Blogging Stats: A Ranty Discussion on the General View on Stats and How It’s Kind of… Wrong?? In My Opinion!

Stats are quite controversial.

Some people think that you should never look at stats, while others believe you should look at them like a few times a week, and then others believe you should cHECK EVERY SECOND AND MAKE SURE YOU’VE GAINED ONE GAIN IN THE PAST NANOSECOND.

Obviously, I’m the last type. Except I check stats every millisecond.* Or nanosecond. Whichever’s smaller.**

Last week… or some time recent… (I’M SORRY I CAN’T KEEP TRACK OF TIME) I wrote a post about why I love blogging and in it, I talked about how I love good stats! That incited some discussion in the comments, and I’m so intrigued by it*** that I decided to write a whole post on it!

Well, a whole post on the general view on blogging stats and then MY view. Because everyone knows I like to insert myself in everything because I’m just that self-centered amazing.


*JUST KIDDING. I’m not that obsessive. I think.
**I don’t do math okay.
***Or I’m running out of post ideas,,, but yOU DIDN’T HEAR THAT FROM ME.



The accepted view of stats in the blogging world is this:

You shouldn’t really look at or care about stats.

Now, I can definitely see how this makes sense! It’s basically saying, “Hey look, numbers don’t matter! You’re successful no matter what! You and your blog are amazing even if you have low stats! Don’t care about stats! You’re beautiful! EAT MANGOES!!!”

Image result for you're beautiful gif
me @ mangoes… i mean you guys

Okay so maybe not the mangoes part… (I’m sorry, I’m hungry okay*).

But the blogging world believes that you and your blog’s worth are not determined by the amount of followers, likes, views, comments, etc. you have. And I agree with this!! Numbers never define you, in terms of stats, grades, height, weight, etc.

(Actually, my sweetest friend Marie talks about stats & popularity, and it’s a post I definitely recommend checking out!)

Or… the blogging world believes that you should NEVER EVER blog for stats/numbers, which I KIND OF disagree with. Like yes success comes in different ways, but stats are a part of your growth as a blogger?? Why wouldn’t I blog for success????

*This is my excuse for everything because I’m hungry all the time.



Now MY PERSONAL VIEW on stats is this:

Numbers (quantity) aren’t as important as interactions and enjoyment (quality), but it doesn’t mean that they’re BAD or UNIMPORTANT. (Just don’t obsess over them.)

You can’t measure blogging success. (Another subtle hint to read one of Marie’s posts I’m sorry I love her so much.)

There are SOOO many ways to measure success as a blogger—but JUST ONE isn’t right. For me, interactions, enjoyment, and a growing blog is a sign that I’m being successful. And some of these things I can determine are through stats.

Stats don’t always mean that you’re growing or improving, but sometimes, it does. It’s the “easiest” way to measure your success (because how do you measure the quality of the interactions/friendships you have… do you count how many times you talk to people???).

Image result for i talked to you gif
y’all @ me

Because of this, I think that stats are actually pretty important?? They can help you feel more confident about yourself, and show how much you’ve improved over time! Of course, they can also make you feel negative when they’re not so good, but that’s where the interactions and enjoyment of blogging comes in.

arrow 1

Plus, it’s pretty helpful in determining whether or not a post was well-liked or not. A lot of what I post are things that I hope my readers will enjoy / relate to / be able to talk a lot about, so if I see that there isn’t much response to a post, I probably will try something else.

(I’m all about talking to people… despite… hating social interactions…)

BUT. All that being said, I DO think that it’s important to not get SO. OBSESSED. with stats that you forget about making friends and interacting with people and just enjoying blogging!!

Stats are fun to analyze, sure, but I think that no one should overanalyze them. It doesn’t do anyone any good to look at stats and go, “Oh my god I got fifty views today but only seven visitors ARE ALL MY STATS THE SAME VISITORS VISITING ALL MY PAGES AND POSTS????”

Image result for freaking out gif

Honestly who even wonders this. I don’t even pay attention to visitors tbh.

Numbers will never define you, but they still are important to some people. And that’s okay!



I’m honestly super excited to hear about what y’all think about this topic??? I feel like blogging stats is a very shaky subject to talk about, so OBVIOUSLY I want to shook you* and make you question what YOUR opinion is!!

Also I kinda sorta maybe really want to see your thoughts on “measuring friendship” because how the frick are you supposed to do that.

*I’m trying to be cool and hip here but it’s not working. (It never works.)

shall we chat

what is YOUR view on blogging stats? do you think they’re important? do you look at your own stats? how do you measure your blog’s success? through stats, friendships, popularity, etc.? TELL ME ALL YOUR THOUGHTS!!!

p.s. this post is a day late & not really well-written & pretty short because 1) i’m falling behind on nano and it’s stressing me out, and 2) it was my BIRTHDAY ON FRIDAY!!!! and i wanted to just spend the day with my loved ones <333

sign off 2.0

113 thoughts on “Blogging Stats: A Ranty Discussion on the General View on Stats and How It’s Kind of… Wrong?? In My Opinion!

  1. A picosecond is smaller than a nanosecond; and numbers don’t count unless you don’t get any at all because then you need to know why, learn how to fix it so you can be part of it, and then enjoy – the people, not the numbers!

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  2. Great thoughts! I actually disagree… I feel like blogging IS more focused on stats. Sometimes, people focus too much on stats, like someone big might feature a blogger just because they have a lot of followers but people might not read/comment on their stuff. And people are always like, “How many followers do you have??” But I DEFINITELY agree that stats matter, but they shouldn’t be more important than interaction. 🙂

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  3. Wow super intersting post, thank you for finally speaking out loud what I think acutally a lot of us bloggers think too. I personally think, it’s a fine line between aprrecitating the information stats give you and valuing yourself by them. If your stats define you and your feelings, you need to step back and care less, but if they simply show you what you achieved and or what you yet have to achieve it can be very good to focus a little bit more on stats. That’s what I think about it. Great post!
    love, elena

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    1. Oh yes, exactly! Stats are great and cool, but interaction with others and knowing that your worth isn’t determined by them is more important. If stats influence you positively, that’s good, but if they influence you negatively, you probalby should take a step back!


  4. For me, the most important parts about blogging are interacting with people and the quality of my content. I mean, of course it’s always nice to look at my stats, and see that they’re getting better, and obviously a large increase in page views or whatever is going to make me happy, but for the most part, I judge my success more by how good I feel about my content.
    I’m not saying I don’t care about my stats, I probably care about them more than I should, but I try not to look at them too much, and I think I feel better about blogging when I don’t.

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    1. Oh, that’s a wonderful way to think about it! I definitely judge my success by the interactions I have and how good I feel about my content (like you), but I also care about stats… maybe too much. 😜 And yeah, stats definitely make me happy as well (when they’re good) but there are other more important things in blogging!

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  5. I do check stats regularly, however I use them lightly to help me grow. Like using scales in a gym I guess, there can’t be progression without checking to see if there has been any progression!

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  6. Happy birthday! 🎂
    I love having good stats, and I hate that I compare my stats from one month to another. I’ve only been blogging for like 4 months, okay!? 😑 I know I shouldn’t obsess over them, but I also feel like they’re important to me…? Because I can see how well I’m doing?
    Honestly, I don’t even know anymore. 😛 My brain is scrambled from school. I need the winter break. 😂

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  7. I completely agree with you! 🙂 I especially think that as a blogger is first starting out, it is super important not to focus as much on stats. Then, as you get into the groove of blogging, you can be more focused on what works and what doesn’t. I’m in the middle, like you: you shouldn’t be obsessed, but they are important.
    ALSO OMG I LOVE THE HARRY POTTER GIF you used. That moment where they’re all screaming about the troll is one of the best moments of the HP movies, honestly. Malfoy’s face is just the best. 😂
    Happy late birthday, May! I hope you had a great birthday.

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    1. Yes yes yes! You should never care too much about stats, but especially when you’re first srtarting out! And haha for all I say that I shouldn’t get obsessed, I think I care a little too much than I should. 😛


      Thank you so much omg!!! ❤

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    2. OKAY please ignore the fact that I’m creepily stalking your posts from November.😂But I was reading this post and then I found my comment from ten months ago and 1) why did I say ‘groove’ and 2) THE SECOND TIME I READ THIS I FELT THE SAME WAY ABOUT THE HARRY POTTER GIF. Some things never change.XD I’m sorry again for stalking okay bye 😉


  8. I agree with you, numbers shouldn’t matter as long as you have fun but sometimes they make you feel good about yourself. I also think that improving your stats takes time and if you don’t have many followers or likes right now, just give it time and keep doing what you love. ❤

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  9. oooo good post!! First of all: happy birthday!!! I hope you had a lovely day and ate all of the mangoes.

    I think I have pretty much the same outlook as you on this one—I do look at stats, because I feel like they generally give me a good sense of how my blog is growing, but I wouldn’t say they should define my site’s worth or anything. For example, it’s just a fact that a review I write of a really popular book is gonna get more attention than an underrated, indie published one…which can be frustrating, but it’s just the way things are I guess.

    (Ohhh and one thing I actually love checking about my stats is what countries people are viewing my blog from!! It’s so mind blowing to me that people all over the world are regularly reading my posts and it’s so cool and flattering??)

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    1. awww, thank you so much, Emma! <333

      yes, exactly! they give me a good feel of my blog's success, but there are definitely other ways of determining my success — and stats definitely don't define my blog's worth! and yesss — generally book reviews don't do as good as something like a discussion!

      (oh, I LOVE looking at all the other countries viewing my blog!! I mean I'm convinced some of them were just random, but it's so cool that someone from, say, India is viewing my posts)

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  10. Definitely agree with you! I think stats are important; but I don’t think you should stress over them. Obviously you want to aim to write things your followers enjoy and how are you supposed to know whether or not you are without stats to guide you!

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  11. I do view my stats because I belong to review programs that require a certain view count each month.

    As long as I have my view count, I’m okay with whatever I get 🙂

    As for interacting, I don’t get many comments on the blog but I do get messages of people asking about another series by the same author or I see my posts shared. I get more comments from my Facebook groups. So even comments can be deceptive.

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  12. Hello, I’ve decided to mysteriously drop into your comment section ;). Lovely post, May! Why are you literal perfection?? Also, you’re almost at 1000 followers wth !!! Also, I have I mentioned you’re currently my favorite person?? Completely agree with you! Stats are just one way to keep track of your progress on a blog! As long as one is not obsessed, it’s completely fine to like stats!!

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      1. Um I’m trying to spill some creative juice but it isn’t working. I want to write a post though!! Aw May, it’s okay. Those two followers are nothing in comparison to the hundreds you’re going to get ;). You’re my favorite person and I love you MORE

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  13. This is a really interesting discussion! When I fist started blogging, I was OBSESSED with stats even though my stats sucked. But now I’m mostly interested in how many comments I get, more than views or visitors. I do think stats can help you decide what to post and things! But then I also feel like I want to not let stats influence what I post because I like doing what I want. Idk, man.

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    1. Ahaha, I don’t think I was that obsessed with stats when I started out? Luckily! And yeah, I care more about comments too!! (Except sometimes I like views as well.) And omg right? Like on one hand, stats help me with what to post, but on the other hand, I don’t want stats to influence me!

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  14. I think one side of stats that rarely gets mentioned is that they can be beneficial in helping your decide where to focus your effort. Like, if you post three times a week but you realize Sunday is a slow day, then move the post. Or if you’re posting certain types of content because you think readers will like it (and not because YOU have any fun writing it), but the stats say people aren’t really reading it…that can help you decide not to be effort into that type of content.

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    1. Yes, exactly! I always use stats to help me see which posts are usually more enjoyed by the audience, and which ones aren’t as popular. (But it’s hard not to let the stats rule EVERY SINGLE THING — like I know that my writing update posts aren’t as popular, but I really love writing them ahah.)


  15. I totally agree with you! Stats are something but not everything. Some people focus on stats more than others and that’s ok! As for me, I guess I’m in between. I don’t worry about them and I don’t pay attention to them a lot but I do to some degree. Just to see how everyone’s received a post and what I should do to make things more enjoyable for everyone who follows my blog. Also it’s great to figure out when your followers are most active. I do find myself getting stressed out if a post isn’t going down well though, like if the stats are lower than others.
    But overall, stats aren’t my everything! They used to be when I was starting out, like I’m sure they were for everyone, but not anymore😄
    Great post!

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  16. I also agree with you 🙂 It feels good when people like, comment or follow you, but focusing on stats kills my authenticity and the whole purpose of blogging which is, to express myself. “Express not stress” will be my motto now XD

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    I completely agree with you on stats. I’m one of the people who check it obsessively and try to get the most views possible on every post. I feel like it encourages me to promote my posts more, and tells me what more people are likely to read/enjoy. That being said, number of comments are definitely more important to me than just straight up views, since I’d rather talk to people then just have them skimming over my post

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  18. I’d agree with you if I had any idea how stats work/what they mean. 😛 (okay, I’ll actually answer the questions …)

    what is YOUR view on blogging stats?:
    I … have no clue? I mean, I never check mine and I’ve never thought about it before … the only thing I check on a regular basis (like daily, though) is followers, basically? And comments, but only on like my most recent post. #lazy But I think I do agree with you even though I don’t like … care? Someday I will though! 😛

    do you think they’re important?:
    Yes, of course! It’s a nice way to gauge your success and if what you’re doing is well-received or if you might need to tweak or seek a new audience, etc.

    do you look at your own stats?:
    Uh … no? But that’s only because I have no idea what they mean! I mean, seriously, May … I don’t have any clue what those little lines and numbers mean, and I have yet to care? IMA TERRIBLE BLOGGER BUT SO HELP ME I CAN’T MAKE MYSELF CARE AT ALL. *screams into the abyss*

    how do you measure your blog’s success?:
    Uh … when someone comments and it’s not, “Hey, great post, follow my blog pls because I am pitiful and a kitten will die if you don’t,” I’m just like, “Hey, here was some success!” Basically, any time someone actually talks to me. *shrugs* Of course, I am on a semi-hiatus now (#NaNoWriMo) and so … I have no success at the moment. 😛

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    1. Yeah, I regularly check my followers as well! Same — I check the amount of comments on recent posts as well. Except when it’s the end of the month, I look back on my stats so that’s literally the only time I look at views & visitors & all that. 😂

      WHAT. KELLYN. How do you not know what all the stats and graphs and lines mean???? 😂

      Yessss, same! People commenting and actually talking to me DEFINITELY means success!! I’ll definitely be a little sad if I don’t get that many comments on a post, but I just like talking too much to people. 😂

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      1. I look at views and visitors and basically everything once a year (for like a yearly wrap-up post thing … has only happened twice, haha) or where I’m bored or I for some reason can’t make a blog post make sense or something like that. But comments and followers … gotta check those regularly! Or they’ll vanish. *nods*

        BECAUSE. Every time I check the little stats section, I SWEAR IT CHANGES. Like, once there was this one thing that I found that showed me a certain thing and I can never figure out how I got there. I THINK WORDPRESS REGULARLY CHANGES THE WAY THE STATS APPEAR JUST TO MESS WITH ME. Or maybe I just don’t check it that often so all the little updates combine and confused me. And then I’m just like, “WHAT IS A HIT? IS SOMEONE HITTING ON ME? (because I need a boyfriend …) WHY IS SOMEONE FROM TANZANIA HITTING ON ME??? HOW DO I KNOW THAT’S NOT A ROBOT???? CREEPY ROBOT!!!”

        My mind just won’t process all those lines and numbers anyway. 😛

        Yes, exactly! And I do sometimes notice that certain kinds of posts get less comments, so whenever I publish one of those I’m like, “This makes me so sad … it’s gonna be a little more boring …” (like writing updates for me tend to get less comments because writing advice and stuff is more exciting … I totally get that; I only read writing updates for people I actually know well … or if I want to read their book.)

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        1. The thing I don’t like about checking followers is when you know you have like a certain amount, and then it DECREASES. And then you’re like “omg they unfollowed???” And then get really sad. (That’s me currently hahahah.)

          I’ve noticed that the appearance of how the stats are presented has changed, but it’s not that confusing for me??? 😛 And omg YESS.S I’m always freaked out that some people in other countries visit my site (tho it’s also pretty flattering).

          Oh yes, same!!! My writing updates don’t do as well, which is weird because I usually LOOOOOVE reading others’ writing updates?? But it’s totally okay because I know that we all have different preferences!!

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          1. I always get an email when I get a new follower, so even though I’m checking, at the back of my mind I’m like, “There’s no way it could increase because I JUST CHECKED MY EMAIL!” and then YESSSS IT DECREASES AND DRIVE ME CRAZY! Makes me so sad. Like, “Why did you unfollow me? WHAT DID I DO WRONG WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME???”

            And then I realize that I unfollowed tons of people this year because I was trying to cut down … xD

            Sometimes it’s a country whose name I don’t recognize, tbh. I blame it on not having down geography for a couple years … *forgets everything the moment I stop learning about it* But it’s still sad. xD I need to read books set in like African countries and stuff! That’s my problem. I stick to Europe and North America, so my mind isn’t retaining any of the geography stuff because it’s not in books. *nods*

            I think I’m just easily confused. 😛

            I love reading other people’s writing updates … but only people I know or whose books I want to read … or something like that. So I guess not really? Like you said, it’s a matter of taste.

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            1. Oh, I don’t get email notifications when I get a new follower haha. But YES EXACTLY! I unfollow a lot of blogs and yet I get sad when they unfollow mine…? I mean I understand why tho!!

              But it’s the worse when you’re at like… 299 followers and SOMEONE FOLLOWS AND YOU’RE LIKE ALFJKALRLALFLS.

              Omg yes!! I’ve barely read any books set in Africa or Asia — I feel so ignorant of what it’s like all over the world. I keep imagining Africa as like a savannah and no?? It’s not all animals, May?? 😂

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              1. YES, I understand why they’re doing it, but … WHY WAS I THE UNFAVORED ONE KINDLY EXPLAIN TO ME??? I think they should at least give us a courtesy comment. “Hey, I’m unfollowing your blog because you suck.”

                Okay, maybe not … that would be a terrible idea … I’d rather just not know. 😛

                YES. That’s so frustrating. I’m like, “I WAS ALMOST THERE AAAAAAH.”

                Yes, same! I’m like, “It’s grasslands there and jungle there and then desert there and yep there are no people or anything … okay, maybe a few people, but not many … 😛

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    HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAYYYYYYYY. I hope you had a fabulous day and time with your loved ones, I wish I could send you a gift or a book or a hug or something, but to be honest I don’t know if I would be allowed to. Also, really, if I can do that I swear I will. ANYWAY for now you’ll just get this happyyyyyyy belated birthday and this you are the beeeeeeeeeeeeest ever comment ❤ ❤

    I really love your perspective on things, May. You're so right: everyone is saying that stats don't matter, that we shouldn't care about them and obsess about them. BUT THEY DO. In a way, they do, it's all a matter of learning not to obsess too much about them. I like looking at my stats, I like seeing that I am improving in a way, that people are coming to read my post because they are genuinly interested and comment, and so on. For me, though, comments and interaction matter way more than blog views and followers, because that's what I prefer. But I'm not going to lie: when I get no comment and when I get ten, in my mind, it makes a difference.
    THAT BEING SAID, obviously it's important to remember that we blog for ourselves and because we love ranting a whole lot about books and blogging and stuff 😀

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    1. AGHAGHAHGHAG IT’S OKAY MARIEEEEE. Thank you so much al;jdsfalsdjfas!! Ahaha you don’t have to send me anything, your company is already enough for me. ❤ ❤

      And yes, exactly! I genuinely like looking at my stats (maybe because I really like graphs…. 😂) — it really helps me see that I'm improving. But yes, I totally agree!! I care more about comments than views because it means more interactions! (And while followers can mean more friends, a lot of them are inactive.)

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  20. Oh great discussion May. I think there are loads of different views on stats and really it comes down to personal preference you know? I don’t think my success can be measured by the views and likes I get, but I blog for the interaction so it’s the comments and the community I use as stats you know? 🙂
    Still I do pay a lot of attention to my stats. It’s kind of a compulsion to see what the interaction on my blog is each day, I just try not to get disheartened when I see that they’re lower than usual because for me the most important thing is that I enjoy blogging. 🙂
    Again great discussion, and oh happy birthday for Friday as well. I hope you had a brilliant day filled with presents and books! 😀 ❤

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    1. Definitely! There are so many different perspectives on stats, and I’m super glad that I wrote this post because I got to see a hint of everyone’s thoughts! And yesss — stats can help me see how much I’m succeeding, but comments & interactions that matter more to me.

      Yeah, same! Of course, everyone’s bound to get a little disappointed when stats aren’t high, but it’s important to know that it doesn’t matter as much as ENJOYING blogging!!


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      1. Yeah there’ll be people who don’t really mind about their stats, people who are very conscious about their stats, and people who are blogging solely for the stats. Everyone’s going to have a different opinion on topics like these. I guess in my mind the most important thing is that we all love blogging. 🙂
        That’s all right. 🙂 ❤️

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  21. This is such a wonderful way to view stats — it really changes the more negative mentality of looking at blogging stats into a much healthier one. You’re right, seeing people take their time to leave comments and also seeing people read your posts is the best feeling in the world. It’s why (most) people write, right? To share their ideas and have others acknowledge their thoughts? 😊 I loved how you turned the general view of stats around and made it into your own unique way of seeing them. 😋 I enjoyed reading your post!

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    1. I love your view on this, Zoie! Stats are definitely a way of showing that people acknowledge our writing, like you said, so I guess that’s why it’s important to us! But then again, comments are obviously the “better” way of showing that acknowledgement, so I prefer looking at those rather than page views. 😛

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  22. I didn’t know that you could check your stats until I saw people posting about how many visitors, views, likes, etc. they have. And even then, I go in and check it only about once a month XD Yeah, I’m THAT blank.

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  23. I used to obsess over my stats like ANYTHING. And every single time I got a new follower, I would squeal in excitement and proceed to tell my friends xD I don’t think I was ever put down by the number of likes, or followers, I received? Starting out, I thought ten followers in three months was amazing and a sign of my growing popularity xD I was just really excited to start a blog and got super happy at anything that happened 😀

    Even now, I literally only check my stats once a month – and only for monthly recaps. It doesn’t really bother me ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want more, though. That’s probably true for everyone tbh.)

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    1. Oh, that’s really great to hear, Aris! I’m so glad that you never really got put down by stats, but got excited by every improvement in them. And that’s a great way to look at it — SOMETHING is happening, that’s better than nothing, right?? 😂

      Ahaha, I check my stats a few times a week, but definitely not more than that! But that’s just a very surface-level check, whereas for the monthly recaps I look at a lot. 😛

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  24. hello there! i’m new to your blog but i love it and i’m following now! 😀

    i completely agree with you on this honestly. looking at your stats isn’t a bad thing at all. it can encourage you to see how many people are looking at your blog, even if they’re not liking your stuff, and if you don’t have as many views or hits, it can motivate you to do more with your content or just work harder in general.

    i check my stats now and then, also to see what types of posts get the most clicks, views, likes, and other. that’s one way to find the posts people enjoy the most so you can write more of them, thus bringing more traffic to you blog. and no, followers or views are not that important. but they’re a good thing if you want to get your blog out there and known 🙂

    anyway, that’s how i see it. i liked reading this post a lot! i look forward to seeing future posts in my email. (sorry for the freakishly long comment)



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    1. Agh, I’m so glad you enjoy my blog, Mckenna!! ❤

      Yes, that's a great way look at stats! If they're high, they can make you happy, and if they're low, it can serve as motivation to work harder.

      Yes, that's exactly what I check stats for as well! I love to see what posts did better than others, and which ones got more of a response, so I can work on "fixing" those posts with low stats and continue publishing similar posts to the ones that are doing well!

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    And now to do with the actual post, I do believe that stats are important for sure. As you said, they can help you see whether a post was popular or not, see what your audience likes / dislikes, but I still think that people should be blogging about what they want to blog about, not jusstttttt because it will give them loads of stats. And yes!! they’re great to see your blog’s development and see hows its grown and encourage you, because if you are working really hard and hardly anyone visits your blog, you’re more likely to quit!
    Howeverrrrrrr, I dont think that stats should control how much a blogger enjoys blogging??/ I think that enjoyment and stats are sort of linked, as good stats = happy blogger, but bad-is stats shouldn’t get a blogger down even though sometimes its hard to not let the get to you!

    Great post, I love this discussion topic!

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      Yes, totally! And honestly I check stats mainly to see how the general response is from my readers — but I definitely still try to post things that I WANT to, even if it doesn't get as much traffic! I like to have a balance of blogging for myself, but also my audience.

      Oh TOTALLY. Stats should neverrrrr determine how much you enjoy blogging. If bad stats cause you to hate blogging, that's obviously not a good sign! Stats should always influence you in a good way, never bad.

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  26. Oh my gosh, I’ve only ever commented on reader before (I definitely need to try and remember to view posts from the blog in future) so I haven’t seen it before but I love the little header above the comment section haha.
    This was such an interesting discussion because I think stats definitely vary from person to person, and how people view their stats also depends on the blogger. Personally I do check stats, but it’s more just out of interest than actual need to check them. It is nice to get good stats and have people respond and engage with your post, but I do understand that obviously, not every post will do as well as the one before and there will be ups and downs. But that is partly what I find interesting to look at; it’s so interesting for me to see which posts do better than others, especially as I might love a post and be really proud of it, but it might not do as well as another post I wasn’t as happy with? So although I do check stats regularly (maybe once a day?), I don’t worry or stress over them, I just accept them as they are really. It does make me happy to see that a post has done well, but I won’t feel upset or stressed if it doesn’t do as well, if that makes sense.
    I do think that it’s important not to focus too much on them though, because I think if you do worry about them and focus solely on what will give you better stats, it may ruin the blogging experience (or at least it does for me). I find that if I focus too much on stats I end up enjoying the actual blogging process less, and it will result in me feeling totally unmotivated/inspired to blog.
    Loved this post May!

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    1. Hahah, thank you! (And YESSS. Viewing posts on the site is so much better than through the Reader, imo! Plus it gives the blogger actual page views. 😉)

      Yes, I totally agree! I’m just INTERESTED in my stats — I don’t feel the absolute need to check them a lot (which is good 😂). And yes omg!! That’s exactly what I look at stats for: which posts do the best! For one, it’s fun to see all the different responses to certain posts, and for another, I like to try to write more posts similar to the ones that did well, so that I’ll be able to interact with more people.

      It’s totally true that stats should never get in the way of your enjoyment of blogging! If it does, then you need to care about stats a liiiiiiittle bit less. 😂

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the post!!


  27. I think I care a little too much about my stats. When they’re good, it makes me happy and the world is such a wonderful place. But when there’s just a stark white blizzard of zeroes, I wonder why I’m even here. Just listening to the crickets I guess.
    So yeah. I try not to look at my stats TOO much. Since they have that kind of evil power over me.

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  28. Hi May,

    I am doing a discussion post on makeup and as part of it I wanted to collect the opinions of a few other people. I was wondering if you might be happy to contribute a couple of sentences? If you’d rather not, no worries.


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  29. Yes, I completely agree! It’s more about the experience and getting to know other bloggers and talking about books than the actual numbers. I think that’s why most of us started blogging in the first place. Thanks for sharing and, as always, fabulous discussion! ❤

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  30. good post *thumbs up*


    Umm yes stats are popular, but I measure MY SOCIALIZING success through friends, my WITTINESS success through likes, my DISCUSSION success through comments??

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  31. OMG HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY AGAIN (because I’m pretty sure I already said that on another post….)!!! I see this discussion all the time, and I GET it. I LIKE stats. It really makes me feel good when I hit 100 views in a day, or when I have a new all-time high for stats in a month. But a lot of the time, looking at stats too much is DEPRESSING. Especially for me, who is currently suffering from this horrible plague the hip new doctors are called “blogger burnout”. Sigh. And when I feel bad about my stats, I retreat further into my deep dark hole of the void that I frequently talk into and blogger burnout = worse. Ah, well. What can you do? 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOOOU!! And yes, exactly! Stats make me genuinely happy, as to me, they are ONE form of success. Oh yes, I so agree. If stats are influencing someone negatively, that’s definitely not good! If you’re feeling blogger burnout, I definitely recommend you take a hiatus? It’ll help you come back fresh and often more motivated!! 😊

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      1. Right, exactly!!
        That makes sense; the problem is, I always really enjoy doing wrap-ups and TBRs and tags and things… But then I try to get myself to review things, etc., and then I’m just not interested in even picking up my laptop. You’re totally right though, haha.

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  32. MY view on blogging stats? I DON’T CARE. Honestly? They. get. me. down. so. much. I actually checked mine earlier today and they are SO low. October was peaking and now November and December are such low statistics. i get November, obviously, i didn’t post much but this month even with posting, its so low.

    When I had My Bookish Life, I checked it like once in the year. Now I check it monthly but it’s not set out. Every month or so, I feel like checking them out, to see where I’m at but I can restrain myself and not there every second.

    I think stats are important. I think they motivate yoU A LOT. Sure they can get you down but they can also make you smile and you can use that disappointment and motivate yourself to blog hop, post more etc. that’s a good thing.

    i measure my blog’s success with the number of comments i get. NOW comments are something i look out for and how many i get of them. i’m constantly comparing the number of comments i get to other bloggers. friendships as well BUT COMMENTS. likes, follows, and other stats don’t mean that much to me.

    i respect people who check their stats all the time! I get it! I’M JUST LAZY AF. great post ma queen. love u.

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    1. yeah same!! like, my stats for December aren’t as high bc I had to skip a few days of posting?? but like, each month you’re supposed to grow a little, and after my hiatus, my stats haven’t really peaked yet again,,, and omg, I just check it when I feel the need to. like, I’m not reading a book and then think GOTTA CHECK MY STATS, but I just,,, check them when I feel like it??? idk

      exactly! stats can be really motivational. I think the important part is to not let them define your success AS much as other things, or make you feel completely horrible about your blog. and hmm, I measure stats through comments as well (,,,and comparing them to others’ GOD WHY AM I LIKE THIS) but also views?? and ik they may not be as reliable, but sometimes I have REALLY LONG conversations with people so that ruins the comments for me



  33. For me…stats can be pretty discouraging if I look at them too often? I’m not the most consistent blogger, so they tend to drop and stagger A LOT, which can be pretty frustrating at times…but also, it’s my fault, so I feel guilty about it. It’s not impossible to blog consistently with my schedule, I know that, but I’d have to stay up until 4 a.m. on school nights to make it possible (and I already stay up most night until 2 to finish homework), so it’s hard. Not impossible, but hard. I’m a perfectionist and I like being good at anything I do, and blogging is no exception to that! But I also need to prioritize my mental health. Also, blogging is supposed to be fun for me, so I don’t want to turn it into something I hate by pushing myself too hard.

    BUT ALSO. I WANT SUCCESS*. So again, it’s really frustrating!!

    *Success, for me, definitely means more views and visitors. But I value comments over both, though I don’t count it as success, if that makes sense. I love it when people comment on my posts because I love connecting with people over my favorite books and making friends. This community is honestly so amazing and supportive of one another, and I love everyone in it so much!! So when I meet new people through the comments, I always feel so warm and happy! Because the book community! Is genuinely the best!

    Thank you for this post May! Happy reading and I hope you’re having a good day!


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