9 Ways How Dancers and Bookworms are Actually Quite Scarily Similar… #surprise

If you don’t know already, I’m a hardcore dancer.

“Hardcore” meaning “trying and failing to be good and not flop over like a dead fish”. But despite my fishy side, I love dancing!

I’m also a hardcore bookworm. (Meaning that I’m trying to figure out how to defeat my TBR but it’s not working.) So I thought, Why not combine these two to make a cool post???


And so today I’m going to talk about how bookworms and dancers are actually pretty similar. And maybe you’ll find that you might actually be a dancer after all. *wink wink*


1. they have to be alert at all times

Dancers: Are my legs completely straight? Is my tailbone tucked in? Am I standing as tall as possible? Chin up? Arms strong? Shoulders back? Toes pointed? IS EVERYTHING PERFECT???

Bookworms: …They’re going to kiss. NO THEY’RE GOING TO DIE. Oh wait HE’S going to die, not them. Wait NO NO NO OMG.

Dancers have to be aware of EVERY SINGLE bone and muscle in their body and make sure that everything is perfectly in line. IT’S DIFFICULT. VERY DIFFICULT.

And bookworms have to be aware of:

  • when their favorite authors are coming out with new books
  • when their favorite authors are going to kill someone off and/or damage you
  • when people are going to interrupt your reading
  • when the food’s coming
  • all the other little details in the book

Image result for overwhelming gif


2. they have different genres to choose from!

Dancers: Ballet or contemporary/modern or jazz or tap or lyrical or musical theatre or hip hop or drill prep or *lists off a bunch more genres of dance*

Bookworms: What about fantasy or contemporary or sci-fi or dystopian or historical or romance or magical realism or mystery or thriller or…?

There are lots of genres to choose from in dance and books!* A good dancer/reader will dance in/read from a variety of genres. (But they’ll always have one or two they prefer the most.)

See, look how easy it is to strike up conversation now!

Bookworm: So, um, what types of dance do you do?
Dancer: Oh, I do ballet, lyrical, and jazz. What type of books do you like to read?
Bookworm: Fantasy, sci-fi, romance… You know.
Dancer: …No, I really don’t know.
Bookworm: HAHAHAHHAHAHA… ahem.

Well dude I never said it was easy to FINISH a conversation.

*My dance favs are contemporary/lyrical and tap, and book favs are fantasy, contemporary, and magical realism. Or maybe you didn’t want to know that and I’ll go rot in a hole now.


3. they can meet other people like them (at conventions)

Dancer: I went to a dance convention and met so many great friends and I talk to them all the time now!

Bookworm: I went to a book convention and was scared of everyone gushed books with everyone and now I talk to them all the time!

Okay so if you’re just a person you can PROBABLY meet other people like you because — oh look! Another human like me!

Image result for surprised gif

But can you find them at CONVENTIONS??? No you cannot, sir. Which is why dancers and bookworms are Speshul™.

(But really, a lot of bookworms are introverts sooooo there goes that.)


4. they are very hardworking and persistent

Dancers: I’m going to stretch every night to get my splits again because I am NOT losing them for the third time* and I will work on my turns and leaps and IMPROVE!

Bookworms: I’m going to read every book as fast as I can so I can catch up to my TBR and I will NEVER GIVE UP.

Obviously, the bookworm has more of a challenge because HELLO it’s kind of impossible. (Unless you have like two books in your whole TBR and my question is: Who are you.)

BUT STILL!!! They will persist. And after a long (or short, you never know) time they might give up. OR THEY CAN SUCCEED because who am I crush your dreams???

But if you’re trying to read all the books in your TBR and there’s over… 100, good luck. You’ll never make it.

Image result for thumbs up gif



5. they both face moments of self-doubt

Dancers: My leaps aren’t that big, I can’t even do a triple*, I’ll never be as good as that person, UGH I’M JUST SO BAD AT DANCING.

Bookworms: I will NEVER read all the books on my TBR, nor will I ever write such amazing and/or popular reviews like that person I’M SUCH A FAILURE.

So maybe EVERYONE faces self-doubt at least once in their life??? But for dancers and bookworms, it’s… severer. Because they are very dramatic.

Okay what even May.

Of course, they can improve!!! As said above, if they work hard, they can become better dancers with more flexibility and better turns and all that stuff! And bookworms… well they can’t defeat the TBR but um… they could slowly write more popular reviews.

*This is referring to three turns in a row, for those not versed in Dance Lingo™.


6. they hurt from excessive said activity

Dancers: AJSKDLFJS MY LEGS HURT SO MUCH and my feet and my abs and my arms and my butt and my neck and my back and my head and uuuuggghhhh when will it stooooooop.

Bookworms: My eyes hurt and my hands hurt and my fingers hurt and my heart hurts and my soul hurts I’m dead inside I’m so hollow omgggggg.

So dancers probably have more physical pain??? But I mean, your eyes can hurt after reading a lot. Or maybe your eyes hurt after reading a book after you danced for seven hours.*

And bookworms will have mental pain. Their soul was crushed because their favorite character died, their heart was crushed when they were disappointed by a book. They sought love and comfort…

…only to find NO ONE.

Image result for wailing gif

I’m not being dramatic why are you asking.

Okay so maybe dancers will also feel mental pain? Like fatigue and exhaustion and jealousy… THE POINT IS: we both face pain. A lot of it.

*I did this. Seven hours of dance for three days, then eleven hours on another. Yes, I died.


7. they need a lot of food after they do said activity

Dancers: I could eat a horse and a cow and a burger and a sandwich and grapes and strawberries and a cookie and drink some water and eat MANGOES of course.

Bookworms: I need to eat to forget my sorrows and I also need so snack on food while I read and get crumbs on my book.

Food is very important to life. Food is important to making sure people stay alive. Unless it’s like poisoned or something omg May stop being so morbid.

Food is essential to making sure that dancers don’t collapse after long hours and to fuel them. Food is also essential to comforting readers after they cry intense tears… hence the name “comfort food”.


8. they can do said activity ANYWHERE

Dancers: [in grocery store] *leaps down the aisle* [in the subway] *stretches splits against the pole* [in the street] *dances in the rain ;)*

Image result for dancing in the rain gif

Bookworms: *reads in car* *reads in school* *reads while walking across the street*

I’ve… never read while crossing the street… that would be ridiculous and dangerous and I am neither of those things…

ANYWAYS. As long as there’s a space big enough to open a book or point your toes, you can really practice dance/read ANYWHERE. Can you play football in the car? Or make crafts at the grocery store?

No. You can’t. #speshulflowers

9. they escape

Dancers: I lose myself to movement and emotion and music and just dance. I escape to another world where only I and my body exist.

Bookworms: I travel to other worlds and meet different people. I become immersed in new stories and get to live another life.

Okay so that was really serious and I don’t know why??? STILL, the fact is that both dancers and bookworms can escape by what they do.

Dancing is an art and they can go somewhere with it. Their minds could be deep under the sea, or up in the clouds. Or they can make the audience travel to another place, just by moving their bodies preferably not like a dead fish.

Bookworms, however, can read a book and instantly be immersed in a new world. For example, I could read a book about cheese and BECOME CHEESE. Or I could just meet other characters and then want to live in their world.


(And the reason behind this escaping is… the real world sucks. *thumbs up*)

shall we chat

so, are you a dancer? or a bookworm? can you relate to these? what else can you add to my list? and do you think you might secretly be a dancer in another life? INTROVERT OR EXTROVERT???

sign off 2.0


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