Kicking off “Goodbye 2017”: My Favorite (and Least Favorite) Moments of 2017 ft. Me Being Sentimental & Regretful

So if you know me, I like to do things BIG.

I like to scream about things and make a really big deal about stuff that really isn’t that important and also go out with a BANG. So of course, I’ve decided to make a little mini-series for the last two weeks of December (and a bit of January) called Goodbye 2017!!

Yes, I’m very original.

Basically, it’s going to be a mini-series of posts where I wrap up the year of 2017 & get ready for 2018!!

But today, I’m going to be reviewing my favorite (and least favorite) “moments” of 2017. Which will basically consist of me tearing my hair out for two days trying to remember what happened this year, because I remember NOTHING.

THANKFULLY the favorites outnumber the least favorites. (But I probably forgot a lot of things because I have the memory of a vegetable, which is none, because vegetables have no memories.)



  • I started blogging!!!! OBVIOUSLY this is going to be a favorite moment of mine! I started blogging in January (my 1-year blogiversary is coming soon, actually!) and it was one of the BEST decisions in my life. I’ve made so many new friends and discovered so many new books and can’t imagine my life without my online life.
  • I won NaNoWriMo AND finished a novel! This was actually very recent, and it makes me so so happy?? Because last year, I only got 15K words for NaNo and quit my novel, but this time, I reached 50K and FINISHED the novel. This makes me so much more confident as a writer??? I’m not a cabbage who can barely exist??


  • I visited Banff in Canada. And to be completely honest, CANADA IS GORGEOUS. I lo(u)ve it. Moraine Lake is literally one of my most favorite places on this planet (besides my bed and the kitchen) because it is SO. BEAUTIFUL.
  • I WENT TO HARRY POTTER WORLD!!! I’m still reeling over how magical it was?? Like yeah the Butterbeer was a disappointment and the Chocolate Frogs were literally just chocolate, BUT IT WAS AMAZING.


  • I met so many lovely people & made amazing friends! From the internet, of course. I won’t shout them out here because I’m doing that later on, but you know who you are (I’m talking to everyone), I LOVE YOU.
  • Discovering books that have become favorites. This is mostly referring to VICTORIA SCHWAB. I’d never heard of ADSOM or any of her books before I joined the blogging community and this woman is literally THE QUEEN??? I love her books so much.
  • Starting Goodreads! So this is ALSO kind of bad because there is SO much more hate on Goodreads than in the blogging community, but I’ve met amazing people from that website and I’ve discovered so many amazing new books??? Plus, despite not writing ANY OF THEM, I love to review books and roast them!!


  • Discovering another side of myself??? I am DEFINITELY not this loud & annoying & hilarious in real life. But blogging has opened up a whole part of me I didn’t know existed?? (Including my dramatic self.) I’ve also figured a lot of other parts of my identity which is GREAT.
  • I RECEIVED MY FIRST PHYSICAL ARCS!!! And then somehow just didn’t request any more after that. I see all these amazing new books coming out soon and I want to get ARCs of them and I just… don’t request them??

aeor 2 starfish 4 tng 1

  • Getting good grades! Because obviously those are important (tho not something to OBSESS OVER because that’s unhealthy*). I’m REALLY REALLY surprised & happy by this semester’s grades, because uhhh how did I manage to do SO GOOD????
  • IT. SNOWED. For the first time in SEVEN FREAKING YEARS, it snowed???? I literally screamed and started jumping up and down when I found out, because OH MY GOD SNOW WHERE I LIVE??? Unheard of. There wasn’t enough to play with, but I LITERALLY DON’T CARE, IT SNOWED!!!!!!
  • EATING MANGOES. I ate so many mangoes & dried mangoes this year. I think one time I ate half a bag of dried mangoes in one day. I’m healthy, I promise.

* What do I know about healthy hahhaaha.



  • Trump. Controversial topic!! But I, uhh, strongly strongly STRONGLY dislike Donald Trump. At the barest level, our beliefs don’t line up, like at all. But at the extreme? He is DISGUSTING to POC, women, the LGBTQ+ community, Muslims, and others, and some of those are communities I belong to!! He talks about God and government hand in hand, and as an American who does not believe in God at all? I’m not okay with that.*
  • Having Trump as the US president has been a nightmare for me as I hear about stuff I and other Americans strongly disagree with, but is being passed in Congress. I’m sure that many would have felt this way if Hillary had won the election, but when I found out Trump was our president**, I literally felt DEVASTATED and absolutely & totally defeated.
Image result for done with life gif
  • The things he has done as president are things I cannot believe are viewed as “okay” and “constitutional” and are actually supported. I do not & will NEVER support or respect someone who doesn’t respect others’ existence. Truly one of the worst parts of 2017 for me.
  • Getting less sleep. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT LAST YEAR I WAS GETTING 9 TO 10 HOURS OF SLEEP???? That was the dream. Now I’m getting about 7 hours and as someone who NEEDS 10 hours to actually function without being dead… yikes.
  • Procrastinating. This is literally EVERY minute of every day??? So it’s not really a moment but my whole life???? What a scary thought, I have a life???
  • Feeling so so much stress. I feel like this year, the stress & pressure I felt was even worse?? I had more dance, and blogging took up a WHOLE lot of my time. Getting less sleep & procrastinating also contributed to this, and there were many times that I felt SO OVERWHELMED with everything that it was hard to breathe.


  • Reading hate or discrimination. I’ve always gone on Pinterest or something and found pins that make me SO. ANGRY. with the world, but it’s intensified since I’ve become more involved with the online world this year. Like I’ve said, I do not & will never support any person or viewpoint that thinks people “wrong” because of certain parts of their identities. Never.

* I’m not saying that I’m not okay with people who believe in God! I respect all people & the religions they choose to follow. However, I’m NOT okay with Trump (or anyone) including God & religious beliefs in govt. issues, because religion & govt. should be two separate things imo. And because I’m Buddhist and don’t believe in God, I find it unfair to include beliefs that AREN’T MINE into things that concern me.
** Which happened last year but SHHH.

shall we chat

what were YOUR favorite moments of 2017?? and your least favorite moments? are you ready for 2018??? share all your funny stories with me! this post was way too depressing oops. oh and make sure to read the things below too!! 

p.s. speaking of 2017… I got voted in to some 2017 blogging awards and you should TOTALLY GO VOTE FOR ME BECAUSE I NEED VALIDATION!!! you can vote HERE (categories 2 & 3) and also HERE (categories 15 & 22)!! thanks for the validation <33

p.s. if you have any ideas suggestions for me about what to post for “goodbye 2017”, I’d love to hear them!!!

sign off 2.0

150 thoughts on “Kicking off “Goodbye 2017”: My Favorite (and Least Favorite) Moments of 2017 ft. Me Being Sentimental & Regretful

  1. “I’ve always gone on Pinterest or something and found pins that make me SO. ANGRY. with the world, but it’s intensified since I’ve become more involved with the online world this year. Like I’ve said, I do not & will never support any person or viewpoint that thinks people “wrong” because of certain parts of their identities. Never.”
    This literally made my CRY it was so important to me ❤ ❤ ❤ you're so amazing 🙂

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    1. AAGGGGHHHH I’m so happy that it made you happy!!! 😘😘 It’s really important to me as well because I’m marginalized in so many parts of my identity, and to have someone think something is “wrong” or “less” about me because of that is absolutely horrible.

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  2. Wow, I’m the second comment???
    So, yeeah, Trump has been the worst part of 2017. I feel ya, so, so, so much. I grew up in this ultra-conservative religious home. And I’m about ready to throw it all away, because I HATE the politics. These people are so, so discriminatory. I’m not free to say what I believe without getting bashed in the head. >Figuratively. No-one’s actually bashing my head in< And I love my family – I was raised in foster care, and this family chose me and everything. But still, I just can't handle the politics and discrimination.

    Wow, that was long. And kind of sad. Thinking of something better.
    Yes, snow!!!!!! I was so happy to get snow! It snowed the last day of my college classes, and that was super exciting and happy.

    I also finished the first draft of my novel in May & that was fantastic! I can't wait to write more in 2018!

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    1. Oh, yes, I totally agree!! My family isn’t that conservative (tho I do live in Texas surrounded by so many conservatives), but it still frustrates me that people would choose a president so is HORRIBLY DISGUSTING to different people??? And I can’t believe most of Congress & the Supreme Court don’t see his acts as unconstitutional.

      SNOW MAKES ME SO HAPPY!! Especially because I see it like, zero times a year?? 😂 And omg congrats on finishing the first draft of your novel!!! THAT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. ❤

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      1. Yeah, I don’t know how he’s getting away with SO much.
        My family lives in Northeast Texas, and I know so many conservatives. I’m in town for winter break, and I’ve had so many people chatter about Fake News while I’m getting my hair done or sitting at the doctors.
        My college isn’t exactly in a liberal part of the country, but it’s definitely more progressive than Texas. Makes me super happy I’m going to school out of state. 🙂

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        1. Oh, I’m in Central Texas, near Austin!! So we have the conservatives, but we also have the liberals. (Tho more conservatives haha.)

          And I wish I could go to college out of state, but it’s so expensive??? I’d love to go to UT because it’s the best in Texas, and it’s near enough to home that I’ll be near my parents if they need me. 💜

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  3. I’m there with ya on the 7 hours of sleep thing. I get it most nights…. ha.. ha.. ha
    Anyway, I think you had a pretty good year! Of course Trump was a negative for, like everyone in the world, but you finished a book and started blogging so I guess that makes up for it. Almost?

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  4. Oh my goodness, 2017 was the BEST year of my life. I have a whole 5k post coming up about it, heh heh.

    Eeek, sounds like you had an AMAZING 2017, May! I hope 2018 tops it by far, making it your best. year. ever. because you deserve it! ❤

    Ooh, ideas! I love giving ideas. Can I ask a question, though? What *is* "Goodbye 2017"? Forgive me if you already said what it was about. I'm only the most clueless doofus in the world. 😇


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    1. Ooh, I’m looking forward to reading that post then! 😉 And OMGGG YOU’RE TOO SWEET THANK YOOOU. ❤ I hope you have an amazing 2018 as well!!

      UGH. *facepalms* I've edited the post to add in a bit of what Goodbye 2017 is, but it's basically a mini-series where I wrap up the year & write posts for 2018. 😂 BUT THANK YOU FOR OFFERING TO GIVE IDEAS!! *whispers* I need them.

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      1. I hope you’ll be able to survive it — IT’S LONG. 😂😂

        Ohhh, okay! That sounds so awesome! I had a mini brainstorming session and here’s some idears…

        • 2018 goals
        • a letter to your future 2018 self
        • a time capsule of your favorite aesthetic images, poetry, interests of 2017, etc to see if your interests change by the time 2018 is over
        • your entire 2018 TBR
        • places you want to go to in 2018
        • 2018 blogging goals
        • well I thought I had more ideas but I don’t XD

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  5. Its strange that even though I’m in the UK, Trump has made me lose so much hope. i thought this world was getting better. i thought we were moving forward. and then? he was elected and everything went wrong from there. and no, i’m not going to “accept” it. i’m going to express my disagreement with it as much as possible because i am not okay with how the world is being run. im just…SIGH. Trump was the worst part of this year for me.

    MOVING ON TO HAPPY THINGS! launching A Whisper Of Ink. The Typewriter Project. The Scribbler’s challenge. WINNING NANOWRIMO OMIGOSH ASDFGHJKLKJHGFDSASDFGHJKL. meeeting youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu may i love you so muchhh um. my existence. people telling me writing is good. WordPress replying to my tweets. ju talking about lollipop sticks and not finding a bin and chewing it randomly while you rant.

    and IDEAS for goodbye 2017. well yes you’ve already got favourite blogs/bloggers. GOALS FOR 2018! what this year of blogging has taught me? what im doing to celebrate? who shall know im just throwing ideas out here x

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    1. ugh yessss. I mean, I’m sure some Americans would be outraged if Hillary had won but honestly?? I really DO NOT see how someone so discriminatory could be elected. like yes, we have differing beliefs on “smaller” matters, but I can’t believe more Americans voted for someone so hateful towards groups of people who have already been so oppressed.

      OH YES I FORGOT ABOUT THE TYPEWRITER PROJECT THAT WAS SO MUCH FUN!!! and Scribbler’s… let’s not talk about that… and oh my god shut up I love you too you little binch ❤

      NO. I'M NOT DOING FAVORITE BLOG(GER)S. I just can't gal;skdjflaksdjfa. and hmm maybe what the year of blogging has taught me?? but I might do some bloggy post like that for my blogiversary so fjalds;kfjlasd. I'll ask on Hangouts too but do you think a gift haul would be cool??? jdfl;akjdsf why is this so STRESSFUL


      1. I MEAN ITS LIKE HILLARY WASN’T AS BAD AS TRUMP OKAY. I’m gladdddd 1) I dont live in America 2)I’m not old enough to vote.


        I’m crying now. Might unfollow bc you are not doing favourite bloggers. Why. I sad. YES A GIFT HAUL WOULD BE COOL (plus OUR secret santat gifts) and what you bought for your family and friends maybeee????????????????? LIFE IS LE STRESS

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  6. This is such a great post, May, and I loved reading this and hearing about all the positive things that happened to you this year ❤ Blogging wouldn't be the same without you and I can hardly believe it's only been a year, I feel like it's been forever haha (in a good way, not in a way I'm-sick-of-seeing-you, I can never get enough of your amazing posts and awesomeness!). And congratulations on finishing a book, what an awesome accomplishment, I am so, so, SO proud of you. Can't wait to read it someday 😀 I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling stressed this year, though… I'm with you on that. this year has been awful for my stress as well.
    Hope you're having a great end of the year, May!! ❤

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    1. OMGGG MARIEEE YOU’RE TOO SWEET JALDFJALSD. 💕💕💕 I definitely would not have loved blogging as much if it weren’t for you!! You’ve been here for me the whole time and I just a;ldskfjalskdf. ❤ THANK YOU SO MUCH & congrats to you for finishing your WIP as well!!! Oh yes, 2017 (and probably other years to come) has been heavy on the stress, but hopefully in the new year it'll be better. ❤

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      1. Awwww, and I will ALWAYS be here. Seriously I’m just glad you’re not sick of me yet hahaha 😛 ❤ ❤
        I hope that the new year will be better ; and know that I'm always here if you need to rant or talk about anything ❤

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  7. My favorite moments? Certainly when I began blogging. I never believed I would love it so much! My least favorite? My son struggling at school while he works so much!

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  8. This year was definitely… an interesting year. And I’m glad you have accomplished a lot. I myself have almost finished my story.

    My myself am not very fond of Trump, either. Or Hillary, in fact. Unfortunately, one of them had to win. But whatever, he’s #notmypresident. Literally. ‘Cause I’m not American xD

    But jokes aside, I also don’t like him talking about God despite being a Christian. Why? Because he’s not a Christian. He says and does a bunch of nonsense and then randomly draws the Christian card just to get some people on his side. >.< However, I don't dislike people who support him. I definitely don't understand them and I guess I don't because I never really asked xD

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    1. Ohh, good luck on finishing your story!! I’M POSITIVE YOU CAN DO IT. 💕

      Ahahah, he’s #notmypresident no matter what country I’m in. 😂 Oh hmm, I thought he was Presbyterian?? I’m not familiar with the different “branches” of Christianity tho (if that’s what you call it). And I definitely don’t dislike people who support Trump — UNLESS they are blatantly discriminatory & hateful towards other people. :/ But I 100% agree with not really understanding why they support him!


  9. Wow, no snow for seven years! That’s a long time… I guess I assumed it snowed more there, because coincidentally, the only time I ever went to Texas, was seven years ago, and there was snow. Obviously I realize Texas is big, and it could snow in some areas and not others, but I just found that sort of funny.

    One of my favourite moments of 2017 was definitely starting my blog… and actually, probably going to Harry Potter World…

    And yes, Trump is so awful. He’s definitely been one of the worst parts of this year, I think for most of us. Honestly I’m just so glad I’m not in the US right now, but I have a lot of friends there, so I’m really feeling for them.

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    1. Ahahah, yeah, other parts of Texas have gotten snow a lot more than where I live!! Texas is pretty big. 😳 And omg you’re just like me! Starting my blog & going to HP world were my definite highlights of 2017. 😊

      Oh yes, I totally agree! And well, apparently he’s not the worst for a lot of people, considering the majority of America voted for him?? 😒 And the worst part about it is that even people outside of the US are affected by his actions!

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  10. Trump tho. -______- I’m a Christian myself (as you know) and even I so disgusted by his lack of love and self-control — he doesn’t act out his faith, in all honesty. Ugh. But hey! At least, his actions have brought a lot of people out of their shells to stand up to him.

    I’M SO GLAD YOU STARTED BLOGGING AND I’M SO PROUD OF YOU LOVE ❤️ and woooo go you finishing novels !! !!! 🎉 ilysmm and I’m so glad we got to know each other you crazy potato chips person

    ummm my 2017 was kind of weird! It was a combination of like really good and also horribly bad. So. Ahem. *finger guns* *runs away*

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    1. I’m SO DONE with Trump. like, sure, have your own beliefs & I’ll have my own, but don’t be discriminatory towards women, the LGBTQ+ community, Muslims, and more??

      a;lfjlsadjsfja I’M SO GLAD I STARTED BLOGGING AS WELL. I can’t wait for you to start blogging again in… another year. 😭😭 but ily toooooo crazy princess dude ❤

      oh nooo, what was horribly bad? I'm always here to listen if you need me to ❤

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      1. Yes! Like, it’s totally okay to disagree and he doesn’t have to support people who go against his beliefs, but ranting and hate speech-in and suppressing rights of people who just have different SKIN COLORS OR RELIGIONS OR WHATEVER IT IS IS JUST AHHH I could rant forever lol.

        AJSKFKJ YOU’RE SO SWEET ❤️ and meh it’s mostly sucky mental health stuff I’ve been going through recently. . . I’m still figuring it out rn (or not — honestly who knows at this point lol) but I’ll explain it to you probably in the next year or so if I can 💕 ilysssm!!

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        1. EXACTLY. there’s been so much he’s done that actively takes away the rights of marginalized people and like, no!! you may not agree with those people or whatever, but hate speech is NOT an opinion!!

          aww, I’m so sorry, Sarah! and don’t feel pressured to tell me — I’m here for support & that doesn’t necessarily mean I need to know what’s going on 💜💜

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  11. I love yearly ‘wrap up posts’ like these! Really enjoyed reading about your favourite moments of the year May😊 As for the least favourites, let’s hope it’s all much better next year! If only that could work with Trump😂 My, oh my, ain’t he horrible? I’ve never hated an important figure as much as I hate him. And I don’t even live in America!

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  12. I love this idea for a series May, and I loved this post as well. It seems like for the most part you had a great 2017, obviously you starting blogging is something incredible because it means I got to meet you through WordPress. ❤ Also I started Goodreads this year as well, so that was an achievement for me, and completing NaNo as well. I think it's great you managed to reach 50K words, especially considering before starting you were only going to do half that right? 😀
    I suppose every year has it's downsides as well, getting less sleep and procrastinating will probably be on my list as well (although I actually feel like they'd be on my list every single year!)
    Great post, and I hope 2018 will be a much better year for you May! 😀 ❤

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    1. Yeah, I really had a great 2017!! I was introduced to so many now-important parts of my life haha. And yesss I’m so glad I started blogging & met you!! ❤ And omg I'M SO PROUD OF YOU FOR HITTING 50K & ALSO STARTING TO WRITE AGAIN! I feel honored that I had a part in inspiring you to do that. 😊😘

      Oh yes, little sleep & procrastination will always be on my list, unfortunately! 😂 And I hope you have an amazing 2018 as well, Beth! ❤

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  13. what were YOUR favorite moments of 2017??:
    Uh … let me see. I published a couple books and wrote some and got my driver’s license and got a job … okay, I thought I was gonna be SUPER negative about 2017, but I guess not??? It wasn’t as bad as I’ve been thinking … huh. *shrugs*

    and your least favorite moments?:
    Ugh … I don’t know? Not a lot, to be honest. It annoys me that I didn’t get much done in the summer — and that I picked up some bad habits as far as procrastination and time-wasting go — but yep. Other than that, I can’t think of anything? It’s actually be okay …

    are you ready for 2018?:

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    1. WHATTTT?? I didn’t know you got your driver’s license!! OMG THAT’S AMAZINGGGG. ❤ (Or maybe I did know that, but I forgot…) And yeah, that was me too??? I thought 2017 was going to be bad but it wasn't AS bad as I'd thought

      Oh yes, I've DEFINITELY become an even worse procrastinator. 😂 I've become so… lazy too??? Ugh. Hope that'll change in 2018!!

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      1. YES, I DID! I mean, it’s kind of a right of passage in our home, so I had no choice as soon as I turned 16. 😉 Not that I didn’t want to, haha. Yes, 2017 wasn’t too bad! I mean, it had low points, but also high points?

        Yes, I have as well. I feel like I get very little done except, y’know, writing and blogging and stuff. I need to do some life stuff in 2018 … xD

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  14. I’m glad there were so many happy things that happened in your 2017!❤️ *cheers for you* *claps* I’ve been blogging for more than just this year, but I started following and commenting on blogs this year, so that made the whole blogging experience 1000000x better!

    For my least favorite moments, I’d have to agree with a lot of yours. coughALLOFTHEMcough This has just been such a stressful year! SO much school. Too much school. *remembers that I want to go to college*😂 Anyywayy, great post, May!

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    1. I’m glad there were good things in 2017 too!! And omg yes, I’m glad you started commenting on blogs — it really does make blogging so much more fun. 😊

      Hahaha WAS THAT SHADE AT TRUMP I SEE?? 😂 And it really has been so stressful! I hope it’ll get better, but probably not… 🙈

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  15. firstly, i’d like to refute the claim that ‘vegetables’ dont have memory bc thats really mean of you to say okay potatoes are doing their best give them some credit

    can you imagine what would have happened if you didn’t join gr and didn’t comment on my ODD review wow this is wild

    and for the new year can we have goals like….maybe….eating less mangoes??? thats a start.

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  16. I loved this post!
    I’m glad you joined the blogging community this year, May, because I have genuinely enjoyed reading your posts!
    I have to admit I don’t know very much about Trump, since I’m Australian and Australia has enough of its own problems without worrying about the USA’s, but the things I’ve heard about him do not win me to his side. However, I do feel the need to point out that even if he SAYS he is a Christian, he does not act like one. His views don’t match the Bible and it upsets me that he pretends/thinks that they do.
    Anyway, this is a cool post and I’m proud of everything you achieved this year. Especially finishing your novel, that’s an amazing thing! I can’t wait to see your goals for 2018

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    1. AWW you’re so sweet tysm!! 💜
      I’m so happy to have started blogging as well. 😊

      Yeah, a lot of people I’ve talked to said he doesn’t act like a Christian either. But I guess many people have different views on Christianity…? Sorry, I don’t know much about it. 🙈



  17. I think it’s so amazing that you feel like you’ve discovered new parts of yourself through blogging, because I can totally relate to that! 😄 Something about being able to sit down and let your thoughts spill out of you creates the perfect segue to you discovering more of your character 😊 For me, having an excuse to spend more time thinking and writing about a book or another type of story allowed me to discover and solidify so many beliefs and ideas that I didn’t realize were just floating around inside me. I hope you can find out even more about yourself in the upcoming year through blogging! 😊📚

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    1. Aw yes, exactly!! I just feel like a different person when I write posts & interact with other bloggers (which is both a good and bad thing 😂). And yes, same! I’ve learned more about my own identity and questioned other things, all from the internet & meeting other people. THANK YOOOU!! ❤

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  18. hey kiddo, ummmmm i’m pretty sure i was in a coma for all of 2017 and im??? not really sure what happened??? all i know is i ate a lot of candy and cried a lot to cope tbh???
    i’m glad someone (you) actually knew what was going on in their life during the trashfire that was 2017

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  19. yes omg I lOVE VICTORIA SCHWAB SO MUCH. AND CONGRATULATIONS ON FINISHING YOUR NOVEL I HOPE THE NEW YEAR BRINGS MORE WRITING AND LESS STRESS AND MORE ILLUMINATION FOR YOU. getting good grades is so important and I’ve been, slacking???? I completely did a 360 flip in the subjects that I chose for highschool and it’s kind of taken a toll on me. ALSO ARCS OMG CONGRATULATIONS I also want. also mangoes??? like, yessss I love mangoes, but I don’t think we have dried mangoes available where I live, though they do seem interesting.

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    1. Victoria Schwab is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! 😍 And omg THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE TOO KIND TO ME!!! ❤ Aww, sorry you haven't been getting the best of grades, but I hope everything gets better in the new year! YES. MANGOES ARE AMAZING. And um excuse me??? I need to get you dried mangoes ASAP, you're being deprived of absolute heaven.


  20. I only just discovered your blog last week and i gotta say, I LOVE IT !!

    I’m glad you had more good things than bad things in your life this year and i can see myself in some of the things you mentioned! Like making so many new friends (seriously i love them to pieces) and discovering new favourite books. ALSO!! Shades of Magic is one of my favourite series of all times, I’m just 😍😍
    I also got approved for physical arcs for the first time ever and as an intl blogger from a country don’t people know exists THAT’S HUGE!!!

    The whole Trump ordeal is horrifying, like I’m not even a US citizen and he still give me nightmares and i gotta agree that govt. and religion have to be separate and I say that as someone who’s religious. I just think that govt. should be neutral and respect everyone’s beliefs and the first step to doing that is by not including ANY religion in it.

    Anyway, i feel like I’m rambling so I’ll bow out of here 😂

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    1. ALDSFKJALSD I’m so glad you like my blog!! 🤣

      Omg yesss the friends I’ve made online are absolutely amazing??? (Not really,,, in real life,,, oops.) And YES. The Shades of Magic trilogy is one of my favorites ever aj;lfdajsd. 😍 And omg congrats on the physical ARCs!! If you don’t mind me asking, what country are you from?

      Ugh, I’m just so tired of him being so discriminatory??? Like have your own beliefs, of course, but don’t go hating on other people! And yes, exactly! Everyone follows a different religion (or none at all) so one religion shouldn’t be used in government.


      1. Of course i do!! It’s so aesthetically pleasing 😍

        Thank youuu!! I honestly couldn’t believe it when the publisher actually emailed back 😅 I’m from Morocco it’s the most western country in North Africa (just in case you didn’t know where it was 🙈)

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          1. Aaah thank you ❤❤

            You’d be surprised the type of nonsense and wild questions i get from people. As an exemple, i had made a post about Morocco a while back and someone @ed me on twitter asking “i love the post but didn’t you mention camels anywhere?”

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  21. MAYYYYY IT SOUNDS LIKE YOU HAD A GOOD 2017!! which I’m glad for :)) I mean yes there were bumps (trump being a major issue) but it’s all great in the end, right?

    I REACHED MY ONE-YEAR BLOGIVERSARY A FEW DAYS BACK!! eep I’m so happy it doesn’t even feel like I’ve been blogging for a whole year?? but I’m so so glad I started because I’ve met so many great people and learnt so many great things and read so many great books!! 2017 was, overall, great (and definitely much better than 2016 haha).

    ALSO THE SCRIBBLER’S CHALLENGE WAS ONE OF THE BEST PARTS OF THE YEAR FOR ME!! I wrote so much in that month thank youuuu for starting such a great project :’)

    the best part of the year, for me, is probably the amazing friends I made. Online, and irl, both – I’m just surrounded by super great, super nice, and super supportive people (like you!) who are just so amazing sksksksksksk.

    basically 2017 was awesome and you are awesome k thanks bye

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    1. I KNOW RIGHT??? I feel like I was supposed to hate 2017 but besides Trump & a lot of what he did, it wasn’t ALL that bad…?

      OMG CONGRATS ON ONE YEAR OF BLOGGING THAT’S AMAZING YOU SMOL BEAN!!! 💖💖 and yes, starting blogging was one of the best decisions of my life?? so many amazing people & books have been discovered from it ahahaha. bro can we just,,, ignore 2016

      omg fjlskfjlks THANK YOU SO MUCH I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!! ❤

      oh yes, same! I haven't really made that many new friends irl, but DEFINITELY online that I talk to a whole lot!! and Aris. STOP. YOU'RE MAKING ME BLUSH YOU'RE AMAZING TOOOOO ❤

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  22. Eeepp!! Great job on all those AMAZING things you did!

    I just realized how long it’s been since I commented on a blog and now I’m embarrassed. -_- That is definitely one of my goals for 2018: COMMENT ON MORE BLOGS!!!

    I am a Christian but very strongly agree with everything you said about Trump and religion in the government. I think America would have been devastated if Trump OR Hilary had won because I find them both equally horrible people, and not fit to lead our country. I say we go back in time and get Washington back in business. XD

    2017 was pretty great for me!! I had a lot of fun this year and I’m SUPER glad that you did too. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AGHG thank you so much Anika!! ❤ And nooo, it's fine! Tho commenting on more blogs is a great goal. 😉

      I'd 100% take Hillary over Trump, but of course not everyone thinks that! And yeah, neither are the SUPREME candidates (I personally will always LOVE Obama), but I really do think we're taking a step back with Trump. :/

      I'm glad you had fun during 2017 & I hope you have even more in 2018!! ❤

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  23. I feel for you about Trump. Even though I don’t like in the USA, I was infuriated and devastated when he was chosen as president. I ABSOLUTELY HATE HIM. I honestly don’t know why people voted for him.

    I can’t wait for the rest of Goodbye 2017!

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  24. I’m looking forward to the rest of this series. I agree with you fully on the Trump thing and get the 7 hours sleep and stress parts. My stress levels have been high all year and I’m taking the holidays to de-stress (hopefully) before 2018!
    ~Emily xo

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  25. Urgh Trump was one of the worst parts of my year too, and I don’t even live in America so I’m probably blissfully unaware of half of what he’s been doing… Tbh it feels like the world is going crazy lately, I basically run away whenever the news comes on because I CAN’T DEAL WITH THESE LEVELS OF CRAZY

    But it sounds like you had a pretty good year overall! I started blogging this year too, and like you I’ve discovered hidden parts of myself through blogging! I’m definitely nowhere near as chatty and wacky in real life as I am in the blogging world XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I AGREEEE. Trump was & will continue to be the worst part of my year, I think! And yeah, totally. The world’s so messed up and I don’t know how we got here. 😭

      Ah, thank youuu!! And yes, isn’t it amazing that we can find new parts of ourselves through blogging??? AND SAME. I’m not nearly as loud & obnoxious irl as I am on the blog. 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  26. Hi May!
    I live in Canada, but this year is also the first year I visited Banff. Yes Morraine Lake was gorgeous and I was amazed at how blue the water was 🙂 I am glad to have discovered VE Schwab this year as well!

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  27. Maybe I shouldn’t say anything because chances are you’ll all jump on me, but I don’t understand how people can wish someone had been elected who was hugely promotional for murder of children. Yes, I mean Hillary. Trump is NOT a good person and it’s creepy he’s the president, but at least he is not seeking opportunities to promote murdering unborn babies.
    It’s almost funny how people can talk so much about how important it is not to discriminate and them make mean comments about how awful all conservatives are. You see what I mean? “You can’t tell anyone what they should believe, because they make their own rules about right and wrong–you better not do it because it’s wrong!” That is not good logic.

    Liked by 1 person

  28. Hello, Sam. Let’s get this out of the way first: none of us are going to change each other’s opinions, only explain our own. That being said, let me explain one thing that you got wrong: pro-choice is not pro-abortion. Common sense, yeah? No one who is pro-choice is pro-abortion, and that’s a huge mistake many people make. We support the choice to have an abortion, but not necessarily the action itself.

    If you’re white, straight, Christian, and/or male, you do not know what it is like to be oppressed. PoC face racism, LGBTQIAP+ people face homophobia, Muslims face xenophobia, and women face sexism. Trump is someone who targets ALL of those people, and as someone who belongs to a majority of those marginalized groups, Trump is basically targeting me. But I mean, if all you saw from this post reflecting about how the year went was a few statements about how I don’t & will never support Trump, perhaps you’re a little too blind to see discrimination?

    And yes, liberals can be rude to conservatives. But conservatives are just as rude to liberals, so let’s not say who’s the better one here, yeah?

    I’m honestly not mad, or frustrated, just kind of sorry for you that you can’t see how Trump is hateful & discriminatory towards people. I hope you one day realize how hurtful you are to support Trump over Hillary (who I’m not saying is a good choice either) and therefore stand against all the people Trump thinks are below him. Wishing you better ethics! 😘


    1. I’m a girl. And I’m sorry if you thought that was all I saw in your post–I think it was a fun post and I enjoyed reading it. But, I mean, it says right there “The Mango Queen demands your opinions”. That is my opinion, and I’m sorry we don’t agree but I’m glad you aren’t mad at me. I understand how you feel about being “targeted” because I feel the same way.


  29. Can I say that your good parts of the year are really good? I think they’re ❤ And I totally get you on procrastinating, since I did it too 😂 And I get the difference between real life and the blogger life. I'm totally more cheerful with people here and not in real life. But I'm slowely starting to get both parts together.
    And why people don't like Goodreads? I think is great. Like, sometimes is a mess, just like sometims it's the book community and that's kinda normal.

    And Trump is bad. Period. There's no way people can flip this point. And if they don't see they're clearly ignorant, they don't care or are just like Trump. Other period. Sorry, I'm so pissed about this and I'm ready to fight 😂 I'm kinda anxious to know that people in my country would have voted for him 😰


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