9 Issues With Being a Certain Type of Blogger (Because What Do I Do if Not Complain All the Time)

Being a blogger is hard work, and tbh, problematic.

Bloggers themselves aren’t problematic. (Usually???) But there are lots of problems with being a blogger. If that makes sense. Mm of course it does May.

And then not only are there problems with being a blogger in general, there are problems with being a CERTAIN TYPE of blogger! Like can this get more complicated???

Yes, it can.

This is a very odd post??? I don’t know what came to me. This is actually a SPONTANEOUS POST, which doesn’t often happen since I always plan out the month’s posts.

But I was just having all these blogging complaints (I’m a terrible person I know) and this idea popped in my head. The title’s confusing but I promise the post itself isn’t. At least I hope it isn’t.

(Is the awkward intro done yet???)



  • “Oh my gosh YOU’RE SO YOUNG and therefore IMMATURE!”: Um excuse you I may be thirteen but I’m plenty mature???
  • I just HATE that people assume that teenage bloggers are whiny and difficult and immature and angsty just because we’re teenagers. I mean, obviously I’m a teenager but don’t stereotype me???

Image result for ugh gif

  • Like obviously when you’re older, you think younger people are… young.
  • You wouldn’t assume that I was young from my voice, so I’m really NOT. THAT. YOUNG.
  • Age does not exist in the timeless world of blogging.
  • AND DON’T FORGET The Thing That Exists To Torture And Stress People™ (aka homework). It gets in the way of everything! Or you don’t do it because of blogging and therefore… *gasp* FAIL.
  • OH OH AND DON’T FORGET AGE MINIMUMS ON EVERYTHING! Like on NetGalley you have to be 18. (But tbh who actually pays attention to this.)



  • No one assumes you’re diverse.
  • Like, no one.
  • They’re so surprised when they find out you’re diverse??? But like why are you surprised??? Isn’t everyone different???
  • They also judge you and whyyyyy nooooo don’t judge meeeeeee.
  • And then sometimes people treat you differently once they know you’re diverse… which is like why??? I AM THE SAME AS I WAS BEFORE.
  • “Diverse” meaning mental illness, queer, disabilities, race/nationality, religion, etc.



  • I said this already, but no one assumes you’re Asian.
  • I mean, Asian is already pretty specific so I don’t mind??? But when you’re like TOTALLY BLOWN AWAY that I’m Asian… why???
  • Obviously people think I’m white, because agaaaaaain, WHITE IS THE DEFAULT. Heck, even I assume bloggers are white! #HorriblePersonOrWhat
  • But then when people find out I’m Asian, they’re just so horribly shocked??? Like IT’S NOT BAD TO BE AN ASIAN KAY. KAY.
  • And I’m not sure if this actually happens or not??? But people STEREOTYPE. They assume things about me because of things they’ve heard about other Asians.*
  • THIS ALSO HAPPENS WITH ME BEING FROM TEXAS. I love horsies but I do not ride them to school thank you very much.

Image result for horses gif

*Again, this might not be true and I might be exaggerating!!! 90% chance.



  • So you probably know this but…
  • I have NO social media.
  • I mean, I don’t really want any for personal reasons??? But for my blog, it can be GREAT promo. Especially when I hate doing that #AwkwardSelfPromo; on Twitter or Instagram you can just link to your blog in your bio and BAM DONE.
  • And some people ask you if you have social media and all you can reply with is “The protective parents are protective…”
  • I MEAN I APPRECIATE YOUR CONCERN MOMMY AND DADDY. But I need to be famous and take over the world.
  • I guess it’s good that I don’t have social media tho??? Because EVERYONE knows I’d procrastinate on it like the pathetic mango (queen) I am. :’)
  • (I do have Goodreads tho so be sure to friend me if you haven’t! I’m lonely.)



  • Dang, being a book blogger is HARD.
  • Not everyone reads/likes books! Whereas for food blogs and lifestyle blogs—everyone eats food and everyone has a life. (Or so I hear.)

Image result for reading book gif

  • The book community is already HUUUUGE, but not a lot of them are bloggers! It’s muuuuuch harder to blog about books than review books (imo). Sometimes I question how we are even sane.*
  • And then book reviews are what make us actual BOOK BLOGGERS** but they get the least stats??? So do I post book reviews to be a book blogger or avoid them because the failure of stats???
  • (Tbh I should probably post more book reviews oops.)
  • AND THEN THERE ARE GENRES AND LEVELS. We have fantasy and contemporary and sci-fi and historical fiction and MG and YA and NA and Adult and if you don’t read what the blogger read… you cannot relate.
  • And when you cannot relate, that ruins EVERYTHING.
  • *sobs into a pillow because why is this so complicated*

*Are we even sane tho???
**Says the girl who has posted only, like, two full book reviews on the blog.



  • What even is writing??? How does one write??? How does one give writing advice when one does not even know how to write oneself???
  • As a writing blogger*, you’re expected to give WRITING ADVICE.
  • How.
  • And then people want to read your work! Like I LUV U and everything but lol no.
  • I can share just a LIIIIIIITTLE of it. But too much?
  • *screams and jumps down a hole to rot forever and everly because whyyyyyyyyyy*
  • And then not a lot of bloggers out there are writers! So then it’s hard to get a following.
  • Some of my followers are SOLEY book bloggers so they can’t relate to my writing posts? WHICH SUCKS BECAUSE HAKUNA MATATA EVERYONE MUST GET ALONG.

*Is this even a thing??? I say it is.



  • I’m about to hit six months of blogging (this Saturday!) and I consider this still somewhat kind of new???
  • I mean I FEEL new, like I just started yesterday. Obviously this is not true but my brain is very stubborn.
  • But you feel that newbie vibe! No one really knows your name yet* and you have this small little community and you feel awkward. And then you have to do SELF-PROMO (sometimes) and you feel even more awkward.
  • And then you’re getting adjusted and you don’t know anyone and it all just makes for one very awkward messy time.

Image result for awkward gif

  • Although, I feel like I was very lucky??? My blog grew pretty fast since the beginning and I’m GRATEFUL for that. I had lots of supporters and you guys made me feel like I belonged so THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU FOR THAT. <333
  • (If you’re new and need some support, please let me know! I was once—and maybe still???—in that position. I’m not sure how helpful I’d be tho???)
  • So basically you feel new yet old and don’t want people to treat you as a newbie except for supporting you and blech.

*I’m not even certain you know mine. You still think I’m only called the Mango Queen, but you forget Your Highness and Your Majesty.



  • Do you know how hard it is to be a blogger and also a perfectionist??? VERY HARD MAN VERY HARD.
  • I mean sometimes I’m reading my past posts and I’ll spot some mistakes and feel the urge to FIX IT. But then I combat it with “hey look how else are you going to look back on your cringy self if you fix it???”
  • …I actually don’t know how that’s encouraging???
  • And then when I’m writing my posts, everything has to be PERFECT. The formatting, the gifs, the amount of rainbow glitter color in the post, how close the gifs are, the word count, big chunks of text, how boring I am, how funny the gifs are.
  • (I care a lot about my gifs.)
  • (Actually I care a lot about how it looks.)
  • (But also if the post actually makes sense???)
  • So this is why I don’t like scheduling posts because then I can’t have a last-minute read-through to make sure everything’s okay. Either that or I read it after it’s published and hurry to make edits. #smart
  • No, really. Not #smart. Do not do this.



  • Blogging is HARD.
  • Time. Effort. Will. Food.
  • Blogging is time-consuming and tires you OUT. You have to read posts and comment on them (or you SHOULD…), and then you have to write posts of your own.
  • Let’s please note that I follow 100+ blogs and THAT’S A LOT OF POSTS IN MY READER EACH DAY.
  • If you include ALLLLL of the above ^^ blogging is just HARD. WORK.
  • Your time’s gone. You get exhausted. Your eyes hurt. Your fingers hurt. Your brain/mind/body/soul hurts.
  • But the BIGGEST issue of all is…
  • You love blogging.
  • No matter what.
  • Even with the pain and the effort and the BAWL MY EYES OUT moments…
  • Blogging. is. so. great.

Image result for love you gif

(Is the cringy sentimental stuff over yet.)

shall we chat

what are some issues you have as a blogger? are you a perfectionist? or asian? or a teen? or a book blogger? or a newbie? and don’t you still love blogging despite all those issues? ❤ also what’s my name??? (ignore the sign-off below please)

Your post-ly reminder to sign up for Scribbler before the deadline (Wednesday)!

sign off 2.0


160 thoughts on “9 Issues With Being a Certain Type of Blogger (Because What Do I Do if Not Complain All the Time)

  1. OH MY WORD I totally agree! I’m Asian too, and I have also have like no social media. And all my friends are like “eh. You don’t have Insta?” And yasss about the books and writings and perfectionist issues. xD
    WAIT I didn’t know you only started blogging 6 months ago, and you already have almost 700 followers?! That’s crazyyyy.

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    1. *HIGH FIVES FELLOW ASIAN* I mean I’d love to have Insta for bookstagram because it’s FUN, but not really anything else??? All my friends know my social struggles. XD



      1. *HIGH FIVE* Haha I think like I’ll post photography and art and stuff. And foodies (cuz why not?! There ARE some dishes that look really nice, okay).
        And like my friends are just like. “You got Twitter? FB? Insta? Flickr? ANYTHING???” Me: nope. >8D


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    I think the main problem with blogging is age, because I’m only 12 and I run 2 blogs, one with 330 followers, yet people still kind of underestimate me because of my age?! So unfair. Like, I’d like to think I create posts as good as people 3 or 5 years older than me! idk. Good post.

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    1. I didn’t even know it was Downtown Abbey until someone told me. XD

      I know! People definitely underestimate younger bloggers. And then when they find out your age it’s like WHOA I DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE THAT YOUNG and I’m like, “Does it change anything???” XD

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  3. No idea if it was your intention but I was actually laughing while reading this, haha. xD There are so many relatable things in your post. And I absolutely hate self-promo but you gotta do what you gotta do if you want to reach as many people as possible. [Honestly, I just want more bookish friends so I guess that kind of equals self-promo in some way.]

    Seriously though; you’re nearing 700 followers and you’ve “only” been blogging for half a year? That’s absolutely crazy! How did you even do that? Wait. No. I don’t want to know. [I can be way too competitive and that is so not my intention with my blog.]

    You should’ve called this post “Rambling about blogging issues” though. Cause you’re rambling. And it’s awesome rambling!

    [Oh, and I’m a white Belgian female with tattoos and piercings – also something people rarely expect.]

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    1. Well of course I mean to make you laugh! I’M GLAD I ACHEIVED IT. 😉 Oh yes, self-promo feels so awkward to you but then to other people it’s fine??? (Most of the time. XD) I WANT MORE BOOKISH FRIENDS TOO.

      I DON’T EVEN KNOW HOW IT HAPPENED??? I like to think I’m just very lovable. 😉 (And I can be pretty competitive too! I think all bloggers just want to do great.)

      Haha, yeah, I probably should’ve! That’s why I tagged this as a rant because… it was a rant. XD

      (Oh yeah, I totally forgot about things like tattoos and piercings! Honestly, our real appearances can surprise people. XD)

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      1. Haha, yay! Yea, indeed. And you should be glad you’re not on social media [especially Twitter] if you’re competitive as well.
        Sometimes I’m like “Hell yeah! Five followers gained today!” and by the time I wake up I lost like six. Frustrating as hell because then I start wondering if I tweeted something in my sleep that offended people or some crazy thing like that. [Which I never did by the way so I’m still wondering what I did wrong there, haha.]

        It was very clearly an enormous rant, haha! xD

        [Yuuup! It’s something to easily use in a tag that has “tell people something they probably won’t know”. Shock the hell out of them, haha. xD]

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          1. I’m not sore either; maybe apart from some times that I’m going to be grumpy for like five minutes about it, haha.

            Oh God no, don’t tell me you’re one of those “Let’s follow them so they follow me and then unfollow them again”-types?! Because that’s awful, haha!
            I only unfollow people if their posts are annoying me or just not up my alley after all. Guess that’s more than a good enough reason to unfollow, haha.

            [Twitter is like bitch-media sometimes.]

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            1. “grumpy for like five minutes about it” — saaaaaaaame tho XD

              Oh, no, I’m definitely not like that! That’s so… ick. I mean when you start out you follow people to get your blog known but later (like later later) you unfollow because you don’t like the content anymore. But not THAT! That’s just cruel.

              Yeah, if I don’t feel like reading their posts anymore… *clicks unfollow*

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  4. WHAT DO YOU MEAN WHAT’S YOUR NAME?????? It’s mayonnaise obviously 😝

    And seriously, can you stop being so creative and posting all these brilliant posts like WHY ARE YOU SO COOL AND RELATABLE AND FUNNY *cries in German*

    I have to admit that I always assume someone is white as well (unless they have a profile picture or they mention somewhere on their blog that they’re not) and it sucks!!! But on the other hand, what if you assume someone is i don’t know Indian and then they end up being another ethnicity? That’s kind of wrong too… right?! (Do you get what I mean?)

    And omg 6 months??????? WHAT??????????????? I feel like you’ve only celebrated your 3 month anniversary yesterday! I’ll have my 6 month anniversary in like a month or so and it’s so crazy to think about it! It really doesn’t feel like I’ve been blogging for so long 😳

    I don’t know what else I wanted to say (hey, but what’s new :P) so I’ll stop here. ANOTHER BRILLIANT POST MAY, I LOVED IT ❤️

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    1. Oh yeah and I totally understand the social media thing!! I created a twitter when I was like 10 lol and my mum was super wary of it at first but back then it was super chill and fun! I had a Miley Cyrus fan account and once she realised that that side of social media was harmless, she wasn’t so strict anymore!

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    2. OH YES OBVIOUSLY DUH. *smacks self*

      Idk??? I feel like this one was so all over the place but apparently not. XD YOU ARE SO COOL AND RELATABLE AND FUNNY TOOOOO. *wants to cry in German too*

      I know! It really sucks that society has programmed us to think that everyone’s just white… but omg yes I forgot about the other way around! I definitely have some bloggers who I think are some ethnicity other than white but am not sure… XD

      I KNOW!!! THIS SATURDAY!!! I wrote part of it (shout-out to some amazing bloggers — including yoooooou — and it’s already so long omg). AND I KNOW!!! HOPEFULLY YOU’LL BE BACK FROM YOUR HIATUS TO CELELBRATE IT??? *squishes little Jacket baby*

      AW YOU’RE SO SWEEEET. <333

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  5. I FEEL THIS POST SO MUCH AJSLKDJ. actually not THAT much but I feel the whole “diversity” and “asian blogger” and “no social media” ones. I actually don’t think the teenage blogger thing exists because so many bloggers are teenagers or really young adults??? and I only get wary when people are twelve and younger (bc the grammar usually sucks and the blogs aren’t #aesthetic and the content is questionable and they argue with people in comments and things). Thirteen is a bit sketchy too, but if they’re mature I’m cool w it. LIKE YOU. CASE IN POINT.

    Idk if I ever felt the new blogger one??? Like I started a blog after my sister did, and so I kind of got integrated into the bloggerish community pretty easily. Of course, I quickly figured out that they were way older than me and kind of moved communities (I still follow their fantabulous blogs, tho!), so idk. BUT GIRL YOUR BLOG DID NOT GROW “PRETTY” FAST. IT GREW FREAKING INSANELY FAST. YOU ARE ONE LUCKY CHILD.

    But THE DIVERSE/ASIAN ONES OMG I CAN’T EVEN YOU’RE SO RIGHT GIRL. Everyone’s default is white!! and more white!! and more white!! like dude!! have you seen the world lately!! it’s not all white!!

    (sorry i get rly ranty about things like this XDD)

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    1. Oh yeah! A lot of bloggers are young adults (I was probably referring to teenagers on the younger side oops). Yeah, sometimes they’re no as EXPERIENCED and have more to learn when they’re younger… but still. WHAT EXCUSE YOU I AM THIRTEEN AND A HALF. YOU SEE THAT “AND A HALF”. But yes I’m very mature. 😉

      Yeah same! I’d spent loads of time planning so I had blogs to follow and stuff… but at the same time I felt pretty new, you know??? AND I KNOW I FEEL SO PROUD AND GRATEFUL AND ALSO CONFUSED.

      I know! And it sucks because I ALSO assume people are white and asdgjalskdgj;lakdgjakls NO.

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  6. Aaah this was so relateable! Especially the perfectionist part, haha. I’m a total perfectionist too 🙂 Congrats on your almost 6 month blog-aversary! I though you’d been blogging for way longer because you’re definitely better than me :))

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  7. I can relate to that post on some level because people ALWAYS assume I am American, or at least from an English speaking country. I don’t know why or where that comes from, but it always comes as a surprise when I say that I’m French and living in France ahah. I think this kind of assumption really shows how little we can sometimes know about the blogger behind the screen, right? 🙂
    I always try not to make assumptions about people ; but yes I guess sometimes it happens and it comes off as a surprise when you realize the person isn’t what you thought she was at all. It doesn’t really matter though, I mean, if the blogger’s awesome, it’s great 🙂
    Yes to the book blogger / writer thing. I personally can relate to that a lot, but I am far from being an expert on writing anything really. I appreciate you so much more for your writing and blogging posts, May, you should know that 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well that’s because your English is so GREAT! XD I was a little surprised at first, but duuude it’s so COOL THAT YOU’RE FRENCH. Yeah, we all make assumptions about the blogger! I try as well not to do that but it’s REALLY hard. But nothing really matters except for their content and friendship and etc!

      WHAAAT? I’m SURE you’re an expert on writing! I try to give writing advice but I think I fail. XD And aww, that means so much to me, thank yoooou! ❤ ❤

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      1. Ahah you’re way too sweet, May, THANK YOU I’m going to cry, I don’t know what I did to deserve such an awesome friend like you ❤ ❤
        You are NOT failing at all with your writing advice, on the contrary, you're doing awesome and I love reading all of your writing posts 😀

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  8. Omg do people really think you ride a horse to school that is wild (that said I barely know anything about Texas does this stereotype exist because people do that??)
    Anyway blogging IS hard. I wish I could say after 3 years I got all the tips and tricks but… I’m only a little less clueless than when I started 😂

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  9. Well LIFE. Hello. We’re not all white.

    Though I will very gingerly admit that I do think bloggers are white by default? LIKE THIS IS BAD but it JUST HAPPENS. i get very sdfghjkl when people think I’M WHITE but I do it? GAH I’m such a hypocrite? Like I though Mikaela was white but she’s not. Kill me

    UGH, Im did with being a perfectionist and a book blog- I MEAN HEYYY. I’m so bothered with stats and check them every day! AND I SCHEDULE AND HAVE BILLLLIIONS of back up posts. /s

    Like i know it’s not people’s fault. We’re like partially brainwashed into this life. No one assumes I’m ‘diverse’ and it;s awkward. Like nice blogging friends of mine (i will name no names) was like OOh. Your’s Muslim. Nice


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    1. I KNOW SAME!!! I think bloggers are white and then I get sort of “irritated” when people think I’m white. Like??? Hypocrite much??? DUDE I THOUGHT MIKAELA WAS WHITE TOO. Or Hispanic. But it doesn’t change anything, really.

      Stats yesss! I check them a lot! Mostly just to see if I’m progressing or regressing… XD I’M SCARED TO SCHEDULE AFTER IT DIDN’T WORK ONE TIME.

      Yeah society just programmed us to think that white is the default. WHICH SUCKS. It’s really not people’s fault! Until they become really mean about the act that we’re NOT white.


      1. (I was being sarcastic about the stats and scheduling oops) BUT YAS Mikaela is still awesome. it was soooo weiird (idk if thats the word) when i found out Elm was blind because I WAS SO AMAZED because i thought blind people were like different species but THEYRE SO NORMAL.
        Also that downtown abbe GIF ( I dont even watch it but im joining that crew who said that)

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  10. I like the points you’ve made in this post May, I definitely agree with some of them because they’re things I’ve experienced being a blogger as well. I’ve been blogging for over a year and a half now and I still consider myself a semi-newbie on here. There are people who have been blogging for years and they always seem so much more put together than I am.
    Also I definitely don’t think being a teenager means you’re immature. If your blog is anything to go by you’re more put together than I am! 😀
    Great post May, I loved reading your thoughts on these points as well. 🙂 ❤

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    1. I think all bloggers feel somewhat new compared to other bloggers! Or new in some way — maybe they started reviewing books. 😛

      Yeah, I agree! I also think that adult bloggers aren’t all stiff or anything like that. And no, you’re so put together, Beth! 😀

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      1. There’s always going to be someone out there who’s been blogging longer than you have, and at the same time always more you can learn about blogging right?
        Ha, I think I’ve developed a decent persona as a put together person, not sure how accurate it is though! 😀

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  11. MAYYYYYYY this is so incredibly relatable HOW DO YOU EVEN KNOW ME SO WELL ARE YOU IN MY HEAD. I’m not a teen or Asian but like my problem could be that I’m maybe very old??? WHEN IS OLD OLD??? I’m turning 23 and the Internet is making me feel old 😂😂 but yesss there are totally no age boundaries on our lovely blogging community! TBH I never really think about how old my fellow bloggers are. 😅 I can also be such a saker when it comes to my blog and I’m still trying to figure out this whole community honestly! It can be really hard to find people who share my interests in books and writing!
    To sum up this very ramble comment: AMEN SISTAH

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    1. I DON’T THINK I’M IN YOUR HEAD??? And I don’t think you could ever get old in blogging! Unless you were like… 100. XD And yessss, everyone’s so different. It’s definitely hard to find bloggers with similar reading tastes!


  12. Ah I am a perfectionist! Sometimes I just feel like my blog posts aren’t good enough, or if I look back at post from 2 months ago I will want to take them away because I think that they are bad.. Also, with the “New Blogger issue” I am kind of in a weird situation. I blogged for over a year on Blogger. NOBODY ever read my posts. There is no community in my opinion, and half a year ago I switched over to WordPress and it is so much better. So I am kind of new, but not? Anyway, enough rambling, loved the post xx

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    1. I recently read my archives and OH THE CRINGE. But they’re important in seeing your growth! I know there’s some Blogger community… but Blogger is just NOT interactive! I think on WP you’re able to talk with people more and it’s GREAT. I’m glad WP is working out for you!~

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      1. Yes, indeed. When I was blogging on Blogger I didn’t notice a community, so I will have to check that out. I think that WordPress has a much bigger community x

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  13. OML I SWEAR YOU WRITE THE MOST RELATABLE POSTS EVER!!! I was pretty much like YAASSSS to everything, apart from the book blogger points because I’m not one😔😔
    One point that stood out to me most was the age one, like yes we’re young but we’re perfectly capable of running a blog! And yes, age definitely doesn’t exist in the world of blogging!
    And I died when you said white is the blogger default skin colour😂😂 I have know idea why….it just is! I always see a new blogger I find as white ( I even though u were white when I first found your blog! ) until I read more and realise they’re not, I think it’s an annoying habit we all have😭😭

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      Yeah, and people’s perspectives change once they know how old you are and it’s like ???

      It’s sad but true! I mean, society has programmed us to think everyone’s white which suuuucks. Especially because I’M not white yet I assume other people are too???

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      1. Haha I’m pretty sure I mentioned it before? My mom’s Caucasian though so my hair is pretty light for an Asian. Basically, my skin is kinda naturally tan and I don’t burn, I have rly dark eyebrows lol and I’m not sure if my eyes are considered Asian. I still think I look sort of Asian, but people are always so surprised

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  14. Definitely agree! Especially with the perfectionist one. I am such a perfectionist, but I can’t even go back and see my cringy self because Dad has to check all my posts before I publish them #protectiveparents! And I’m a (just) teen blogger, and have no social media and…and…and…!
    I loved the post!!! I’ve been blogging for about a year but I’m still new, and I agree with that too!
    ~Emily x

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  15. Hi! So I’ve seen your blog around in the comments and decided to follow and can I just say, wow! It’s so beautiful! And I love this post because it’s so original and true like I’m a teenage blogger too and I feel stereotyped against and also NetGalley because I didn’t get it for the longest time because J thought it was illegal or something but then I gave up because free books. Also the book blogger thing and the book reviews bc I love reviews but I’m sad that they get the least stats always by it makes sense because if I haven’t heard of the book/read the book/it has a pretty cover, I’m not going to click on your review.

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    1. *flails because I’m partly famous???* Thank you so much, Sydney! ❤ I definitely feel stereotyped haha. And I'm not on NetGalley yet, but I TOTALLY want the free books! (I don't think they actually check to make sure you're not lying. 😂) Book reviews are so great! I just think some of my readers have different tastes and COMMENTS ARE WHAT I LIVE FOR… but you get less comments on reviews. 😭

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  16. You seem to be doing just fine without social media. 😉 I think it *can* be helpful for exposure and building a name for your blog, but often it just functions totally separately and people will have huge followings on Twitter or Instagram who never actually read their blog posts. I think it just depends on what you find interesting to do and where you want to focus your time.

    Age on the Internet is hard. I routinely assume people are much younger than they are or much older than they are. Age just isn’t really a factor, in many cases, in whether someone’s ideas are interesting or their writing is strong.

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    1. Haha yeah! I mean the biggest thing would be sharing my own posts. Also on Twitter I know you can RT for giveaways and FREE BOOKS! 😂

      I mean, obviously if you’re younger you may not have as much experience??? But that doesn’t apply to everyone so people definitely shouldn’t stereotype based on age!


  17. Love this post. I totally agree with you, being a perfectionist blogger is HARD. I have literally thought about deleted posts because I decided that they weren’t good enough.

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  18. This post literally gave me life. I’m a relatively new blogger (going of four months), I’m a book blogger (does no one read the same things I do? I suppose not.), I have like 20-something followers, I WHINE A WHOLE LOT, I post sometimes four times a week, sometimes not for four weeks, BUT I LOVE IT SO MUCH. Plus I’m a teen as well, and so I agree that people probably tend to pass up on teenagers blogs which is #rude because we are so insightful and brilliant and have the Best Things to Say. I don’t have any social media, either. Parent #1 and Parent #2 are Highly Against it. Ah, well. You seem to be doing wonderfully without it!
    But all this to say, this was a great post! Keep up the good work!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Woo hoo for new bloggers! I saw some of the book reviews you posted which are some books I’ve heard of/read. The biggest thing I’d say is that if you don’t follow and comment on others’ blogs, no one will follow and comment on yours! Interaction is key. 😊 I mean sometimes teens can be the stereotypical teen??? But not always. NEVER stereotype! And yeah, my parents aren’t supportive of social media either… 😂


  19. AHH YES SO RELATABLE. I think the biggest problem I face with blogging is not having enough time?? Because I’m a teenager (another problem which you mentioned) and HOMEWORK. BLECH. I mean I usually try to finish my homework at school so I have time at home but STILL. And I don’t have a phone yet (BUT I SHALL GET ONE “SOON”), and I can’t be on my laptop that often because parents.
    I wouldn’t say I’m a perfectionist, but I constantly obsess over the alignment of GIFs/pictures and when there’s too much text. I’m Indian, and lots of people are really surprised when they find out because my name and also stereotypes (boo). I don’t really know what blogging category I fall under?? Because while I do blog about books/writing it’s not the only thing I blog about. Like I have random relatable stuff/funny stuff. Eh. And I would still consider myself a newbie: I’ve only been blogging for 6 months *high fives*. And hardly anyone knows my name in the community. Which is awkward. But I’m used to awkward.
    For her Excellency and Majesty, the Mango Queen.
    From her obedient servant, Aris.

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    1. OH YES TIME. TIME SUCKS. WHY DON’T I HAVE MORE OF IT. And agh, my parents aren’t letting me go on my computer as much in the summer. (I say I’m writing when I’m actually blogging…) But during school they let me. Cuz usually it’s for homework. (And also blogging. 😂)

      Oh I definitely obsess over the placement of gifs and if there are too many large chunks of text! And agh blog niches are HARD man. I’m a bookish blogger (writing and books) but it took me a while to figure that out! And aww, I’m sure some people know your name! You just gotta get out there and COMMENT. 6 MONTHS WHOOP.

      (🎉🎉 for the Hamilton reference.)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. YES THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO POST ONCE EVERY DAY AND I’M LIKE HOW??? YOU HAVE THE SAME 24 HOURS THAT EVERYONE ELSE GETS. Ahh, that sucks 😦 My parents think I’m just fooling around and playing games when I’m actually *not*.

        Yes I just think that if there’s too much text and not enough pictures the reader will get bored?? Also yeah it’s tough figuring out which category you belong in! And yep, I need to reach out to more blogs. YES 6 MONTHS IS A BIG ANNIVERSARY!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I KNOW. I mean I take A LOT of time on my posts and I’m not sure if they do??? But still. And ikr, if my parents knew what I was doing they’d probably want to know all about it…

          Yeah, there needs to be COLOR and IMAGES and GIFS! And eek six months is coming up sooooooon! 🎉

          Liked by 1 person

  20. Yes I’m an Asian, and a teenager too! You’re right it always happens with Asians! I’ve still started out a blog recently and the problem is that sometimes I can’t manage to think what posts I should do and thoughts like ‘will people read it’ , ‘ will they like it’ pops up in my head ! I also don’t know how I’ll make friends with many bloggers, it’s quite hard. Do you have any tips? I’d love to know from you,
    xxx Apoorva

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  21. This totally made me laugh! It’s funny because I assume people are older than they are. I was talking to a few bloggers who sounded more mature than I am and DANG they are smart! Turns out they were 14-16!!!! I’m 35! I give much credit to teenagers because they totally deserve it!! And I never assume someone is white. To me, even though I’m white, it’s never the default. I can’t be the only one who does this! In fact I assume that most people aren’t. Great post 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I always assume people are older (and also sometimes younger) as well! And haha YES I’m always surprised to see how old people are because I never assume that about them. 😂 And WOW! GOOD FOR YOU! It’s really great that you don’t think white is the default — I’m NOT white and I still assume people are! 😭

      Liked by 2 people

      1. I live in a very diverse area. Many black families (I live right where Uncle Toms Cabin is and Detroit is 45 minutes away) and there are also so many Asian and Indian families that settled here as well. 5 minutes outside of town is a Native reserve. So basically the majority of my friends were of different ethnicities. It disgusts me that one race/colour is considered a default. My parents raised me right 🙂 lol

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  22. haha, YES to so many of these. I only have Goodreads and Instagram because I seriously can’t handle the stress of all the social media platforms. My problem is that Goodreads, Instagram, and my blog take up SO much of my time. How could I possibly figure out everything else too? So when I see bloggers who are on ALL the platforms, I’m like, “HOWWW???” They must be really good with it all.

    And yes to feeling like a newbie.. I’ve been blogging for a couple months. I am excited to have some followers, but I also know there are about 93748 other things I could be doing to get the word out on my blog. Link ups, groups to join, etc. And I don’t even know where to find most of them. And now I’m stressed out again that I CAN’T find them. Oh sheesh.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, Goodreads is awesome! That’s the only thing I have honestly. And YES blogging already takes up so much of my time so I’m sort of glad that I don’t have other social media. (But I know Twitter has the opportunity for giveaways…) AND I KNOW LIKE HOW DO THEY FIND THE TIME???

      I think all bloggers feel like there’s something they could do to get their blog out there! I know Top Ten Tuesday is a super great meme to do, and Top 5 Wednesday is a Goodreads group and meme. Hopefully that helps! 🙂


  23. Unfortunately I can’t relate to any of these, maybe because you and I are totally different types of bloggers! Being a beauty/lifestyle blogger is obviously very different from having a writing/book blog, though I do love that type of blog. Actually, I lied, I can relate to the age thing! I may be but a humble teen, but I hate when people think that my blog isn’t as good because of that!

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  24. *waves* hello, yer mangoness! it’s hard for me because I’m always like “idk how this will come across asdfjkl??” and then I’m like “I USED THE WORD BOOK TOO MANY TIMES” *starts referring to books as tomes* and ugh.

    IDK about diverse blogging, man. I usually picture bloggers as inanimate objects, tbh. You’re a mango, Clara is a pair of scissors. Loren is a pair of converse. And it’s my natural assumption that everyone is ‘diverse’ because tbh aren’t we all diverse? *is confused*

    I struggle with being an introvert because people are like ‘duh you write and like artistic stuff so duh you’ll be an introvert so stereotypical.” and I’m like I MUST BE AN EXTROVERT TO BREAK THE STEREOTYPE HA.


    Ugh am I a book blog or a writing blog?? I’ve always struggled with this. :/

    Liked by 1 person


      And haha, people assume that if you stick with the books and do stuff by yourself, you’re introverted! I mean, I’m an introvert and proud, but there ARE some un-stereotypical extro/introverts!


      Well, see, you can be a BOOKISH blog, because writing is about books and so are books!!!


  25. Hey May! I’m not sure what this white blogger thing is you talk about… people on the internet are the sum total of what I know about them. If they have a picture up then I always imagine them as that picture… like the lovely and sweet French Marie who I always imagine with her back turned to me but who loves contemporary and who I always imagine with a storm cloud or hurricane nearby and traveling a long commute to work. (I love Marie so she made a really great example!)

    My point I guess is that we are the sum of our parts. While I’m not sure about imagining someone’s race before I know their race (I’m totally NOT a visual person *shrug*) I also don’t think we should apologize for who we are. You are 13 years old. Mature, relatable and funny, protected by parents who obviously love you. Have a lovely, bubbly way of communicating that has garnered you 700 followers despite being so new to blogging. That’s great, that’s May! (You will forever be Forever and Everly May unless you reveal your real name yourself *wink*)

    Okay… I’m done with the “motherly” lecture to your mango filled rant! (Obviously I’m not 13… I hope you don’t see that as a problem *grin*)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey Dani! 😛 And ah, I was referring how people seem to assume that others on the internet are white and not other races. (Not everyone tho!) But I definitely agree with bloggers being a sum total of what parts they show online! It’s just that we tend to assume further than that. And YAS MARIE IS SO AWESOME!!!

      Aww, Dani, that’s so sweet of you to say! I hope it didn’t come across as me apologizing for who I was because I DEFINITELY did not mean it that way! 😂 But thank yooooou that makes me feel so warm and fuzzy. 🙈❤ (Hmm WILL I ever reveal my real name??? XD)

      Liked by 1 person

  26. YES YES YES!!! SO TRUE!! I think I can relate to almost everything?? Especially the social media thing,the age boundary and just everything in general I guess?? I totally get what you are saying about social media-I don’t want it for my personal use but I want it for my blog! 😂 ooh and yes…the age thing….Personally I don’t really mind if the blogger is old or young but I think it’s AWESOME that so many teens blog these days! And all of them are seriously talented too! Like you actually! And OMGGG!!! CONGRATULATIONS on Six months of blogging!!! *cheers* 🎉🌈💗 and on reaching 700 followers!! 😍😍 I’m so so so happy for you!!! ☺️❤ It’s your halfaversary! (I don’t know if it’s really a legitimate word, but if it isn’t then I’m making it up right now) 😂😉😊 I’m so excited to catch up (and look forward to) more of your awesome posts!! 😍😍

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The only social media I’d want for personal use is Pinterest, but Twitter and Instagram? Totally for my blog. I don’t mind the blogger’s age either! Just as long as their content is quality and I enjoy reading it. ❤ THANK YOU! 6 months isn’t QUITE here yet… but so close and I can’t wait! And agh, again Sasha, you’re too sweet! 😊❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Same!! I love Pinterest,it’s the best! 💗and I definitely agree with you about Twitter agd Instagram…I honestly don’t know what I would use it for other than my blog 😂
        And yes so true-quality is key to awesome blog posts! 😍
        And your welcome!! I can’t wait to celebrate it with you! And thank you actually!! (You are still SO much sweeter! 😍💗) ☺️🎉🌈

        Liked by 1 person

  27. People still age-shame bloggers?! That’s ridiculous. You’re right, age literally does not exist in the blogging universe except for elitists. I have so many friends who are like 7-8 years younger than me, and there’s literally no difference between our dynamic. -.- I also totally get what you mean by people automatically assuming you’re white. -.- I’m Pakistani, and smh the amount of times people have assumed I’m white even though it says ~right there~ on my blog that I’m Pakistani. I know blogging is super homogenous in the first place, but can we not pretend like non-white bloggers aren’t a thing, lol. Great post. 🙂

    ~ Aimal @ Bookshelves & Paperbacks

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I’m friends with people from all sorts of age ranges! I’m sure irl it’d be really awkward for me, but online? Pfft. Age totally DOES NOT matter. And I know! It’s annoying, but not people’s faults. (Usually.) Society has just programed us to think white is the default, which is SO not okay!


  28. Ok so I’m finally catching up on your posts and YESS

    I hate how white is the default and I get so mad at MYSELF at assuming people are white until they announce that they are a different race.

    Also I sometimes get mad at myself for assuming that characters are white in books BUT ALSO in books there should be an obvious cultural difference in the main character’s life. Unless it’s fantasy, and then there are other cultures and so on that you can make up.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good job Ju child!!! 👍

      I KNOW. I mean I don’t get mad because we’ve been programmed to think that way but I’m MAD AT MYSELF FOR DOING IT LIKE HYPOCRITE???

      Saaame. Unless it’s like explicitly stated. But tbh I visualize every character differently than how they’re SUPPOSED to look soooo. XD

      Liked by 1 person

  29. YES WHAT AN EXCELLENT POST. I think people often forget that BLOGGING IS SUPER HARD. You have to put in a lot of work! Sometimes it’s okay to expect stuff in return! Aah, your blog is so established & awesome for such a short time! After six months in blogging I was not nearly so proficient haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  30. So I’m a newbie blogger that literally started yesterday and I’m worried/nervous about the fact that ppl won’t respect my blog because I’m a teen (14) so any advice. P.s this was soo funny and true and just block out the asian haters

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey girl! Don’t you worry. I’m a teen as well (younger than you, in fact) and people (usually) still take me seriously! Actually, if you don’t tell your readers your age until AFTER you’ve established yourself, chances are they wouldn’t have even thought you were that young, and it just makes them appreciate you more! So be you and you’ll get the respect. ❤ Good luck!


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