Awkward Blogging Interactions // Basically Me Flailing and Not Knowing How to Talk to People… Ever

I’m a generally awkward person.

I don’t know if you’ve noticed yet??? Because I make jokes and PRETEND like I’m not*… but really, I’m awkward.

Usually, “awkward” and “interactions” go hand in hand. I mean, it’s totally possible to be awkward without interacting with anyone at all. Aka me all the time.

I’ve decided to talk about awkward blogging interactions because AWKWARDNESS IS FUN TO TALK ABOUT!! And also hopefully you’ve experienced these things yourself too and it’s not just me being extremely awkward

Note: I took like a random week hiatus from posting?? I missed last Saturday because I had dance stuff (which was SO AMAZING but then I got really sore), and then I just decided to wait till today to post because I’m SUPEEEER behind on posts & comments and wanted to use the week to catch up. You love me. Even tho I didn’t catch up.

*Internet me is so different from real-life me?? Example: I go by a different name!!! That’s definitely not a big change at all!!!


1. really short comments

Person: I relate to #3!!

Me: …Thanks? Cool? I’m glad you could relate? Thank you for telling me? I feel much more educated now? I don’t really remember what #3 was?

arrow 1

Honestly I probably could’ve done the generic “I’m glad you could relate!! [smiley face]” and been done with it but then I overanalyze myself by thinking “omg my comment is longer than theirs that’s awkward” so I just… ignore it…

Image result for ignore gif

I’m a good blogger, I swear.

(I had to write that in big font to prove my point.)


2. unfollowing someone who immediately starts commenting on your blog again

Person: Omg I love this post!! I totally relate to everything on your list and you’re so funny omggggg. I really loved what you said about this… oh and I could REALLY connect to this… and I just love this post and you and your blog!!!!

Me: [NERVOUS LAUGHTER] Thank you so much!!

Me: *follows their blog again*

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It’s super awkward when this happens (thankfully I’ve only experienced it like twice), because you feel like 1) they KNOW you unfollowed them and they want you to follow back, or 2) they comment a lot on your blog right after you unfollowed them and you feel bad.

It is completely OKAY to unfollow a blog! If their content doesn’t interest you, then you shouldn’t be following along! Just because they support your blog doesn’t mean you have to support theirs (tho it’s nice). And if you want to, you can always comment on posts when they comment on yours!!


3. promo comments

Person: Omg! What a great post! I love it! You have such an awesome blog! Would love it if you would also check mine out at!!!!!! xxx [insert lots of heart emojis to make up for the fact that I’m trash]

Me (option 1): *doesn’t answer*

Me (option 2): Omg! Thank you so much! I’m so glad you love my blog, considering the fact that it doesn’t seem like you’ve taken time to read it at all! Oh, and I’ll be sure to pay the same amount of attention to your blog as you did for mine (which actually, is no attention at all)!!!! xxx [insert lots of heart emojis to mock them]*

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Okay so this has kind of just turned into me roasting people but like you know what?? It’s still pretty awkward. Even tho it makes me more ANGRY than anything.

But it is kind of awkward because I’m like DO I IGNORE THEIR COMMENT OR REPLY WITH A ROAST COMMENT.

Yeah, I sound a little mean, but honestly?? Don’t treat bloggers like trash. If you want respect and blog followers, treat other bloggers with respect??? Faking a comment and pretending that you read a person’s post when you really just want followers is a pretty crappy way to treat a blogger. Don’t expect anything better than crappy treatment back.

Image result for don't treat people like they're trash gif
me @ everyone

*This is an answer inside my head. I would probably type that out and then delete it, because I’m actually a genuinely nice person HA and I’d feel bad saying that to anyone. Don’t fear me. I promise I’m fairly kind.


4. when someone responds to your sassy response to a promo comment

So this basically goes with the previous point about promo comments and this ACTUALLY HAPPENED to me before.

Someone wrote an ingenuine comment that pretty much was a promo comment (if I remember correctly), and I got kinda frustrated. This was after I’d posted my blogging pet peeves post where I talked about how promo comments REALLY ANNOYED ME.

So then I responded pretty sassily to them, not expecting a reply back. BUT THEY REPLIED TO ME. AND IT WAS SO AWKWARD.

I mentioned that the person should go look at my most recent post that talked about genuine comments, and then they actually read and commented on it, saying how they saw my point now and they wouldn’t do it again.



5. people asking you to promote them

Person: Hey! I’m doing a blog tour and I was wondering if you would maybe like to participate?

Me: Oh! I, uh, don’t have time to do a blog tour and also I don’t like blog tours. But I, uh, wish you, uh, the best of luck, uh, on everything!!!!

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The above proves just how awkward I am.

There is also the part of me that just ignores whatever this person wrote for a few days until I can think of a response that is a nice, kind rejection. Instead of a big kick in the face.

Also!! I just want to make clear that it is 100% OKAY to say no. This is YOUR blog and YOU decide what you want to do with it. Don’t let anyone (not even friends!!) pressure you into posting something you don’t want to, or promoting something you don’t feel like promoting. Saying “no” is absolutely FINEEEE.

Image result for you can say no gif

(I mean, just as long as you’re not like, “NO. NO. WHY WOULD I EVER. YOU’RE HORRIBLE. I NEVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN. NO.*)

*This is basically me @ myself. Honestly tho. Why am I like… me.


6. being nominated for tags/awards

Person: I’ve tagged you for this tag/award! Go check it out here if you’re interested!

Me: Omg thank you so much, this tag looks super fun!!

Me inside: Wow. I will never get to this. I’m sorry you wasted the time it spent you to type “May @ Forever and Everly” as a nominee and notify me. Because I won’t do it. I truly apologize.

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Honestly, it is SO SO awkward when people tag me for things, because I KNOW that I won’t be getting to them. I mean, if it seems interesting enough, I’ll probably do it?

But I generally don’t do a lot of tags! I just don’t find them as fun to do, personally, and I have other posts I’d rather write, especially since I’ve cut down from 12 posts to only about 9 posts a month.

Truly, I am very appreciative and grateful that people tag me for things, because WOW I’M COOL AND PEOPLE AWARD ME STUFF????? It’s just a commonly accepted fact* that I probably won’t get to it.

(But please don’t stop tagging me. I love being validated and seeing that my mind control is working OMG WHEN DO YOU START COLLECTING THE MANGOES FOR ME. I also might find the tag/award you did interesting enough for me to actually do it!!!!**)

Image result for validate me gif
okay, I’m kidding. I need that validation. please shower me with it.

*Commonly accepted by 100% of the population. Population being me, myself, and I.
**Not that… other tags or awards… aren’t interesting… COUGH.


7. commenting on old posts / replying to old comments

Person: *has posted a post/comment about 48201957 years ago*

Me: Omg I’m so sorry I’m so late in commenting/replying!! I’m such a horribly irresponsible person aghaghg.

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It’s so AWKWARD when I’m behind on all the posts of the blogs I’m following so I’m just like “well hi there I’m so behind on commenting oopsies!!” Or I haven’t commented on one blog in a long time and then I’m just like “WELL HELLO. I kind of forgot you!!!”

Or replying to old comments. Which was me yesterday as I replied to comments from a week ago because even though I take a week off of posting, I STILL !! MANAGE !! TO !! PROCRASTINATE !!*

*Am I writing this post Friday night, at 11pm, a few hours before it’s supposed to go up??? Hahaha NOOooOooOOOOOoo.


8. replying to not-spam comments put in spam

Person: Oh wow, your writing sounds so cool! I’m working on my own novel right now, and it’s a mix of poetry and contemporary and it’s super fun. I wish you the best of luck with your WIP!!

Me: …Why was this put in spam??? WordPress is such an IDIOT omgggg.

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Honestly?? WordPress is so stupid sometimes. Like the most genuine comments will be put in spam… for no reason??? And then I have to check my spam folder constantly so that I won’t be too late in replying and look extremely awkward.



Person: Your blog is amazing and pretty and you’re so amazing and hilarious and you’re one of my favorite bloggers and I love you so much and you’re just a blessing to us all and I can’t believe such a person could exist wow I’m honestly in awe???


arrow 1

Listen. Mean comments I can handle. I’ll get angry at them, write a comment that I won’t post, then reply to them later when I’ve calmed down (a little bit). I’ll rant. I’ll defend myself. I’ll roast them, if I have to.

(I always have to.)

But compliments?? Nice things?? Kind sweet beautiful things that I don’t deserve to be on the receiving end of??? HOW DO I RESPOND TO THAT.

When someone compliments me, I reply with one of these three:

  • THANK YOU SO MUCH OMG!!! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝
  • Asdlfja;sdlfkjasl;dfk thank yoooooou!! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝
  • Omg you’re too sweet!! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝

Or a combination of both. (AS;LFJALSKDF THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE TOO SWEET!!! 💕💞💓💗💖💘💝)

I just DON’T know how to respond. People are way too nice??? It’s so awkward?? Like I loooove them for being so sweet to me but at the same time… halp.

Image result for smile then freak out gif
this is me taking a moment to flail about how kind & sweet all of you are and flsjfweuapglwjwe

shall we chat

what are some awkward blogging interactions you’ve had? add to my list! have you found yourself in any of these situations? do you hate promo comments? how do you deal with awkwardness? spill your secrets!!! (i need all the help i can get)

sign off 2.0

101 thoughts on “Awkward Blogging Interactions // Basically Me Flailing and Not Knowing How to Talk to People… Ever

  1. Good Lord, May! My boards are approaching in three months and I’m here, sneakily commenting on your blog post. Seriously, my posting us going to get even more inconsistent now.


    P.S: Dude, your goodreads rating for books. It’s making my eye balls pop out. Great job though. Bring on that snark and sass . You’re learning to become a meanie. I assure you, ranting that heat outta you will really cool you down ❤

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      Omggggg hahahhha. I’m honestly so proud of myself for becoming such a HATER. Except I’m also sad because I’ve been having really horrible reading months. 😂


  2. I’m basically the same with compliments. When my mum compliments me, sure you’re my mum, you HAVE to compliment me. But when a person outside my family compliments me? I’m like…. um. (what do I do?) Especially when they compliment my blog, I feel like being self deprecating but I also don’t want to diss my blog?

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    1. Ahahaha SAME. Tbh I get flustered in general when someone compliments me — doesn’t matter who they are hahaha. And omg YESSS. I’m really self-deprecating in all aspects of my life but I don’t want to be like “MY BLOG IS HORRIBLE” when it’s really not??? (Wow see, this is why I’m self-deprecating. I SOUND SO IMMODEST.)

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  3. Oh my gosh, I HATE promo comments! Luckily I haven’t really experienced the rest of these… but I can imagine they are VERY awkward!
    The most awkward moments I’ve had are when I comment something when I’m half asleep, and it makes sense to my tired brain, and then the next day I look at it, and I just want to delete it because it makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER! But it’s too late, and now everyone has seen it, and ugh.

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    1. Promo comments are the worse!! I mean I get some people are starting out and want followers, but at least read the post and follow my blog if you’re asking for a follow?????

      Hahaha I don’t really have that experience fortunately! It’s more of me writing at night and my brain is all tired and I don’t know WHAT the heck I’ve even written. 😂

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  4. I think the best way to deal with awkwardness might be to simply just calm down and think how you would reply to the person before you type your message out. Once you click send, let the matter rest, try not to think about it too much, and get on with life so the awkward monster can’t come after you!!
    This is what I do and it helps for me, so maybe it could work for you! 🙂

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    1. Aww, this is such great advice, Elle! Thank you so muchhhh. ❤ I think that I'm just a very awkward person in general, so I think everything involving me is awkward??? 😂 But I'll definitely try not to think of it too much — I feel like I tend to overthink things haha!!

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  5. I mostly ignore promotional comments as well. If it’s JUST “check out my blog” and not even pretending to have actual comment, I will flat out delete it.

    And I have no idea who’s following or not following my blog. I know a very few bloggers who seem to keep track of this, but I just things to do with my time that I consider much more interesting than watch my followers. 😉

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    1. I KNOW. I mean, yeah, I had to do promo comments starting out, but at least I actually read the post and followed their blog and commented genuinely, right??

      I KNOW. EXACTLY. Like a few days after I unfollowed someone, they invited me to follow their blog through email… at least 3 times. I was like wut?? How do you know I’m not following you anymore??? 😂

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  6. You’re really funny and sassy. Things can get really awkward, like sometimes you don’t know how to respond to things but you don’t want to be rude and not respond.

    I don’t like doing promo comments myself unless someone asks about my blog or there is a similar topic being discussed and I see if they want to read it. Even then I don’t really like giving those links because I feel like it’s awkward when I do it. It’s awkward for both parties.

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    1. AGHAGHG THANK YOU SO MUCH!! ❤ And yeah, I just generally think that every interaction involving me is awkward! 😂

      Oh yes, same. I know I did promo comments when I was newer (as a lot of people do), but I read the post & followed the blog & tried to make it genuine, you know? And yeah, I feel awkward getting promo shoved at me AND self-promoting??? 😂

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      1. You’re welcome. 😄

        Yes, exactly, and as long as you are yourself then it is genuine. I really doubt you’ll have a problem with that. 😉

        It is always awkward and worth talking about, but people do it anyway. *shrugs* I haven’t had too many issues with it honestly, normally other bloggers are just sharing a post to show me something. I appreciate that , and therefore allow it on my blog. Plus it’s a another way for me to find new things I might not have on my own. 😊

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  7. what are some awkward blogging interactions you’ve had? 1. reading this post 2. people misunderstanding me 3.saying i wouldn’t go on hiatus…and then going on hiatus 4. meeting you

    add to my list! excuse me i made a whole post on awkward blogging moments so haha, i’m too lazy to add on sorry (but am I really?)

    have you found yourself in any of these situations? yeah. i mean what are awards and tags anymore? like those things i actually used to be grateful for. i don’t even blog anymore what am i saying.

    do you hate promo comments? no may of course i love them. what did you expect.

    how do you deal with awkwardness? spill your secrets!!! (i need all the help i can get) i am awkwardness so i am not sure how i deal with myself. sorry.

    i would like to add though what a great post! I love it! You have such an awesome blog! Would love it if you would also check mine out at xxx also, I totally relate to everything on your list and you’re so funny omggggg i cannot even mayyonnaise. I really loved what you said about this… oh and I could REALLY connect to this… and I just love this post and you and your blog!!!! hahah do i really tho

    p.s I relate to #3!!

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    1. awkward… meeting me…

      you know what was awkwarD??? when you told me you oriGINALLY DIDN’T FOLLOW MY BLOG EVEN THO I WAS YOUR #1 STAN

      “i don’t even blog anymore” is so true COME BACK I need amazing posts to read?? where did they go???

      okay you actually need to shut up now thanks


  8. Ahahah this is so, so relatable in so many ways. I always answer to all of my comments, but sometimes I just don’t know what to say?! When it comes to compliments, I’m always obviously grateful and want to say thank you and just express my love and everything and WORDS ARE NOT ENOUGH and I hope people don’t think I am not grateful when I’m just saying, oh thank you you are the sweetest thank you so much, and so on?! I am overthinking everything as well hahaha, let’s be awkward together 😛

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    1. I usually answer all my comments as well!! (Altho sometimes they get disappear from my notifications…) But EXTREMELY short comments — I just don’t know what to say?? And omg YESSS. I never know what to say when I’m complimented, and I end up just blushing and saying “thank you” in a really soft voice 😂

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      1. (comments disappear sometimes for me, as well. wordpress is weird haha).
        hahahaha that’s SO me as well. I’m like, thank you oh my god and freaking out in front of my computer, but… how do you translate that in words?! haha.

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  9. omg I relate so hard to trying to respond to nice comments.😂 Like sure let me righteously be salty at a spammer, but how the heck do you accept kind compliments??!? IT’S SO HARD AND I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO DO I MIGHT RUN INTO A WALL.😂 I’ve gotten the self-promo comments a ton and they’re very depressing. Worst comments I’ve gotten is when people actually go to town attacking me and it’s like sooooo awkward. Like if you hate a blog, DON’T READ IT!??? It’s not even that hard.😂 People can just not read a blog instead of telling the blogger how “awful” they are. Ugh people.

    I also confess that if an author talks to me, I usually run awkwardly away. They’re so cool and I am a dork and like…how do u even werd ajfdkslafdj.

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    1. YES EXACTLY?? It’s so easy to roast or be sassy to rude people (and I sometimes enjoy it… oops) but compliments??? Kind words??? I don’t compute. And I mean, we’ve all had to self-promote, but at least be genuine about it, you know?? And omg that’s horrible!! There’s literally no need to hate on somebody’s blog if they don’t like it… just leave.

      Hahah I don’t have a platform where authors can easily talk to me, but I can imagine just freezing up and then moving to Antarctica immediately after!! 😂😂


  10. Hahahaha! This was so funny – I can’t believe that person actually responded to your sassy comment saying they wouldn’t promo again.. what do you even say to that?! Sorry? Thank you?? Good, well done????

    One thing that makes me feel awkward is when someone comments something almost identical to another comment, and I’m trying to reply to them without saying the exact same thing as I replied to the first person. I don’t mind that people don’t read other comments (like, I don’t do that either), but it’s just then me trying to word my old reply in a new way and I end up sounding ridiculous like when you translate English to Chinese and then back to English hahaha 😀

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    1. HAHHAHAHA YESSS EXACTLY!!! 😂 Like I was happy that they’d been “converted” but like… that made it so awkward for me. (And awkward for them too, I bet.)

      Oh yes, I so relate!! I change up the wording or try to add something new. (Or when people are congratulating me or complimenting me, I have to find new ways of saying “THANK YOU!!” 😂)

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  11. This is a very cute post which has made me smile! Actually, compliments are like this – you are not sure whether to just blush, smile and get more self-confident as a blogger, or write a long “thank you” comment which is about a new blog post’s length… I have had this dilemma as well. In the end, I remembered that, when I type a compliment in the comment section, I simply want the fellow blogger to know that their content is worthy and interesting. I never get offended if I do not hear a “thank you” back – it is enough to see that my sincere words are approved and make their page look nicer. This also explains why I also do not always answer to compliments – if I cannot formulate my gratitude properly, I just end up with feeling good about it, but do not display it in a form of an awkward “thank you”…

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    1. Hahah, yessss totally!! I always smile when I read compliments in comments and feel more confident in myself, and write a screaming “OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SO LOVELY!!!” reply. 😂 Aww, that’s such a great way to look at things, Cathy!! I personally always respond with some kind of form of “thank you”, just to show them that I appreciate them, but your viewpoint on how THEY seeing that WE are grateful to them without having to say thank you is cool as well!!


  12. OH YES I totally relate! ESP to the first ones. XDD When someone tries to self-promote, I usually ignore that part of the comment. And YES to the tags ones lolll!! I’m like sorry but I’m never going to do this. XD And I’m good at responding to compliments and participation/promo stuff… I think. XD

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    1. Haha, same!! I mean, I remember looooong time ago when I commented on your blog about how I was new and how I loved your blog and how I was a new blogger, but I mean, everybody’s gotta self-promote at least once in their blogging career, right? At least be genuine tho. 😂

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  13. ‘kay, so it wasn’t on the list, but the most awkward situations for me have been
    1. comment replying to the WRONG PERSON *facepalm*
    2. One of my posts was called In the Eye of the Hurricane. Someone said that was a neat Hamilton reference, and I, like the idiot I am having never listened to Hamilton, said something like ‘LOL WHERE??’ *double facepalm*
    And can we all agree that promo comments are just annoying?? Thank you.

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    1. Haha, I don’t really reply to the wrong person?? But OMG I’VE HAD THAT EXPERIENCE OF THE HAMILTON REFERENCE THING!! I guess I’m such a big fan that I made the reference unintentionally but I literally could not find where the reference was. 😂


  14. erm SO MANY AWKWARD SITUATIONS. . . like. . . existing. . JKJKJKJK. erm erm err like pretty much the same??? OMG NONONNO I DID A REVIEW. . . yeah. . its alll going good. … THEN I TYPE THE WRING TITLE ON THE REVIEW AND GIVE THE TITLE OF THE SECOND BOOK NOT THE FIRST BOOK. . . and I only notice WHEN I GO TO DO THE REVIEW OF THE SECOND ONE. . . a month LATER!!!!!!!

    same with spam comments!! like!!!! I didn’t realise for ages!! AND!! THERE WERE COMMENTS FROM MONTHS BACK!!I FELT LIKE THEY THOUGHT I WAS SO MEAN FOR IGNORING THEM!!

    I think we both know how much I LOATHE SELF PROMO COMMENTS. LIKE “ clearrrrllyyy I did not read your post but check out my blog at

    OMG I relate to this post smmmmmm I LOVE IT. LIKE COMPLIMENTS DON’T WORK W/ ME* bc I CANNT???
    *I dont mean this in a “oohohohhhhh everyone always compliments me way”

    Like im also super awks bc I feel the need to do things like that ^ to make sure that the person doesn’t get the wrong idea bc im A FLAILING, INSECURE, PEA.
    okay awks way to end the comment… gdnf gdhfb okay I’ll go now 🙂

    (awks smiley face for the winnn)

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    1. HAHAHHA existing is so awkward, I agree. 😂 And haha, sometimes I see typos in the titles of posts but I’m always like “it would be so awkward if I told them about it”… even tho I’d want someone to tell me. (I’m horrible.)

      YESSS I KNOW. I’m always like “agh I’m so sorry I didn’t see this, WordPress put it in spam!!” And hahaha I mean, promo comments with just like “great post! here’s my blog” ARE HORRIBLE. But we all have to self-promote a liTTTTLE right?? 😂

      Oh yes, I’m always worrying about people taking me the wrong way!! Like I say S;AJFLSJLSJFASF JLSF and people could think I’m mad or sad when I’m actually happy?? 😂

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      1. rgkhdnjfvf LITERALLY.

        Yeahhhh selfpromo!! dsjhbxzfiugewbdfhskvirdsgbnergudfhvkjn. Omg i link so awkwardly to previous posts i JUST HATTEEEEEE DOING IT? hrbkjfnsjdv. help.

        yeah omg becuase i mainly dont use actual words such as: hgjfdbvscnjsd, and am generally really bad at ENGLISH im scared that what I’m saying is going to eb taken the wrong wayyyyy HELP.

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  15. Why do I see my name in one of those categories? *nervous laughter* Many apologies.

    But I think that there’s a weird mix of genuine comments and self-promo?? Like, they say something really nice that shows they read it, then say something that still is kind of on subject but about their blog, and drop a link. You can’t delete those because they’re mostly genuine. 😂 Then I turn into an awkward blogger and be like “WAHT DU IS DUUUUU!!!!” (I keep it and reply nicely. Because one must be nice to all the wittle humans.)

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    1. Oh, no! I wasn’t referencing or hinting at anyone at all. Sorry if you thought that was the case! 🙈

      Yeah, same!! I mean, I think we all have to self-promote at least once in our blogging life (I know I did it when I was newer). But I always read the post, followed the blog, and tried to make it genuine, you know? Not just the “HEY GREAT POST CHECK OUT MY BLOG THANKS” comments that happen a lot. 😂

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  16. Lol this is so true. . . And at the same time I feel like we’ve all been guilty of these at some point. Like, 99.99% of us went around going “hey I’m a new blogger can you check out my blog pls” when we started out (YOU INCLUDED COUGH COUGH but it’s okay because otherwise I wouldn’t have met you Potato Chips Wild Boar In A Woodland Clearing Mango Queenns) lol. BUT ALL OF THESE ARE STILL SO RELATABLE I CAN’T I’M LITERALLY DYING OVER HERE DON’T MIND ME SIR

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    1. HAHHAHAHAH yes you got me. Pretty much everyone has self-promoted at least one point in their blogging life tho, right?? I think what makes some annoying and what makes others somewhat tolerable is how genuine they are, and if you can tell that they ACTUALLY read the post or not. *glares at all the people who obviously did not even read the post*

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  17. THIS POST IS SO RELATABLE. I was nodding the whole time.😂 Especially the one about short/specific comments, because, I am the most awkward at responding to comments where people are just like “#3 was relatable!” I have to reread my post to see what #3 was, and then I don’t know if I should say “thanks!” or “yeah!” or adjfeiufndjfldkc it is much too confusing. Anyway, great post, May!

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    1. I’m so glad you could relate!! 😂 YESSSSS SAME!! Like, even if it wasn’t a short comment and they referred to #3, I’ll have to find what #3 is because I have no memory of what it is. And then it’s so weird because I’m like, “Yeah, I relate too! Because I… wrote it…” 😂

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  18. There is so much I relate to about this post May (I tend to be a very awkward person at times as well, especially when it comes to comments and commenting back). I’m really not a fan of promo comments (the only exception for me is TTT or other weekly memes because then I want to see other people’s post and what they’ve picked each week). Most of the time it does seem like someone has only really read the title and they post something generic like ‘great post’ before linking to their own blog and you can just tell they haven’t read the post if that’s all they have to say about it. 🙂
    Also WordPress putting comments in the spam folder is something that happens so much (I always hate it when my comments go in the spam) I try and check that folder every day but there are times I forget and then it gets to the replying to comments really late stage which is always awkward.
    I think all these situations are always going to be a little awkward, just part and parcel of blogging right?
    Great post May! 😀 ❤

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    1. Hahaha, same — I think that every interaction involving me ever is just generally awkward??? 😂 Oh yes, exactly!! I’m pretty sure we’ve all had to self-promote at least one point in our blogging life, but being genuine about it makes ALL the difference, and a lot of the promo comments I get don’t show much genuine-ness. 😦

      Oh yes! WordPress’ idea of spam is very strange…? I mean, sometimes it’s actually spam and I wonder why WP is even having me look at it. But then there are other comments that are the most well-meaning and I’m just like ???

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Let’s just embrace our awkwardness then. May be the only thing we can do! 😀 It’s the same for me, and when it comes to promo comments I put as much effort into theirs as they do to mine you know? 🙂
        Yes I get the regular spam comments, and it makes sense that they go in my spam folder, but others I’m like “how did this end up being classed as spam?!”

        Liked by 1 person

  19. HEY THIS WAS LIKE THE NEW AND IMPROVED VERSION OF THE POST I POSTED TODAY. Except mine gave helpful advice while yours was just yacking about all the problems. #doesntsolveanything #butyoucoveredmore #dontknowwhattothink #thisissoweird #whatwasieversaying #canureadthese

    what are some awkward blogging interactions you’ve had?:
    BASICALLY EVERYTHING HERE ON THE LIST AND NOT MUCH ELSE. Like, tags and compliments … I’m the same. I’m just like, “You’re so sweet, but let me tell you why that’s not true tbh …”

    And promo comments and really short comments … like how do you even respond to those? Normally I just say “thanks!” or something but that’s so lame — why even bother???

    One thing that comes to mind (for awkward blogging stuff) is when I don’t read someone’s blog for forever and then you come back and you’re like, “Uh, hi? I’m not gonna read the 50+ posts between now and the last time I actually checked my inbox and went through all those posts, but … here I am? What did I miss???” I do this sooooo much. I barely ever read anyone’s blog nowadays.

    I’m only answering one question because I’m exhausted. XD I don’t know … I’m a terrible person … but I’ll forget later … and the post is still fresh on my mind annnnndddddd …… just not gonna keep explaining myself. I was at a sleepover and didn’t actually sleep, so yep. Gonna go to bed now …


  20. aNYWAY great post (as usual) 😀 also don’t ask me for help with dealing with awkwardness because um hello have you read my blog name. like seriously.

    the most awkward is when people say really nice things to you and you’re just like ???? WHAT HAVE I DONE TO DESERVE THIS OMG THANK YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU and the other person is just like haha… ok… it was just a compliment…


    Liked by 1 person

    1. HAHAHAHAA OMG I JUST REALIZED WHAT YOUR BLOG NAME WAS!! I mean, I knew what it was. but… you know… okay you get it.

      OMG YES. I’m like “uhhh who made you this lovely ethereal flower goddess living inside of a human body????” and then get all flustered. but it’s so weird because I’m one of those people always throwing compliments at people and yet… :’)


      Liked by 1 person

  21. With the promo comment I always COMPLETELY ignore the promo and answer the comment as if it wasn’t there lol. I just think it’s quite rude to ask people to follow their blog but I also don’t want to be rude, you know???
    Whenever I get tagged in things I always feel like I need to do the tag but I never get around to doing it! I’ve got like 15 tags I still have to do but I just… never do them?? It’s a bit awkward oops

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes!! If their comment says like “Great post! I really loved it. My blog is [link]”, I’ll probably just say something like “Glad you enjoyed the post!!” hahahaha 😂

      Oh I definitely feel bad that I don’t do tags?? But I just don’t find a lot of them… interesting. Especially when I sometimes get nominated for the same ones, haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha same! Yeah, I feel the same way about tags. Some are fun, but mostly they’re a bit too similar for me. They’re just a bit all the same and not that interesting if you’ve done a couple already.

        Liked by 1 person

  22. what are some awkward blogging interactions you’ve had? add to my list!

    Oddly… I feel like every online interaction I have is awkward? But I think that the worst ones are when like adult men follow my doll blog. Of course, I don’t like REPLY to their comments but it’s still kind if creepy? And then the other one was when a blogger let me know that I had stolen an image and taught me all about how photos that other people make are not free for the taking… It was a long time ago, and I think that was more of a little life lesson. 😛

    have you found yourself in any of these situations?
    OH MY GAWD. I relate to the tag one on so. many. levelssss.
    People are always nominating me (that sounded more braggy than I intended,) and I’m like, I’m sorry but I actually have like the next 5 months of blogging all planned out with posts… I’m afraid I can’t move around my schedule to fit with the versatile blogger award….

    that’s ironic…I don’t think I’m that versatile.

    do you hate promo comments?

    YES. But for me it mostly happens with doll blogs and I KNOW I’M BAD but I usually end up following the small ones with crappy pictures and weird blog designs EVEN THO I DON’T WASTE MY TIME WITH THEM ANYTIME ELSE.

    how do you deal with awkwardness? spill your secrets!!!

    I fight it with all the awkwardness that builds up insideee

    Liked by 1 person

    1. BASICALLY EVERY INTERACTION INVOLVING ME EVER IS AWKWARD. 😂 And omg that’s so weird??? Yeah, I’m like a bookish blog and then I get random old men from auto-repair websites following me… 😂

      OMG SOMEONE WHO GETS ME!!! I’m a huge planner when it comes to my posts (except for recent times… stupid lack of motivation) and I don’t normally leave in a day to do a tag/award?? Or I’m not that interested in doing it????


  23. Omg short comments are the WORST. “I like your blog and I totally relate” WHAT DO I DO WITH THAT?!? “Thanks me too that’s why I wrote it”???
    And I DO. NOT. GET. PROMO COMMENTS. If someone asks you to share your TTT post, fine. But just an “I like your post check out my blog thx bye” is so RUDE. Eugh.
    Replying to comments late is the most awkward thing ever. I’m so bad about that haha! I do love being tagged for things sometimes, but I hardly ever get to them. Oops?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I KNOW EXACTLY!! I mean, usually I just say a “Thank you so much!!” and throw in an emoji, but that’s really all I can say. At least they took the time to comment…? 😂 And yes! Like we all had to self-promote before, but at least try to make it genuine, you know??

      HAHAH I actually just went on a replying-to-comments binge session! There were comments from two weeks ago and I felt so bad. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hahaha that’s so great! Totally genius. I mean, you commented? But at the bare minimum? ME NO COMPRENDO. SOOOOO true. I honestly don’t care if you promote yourself at the end of your comment if, you know, it was a nice comment?? I’ll totally check out your blog if you’re nice.
        Oops! That doesn’t seem too terrible though, haha!

        Liked by 1 person

  24. Compliments are by far THE MOST HARDEST (is that even proper english) replies to reply to because you’re like “thanks I guess” but you’re actually so excited and don’t know how to make that come across without sounding crazy…
    also replying to super old comments is me 99% of the time so like aasdfghjkl I’m not even sure why I’m a blogger at this point hahaha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG YESSSS. Like all I can say is “THANK YOU SO MUCH ;ALDFJALSKDFJ YOU’RE SO SWEET!!” but that doesn’t really convey how grateful I am to be validated like that?? 😂 I’ve been replying to a lot of old comments for the past few hours (IT’S BEEN TWO HOURS SINCE I STARTED AND I STILL HAVE LOTS TO GO OMG) and it’s so awkward??

      Liked by 1 person

  25. I literally once had someone comment just “nice”. Like ok how am I supposed to respond to that? thanks? I ended up responding like, TYVM! OMG You’re so sweet to comment! SELF HOW AWKWARD CAN YOU GET.

    Liked by 1 person

  26. My goodness this all sounds so familiar and had me laughing all the time. [Yay, this sounds awkward because.. NO I WASN’T LAUGHING WITH YOU.]

    I had promo comments. Imagine posting your Top Ten Tuesday, but you changed the whole thing to just posting two letters to two authors as Thanksgiving [instead of the top ten of books you’re thankful for] and then someone goes “Oh! Lovely list! Check out my TTT:”

    I was mad. So mad. I don’t even recall what I replied but I’m pretty sure I pointed it out. :’)

    Tags/awards: yuuup. I just got so tired of those since it’s always the same thing but with a different name? The only ones I still do are the unique ones or if I find some questions in it actual fun to answer. Then I might do them. Or I end up saving them in my drafts to delete them after a month or so.. Happens..

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Omg I’m so glad you were laughing!! That’s always my goal. 😂

      Holy crap, I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED???? I’m so sorry for you, that’s really horrible! I mean, we’ve all had to self-promote before, obviously, but being genuine is what makes the whole difference — and ACTUALLY reading the post.

      Wow, that absolutely sucks.

      And same!! A lot of tags/awards are the same, or I’ve been nominated for them a lot already. Sometimes I’ll do one, if I think they’re fun (or don’t have post ideas), but I don’t normally do one!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha; mission accomplished! You deserve a cupcaaaake! 😀

        IT DID. And I’ve seen it happen a couple of times to other people as well. I might start a black-list or something. I don’t know. SOMETHING. Like “You thought it wouldn’t come and bite you in the ass? It will!” [Okay. No. I might have my mean moments but I’m not THAT mean. I think?]
        I never really self-promoted like that. I always just comment, never leave links to my own posts unless someone asked if anyone has a review on a certain book or something, but that’s another matter entirely.

        Yup! Same here! And if I don’t have any post ideas, I’d rather not post than do the same award for the fifth time, haha. I always feel like those awards/tags don’t have my heart and soul in it. :’)

        Liked by 1 person

  27. why are all of these so me lmaoo
    especially the first and last one, like people will say “haha” on one of my updates on gr and i don’t want to seem like an asshole who doesn’t reply to people but at the same time wtaf do i reply to that???
    the last one was also me bc like everyone always says i’m really funny and nice and i’m like ?????????????????? stop this kindness????????????? Does Not Compute
    but at the same time,,, i’m one of those people who showers everyone with kindness and they just keep going like “THANK YOU <333333333" bc like me they have no idea what else to say lmao

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG SAME. like a lot of the comments I get on relatable/funny status updates are like “I relate!” or “😂😂” and I’m literally just like “uhh glad you could relate!!!!”

      YESYYSYESYYEYSYSYS. I get so flustered with compliments and call them kindness reincarnated or some weird crap like that, but then I’m also someone who likes to fling out compliments to other people & be a sap in general

      Liked by 1 person

  28. I HATE blog tours. Like, I don’t even get them? Other than getting to read a free book, they seem super annoying. So, yeah, if someone posts a lot of them I unfollow them.
    And speaking of unfollowng, I don’t follow book bloggers who ONLY post reviews. It gets super annoying. I don’t read that many reviews, and I want to follow creative people who share all sorts of bookish stuff. Maybe tags, maybe unboxings. But I’d rather hear about writing + book life. If I’m never reading thier posts & deleting emails from their blog ALL the time, I should just unfollow them.

    Also, you are the cutest awkwardest person, ever. You make me laugh so much. And you’re so relatable.
    The MOST awkard part of blogging for me is when people I know comment on my blog. That’s so wierd. I remember this person commenting alot on my blog. It was cool. Then my professor was like, “Hey, you know, that’s me commenting on your blog.” NOOOOOOOO. WHY??????? You’re teaching my classes, I just can’t. Nope. NOPE. But what am I supposed to do???????

    And promo comments, I’m like, um, this blog is for me, thank you very much. So go away. Thank you. Nope, not spamming my followers with you, haha. No, don’t send me another email. It’s not happening.


  29. Haha this is a great post May! And omg I absolutely loved that you commented back to that one person about leaving a genuine comment. I KNOW IT’S AWKWARD BUT THEY LEARNED FROM IT! You should feel proud.

    I honestly have no idea what to do with short comments or promo comments. Usually I just say thanks. And tbh I do appreciate short comments because some people just don’t have all the time, and they genuinely love your blog and always come back, but it’s always hard to think of a reply haha.


  30. My gosh things can get so awkward so fast it’s not even funny. Like I know I’m awkward IRL but I didn’t think this awkwardness would transfer online when I’m blogging *sigh* but I was definitely wrong! I HATE when people promo themselves and add lots of smiley faces and hearts to make it seem like they’re not doing it – like, I know what you’re doing. It just makes you seem worse when you try and cover it up like that *eye-roll* ANYWAY SO RELATABLE *evil laugh* But really, *awkward buddies*

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, same!! Yeah, I’m super awkward irl, but then it just carries into the online world and I just ??? (But most of the time, I just THINK I’m awkward, when I’m really not ahaha.) And yesss exactly!! Like if you have a genuinely kind comment, and then politely ask if they could check out your blog, that’s cool?? But not “Hey great post! Really loved it. Would appreciate if you checked out my blog as well.” *sighs*

      Liked by 1 person

      1. The paranoia gets to me all the time. I can sometimes have an internal debate about whether i should add an extra exclamation point or not because i’m not sure if it would make me seem TOO excited/happy about something or not. Yeah, if it’s a genuine comment, especially from someone that i’ve seen on my blog before, liking my posts or commenting

        Liked by 1 person

  31. omg i swear i have some comments in my spam from like JULY and i didn’t realise so now i’m just…. gonna keep them there because how AWKWARD TO REPLY LIKE 6 MONTHS LATER AND BE LIKE HIIIIIII.

    also tags and awards. I used to LOVE doing them and love getting tagged and I would write down every tag down in my blog journal but now it’s just three pages filled with VARIOUS tags that i’m most likely not going to get to because i’m not interested anymore and it’s such a waste of precious journal pages XD

    ummm I wanted to say something to another point you made but I forgot what it was and I’M TOO LAZY TO SCROLL UP THESE 200 COMMENTS ABOVE MINE

    Liked by 1 person

    1. uhhhh sweetie I think the spam comments get deleted if it’s there for more than a month and you don’t do anything with it, so that’s not possible 🤷🏻

      SAME. I always feel so validated & loved when I’m tagged or nominated but I just ??? don’t want to do them??? a lot of them are the same kinda thing anyways (but my posts are similar to each other so like,,,, what’s the difference)

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh oops i meant the spam comments that i put in the pending folder thing.. you know what i mean??

        lol trueee but i also think tags and awards can be super boring and unless they’re new and super original i probably won’t do them anytime soon! bc they all basically ask the same questions except they have a different underlying theme like Disney! Fall! Superheroes! Tv shows!

        Liked by 1 person

  32. i don’t have a blog (yet, maybe in future?) but honestly i’d like to interact with with people first. But awkward for me cuz, what DO i say?? how to NOT be annoying 101?? is it actually OKAY to comment on posts that were actually posted ONCE UPON A A MILLION YEARS AGO? (okay i’m exaggerating, but rlly tho)



    May I add: when someone comments on your blog and you want to comment back but then you go onto their blog and like,,, they don’t blog about anything you find remotely interesting and you just sit there staring at your screen trying desperately to come up with a genuine comment but like,, I couldn’t even make myself read this post because I don’t care I’m an awful person and then you just close the tab and hope they’ve forgotten about ever commenting on your blog*

    * I have no idea why I changed povs multiple times oh well

    Anyway let’s just,, die of awkwardness together

    Liked by 1 person

    1. OMG OMG YES YES YES. How could I forget that??? Whenever I’m commenting back, I ALWAYS come across someone’s blog that I really can’t form a comment to that well, and I’m like ?? I want to support you too but I can’t ??? and LMAO YES I just end up awkwardly leaving the blog and hoping they’ll comment again and maybe they’ll have a post I can comment on next time 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  34. Bahahah 🤣😂 reply with a gazillion random characters ha. I feel awkward when people like my comments and respond all nice. Like um you’re welcome but you’re probably just being nice so what do I say??! But also love it ha. Except the awkward like this could turn into an iMessage convo if anyone is like me because I could reply forever and ever.
    Awkward blogging moment would be if any of my delirious drafts that make 0 sense got posted when I’m like sleep blog post drafting nonsense
    Or when I tell people the name of my blog after being all stealth then wanna take that back – no, that crazy person isn’t me 🤭but then I am crazier in real life so I’m like jk it is
    And everything I do is awkward. Awkwardly smiling at like inanimate objects


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