Exactly How I Manage to Be A Supremely Amazing Blogger™ (The Revealing of All of My Secrets???)

You have to admit, I’m a pretty good blogger.

And by pretty good, I mean great. And by great, I mean amazing.

I’M JUST KIDDINGGGGGG. I actually am really shy about my “blogging success” (see the quotation marks). But a lot of you guys have told me that I’m an “amazing” blogger and that I’m a favorite of yours and IT MAKES ME SQUEAL OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

But when the sweetest-ever, kindest-ever, amazing-est-ever Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books forcefully said suggested that I write a post on how I was an “amazing” blogger, I was a little mixed:


But apparently I could and I can because here I am. (I can RHYME.)

Note: I do not credit all of my “blogging success” to these little “secrets”! I am positive that most of this is just luck. Of course, I did a few things to help me get more lucky, but mostly??? This is all YOUR doing, not mine!

Another note: When I say “amazing” blogger, I mean “successful” blogger. Just to clear that up. (THOUGH SUCCESS IS VERY SUBJECTIVE!!!)

Another note: I’m not revealing all my secrets HAHAHA SUCKERSSSSSS.

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1. i interact(ed)!!!

INTERACTION. IS. SO. IMPORTANT. SO IMPORTANT. My #1 tip for any and all bloggers is to I N T E R A C T. I cannot stress it enough omggggggg.


arrow 1

all the ways you can and should interact:

  • Follow other people. You aren’t going to get your blog known by just posting on your blog and doing nothing else. That’s like waiting for the mangoes to peel themselves. It’ll happen one day…
  • Comment on others’ posts!!! But not only can you follow, you have to comment too! A lot of people don’t follow for follows (me included), but if you leave a comment, they’re more likely to check out your blog!
  • Answer comments on your blog. Look, we all get busy. But if you can write quality posts and comment on other people’s posts, YOU CAN ANSWER YOUR COMMENTS. And don’t you like replying to all these lovely people???
  • Network! Promote your blog on social media. I know Twitter and Instagram are really big places for the bookish community, along with Goodreads. Get your blog known! Talk to people! Make friends!
  • MAKE CONVERSATION. If you can’t make conversation in the good ol’ comments section, you aren’t going to engage the reader in your posts. Talk to others and be a friendly little mango!
  • Just be active! Being active in the community by talking to others, knowing what’s going on, and being able to support others is just a REALLY GREAT THING. *nodnod*

arrow 2

As soon as I started my blog, I interacted. I think this is part of the reason that my blog “grew so fast”, because of that early interaction!

HOWEVER, I didn’t stop interacting after I got x amount of followers. I just continued. And continued. And here I am today, regretting all my life decisions.

*I’M NOT TRYING TO BRAG OKAY? I love you and your numbers don’t mean anything as much as sharing what you love with others and making new friends. <333


2. i have a posting schedule + i plan ahead

Having a posting schedule keeps me on top of my game. For example, I know that I’m supposed to have a post up on Saturday, so I can start typing the post up so it’ll be ready to go.

And if it’s Saturday and I haven’t finished because #procrastination, GUESS WHAT! Having a deadline is VERY motivational!!!

Buuuuuuut I don’t ONLY have a posting schedule—I plan ahead. And this helps me A LOT, because I’m not freaking out if I don’t know what to post the next day.

Check out this post to learn more about my post-planning and -writing process! (Like, a LOT more. Much more elaboration than this pathetic little section.)


3. i have a pretty blog design

FACT: Humans are shallow.

FACT: Humans do not like ugly things.

FACT: Humans will judge things by their appearance and if it doesn’t LOOK appealing to them, it ISN’T appealing to them, in their minds. Thus why if you need to have a pretty blog design to get people to click on your blog AND STAY.

I have a pretty blog design! I’m not being very humble about it BECAUSE I KNOW IT’S PRETTY.* I’ve been told it’s pretty and aesthetic and I am human too. I have eyes. IT IS PRETTY.

Image result for it's pretty gif

And this is one of the things people like about my blog! (They said so in my survey, I’m not making this up???) So if you want to be successful: make your blog AESTHETIC. You will not attract anyone if your blog DOESN’T LOOK GOOD.

It’s a fact.

*Someone actually needs to make that #PetitionForMayToShutUp2K17.


4. i am MYSELF (but also entertaining)

Time for a little story, kids.

Once upon a time, an innocent little girl named May started out in the blogging world. She tried very very hard to be funny and witty and somewhat managed it, but was more cringy than anything.

EXTREMELY cringy. So cringy that she will literally scream if people view her old posts.

She tried to write in a voice that wasn’t really hers because she was trying to be funny, since humor attracts people.

But, even though she started out as NOT herself, she now has a blogging voice that is entirely her own, and it’s continuing to evolve. She was not naturally funny but now she is* and she HAS HER OWN VOICE but it entertaining.

Image result for entertaining gif

Bloggers always say to BE YOURSELF, but it’s hard for me to agree because I didn’t exactly start out that way? Of course, now I’m not trying extra hard to be funny so I’m myself, but I DO try to be entertaining, and stretch myself to be witty.

I also have lots of different parts of my personality: In real life, I’m more sarcastic than “witty”, and on Goodreads, I’m definitely on the snarky side of humor. (AT LEAST I THINK SO.)

So I have very mixed views on this. You need to be yourself, but in a way that is entertaining.

For example, would you rather read this:

Today I ate a cookie and it was good. It had chocolate chips and was really really big, but that just made it even better. I also had ice cream. Now I have a stomach ache.


So today, I ATE A COOKIE. And omg it was so so good??? It had chocolate chips and was HUGE and so delicious aghahgasdklj;alds. I also had ice cream which was just as delicious, but now I have a stomach ache. But do I care??? Hahahah NO.

It actually was harder for me to be that dry, boring narrator voice, than that not-really-funny-and-more-cringy voice. But you see what I mean??? So again, be yourself, but also entertaining for people to read.

OR you could ignore this advice, which is fine too.

*Is she, tho. Is she.


5. i break up text + add color/visuals


First of all: I have gifs! I have color! I have different text sizes! ALL TO MAKE IT MORE APPEALING TO YOUR EYEBALLS. If this wasn’t my blog and I was merely a loyal follower, I would ADORE this blog because my eyeballs are pleased.

Image result for i'm happy gif

I also do not have large chunks of text! I hate it in books, I hate it in articles, and  blog posts definitely are not left out.

I mean, I have a short attention span??? So if I’m in the middle of reading a large paragraph, I’ll probably just lose my concentration and forget everything and GET BORED. Especially when it’s just SO easy to find a spot to put a paragraph break!

Generally, I try to keep each paragraph no longer than three lines (in the WordPress Reader). BUT I don’t want to make a new paragraph every time.

Like this.

Because that’s annoying.

VERY VERY annoying.

EXTREMELY annoying.

I can’t even with how annoying this is.

Like omg I’m just so done.

Okay, but seriously, don’t make posts that have lots of text with long paragraphs and no color/visuals! MAKE IT EXCITING. I don’t want to bore myself when I come to your blog. Or hurt my eyes. (See #3.)


6. i have a distinct blogging voice

This is similar to #4??? But also not really, because there are a COUPLE of specific aspects I want to talk about from my blogging voice.

If you don’t have eyeballs, you may not have noticed that in posts, I:

  • use??? a??? lot??? of??? question??? marks???
  • (and also use many parentheses)

Oh and on the mention of mangoes, it’s also nice to have a little “brand” for yourself. For example, I am The Mango Queen because I, um, love mangoes. And you know what I think of when I see the word “mango(es)”??? MYSELF.

This is the brainwashing we need in 2K17, kids.

But seriously: BE DIFFERENT! Have something that sets you apart from other bloggers, whether it be small or large. It will REALLY help, I promise.

*Look at me incorporating all THREE (3) of those aspects.


7. i write quality posts

Listen, I’m not here to shame you for how “quality” your posts are. “Quality” depends on the person, actually???

But I spend a lot of time working on my posts. More than an hour. Around 2 hours, probably more.

I do soooo many things to make sure it looks nice and that it’s entertaining and that it’s a reasonable length. (Personally this is 1K+ words, because I’ve found that the quality is better when there’s more words.)

My style is not a quick random post every day (AND I’M NOT SHAMING BLOGS THAT DO THIS!!!). My style—both what I like to read and write—is a post every few days that I spend lots of time on and feel PROUD of.

And I really think this pays off! For example, isn’t this a MAGNIFICENT post??? It’s getting a bit too long (hitting the 1.5K mark right now), but it’s QUALITY and HELPFUL, something that readers will (hopefully) ENJOY, and something I’m PROUD of.

But! Again! Don’t start writing long posts just because I told you to. Really, don’t write long posts if it’s going to be full of fluff. DO YOU. Just try being more quality. ;))


8. i make things fun + am kind + am positive (aka I CARE FOR YOU!)

You want to have a positive atmosphere and vibe! You don’t want to be NEGATIVE all the time, because why would people ever read your blog if you were just a downer on everything???

It’s like people not wanting to eat the mango because it’s rotten. WHY would you want something that makes you uncomfortable and, uh, sick, when you can have a FRESH and GOLDEN and HEALTHY mango???

But I (HOPEFULLY) set up a fun environment, where you feel safe and will NEVER be shamed about your opinions, or anything else.. I’m just really big on respect despite different beliefs. I also want you to ENJOY yourself on my blog!

And all of these things are because I CARE ABOUT YOU.

Image result for i love you gif

I love you all very very much (because you guys actually want to read random things that I write omg I feel so appreciated) and I just care a LOT for you. I write posts that I think YOU would enjoy. I do things to please you* and that’s what makes me SPESHUL.

*I’m a people pleaser. Sue me.


9. i just… got lucky

And there it is, the greatest secret of them all!

While doing the aforementioned things will DEFINITELY help you become a great blogger, it won’t give you 1000 followers in a week. (That is a dream, my dear lettuceheads.)

I AM VERY LUCKY!!! I really do not know how people found my blog, or why they like it so much (literally guessing on all of the above), or people keep following.

It’s up to the people out there to decide whether they want to follow you, and you can only brainwash help them make a GOOD decision.

In all honesty, a lot of things about “popularity” are based on LUCK.

NYT bestselling authors got lucky with good writing and agents and editors and publishers.

Billboard artists (is that what they’re called???) got lucky with good voices and catchy songs and record deals.

Hamilton got lucky with a wife who forgives and loves him even though he absolutely SUCKS… I mean WHAT WE LOVE YOU HAMILTON.

But my point is: Some things aren’t in your control. AND THAT’S OKAY! You keep doing you, and people will come. YOU put the YOU in YOUtube I’m sorry I hAVE NO IDEA WHERE THIS CAME FROM.

Image result for be you gif

shall we chat

what secrets do YOU have for being an amazing blogger? do we share any? what else can you add to this list? do you have a pretty blog design? (if not, you need to step up your game, man) and would you sign a petition for me to shut up??? (i would)

PS guess who wrote a post over 2k words and hates herself for it!!!

sign off 2.0

117 thoughts on “Exactly How I Manage to Be A Supremely Amazing Blogger™ (The Revealing of All of My Secrets???)

  1. I am rather new at this… and I think I am on the right track! haha

    Thank you very much for sharing all of your deepest secrets ❤ I will try harder, write more often, and read faster haha I spend a lot of my time check posts and commenting.

    I talk a lot! haha so I don't mind all chats and conversations on blogs!

    Thank you! I mean it! :3

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      1. It seems that some people are more than other people haha I think part of it is to enjoy discussing about books an related topics. :3 once I commented on a post and the reply was “thank you” so not very chatty haha I really mean it thank you :3 I hope we could chat more! I am gonna keep an eye on your blog 😉 hope you find something interesting on mine 😀

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  2. Writing in your own voice can be tricky. When I read other people’s posts-yours, for instance-I think “wow, she sounds so cute and happy, I should write in a more enthusiastic way,” the I read someone else’s and think “Oh my goodness, this girls writing is so beautiful and flowy, I should write more simply.” So by the time I’m writing my posts, I don’t know how to write. Over time I have tuned into my natural writing style, but it can still be hard sometimes.

    Thanks for all the great tips! I will definitely take them into consideration:)

    ~ Pip

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    1. Yes, yes, I agree! My writing voice changes ALL THE TIME — and not just for blogging. In writing, I’ll see someone write really lyrically and I want to write like that, and then I see someone write in a hilarious way, and I want to do that too. Voice is something SUPER hard, I agree!

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  3. These are some awesome things! I need to work on interacting more. Sometimes it can be really hard to *find* new blogs to visit. Any ideas for that? I keep ending up on the same ones.
    I agree that it’s important for blogs to look nice. Sometimes I’ll find a blog that looks somewhat interesting, but it’s so…unpleasantly designed… that I just can’t stay to actually read it. It’s shallow, but true.
    I think you’re very kind!! You always have the sweetest comments on my posts and I know I really appreciate it! Thanks 😀
    Awesome post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh, finding new blogs? I’d say go to a popular blog, scroll through their comments section, and clink on links of bloggers who comment. You’ll find SO many people, haha!

      I know! If a blog isn’t readable or doesn’t look very good, I’m just not motivated to stay and read their content… *hides*

      Aww, thanks! You’re super kind and sweet as well, Lenna. ❤


  4. im gonna implement all your tactics and if i dont wake up for 14321382 followers i will sue you
    also #1 reason why i will never be famoose – im a terrible person and i forget to reply to people a lot 😐 oopsies

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  5. These are some great tips May. I think the two most important things when growing blogs are definitely interaction and having your own voice. I like to think I have that in my posts and in the comments I leave on other people’s posts as well, but I guess it depends on how people read it. I talk like I write so even if it doesn’t seem that way my writing is very much like my real voice. 🙂
    I love your posts, and I love your blog. I agree we’re all very visual people, probably why pretty book covers hold a lot of weight for us on this site! 😀
    Great post, and I agree with Marie you’re an amazing blogger May. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Yes, I agree! Interaction and voice are two SUPER important things in blogging! They’re both hard, tho. Oh, that’s so cool that you talk you write! Your voice is definitely amazing, Beth. 🙂

      Aww, THANK YOU SO MUCH! ❤ That means so much ahdialdkufhskdkf. 😂

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  6. what secrets do YOU have for being an amazing blogger?:
    All of yours! But yeah, that’s basically it, hehe. Although I’m realizing more and more than my writing style is not-pleasing people? Like, I deliberately will





    just to annoy people. Or something like that. Which is something I need to change if I ever want to be a serious blogger, but haha, that time has not yet come … I just want to appreciate other people’s blogs and kinda-sorta blog myself. XD

    do we share any?:
    Yep, I pretty much agree with everything you said here!

    what else can you add to this list?:
    I feel like “be yourself!” needs a reprise. 😛 Honestly, can anyone say this enough? “To thine ownself be true …”

    do you have a pretty blog design?:
    Nope! Not yet. Someday …

    and would you sign a petition for me to shut up???:
    NOOOOOOOO!!!! May, don’t you dare shut up. Shutting up would be boring and not you and … just don’t even try it. I will sign an anti-shut-up petition. I mean it. *pulls out quill pen and official-looking paper*

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    1. What? NO! Your writing style is absolutely fine! I love it. 🙂 And really? I’ve never seen you do the paragraph thing. 😂 Oh yes, I love that! Just appreciating other blogs and blogging for yourself.

      Be yourself is SOOOOO important! I mean I started out a little different from my ACTUAL self, but now it’s turned into something all me. 😀

      AWWW THANKS FRIEND. :’) I wouldn’t want you to shut up either. 😉

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      1. Ah, well, I’m glad you think so. I do kinda just blog for myself, though, so I’m not too worried about anything, haha. Though I really care about other bloggers and my followers, so I do occasionally go through bursts of self-improvement? I may have imitated you a wee bit with formatting recently … that okay? I can quit. It’s just extra work, but it is pretty. 🙂

        Yes, that Shakespeare quote from Hamlet is basically what I base my life on (other than my religious beliefs, I guess). 😛

        Good to know! 😀

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  7. Marie is so cooooooooooooollllllllll and you were so RIGHT TO FOLLOW HER ADVICE! This was a great post… I thought it a really smart piece of advice to entertain as well as be yourself… Interacting and all the other advice is spot on but entertaining in your voice makes a blog… ❤ I'll keep struggling to do that then, lol!

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  8. SO MUCH BLOGGING – POST LATELY? I’m scared. Don’t become a blogging blog. OKAY? But I still love this post but you still have to like writing and books okay??? DONT FORGET BOOKS. LOVE THEM PLEASE.

    I LOVE MY BLOG DESIGN! I didn’t even design it so I can be nice to it! YAY! And your blog design is very pretty without a doubt SO AMAZING ❤ I LUV.

    YOU put the YOU in YOUTUBE? THIS Is why I love your blogging voice! My blogging voice is just a bit boring. I mean it's not as dry as your first example but not as amazing as your witty fantabulous blogging voice and I CRY.

    But I honestly don't think you got lucky! DONT DOWNGRADE YOURSELF TO LUCK. I mean Luck obviously has something to do with it but I think it's mainly because you interacted a lot. And you know how to keep conversations! Being serious, I have NO IDEA how to continue comments convos for as long as you do or even start a conversation with a blogger. It happens sometimes but I just crumble inside and SO NERVOUS? *cries*

    I totally get quality posts! I put a lot of effort in my post as well! I do't' mind people who post on a whim with quick short cupcake-like posts! They're fun too but quality posts will really make my like go to LOVING A BLOG and waiting for they're every post ❤

    May your blog is about throwing rotten mangoes at people. I do not feel safe. I PLAN AHEAD TOO! AND SCHEDULE! All thanks to you! ASDFGHJKL thanks for telling me all that good stuff ❤

    I WOULD SIGN A PEIETION FOR YOU TO NEVER SHUT UP. Okay that would be a petition but don't NOT talk! I LOVE YOUR POSTS.

    (you forgot to shorten your URL again. I'll die in a hole again)

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    1. Yes, I SO agree with you, Ilsa! It’s not luck! May put in a lot of hard work and effort into this blog and becoming a part of the book blogging community and it’s really paying off! 😀

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    2. I KNOOOW. I thought of these blogging posts right after people said in my blogging survey they wanted blogging posts, but DON’T WORRY.

      I LOVE YOUR BLOG DESIGN TOO!!! It is sooooo pretty omgggg. 😍 And aw, thanks! :’)

      YOU PUT THE YOU IN YOUTUBE WAS SO RANDOM AND CRINGY IDK WHY THAT POPPED UP. And nooo, your blogging voice is so awesome! 😀

      (What fabulous witty blogging voice.)

      Omgggggg. 😭 You’re gonna make me cry. THANK YOOOOOOU. You’re right, I really have worked hard — BUT I do think that some part of this is from luck, because I honestly do not know how people find me. 😂


      (and I KNOW I SAW THAT and I need to fix it ahagahhah)



    I pretty much failed to do the most important thing when I first started blogging: INTERACTION. I didn’t realize there would be so much…INTERACTION. Which actually turned out to be a really good thing because I LOVEEEE talking about books! I desperately am AIMING towards a blogging schedule because I think that would be awesome.

    My last but not least comment: you write such fricken QUALITY posts I NEVER KNOW WHERE TO START WHEN I GO TO COMMENT BY THE WAY. IT’S JUST SO HARD. *distressed sob* but not actually *cheers* why should I cry about amazing posts this is so confusing.

    Liked by 3 people


      Oh yes, interaction is so so important, agh! YESSS we get to fangirl over books and scream over them and bond over them and it’s just GREAT. Blogging schedules are definitely helpful!

      AWWW THANKS. :’) I’ll take that as a compliment ahahha. <333

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  10. OMG quality posts. I’m starting to feel like my entire blog is FLUFF trying to keep up with memes and I’m thinking about backing off a bit EVEN though I get so many hits from them whyyyyy.


    If you are VERY SUPER susceptible to poison ivy, you shouldn’t touch mangoes or peel their skin because you’ll get a rash. You can eat the deliciousness inside, though! Learned from a friend, for reals, I swear. 😛

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  11. “*Someone actually needs to make that #PetitionForMayToShutUp2K17.”


    Okay. I’m sorry. I read that and I just — I DIED. I DIEEEEED. I’m laughing so hard — tears are still watering in my eyes! Someone help me!


    HAHA I stink at being interactive but that’s such a big factor in growing your blog. Probably why my blog is teeny-tiny! I’m so busyyy.

    As always, I love your posts, May!


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  12. what secrets do YOU have for being an amazing blogger?

    Use batman gifs, humans love those. also call everyone ‘human’, ‘kid’, or ‘extraterrestrial’. no one has names, humans. I mean May.

    do we share any?

    The obvious ones like networking.

    what else can you add to this list?

    Make somethings about you/your blog be VERY CONSISTENT (aka me and that lego batman gif)

    do you have a pretty blog design? (if not, you need to step up your game, man)

    I suck at aesthetics, so you tell me.

    and would you sign a petition for me to shut up??? (i would)

    gasp no

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      1. Pfft, me neither, man. I watched 1989 and read the Batman: Long Halloween comic. and the lego stuff, that’s it.

        Like, when I started blogging? it was mostly: HI LOOOK I DID THIS TODAY. HI LOOK I DID THIS YESTERDAY *insert sad poetry* *insert doll photos*
        Thank goodness I grew up.

        awwwwww thankssssssss

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  13. I agree with all of these, but mostly the interacting. Every book blogger I’ve read with a lot of readers has attributed a large measure of their “success” to commenting on other blogs and, of course, replying to comments on their own. Also, yes–good posts and posting consistently. I’m all for not having *too much* of a schedule if that gets you down and makes blogging not fun (because fun is the point), but if you post randomly and not often, it kind of makes it hard for people to get to know you or have any sort of expectations for your blog.

    Nice work!

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Same! I think if I didn’t have at least a base schedule, I would fail to get anything done because I would just keep telling myself I could do it “later.” I am very much a schedule and deadlines person. But if other people can handle spontaneity, good for them.

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  14. Ah May. You never fail to deliver. I am a very SATISFIED puddle of pathetically happy rainbow blob right now *starry eyes*
    I definitely agree with the huge block of texts! There are times when I’d be able to read a huge block easily but more often than not I internally cry because iT’S SUCH A HUGE HURDLE TO PASS THROUGH???
    Hah, I used to have a boring cringey voice early in my blog as well like not as stick-straight as the first example you showed but more like a Physics professor who’s bored and bitter about his life 😂
    I actually like reading one-sentence paragraphs.
    Like this one.
    Because I find it so hilarious.
    And the formatting brings the point home imo
    Are you annoyed right now? 😇
    Okay, so I’m *slightly* triggered at you saying it’s all luck??? Like May you’re so adorable being humble and super down to earth but you’re also such an awesome blogger and you’ve put so much blood sweat tears in your posts I always look at your blog in awe, I find it hard to believe it’s all luck!!!
    And that kinda sparked an idea for a post so is it okay if I link to your post? 😄

    Liked by 2 people


      Yessss like NO STOP. Big paragraphs are too much and I just lose my attention. 😥

      AHAHAH I definitely had an INTERESTING blogging voice… Much cringe.

      UGH NO STOOOOP. I mean I get that sometimes the one-sentence paragraphs are to make a point as a writer but WHEN YOU JUST DO IT… JA;FKJALDSKFASD.

      Awwww THANK YOOOOU. Someone said that earlier too ahhah. I admit, I do work really hard on my blog haha, but at least SOME part of this is luck! Like where did all these people find me??? 😛

      And of course! I’m flattered I inspired you. :’) ❤


  15. Thank you for sharing your deepest, darkest secrets: I will now proceed to use all of them MWAHAHAHA.
    Seriously, though, this was really helpful. 😀
    AND I TOTALLY GET WHAT YOU MEAN ABOUT HUGE BLOCKS OF TEXT. IT’S SO ANNOYING! This is the main reason I couldn’t finish A Game of Thrones. There was just so many wordssss and paragraphsssss and I love books but it’s boringggg.
    Also *gasp* please don’t shut up!!!! I’d miss your funniness and question marks so much don’t go ❤

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  16. I loved this post!
    I don’t think I’ve been great with designing my blog, but it looks great, so I hope that does it!!
    Also, I’m sure all of us new bloggers at the beginning didn’t behave as ourselves, because it just seemed hard to. I’ve been there, I understand. But you gotta be you, or blogging will just be a chore!!
    Great post!

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  17. This post is SO useful & important! 👏 I don’t think you’ve missed anything (since you included everything)! 😍 I especially like how you placed interaction as #1, because this method has made wonders to my blog! 😁🙈 As for the rest, I TOTALLY agree about how they contribute to blogging success! 😊👍 Is my blog design cute? I have no idea actually! I think it’s pretty, but maybe others don’t like it as much?I don’t know – maybe you can give me some feedback! I’ll really appreciate it! 😉😘 Awesome Post – Really enjoyed reading this! ❤️❤️ I’ll definitely come back to this post and refer to it, every time I feel like making progress on my blog! 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yesss totally! 🙈 You really are an AMAZING blogger – hands down! 😍😍 Omigod! You think my blog design is “so cute”? That’s very sweet of you! Thanks for the feedback! ❤️❤️ P.S Have you seen my latest post? I’m actually curious to know what you think of it! 😆🤔

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  18. Hi May!
    So I’m a slightly newish blogger/really just too lazy to post regularly which is why no one knows me and I was wondering how you make your blog look so pretty. Like have you actually designed all these watercolor like things and stuff and just everything or is there something on wordpress that lets you do that? I’m so clueless lol…. Anyways this was incredibly helpful thank you so much!!!!! =) ❤

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  19. I *think* my blog is pretty?? It’s quite minimalist tbh. I am always in one of two camps: overboard or minimal. i DON’T KNOW. I really like swirlies.
    I totally relate to the whole having a voice that does not belong to you because you’re trying to be what you think people want you to be in the beginning. I think we have all done that! Well, most of us anyways.
    All of my posts are pretty much 1k too. I have too much to say. I type too fast. I could go on.
    It’s true, when I see/read/hear/am grace by mangoes, I think of you pretty much every time without fail. GET OUT OF MY HEAD, MAY.

    Liked by 1 person

  20. I love your tips May!! Especially the one on having your own voice! 😍😍 I definitely adore your blogging voice-you never ever fail to make me laugh 😂😍 I definitely work on interacting more too, I’ve been super busy with school and other stuff lately and I’ve had barely any time to do anything else so I’m really really really sorry for not being able to be very active on your blog 😭😭 and OMG May your blog is sooooo prettyyy!!!! 😍😍😍😍 Its just sooo aesthetically pleasing!!! 😍😍😍😍 I love it!!! And I’m never ever ever going to sign the petition for young to shut up Haha…In fact-I’ll sign one to make you never shut up 😍❤😂🎉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you like ’em! AWW I’M SO HAPPY YOU ENJOY MY BLOGGING VOICE. :’) And agh, I feel you! School started a few weeks ago for me and it’s definitely taken a toll on my blogging time. 😭 AWWW THANK YOU I think my blog looks pretty great if I say so myself. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awww your welcome May!!! You are seriously one of the best bloggers I know! 😍😍😊❤ and I’m honestly so so glad that you can relate-hang in there though!! (and I’m saying this to myself too 😂😂) it’s actually getting much better now and I hope it does for you too!! 😊❤

        Liked by 1 person

  21. Here I am, laughing diabolically and being honored because you quoted me and wrote the most amazing post ever here. WITH ME IN IT I FEEL LIKE I AM FAMOUS NOW. Okay, my fangirling moment is over now ahah.
    I agree with you that with blogging, interacting is the NUMBER ONE advice I would give to anyone. It helps make you a fabulous blogger, both with numbers and well…it adds so much more fun to it all – even if it adds like a gazillion more hours to your blogging time because of all the bloggers, comments and everything. For me, an amazing blogger definitely interacts a lot on his blog but also on others, seeking the community, supporting others’ blogs and everything else.
    And yes we’re all shallow so we need pretty blogs. and planning is SUCH A LIFE SAVER.
    Such a great post, May! ❤ ❤ It's always so good to read your blog posts 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. AWWW OF COURSE, MARIE DEAREST. 💗 Ahahah you were famous well before I mentioned you in this post! 😜

      Interacting is SUCH an important factor of blogging! I definitely agree that it makes blogging more fun, and it totally helps with the stats. 😉 But yes, if a blogger doesn’t interact, they’re not fully immersing themselves in the beauty of the blogging world!

      Aww, thank you! 😊💕

      Liked by 1 person

      1. EXACTLY. It makes me so sad whenever I see bloggers in their own little sphere. Sometimes it’s hard to reach out to other bloggers, I had a hard time doing this as well at the beginning, but once you do…it is SO worth it 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

          1. Oh that’s sweet of you to say, May ❤ But believe me, I used to be the girl staring at her laptop, reading fantastic blog posts and not commenting because I was too nervous to do anything 😂

            Liked by 1 person

  22. Beautifully expressed and very helpful !! I am all new here but keen and excited to use your special tips. Would love to write being myself and that will be more fun.
    Thanks May xx


    Liked by 2 people

  23. As amazing as self-peeling mangoes sound, it also sounds a bit creepy. Sorry May, I know you are the Queen of Mangoes, but I’m not sure if I want them to one day peel themselves 😦

    Also are you okay from point 6 it seems like you’re having a bit of an identity crisis. IT’S OKAY IF YOU DON’T MENTION MANGOES ALL THE TIME MAY YOU’LL ALWAYS BE OUR MANGO QUEEN

    Anyway obviously I don’t know why people followed your blog, but I’m sure that all of these things played a part, because they sure did for me! You are definitely funny and entertaining, your blog is pleasing to look at and just gives off such a positive vibe. How could I not click that follow button 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. NOOOOO SELF-PEELING MANGOES WOULD BE SO AMAZING??? Just like self-turning-pages of a book would be???

      Awww thank you for the reassurance. :’)

      AWW YOU’RE SO SWEET STOOOOP. :’) ❤ ❤ You're all of those things too, Michelle! I love talking to you. <333

      Liked by 1 person

  24. Ahaha! You are so sweet and kind (just like a MANGOOO) I absolutely looovvveeee your blog and I think your blog design is very pretty! ThankYOU so much for your awesome tips and I think everyone will benefit from these! ThankYOU so much for helping me!
    Ellie xoxo 💕🌴✨


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