Goals for the New School Year (+ Other Rambles) aka I’m Going Back to School and am so Not Ready

So this thing called torture is right around the corner.

I mean, it’s not complete torture because 1) I get to see my friends, 2) I get to see my wifey and cheerio, and 3) I get an education!!!

Yeah but other than that, it’s torture.

I’m very lucky to a (good) school so I’m grateful for that! But still, so much HOMEWORK and ASSIGNMENTS and STRESSSSSS.

But to help deal with this torture, I’ve decided to make some goals! Because wow who am I if not a goal-making-lover. Hopefully I’ll accomplish most of them, if not all!

Oh, and today I picked up my schedule and jsyk THIS IS MY FAVORITE PART ABOUT SCHOOL. GETTING YOUR SCHEDULE. How pathetic. In case you were wondering (but even if you weren’t wondering) I GOT A PRETTY LIT SCHEDULE.

Image result for school gif


1. keep grades above 95

I, um, managed to do this last year*, so I have a chance of doing it again! This is basically a Magna Cum Laude (and we get these awards at the end if the year as well) and do I want a REGULAR Cum Laude???



But yeah, good grades are always good. And I think this is achievable! Most of my grades were a bit higher than 95 anyways. GAJDGA;DSL I HATE TALKING ABOUT MY GRADES.

*I’M NOT TRYING TO BRAG. I’m merely just stating a fact that I don’t meant to wag in people’s face.


2. try not to procrastinate as much

Image result for doubtful face gif

Okay to be COMPLETELY HONEST: This probably won’t happen. I will procrastinate. I just can’t… NOT procrastinate.

BUT. Maybe I can procrastinate a little less??? As in, do one assignment before resorting to the fabulous Internet. Or if I end up chatting with friends online, they can force me to stay focused because what are friends for if not that.

Soooooooo if I’m chatting to you, please politely scream at me, “MAY WHAT ARE YOU DOING GO DO YOUR HOMEWORK.” Starting next week tho, I HAVE NO HOMEWORK RIGHT NOW.


3. use a planner maybe???

My school provides everyone with planners, which is helpful. But it just takes so much MAINTENANCE* and you have to get it OUT and WRITE and I already have like an online calendar thing so what’s the point???

But, it can be good to have a planner. (My lil sis has one and it is quite aesthetic.) It keeps you organized! I just have to remember to ACTUALLY USE IT.

But then again I could always make a bullet journal. I’ve been wanting to. But sort of less now oops.

*Why the frick is this so hard to spell. IT TOOK ME TWO MINUTES AND I’M A VERY GOOD SPELLER.


4. make to-do lists each day

As you can see, all of these organizational goals are for helping me with my procrastination!!! Because I procrastinate and it SUCKS.

I find that to-do lists really helped me??? I would put all my homework at the top, then things like “post” and “piano” at the bottom. Or I would number their importance.

BUT WHATEVER. THEY WERE HELPFUL. I’m a very… competitive person with myself, so I get angry whenever I don’t tick things off a list. Thus why these lists are very helpful.

Also this will probably be a substitute for a planner so why the heck is the planner goal even on here.


5. go to sleep earlier (9:30 pm)

Sleep is extremely important, and not just for school. For EVERYTHING. Without sleep, you can’t function very well.

So you’d think I’d sleep MORE during the school year so I could focus better???



Image result for fall asleep gif


I just end up working so late (because I’m a fan of that #procrastination) and then I go to sleep late and wake up early and the cycle begins yet again. AND I ALSO HAVE INSOMNIA that will not go away unless I take melatonin. Rip.

So!!! I want to make it a goal to go to sleep EARLY! I’m going to set it unreasonably early so that if (aka when) I go to sleep late, it won’t be THAT late.

I’m shooting to be in bed by 9:30, anyone else with me?


6. double-check my homework

I always double-check my math homework, since it’s pretty easy to make mistakes, but ALSO pretty easy to check. (That’s the only thing I like about math: there’s only one right answer.)

BUUUUUUUT for things like science lab reports, I type ’em up, and then turn it in. Without reading over it. Soooo um it’s probably better if I double-check??? Because what if I’d meant “heat transfer” but said “heart transfer”???


I mean I would never make such a silly typo like that. I’ll leave that to a certain someone.


7. don’t… read in class

Image result for annoyed gif

Man this AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN but maybe instead of finishing my work early to read… maybe I could finish early TO WORK ON MORE WORK??? And then I won’t have to do it at home??? Thus giving me more time at home to read???

But why bother everyone already knows I’m a bookworm HAHHAHAHA hmph.

But sometimes I accidentally read when the teacher’s talking and I’m just like wut just happened. WHICH IS USUALLY WHY I AVOID THIS. But hello, how can I resist these amazing books???

Plus I see that we got NEW BETTER BOOKS at the library (books I’ve been meaning to read for the longest time* omg I’m excited!!!) so THIS WILL BE HARD.

*So I only saw Holding Up the Universe and All the Bright Places but HEY THAT’S A LOT OKAY.


8. make new friends???

Look, I HATE making new friends. Social interaction??? No thanks. I mean I MADE A NEW FRIEND LAST YEAR, and we became very close. And now where is she??? AT ANOTHER SCHOOL.

This is why I don’t try anymore.

I already have enough friends!!! I’m happy!!! I’m good!!!

But then there’s also the fact that I have no friends in my math class and that requires me to make new friends or suffer through my least favorite subject ALONE. NO. I NEED HELP AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT. I’M FRAGILE.

So yeah. Make one new friend. In math class. Wow am I just using this person as support for my health and happiness???flowers

9. put school over blogging

:)) :)) :))

When I started blogging, I slowly started to do all my blogging stuff BEFORE working on assignments. Some days, I didn’t work on a single piece or homework and was just blogging.

Um, like no???

My grades didn’t suffer, but I got a whole lot more stressed, since I’d procrastinated SO MUCH. And let’s just say I already stress A LOT and putting blogging over school made it worse!


Image result for applausegif

It sucks because a lot of my homework requires being on the computer (and a lot of the times, I’ll have completed the paper homework at school), sooooo self-control. Do I have any.

But using blogging as a motivation also helps. Like: Finish this assignment, answer comments! Finish THAT assignment, comment on posts! Finish EVERYTHING, write a new post!!! Yayayay!!!

shall we chat

when are you starting school? or are you just getting out of it? what are some goals you have/had for school? do you have pretty good grades? and the most important question of all: DO YOU LIKE MANGOES SCHOOL???

sign off 2.0


162 thoughts on “Goals for the New School Year (+ Other Rambles) aka I’m Going Back to School and am so Not Ready

  1. I really like the idea of setting goals for the school-year! I always am excited for the rest few weeks and then find myself getting lost in the bustle, but this sounds like a nice way of staying motivated! I struggle with procrastination as well and find that when I do my homework around a group of friends we actually procrastinate less (you all just need to make sure that you don’t distract each other!)


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  2. Dude having a planner pretty much saved my life last year. We always got them given to us in school but I realized after a while that they actually are pretty helpful. I hate being this kid but tbh get yourself a planner I promise it helps

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