How to LOSE My Undivided Attention (and Unparalleled Devotion) For Your Blog aka Why I’ll Unfollow You

I’m a very easy-to-please person.

You’ll see that on Goodreads I rarely rate anything below 4 stars. I don’t even have any books on my one-star shelf. I’M JUST REALLY NICE.

But sometimes… I can be mean. I can get bored. I can be *gasp* disappointed.

This is true in blogging, because I follow blogs and then… don’t want to follow them anymore.


But I only have so much time and I’m a pretty active follower. I gotta make sure that all the blogs I follow are up to standard. I wrote a post on what I’m looking for in a blog to follow it, but now, the inevitable… WHY I’LL UNFOLLOW YOUR BLOG.

This should be fun. >:)

Note: Unfollowing blogs is COMPLETELY OKAY. It’s like not reading a book with “meh” reviews. You don’t want to waste your life reading books you don’t enjoy/like—same with blogging! Why force yourself to read blogs you don’t like/enjoy?



1. i stop feeling the need to comment on your posts

THIS. SUCKS. Because I really love getting comments on my posts (they’re what I live for basically). I want to give people that feeling too!

But then, when I’m just not at all motivated to comment… JAL;KFDJAL;KGHDALKS.

Of course, there will be random times where I don’t feel like reading/commenting on the post. But when I just keep clicking the like button for the same blog and not reading/commenting on the post…

Image result for bye bye gif

Sure you’d like me to just like your posts! But what are you doing in my Reader if I don’t want to READ the post??? IT’S CALLED A READER FOR A REASON.

arrow 1

reasons why i won’t feel like commenting:

  • your content starts to get boring to me
  • you post A LOT and it’s hard to keep up with???
  • I just don’t relate to you/your content anymore
  • BOOK REVIEWS. JUST. BOOK. REVIEWS. I mean sure they’re great but all the time and ONLY book reviews??? I’m outtie.
  • speaking of which, you don’t have engaging content
  • and it’s all about you
  • and I
  • am
  • bored
  • orrrr you start hating on mangoes like what is this
  • and other reasons

arrow 2

My biggest motivator to unfollow is when I don’t want to comment. Because the reason I want to follow blogs is to INTERACT, and if I don’t want to comment… I don’t want to interact???


2. i’m not interested in/able to relate to your content anymore

Maybe you used to write really great posts! Funny, insightful, relatable, thought-provoking, ANYTHING. And then… you kind of lost that.

Where did you go good sir.

So now… I’m just bored! What’s the purpose of reading your posts if I don’t enjoy them? If I don’t like them? IF I’M BORED BY THEM???

OR. I’ve changed and my taste is different. I know I used to follow more “lifestyle” blogs but now that I’ve gotten into the book blogging community, I like to read book blogs more often!

And then there’s the fact of relatability. In my opposite post, I talked about how blogs about different topics than I usually read about were good! They offered me a fresh perspective. But noooooow, when it gets TOO un-relatable…

Image result for wave goodbye gif


3. you lose your spark

I’d say my spark would be my hilarity, of course. Or my mangoes. Or my brightness. Or my sweetness. Or my helpfulness. Or maybe even my humbleness!!!

But if I lost that/those… I probably would unfollow myself? Because 1) WHO IS THIS PERSON AND WHAT HAVE THEY DONE WITH MAY, and 2) I/you/she/they lost what made them special and stand out.

So lesson of the day, kids: Don’t lose what makes you YOU or this mango queen will unfollow you.


4. you’re inactive/gone forever

I’ll probably forget about you if you just suddenly disappear, so then I won’t actively go out of my way to unfollow you. And if you write a post and mention when you’ll be back, I’ll probably still keep you on my follow list.

BUT when I’m going through all my followed blogs and I see yours and think, “Well, s/he hasn’t posted in a while!” Then CLICK! Unfollowed. Oops.

(This is partly because I already follow lots of blogs so then I’ll just convince myself that HEY I’m following LESS blogs lookit me ma no hands!*)

And suuuure you’ll probably come back one day. This is just me deciding on a whim, “Eh.” :))

Image result for eh gif

*I’m reading Gemina right now and I stole that from Nik okay guilty now let me be damaged in peace.


5. i don’t actually like your content

Well of course if I don’t like their content I’d probably unfollow (or not even have followed in the first place???). Why would I follow/continue following a blog whose posts I don’t like???

But I’m specifically talking about following on a whim. Sometimes I find blogs that I’m just like, “Ooh this looks nice!” And then I follow. Or maybe I check out one of my commenters’ blogs.

Their posts show up in my Reader for a few days, and then I realize I’m ACTUALLY NOT INTERESTED.

So away May goes. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


6. your blog isn’t aesthetic/readable

It may be shallow but it is not. Humans are JUDGY and also very visual. I will look at a blog and if I don’t like how it looks, I! WON’T! STAY! Boom. Clicked out of the site in 3.4 seconds.

I probably wouldn’t have followed your blog in the first place if this was the case… but sometimes it happens.

And then my brain finds its way back to me and I run away because I cannot handle anything other than beauty.

Image result for you're ugly gif


7. you are mean or something

Clearly I have an EXCELLENT vocabulary based on the phrase “or something”.

But seriously! If you are discriminatory, rude, or hateful towards people of different ethnicity, race, religion, gender, sexuality, or even OPINIONS FOR HEAVEN’S SAKE, I! will! unfollow! you!

Of course you’re allowed to have different opinions about those people, but if you are disrespectful towards them, I CANNOT SIR. I CANNOT.

Or maybe you just start randomly being mean to some certain commenters. I don’t know, I JUST HATE MEAN PEOPLE OKAY.

Note: I haven’t unfollowed anyone for this reason yet (and hopefully never), but I certainly would if it came to that.


8. you don’t post that consistently

I’m more likely to FORGET that you exist when you don’t post because I’m busy with commenting on other blogs, but if your posts are like… months apart, I just get annoyed???

Or when you post three times one week, and then abandon your blog for the rest of the month. I mean, I won’t HATE you for it, but it’s definitely not as good as posting consistently.

This is why I find blogging schedules so helpful! They can keep you on top of what you’re posting and when. I LOVE THEM.


9. i just… get bored

Maybe I’m reading your blog post, and then my attention wanders. Or maybe I keep rereading the same sentence over and over again. Maybe there’s SOMETHING about that makes me bored and unable to just READ THE POST.

So unfortunately… I unfollow.

Or maybe you just talk about yourself a lot! Like yes this is YOUR blog and you’re 100% entitled to talk about yourself, but when I read blog posts, I want to walk/click away having GAINED something.

arrow 1

things that i can gain from posts:

  • a new perspective
  • some tips! like how to read without getting crushed by the TBR! which probably doesn’t exist!
  • more things about you (so yes you can talk about yourself, but sometimes it’s TOO much)
  • mangoes
  • BEING THOROUGHLY ENTERTAINED! or just happiness/laughter
Image result for happiness laughter gif
ice cream would make me very happy too
  • insight into a book and maybe a decision on whether or not to read it (book review)
  • being able to relate (this is 100% something I can gain okay)
  • food
  • being triggered to write something ranty (idk I guess I like to fight people???)
  • books to add to my TBR which is not something I really WANT to gain buuuuuuuut *whispers* look at all those good books

arrow 2

If I’m bored, I just won’t want to read. And WHAT is the point of following your blog and your posts if I don’t want to read them???*

*I cry because I sound so mean omg.


By the way, I am NOT CALLING OUT ANY BLOGS! If you’ll see, this post has been all about what I think of the blog. It’s not a fact! Just because I PERSONALLY don’t think someone’s content is interesting doesn’t mean their content ISN’T interesting! It’s just MY OPINION.

And if you like that blog, great! Go you! Your opinion is valid and I will note hate you.

Also on the topic of following blogs—hi my name is May and I’m a BUSY PERSON. If I follow, I’m ACTIVE. I comment A LOT. I have to REALLY like your content and a whole bunch of other things. It’s not as simple as me just clicking the follow button.

You can always tell me to check out your blog, and I’m trying to comment back. But I already follow 100+ blogs, I have over 700 followers, and I can NOT follow for follows, or follow just because you want me to.


(And I like to think that you follow my blog because you genuinely enjoy it? And NOT because you just want me to follow your blog back. Which btw does not happen.)

shall we chat

what are some things that make YOU unfollow blogs? can you add more to the list? do you want to gain something from posts too? oh, and since today’s my sister’s bday and she’s getting a blueberry scone (no fair), what types of scones do you like???

P.S. still accepting questions for my q&a and my survey! *wink wink*

sign off 2.0

189 thoughts on “How to LOSE My Undivided Attention (and Unparalleled Devotion) For Your Blog aka Why I’ll Unfollow You

  1. I feel like this is such a taboo subject to talk about so kudos to you for talking about it like this! I always feel so guilty for unfollowing a blog, but then again usually I haven’t read their posts in a while because I wasn’t interested, so in a way it doesn’t affect them that much. Okay their follower count goes down, but their likes and comments don’t change because I wasn’t reading the posts anyway 🙈 I unfollow for pretty much the same reasons you listed, but thankfully I haven’t had to unfollow anyone for being discriminatory/rude/etc yet either. Also omg following on a whim guiltyyyyy. I see their design and a few posts and think oh this is fun! but then a few days later I’m like,,, wait no. I’m actually not into this kind of stuff. I feel sooo guilty cause like… I only followed a few days ago… And now I’m unfollowing already rip. Thank you for this post, because I now I feel less guilty 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel a little bit bad as well, but I just have to think about the fact that whatever blogs I’m following have to be blogs I LOVE, right? For my health and happiness. :’) Yeah, luckily no one’s been extremely mean/rude/discriminatory, but I’d definitely unfollow if that’s the case! And YESSSS. I’m just like “omg I will love their blog!!!” But… I don’t. I’m glad you feel less guilt, Michelle! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  2. If it’s boring, I can’t. Just can’t. I like to learn new things and see different personalities at work. Sometimes I keep following if I see potential; they might figure out how to go about things and grow from there. I just can’t with blogs sometimes. Being bored is my nemesis. We’re beefing all day, so I don’t want to come on here and add someone else to the brawl, ya know?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. …well…that explains why i don’t get as many views…
    reading this was somehow very entertaining but also informative-ish.
    also i can’t stand boring blogs i unfollow them immediately but if it just so happens that they’ve got some information that i feel like i would find relevant at ANY given point in my life, then, well, i still follow them.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Okay so I totally relate. But BLOG SCHEDULES. What does yours look like?? I’ve tried one online, a physical calendar… they always work for a while, maybe a couple (or even a few) months, but then the little Joy emotion in my brain decides we’re going to be SPONTANEOUS and it all falls apart. Halp please.

    Liked by 1 person

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