A Compilation of My Blogging Pet Peeves: A Rant (!!) of All the Things I Hate and Am Annoyed by In and About Blogging

I hate a lot of things.

It’s unfortunately a very relatable thing to have a lot of hatred as I do. It doesn’t seem like it because I’m an all-glowing, bubbly personality, but I can be very salty!! Friends can verify this.

And while blogging is not included in the list of things I hate*, there are many things ABOUT it that I hate, or find annoying. In fact, there are so many that I can’t even specify a number.

Or I’m too lazy to count, which is an extremely likely possibility, but no I’m NEVER too lazy.**

So today, I decided to talk about those things that I hate or find annoying—aka my blogging pet peeves! And yes, I know that there are many posts about this. BUT I LIKE BEING SALTY OKAY.

*Which is a very long list.
**I’d look up a synonym of lazy but… I’ll do it later. Maybe. Googling things is so much work.


1. self-promo

I HATE SELF-PROMO. It’s so stupid and awkward and horrible and makes me feel all weird ja;ljfalsdjfa;sdfa. And then anxiety kicks in and makes me think that people are all like “ew why is she promoting herself” but most of the time they’re not????

Literally every time I try to do self-promo:

Me: Hey check out my post!
Me: Maybe even follow my blog!
Me: Only if you want to tho!
Me: I don’t want to force you into anything!
Me: But still check it out!
Me: I hate self-promo!

Can I just… not. Can someone else do the promo for me???


2. comments/follows for follows

It is SO. OBVIOUS. when someone follows or comments on your blog JUST to get you to follow their blog. It’s also super annoying and kind of offensive to the blogger??

An example:

Great post, girlie!! So helpful!! Would love it if you checked out my blog https://imafake.wordpress.com/!! Thanks xx

Now OBVOIUSLY, I’m not calling anyone out. This is just generally what a comment-for-follow looks like. And it gets SO ANNOYING because like,, why. Can’t you see that we can tell when you’re being a complete fake??

Image result for you're a fake gif

The true gem lies in the response, however. (And it’s super fun*, actually.)

Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the post! :DDD

And GUESS WHAT!! They don’t even like your comment afterwards!! Either because they didn’t see it and therefore don’t CARE, or either because they really hate you for not checking out your blog. (ᵔᴥᵔ)

*Especially if you say, “Great comment, girlie!! So genuine!! Would love it if you actually read my post!! Thanks xx”. Just writing that was fun and it wasn’t even directed at anyone I’m so mean.


3. when someone asks you to do their promo

Now, OBVIOUSLY if it’s little things like promoting your posts on Twitter and you’re asking a friend (or two), it’s FINE. And you might not have even asked and they did it anyways???? That’s totally cool and welcome and appreciated.

But when someone you barely know asks you to do a whole post on your blog to promote something of theirs, it gets a little… weird???

Again, not calling anyone out! It’s just something I find really annoying and something that I HATE. Because we all have to do promo, yeah?? It’s just so WEIRD.


4. saying no

Saying no to anything is super hard tbh. I couldn’t even say no to a person who wanted to sit at a desk where I KNEW someone was going to sit because I HATE SAYING NO.*

I mean it’s easier online. Like, way easier. Easy enough that I say no!! Doesn’t mean that it makes it less awkward or harder???

And SOMEHOW, people asking me for favors that I say no to ALWAYS manage to make me guilty. Or maybe that’s just me feeling guilty over the fact that I can’t be nice to everyone okay I’m sorry I’m a fragile soul leave me alone.

But it’s TOTALLY okay for bloggers to say no. This is your blog and you decide what happens to it. Don’t let anyone guilt you into saying yes if you don’t want to!

Image result for no gif

*Hello, anxiété.


5. wordpress problems

UGH THERE ARE SO MANY STUPID THINGS ABOUT WORDPRESS THAT I HATE AJ;DSFLJASLDFJALSD. I mean,, I guess it’s better than some other blogging platforms?? But STILL.

Here’s a list of all the things that WordPress does wrong. (Except not ALL the things because then this post would be exceptionally long.)

arrow 1

  • Formatting. Why the heck is formatting SO HARD. The moment I found out a trick to center images in a row, WordPress decides “NOPE HAHA LET’S PRANK MAY” and makes me do this weird coding thing that I!! don’t!! have!! time!! for!!
  • The WordPress Reader. WHY ARE YOU HERE. You ruin all my formatting that I worked so hard on. You’re so ugly too. You’re not the ACTUAL BLOG just get out of here please omg.
  • Coding. So there was a trick I told you about in one post?? That if you copy and paste coding into the Visual editor, switch to HTML, then back to Visual, the code will work. WELL. NOW IT ONLY WORKS ON SOME OF THE TEXT. WHY.
  • Design. MORE THEMES PLEASE. The themes WordPress has are quite ugly, like do they not have eyes??? Free WordPress means that we don’t have a lot of customization. I mean I know you want us to buy things, but at LEAST make better themes????
  • Spam comments. Some comments that are TOTALLY not spam… are put in spam?? Like it doesn’t even make sense why it was in spam; it was a genuine comments with no typos or weird emails or sites???
  • And a bunch more.

arrow 2

I hate you WordPress!!! But I’d rather have you than another blogging platform *coughBLOGGERcough*


6. when people just randomly state their opinion

If you’ve never commented on a blog before, but then you see something that you disagree with, do you decide to just COMMENT RIGHT THEN AND THERE about how the blogger is WRONG????

Dude, what the heck. 1) You’re literally commenting for the first time to say that someone’s opinion is wrong and never commenting again?? and 2) Do you have no respect for the person’s opinion??? No one is ever wrong. We just have DIFFERENT BELIEFS.

Again, not calling anyone out!! Just a little,, annoyed. :))

Image result for fake smile gif

(I mean, by all means, state your opinion. But is it really going to be your only comment, and are you really going to completely disrespect the other person’s opinion.)


7. “you have such high stats!!”

Okay I find it SO SO awkward when people talk about another person’s high stats??? I mean, yeah, if they have like 5K followers, they’ll have high stats. But like, it’s just WEIRD.

How would you react if someone came up to you and said, “You have such a high hairline!”

Yeah, it’s like that. Except not as bad because HOW RUDE.

It also makes bloggers guilty when someone tells that to them because wow, how could THEY have high stats while others don’t??? (Obviously, this is not healthy thinking. Obviously, they think it.)


8. arc envy

Hi my name is May and I just want to read all the ARCs* and I get envious when I see people who get all the ARCs I want so I’m just going to disappear off the face of the blogging world because all the bloggers get them and I’m jealous.

*Advanced Reader Copies, to the ignorant.


9. blogging envy in general!

The sweeeeeetest Marie did an amazing post on this topic (which you should totally check out!), but GOD do I hate blogging envy! Everything’s just completely fine until you start comparing yourself to another blogger or wanting the things that the blogger wants and just a;djfalksfjal.

For example, you see that other bloggers:

  • have high stats (admit it, you care about those)
  • have lots of friends (I have many friends but you know human nature,,, greedy!!!)
  • take pretty pictures (I’M SO JEALOUS OF THIS OMG)
  • read lots of books (can I just read 20 books in a month FOR ONCE)
  • are fast readers (it takes me like 1 min to read 1 page what the heck)
  • have a gorgeous design!! (I mean don’t we all want a better blog design)
  • are popular (ofc this depends on what your definition of popular is)

Image result for dying gif

And then you just WANT ALL OF THOSE. It’s a fine line between admiring someone and wishing you were them/had everything they had. And it honestly SUCKS when you’re jealous of another blogger?? Because it prevents you from enjoying their content and you also feel really bad about yourself.

I mean, not speaking from experience or anything hahahha…


10. people leaving

I just HATE when people leave the blogosphere without telling us that they’re going!!

I mean, I get that you have life and you can’t tell us and it’s impromptu and whatnot, but for all I know I could just be chillin’ and wondering how you’re doing when YOU’VE ACTUALLY DIED OMG.

Or like, maybe you’re on a cruise to the Bahamas. Maybe it’s better that you didn’t tell us about that because we all would’ve attacked you and begged to come.


11. no motivation / ideas


Sometimes, you don’t want to post anything at all, but you have so many great ideas??? (My tip here is to WRITE THEM DOWN. Or you will forget them.*)

Other times, you WANT to post something but you literally have no ideas. Or maybe you have too many ideas and you can’t choose??? Also relatable.

And then, the really horrible times, you have no motivation OR ideas, and you just feel burnt out and horrible and just don’t want to blog. This is when you NEED TO TAKE A HIATUS.

But this actually SUCKS. Because you know that there was a time when you had motivation or ideas or just a simple want to blog… and now it’s gone???

Image result for i hate it gif

*If you’re me, you might forget where you wrote it down, so write it down in some blogging notebook or doc or something!!


12. time & effort

I honestly have no idea where my free time went between books, writing, blogging, dance, piano, and homework. I probably should’ve said homework first.

It literally SUCKS that blogging takes so much time and effort. Commenting on posts??* Replying to comments?** WRITING THE ACTUAL POSTS??*** All those take time and effort and sometimes I just have none. (And therefore I GET STRESSED.)

But! Despite this and all the other pet peeves I have, I still love blogging! I mean, how could I not. I returned from three GLORIOUS WEEKS of my hiatus back to you… Wow those days were sure fun…

Okay not really, I just procrastinated even more without blogging there. :’)))))))

*I’ve been procrastinating this.
**And procrastinating this.
***And also this. Bonjour, post-that-was-supposed-to-up-at-1-am-but-instead-went-up-after-1-pm.

shall we chat

so, what are your blogging pet peeves? or some things that you hate about blogging? add to my list! and what have you been procrastinating lately and what are you deciding to do about it? (i’m a self-help blog, i’m certified to ask prying questions like this, okay)

sign off 2.0

155 thoughts on “A Compilation of My Blogging Pet Peeves: A Rant (!!) of All the Things I Hate and Am Annoyed by In and About Blogging

  1. Oh, I remember those days when I first started blogging using Blogger… *shivers* 😶 I’ll just say that I’m super glad I switched to WordPress. So far, I haven’t encountered any major problems with WordPress, so I’m happy 😄

    The last point was the most relatable to me because I’m a high school student and finding time to blog in the midst of homework and other things is still something I feel like I can definitely improve on 😅 But, nonetheless, I love blogging so much and love having a platform to share my stories and love of books, so all the time I spend on blogging feels very rewarding and worth it. 😊

    I enjoyed reading your post! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

  2. when I can’t say no, I try saying ‘nay’; or ‘negative’. *shrugs* shaking things up a bit. sometimes it helps. :p


    also when people say “hey girl we’re like totally the same person!’ and you’re like… obviously not because… you’re… not… me…. and then you check their blog and they like totally different things than you?? and you realize that they basically clickbaited you to their blog. not cool. *shakes fist and wall* *because obviously the wall causes all my problems*

    Liked by 1 person


    Also when bloggers you don’t know send you a WordPress invitation to follow their blog?? like?? and it’s not like they’re following you either?? they’re just like ‘HI YOU DON’T KNOW ME BUT HERE’S MY BLOG SO GO FOLLOW IT’ yyyyy

    This post is making me a tad agressive lmao

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOOOOOWWWW. The themes are already pretty bad, at least give me free range of color / fonts / widget areas??? (I’ve found almost perfect WP themes with decent color palettes, but there’s a stupid SIDEBAR IN THE MENU THING like no I hate that oh my god)

      OH MY GOD. WP EMAIL INVITATIONS. YESSSS. There was this one kid who followed me and I followed back bc their content looked interesting enough, but then after a while it looked boring so I unfollowed. AND THEN SHE SENT ME LIKE 5 WP FOLLOW INVITATIONS. like are you keeping track of who follows you??? I’m 90% sure you don’t even follow mine anymore??

      okay wow this got really ranty really fast lmao

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Omg yesss there’s always SOMETHING to dislike about a theme?? Like how do people find perfect WP themes. How do they work with them. One day I shall spend money and buy a good theme, but today is not that day


        Liked by 1 person

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