9 Ways How Dancers and Bookworms are Actually Quite Scarily Similar… #surprise

If you don’t know already, I’m a hardcore dancer.

“Hardcore” meaning “trying and failing to be good and not flop over like a dead fish”. But despite my fishy side, I love dancing!

I’m also a hardcore bookworm. (Meaning that I’m trying to figure out how to defeat my TBR but it’s not working.) So I thought, Why not combine these two to make a cool post???


And so today I’m going to talk about how bookworms and dancers are actually pretty similar. And maybe you’ll find that you might actually be a dancer after all. *wink wink*


1. they have to be alert at all times

Dancers: Are my legs completely straight? Is my tailbone tucked in? Am I standing as tall as possible? Chin up? Arms strong? Shoulders back? Toes pointed? IS EVERYTHING PERFECT???

Bookworms: …They’re going to kiss. NO THEY’RE GOING TO DIE. Oh wait HE’S going to die, not them. Wait NO NO NO OMG.

Dancers have to be aware of EVERY SINGLE bone and muscle in their body and make sure that everything is perfectly in line. IT’S DIFFICULT. VERY DIFFICULT.

And bookworms have to be aware of:

  • when their favorite authors are coming out with new books
  • when their favorite authors are going to kill someone off and/or damage you
  • when people are going to interrupt your reading
  • when the food’s coming
  • all the other little details in the book

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2. they have different genres to choose from!

Dancers: Ballet or contemporary/modern or jazz or tap or lyrical or musical theatre or hip hop or drill prep or *lists off a bunch more genres of dance*

Bookworms: What about fantasy or contemporary or sci-fi or dystopian or historical or romance or magical realism or mystery or thriller or…?

There are lots of genres to choose from in dance and books!* A good dancer/reader will dance in/read from a variety of genres. (But they’ll always have one or two they prefer the most.)

See, look how easy it is to strike up conversation now!

Bookworm: So, um, what types of dance do you do?
Dancer: Oh, I do ballet, lyrical, and jazz. What type of books do you like to read?
Bookworm: Fantasy, sci-fi, romance… You know.
Dancer: …No, I really don’t know.
Bookworm: HAHAHAHHAHAHA… ahem.

Well dude I never said it was easy to FINISH a conversation.

*My dance favs are contemporary/lyrical and tap, and book favs are fantasy, contemporary, and magical realism. Or maybe you didn’t want to know that and I’ll go rot in a hole now.


3. they can meet other people like them (at conventions)

Dancer: I went to a dance convention and met so many great friends and I talk to them all the time now!

Bookworm: I went to a book convention and was scared of everyone gushed books with everyone and now I talk to them all the time!

Okay so if you’re just a person you can PROBABLY meet other people like you because — oh look! Another human like me!

Image result for surprised gif

But can you find them at CONVENTIONS??? No you cannot, sir. Which is why dancers and bookworms are Speshul™.

(But really, a lot of bookworms are introverts sooooo there goes that.)


4. they are very hardworking and persistent

Dancers: I’m going to stretch every night to get my splits again because I am NOT losing them for the third time* and I will work on my turns and leaps and IMPROVE!

Bookworms: I’m going to read every book as fast as I can so I can catch up to my TBR and I will NEVER GIVE UP.

Obviously, the bookworm has more of a challenge because HELLO it’s kind of impossible. (Unless you have like two books in your whole TBR and my question is: Who are you.)

BUT STILL!!! They will persist. And after a long (or short, you never know) time they might give up. OR THEY CAN SUCCEED because who am I crush your dreams???

But if you’re trying to read all the books in your TBR and there’s over… 100, good luck. You’ll never make it.

Image result for thumbs up gif



5. they both face moments of self-doubt

Dancers: My leaps aren’t that big, I can’t even do a triple*, I’ll never be as good as that person, UGH I’M JUST SO BAD AT DANCING.

Bookworms: I will NEVER read all the books on my TBR, nor will I ever write such amazing and/or popular reviews like that person I’M SUCH A FAILURE.

So maybe EVERYONE faces self-doubt at least once in their life??? But for dancers and bookworms, it’s… severer. Because they are very dramatic.

Okay what even May.

Of course, they can improve!!! As said above, if they work hard, they can become better dancers with more flexibility and better turns and all that stuff! And bookworms… well they can’t defeat the TBR but um… they could slowly write more popular reviews.

*This is referring to three turns in a row, for those not versed in Dance Lingo™.


6. they hurt from excessive said activity

Dancers: AJSKDLFJS MY LEGS HURT SO MUCH and my feet and my abs and my arms and my butt and my neck and my back and my head and uuuuggghhhh when will it stooooooop.

Bookworms: My eyes hurt and my hands hurt and my fingers hurt and my heart hurts and my soul hurts I’m dead inside I’m so hollow omgggggg.

So dancers probably have more physical pain??? But I mean, your eyes can hurt after reading a lot. Or maybe your eyes hurt after reading a book after you danced for seven hours.*

And bookworms will have mental pain. Their soul was crushed because their favorite character died, their heart was crushed when they were disappointed by a book. They sought love and comfort…

…only to find NO ONE.

Image result for wailing gif

I’m not being dramatic why are you asking.

Okay so maybe dancers will also feel mental pain? Like fatigue and exhaustion and jealousy… THE POINT IS: we both face pain. A lot of it.

*I did this. Seven hours of dance for three days, then eleven hours on another. Yes, I died.


7. they need a lot of food after they do said activity

Dancers: I could eat a horse and a cow and a burger and a sandwich and grapes and strawberries and a cookie and drink some water and eat MANGOES of course.

Bookworms: I need to eat to forget my sorrows and I also need so snack on food while I read and get crumbs on my book.

Food is very important to life. Food is important to making sure people stay alive. Unless it’s like poisoned or something omg May stop being so morbid.

Food is essential to making sure that dancers don’t collapse after long hours and to fuel them. Food is also essential to comforting readers after they cry intense tears… hence the name “comfort food”.


8. they can do said activity ANYWHERE

Dancers: [in grocery store] *leaps down the aisle* [in the subway] *stretches splits against the pole* [in the street] *dances in the rain ;)*

Image result for dancing in the rain gif

Bookworms: *reads in car* *reads in school* *reads while walking across the street*

I’ve… never read while crossing the street… that would be ridiculous and dangerous and I am neither of those things…

ANYWAYS. As long as there’s a space big enough to open a book or point your toes, you can really practice dance/read ANYWHERE. Can you play football in the car? Or make crafts at the grocery store?

No. You can’t. #speshulflowers

9. they escape

Dancers: I lose myself to movement and emotion and music and just dance. I escape to another world where only I and my body exist.

Bookworms: I travel to other worlds and meet different people. I become immersed in new stories and get to live another life.

Okay so that was really serious and I don’t know why??? STILL, the fact is that both dancers and bookworms can escape by what they do.

Dancing is an art and they can go somewhere with it. Their minds could be deep under the sea, or up in the clouds. Or they can make the audience travel to another place, just by moving their bodies preferably not like a dead fish.

Bookworms, however, can read a book and instantly be immersed in a new world. For example, I could read a book about cheese and BECOME CHEESE. Or I could just meet other characters and then want to live in their world.


(And the reason behind this escaping is… the real world sucks. *thumbs up*)

shall we chat

so, are you a dancer? or a bookworm? can you relate to these? what else can you add to my list? and do you think you might secretly be a dancer in another life? INTROVERT OR EXTROVERT???

sign off 2.0


137 thoughts on “9 Ways How Dancers and Bookworms are Actually Quite Scarily Similar… #surprise

  1. I’m definitely a bookworm! Not so much a dancer… I took dance for a long time… until I realized I only actually liked preforming, and didn’t actually like the DANCING itself…

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  2. Confession time: the very thought of dancing makes my legs, throat (don’t ask), and arms hurt. I don’t know why … I was just reading this post and all the sudden random parts of my body started hurting. Once again, I’m in awe of the Mango Queen …

    so, are you a dancer? or a bookworm? can you relate to these?:
    Not a dancer at all. (See paragraph up there where I randomly talked.) I can’t get my body to move gracefully. Or move. Except when I’m playing soccer. And that’s more violent than graceful. 😛

    BUT YES I WOULD CALL MYSELF A BOOKWORM AND I RELATE TO ALL THE BOOKWORM PROBS. Although I seriously don’t have enough books. And I don’t buy them often unless they’re free on Kindle and that doesn’t count. And … I should write a post some time about how I’m not ACTUALLY a boookworm; I just think I am. XD

    what else can you add to my list?:
    Not really anything? I know NOTHING about dancing or dancers. I like watching people dance sometimes, in movies or such. I watch a lot of old musicals, so … it happens. *nods*

    and do you think you might secretly be a dancer in another life?:
    That’s a distinct possibility. I have been called ‘Prima Ballerina,’ but I think it was an insult … 😛

    INTROVERT! All the way. I can’t do people. I mumble when I talk to them and am shy and awkward. However, when I’m with my friends … well, we had a new girl in our group and we were talking and getting to know each other and exchanged emails and (this is a long story, I guess … hang in there …) then we were talking on email and I was like, “I’m ISTP … or INTJ … I frankly don’t know which ….” and she was like, “Whoa, seriously? I never would have guessed you weren’t extroverted …” I guess I just act so crazy weird with my friends that people thing I actually like them. *nods*

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    • Omg really??? Maye you have… dancing anxiety. Or a fear of dance. Dancaphobia. WHY DO YOU HAVE THIS, KELLYN??? WHO/WHAT MADE YOU THIS WAY???

      Omg YESSSS I need more books! I barely buy any books at all (that’s about to change because my favorite authors are coming out with books lol), and I have to use my library. WAIT HOW ARE YOU NOT A BOOKWORM???

      Wait why did they call you Prima Ballerina? XD

      OMG YES. I mumble and stutter and stammer and just mess up my words. This is why I really really hate talking to people. XD But yes, with friends, I talk a lot. XD

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      • Wow, Dancaphobia? I think I might. I mean, seriously, when have I ever been able to remotely approach dancing without tearing up or aching all over? This is some weird psychological issue … that I made up … XD

        Oh, because bookworms apparently have a zillion books and I have like one bookshelf. XD I seem to think there were other things that most bookworms do that I don’t … where is the master list of bookworm traits? 😛

        Uh, I think sometimes people call people Prima Ballerina kinda like how they call people Prima Donna (or at least they used to). According to Google: “A prima donna is a diva: someone who acts like they are the star of the show. If you tirelessly dominate the conversation and always interrupt when other people are talking, people will think you’re a prima donna. Prima donna is a term that comes from the Opera, and literally means first woman, in Italian.” *nods*

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  3. Definitely a bookworm, haha. I wish I could dance, but I’m horrible at it!! Some of my friends are dancers, though, and I love watching them perform. They have so much talent, and I honestly have no idea how they can do those things with their bodies??? *single tear*

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      • Not many people have heard of Scottish dancing, but I really love it. it’s quite an old form of dancing and its soaked in so much cultural and historical things, it’s really cool. Quite a lot of ballet dancers at my company do Scottish to enhance their stamina! Yeah, going to either would be really cool!


  4. Great post! I’m relatively new to your blog (and found it through your comment on I think a post on Cait’s blog Paperfury). I’m not a dancer but I think it is amazing what some dancers can do. I am a bookworm and can totally relate to a lot of the things you mention. I’m an introvert, I definitely need my alone time. I’m not someone who comments a lot on blogs, most of the time I just read them. But I just wanted to say I love your blog so far and will be following it :). Great post! All hail for the Mango Queen.

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  5. Sorry, I’m not a dancer, but a runner and gymnast (if I feel like it) and a bookworm. All of these relate to me too! This is amazingly funny (as usual) and true. But I’ve always wanted to dance, my best friend just won some sort of internationals, she’s been dancing since she was 4!The escaping one’s my favourite!
    ~Emily x

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    IS EVERYTHING PERFECT??? (When teacher walks over to you and corrects your posture… woops…)
    And bro, good luck on your straddleeee. I don’t have mine yet I’m kinda like a far cry from it. XD And I almost have my left front splits it’s just not there yet…

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    • I’M GLAD YOU LIKE IT!!! Wait what is a Y-stand??? XD But yeah, sometimes I’ll just randomly do a battement in the grocery store aisle! (Idk if that’s how you spell it lol.)

      My straddle… IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE. I’m literally an inch from the ground in middle splits, but then without anything pushing against my legs, my straddle sucks. 😦

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  7. MAY you have immense skills if you can read in the car and not feel like barfing because that’s usually how I feel the whole time. As a former dancer, I agree head on with this post– especially choosing genres in dance. I started in musical theatre but then really started to love modern, agh…

    Also, you got to point your toes. Bookworms curl their toes in excitement while reading a book– dancers point them out because TONDUES.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  8. I JUST LOVE YOUR DISTINCT BUT AMAZING BLOGGER VOICE. your humour is on point and makes me smile each time. One of my daily questions when I get stuck in traffic or am staring dramatically out of the window in a long car journey is WHY HAVEN’T I BEEN BLESSED WITH THE ABILITY TO READ IN A MOVING CAR???? Like which gods cursed me to become carsick each time I attempt to read a single sentence in a book 😭 I love your style of writing and all the points you came up with. Sadly I’m not a dancer…I do not have the will to even attempt dancing and embarrassing myself as my legs arms head everything bops out of sync…in dance pe lessons I just stood there like a wall…and occasionally shuffled a bit to pretend that yes I was totally getting hyped over dancing. but I secretly want to be able to dance DANCERS ARE SO WONDERFUL AND THEY JUST LOOK SO WOW AND it’s just like wow I will never be able to understand the work you put in because I can’t even touch my toes without screaming mentally in pain and you guys do the splits and okay I’ll stop rambling now

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    • AWWWW THANK YOUUUUUU. 💕 Ahaha, yes! Reading in the car sometimes is a struggle, but most of the time I’m all right! Though I reckon it’s easier to read when the car’s stopped???

      OMG I HATE DANCE PE LESSONS. IT’S REALLY NOT EVEN DANCING. If I could show you dancing, I WOULD. But I’m way too shy. 😜 YES IDK HOW OTHER DANCERS LOOK SO GOOD. I fail. 😭😂 Tbh I don’t really get how people can’t touch their toes??? But every body is different I guess, with different levels of flexibility. XD


  9. I actually used to be a dancer! Years and years ago when I was cute and young, I was ballerina skinny ( definitely not now lol ) and really good at it! But I don’t anymore, and in the end I ended up becoming a massive bookworm so it’s not all bad!
    Introvert for sure – introvert and proud hehe 😊

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  10. THIS IS A GENIUS POST. Even though I’m NOT a dancer I never realised how similar bookworms and dancers are! THIS IS FABULOUS.

    Bookworms are secretly meerkats but also ones that like to nap. HAVE YOU SEEN MEERKATS? They are SOOOOOOOO cute and alert and they sit perched waiting like us bookworms for books. And yes we can do it anywhere and sometimes we miss out on conventions and they’re genres but i don’t know about hard working. Is reading 2 books in one yesterday HARD WORKING or what?

    Finishing a conversation British style: ‘right, best be off’ XD or just ‘right’

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  11. I am a VERY introverted bookworm and even in another life I don’t think I could dance… just because I’m not comfortable on a stage… like at all. But I love dance and think it’s very beautiful. I think it’s cool that you do both!

    This was a fabulous and creative post! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

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  12. You are SO CREATIVE May!! I love how you just combined both of the things you love and made it one EPIC post!! I’m definitely not a dancer (but I love watching people dance!! You must be really talented!) but I’m a bookworm, so I can relate to all of the bookworm things in this post! 😊❤ you brought up such good points!! Oh and as for your last question…I know it might sound surprising but I’m an extrovert. 😊 I love talking to people and making new friends but I can be quite shy when it comes to big parties and things like that 😂

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  13. *wipes delicate tear from mine eye* That ending sentence…was perfection…

    I used to take tap-dancing when I was little!!!! And then I got swung into a bench and got a bloody lip and we didn’t go to practice anymore… (actually, there were more reasons surrounding this [like the place we took dance at was rather weird] but I DID NOT KNOW THIS IN MY SMOL STAGE OF LIFE, so obviously I thought we left because I got swung into a bench…)

    Suffice to say, I don’t dance anymore… But I LOOOOOOOVE books, and I LOOOOOOOOVVVEEEE writing, so I am a content little bean. I never realized how similar reading and dancing are, though…?
    PERHAPS I AM A DANCER??? #existentialcrisis

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  14. Dude you should NEVER read while crossing the street. My friend did that once and almost got hit by a car and then she CONTINUED to read while walking and stood in front of her door for a while, reading, until her mom opened the door. But the point is she almost died so #dontreadwhilewalking2k17

    My mom and grandfather both used to dance, and now I realised,, me being a bookworm, that’s how the dancing gene took form in me. I am a dancer, except it resulted in bookworm ways instead of dancing ways. Thank you for helping me realise that May

    If bookworms feel mental pain, and dancers feel both, how much pain are you in May?? #savemay2k17


  15. This is a brilliant great post May, ❤ I never thought about the parallels between dancers and bookworms before, and I'll admit when I saw the title of your post I did wonder whether there could be any similarities given the two are completely different hobbies/activities. 🙂
    Now I agree with so many of the points you made. Bookworms definitely deal with more emotional pain than physical, unless the pile of books still on our TBR lists end up falling on top of us that is, for me it's mainly when books end on massive cliffhangers and the next one isn't being released for a year or so.
    Also reading to escape is probably the main reason I actually read. 🙂
    Again great post May! 😀 ❤

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    • Ahaha, a lot of people have said that too! But I’ve managed to wow them. 😉 Yup, dancing and reading are REALLY different from each other!

      Oh, yes, a lot of mental pain! Tho the TBR-falling-on-you problem is HIGHLY possible. 😂 WAITING FOR BOOKS TO RELEASE IS THE WORST. But also good because then we have time to read OTHER books. 😜

      Oh yes, I agree! Escaping the real world and become immersed in another is probably the amin reason I read as well. ❤

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      • I can certainly see why, and yeah different hobbies but when it comes down to it both things people are very passionate about. 🙂
        Given the way my books are organized at the moment it’s a very real possibility for me, and the wait is always too long for some books, no matter how many other amazing ones we have waiting for us. 🙂 ❤

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  16. I’m a bookworm for sure, but not a dancer. I took some dance lessons when I was younger but I stopped pretty early on (I can’t remember why, I think I moved?). I think I’m more of an ambivert. I’ve always been a pretty social person, I hate being alone most the times, but I also really do suck at social interactions sometimes (I DESPISE new environments) and I do need to be alone sometimes, so uh I guess ambivert?

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  17. INTROVERT & BOOKWORM all the way!

    I like to dance, but not like serious professional dancing! I just like to dance to my fav songs & I mostly do that when no one is around to watch me! Don’t know why tho…💃🙈

    Wow! I never realized how dancers & bookworms are so alike! It looks like you’ve made an amazing discovery! *claps hands* 😍👏

    Anyway, you’re totally on-point with your findings & comparisons! Who knew dancing & reading go together this well? 😍👀

    This post is just SO cute, relatable & fun tho! The idea behind it is brilliantly original & creative -unlike any other post I’ve read before! Thanks for sharing this, Mango Queen! ❤️👍


  18. Ooh definitely a bookworm and NOT a dancer… Although it seems really beautiful and I’ve alw ays wanted to do it… (I can’t I’ve tried) And YASSS INTROVERT!!! (Although I’ve become a bit more extrovertish these past months?😱) Anyway I loved the post especially the part about escaping… That is so accurate…


  19. OMG WUT I am apparently actually a dancer??? A really bad one probably because my splits in any direction are nonexistent BUT STILL. I AM DANCER. For now I shall stick with reading probably though because I like to do what I’m good at and that is not twirling in circles without getting vertigo. HAHA. But yay for dancing! I tried ballet a while ago and loved it!! I definitely want to try it out again soon!

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  20. I loved this post! I’m a dancer too and I agree with just about everything you said, especially one (and you have to be even more alert when your crazy ballet teacher literally yells at you for one tiny imperfection. It’s like?? How did you?? Even notice that??). I am known to do lots of turns (especially piques) at random places, like during gym class when I’m bored lol, and I always find the msot random times/places to read too.

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    • Oh, it’s so great to meet a fellow dancer! And haha, my ballet teacher isn’t CRAZY per se, but sometimes she’ll come over and poke at ALL THESE PLACES that I didn’t even know needed fixing. 😂 And I do more kicks than turns when I’m in public places??? Except I don’t do much in gym class because #shy and #selfconscious. 😜


  21. May, you know that I AM secretly a dancer in this life. Also, I feel your pain on the triples. BUT every time that happened I would just throw on my point shoes and spin and spin and spin and holy crap it’s so much fun. It’s like (since you like tap) you throw on your tap shoes and you go for that fracken pirouette and WOOPS I TURNED 7 TIMES SORRY. Now, you should feel better about life. It’s not you, it’s the fact that your stupid shoes (if you wear shoes when you dance) are too dirty/the floor is too dirty/ you grew 3 inches in the past year and your center of balance is gone (happened to me… do not recommend)
    I used to stretch and read simultaneously a lot. #winning
    I’m a bit of an emotional person. AKA I saw a squirrel hug its baby and had a tear WOOPS. So, in light of this, I was one of those dancers who ended up crying on stage a lot. Like, when you talk about books transporting you to another world, yes I 100% get that as well, but when I would dance and there was a story being told as well, I’m gone. *I* don’t exist anymore as myself. I AM that character in that story.
    We did a contemporary my last year before college, and it was to a poem by a guy named Shane Koyczan. Here it is (the poem) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ltun92DfnPY
    If you listen to that and don’t feel something sitting inside of your own skin at the computer, I’d be surprised. Now, go dance to it. It’s an experience, let me tell you.
    Lovely post, May! You are absolutely correct in this theory 😉

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    • I kind of wish I was on pointe but I’m kinda glad I’m not. XD And oh gosh, spinning on my tap shoes is so scary BUT SO FUN AND FAST AND I LOVE IT SHDJDLSLSLF. And aww, you’re so sweet! In the intensive I was actually told by a teacher that I could do lots of turns with the balance I had… so at least I know I don’t have a balancing problem??? 😛

      OMG YES, like sitting in straddle and then reading or SPLITTING AND IGNORING THE PAIN BY READING

      Omg a squirrel hugged its baby??? AWWWW. And oh gosh, I would’ve loved to seen you be lost in the moment, or just dancing. It would have been beautiful. ❤

      I WAS GONNA YELL AT YOU FOR THE LINK NOT BEING A VIDEO OF YOU DANCING… but then I listened to it and oh my god what did I just hear. I can’t dance right now because it’s night and I won’t be able to fall asleep lol, but… WOW.

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  22. Ahh I love this post! I’m both a dancer and a bookworm so I relate to this so much! I don’t understand how people can have so little books on their tbr list?! If you aren’t constantly adding books to your tbr then what do you do every day??

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  23. I DO NOT DANCE, BUT I LOVED THIS POST. I think dancing is AWESOME even though…yeah nope. Not for me.😂 I do love reading dancing books/watching dancing movies though!! (and that’s so awesome you’re a dancer eeep!) I also totally agree with the similarities here. And I also assume that both dancing and reading require a lot of flexibility, right? Like finding that perfect reading position which usually ends up with you looking like a pretzel = all the moves dancers have to do? SEEMS LEGIT.😂

    Loved the post!!

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    • Ahahaha, I’m sure if you tried to dance, you’d be wonderful! 😜 Oh, I really need to read more dance books! YESSS FLEXIBILITY. I have an average amount as a dancer haha. But omg??? Finding the right reading position got me like??? WHY IS IT SO HARD. 😭😂


  24. Haha… I cannot relate to dancing at all because I’m not a dancer, but *nods so I look like I know what you’re talking about*


    Also, yes I read in cars but also #motionsickness is a big problem? And when I read I get this weird cough headache where I cough and IT’S WEIRD OKAY.

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    • smh stop talking like you know what you’re talking about

      I’VE DONE IT MORE THAN ONCE WOMAN AND I’M ALIVE I’LL BE FINE and wow i’m offended all you care about is my posts i see how it is

      what even ju??? A COUGH HEADACHE??? 😂 but yeah, sometimes my head hurts, but not most of the time!


  25. You have kinda just painted my life, just without drawing and writing.
    I can almost do the right splits-no wait, maybe in five inches.
    The lefties are worse, and don’t even mention my middles.
    And I dropped out of ballet because I found it rawther boring.
    But hey, I have a Taylor Swift tote bag that I got in Nashville that I load with a good 10-16 books every two weeks, and I read EVERY SINGLE ONE by that time NEXT week, then of course I have to wait forever to get new books! And my mom makes me do book reports, which suck the life and fun… and add to the slight torture out of finishing books.

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    • Omg left is ALWAYS my worst side GAH. And I’m actually getting really close on middle haha! And yeah, ballet can get a little boring but it’s super important to other dance types!

      10-16 BOOKS IN A WEEK GIRL ARE YOU CRAZY??? HOW IS THAT POSSIBE. And hahahaha, book reports are my equivalent of book reviews. I love them or dread them. 😛

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      • I got bored with ballet because A: I was eight, and had poor judgment skills 😉
        B: All we were doing was pliés, some stretches, the positions, and grand jetés. But now my five-year-old sis wants to do ballet, so she can teach me as she goes along 😁

        It was always a big book bag….

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  26. Haha! I loved reading this! I never realised how similar bookworms and dancers are but this post was just AWESOME. I am a bookworm but I still don’t think I could be a dancer (I like watching it though)! This was a great post idea. I don’t know how you come up with such original ideas! 😁😀😀😄😄

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  27. (I’m on a break as you know but I’m taking a couple days to catch up on your posts for now since I’m doing this thing known as relaxing before moving again and your posts are just so cool to read. ANYWAY)
    I loved this post so, so much, May! At first when I saw the title, I thought for a second, wait, how?! Then it all made perfect sense, the comparisons and everything, I love it. Oh I wish I could dance, it’s so, so beautiful (and complicated I guess), I love watching dance things. I’ll stick to reading books ahah 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • (Haha, yup! Sometimes you just can’t stay away from blogging. And aww, YOU’RE TOO SWEET. ❤)

      Ahahah, some people said they were like “what?” at the title as well! Oh, dancing is beautiful! Sometimes I watch other dancers and wonder how they do it. 😍

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Ahhh this post!!! I relate SO MUCH to the bookworms AND ALL THE MENTAL PAIN. GAH. I don’t think my heart will everrrr be whole again, tbh. It was crushed too many times. 😭😭 Oh and I’m definitely not a dancer in the actual *dancing* part of it BUT if I could also eat all of the food you mentioned, can I be a dancer tooooooo? Because I totally coulddddd. And if dancer almost = bookworm and I’m a bookworm, then I’m almost a dancer? RIGHT? (Help me here it’s 1AM and my brain is not functioning 🙊)
    Oh and OOPS are we not supposed to read while crossing the road?? Hehehehe…. I’ve totally never done that. Nope.

    HAHAAA over 100 books on the TBR?? Weeeeeelllll about that… 😅 SRSLY THOUGH I NEED HELP. And an immortality potion. 😭 My tbr will smush meeeeeee before I even come close to finishing, I swear. Send help. And protective battleshit armour. 😂

    LOVED this post May!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • THE MENTAL PAIN IS TOO MUCH. I will be crushed one day. Literally crushed. And ahahah, I BET YOU’D DANCE BEAUTIFULLY! ❤ And wut why are you up at 1 am, Analee, get some sleep my lovely???

      Oh, yeah, I mean, why on EARTH would I EVER read while crossing the street…

      DUDE MY TBR IS GETTING MORE INSANE. I mean some days I don't put anything on my to-read list on GR, but then other days, BAM 50 MORE BOOKS TO READ YAAAAAAAAAY.


      • i don’t mind! i would love for more people to read my content and find it helpful/relatable themselves, so i was wondering if you could share how you first started out, and what you did to get people to notice your blog. yours seems awesome!! xo

        Liked by 1 person

        • Um, well, I didn’t start my blog until a month after I’d decided I wanted to start one. So then when I actually DID start, I had an idea for what blogs I wanted to follow and comment on. Commenting on others’ blog, making friends, and interaxting with others is how you (and I) get your blog known! That’s really the only active step to getting others to notice your blog, besides being unique and visually pleasing. 😛


  29. Ok, so I am a bookworm and dancer and like I LOVED THIS POST SO MUCH. It is so perfect and 100% relatable.

    My favorite dance styles are probably contemporary and ballet. Like, I actually like ballet more than anything else??? Yeah, I don’t understand why, lol I am hoping ( more like dreaming ) of becoming a professional ballerina in a few years but haha.. we’ll see if that actually happens. *nervous laughs*

    And for books, I love thriller/ suspense. Gah, MY FAVORITE 😍


    Liked by 1 person


      Aww, I’m SURE you could be a professional ballerina! Just keep working hard. 😊 And CONTEMPORARY IS SO MUCH FUUUUUUN. I like the lyrical side of it because I feel like I’m just better at softer, flowing moments lol.

      Ahahha THRILLER IS NOT FOR ME! 😂


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