How Blogging Has Changed My Life // My Six-Month Blogiversary aka Half a Year Blogging Already??? Fear Me

Exactly six months ago from today, on Sunday, January 22nd, at 6:19 pm… I created this blog.

HAHAHA probably not 6:19 pm. But sometime around 6. Because I was a coward and kept stalling from asking my mom to start a blog. IT WAS RIDICULOUS OKAY. I CAN’T EVEN.

But I am SO SO glad I finally picked up my courage and put it in its place, because I would not be here today if not for that.


It doesn’t sound like a lot… but it’s HALF A YEAR???

From this short/long/medium time blogging, I have learned a lot. I’ve made AMAZING friends and have chatted with so many amazing people. Blogging has changed my life in SO many ways, and I thought I’d highlight it today.

In celebration of six months of blogging.

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1. time o time where have thee gone?


I’m serious. BLOGGING HAS TAKEN AWAY MY TIME. It’s not fair.

When I was in school, I started ignoring my homework and doing blogging stuff ALL. DAY. My grades didn’t suffer because I did my homework at the last minute… but my HEALTH sure did.

So I definitely have to balance blogging with other things (like Goodreads homework, reading, writing, dance, and piano)??? I AM CONFIDENT I CAN, THO.

But it takes SOOOOO MUUUUUCH TIIIIME to read and comment on the majority of posts in my Reader! Nowadays I’ve been slacking a bit and while I feel sorta bad??? I FEEL SO STRESS-FREE.

AND THEN WRITING POSTS TAKES SO MUCH TOO. I spurt out at least 3K words a week for my posts, plus time for formatting and design and gifs and adgalkgjdlajds.


2. i’m… funnier???

Before I started blogging, I was this completely serious person with no jokes or wit and basically sat there like a sad lump of wet paper.

AND NOW I’M FUNNIER!!! Sort of. At least online. I have the urge to put things in ALL CAPS or add question??? marks??? to everything I say, or say it in a funny way. I’m sassier in my writing and I. LOVE. IT.

Image result for sassy gif

I’m not sure if I’m funnier irl tho? I know I’ve always been sarcastic but not like… sassy or witty or whatever I am now.


Honestly I can’t tell if this is for the better or for the worse.


3. i’m slightly less shy!

SLIGHTLY being the key word here. I’ve always been shy and I’m working on it. However, this also comes at the fact that I HATE talking to people irl and that I suck at it.

But! Now I’m actually reaching out to people (at least online hahahhaha) and talking to them!!! Of course, I’ll flail when someone I idolize or view as “famous” talks to ME. Even tho I could be considered a “big” blogger now???

If you flail when talking to me please let me know because I! need! self! confidence!

Okay so maybe this should be “I’m slightly less shy INTERNALLY” because am I less shy in real life??? NO.


4. i’ve made suuuuch amazing friends

So I’m having a blogger shout-out below (DON’T SCROLL YET YOU CHEATER) but I know I’ve met SO MANY amazing people in the blogosphere and I love it! I talk to a few you on an almost daily basis and ADHFLASDFLADSJ. <333

Please stop making me feel these things because I will 100% explode some day.

I think this is the biggest thing out of blogging for me, tho. I look forward to talking to you guys each day (dam,* getting sappy here May) because you guys are all so awesome. I mean I wouldn’t DIE if I didn’t talk to you every day because… um… #obsessive, but STILL.

Also don’t be afraid to talk to me!!! While I think I’m considered a “big blogger” (woowowowow) and I myself am scared of big bloggers sometimes, I. AM. NOT. SCARY.

And just saying but all you people are lovely people even if we’re not to the point where we’re GREAT FRIENDS yet, because you talk to me and who in their right mind would actually want to do that???

*I just remembered this yesterday and now I’m using it obsessively. PLEASE TELL ME YOU GET THE REFERENCE.


5. i spend more time online

So this is probably a NEGATIVE effect on my life but I feel like it’s important to add???

I used to be on the computer a lot, working on homework and procrastinating and DOING RANDOM STUFF THAT I DON’T REMEMBER… but now? Now I’m just on WordPress or Goodreads ALL THE TIME and I’m just like:

Image result for why why why gif

I reeeeeeeally don’t like being online this much but I can’t help it??? I have the urge to check WordPress (and Goodreads) all the time… even when I’ve seen all the updates.


But I’m working on taking breaks from it! I’ve learned to CLOSE ALL MY TABS so that I have to manually open them back up again. And during that long period of waiting I ask myself, “Really, May, really???”

And then I end up going to the site anyways but HEY AT LEAST I TRIED RIGHT.


6. i have a better eye for aesthetics

What??? This is extremely important???

While I still need to fix my dividers because they look WEIRD, I think I’m getting better at graphic design! Just ignore my cringy horrible old designs omg.

Btw if anyone has websites where they get design resources from PLEASE HELP ME because I need more. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I really love graphic designing, and while I’m TOTALLY not an expert like this random person, I feel like I’m definitely better than I was at the beginning! *shudders* Seriously do not go through my archives.*

And also I want to take more bookish pics if that counts for aesthetics.

*oH AND SPEAKING OF MY ARCHIVES don’t go look through them.


7. i’m slightly more productive

I don’t know if this is actually true or not because BLOGGING TAKES MY TIME, but I think that when I have my monthly wrap-ups and all that, I don’t want to look like I did NOTHING.

So I do things.

Like read. And write. Sort of.

I don’t know if I’ve been reading more or less books ever since I started blogging. Because there’s 1) TIME BEING TAKEN AWAY FROM ME RUDE SMH, and 2) me wanting to look like I read a lot of books. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So I’m either MORE productive, or LESS productive. I’m going to be Positive May™ in this moment and say that I’m more productive because I want to look cool in front of you.

Image result for sunglasses cool gif


8. i’m more into the bookish world


And now… I can’t. stop. reading. it.

I know all the YA book releases and I get jealous of people who read all these books. I yell at people who have set their Goodreads goal to 200 books because H O W. I get to read books that are actually my taste because now the genre has a NAME.

Also let’s not mention HOW BIG MY TBR HAS GROWN since starting my blog. It’s not fair. Stop showing me all these amazing books.

Although, I still don’t know a lot about the current bookish events because hahhaa NO SOCIAL MEDIA!


9. i’m just different

I feel like a whole new person.


Image result for smirk gif

No this is not because I go by another name than May irl what are you talking about.



Numbers are great but don’t mean as much to me as the wonderful community and friends I’ve made. You make each cry and sob and wail and tear-out-my-hair moments worth it.

*Note: I  DON’T WANT YOU TO FEEL BAD. I’m showing my stats here because I want to look back on this post and see how much I’ve grown. If any.

arrow 1


5,241 visitors
702 WordPress followers + 8 email followers

*cries* Thank you all so so much. <333

(Also 7,769 comments maaaaaaan we talk a lot.)

arrow 2


diversity in books



sunshine blogger award

get to know me

arrow 1


me (obviously) // 448
gracie chick // 41
amelie // 31
daisy paquet // 30
jackie @ toomuchofabooknerd // 26
julianna @ blots of ink and words // 20
beth (reading every night) // 19

(Thank you thank you thank you thank yooooou. Comments mean EVERYTHING to me. Oh, and all these people were linked in the shout-out below.)

arrow 2


United States // 13,450
United Kingdom // 1,942
India // 1,071
Canada // 1,006
Australia // 990

I’ve got views from 97 countries (I could’ve counted wrong) and all I’ve got to say is: AM I FINALLY TAKING OVER THE WORLD???

Also idk who the 8 views from Thailand are from, but thank you for #representing.

arrow 1


Most popular day: Monday (20% of views)
Most popular hour: 5:00 PM (7% of views)
Best views ever: June 26, 2017 (355 views)*

*1) This was when my “Diversity in Books” post was published which I am very proud of, and 2) shouldn’t this be “most views ever” to be grammatically correct???



I’ve made sooo many AMAZING friends from the blogging community and I love them all so so much. They deserve to get a shout-out!

Each one of you are lovely friends to me, but if you’re not mentioned, that just means we need to talk more! (Aka my brain sucks and forgets everything important.)


Mahriya Ilsa · RUBBISH! thanks for all the screaming and generally being amazing you + friend <333 // J8/Ju/Julianna · OUR WORD WARS ROCK and so do you, j8 my m8. you are very lit fam!!! 🔥🏡 // Sarah · PRINCESS DUDE. you are legit the best and i have seen your face now mwahahaha // Jackie/Hackie/Jacket · aaagghh my sweet nineteen-year-old!!! we honestly have the longest + best convos ever // Amelie · hmm i didn’t forget about you… thanks for being not only my blogger friend but my wife friend irl too <333 // Violet · thanks for being an irl friend too!!! you’re too kind and too pure :’))) and also my cheerio // Ivy · can’t believe you forgot wonder woman but you’re one dam great friend ;))) // Tessa ·  i still need to read tmi but i will do it for you, fam squad! luv ya // Abi · *cries because The Jungle is dead* but you are so kind and truly a gift to the world. // Kellyn · omg we had the WEIRDEST convos but i do not regret #slay // Marie · aagggh you’re so kind and amazing and thank you for stickin’ with me the whole time. <333 // Beth · you’ve given me some AMAZING recs and you’re such a sweetheart! // Charis · i’ll always remember your pleas for help and also how SWEET you are // Daisy · faces in the mirror HAHAHA keep on being strange, (bat)girl // Gracie · you’re so inspirational and make me want to change the world // Abby · so thoughtful yet also hilarious??? plus amazing photographer ;))) // Mikaela · how are you so awesome??? i love you and your blog too much // Cait · sooooo inspirational and witty and i strive to be cait-level in everything // freaking people who i forget pls forgive me

And finally, April, who no longer posts on her blog but inspired and encouraged me to start my own. I would not be here without you. THANK YOU FOREVER (and everly) APRIL DEER.



So I was going to give away free design elements… but that’s really not a great giveaway prize??? So I’ve decided to wait till my 1-year blogiversary to hopefully actually USE my money and do something awesome for you guys.

Or let me know if you want me to still give out free design elements??? Idk. This is all for you.



I’ll be having a Q&A in honor of my blogiversary, so be to drop in a question or else. (The maximum amount of questions you can ask is three btw.)

I’m totally fine with talking about controversial topics (that sounds wrong…) but I can also talk about my hobbies, everyday life, what I generally eat for breakfast because #food, advice, or anything else!

Don’t ask me for my address or phone number or social security number* tho. Because no.

Click HERE if the embedded form doesn’t work!

*I don’t even know my social security number.



Also, if you want to fill out a TINY SMOL 4.7 SECOND feedback survey, I’d appreciate it VERY MUCH! Completely mandatory optional, but it’ll help me bring more content you want!


(If you can’t tell, the text that says “Of course I’ll help you, May!” is the link to the survey.)


shall we chat

what blogging milestone are you heading towards? how has blogging changed YOUR life? have you submitted a question or three for the q&a yet? who are some of your blogging besties? d’you get the “dam” reference? and are you afraid of six-month-year-old me yet??? *wields dagger*

P.S. this post is over 2K words long i’m so sorry for putting you through this.

P.P.S. do you see the cake pops because i want the cake pops.

sign off 2.0

201 thoughts on “How Blogging Has Changed My Life // My Six-Month Blogiversary aka Half a Year Blogging Already??? Fear Me

  1. 6 months already??!? Congrats! In a few days (July 27th) it will be my 1 year bloggerversary. You have such an amazing blog and you deserve all the love and support you get from your followers. Congrats again!!!

    Liked by 1 person

          1. Dude, he’s the guy on your ‘I’m slightly more productive” point.

            He’s one of the oldest and most popular YouTubers. Do you watch YouTube often? Or does it bore you? I have to know!

            Liked by 1 person

  2. awww so excited for everything you’ve accomplished 🙂 Your posts are fantastic, you’re such a great writer! I’ve only just started my own blog, so here’s hoping I gain as much from it as you have ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  3. omg thank you for my shoutout ily!! ❤ ❤ i am so sorry i have been disappearing so much. i am just so busy and i dont know how to manage it all! but i am getting a planner and starting to make lists and i really think it'll help me be more productive so hopefully we can be as close as we were in december when we talked everyday. i am so grateful you mentioned me even htough i have been a crappy friend lately. 😦 im so happy you finally got a blog back in january… i was so excited when you did! and youve grown so much and im just Sooo prooooooud. (oh great now i sound like a mom) but you are an amazing witty sarcastic mango and you rock this world!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ily too!!! and aw, it’s okay! i’d love to talk to you every day but if you can’t, no worries! ❤ i'm so happy i met you and became friends! that's what led me to this blog. ❤ (and your wonderful friendship.) haha, you can be a proud mom, i don't mind! 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh WOW!!! This is all BRILLIANT!! Congratulations May!!! I can’t think of anyone who deserves this more and I’M SO SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! 😊❤ Oh and your graphics are gorgeous!! 😍😍 And I can definitely relate to literally everything in this post!! SO TRUE!!! ☺️😂 but Blogging is still AMAZING though! 😊😉 Congratulations again!!! And I’m so so sorry that I couldn’t submit any of my questions for your Q and A! (I’m just going to check out that post) 😭😭😭

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Congradulations! (applause) You should feel proud of yourself! I hit my two year anniversity a couple months ago, and I know what it’s like to start out new. Of course you are WAY more successful than me- my total page views is only 5,966. I think Turkmenistan might be my weirdest page views:)

    Liked by 1 person

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