May’s Moments of the Month: October // Harry Potter World (!!!) + NaNoWriMo Prep that Didn’t Prepare Me at All???

It is now November.

I’M SO EXCITED. November is probably my favorite month out of the whole year??? Because 1) my birthdaaaaay, 2) it FINALLY gets colder, 3) the name is just really aesthetic, and 4) NaNoWriMo. Altho this year I’m not that excited about NaNo because I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I’M WRITING ABOUT.

Hahahahhaa fun.

But??? I can’t believe it’s November??? I swear it was just yesterday that I was getting out of school but that was actually half a year ago. And can you believe it’ll be 2018 in TWO MONTHS? I just got used to writing 2017 god darn it.

But I’m getting ahead of myself! This post is all about October and I actually did a LOT last month, despite feeling like I did it all years ago.

mmm reading

I read 9 books this month!! My goal was 8 and I’m happy that I hit my average amount of books read per month. I mean, I literally crammed in 4 books last week, and 4 books in 7 days??? Unheard of.

(Okay fine I had 8-hour bus trips so I had a lot of time to read.)

The first half of the month, I just read a lot of crappy books. Or I was too mean towards them (FINALLY). But near the end, I read some really great books!! I’m still really shook that I had FOUR 2-stars this month (out of 9 books!) and ZERO 5-stars????? Wow.

arrow 1

Daughter of the Burning City   Because You Love to Hate Me: 13 Tales of Villainy   Saints and Misfits

The Epic Crush of Genie Lo   The Language of Thorns: Midnight Tales and Dangerous Magic   Here Lies Daniel Tate

A List of Cages   Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)   Girl on the Verge

  • Daughter of the Burning City Amanda Foody // yikes. what a disappointment. didn’t care about the characters and the setting was so CONFUSING. ★★☆☆☆
  • Because You Love to Hate Me Ameriie // this literally was all trash except for a few stories. what happened here. also victoria schwab disappointed me??? ★★☆☆☆ [2.5]
  • Saints and Misfits SK Ali // so cute but also handled heavy topics! super important and such great rep. loved the characters! ★★★★☆
  • The Epic Crush of Genie Lo FC Yee // WOW WHAT HAPPENED HERE. yay for asian characters but it was so young and childish and cringy and a;sdjfalsdjfa. ★★☆☆☆
  • The Language of Thorns Leigh Bardugo // what else did I expect from my QUEEN. gorgeously written stories that i loved so much, and beautiful?? artwork?? ★★★★★ [4.5]
  • Here Lies Daniel Tate Cristin Terrill // i am SO SHOOK over that ending????? not fair at all omg. loved the mystery feel and kept me so intrigued! ★★★★☆
  • A List of Cages Robin Poe // this is so sad and beautiful and i loved it so much?? my precious little BABIES ugh. the writing style is also really nice! ★★★★☆
  • Shatter Me Tahereh Mafi // i was very much disappointed. jackie hates me now but that’s okay because this book was… how you say… gárbage. ★★☆☆☆
  • Girl on the Verge Pintip Dunn // THIS IS THE ONLY BOOK I’VE READ WITH A THAI MC… and it disappointed. thrillers just disturb me okay. ★★☆☆☆ [2.5]

arrow 2

library haul?

haul oct

It’s a very small library haul, but last time I got 6 books and only read… 4. Rip.

I’ve been waiting forever for Holding Up the Universe??? I swear iF IT DISAPPOINTS,,

And then I’m super not excited about Unravel Me. Apparently the series gets better but if not, I’ll just read to roast. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ And I’m really unsure about the Grisha trilogy; I LOVED Six of Crows and I’m 90% sure this series will disappoint me!!

arrow 1

favorite book of the month?

I am SO SO surprised that I didn’t have any 5-stars this month??? And then I got so many 2-stars??? Am I GETTING MEANER????

Anyways, The Language of Thorns is most definitely my favorite!! The inside is just as gorgeous as the outside, and Leigh’s beautiful writing paired with the equally beautiful artwork is just absolutely amazing a;ldsjfa;sldjfadsa.

arrow 2

disappointment of the month?

My god, I had so many disappointments. I’d have to say that DOTBC, Genie Lo, and Shatter Me were my biggest disappointments. DOTBC and Genie Lo because I”d heard good things but… no??? And then Shatter Me because JACKIE FANGIRLS SO MUCH ABOUT THIS SO HOW COULD IT BE TRASH.

arrow 1

most fun review to write?

I really enjoyed trashing Because You Love to Hate Me but I still have MANY ranty hate reviews to come… Look at all those 2-stars just waiting to be roasted by me!! I’m so EXCITED!!

But yes I’ll write the roast reviews first rather than the oNES STILL WAITING FOR ME FROM AUGUST.

mmm blogging

  • I hit 958 followers which is SO CLOSE TO 1K OMGOMGOMGOMOMG. I’m posting less, so I didn’t expect to get my usual addition of 100 each month. And I’m TOTALLY fine with that. My health matters more than stats.
  • 8 posts
  • 55 WordPress followers + 6 email followers
  • I did NOT make any design changes as I planned to… but I did do something related to blogging that I won’t be talking about, to anyone. :)) But it’s something I’m excited (and also nervous) about!

top posts of the month?

blogging pet peeves   intro nano   bookworm lies

(It makes me so happy that a post about my WIP was one of the top ones?? Thank you???)

favorite post of the month?


I absolutely LOVED writing this post. It got much more of a response than I thought it’d get?? Which made me really happy! But I feel like I got to talk about a lot of things that I wanted to and it helped me connect with other people who had experienced the same things.

posts i loved?

around the internet?

  • Um… I’m 4 books ahead of schedule on my Goodreads challenge so yay???
  • Also I feel the need to mention that I have now hit 100 pending friend requests on Goodreads… please help.
  • This is literally the most useless section ever, why don’t I do any other interesting things on the internet.

mmm writing

  • And I’m way too shy to email them AGAIN about sending the check so I guess I’ll just… uh… wait till next year… it’s only 2 months from now chill
  • I ATTEMPTED to outline and failed spectacularly. I wanted my outline to be 15K words long and GUESS WHAT! I reached 1K!!! I love myself so much.
  • But seriously??? NaNoWriMo starts TODAY and I am 100% not ready. I expanded a lot on my conflict but I don’t actually know what happens. Aka I have the end all planned out but not the beginning & middle which is A LITTLE necessary to start writing???
  • gif
  • On other matters, I’ve written more poetry, which is awesome! I didn’t write as much as in September but I’m just happy to be writing poems again. My style & voice is finally becoming one I’m proud of oh look at me being a sap.

  • Here’s a little sneaky peeky snippet and now I’ll go hide behind the bags under my eyes from staying up to write these things.

mmm life

  • First and foremost, I went to Harry Potter World!!! At Universal Studios Hollywood so I didn’t get to escape Gringotts unfortunately. But I DID get to explore Hogwarts classrooms!!
  • The Forbidden Journey ride stopped when I was on it, so I got to go again. And then it stopped again. It was dark magic indeed.
  • But literally, as soon as I stepped into Harry Potter World, I COULDN’T STOP SMILING. It’s something to see books being made into movies, and it’s a whole other thing to see and experience a fictional world come to life. It was magic on a new level.
  • By the way, Butterbeer was too sweet and Chocolate Frogs are your average chocolate. BUT THEY’RE STILL HP FOOD SO GET THEM ANYWAYS.
  • Besides HP World (tho that’s really all that matters), I got to visit the beach and the San Diego Zoo!! A bird pooped on my jacket, I almost got soaked from a wave, and I scraped my foot. But it’s all part of the adventure!!!
  • Here’s a gif of me running away from the wave:
can iphones make gifs??? i dON’T THINK SO AKA SAMSUNG IS BETTER
  • I sent this to my friend (Ju) and she sAID SHE COULDN’T STOP WATCHING IT OMG HOW RUDE I mean relatable BUT RUDE.
  • I also took a school trip to Heifer Ranch in the middle of nowhere, Arkansas!! It was a “service learning trip” so we got to sleep in a global village, make our own food, survive a night of sPiDeRs (I SAW TWO AND I’M TRAUMATIZED), and do chores outside in the freezing rain!! Yay!!!
  • But really, it was super fun. We all got to work together and I had never been so happy to SEE COOKED RICE IN A POT OMG.
  • There was also a cold front where it was 30. DEGREES. at night and I just !!!!! I LOVE COLD WEATHER SO MUCH AJDL;FASLKDFJA.
  • But then the next day it returned to like 70s in the day rip.
  • Oh, and there was also Halloween yesterday!! Being my stupid self, I decided to pass out candy and IT WAS SO SCARY AND STRESSFUL AND AS;DLKFJASL;DF. Literally all I said was “Hiiiiii Happy Halloween!!!” in a really high voice.
  • And then some innocent but rude kiddos didn’t like the candy I gave them so they reached in the bowl and got another one. Of course, I don’t know how to react so I just say, “Oh. Okay!!!!”
  • Kill me now omggggg.

mmm goals last

I…. failed a lot this month. As in I only accomplished 1/3 of my goals. HAHAHHAHAA help.


  • read at least 8 books  (i read 9!!)
  • WRITE ALL MY REVIEWS  (HOW did i think i would do this)
  • request more ARCs  (i drafted an email??)


  • finish outline  (i hATE MYSELF SO MUCH OMG)
  • write more poetry!  (i did!! i liked my september poems better but oh well)
  • PREP FOR NANOWRIMO  (unless you count “omgomgomg i have no plot someone help me” as prep… no, i did not)


  • reach 975 followers???  (only hit 960, but i’m totally okay with that!)
  • work on new design stuff?  (WELL CRAP)
  • prioritize school over blogging  (idk man i just want a check mark in this section)


  • drink more water  (hmm. i. didn’t. know. this. was. a. goal.)
  • fix posture more  (yikes)
  • get 9 hours of sleep at least twice a week  (WELL I GOT 9 HRS A FEW TIMES WHICH IS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME)

mmm goals this


  • read at least 7 books (i’m prioritizing nano over reading this month)
  • write & upload at least 6 reviews (i have uhhhhhhhh 14 RTCs)
  • request ARCs (dude i wANT ARCS. altho i could wait till i hit 1k followers…)


  • write 25K words!!! (THIS IS MY GOAL FOR NANO WILL I MAKE IT)
  • write more poetry (hopefully i’ll be able to get one daily but with nano…)
  • STOP. PROCRASTINATING. (aka homework, writing, THEN blogging)


  • reach 1000 followers?!?! (OMGOMGOMGOGMOGMOGMGOOGMOGMOGMG)
  • find someone to design my blog (because i’m lazy and want someone else to do it)
  • stay on top of posts & comments (idk what happened but i’m PROCRASTINATING THIS NOW TOO)


  • drink all the water in 1 bottle (this is about 3 cups… yes i know i need 8… no i’m not getting 8…)
  • fix posture at least 1 time a day (versus zero times a day)
  • get 9 hours of sleep at least once a week (ONCE A WEEK IS BETTER THAN NOTHING ALL RIGHT)

bulletMY BIRTHDAY IS COMING UP!!! I loooove November and I’m so glad it’s my birth month, and I’m just ready for cold weather and socks and BOOKS I LOVE BOOKS. (All I’m asking for my birthday now.) It’s November 17th for whoever wants to wish me a happy bday!

bulletNaNoWriMo is here to kill me. And also motivate me to actually WRITE. Same thing. But seriously, I am not ready??? I literally know nothing except for the end and the plot twists and the conflict, which isn’t enough to actually know HOW to start the novel,, rip.

bulletJust overall excitement. With a week off for Thanksgiving then starting to get gifts and then decorating the house for the holidays… ASDFA;SLFKJASDF I’M JUST SO EXCITED!! This time of year is probably my favorite because of warm and cozy and snuggly it is and also because of ALL THE PRETTY CHRISTMAS LIGHTS AGHAGHGA.

shall we chat

how was october for you?? ARE YOU EXCITED FOR NOVEMBER? who’s participating in nanowrimo? what things did you accomplish, or did you get nothing done like me? is the weather finally getting cooler for you? tell me all, friends!!

sign off 2.0

94 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: October // Harry Potter World (!!!) + NaNoWriMo Prep that Didn’t Prepare Me at All???

  1. Ayyy my birthday is somewhere in November too! (No, not today. But soon. Like, real soon) Anyway, YOU WENT TO HP WORLD?!?!!?!?!??!??!?!?!? AHHHHH! Anyway, love your running away gif! How old will you be turning on the 17th?

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  2. Lol why is Shatter Me getting a buzz? I see lots of people reading it recently 😂 I read it back in 2013 or 14 when it was hyped and while there were lines 2013 me found “poetic” it totally disappointed me. I think I tried reading Unravel Me but that was a blur so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    PLEASE PLEASE READ THE GRISHA TRILOGY!!! You may possibly not like the main ship BUT the story is really good and Bardugo doesn’t disappoint 👌 It’s the reason why I picked up Six of Crows last October
    I love how you’re prioritizing Nano so you’re reading one less book 😁 Good luck on Nanowrimo!

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    1. IDK MAN. It honestly was NOT very good — I mean I heard the series gets better as it goes on but I’m very doubtful???

      I’M READING IT I’M READING IT. I’ve heard such mixed reviews on it so I honestly don’t know how I’ll like it???

      Hahahah I might have to even lower my goal to 6 books. (But I do have a week off from school so that’ll help??)

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      1. Yeah. God, I still remember going through that first few chapters where she’s just… babbling? Lol I even forgot what she did exactly but I don’t forget how such a drag that was 😂

        Like I said be apprehensive with the main ship, you might not like it or you might. BUT THE GRISHAVERSE, THE AMPLIFIERS, EVERYTHING. It’s reaaaally good 👌👌👌

        Of course. That’s no doubt the perfect way to spend a week off.

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    And you should definitely give the Grisha trilogy a try????? I loved it but I read it before SoC (which is the smarter idea tbh AND I RECOMMEND EVERYONE TO READ IT THAT WAY). And tbh when I read the synopsis of the first book I wasn’t too interested because I never heard anyone talk about the main character or any of the characters for that matter—but it really surprised me! I think I gave each book in the series 4 stars!

    And umm, NaNoWriMo…….. wow, I don’t want to talk about it. How is today the first day of November can we NOT. I think I’ll use the first week to flesh out my main characters so I have a general idea about them and then start writing my story! It’s probably gonna be trash but this is my first time actually committing to writing an actual NOVEL so it’s ok! Good luck to you tho I’m pretty sure you can reach that 25k!!!! I believe in you!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

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      Aghaghahg, it’s so hard to predict how I’ll like this series!! So many people love it, and so many hate it???? I’m just really confused but I hope I love it because I’ve been disappointed by SO many books lately a;jlsdkfjasd.


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      1. Okay bye I literally won’t even acknowledge your trashtalking of Shatter Me anymore ✌🏼

        Ohhh have you started Shadow and Bone already? Sorry I’m not rlly caught up on GR and stuff :’)


        Liked by 1 person

              1. YESSSSS NIKOLAI. MY BABY. And idk about the Darkling anymore like I liked him in the first book and then he turned evil and I was like….. no. And then I sort of pretended to LOVE him bc everyone did???? LMAO I’m actually like indifferent about him now XD (but I’m still bitter about how the last book turned out??)

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  4. I didn’t really like the Grisha Trilogy… bUT I’VE HEARD A LOT OF PEOPLE SAY IT WAS GOOD SO GIVE IT A TRY! Idk I just found it kind of ,, cliche
    also i’ve been meaning to read shatter me but i also don’t want to because half my friends love it and the other half hate it so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
    good luck with nano!!!! i changed my mind about not doing it and now i will 🙂 i have so much schoolwork to do 🙂 and studying 🙂 and extra curricular stuff 🙂 kill me :,)

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    1. I KNOW. People hate it, people love it… I’m so confused.

      DON’T READ SHATTER ME IT’S TRASH. I mean the rest of the series MIGHT be better, but you’ll have to suffer through the first book first and blech.



  5. Ah, I’m so glad you loved Here Lies Daniel Tate; I’m hoping to read that one soon enough! It sucks that you didn’t like Because You Love To Hate Me (haven’t read yet) and Daughter of the Burning City (NO I LOVED IT). I honestly think Shatter Me gets worse every book and the last one was a HOT MESS. The only good thing was Juliette and Warner, tbh. 😝

    Also, nooo, I hate November. 😂 I’m going to YALLfest next week, and that’s really the only highlight, otherwise, it’s just another cold month. 😩 BUT HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY AH. And the Wizarding World is so much fun! I hope I get to again and actually go on rides (I’m a scaredy-cat).

    And thanks so much for linking back to my post; that means so much to me! ❤️

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    1. Oh yes, Daniel Tate was SUPER good. It was that emotionally manipulative ending, god. And omg Juliette and Warner are my least favorite parts of the book so far??? 😂

      WHAT. HOW CAN YOU HATE NOVEMBER. 😒 Dude it’s so hot in Texas that cooler weather is HEAVEN to us. Thank you so much! And yes I literally only rode on 3 rides in the whole Universal Studios park. 😂

      Of course! ❤

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  6. Handing out candy during halloween is the worst somehow? Because last night one kid came up to me and told me he wanted to pick out what he wanted, and then I’m just sitting there like ‘what do i do??’ And then my parents are like *THEY CAN ONLY HAVE ONE JUST ONE AND THEY CANT CHOOSE*

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  7. Harry Potter World sound AMAZING!! 😄
    That was really good poetry.
    And rude little children these days! I mean honestly, I don’t even do that. (I just wait till I get home, and stick the candy I don’t like in the bowl, and we give it out to some unsuspecting kids. And those expired chips. 😂)

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  8. MAY i love your monthly wrap-ups!! they are so fun to read ❤ omggg how the heck are you managing to read so much with school and everything?? YOU ARE AMAZING AND IMPRESSIVE. thanks for shouting out to my post 🙂 happy early bday!!! i can already tell that the weather here in NH is about to get REAL COLD REAL FAST (rip me). i'm so excited for november! my fam just got a new puppy and i'm so excited to go home in a few weeks to see her ❤

    yaaa about the Grisha trilogy: it's WAY way not as good as Six of Crows. but it's still ok-ish.

    *pokes subtly* i'll design some stuff for your blog if you want me to…it's just so much fun to make blog graphics!!! and also, i'm so excited to hear about your blogging news!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE MY WRAP-UPS TOO. 😂 (and yoursssss.) tbh i have no idea how i’m managing it??? i’m sacrificing my sleep tho, i knonw that. 😂 THANK YOU! and dude i wish it would get cold in texas but the best we get is… “cool”. and omg a new puppy a;djfal;sdj

      agh i’ve met people who love it and people who hate it so i honestly do not know???

      OH MY GOD ARE YOU FOR REAL YOU DESIGN QUEEN OH MY GOD 😍😍😍 i’d totally love to have you design a few things if you have the time! ❤



    I hope that you love Holding up the universe!!! I read it last year (I found a signed copy in Waterstones!) and I liked it!! It was really sweet.

    You are going to CRUSHHHHHH NaNoWriMo!!YOU GOTHISSSSS!! And omgrjgbrbg you’re so close to 1KKKKK!!! AHH YOUR BIRTHDAY!!! Happy birthday in advance, lovely xx I HOPE THAT YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL DAYYYY!!!

    Also inomrr yes this is my favourite time of year because everything is so cozy and gjhergjrh gerhg jumpers. warm drinks. socks. blankets ghrbreg THE COLD I LOVE IT!!

    Liked by 2 people


      I hope I like HOTU too!! I think you either love it or think it’s problematic… I’m anxious to see which group I belong to. 😬

      THANK YOU ALTHO I THINK NANO WILL ACTUALLY CRUSH ME. And yesss 1k and my bday and just al;djf;alsdjfalsd !!!

      YES. YES. YES. The reason I love winter is because it’s actually COLD (I live in hot hot Texas) and then you get to wrap yourself in blankets and wear socks and ;aljdfalsk.

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  10. I went to Harry Potter World in Hollywood for my birthday last year!!! I’m obsessed with Butterbeer!! I also freaking hate those kids that don’t accept the candy you give them and ask for a different piece. Like. Um. No. But also I’m too socially awkward to say anything and just let them take whatever they want :/

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  11. whose favorite month is november???? nobody’s. although plz inform me of the exact date of your birth posthaste so i can annoy you at least 8 times on various social media services

    i’m really mad you didn’t like daughter of the burning city bc i was actually exCITED about that one and you know that happens rarely. but maybe you’re wrong so whatever

    god you’re super successful and i’m mad about it but also i understand but also i’m jealous but also you’re cooler than me and i like you so i will Forgive

    this is a long comment bye

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    1. IT’S MY FAVORITE MONTH YOU LOSER. and even if i reminded you of my birthday would you even remember??? i mean. i don’t remember yours. (sometime in october.)

      emma??? excited about a book???? WHAT

      did you see that i accomplished nothing this month except for going on cool trips

      Liked by 1 person

    Did you find out what beach you went to? 😛
    I actually WENT trick-or-treating, so HA. Do you by any chance like Reese’s? I personally think peanut butter is not supposed to be with chocolate…. so I HAVE FORTY PIECES OF REESE’S ALONE.
    Nice job meeting your goals 😉
    And happy early birthday! I’ll have to remember.

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      1. Oh my god, May, You have an AWFUL memory. La Jolla? Del Mar? Silver Strand? The Cove? Those are all beaches I love, BTW.

        I wish I could send them to you because they will most likely be handed out again next Halloween. 😉

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    1. Same??? I had so many 2-stars this month and no 5-stars. I’m surprised. But I love that I’m getting meaner (I was way too nice). 😛


      Dude. I have no idea. I just try to be funny.


  13. OMG I went to Harry Potter World a few weeks ago too! 🙂 That’s so cool. I absolutely loved it, and hope you did too. It was so cool to see everything from the books really come to life right in front of you. 🙂 Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous post! ❤

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  14. I love these update posts! Good luck with NaNo (I feel like everybody I know is doing Nano but I don’t want to because I’m just not up to writing a novel but then I feel bad ugh). Anyway, it’s so cool you got to go to Harry Potter world 🙂 🙂 . In October I was in 8 countries (if you count Scotland and England separately and also found Austria for a few hours as a country) and had an amazing time but I’m also super happy to finally be at home and recovering from travelling ALONE which is SCARY. (I still highly recommend Europe as a travel destination though). I read like 7 book because I was also busy with travelling and becoming a cultured and educated person (hahaha I wish)

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  15. I’m so sad you didn’t like Daughter because I was super excited to read that but now my excitement is down a little bit (although that’s probably good since I’ll enjoy it with lower expectations)!! Language of Thorns looks amazing and literally everyone loves it so I need to own it now. Plus the cover is gorgeous so it would look amazing on my shelf.
    SO JEALOUS YOU WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD!!! I went to the Orlando one right when it opened but I haven’t been back since and I miss it!

    Good luck in NaNo I’m sure you’ll kill it!!!

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    1. Well my BR partner seemed to like DOTBC enough, and I’ve had plenty of other people just LOVE it??? So hopefully you’ll enjoy it too! And YES. Language of Thorns is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out.

      AGHAHGAHG I think the Orlando one has a ride that the Hollywood one doesn’t, but I still think that both are just amazing!

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  16. I’ve heard great things on The Epic Crush, sorry to hear you didn’t enjoy it as much as everyone else seems to have :/ YAY for A List of Cages, though – I loved this book so much, even if it gave me ALL THE EMOTIONS.
    CONGRATULATIONS on all the followers, you are crazy amazing, May. You’ve accomplished so much in so little time, just, wowowowoowowooooooooooow. You go, girl ❤
    Thank you so, so much for sharing my posts, I'm so glad you enjoy them enough to feature them on your fabulous blog, this means soo much to me ❤ ❤
    I will try to remember your birthday, because I might have the memory of a goldfish, BUT I HOPE YOU WILL HAVE A FABULOUS BIRTHDAY, May. ❤
    Best of luck for NaNoWriMo – I can't wait for you to talk more about it, maybe share snippets and such? I'm a bit curious ahah, I'm sure it's fabulous, though ❤ ❤
    Personally, I hate november, and december, and the christmas season overall isn't that much fun for me, so… I'll be waiting for spring to come back around next year, hahaha 🙂
    Hope you'll have an amazing November! xxx

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    1. I’M SO SAD I DIDN’T LIKE GENIE LO EITHER but what can I do. :’) Yesssss, A List of Cages was just so AMAZING omgg.

      AS;LDFJAL;SDF THANK YOU SO MUCH MARIE I LOVE YOU. ❤ ❤ And of course I'd share your posts! I absolutely LOVE them.

      Oh yes, I'll definitely be posting about NaNo and my WIP! Maybe a few snippets ahaha. 😉 And WHAT. NO. November and December have to be my favorite months of the whole year!!!

      Liked by 1 person

        Hahaha, well… I'm not a fan of the cold, nights beginning at 5 p.m and it's VERY touristic where I live around christmas time, so…. definitely not a time for me haha.

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  17. It seems like you had a great month last month May, though it’s a shame you didn’t enjoy some of the books you picked up a little more. I really enjoyed Daughter of The Burning City, Because You Love to Hate Me, and Shatter Me, but I’m glad you loved The Language of Thorns at least. Also now I’m kind of looking forwards to seeing your rant filled review for Shatter Me! 😀
    I failed at NaNo prep too, mainly because five minutes in I already added in two new main characters and changed the story arc for another. I try to prep and end up going in a completely different direction. 🙂
    Thanks so so much for featuring my post, I’m really glad you enjoyed it and that you agreed with the points I made as well. 🙂 ❤️ Also oh I really want to go to Harry Potter World one day, but until I make it to your side of the Earth I have to settle for the Studio Tour in London! 🙂
    Great post, good luck with NaNo, and I hope you have an amazing November too. 🙂
    Also happy birthday for the near future! 😀 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I had a pretty great month, yeah!! And ahaha yes, a lot of the books I read were disappointing, but I’m glad I still had a few good ones in there!

      Oh yes, I failed at NaNo prep COMPLETELY. But who knows, maybe half-planning, half-winging it is the right method for me? And YESSS Harry Potter World is absolutely amazing (tho the Studio Tour in London sounds amazing as well!)


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      1. I suppose as long as you get one or two good reads in you can count it as a successful month right? At least that’s how I feel, we all have those months when there are more bad books finished than good ones. 🙂
        To be honest winging it has always worked better for me, I plan and then go completely off plan within the first minute of NaNo. The Studio Tour is amazing, but one day I will make it to Harry Potter World as well. 😀
        That’s all right! 🙂 ❤


  18. I love your little tidbit about Halloween because = me while passing candy out as well 😅 This kid came up to me holding a vlogging camera (yes, a VLOGGING CAM) and just grabbed a whole handful of camera whilst screaming into his camera his narration of what he was doing. I was… only slightly traumatized? 🤣😂 You sound like you’ve had an amazing month, and I that short poem you shared?? Gorgeous!! 😍🌌 Alas, though, sleep is definitely something I have to work on as well — kinda difficult as a high school student but I’m sure it’s possible, especially with Thanksgiving coming up YAY! 🎉 I love your writing style, and I enjoyed reading your post! 😋

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG THAT WOULD TRAUMATIZE ME. And then I’d be especially scared of that kid posting it somewhere omggggg. As;lfkjasfd thank you! ❤ And ahaha, yes, I'm having lots of trouble getting enough sleep, but hopefully I'll catch up during Thanksgiving!


  19. OMG @ NaNo prep hahaha I wanted to finish my outline and didn’t get anywhere NEAR finished. BUT I do have the first few chapters outlined so I have been able to start and I like where my story is going!!
    You’ll do great!!
    I want to read Language of Thorns but I’m waiting for my copy to arrive as I ordered it kind of late hahaha OOPS
    I love that little poem you shared ❤
    Also I've been slacking on posting and commenting too and I'm definitely noticing it in the interaction of my posts haha but I have too much going on right now I can't keep up!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg SAAAAME. And ahaha I have like… one chapter outlined. (I do write long chapters tho.) I really hope I don’t flop because of the lack of planning???

      YESSSS THE LANGUAGE OF THORNS IS SO GOOD. And omggg thank you ❤ ❤

      God yes, I've just been so busy with school + homework + writing + reading (AND REVIEWING THAT I NEED TO DO) that I just simply don't have time for blogging things which suuuuucks.

      Liked by 1 person

  20. HAHAHAHAHHAHAA I HAD THE MOST UNPRODUCTIVE OCTOBER EVER. Basically I just bulldozered about everyone I know with my NaNo novel and kept screaming that I’m doing 35k this year? I did a lot of planning but it all came out wrong whoops.
    And I’ve wanted to go to HP world since forever but NO. Ugh.
    PLUS I haven’t been to your blog in ages and I’m sorry and I know I’m the worst but I’m here now… and I’m on hiatus so I’m being sneaky. Haha.

    Liked by 1 person

  21. ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJKL dude I still can’t stop watching that gif of you running away from the wave it’s so fUNNY

    i am so not prepared for nano!!! i literally just finished plotting yesterday!!!! i need to do outlining and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i got nothing done and dude i’m kind of trying to write my recap rn and IDK WHAT TO SAY BC I DID NOTHING

    the weather is cooler and everytime it turns to winter i regret saying my favorite season is winter. IT’S FALL I CHANGE MY MIND

    Liked by 1 person

  22. AGH OMG IT’S MY SISTERS BIRTHDAY ON The 16th! WOOOW. And yours is the 17th! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT DAY MAY. “it finally gets colder” You lOOKING FORWARD TO THIS??

    AND YOU READ MORE BOOKS THAN ME #rude. even though it was only one more book than me.
    Im still crying that you didnt like DOTBC buuut you read Saints and Misfits. OMG TELL ME MORE. Will I enjoy it? ANd what the heck? WHY ARE YOU SO MEAN? I am actually loving it though. ANd no real 5 stars WOOWOWOWOWOWOWOW. Neewwws. I didn’t even got the library in October her. rip me. i found Holding Up the universe so mushy and unrealistic? ugh.

    AND OMG SO CLOSE TO 1k. Can I like promote you on twitter PLEEEAAASEEEEEEEEEEEEE.And omg MADELINE IS DESIGNING YOUR BLOG, EEEK. it’s going to look so pretty. And LOOK THE WRITING POST WAS ONE OF YOUR TOP POSTS, me and Ju did well with the promo right?

    AND YOU STILL HAVEN’T GOT THE $150 ?? I AM SO SAD. NO PLEASE EMAIL THEM AGAIN I NEED YOU TO BUY SO MANY BOOKS. omgg the poetry. #dead. I love how it’s all a long continued sentence and like where you split the line makes it so effective?

    HARRY POTTER WOLRD!! YEsSs, why are there no pictures though!! AND AGHHH BUT CHOCOLATE FROGS 😦 And congrats on giving out candy. SCARY EXPERIENCE I KNOW. Good luck ON YOUR #goals. also may i would tell you about my month BUT ITIS MY OWN RECAP and do you expect me to re write. wow. unrealistic expectations

    AND AND ANDDDDD ummm? Oh yes! I do like the snuggly festive vibe of this time of year. AGHH I AM SO EXCITED TOO!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg my friend’s is on the 15th hahaha!!! AND YOU HAVEN’T MET TEXAS IT’S SO HOT ALL THE TIME

      HAHAHHAHA i beat the reading machine ilsa i feel so proud. and yeah i think you’ll really like saints & misfits!! (btw do you wear a hijab??) I’M SO MEAN I LOVE IT

      adlslfjsldlsfklsl i’m like,, 30 away from 1k agahahga and HAHAH yes your promo worked very well


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