9 Things “Regular People” (If They Exist?) Should Never Say to Writers or Authors Because We Get Hurt Easily

Writers are fragile creatures.

So maybe we’re ALL fragile creatures. Me most of all.

But writers are especially fragile. I think the cause of this is how much WORK and EFFORT goes into writing, so by the time we’re done writing, we’re just mentally drained and feeling like a tea bag that sank to the bottom of the cup after you drank all the liquid.*

So, because you don’t want to hurt these poor fragile writers, I’m talking about things you should never say to writers! Hopefully you haven’t and will never say these things?? Because they honestly will break a writer. Like me.

This intro sucks as a result from lack of sleep I’m so tired just get on with your life and do something worthwhile instead of reading this post.

Oh! And make sure to check out 9 Things You Shouldn’t Tell Bookworms because that’s an equally important post because we bookworms are equally as breakable as writers. It also has a better intro.

*Is this even how tea works idk anymore.


1. “your book is horrible!”

I don’t think anyone would say this??? But in case there are any extremely rude people out there (who DO exist): DON’T SAY IT.

Sure, you may THINK the book is horrible, and you might write a book review on why you think that. But to say that to the author directly???? Yikes. The author’s writing is something that’s part of their soul, part of who they are. DON’T tell them that a piece of identity is trash!!

Image result for you are trash gif
what NOT to say

(There are also the cases where the authors/writers are rude to the readers and while that doesn’t give the readers the right to be rude back… feel free to roast those writers.)


2. “please don’t make me cry anymore”

I think that authors secretly (or not so secretly) enjoy making their readers cry/feel damaged/feel emotionally manipulated and you can’t encourage them by telling them that what they’re doing is WORKING.

Also if you ask them to stop breaking your heart, you’re going to hurt yourself even more if they reply, “Of course my next book won’t make you cry!” And then it does.

Don’t even try. It’s useless.


3. “what do you write about?”

THIS IS THE SCARIEST QUESTION EVER. You want us to condense our 103948234-word novel into one concise sentence??*

Like no. I’ve been working too hard on this novel, spending blood and sweat and tears and pRECIOUS SLEEP, and you expect me to even try to summarize it?? I can make a nice little clean LIST of things that it’s about but anything less than 50 words and I…  no.

For example, I don’t even know what my WIP is about??? And NaNoWriMo is in like 3 DAYS???? I can only list a few things that I know it’s about and the rest are spoilers because all I’ve figured out is the END and the TWISTS but not the actual PLOT and I just… ?111?!?!$#!?!11?

Hahahahhaha. I’m totally chill.

Image result for crying freaking out gif
look, she’s holding a pen!! just like mE AS I STAB IT IN MY EYES IN MISERY AND FRUSTRATION

(Also I know some authors’ projects are SECRET because they’re evil and cruel they have to be, so just asking this will reignite your misery of not knowing what their project is about.)

*It’s called a pitch and it’s a b***h (I’M SORRY THE RHYME WAS TOO MUCH TO RESIST).


4. “just tell me about your writing!”

I think writers would die before they answered this????

Me imagining all the scenarios other like the anxious & awkward person I am:

Person: Oh, so tell me about your writing!
Me: Well I like to write novels. And poems.
Person: Ooh, will you tell me what your novel is about?
Me: Uh…
Person: Will you tell me the title of your novel?
Me: Uh…
Person: What types of poems do you write?

Just kidding. Not that last one. I’m not brave enough to roast people in real life (lucky for them).

But tbh… either writers know nothing about writing and are secretly parading as writers as an excuse to make people cry (relatable), or they DO know lots of things about writing but forgot all of it (also relatable), or they freak out about sharing anything related to their writing (too relatable I cry).


5. “can i read your writing?”

Let me just answer that for you:

Image result for no gif

I mean… if you’re close friends, maybe? If you plant this idea in their head and then they think on it and decide you’re worthy enough to read their BEAUTIFUL WRITING, maybe?

But like,, don’t be pushy. It just makes the writer hyperventilate even more. (I should know this, I am a very pushy online person.) Even just asking this question is considered “pushy” so maybe like don’t ask it at all?? Idk, what is this post called anyways.

Writers will EVENTUALLY share their writing with someone (or at least… they should). They need feedback, and that comes from other people!

So don’t ask this question at all. Don’t push. The writer’s confidence will get there over time, so just wait.

Like me having to survive a whole month without mangoes IDK HOW I DID IT BUT I DID AND WHEN I FINALLY GOT THE MANGOES THEY WERE DELICIOUS.


6. “you should get more sleep”


(Okay so I wrote this when I was tired which kind of proves my point of getting more sleep but shut up.)


7. *peers over shoulder to see what you’re writing*

Um… can you not.

So this is kind of an action instead of something to say, BUT YOU CAN STILL HAVE DIALOGUE IN IT.

Me: *writing on computer*
Someone: *peers over to look at what I’m writing*
Someone: Wow that looks cool.

Image result for invasion of privacy gif
us being me and my nonexistent writing of course

It’s an invasion of PRIVACY. It’s like someone coming into your room at night to watch you sleep. Creepy, yes? But with writing it’s actually WORSE because it’s your soul and then someone reads it (WHEN IT HASN’T BEEN EDITED) and they just like,, look over your shoulder.



8. “you should ________”

Okay, so OBVIOUSLY if this is constructive criticism, that’s good and actually encouraged!!

But THEN. Imagine that someone tells you, “You should capitalize your I’s” when you obviously did it on purpose in your poems, or “You should just kill this character off completely” when that character is a VITAL character, or “You should quit writing and quit life because you clearly do not know how to properly be a human” when you obviously DO know how to be a human.

Do you see how annoying this is??? Not to mention rude???? People already dictate my life; don’t dictate my writing either.

Especially because this is YOUR writing. Like maybe you’re reading it (gasp) or you’re critiquing it, but that doesn’t mean you have the right to tell me what to do with it because it’s MINE.

I mean, I appreciate that you think I should eat less mangoes. But no.

Also just ignore the fact that this post is talking about “things never say to writers”… I’m a hypocrite okay.


9. “EVERYTHING about your writing is good”

?!!?!?! perfect i can!?#?!?not compute ?!?!?1?11?!

First of all, there is no such thing as “perfect”. (I should say “flawless” because I think things can be perfect in their own way, but not flawless.) Second of all, there are SURELY flaws in my writing that can be fixed somehow. Third of all, ALSKSKFKKALFLS THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SO SWEET ASDJFKSLFJD. (Now give me actual feedback.)

Look. I love being given compliments about my writing. In fact, sometimes I just send my writing to people* just to be validated. Yes, I’m obnoxious.

Image result for validate me

But then??? I’m also open to feedback?? I WANT feedback? So yes, compliments make me feel so good and confident and proud of my writing, but I won’t actually improve if no one tells me what needs to be improved.


**I wrote a poem and I really liked it and I reread it to make sure it was good but then when I came back to it a few days later I saw that a WORD HAD BEEN REPEATED like how the frick did I not see that before.

shall we chat

what other things should we not tell writers? or authors? (is it okay to like throw up on authors from excitement) are YOU a writer/author? do you hate being asked if someone can read your writing? and is your writing FLAWLESS??? (no)

p.s. hello! sorry i didn’t post on wednesday. i had a school trip and i didn’t want to stress myself out. i’ll be catching up on all the posts i missed! <33

sign off 2.0


63 thoughts on “9 Things “Regular People” (If They Exist?) Should Never Say to Writers or Authors Because We Get Hurt Easily

  1. Oh god I don’t like it when people peer over my shoulders whenever I’m drawing or sketching something. And you’re right, it is an INVASION OF PRIVACY. LIKE DUDE WTH??
    which is why i completely moved everything i own in the comfort of my bedroom (if only i could stay there forever 💔)

    Liked by 2 people

  2. okay you’re a total hypocrite bc i know you love it when i tell you your writing is perfect (which it is ;))

    also “(There are also the cases where the authors/writers are rude to the readers and while that doesn’t give the readers the right to be rude back… feel free to roast those writers.)” me @ you

    Liked by 1 person

  3. one thing not to tell authors is that WRITING IS NOT A REAL CAREER like excuse me you random person i don’t care about??? you’re wrong???/

    omg omg i hate sharing my writing because the CRINGE!!!!!!! I used to think my writing was pretty good (subtweet @ my third grade self) and HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA no.

    dude I love that “NONONONONONONONO” gif because it’s so relatable omg.

    something that annoys me is when people try and correct your punctuation in poems like UM POEMS DON’T HAVE PUNCTUATION RULES DUDE. THAT’S WHY IT’S CALLED POETRY GOODNESS.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. OH MY GOD I FORGOT ABOUT THAT YES. writing is a real career??? i’d like to see soneone attempt to write a solid novel of 70K words in one year.

      nooooo. i mean i think we all know our writing is SOMEWHAT okay even tho we say that it sucks. but your writing is 👌👌 okay!!!!

      that nonononono gif is hilarious omg

      I KNOW. OR WHEN THEY TRY TO FIX CAPITALIZATION. like boi the only rule in poetry is that there IS NO RULE

      Liked by 1 person


    honestly the most annoying thing is when people see you’re poems and say something like “fix your grammar” and I’m trying not to SCREAM because IT’S A FREAKIN POEM AND SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT YOU IDIOT.

    Also your choice of GIFs was gold (as always). Especially that Regina George one xD

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Honestly, I sort of hate reading stuff people I know wrote because I don’t want to be put into a position where I don’t like it and then have to choose between saying so or lying–especially because some people *think* they’re open to constructive criticism but actually just want you to say you like their stuff!

    Liked by 2 people

      1. I try not to read friends’ writing because of this, but some of them don’t like that either because apparently not reading it means I don’t like it or something. Oops? I just don’t want to get in awkward spot of having to offer any kind of feedback at all!

        Liked by 1 person

  6. This is so relatable. I hate it whenever someone tries and just WATCH while I’m trying to write, I just want them all to go away and leave me aloneeeeeeeee with my world and characters for a little while. Also, I’m like, so shy about sharing my writing – the only person who’s ever read something I wrote was my sister and she’s awesome and adorable, obviously, but otherwise… I just get crazy paranoid that people will break me if I ever share something I write ahahah, I think I’m just not ready to do so anyway.
    Great post, May!! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    1. YESSSS. Leave me alone for at least like 30 minutes please??? Writing is my escape, just like my reading. And ahaha, I have one irl friend that I share my writing with, and SOMETIMES share my writing with online friends! It’s just easier for me when I don’t know the person in person ahha.

      Liked by 1 person

  7. I love this post May, and oh I definitely understand a lot of these as well because the thoughts of someone saying them to me does make me a little nervous. I mean, I can barely sum up the books I read let alone what I’m writing (or planning to write at the moment). Also if someone just straight up says “your book is horrible” that is someone I would remove from my life ASAP because why would someone who’s supposed to be your friend and/or family member say something about a story you’ve worked so hard on. Hopefully this is something no one would ever say though.
    Also “you should sleep more” is something I say to myself a lot, like a lot a lot, not that I ever try and get more sleep! 😀
    Great post May. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. People who NEVER WRITE shouldn’t tell us how to write. I had someone telling me that quality is more important and blah blah blah, and I kind of stared at them thinking of how they only write stuff for school and therefore are in no position to tell me anything about my writing. (Just because a person has a Pinterest board of writing prompts doesn’t make them a writer!)
    I hope to soon be an author. 😛
    I hate having people bugging me to let them read my stuff! Like, I’ll let them when I want to. Not before.
    And no, it’s not possible for my writing to be flawless. 😆

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Human: “You should write realistic fiction!”
    Me: Look, sweetie, God createdelves for a rea-
    Human: “Elves don’t exist”
    Me: Prejudiced against the elves excuse you.

    ^^^ Leave writers alone!

    Human: “What do you write about?”
    Me: Characters?? Who?? Do?? Stuff?? What the heck do you WANT from me??
    Human: “A synopsis.”
    Me: I haven’t written the book yet?? So?? I don’t?? Have?? a?? Synopsis??

    actually yesterday a rude human told me ‘reading was nerdy and writing’s for dorks’.
    I said ‘well, seeing as I AM a nerd… Your words weren’t actually offensive, sorry.”

    When I was younger I would say ‘what the ambrosia’ so. :p

    What is a regular people? I’ve not heard of this species.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. MAY HOW IS THIS SO ACCURATE. Hahaha I relate so hard with the one where people are trying to read what you are writing over your shoulder. SO RUDE. SO AWKWARD. And like. WHAT IF IT’S A FIRST DRAFT OF A ROMANTIC SCENE. SO AWKWARD AGAIN.
    Another thing that really bugs me is when people try to tell me what I should write about. Like.. GURL. I know what I want to write about and it’s not YOU.
    Hahaha great post love!


  11. I had my story open during a class because I’d already met the seminar speaker and he was basically saying the same things as before, so I thought I’d get some work done. Cue person next to me leaning over my computer and commenting on the story BY TYPING IN MY DOCUMENT ON MY COMPUTER.

    Liked by 1 person

  12. LMAOOOOO YES TO ALL OF THESE. Don’t ever tell me what to write because this is MY story and I (!!!) get to decide what I want to write about!!! AND I GET SO ANXIOUS/NERVOUS/PANICKED/SCARED WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME IF THEY CAN READ MY WRITING. LIKE NO. This is my baby and it’s trash and I don’t want to share. Ever. But I also wanna become an actual published author so idk how that is going to work out hehehe XD oh and I also don’t share my writing/ideas because I’m scared people might steal them?? And write better stories than me???? And then get published with MY idea????? I know I’m paranoid lol XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. EXACTLY. who gave you the right to tell me what to write about hmmm. and YESSS OMG. i mean some people i’m comfortable with sharing writing with bc they’re just that GREAT (like you, even tho i haven’t shared anything with you lol) but the rest??? AJS;LDFKJA;LSDF. and ahahah i don’t have that fear??? but i probably should. i’m too trusting :’)

      Liked by 1 person

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