Goodbye 2017: My Accomplishments (and Non-Accomplishments) of 2017 // Judging Whether or Not I Did Worthwhile Things!

In order to make myself feel like I’m not entirely useless, I have to look at everything I accomplished.

But I also have to look at everything I DIDN’T accomplish??? So that kind of cancels each other out because I’m stupid. BUT STILL. I can’t just be all optimistic because then I wouldn’t be very realistic. Also who is May without negativity.

Today I’m talking about some things I accomplished in 2017… and things I DIDN’T accomplish. I’m actually really surprised by all the things I achieved this year??? Like I thought I’d be a rotten cabbage* who sat around and did nothing except eat obsessively, but APPARENTLY NOT! Fortunately.

Also I probably accomplished more but yo you know what one of my non-accomplishments is?? NOT REMEMBERING THINGS.

This is the second installment in my “Goodbye 2017” series! You can read the first post HERE.

*I hate cabbage.



  • I started a blog! Obviously this is #1 on this list because… would this list exist without the blog?? No. But seriously, starting this blog has introduced me to SO many things—another part of my life (I’m dramatic, I know), lovely friends, amazing books—and for once in my life, I actually did something RIGHT.
  • I hit 1K followers on said blog! UM THIS IS HUGE TO ME AND I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT HAPPENED???? I’m currently somewhere around 1050 followers and for someone who hasn’t even blogging for a year yet?? THAT’S INSANE. (I also can’t fathom that I’m what many call a “big blogger”. Like no, what are you talking about, I’m still weak & puny??)
  • I finished writing my first novel ever!!! THIS IS REALLY AMAZING TO ME, because I thought I’d finish writing a novel in like,,, 5 years. But noooo, in addition to winning NaNoWriMo, I also wrote & completed a novel! I mean it’s trash but still.


  • I won a writing contest! And yesterday I finally got mailed my check for $150 (!!!) and I’m also receiving an EDITORIAL REVIEW ON MY WORK FROM AN ACTUAL EDITOR (!!!!!!). This was actually my second year winning* so that’s exciting!!!
  • I kept my grades up… like A LOT. Okay so I don’t remember my grades from earlier this year (that would be very obsessive??). But I DO remember my grades from this semester and I’M SHOOK that I’ve kept them up this well??? Who am I????
  • I wrote so much poetry! Last year, I didn’t write a lot of poetry, mostly because I didn’t have the time nor the motivation nor the inspiration. BUT THIS YEAR, THAT’S CHANGED! And I’m (somewhat) proud of a lot of what I’ve written so that’s great.


  • I read at least 95 books. I say this because my goal for 2017 was IS 100 books. But I’ve only hit 95 books and the end of December is coming up very quickly!!! I WILL DO ANYTHING TO HIT THAT 100 THO. And prove all the haters (Ilsa) wrong.
  • I got my first (physical) ARCs!! My first ARCs happened to be physical, and I recognize that I’m very privileged to have that opportunity (which makes the accomplishment all the more sweeter!). All my love goes to international readers whose access to ARCs is becoming even more limited. <333
  • I hosted a writing challenge project thing! And it kind of flopped because I still have feedback to send to people… after 5 months… I KNOW. I SUCK. I KNOW. I KNOW. But it was still super fun! I might do this again, but I’ll have to do lots of things differently because it was sooo stressful for me (and others).

  • I have improved SO much in graphic design. I’m not even going to show you what my designs were like when I first started blogging, because they’re HIDEOUS. If it weren’t for my obsession of seeing how far I’ve come & reminding myself that I’M NOT A COMPLETE FAILURE, they’d all be deleted.

*Am I entering in 2018? Yes. Am I that desperate for money obnoxious? Yes.



  • I DIDN’T GO TO A CERTAIN BOOK FESTIVAL. I’ve been so salty about this and if you’ve been around for long enough, you’ve probably heard me ranting, but I was supposed to go to the book festival (hosting the writing contest I talked about) to meet all these amazing YA authors like MARIE LU*??? And Mackenzi Lee?? And Adam Silvera???? BUT I DIDN’T. AND I’M SALTY FOREVER.
  • I didn’t read all the books I wanted to. I think this is a non-accomplishment for literally… everyone?? Unless you’ve somehow defeated your TBR, in which case, TELL ME HOW. I’ll be talking about the books I didn’t get around to reading NEXT YEAR in my 2017 reading wrap-up post!!
  • I didn’t go outside a lot. Okay what am I talking about this is a great accomplishment, nature is for the weak. Stay inside, kids, scary predators like fLiEs** are out there!!!
Image result for flies gif
  • I didn’t improve my flexibility. I mean, I still have my right & left splits (THANK GOD), but other things aren’t getting any better!! My middle splits aren’t closer to being a 180-degree line (I’m sorry to all the unflexible people) BUT I WANT THEM TO.
  • I didn’t make any aesthetic boards on Pinterest??? Uhhh I think May has been abducted or something because NO AESTHETICS? WHO IS THIS PERSON. No but I didn’t make any storyboards or character aesthetics and I’m shook. I thought this was the one thing I’d be addicted to but aPPARENTLY NOT. (Thankfully.)
  • I didn’t see Hamilton. I mean,, this wasn’t one of the things I was ACTUALLY planning to do, but I didn’t do it and I’m very disappointed okay??
LOOK AT MY BABIES ON BROADWAY because I didn’t get to
  • I didn’t drink NEARLY enough water as I’d wanted to. Bro I literally take one sip of water a day and I’m completely fine??? EXCEPT I’M NOT FINE. THAT’S BAD. I’m supposed to be getting like 8 cups a day and I get like… 1/100 of cup a day.

*If y’all didn’t know this, Marie is one of my favorite authors so I’m especially salty!! AND. I was at the festival in 2016, but the line was too long for Leigh Bardugo (another HUGE HUGE HUGE favorite of mine) and my parents made me leave!!!
**If you wanted to scare me (but you would never, right??), you could find a fly and make it fly around me, and I WILL SCREAM & RUN AWAY & BECOME VIRAL ON YOUTUBE. Those things are devils, I swear.

shall we chat

what things did y’all accomplish in 2017?? and what DIDN’T you accomplish? anything you want to achieve in 2018? how many books did you read? can you do the splits? do you drink a lot of water? and DO YOU LIKE HAMILTON??? (if you haven’t listened to it, better get on it honey)

sign off 2.0

83 thoughts on “Goodbye 2017: My Accomplishments (and Non-Accomplishments) of 2017 // Judging Whether or Not I Did Worthwhile Things!

  1. Ok, not for an actual comment & not just envying Ilsa.
    Ah, I didn’t see Hamilton either! Or go to the Book festival & meet Angie Thomas. And I could have, except I promised my best friend to go to her boyfriend’s soccer championship game. So, friends over books?
    Oh, your writing challenge sounds so cool! If you do another one, I want to join!
    You did so much this year! I also failed at drinking water. But that’s the story of my life. So, you know, we’ll die of thirst together, haha. Not really, but you knows.

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    1. Ahaha, I was going to go to another book festival with a friend but then she bailed out on me. 😂 And aahh thank you so much!!! 💜

      YESS it’s literally impossible for me to remember to drink water?? Hopefully that’ll change in 2018. 👀


  2. I sort of feel like I didn’t accomplish all that much this year… I suppose I started my blog, and I read a lot of books, but I feel like I didn’t get around to reading most of the books I wanted to read.
    I get why you are frustrated about not getting to go to that festival… I’m reading Champion for the first time, and I’m loving it! I’m also so nervous, because I love the characters, and I don’t think I can stand it if anyone of them die. And of course someone’s going to die. I just know it.

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    1. Aw no, I totally get you!! I definitely didn’t read as many of the books I’s wanted to this year. But hey, there are other parts of our lives that we excelled at, right? 😊

      And oh god, Champion BROKE. MY. HEART. I still cry a little inside over it. 😭 Good luck surviving!! 😂

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  3. omg yas first comment. WHOOP WHOOP.

    YOUR POETRY IS SO BEAUTIFUL WHAT THE HECK CAN YOU PLEASE PUT SOME SORT OF CONTENT WARNING LIKE “BINCH THIS IS BEAUTIFUL ONLY READ IF YOUR BODY CAN HANDLE” LIKE EXCUSE ME ITS TOO GOOD. I LOVE IT. I love the last poem so much because relatable. But your writing is so elegant and flowery and soft and i love it so much.

    okay moving on you GOT THE CHECK. Like excuseeeee meeeeeeeeeee I AM JEALOUS. If you need any recommendations, suggestions or like people to give some free books to, hit me up k? THANKSSSSSSSSSSSSS. But no really tell me all the book your gonna buy you lucky wonderful amazing smol creature. k?

    and yesss for starting a blog. i’m glad i got to know you but also regret it but also don’t. JUST KIDDING ILY. And YES for 1000 followers!! It took me 6789876 years to get there but i guess you just break all the rules, huh? my grades suck how are you so smart. :(((((((((

    and well done for not going outside. i’m proud of you bby.

    what things did y’all accomplish in 2017?? –> binch please i just wrote a post on this okay.

    and what DIDN’T you accomplish? —um. going to harry potter world and you know whyyy.

    anything you want to achieve in 2018? –> being in the acknowledgements of a book? or like somewhere in a book?

    how many books did you read? — 113. GO MEE!!

    can you do the splits? –> STOP ATTAcking mE

    do you drink a lot of water? –> YEAH I HAVE A WATER Bottle RIGHT NEXT To MEEEEEE! #winning
    and DO YOU LIKE HAMILTON??? (if you haven’t listened to it, better get on it honey) –> dude.

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    1. actually no, this is not the third comment


      and yes I’m so excited!!! my mom still has to exchange the check for actual money (since all the banks were closed) but I’m still excited! uhhh I have no idea what books I’m getting but I know I want to save a lot of the $150 bc I doN’T KNOW WHERE LAST YEAR’S PRIZE MONEY WENT JFKDSJFKSD

      hmmmmm so are you really glad you met me or not. and shh idk how long it took you to get to 1K but it doesn’t matter ❤ and dude I'm sure your grades don't suck!!! like I'm legit wondering how this happened (which makes it sound even worse) bc oh my GOD were my grades good this semester (I'm modest, I know)

      and you'll be in the acknowledgements of a book exactly how???


      pls listen to hamilton 😦 I'll love you if you do




    MAY. MAY. WHO ON THIS EARTH READ ALL THE BOOKS THAT THEY WANTED TO? I’m so salty because I read literally NOTHING this year, and I wanted so many more books and now I’m saltier than a salt bay, I redefine 'ready salted chips’ I’M SALTIER THAN THE OCEANS.

    Stay indoors!!! YOU ARE TOO PRECIOUS FOR THIS WORLD AND THE FLIES CAN GET YOU!!! Stay inside and read because it’s safer, and don’t worry, only your heart will break!!

    NO aesthetic boards on Pinterest??? OMG WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH MAY??? GIVE HER BACK NOW IMPOSTER!!!!

    PS. DRINK WATER!!!!!!

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    1. AGAGHAGHAHGH SHUT UP LUUUUU YOU’RE TO NICE TO ME THANK YOOOU ❤ (but no, it's actual trash, I swear)

      fkdsjfskdfj again you're too kind aaahhhhh

      I'm literally SO CLOSE to 100 but I'm struggling to get through all these books!! I'm trying to find some poetry & webcomics to read lmao (but bRO 4 BOOKS IN 6 DAYS I WILL NEVER MAKE IT)

      and I don't knooooooow. the boards with the most amount of pins for me is, uhhh, my "equality" and "Hamilton" boards. LISTEN I CAN,, EXPLAIN,,,

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  5. why are u so successful??????????? like ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm?
    not okay.

    i shakening i can’t believe you won that contest twice and wrote a novel and got 1000 followers on your blog and overall were just a very successful person. congrats like a million times!!

    i was not successful with anything this year besides liking books that you didn’t like or vice versa and thrifting the best pair of pants ever. which is actually a pretty successful year in my terms.

    i could’ve gone to the book festival when benjamin alire saenz was there but i like. went home and took a nap. mercury being in retrograde really screwed me up :/

    anyways congrats for being successful i guess, and please give me some tips because the way my life is going i’m going to never get a job or go to college and live on the streets. probably.

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    1. shut up you’re too nice to me ily 💜💜

      well i hope i like tfc so we can finally both like something and ooh thrifted pants send me pics

      i could’ve gone to that festival too!!! but someone bailed on me 😥 but it’s all right she deserves lots of hugs & as much sleep as possible

      living on the streets would probably be a step up from where i’m most likely headed, which is to say, hell

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      1. speaking of the both liking something guess which book i’ve started and i’m halfway through with which i really like 😉

        wow shade, but thank you. i need a lot more sleep than i currently get so i’m always tired and mad

        wow that’s a litttttle. extreme. i feel like i probably deserve to go to hell but idk, i feel like i’ve been a semi-better person reccently

        Liked by 1 person

                    1. yeah he a problematic boy, but like??? if they do a successful redemtion arc i’ll 10/10 support.

                      adam was my boy!!!!! my man!!!! i was so hype for adam (in the beginning i thought he was warner oops) and now i’m just. no. he nasty.

                      also juliette’s okay???? like i totally get she’s //that// white feminist protagonist but, right now she’s okay in my books.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    2. yeah, i judged him based on book 1 and book 1 only, but like if he gets better & apologizes & explains his reasons later on?? i’ll probably like him better

                      why don’t you like him anymore??? i mean, i don’t like him either, but i’m just curious

                      i just find her so annoying & whiny, and like i get that she’s supposed to be that way?? but it was too much. plUS THE GUSHING OVER ADAM

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                    3. adam is nasty and creepy and ew. like. ew. he’s just. not realistic. and i don’t but up with the. “nice hot guys” when they’re kind of. dicks tbh. also. why can he only touch juliette. like ???.

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  6. Hello May!
    Love this post. Although we all have accomplishments that we want to brag about, it takes a big person to own up to non-accomplishments 🙂 However I think your accomplishments way overshadow the latter. That’s amazing that you are so close to reading 95 books this year, and that you finished writing your first novel ever 🙂 All the best for 2018!

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  7. This is amazing May ❤️ You achieved so much this year! I also started my blog this year (in July) but I can’t see myself anywhere near to getting 1K followers 😱 That shows you mist be doing some amazing work. And trust me you read a LOT of books. That’s a number which I can never really think of accomplishing between my job and busy life.
    So proud of you. Keep the good work 😊

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh, congrats on starting your blog this year!! And haha, tbh I’m very surprised about 1K followers? 😂 AWW THANK YOOOU. 💖 And yeah, I realize that 90+ books is hard for a lot of people to achieve, with busy lives & all that! But at least you read something, right? 😊

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  8. 😱 You won a writing contest? That’s insane! You TOTALLY deserve it — congratulations!! I bet your story / whatever you entered was through-the-roof awesome!

    Once again, biggest congratulations for winning NaNo! That’s so epic! Are you going to enlist beta readers for it? I’d LOVE to read it!

    Ooh, splits. I used to have my right splits, and almost my left, but my middle ones… 😂😂 No. But then I lost my right ones early this year. 😩

    Do you have any social media? I’m considering getting accounts to try to boost up my blogs’ audience and followers. XD I’ve been blogging for over 5 years but have at most 220 WordPress followers and am determined to change that. >:) Do you think getting social media accounts would help? Do you use any? What do you think a main factor in attracting 1,000 subscriptions in less than twelve months was?

    😂 Sorry, I’m just an insanely curious soul. XD

    I can’t wait for more Goodbye 2017 posts! I love them!


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    1. AAGHH thank you so much, Madi!! And ahaha, the entry was mediocre, in my opinion. 😂 And omg thank you so much! I think I’ll just be re-outlining & rewriting it, and then setting it aside after that, but I’ll definitely keep you in mind for beta reading! ❤

      Oh, I totally get you!! I used to get & lose my splits all the time. For now, I have them, but who knows… 😂

      Oh, haha, I don't have any social media! Besides Goodreads (which really only helps if you have a book blog). I'm honestly not sure why so many people have followed me?? I think it's because of me using a lot of humor (and failing), having a good blog design, and really interacting with my readers?? But those are all things I know you do as well sooooo. 😂


  9. may,, pride is not the word i’m looking for,,, there is so much more inside me now,,, congratulations you wonderful bean for doing what you love and doing it well

    honestly how the hell did you manage to do so much in one year you magical little potate

    also did you enter something from glittered ghosts for the writing competition?? because if you’re getting AN ACTUAL FREAKIN EDITOR to look over that’s,, wow. i’m not even surprised, i never doubted the abilities of the mango queen.

    okay i know i’ve said this like a billion times BUT YOUR POETRY OMFG??? how??? your writing is like a freakin flower i love it oml

    and congrats on maintaining your grades!!! i know that it’s really hard to stay on top of schoolwork and everything else and tbh you’re a freakin queen because you managed to do dance, school, blogging, writing, and reading so go you!!! ❤

    (p.s. lol @ u because i read like 145 books this year)
    (jk you're doing well too you were hella successful in other fields of life)
    (while all i did was,, read and cry over fictional characters)
    (i'm not salty or anything)

    Liked by 1 person


      ahaha, nope, it was another story for the writing contest! bro Glittered Ghosts would have to be edited so much before it was entered 😂 AAGH THANK YOOOU ❤

      fjdskfjsdk THANK YOU THANK YOU

      yes, exactly!! I'm super surprised that my grades have done as well as they have, considering how much I have outside of school??

      shut up, some pEOPLE AREN'T FAST READERS OKAY

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  10. I really love these wrap-up posts for the year, May! And wow, you did so much in 2017 and had major accomplishments, I am so proud of you! You did incredible at blogging and who are you kidding, you are a big, GIGANTIC and amazing blogger, GO YOU! ❤ And all the writing things, ahhh this is so exciting and I'm so proud, like I said before, I really can't wait to see your work on bookshelves in stores and libraries and when you're famous, to a booksigning in France so I can finally see you okay? okay, 😛
    I hope you will be able to go to that book festival and others next year, may. AND DRINK WATER OKAY, water is good, it brings on all the fantastic ideas. I don't know, seriously haha, but water is GOOD. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aldsfj;aslkdfja MARIE YOU’RE TOO KIND TO ME. ❤ ❤ And I'm sure you did just as much in 2017, probably more!! And haha, you're silly, seeing my book in stores & libraries?? Never. But I will DEFINITELY COME TO FRANCE & MEET YOU WHEN I GET THE CHANCE. ❤

      But I don't really NEED water do I…?? I mean I'm surviving just fine on little sips…

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  11. It was great reading about your year May😊 You’ve achieved so much!! Like honestly, you’re younger than me (I think?) but you’ve achieved most I’d absolutely dream to achieve😊
    Almost 100 books on Goodreads?! My target was 20! But then again I did get Goodreads around summer time….(but still 20 is such a low target😭) I’m going to aim for 80 books for 2018, maybe even 100…?
    I had no idea you were scared of flies!! I’m absolutely terrified of them, it’s a genuine fear😔 And it sucks when you’re scared of flies because 1. They’re EVERYWHERE, especially during summer 2. People make fun of you!! The amount of times I’ve been told: “stop being dramatic, they’re more scared of you!”
    If I got a pound for everytime someone said that to me I could have bought half of the books I’m my TBR😂
    Anyway, I’m rambling!
    Great post once again May, I’m excited to see what 2018 will bring you! Xx

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    1. Agghh that means the world to me, thank you so much, Jasmine! (And yeah, I think I’m younger than you by a bit a year!) And aww, it’s all right! 20 books is amazing as well — as long as you enjoyed a lot of them, right? I hope you’ll reach your reading goal next year though! ❤

      OMG YESS I'm legit terrified of them. Every time they fly near me, I shudder so hard?? They just scare me for no reason omg. And yes, same! Everyone's always like, "How are you afraid of flies?? MOSQUITOES are the ones you should be scared about." 😂


  12. i was going to write a really long, sappy, gushy comment but then you mentioned hamilton and i just went yyyyiiiikkkkkeesssss

    despite all you crazies, it’s been a great (and poopy) year and you achieved so much and im so proud of you and im glad i met you (ew ill stop now) bye loser

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  13. It’s amazing that you got +1k followers in just a year (and you totally deserve it!)
    I didn’t achieve many of my goals, but I’m surprised by my grades and I finally redesigned my blog!

    And I also completed my reading challenge: I only read 30 books but I read 5 books in the last three days, so I’m proud of that!

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  14. Personally, based on this post, I think you had a very successful 2017 May. 🙂 ❤ I didn't read all the books I wanted to this year either, but then again if you do manage to read all the books on your TBR list and there's nothing else out there you want to read, how boring would life be? (That's what I tell myself to make myself feel better about all the books I don't get around to each year).
    I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you that you manage to get through 100 books this year, if you haven't already, and congrats on finishing your WIP for NaNo, I know I've probably said this before but it's an incredible achievement and one you should be so proud of. 🙂
    Again I think you had an amazing 2017, so I hope your 2018 is even better! 😀 ❤

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    1. Yeah, I’m actually very surprised at how much I achieved in 2017? 😂 And oh, that’s a great way to think of it, Beth! Altho it’s a little hard to think that one day, I’ll die, without reading all the amazing books I want to. 😂

      Aahh, I’m just two books away 100, so I think I can make it!! And thank you so much! 💖 I’m so glad that I had a part in inspiring you to write again, that’s something I’d call a huge accomplishment ahaha. 💕

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  15. you finished a novel!!!! which is such a huge accomplishment, and I think I said that same thing in a comment on a previous post but oh well. congratulations!!!! AND SO MUCH BLOG SUCCESS IN JUST A YEAR WOW!! I feel like such a failure in comparison meh. at least with blogging and writing. I didn’t accomplish all that I wanted to do in terms of writing, but at the same time this year was one with a lot of changes?? and personal growth?? and getting hurt and getting over it and cutting off toxic people and i’m very happy with myself for having done all of that and still manage to atleast get a B average. (also you kept your grades up?? that’s amazing!! pls give tips tbh i’d really really appreciate) and anyways you accomplished a lot and what yo didn’t, I think you can eally propel yourself forward towards your goals. also get that 100 book goal!!!!! you can do it!!!
    I really love reading your posts, you seem like such a fun person. look forward to reading more of them!xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. AAGGHH THANK YOOOOU!! 😘 And noooo, don’t feel bad about what you didn’t accomplish! Of course, acknowledge those things so you can improve, but don’t let it overshadow the good! And omggg that’s amazing that you cut off toxic people — that I think is more important than any writing or blogging accomplishment. ❤ Hahah, I really do not know how I keep up with my grades and everything else??? I haven't been sleeping a lot, htat's for sure.

      Aaahh thank you so much!! I'M SO GLAD YOU ENJOY MY POSTS. ❤


  16. I’ve never done the splits before. Wish I could, though. 😂 And I have the same problem with water!! And now I’m thirsty, but I don’t want to get up because I’m comfy. 😑

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    what things did y’all accomplish in 2017??:
    Uh … I don’t know? Writing stuff and … I got my license and a job. You read that post, though – I know ’cause you commented – so … this question is pointless. Next!

    and what DIDN’T you accomplish?:
    I didn’t finish three entire books! XD I’m really great at starting books, but …. Also, I took waaay too many blogging breaks and such and basically just let my blog fall down a well … but I shall resurrect it! I mean it! *has to actually find a way to do this* *shrugs*

    how many books did you read?:
    180 even. And I refuse to finish the ones I’m in the middle of, so that’s all that will be read. (But I didn’t add all the books I read for school, so maybe a couple more? I don’t know. I’m about done.)

    can you do the splits?:
    Haha, no. I’m very unflexible. I mean, I can lay on my stomach and tuck my feet around my face, but … yeah, that’s about it. And even that hurts because I fell out of a swing a while back (actually, it broke, haha … and threw me across the yard …) so my back is always aching. xD #reckless

    do you drink a lot of water?:
    haha, no, never. At dinner, I’ll gulp down a glass of water and then at bedtime, but that’s it. Still, more than a sip. *stares at you disapprovingly* Y’know, I feel like it’s impossible to drink 8 glasses of water a day, though? Like, wouldn’t you drown? 😛

    I like … what I’ve listened to of it. XD


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