  • WordPress saying that my post has been scheduled “two minutes ago” but it still hasn’t published???

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  • piano pieces that look difficult but NO THEY’RE ACTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE
  • a book (aka Winter) I didn’t realize was 800+ pages until after I read it
  • emails that are marked “unread” but I’VE ALREADY READ THEM???
  • the fact that I can’t think of more #trustissues origins… where are you hiding

DO YOU SEE WHY THIS IS A PROBLEM??? Why do they trick me like this.


why you should trust book review(er)s

  • You have similar reading tastes! If you and a blogger are matching in star ratings for a lot of books, WOW ARE YOU TWINS. If they like a book, you probably will like it too???
  • They have the general opinion. If one book review rates the book the same thing as a lot of other people do, then you can probably trust them???
  • Their aim is to get you to either read or not read the book. They want the BEST for you and would not feed you false lies* (or would they) so you can trust them!!! They genuinely care about your pathetic little cabbage heads.
  • You just trust them with your life. That person is obviously very trustworthy and the question is: Why WOULDN’T you trust them.

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(This isn’t to say that you should ALWAYS trust book review(er)s, though.)

Knowing the general opinion of the book is always good to know. If it has an average rating of 1 star on Goodreads… you’re probably going to NOT read it??? (Right.) And if it has a 4.75 average rating, you have a VERY high chance of liking it. (Though not always!)

*Really May WHAT OTHER TYPES OF LIES ARE THERE. (Lies by omission, that’s what. And also half-lies and quarter-lies and 3-quarter-lies and unknown lies and now I’m getting scared of myself.)


why you shouldn’t trust book review(er)s

  • Everyone has their own opinions! Even with similar reading tastes, you’re likely to have a few disagreements. For example: Not everyone likes mangoes??? I don’t know how this happened, but it did.
  • They could be biased. Maybe they REALLY REALLY love the author and will give anything that author writes an automatic five stars. Or maybe they HATE that author and it’s automatic 1 star. So you probably shouldn’t trust them???
  • They could be robots. AND IF THEY’RE NOT WHO THEY SAID THEY WERE, WHAT ELSE ARE THEY LYING ABOUT??? (Hint: their book reviews.)

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  • You become their wannabe. “You hated it, so I will hate it.” “You loved it, so I will love it.” “You threw this book across the room in fuming rage, so I will throw this book across the room in fuming rage.”

(This isn’t to say that you should NEVER trust book review(er)s, though.)

Pretty much the biggest thing here is that they could be robots and lying to you about their whole existence DIFFERENT OPINIONS. You’re going to read the book with different eyes and you WILL form a different opinion on it!


my thoughts?

Personally, if a book has less than an average 3.5-star rating on Goodreads… I probably won’t read it. If it’s just generally disliked why try it at all???

I usually STAY AWAY from book reviews before I read the book, because I want to form my OWN opinion about it and not be tainted by others’. If I read negative things, I’ll be looking for them. If I read positive things, I’ll be looking for them too. And if I don’t find them???

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OR I find them and then they’re the only thing I see and I therefore neglect everything else and BECOME THAT BOOK REVIEW. HELP ME I’M SUPPOSED TO BE HUMAN.*

But if a person I follow/am friends with on Goodreads likes a book? I’ll probably add it to my TBR. I am very “welcoming” in my book choices/ratings??? Aka I’m too nice and please help me be meaner.

I’m pretty much neutral. (Like on everything else May omg STOP BEING SO INDECISIVE.) I’ll trust the general thoughts on it, and I’ll also trust the people I have similar reading tastes too.

(And also my blogging friends and blogger/reviewer idols and all that. Like I said, VERY WELCOMING.)

I do think that everyone has different opinions and perspectives, so there is no WAY that I will enjoy the exact books you do! So even if people generally love the book… I may not. And that’s completely O K A Y.

Also, something I’ve noticed is that on Goodreads, some people see that a popular reviewer hated a book, and they’re like “Oh I’m NEVER reading that.” To which I am ??? Because why would you let a reviewer (popular or not) dictate what you read???

YOU HAVE DIFFERENT OPINIONS. You may actually like the book that the reviewer hated. And will that be okay? YES IT WILL.

Like, please don’t. Sure you idolize them and all but ARE you them??? No. GIVE THE BOOK A CHANCE!!!



my conclusion

Idk why I’m having a conclusion??? But basically, you need to have a balance of trust and “mistrust”. (Iiiiiiiiin myyyyyy opinionnnnnnn.)

You can’t always expect to hate/love the same books other book reviewers hate/love. But at the same time, they can really help you in the existential-crisis-causing decision of whether or not to read the book.

TRUST IS GOOD! Usually. But make sure you don’t trust TOO much because where would that take you, huh???

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shall we chat

this was a strangely formatted discussion??? anyways, what are YOUR thoughts on trusting book review(er)s? how much should we trust them? do you think you trust a little TOO much? or trust too little? and have you friended me on goodreads yet??? #ShamelessSelfPromo

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sign off 2.0


109 thoughts on “How Much Should We Really Trust Book Reviews and/or Reviewers??? #trustissues

  1. HA OMG FIRST COMMENT I FEEL SO PROUD!! Yeah I generally follow people with the same interests as me reading wise, (SO BASICALLY ALL YA BLOGS) and kinda mentally take notes from reading a million reviews on certain same books. It’s a pretty good way to figure out what to read next…HYPE IS VERY CLEAR IN THE BLOGOSPHERE XD. Book reviews of books I’ve read always make me excited because I can fangirl about the book…UNTIL I FIND THAT THEY GAVE IT A NEGATIVE REVIEW. AND THEN I GET SUCKED INTO A VOID OF THEIR HATE FOR IT WHICH DRIVES ME INSANE. Me: HOW DARE THEY TALK OF MY (MAYBE FICTIONAL) BEST FRIENDS THAT WAY. *dramitcally slaps hand over heart in clear emotional pain*

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    1. Haha nope, someone commented before you. 😛 Oh yes, I’m definitely taking note of what people liked or disliked! A lot of times I want to read the hyped books and nobody’s thoughts on it will deter me (unless they all say it sucks XD). AND I KNOW. Like they talk about what they hate and I start hating what they hate and I’m like no???

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  2. You’re right, you need to look at reviews with caution before reading the book. Everyone’s review is informed by their previous experiences and what they like and don’t like! So just because a book is wrong for one person doesn’t mean another blogger won’t enjoy it. If I am set on reading a book I will read it. If I am kinda so-so about it, a review may sway me away from it, but really it just informs the urgency with which I should read said book.

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    1. Yes, I so agree! I know I’ve gone into books with the expectations that I’ll like it because others did… only to hate it — and that’s completely fine! Oh yeah, if I really want to read it, I’ll read it no matter what. But if I’m considering that book, reviews can definitely make or break it!

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  3. Well, I tend to trust the reviewer more when I see that we have similar ratings on books we’ve read because then I know we have similar tastes. But, I’m still pretty curious/stubborn so if there’s a book that appeals to me I’ll still add it to my TBR/get it. Although, I’m now more cautious over hyped up books since I found out that most blog tour posts may not be their honest opinion of the book. Unless they actually rated it 4 or 5 stars they’re not allowed to share it until after it’s over so now when I see a book like that I go “but what if that’s not how they feel?”

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    1. Yeah, I’m more keen to trust a reviewer if we have similar tastes! And haha yes, even if I hear that a reviewer with similar tastes didn’t like a book I REALLY want to read… I’ll still keep it on my TBR. XD And hmm, I didn’t know that! I’ll have to keep that in mind the next time I see a blog tour review. 🙂

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  4. I definitely have some reviewers I trust before than others because our tastes tend to align, but obviously you’re never going to agree with someone 100% of the time. I’ll often read books I think sound interesting even if other people aren’t totally excited about them. I agree with you on Goodreads though. It something has under a 3 star rating and thousands of ratings…people really don’t like it, and they’re probably right that something’s wrong (though of course I’ll actually read several reviews to see what’s up). But I think Goodreads ratings tend to be generous, particularly in aggregate. It’s kind of hard to get an average 2.5 rating from lots of people.

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    1. I’m definitely not gonna let a few negative reviews stop me from wanting to read a book I’m excited to! And yeah, the general opinion is usually the right one. It’s totally hard to get low ratings on GR, I agree, so there probably were a lot of big things that made that book bad!

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  5. Yyyyeeesssss. I was thinking this just today while I was browsing Goodreads. “Well, this sounds like a well thought out review. It even had correct punctuation! Bbbutttt….what is this person is a complete ass hat masquerading as an intelligent member of society and all of their opinions are trash?!” …at least something along those lines. I’m with you on the not picking up a book under a 3.5 rating. At that point there have been enough poor reviews that is probably isn’t just a couple of clowns being jerks. But you never know!

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    1. I know! There are always some trolls tryna ruin it for everybody, which sucks. 😦 And yes! It’s already hard to get a low average rating on GR, so if it’s under 3.5, there were probably QUITE a lot of things that made the book bad! 😛


  6. Hey May! I was looking on Wednesday (LIKE WE DISCUSSED) and no May post… I was so sad about that and now I am EVEN SADDER! I recently had a major post meltdown where a post I had published and been up for several days suddenly got OVER WRITTEN with a previous draft. I was a sobbing mess because of course that was the best post I’d ever written #kiddingnotkidding

    So long story short. #1 you can restore a deleted post (you probably know this already) #2 (the important part) you can go back to previous drafts of your post. Like anytime wordpress “saved” (i.e. the little tiny blue “save” turned to a grey “saved” at the top) you can retrieve up to 25 of these… So I DON’T KNOW exactly the trouble you had with Wed’s post but it may help you like it helped me.

    THIS DISCUSSION ROCKS!! You make me laugh so much… Seriously though so many points I loved and want to comment on… I don’t like to get sucked into the crowd mentality but I agree there is a point where the masses are right, NOT always right but mostly. I have disliked popular books (I never understood Twilight fandom until I read it as an experiment and realized it was ALL STORYCRAFT – BTW which is not writing) It didn’t change my opinion as I’m not a fan of vampires but I understood (now of course even old fans won’t admit that liked it at one time). (Does this rambling mess make sense?! It kind of encompasses a lot of your points…)

    As a writer now I don’t mind reading books that aren’t good. So I don’t have to worry about trusting or not trusting anyone. I’ll read a book if I like the premise or am curious about some aspect of the story. Sometimes this is due to something I read about the book and sometimes its about the hype. Many times I read because it is an ARC and I made a commitment, lol! As a writer I need to be able to run into story problems and tear my work apart to fix them so I can continue forward. THAT IS PAIN, IT HHHUUUUUUUURRRRTTTSSSS SO BAD!! So I practice on other people’s writing. Not in a critical way of WHY DID YOU NOT SEE THIS PROBLEM, STUPID?!?! but in a HOW CAN I USE THIS SPOT THAT DOESN’T WORK TO HELP MY WRITING?! (Though if I get ranty in a review you will hear about it when I think a problem is super obvious…)

    I LOVE that you are neutral. Use your instincts little sister!! You sure can lay out a reasoned (if totally tongue in cheek) argument!!

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    1. Haha, I’m so flattered you were sad that there wasn’t a post om Wednesday! 😊 Honestly WP problems SUCK.

      And agh, I don’t know! The pictures were all showing up in the draft form, but when I previewed how it would look on the site, it just had a circle symbol with a line through it??? Thanks so much for that help tho! ❤

      I'm glad I make you laugh. 😛 I definitely don't want to be reviewers' "wannabes", but the general opinion of a book! And haha, I'm surprised when I dislike popular books, but it's normal! (Altho I think everyone's grown out of Twilight now. XD)

      Oh yes! Reading "bad books" as a writer can definitely be helpful so you can pick apart what went wrong and recognize it in your own writing to fix it. Question: Do you purposely seek bad books for that? Or do you pick up books hoping it'll be good but find it's bad and pick it apart?


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      1. Sounds like the pictures didn’t upload to WordPress correctly…

        I do seek out Problem books… I don’t mean I deliberately real 1 star books but if I like a premise and there are consistent reviews of say a special snowflake character (of pacing problems, etc) I may read the book anyway. ❤️

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          1. lol, well there you go, they have to be uploaded somewhere to work…

            Good books are great and randomly running across problems is fine, but not enough to get the experience you need for your own work. But there’s no hurry! You’ll do fine, especially if you are naturally talented as a writer and don’t have a storytellers mindset. ❤️👍🏻🌈

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  7. As a fetus book blogger & reviewer (I came up with this term…let’s pretend it’s a thing?), I sometimes feel very pressured to feel a certain way about a book. I have to try to distinguish what I felt from what I heard someone else say about it on Goodreads or booktube. I think I’m scared of having an unpopular opinion? But I’m working on this and trying to stay as true as I can be to my opinions. This is such a good discussion post, btw! Great initiative. xx

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    1. Haha, I’m a pretty fetus reviewer as well! 😛 Oh yes, sometimes reading others’ reviews (after finishing the book but before starting my review) makes me think the same thing as them! And agh, we’re all afraid of having that unpopular opinion. :/ Thank yooooou! ❤


  8. I really distrust reviewers most the time. If I see a lot of positive reviews, I’m like, “I don’t want to read this book” and if I see a lot of negative reviews, I’m like, “This book looks great!” #reallybadideakell

    Anyways, sometimes I do trust reviewers if I know them and respect their opinions. Like, if someone says, “Kell. This book has a really annoying love triangle!” I’ll be like, “Um … no.” Or if someone tells me there’s ridiculous amounts of swearing (#sensitivereader XD ) I’ll be like, “Eh … I don’t know ….” It depends …

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          1. I KNOW! I mean, yeah, there’s probably a possibility of love triangles existing (What? I need to see it to believe it sometimes …), but in books they’re just SO AGGRAVATING!!!!


  9. Awesome post May! I love reading people’s thoughts on books, but I generally read something myself before developing an opinion. Except for cases where I really trust the reviewer/have a similar reading taste, or if a book brings up any problematic issues that I don’t agree with!!

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  10. Hey! Really nice post 😊
    I totally agree with your conclusion… personally I think I’m pretty neutral too… I don’t just buy books only because they r hyped or don’t ignore books that are underrated …all that matters is my wanting to read the book…I do read reviews though and if I see something I don’t like then I reconsider

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  11. To be honest, I only listen to the reviews of people on Goodreads who have similar opinions to mine. But I have ignored a person’s opinion about twice and I ended up regretting it xD If they rate something three stars and above, then I usually tolerate the story at least. If they rate things under three stars, I won’t be picking up the book. They also have good reasons for why I shouldn’t read the book.

    So I usuallly just add bloggers or booktubers who have opinions that I really trust on Goodreads. And even when they really like a book, they’ll show the good and bad sides.

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  12. This is a great discussion. Side note, your mango is my bacon. I get not eating it for religious reasons (obviously) but tasting it and not liking it means that all future opinions you have are null. And, I love Mangos.

    One of the things I hate about Goodreads is the star rating system. I want to see ALL their five star choices before I go any further because what if they are just completely easy to please?!? Or, sometimes, nothing is good enough. Some book reviewers can’t just enjoy something – it has to be (insert pretentious concept.) Also, I am completely turned off by recommendations from people when they tell me I simply MUST read this book it is AMAZING and the BEST THING they EVER read. That is just too much. Which is why I refuse to read Wonder.

    I’m blathering. Did I mention this is a great discussion?!?

    Book reviews work best when you can wander through a bookstore talking about which ones you loved and why and you connect with someone and really understand what they enjoy and why. But, this medium puts up a screen that we try to break through. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

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    1. At first I was like wait what??? And then I got it. 😂 BACON IS SO GOOD THO! Mangoes I sort of get because of texture — but like it’s so sweet and delicious and aggahah?

      Ah yes. On GR you’re more popular when you’re more criticizing, but that shouldn’t mean that you give a book one star JUST to gain popularity when you thought it was a little better than that??? Oh, you get turned off? I do that sometimes. XD I of course know that they may not like it, though!

      And DUDE. Wonder wasn’t that great? I mean woo hoo for diversity rep but… it wasn’t AMAZING.

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      1. BACON! I know that not writing bad reviews means that I won’t be able to spark the kind of conversations like that delicious one on GR from all of us complaining about Allegiant. Talk about a litmus test – if you loved that third book I can’t trust you on book reviews.

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        1. *blinks* Weeeeeeeell. I don’t HATE Allegiant, but I don’t LOVE it either??? I mean it’s one of four books that I’ve ever cried over, so you can see the effect it had… but while I was sad I felt like it was the right ending??? (I usually feel sad about character deaths but also feel it’s right. Except Hedwig. I will defend Hedwig’s death to death.)

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          1. I feel you! The third book was such a departure (for many people) from the first two that it really incited a riot (which made for great conversations). The only person I can think of that loved (I mean, LOVED) that third book also actively seeks out books to make her cry which is not my thing.

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  13. Such a great post, May, that was so interesting to read – as always! To be honest, I tend to read a lot of reviews before reading the books because I don’t get books too often and so I am too impatient to know what others think about it before I can get to it…. if that makes any sense?! I try not to “trust” everyone though and forge my own opinion as much as I can. There are bloggers, however, who have the exact same taste as I do and I know I can trust their opinion with my eyes closed 🙂

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    1. Oh yes, and as an international blogger it’s hard to get books besides buying them, so you have to know you’ll like them right? 😂 But I’m glad you have a balance between trusting too much and trusting too little! Oh yes, I will definitely trust YOU on any contemporary recs. ❤

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      1. Yeah that’s exactly it, every book I read I buy, so…I want to make sure I’ll like them a minimum before I do ahah 🙂
        AWww thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say,May ❤ ❤ ❤

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  14. Hmmmm good points, May! I don’t ever read book reviews – I follow recommendations given to me by my friends who have similar interests. Like you said, if a reviewer has the same interests as you, you have a higher chance of liking the book too. The two times I was given a book recommendation by my friends who have identical sets of fandoms were the two times I read some of the best fantasy series I’ve ever read. 🙂 So there.

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  15. I think your discussions and I are becoming a bit attached. OBVIOUSLY NOT ridiculously in love with reading them.
    I TRUST book reviews? I’m not going to doubt that their opinion is valid or that they are being bribed with marshmallows to write reviews or something. I trust (MOST) book reviewers that they have my decisions in their best interests (really?). Sometimes I say straight up I don’t like a book and that basically, you shouldn’t read it. This could be because 1)it’s problematic 2) It’s plain boring 3)other stuff sometimes. However sometimes, especially with hyped books, I make sure I add ‘it wasn’t for ME’ or ‘Still give this book a shot’ because sometimes a book isn’t MY cup of tea, doesn’t mean it’s not someone else’s.

    Reviews definitely affect why I pick up a book. However, if the reviewer says something like ‘It’s problematic’ and they’re like the very few that are saying that, I WANT TO KNOW WHY so make a mental note to read that book and see what all the fuss is about. I read a book when it’s hyped. I read what the majority think about it.

    Anyways, my comment is a bit jagged and tangled – so sorry.

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      Wow Mahriya so TRUSTFUL. But yeah, they're PROBABLY not robots or being bribed with marshmallows/mangoes to write reviews. And yes! History is All You Left Me seems to be a loved book in the book community, but it just wasn't for me??? I definitely don't want to keep people away from books that are generally well-liked!

      Oh yeah, me too! That's me with Carve the Mark because some say it's racist while some say it's not so I want to read and form my own opinion. 😂 But I so read hyped books haha!


      1. I mean just because I (stress on I) didn’t like a book doesn’t mean someone else won’t love it. Everyone has such different taste in books. AGHH, Carve The Mark…I’ve done more research about it and discovered IT IS PROBLEMATIC in some ways but not done as an attack or anything? You know what i mean. People hate on Roth for writing it (this goes for so many other ‘problematic’ books) but sometimes the author honestly doesn’t mean to offend those people and humans get the wrong end of the stick, interpret it differently?

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  16. I think I’m a very trusting person, so I tend to trust book reviews if the majority of people seem to all have the same or same-ish opinions. There are a few bloggers out there whose word is law for me, and if they’ve enjoyed a book I know I’m likely to love it as well, and vise versa if they didn’t enjoy it, but that comes from me following their blogs for a while, knowing their reading tastes and knowing mine. 😀
    If it’s a release I really can’t wait for though I will avoid all reviews and all mentions of it. I’m like you in that I can be easily influenced by reviews and if I’ve been waiting for a book for ages I want to form my own impressions before reading other bloggers you know? 🙂
    Great post May, I loved reading your thoughts on this topic. 😀 ❤

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    1. Oh yeah, I’ll definitely trust the general opinion! Like you said, some bloggers/reviewers I just trust COMPLETELY (well, not COMPLETELY… XD) and it’s because of similar tastes.

      Oh yes! I easily get influenced by reviews haha. I’m excited for a book and I don’t want anything to stop me from reading it!

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      1. I think the longer you’re on WordPress the more likely you are to find people who’s opinion you share, and they’re the ones you trust when it comes to good/bad books.
        Sometimes going into books blind is really the best way to go, no idea where the story will go and no idea how good or bad it will end up being. 😀

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  17. I often find that it’s the opposite; I don’t like some popular books/ authors. I liked the John Greens I read, but not so much that I need to read his new book. Also, some reviews HATED books that I found interesting, and it annoyed me how much they let their obvious hatred be the reviews.

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    1. We definitely have a lot of unpopular opinions haha! I just think I’m an easy-to-please reader, so I end up liking the popular books. 😂 Oh yeah, I hate when you love a book that has a lot of negative reviews! Everyone’s different tho. 😊


  18. Yes I finally friended you on Goodreads haha. I usually trust book reviews haha. In fact, I’ve started avoiding books on GR with less than a 3 star average rating because life is short & I can’t be bothered with taking a chance on books. I also usually enjoy the really “mainstream books” that everyone loves lol. I think I sometimes trust a little TOO much but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter because I’ll DNF a book if I don’t like it and finish if I do like it!

    Rachana @ Spun

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  19. Because you friended me on Goodreads, now you’ll see all of the books I rated (and honestly HOW WERE WE NOT FRIENDS ON THERE I LITERALLY SLAMMED ACCEPT FRIEND REQUEST BECAUSE I WAS ALSO DHOCKED BY THIS DISCOVERY).

    I do always make sure to take reviews with a grain of salt– some books are problematic but her glorified (there’s this one reviewer who ended up pointing out how the thing we talked about in our post that’s essential for characters to have healthy romantic relationships was absent and got all romanticized, eww) so it’s important to look at the good and the bad of everything, and ultimately, while book reviewers are a good source, they can only help guide us in what book choices to read.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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      Book reviews are definitely super helpful! I just have to look at them really carefully because their opinion will become mine. I’m easily influenced like that. 😂


  20. This post was perfection!!! True, I have trust issues too – but I usually almost always have a select few people whose opinions I trust and respect and let them make mah decision for me because #lazy but also #commitmentissues (I don’t like deciding things OKAY)

    Obviously these people won’t always hit it on the nose for me but the misses are rare so mostly forgivable (grudges shan’t be held)

    All in all I am forever grateful for my fellow book bloggers because WHAT WOULD I DO WITHOUT THEM 😱

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    1. Ah, definitely with you there! There are some people who I will trust a lot (because I’m super indecisive and it sucks). And I may hate a book they recommend or love a book they hate, and that’s okay!


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  21. Book reviews usually don’t have that much of an impact on what I actually read. My opinions on books don’t usually match up with what Goodreads/Reviewers usually think so I trust friends on here the most or just general buzz about a book.

    I also don’t like to read reviews before I read books that often because I like going in knowing next to nothing about the book I’m going to read.

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    1. I totally agree with going with the general buzz! I won’t trust just ONE person, but I’ll trust a bunch of people, to get the best idea of “how good” the book is.

      Oh yeah, I definitely don’t like to read reviews before the book either! Except for when I’m just super excited and want to see others’ thoughts. XD

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  22. If I only trust ratings from people I know… and trust. Makes sense, right? If they have a similar taste to mine and they really hate a book, I probably won’t read it. And, like you, if basically EVERYONE dislikes it, I’ll stay away from that book too. Like, what’s the point of reading a book with a general rating of less than 3.5? I mean, there are so many amazing books to read??

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  23. Hmm, this is an interesting discussion. I don’t actually know what I do. There are a couple reviewers on Goodreads that have almost identical reading tastes as I do, so anything they rate 4-5 stars I automatically read, and there are also some reviewers whose tastes are almost exact opposite from mine! For those, I avoid anything they rate 4-5 stars xD. I tend to do a ton of “research” before I read because I want to make sure I’m investing my time in a book I will for sure love! So I guess I trust some reviewers automatically, and for the others I tend to do more research. Great post!

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    1. Oh, I guess I’m different from you haha! I just glance at the average rating and that’s usually enough for me. XD I don’t like getting TOO specific! But yes, research is definitely a good idea because you really don’t want to read something you’re not sure you’ll like.

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  24. Great discussion, May! I like how you created the positives, negatives and conclusion. That’s, like, SO professional! I met a writer (irl) a couple of days ago and he gave me a series of his YA books for free, but I have to do a review! I’m a bit like ‘what if I don’t enjoy them?’ They’re quite new books and he’s trying to get them out there, I don’t want to write a bad review, even if it’s an honest one. I haven’t read the books yet though (they could be amazing).

    Anyway, I do understand all the things you say. It is SO hard, isn’t it? I don’t tend to like really popular books either. I mean, I’ve never read Harry Potter because I don’t think it’s really my thing. *waits to die* When you don’t follow popular books, but still want to read ones with good reviews, it’s a massive minefield.

    Sorry for the long comment! Oh, and for how late it is! AMAZING POST, all the same.


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    1. Aww, thank you! And that’s so cool that you met a writer irl! Yeah, that’s like ARCs (Advance Reader/Review Copies) where you don’t want to write a bad review since they gave you the book for FREE… but you want to give your honest opinion. Hope you like the series!

      Ah, Harry Potter is such a classic! I hope you’ll pick it up one day. Personally I want to read all the hyped new releases, but I may not always enjoy them!

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  25. I have thought about this a lot, actually! I have two main thoughts:

    1. There is a reviewer on Goodreads that I follow. She’s very popular and I have found that when she loves a book, I often love it too. So in general, I feel like I trust her opinions. Sometimes I’ll read a book and LOVE it (or hate it, it goes both ways). And when I go to the book’s Goodreads page, I’ll see that this particular reviewer hated the book (when I loved it) or loved it (when I didn’t). So what am I supposed to do about that?? So basically my thought with this whole paragraph is: I understand what you’re saying about the trust/distrust thing…

    2. I also worry when a book has ALL good reviews. Like, how many of these people got the book for free from the publisher/author and feel obligated to give it a good review? Because when I get a free copy, I typically rate it kinder than I would otherwise. Because I’m nice and I don’t want to hurt the author’s feelings with my fiery opinions… So it makes me wonder how many people are doing the same? Like, I got a book for review recently and disliked it, overall. Then I went to its Goodreads page and saw all these GLOWING reviews, with “I received a copy for review from the publisher” under most of them… So… who do you trust?

    Sigh. Maybe none of that added to the conversation. I’m basically agreeing with you.

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    1. 1. Oh yeah, there are some reviewers who I have similar reading tastes with! And I’ll trust them — but not completely. There will ALWAYS be books that you disagree on because we all have different opinions — and that’s okay!

      2. I know people say that getting a free copy doesn’t affect their opinion… but sometimes it does! I haven’t ARCs yet (hoping to soon!) but I know I’ll feel bad if I give it a low rating. But you have to try to give your honest opinion since that’s what they’re looking for!

      ALL comments are welcome to the discussion, Rachel. ☺❤


  26. For me it’s not about trust vs distrust for a reviewer! 😂 Like you said we’re all just human with different opinions!! I don’t think a reviewer has “lied” or disappointed me when they love a book and I turn out to hate it.😂 It just reminds me we’re not the same person…WHICH, I MEAN, THANK GOD FOR THAT.😂

    Also what is up with WordPress saying it’s scheduled/posted something and it hasn’t???? What kind of crisis and grey hair is it trying to give me????? I also have HUGE trust issues thanks to those soaps that look like delicious cakes. I mean. Why would you be like that, soap. This isn’t okay.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I totally won’t feel cheated if I hate a book a reviewer loved, or vice versa! It’s just part of being different people. And oh goodness, wouldn’t want to have ANOTHER Cait would we??? 😂

      I KNOW??? THANKS FOR MAKING ME FREAK OUT LIKE THAT WORDPRESS??? And anything that looks like delicious cakes but isn’t so very rude.


  27. (I now have Trust Issues by Olivia O’Brien stuck in my head)
    I don’t really read many book reviews?? Because I feel like it’ll mess with my opinion of the book before I’ve read it. Like, if I read a bad review about a book, and still read the book, my head will be full of negative thoughts about the book so I won’t be able to fully enjoy. So I usually just read books recommended to me by friends or Goodreads ha ha.
    and yES THE THING ABOUT HAMILTON SONGS THAT START WITH THE SAME TUNE: i was so confused at first??? like when I heard a winter’s ball I genuinely thought that I accidentally copied the first song with a different name. tbh all the #trustissues origins you listed are very relatable 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DEFINITELY WITH YOU THERE. The only thing I’ll rely on is the average book rating and that’s it. I don’t want to think about other points people made about the book while I’m reading it! (Unless I’ve heard something specific about it, ie. it’s problematic, and I want to research it).

      I mean now I can tell what song it’ll be??? But when I was listening to it for the first few times I was like ??? 😂

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  28. I review books so maybe I’m biased but I read book reviews before I buy. I take them in but don’t base my total opinion to buy or not buy off only reviews. I have this weird obsession with debut novels so no matter the reviews if the book summary sounds good…I’m going to read it. I also pick books at random sometimes at the library so…there is that.

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  29. Amazing discussion post! Most of my TBR actually consists of books I’ve seen other people mentioning (I try and avoid full reviews of books I haven’t read though, they’re mainly mini reviews and when books are mentioned in wrap up posts .etc.). Sometimes, though, if I am on a the fence about a book for a certain reason (great example = I suspect there’s going to be an annoying love triangle) and someone confirms that in a review (e.g. by saying they hated the love triangle so much it made them want to throw the book across the room) then I’ll probably kick that book to the bottom of my TBR!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, exactly!! I hear a book being talked about a lot and it goes on the TBR. But if I’m not really sure I’m to read it or not, I’ll look at reviews. I REALLY don’t like reading reviews before reading the book, tho, because sometimes I look for specific things in the book that were mentioned from the review!

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  30. This is such an awesome post!!! I definitely think balance is the key lol 😉 It’s easy to get sucked into the hype train when so many bloggers love a book- but it’s just good to know that everyone has their own opinions, and I don’t have to conform to that if I don’t like a book (cos conforming is boring lol 😉 ) BUT I’ve also found so many amazing books recommended by bloggers, which makes me want to pick up all the books *sigh*. I guess this is what samples are for 😉 (in theory 😉 )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yessss EXACTLY. It’s important to read reviews so you can really make a decision on whether you ACTUALLY want to read the book, but not so much that you just end up kind of “brainwashed” from their review! 😂 But OMG YES SAMPLES ARE SO GREAT (…mostly 😂).

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