May’s Moments of the Month: November // Birthday Haul!! + NaNoWriMo (Will I Win????) + 1000 FOLLOWERS OMGGGG

So I’m aware that November isn’t really over yet.

I ?? hate ?? when ?? people ?? post ?? monthly ?? recaps ?? before ?? the ?? month ?? is ?? over ????????

AND YET HERE I AM. A hypocrite.

It’s bugging me that I’m posting this two days before November REALLY ends and who knows what could happen in those two days???

But I have a valid excuse: I’m going to be at a dance convention this weekend* and I’m not going to have enough energy to answer comments / do blogging stuff. I also did not have a post idea for today. #HowToBeAResponsibleBlogger101

*I’m performing in 3 out of 4 dances in competition and ALSDFJA;SLFJASDF.

mmm reading

So far I’ve read, uhh, 4 books this month?? I KNOW. I’M SO DISAPPOINTED IN MYSELF TOO. I usually read like 9 ughghugh.

But I’m currently working on 2 books that I hope to finish before November ends????

Basically?? November was a HORRIBLE reading month. I think that was due to the fact that I was focusing on NaNoWriMo??? But literally everything was “meh” to me and I can tell that I’m slumping. I just hope that I can hold out until the end of the year!

But I got to send a lot of review requests, and while nobody has contacted me back yet (which is expected) and I’ve found no books waiting for me, I’m still holding out HOPE THAT SOMEONE LOVES ME. And I will also send more review requests.

[I’m trying something new!! click on the book covers & titles to get to the Goodreads page, and if the star rating is linked, you can click on that to view my Goodreads review!]

Shadow and Bone (Grisha Verse, #1)   Holding Up the Universe   Tell Me Three Things

Siege and Storm (Grisha Verse, #2)   Renegades (Renegades, #1)   Emmy & Oliver

  • Shadow and Bone Leigh Bardugo // can you believe this QUEEN who wrote one of my fav books ever… wrote something so mediocre. ★★★☆☆ [2.5 stars]
  • Holding Up the Universe Jennifer Niven // yikes what a disappointment. I hated one of the MCs, the romance was cringy, and everything was just so WEIRD??? ★☆☆☆☆
  • Tell Me Three Things Julie Buxbaum // I was forced into reading this and it turned out be very meh. cute, yes, but soo stereotypical & there was girl hate!! ★★★☆☆ [2.5 stars]
  • Siege and Storm Leigh Bardugo // this was even worse than book 1 (except we met NIKOLAI). the plot was so repetitive omgggggg. ★★☆☆☆
  • Renegades Marissa Meyer // still reading this & expect to finish by tomorrow, but so far it is SO. BORING. I’ve read like 200 pages (in one week) and nothing has happened.
  • Emmy & Oliver Robin Benway // I was also forced into this by the person linked above. I’m also still reading this & I expect to finish by tomorrow but so far it’s okay???
  • (I also read a hilarious collection of short stories called “I love to block everyone” by a friend of mine but the book got deleted from Goodreads HAHAHHAHAAHAA)

arrow 2

library haul?

lib haul nov

  • Emmy & Oliver Robin Benway // currently reading this one!!
  • The Hearts We Sold Emily Lloyd-Jones // I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS ONE OMGGGG. selling hearts to demons?? yes please. I’ve also heard it portrays abuse really well.
  • We Now Return to Regular Life Martin Wilson // it’s gay. so I’m reading it. (plus the concept sounds very very cool. I hope I like it???)

arrow 1

book haul?

haul nov

I ACTUALLY got books this month!! Mostly because it was my birthday so obviously I went to the bookstore and forced my mother to buy me books.

I also ordered 3 books on Book Outlet yesterday (for ONLY !! 18 !! DOLLARS!! plus shipping) which are coming soon, hopefully! I also am supposed to be getting Forest of a Thousand Lanterns soon but that’ll probably be in December’s haul.

  • Renegades Marissa Meyer // I was so excited for this one,,, and then the negative reviews started coming in. but whatever!! pretty cover!! fav author!!
  • Carry On Rainbow Rowell // haven’t read this yet but come on. it’s the gay version of Harry Potter. of course I’m reading this one.

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favorite book of the month?

I had a really bad reading month: I didn’t read a lot, and everything was very “meh” for me. I haven’t had a five-star read in two months!!!!

The only thing that really stood out to me was I love to block everyone. (It’s not a real book, BUT IT WAS HILARIOUS.)

arrow 1

disappointment of the month?

I was literally disappointed by everything this month. Probably the most disappointing is Renegades??? Because I LITERALLY could’ve finished a whole book in the time that I’ve spent trying to read this. I’m 200 pages in and still N O T H I N G has happened???

Please don’t tell me that my mother wasted good money on this book.

arrow 2

favorite review?


I had a fun time roasting Holding Up the Universe and also Shatter Me (love you, Jackie). It was also really great because I’d originally rated them higher than one star, but as soon as I finished the review, I just HAD to lower it??? #When #Youre #Mean

I also feel like my review for The Hate U Give (which I read in like September, I know) was really well-written?? It was so long and extensive but I feel like that’s a definite favorite for sure.

mmm blogging

  • I hit 1K followers and I AM SO SO HAPPY!!!! It means so much to me that 1,000 people would want to read what I write, especially since I haven’t been blogging for a full year yet*??? THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOOU. <333
  • A close blogging friend of mine offered to design me a few blog elements, and from what she’s sent me, they’re absolutely beautiful and amazing and I’m so excited to implement them!! This person’s honestly THE design queen (keeping her secret for now because I’m evil).
  • Tbh I’m not really rushing the whole blog makeover thing?? I want to make sure everything’s ready before I change everything.

*I really hope that this doesn’t come off as bragging or boasting, because I know so many bloggers who have been blogging for one year and don’t have that 1K they deserve???? Experience MATTERS—not to say that the less-than-one-year bloggers shouldn’t get 1K—so I’m just really surprised & happy that I got 1K so quickly!!


  • 9 posts
  • 41 WordPress followers + 2 email followers

top posts of the month?

love blogging  bookworm stereotypes  blogging stats

favorite post of the month?

While it was entirely confusing to myself and I don’t really know what I was trying to say and it was a mess of random thoughts, I loved reading my Good Representation post??? I got to see a lot of perspectives and it made me happy to see how many people were such strong advocates for diversity in books!!

posts i loved?

Okay I feel like so many people hid away in November because of NaNoWriMo, and I also did not feel motivated at all to read a lot of posts?? But I did have some that I loved!

mmm writing

  • I did NaNoWriMo!! As of right now, I haven’t won yet, but I am super confident that I will. I got behind in the second/third week but am slowly catching up*. And after writing way more than the daily 1,667 to catch up, I’m sure that I’ll be able to pull through!
  • Watch me completely bail on the last day and write absolutely nothing.
  • I feel kind of sad that NaNo’s going to be over soon because I know I’m going to take a month-long break from my WIP and all writing things and I NEED TO WRITE… but at the same time I’m very happy because writing 1.6K a day has been TORTURE.
  • Umm I wrote some poems. Not a lot tho. The ones that I did write were mostly sucky.

  • There’s a snippet of a poem for you because I SEEK VALIDATION!!!!!

*I’m planning on doing a binge-writing session today if I don’t have that much homework (but HAHAHHAAH we all know I won’t end up doing the writing OR the homework).

mmm life

  • So much happened in my life during November??? Aka why it’s the best month of the month.
  • First of all, it was my birthday in November!! Specifically, November 17th. I got two books, Renegades & Carry On, and I also got a set of handlettering pens from my LOVELY LOVELY younger sister!!

brush handletter


  • LOOK AT THEM. AREN’T THEY LOVELY. Get yourself a loving sibling who will buy you presents.
  • Yes that is my own handlettering and it looks like a dog chewed on it and spit it back up again, I know.
  • It was also Thanksgiving, and I did nothing to celebrate it!! YAY. Tbh the only thing I like about the holiday is that we’re more aware of the things we should be grateful in our lives, but that’s it.
  • Oh, but I ALSO appreciate that we get a whole week off school!!! THAT WAS SO GREAT AND I’M SAD THAT IT’S OVER. But I mean, winter break is in a few weeks too (and EXAMS) but I just miss not having to actually use my brain??
  • I had a really good conversation with a close irl friend about some things in my life, and it felt so so good that I cried (a lot). She’s so supportive of me and she said so many amazing things and I’m honestly so grateful that she’s my friend and that she’s my friend. <333
  • Okay that got a little heavier than I thought???
  • To lighten the mood, I RAN INTO A DOOR!!! It was my best experience of 2017, tbh. Basically, it was dark and I’d just come out of a really bright place. So I was super confused and all like “why is it this dark??????” but then I shrugged it off.
  • AND THEN I ACTUALLY LIKE RAMMED INTO THE DOOR. I have bruises to prove it.
  • Honestly it didn’t even hurt that much, it was just so HILARIOUS. I’M SO STUPID. I LOVE IT.
  • Oh, and my family & I also put up our holiday decorations and it was so much fun. I honestly love the festive mood that comes around this time of year??? I’M READY FOR DECEMBER Y’ALL.

mmm goals last


  • read at least 7 6 books  (a few days into the month I lowered it to 6 and that was a smart move)
  • write & upload at least 6 reviews  (I ACTUALLY UPLOADED 7 REVIEWS I’M SO PROUD Y’ALL)
  • request ARCs ✓ (yup, i sent out some review requests!! and… sent one to the wrong person… I’m smart)


  • write 25K words!!!  (I’VE WRITTEN WAY MORE THAN 25K HAHAHAHAHA)
  • write more poetry  (not really, but I still wrote some)
  • STOP. PROCRASTINATING.  (I actually put writing before a lot of things this month!!)


  • find someone to design my blog  (like I said, a blogging friend offered to design a few things for me! and already has!)
  • stay on top of posts & comments  (kind of… I mean good enough)


  • drink all the water in 1 bottle a day  (kinda?? some days I did GREAT)
  • fix posture at least 1 time a day  (some days I did it, others… no)
  • get 9 hours of sleep at least once a week  (YES!!!!!)


*Yes I am lol.

mmm goals this


  • read at least 9 books (I do have winter break, but I also have exams!! so my avg. amount seems like a good goal)
  • write & upload at least 6 reviews (I ACTUALLY DID THIS LAST TIME)
  • request ARCs (MORE ARCS MORE ARCS)


  • take a complete break from my WIP! (I’M SO EXCITED)
  • write more poetry (none of my poems have been good recently aghahg)
  • participate in writing challenges? (there’s one that I might do if I have time)


  • explore more design things (I have to finish designing my own elements but I also want to look at some free WordPress themes??) 
  • stay on top of posts & comments (I used to be so good at this)


  • drink all the water in 1 bottle a day (it seems to be somewhat working)
  • fix posture at least 1 time a day (maybe???)
  • get 9 hours of sleep at least once a week (I CAN ACTUALLY DO THIS)

bulletThe holidays are coming up!! I’m not Christian so I don’t really celebrate the religious aspect of Christmas, but my family does put up a tree & give gifts to each other & all that. I’m already stressing out about what to get everyone, but I’ll figure it out?? Maybe????

bulletMidterms are also here. We have like one and a half weeks of regular classes and then comes “review week” and then EXAMS. Everything is so crammed into these last three weeks and I just ?!?!?1?!?!1? I might not post sometimes because I want to focus on studying & all that.

bulletIT’S THE END OF THE YEAR AHGAHGHAGH!!! Can you believe… it’s almost… 2018??!?!? Who allowed this to happen, and where can I send my complaint. 2017 has been a pretty awesome year besides a certain president, but I’m actually looking forward to 2018!!

shall we chat

how was your november? do you have exams coming up? can you believe it’s almost 2018?!?! who else rams into doors in the dark? what books did you enjoy in november? and HOW WAS/IS NANOWRIMO????

sign off 2.0

94 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: November // Birthday Haul!! + NaNoWriMo (Will I Win????) + 1000 FOLLOWERS OMGGGG

  1. Hahaha, I ram into doors ALL the time! Whenever I go to bed and all the lights are already off, I ram into my bedroom door… because I cannot seem to remember it’s there for some reason… Wow, I’m so amazing.

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  2. I once opened my wardrobe door instead of my bedroom door when it was completely dark and I couldn’t see. I also walked into a glass door, because it was usually really dirty but had just been cleaned and I literally didn’t see it. my mum laughed so hard and I worry about myself. 😀
    I know!!!! What happened to 2017? it’s almost gone! However, I am excited about Christmas and starting a new year! I hope your reading goes better next month 😀
    Also, I completely understand about the dance competition. My sister and I have our Christmas ballet coming up next weekend and I’m a mixture of excitement/nervousness/resignation. I don’t think I’m ready HALP!!!
    Anway, moving on. Nice post 😀

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    1. omg hi super off topic but when I read your comment and you said, “One time I accidentally walked through my wardrobe…” I thought you were going to say, “And I ended up in Narnia,” I’m crying XD

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Omg really?? That’s hilarious! 😂 Tbh I probably would walk into glass doors too, if I had any. I’m excited about Christmas & the new year as well, but I just?? I’m so confused?? Where did 2017 go???

      Ooh, good luck with the Christmas ballet! I’m sure you’ll do great. ❤ We're doing Nutcracker tea parties for little kids, but it's not that nerve-wracking ahaha.


  3. I THINK I HAVE ONLY READ 4 (or five?) BOOKS TOO. But I think it’s okay! (not like my goal was to read you know 7 books) BUT LOOK I am at 40k! SO WOHOO. I need to get like, to, 50k today? LIKE NEAR 50k SO HOPEFULLY I WILL WRITE A LOT! Because I REALLY WANT TO WIN! Good luck to you! I HAVE FAITH IN YOUR WRITING BINGING SESSIONS!!

    And Haha? I just try and post my recap WHENEVER i can but mine will probably be late bc i want to post a NaNo recap first and THEN a monthly recap?

    AND OHHH DANCE CONVENTION! Have fun and don’t die!

    I’m sad the grisha trilogy is disappointing you. i was afraid of this too? now i’m doubting whether I should read them at all. And no 5 stars? agh, that’s bad. AND RENEGADeS IS SO HARD TO READ HOW ARE YOU EVEN ReADING IT???


    okay them. I AM EXCITED About YOUR NEW DESIGN! Hopefully, it looks nice. Will the colour scheme still be pink??

    and nice poems. send me all of them thankssss. also your handlettering is beautiful, don’t trash your masterpiece like thattt. and ur sister is nice. how.




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    1. this is funny bc you already won YAAAAAAY ❤ and omg why are we reading so little??? this isn't fair.


      hmmm i definitely recommend reading the grisha trilogy to get more of a feel for the world?? bc it definitely adds to the setting. but other than that, it sucks. YOU HAVEN'T EVEN FINISHED RENEGADES YET LMAOOOO

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANKTLAYS OIAYWTUQWOEITUASLDGK ❤ and yeah, i'm planning on having the color scheme stay pink?? bc it's aesthetic & pretty & my fav

      only snippets of poems for you 🙂 and nooo my handlettering is BAD. my sis is amazing tho ❤


  4. Ahhh have fun and good luck at the dance convention May!

    Oohhh I feel you on the original Grisha trilogy. I still need to read the third one but I feel so meh about the first two. They’re just okay? There are things I liked about them but, again, meh. I’m so glad I listened to people when they said Six of Crows is better, because it’s 1000000x better and I’m glad I didn’t let my experience with the original trilogy get in the way of reading Six of Crows.

    AHHH CARRY ON MAY I HOPE YOU’LL ENJOY IT. It’s one of my favourite books and I pretty much reread it each year (well, except maybe for this year because I might not have time but I want to)

    Also: HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY AND CONGRATS ON 1000 FOLLOWERS!! I don’t know when exactly you reached it but it sounds like a birthday present 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aww, thank yoooou! It was great. 🙂

      Oh, I still need to read the third one as well! Yeah, the first two books really were super meh, but I guess it makes sense as a debut series. OMG SIX OF CROWSSSSS. 💖 It is my one (1) true love I love it so much A;LDJFAL;SDF.

      Agh I’m so glad to hear Carry On is a favorite of yours!! I hope I’ll love it. (I mean, I probably will, it’s gay Harry Potter.)


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  5. I walk into doors too! After they’ve been opened for me! And it’s bright out! And somehow I manage to walk into the 1 inch wide part, not the whole flat door part?
    I’m talented.
    Also, I’m trying to finish my novel this week but I just don’t seem to want to write what part I’m at? It’s not even that boring of a part! WHY. I WANT TO WRITE MY CLIMAX. PWEASE?
    And what are you talking about, your hand lettering is gorgeous. I’d never be able to do that.
    And congrats on reaching 1,000 followers!!! 😄 Here’s some cake for you! 🎂

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    1. Hahahaha omg that’s something I would do too?? Tbh I love all these running into doors stories I’m hearing. :’) And ooh, I haven’t read Nightfall (or Lodestar) but I”m so glad you enjoyed it!!

      Oh, I hope you were able to / will be able to finish your novel!! And omg SAMEEEE. The end is literally the only thing I’m excited for (which is what I’m writing right now currently).


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  6. i’m still not talking to you after your posted that horrendous shatter me review that offended me so much but…

    CONGRATS ON 1K FOLLOWERS YOU DESERVE IT SO MUCH. ALSO CONGRATS ON 40K AND I BELIEVE IN YOU I’M SURE YOU CAN CATCH UP. Honestly my only goal now is to reach 10k by tomorrow and I’m pretty close so YAY. We could word war tonight if you want??????

    I also didn’t read many books this month and the ones I read were pretty boring/trash sooo… go November. I didn’t even DO anytjing this month like I barely read, barely wrote, barely commented and blog-hopped AND I ONLY DID THE BARE MINIMUM FOR UNI. So idk what kept me from reading and writing this month, it’s a puzzle I’ll never solve. Like what even is my life 😭

    ANYWHOOO it sucks that Renegades is so bad??? Like i was RLLY excited for it because the premise sounded super cool???? And I was going to buy it but every single blogger/reviewer I know has said this is slow-moving and definitely not as good as they hoped it would be??? So now I’m sad???

    Oh jeez, I forgot what else I wanted to say BUT GOOD LUCK WITH YOUR GOALS FOR DECEMBER ANDDD READING MORE?? And…. I forgot?? Oh wow, I’m a failure I’ll just shut up now :’)

    PS. I’m technically still not speaking to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. “I’m still not talking to you,” she says, before posting a long, loving comment

      AGHAHGHAG THANK YOU THANK YOOOOOU ❤ and haha sure!! let's word war!! we're probably not too late for nano now!!!

      I KNOW. I feel like November was such a slumpy month overall??? it was NaNo, I tell you. it sucked everything out of us. omggg I hope you'll do more things this month?? BAD JACKIE, YOU HAVE TO DO THE MAXIMUM (is that even a thing lmao) FOR UNI

      oh my god don't buy it. idk about you bc we have somewhat different reading tastes (SHATTER ME) but I don't think Renegades is something you'll like :/

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  7. Congratulations on the 1000 followers, this is such a crazy achievement, I’m so proud and happy for you!! ❤ ❤
    I'm sorry to hear you had a bit of a "meh" month when it comes to reading, butttt I am hoping that you're loving Emmy & Oliver? I really enjoyed this book and I think I loved the author's latest release, Far From The Tree, even more. You know me, family vibes, childhood friends,… I can't resist, ahah.
    BEST OF LUCK for the last days of NaNoWriMo, I'm sure you will do GREAT!! ❤
    All the best for December! xxx

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      I think I've just been in a generally slumpy mood this time of year?? Which sucks. But I finished Emmy & Oliver and it was so sweet and cute!! And oh, I'm super excited to read Far From the Tree now, especially with the praise from you and the other May I hear!!

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      1. OH no, I’m sorry to hear that – but I get it, I am in a slumpy mood all the time in winter haha 😛
        I’m soooo glad you loved Emmy & Oliver, can’t wait for you to read Far From The Tree!<3

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  8. Okay, so, this is weird, but I was reading this and laughing and being like, “Why do I not read MMM more often because it’s fun?” #weirdthoughtsfromKell

    how was your november?:
    Great! I wrote a lot and … nope, basically just wrote. There was also Thanksgiving (which is a semi-big deal in our family, so yep … food, mostly, and for me the history is a big deal just because for some reason I am fascinated with the Pilgrims and all). And … nope. I can’t think of anything else. Mostly writing. 😛 I slacked on a lot of things … got a puppy and proceeded not to start training her seriously yet … didn’t clean my fishes bowl … didn’t practice my instruments … haven’t exercised as well … *that’s about it*

    do you have exams coming up?:
    Haha. Nope.

    So … we don’t really have exams in the same way school does? We have regular tests, and of course Mom is always making sure we know all our stuff … but not really exams in the same way. Definitely no studying required … not really.

    can you believe it’s almost 2018?!?!:
    Nope! It seems like 2017 just started. I swear, I’m STILL going, “Oh, right, it’s 2016 …” Which is usually something that I stop doing after a couple weeks. I feel like my brain has not been functioning most of this year, though? 😛

    who else rams into doors in the dark?:
    I do! I’ve ran into glass doors in the light, though, too, sooo. xD I mostly run into my own door because when I’m not in it I leave the door open so it won’t be freezing cold in there or steaming hot (it’s on the wrong side of the house and away from the woodstove, so yep …) and … my brothers like to close it so they can play nerf in the hall because if I find darts in my bedroom I hide them and sell them back to them, so yep. I keep running into it … because it’s supposed to be open …

    what books did you enjoy in november?:
    Several, but all just historical fiction. 🙂

    AWESOME. It’s really going awesome this year. I’ve already hit 60K, so my personal goal is upped to 65K … might even get past that, though! *so excited* But I need to finish that book … *growls at stupid book*

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    1. Yeah, Kell, why don’t you read MMMs more often??? *glares* (JUST KIDDDDDDINGGGGGGG)

      Well, even if all you did was writing in November, that’s still amazing??? Especially because you wrote 70K in a month, HOLY CRAP. I’m still in awe.

      OMGGGG you’re so lucky!! I really really hate exams. It’s so stressful, because on regular tests, I can get a semi-bad grade, but the other good grades will average it out. But this time, it’s only THAT GRADE that determines 15% of my semester average… (okay this is getting very math-y and I don’t like it).

      I just run into everything tbh.

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      1. Because I get ridiculously behind with posts? Sorry? I haven’t read anyone’s blog posts in forever, though … *glares at time which is not there* *so basically glares at nothing*

        I’M SORRY I DIDN’T MEAN TO. I mean … thank you. *me accepting compliments* 😛 But really, thanks …

        Ugh, that is stressful … my mom averages all my tests over the years, so I don’t have to deal with finals unless the curriculum somehow calls for it and it hasn’t so far.

        LOL, same, though, sometimes …


  9. A dance convention is a good excuse for posting your recap early, good luck with the competitions you’re dancing in May. I feel like NaNo is a very good reason to not have read as many books this month as you normally would May, instead of reading books you’ve been writing them! 😀 Although I am sorry to see this was a disappointing month for you, especially when it comes to Renegades. I did enjoy that book but yeah it has a very slow plot, the ending is good but I’m not sure the last few chapters make up for the rest of the slow chapters at the beginning/middle you know?
    I really hope you love Carry On, it’s amazing in my opinion, and oh huge congrats on reaching 1K followers. You must be so thrilled.
    I’m wishing you all the luck for the last few days of NaNo, I’m sure you’ll reach the 50K word goal, and oh again I hope you had a brilliant birthday. Those pens do look pretty amazing! 😀
    Great post, and I hope you have a brilliant December as well. 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so much, Beth!! ❤ And omggg NaNo was a good reason not to read as many books, but NaNo is over now and I still have read so many little books in December??? *cries* Stupid slumpy mood. Oh, I'm glad you enjoyed Renegades! I know a lot of people did. And yeah, exactly! The ending wasn't enough to make up for the slow beginning (and I also guessed the plot twist haha).

      Oh, I'm really looking forward to reading Carry On! I have a feeling that I'll love it. And THANK YOU SO MUCHHHHH!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. See for me the reason I haven’t read so many books in December is because I’ve passed my GR reading challenge goal and now I’m not as motivated to read as I was before, you know? I hope you get over your slump soon though. 🙂
        I’m still hoping for a faster paced second book, especially now a lot was built up in Renegades.
        That’s all right! 😀 ❤️

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        1. Oh yeah, I definitely see how that can make you less motivated! I’m currently 1 book behind schedule which should make me want to read more, but nope! 😂

          Yeah, Renegades seem like a SUPER long introduction to the next book. But Cinder started out kind of slow as well, and the series got so much better, so maybe that’ll be the case as well?

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  10. So you might hate when people post monthly recaps before the month is officially over, but I broke the cardinal rule. *Guilty face* It was just easier to write now, and I didn’t have brain room to come up with something else. *Bad excuse*
    But yours are always the BEST. Literally, you are the Queen of recaps. And mangoes.

    GOOOOOODDDD luck on your dance competition. You’re going to be EPIC!
    Also, keep up the writing work. Nano is just the start to something amazing.

    I’ve never gotten into reading Marissa Meyer. I know some people love her, but the Cinder chronicles never appealed to me. Sorry, the book was so slow! That’s just annoying.

    And I ram into doors all the time, even in the middle of the day. SO basically, I wear invisible blinds over my eyes. Or something just wrong with me.

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    1. Hahaha it’s all right!! It just bugs me because WHO KNOWS what could happen in those last few days of the month, you know??? And omggg THANK YOU SO MUCH. 😭💖 I really love writing recaps so I’m glad that somebody likes them!


      And omg I LOVE The Lunar Chronicles! It's one of my favorite series, but Renegades is… not. And yeah, Cinder was good-ish, but the series got SO much better!!


  11. I’ve seen a lot of people say Renegades was slow. I haven’t read it yet because I’ve hinted around that I wouldn’t mind getting a copy for the holidays. but I hope I’m not too disappointed once I get around to reading it!

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  12. fun recap! This month I had to go through a lot of dental pain, visited another city, volunteered at a school (I’m still doing that), sorted out so many university related things, and read, like, 9 books (or 10. idk. But I also didn’t have to go to school so)

    Liked by 1 person

  13. i didn’t ram into doors, i rammed into random poles that so obviously… get on my level???

    my november SuCkEd
    i have no idea when my exams are coming up lolz, usually i just… don’t care/don’t study.. but i aCTUALLY SOMEWHAT HAVE TO STUDY FOR MY BIOLOGY CLASS BECAUSE MY TEACHER IS HARD 😥

    nanowrimo,,, was great,, i did fantastic,,,

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  14. Congrats on 1,000 followers! You are so deserving of it ahhh! I can’t believe that 2018 is almost here, either. That is such a high number. Wasn’t it just 2010?! 😂 Best of luck with all your December goals! (And running into doors is a normal occurrence for me.)

    Liked by 1 person

  15. I don’t ram into doors but I legit wrote a scene in my book where a character did so…DOES THAT COUNT?!? 😂😂 And also yay and congrats on those 1K followers!! You truly are on fire here.😂 And soo sad for your sucky reading month. I really love the Grisha books and Holding Up the Universe so sadness you didn’t buuut I’m with you on Renegades. It’s so freaking boring. Like NOTHING happens and if you’ve even watched one Xmen movie, all the plot twists are the same?! *growls in the darkness in annoyance*

    Anyhow I’m not really into Christmas, but I DO enjoy the food and I’m hoping to crash through a ton of eARCs so I don’t start off 2018 feeling so overwhelmed. (HAHAH LIKE THAT WILL HAPPEN.)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ASD;FJLKWJERAJSD THANK YOU SO MUCH, CAIT!!! 😘😘 The Grisha trilogy & HUTU were really disappointing for me?? But I’m glad you loved them! And YESSS Renegades was SO. BORING. I literally had no motivation to pick it up because it was so slow and nothing was happening, and that’s not good. 😂

      Ooh, I hope you get to all your ARCs & have a great Christmas feast!! 😂


  16. you: i ram into doors in the dark
    me, an intellectual: i collide into glass walls in full daylight

    CONGRATS ON THE THOUSAND FOLLOWERS!!!! you’ve come so far :’) and I hope the rest of your blogging life is full of as many mangoes and glitter :’)

    dance competition?? good luck!!!

    ahhh i have exams in march :p but my teachers absolutely love springing pop quizzes out of FREAKIN NOWHERE so i still have to study which sucks.

    it’s so sad that all the books you read were terrible!! i was really excited for renegades but i’m not going to read it now because literally everyone says its terrible… but i had a great month in reading!! i finished the foxhole court series and it was 11/10 i’m still not over them YOU SHOULD READ IT MAY

    also your handlettering is so pretty omg?? don’t trash that masterpiece!!! (speaking of masterpieces that poetry is a++)

    congrats on completing your goals!! noah fence but i was surprised xD good luck with next month! (and happy third day of christmas!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. okay but glass walls are understandable, they are INVISIBLE

      OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH AJSD;LFASLFJALSKDJF YOU’RE SO SWEEEET ❤ and omg?? you're so lucky?? I hate exams in general but especially before Christmas?? no thanks joe

      oh yeah, Renegades was definitely not the amazing book I was hoping for!! and OMG I NEEED TO READ THE FOXHOLE COURT SERIES. I just can't find the motivation to read ebooks (which I THINK is the only way you can read it, besides audibooks which I have trouble with too) 😦


      Liked by 1 person

      1. actually I think you can buy the books in paperback on amazon – one of my friends got it from there. you can check and see if it works! 🙂

        see, now I want to say something cheesy like “you deserve kindness” but that’d be really awkward to reply to (even though it’s true) so I’m just going to leave it at that

        Liked by 1 person

  17. Yessss November was fab! 😂 It’s too bad about your reading this month…. Have you read the Every a Heart a Doorway series yet? I recommend them to literally every bean (*cough I meant mango I swear*) on the planet because they’re fabulous and super short. Also CONGRATS ON SOOOOO MANY FOLLOWERS AND NANO!!! I could never. 🙈 AND HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!

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  18. Ahh your brush lettering is sooo on point! Howwww?! I just bought 10 Tombow brush pens and I really need to work on my pressure and angle xD

    Liked by 2 people

    congrats on nano & 1k followers!! yOU DESERVE EVERY ONE OF THOSE FOLLOWERS & MORE
    i have exams coming up too and i’m afjidsojfs;; procrastinating about that whole studying thing
    lmaoo i literally ram into doors all the time
    dayumm that shade at trump thoo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I DID DO GREAT except I almost fell from a lift thingy BUT I DID GREAT

      omg slj;flsk;jdfalksd THANK YOU YOU LOVELY ETHEREAL BEING IN THE FORM OF A HUMAN ❤ and dude, my exams start tomorrow, and have I studied?? nope 🙂

      I always shade Trump, it is my favorite thing to do besides rant about him

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