Teach Me How to Say Goodbye // May is Going on a Hiatus (!!!) and You Will Die (Okay, Probably Not)

Hi yes what you heard is true: I’m going on hiatus.

Are those weeping cities you hear in the not-so-distant background??? Yes, you’re right. Everyone’s sobbing in relief in joy in misery about me taking a blogging break.

But hey you know what??? That’s okay, because I need to take care of myself and you don’t want me to be all tired and mean and irritated do you??? YOU DON’T, BECAUSE YOU LOVE ME.


Well my friends, read on. Yes I made a whole post about the details on my hiatus deal with it.

Appreciate me. I even included gifs.



For many reasons, actually! Which is why I’m going to go nice and detailed on them in a bullet point list. Yes I hate myself too.

  • First of all, SO MUCH STRESS. School started about a month ago and I already have so many projects and homework to do and adlf;jaslfkads. On top of that, I have dance and piano, which take up time to practice.
  • So with blogging?? I HAVE NO TIME. I either choose blogging, or everything else. And right now, I choose everything else.

Image result for can't gif

  • Second, I’m not very motivated to read and comment on posts much anymore??? I mean I’ll go OOH YAY NEW POST FROM THEM!!! And then kind of… FORGET to comment on those posts, or even read them. When usually I LOVE reading + commenting on posts.
  • I also haven’t been answering comments like RIGHT when I see them. I’ll click on my notifications, scroll through to see any new comments I got, and then just kind of… leave them there. AND THIS IS BAD because usually I LOVE replying to comments and do it immediately when I see them???
  • I also want to spend more time on my writing and also reading, and blogging has taken SO much of that away from me. I’ve officially decided on what plot bunny I’ll be tackling*, and I want to dedicate some Quality Time™ to it! I also want to read more books because I want to look cool.

So in summary: I have no time and am stressed (more than usual), am experiencing some blogging burnout, and just want to focus on other aspects of my life.

Also just so you know I’m a generally stressed-out person and BLOGGING HAS NOT BEEN HELPING WITH THIS ISSUE.




Well, I’m so glad you asked!! I’m aware that I’m asking myself these questions, yes.

Honestly, I don’t know how long I’ll be gone. I’ll for sure come back before the end of September (HOW IS IT ALREADY SEPTEMBER???), but other than that, I really don’t know.

I mean, I hope it’ll be at least two weeks. It’ll probably be around three weeks. I just want to RELAX and DE-STRESS and not deal with the pressure of blogging. And I want to do it for a long time. Sorryyyyyy but I’m really not that sorry???


Image result for innocent smile gif





After I publish this post, I’ll probably stick around for two days or something, and answer comments. But then after that—BYE.

I’m going to make myself NOT check WordPress every day. I may still like your posts, and sometimes I may read them if it interests me. But I probably won’t comment on them because COMMENTS TAKE TIME.

So really, I’ll just be gone from the WordPress/blogging world.

BUT! I’ll still be on Goodreads! I want to read more during my hiatus, and Goodreads is OBVIOUSLY a great place to motivate me to do that. And not DISTRACT me from reading, hahahha never…

So, make sure to friend me on Goodreads to see my updates! You can always message me if you’d like to talk. :))

Yeah that’s literally all the “social media” I have so yup.

Oh, and I will be posting two book reviews for two of the ARCs I got that are coming out this month! I won’t be answering comments to them, but if you want your weekly dose of Extremely Cringy May Humor™, you can check those out. :))

And I MAAAAAY put some guest posts up??? They’ll be from the winners of The Scribbler’s Challenge, but I didn’t give them a deadline so I don’t know when they’ll send the posts in.



What else do I say now??? Obviously I’ll miss you guys a lot because interacting with y’all gives me LIFE (a little too much), but I need to take time for myself too. I promise you, you’ll miss me for like one day and then forget I ever existed, okay??? YOU’LL BE FINE.

But will I???

Um this is really awkward so I’m just gonna—

Image result for run out of the room gif

shall we chat

WILL YOU MISS ME??? (i’ll miss yoooou <333) have you gone on hiatus before? have you experienced blogging burnout? does blogging take up a lot of your time too? I’LL MISS YOU GUYS!!

P.S. if you got the reference in the title, I LOVE YOU. also i’m so pissed that i had to replace “goodbye” with “bye” smh @ picmonkey

sign off 2.0


164 thoughts on “Teach Me How to Say Goodbye // May is Going on a Hiatus (!!!) and You Will Die (Okay, Probably Not)


    Sorry. XDD I will definitely miss you, Mango Queen, but enjoy your hiatus! (And don’t get too used to not having us around 😛 )

    You may (HAHA) already be on hiatus, but I have an emergency question. XD How do you save your featured images now, or what other photo program do you use? PicMonkey isn’t letting me save on Internet Explorer and Chrome isn’t working, and I’m at a loss. XD

    Thanks! Enjoy yourself, dear. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AWWW I’LL MISS YOU TOOOOOO CHARIS!! Can you talk through Google Hangouts?? If you can, just make a chat invite me because I won’t be checking WordPress tomorrow ahaha.

      OH DEAR. Well, Chrome works for me (but a lot of the fonts are messed up — but I don’t need to use them… for now). Do you have Microsoft Edge? My friends say it works for them, but not for me soooo. Um, I’d have to resort to screenshotting so it’s really blurry, but yeah. I do know that there’s a program called BeFunky tho?? Idk how good it is, but I’ve heard great things. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG don’t leave! I just found your blog and I’m already in love with it! 😦 Love how you included mangoes in your blog description (I totally understand the love for mangos, there just so good! Plus really fun to say!)

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Enjoy your hiatus! I have definitely taken a hiatus before, and have also experienced the pain known as blogging burn out. Trust me, it’ll go away quickly!!! I hope you have an amazing month tackling non-bloggerly things!!!

    *gives you cookies as a farewell gift*

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Ahhh I know you might not see this comment until later (*curses my inability to comment on time*) BUT KNOW THAT I LOVE YOU MAY and I 100% support your hiatus even if I will MISS YOU TO DEATH ❤ ❤ ❤ Taking time for yourself is totally important, and honestly, school is SO stressful and just balancing life with blogging in general is SO DIFFICULT. (UGH WHYYYY.) Sending you ALL THE LOVE AND HUGS AND CHOCOLATE AND MANGOES ahhhhh and I hope you relieve all the blogging pressure!! It can totally get intense and I wish you alllll the best with everything! ❤ ❤ *smushes you with hugs*

    Liked by 1 person

  5. OF COURSE I’LL MISS YOU?! Reading your posts always makes my day, but I completely understand the need to take a break. Life can be sooo stressful, and blogging should be fun, not add more stress to that. Taking a break is just necessary sometimes, and it definitely helps with a blogging burn-out! Just take care of yourself May, focus on your other responsibilities, rest, read a lot and eat lots of mangoes. We’ll be here waiting for you ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I DOO I Dooo I DOOOO HEAR THE WEEPING CITIES. oh wait. that’s all llllllll me. Except I also talk to you like, every day but STILLLLLL I LOVE YOUR POSTS ❤

    But you do you, girl! (i have never said that out loud in my life XD) If you want to hiatus, you hiatus! Mental healthy & safety is MUCH MORE important than a blog! ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

    (can i just spam you w/ heart emojis)

    Liked by 1 person

  7. HI HIII I DON’t CARE THAT YOURE GOING ON A HIATUS WELL I DO BUT THE POINT IS I’m GOING TO READ LOADS OF YOUR POSTS LIKE NOWWWWWW. Because I haven’t done that enough and you’re amazing +WE ALL LOVE YOUUUUU so I’m going on a May Marathon now 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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