Goodbye 2017: Goals for the New !! Year !! that I Probably Will Not Achieve // 2018??? Already??? Who Allowed This

If you don’t know already, I LOVE goals.

I really don’t know why??? I think it’s because I’m pretty competitive, especially with myself. So I love to make goals and check them off and pretend I’m successful in life, when really, I am not.

Plus I have something to aim for! Instead of wandering around aimlessly and randomly, trying to figure out what to do in my life!

And if I fail at everything, it at least provides me with something amusing to laugh at, at the end of next year, wondering how the heck I thought I could succeed at any of this. (I have weird coping mechanisms???)

So to 1) pretend I’m successful, 2) give me SOME kind of purpose in life, and 3) have something to laugh at next year if I fail, here are my goals for the new year of 2018 (which is coming up way too soon who allowed this)!!!

This is my fourth (WHAT) post in my mini-series “Goodbye 2017”, which is the most unoriginal name you’ll ever find!! You can read the previous posts HERE (1)HERE (2), anddddd HERE (3). Go read them if you haven’t.



  • Read 100 books. I’m currently on my 100th book of the year & almost finished with it, so 100 books seems like the right amount of books for me to aim for! Plus 100 is just such a “whole” number and I like it.
  • Read more diversely. I’m a HUGEEE advocate for diversity in books, and I’m determined to read more diverse books in 2018!! It’d be amazing to read ALL diverse books, but I don’t think that’s possible (sadly).
  • Keep track of reading stats in a… spreadsheet. LISTEN. I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A NERD and I am BUT I REALLY LIKE KEEPING TRACK OF READING STATS. I’ve already prepared one, which will include book’s ratings, genres, number of pages, diversity “levels” (for lack of better word), and more. I’m SO EXCITED.*
  • Read more ARCs! I’ve requested more ARCs but haven’t been approved for any (or at least haven’t been replied to, which is understood). I’m hoping to be approved for at least four ARCs?? To see that I’ve somehow improved more than this year’s amount of ARCs???
  • WRITE. MY. REVIEWS. I think I have like 11 reviews to write???? And I really need to write those old reviews so I can start writing my reviews for the new year on time. (But let’s be serious, it probably isn’t happening because I am a lazy piece of rotten cabbage. Someone eat me.)

*I mean, I literally have no idea how spreadsheets work???? But apparently my little sister is some genius so I’ll force her to do everything for me ask her politely for tips.



  • Rewrite Glittered Ghosts. I’m hoping to be completely done with GG by April. I’m just going to re-brainstorm, re-outline, and re-write and then SET IT ASIDE. (Except for editing the first 14K for a writing contest.)

  • Write another novel! I have NO idea about what this novel will be, but I definitely want to write another novel this year!! I don’t know how hard that would be to achieve but I WILL do it!! Even if I do it for bragging rights!!!*
  • Brainstorm & develop other plot bunnies. I REALLYYY want to write a novel with an Asian MC, but the only way I’d be able to execute the rep in the way I want to is to write a contemporary, and I… suck at contemporary. But I also want to explore the magical realism genre—and also perhaps a few fantasy ideas???
  • Write 5K in one day. My current record is 3.4K in a day or something, but I REALLY want to push myself to write 5K. My main problem is just staying motivated enough to write for that long, but I have a feeling I’ll be able to reach this?? Or at least 4K???

*Just kidding, that’s horrible and something I would NEVER ever do.



  • Reach… 1500 followers??!?!? I got to 1K followers (!!!) in less than a year, which is honestly AMAZING to me. But for a majority of the year, I was posting three times a week?? So I probably won’t be able to get another 1K if I post twice a week. BUT 1.5K IS AMAZING AND I’D BE COMPLETELY HONORED TO GET IT BY THE END OF 2018.
  • Finish up my new blog design! A lovely blogging friend of mine made a few BEAUTIFUL design elements for me. I’ve been playing with other WordPress themes (they all suck) and I think I’ve FINALLY settled down on one. So I’m SUPER excited to implement the new design!!!

Image result for excited gif

  • Take all the breaks I need. This is highlighted in my little “Life” goals section next buuuuuut I really do want to start existing in the real world & not so much online!! So if I have to take breaks to achieve that, I will.
  • Make a new blogging/internet friend. I’ve made SOOOO many amazing internet friends from blogging & Goodreads (and I’m not giving shout-outs JUST yet). I’d loooove to make at least one new one in 2018!! Chatting with my internet friends makes me SO happy aaagghhhh.



I literally have no life but okay

  • Exist more in the real world. Here’s a little more of an in-depth reflection on this past year & how much blogging & Goodreads have affected me, but I know that I’ve been spending so much time existing in the online world that I forgot to exist in the real world. So this may mean more hiatuses or mini-breaks in 2018, but if it means spending more time with my loved ones outside of the internet, I’m happy with that.
  • Drink more water. I don’t know how successful I’ll be with this one, but I REALLY REALLY want to drink more water in 2018. I drink like,, a few sips a day??? Which is weird, because for a person as salty as me, I should be drinking LOTS. (HAHAHHA I’m sorry.)
Image result for drink water gif
does drinking water count if it doesn’t go in my mouth
  • Learn more things about myself. 2017 was all about discovering new parts of who I am & realizing things about myself. And now that I’ve discovered those things, 2018 should be the year that I learn more about it and become more concrete in everything.
  • Take care of myself, not get so anxious, and de-stress. This is probably my most important goal (besides like, drinking water because without water I WOULD DIE). Self-care & self-love are so so important, especially in the world we live today. In 2018, I hope that I’ll be able to care for myself properly and try to tone down the anxiety & stress. Because life is WAY too short* to be worrying over everything (tho sometimes it can’t be helped).

*Watch me die when I’m over 100 years old just to prove myself wrong.

shall we chat

what are some of your goals/resolutions for 2018? are you weird & like to make goals like me? how many books are you planning on reading? got a WIP you want to work on? and MAKE SURE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, LOVELIES!! you’re the only you in the world, so don’t hate on yourself because you’re AMAZING!! <33 see y’all in 2018!!!

sign off 2.0

96 thoughts on “Goodbye 2017: Goals for the New !! Year !! that I Probably Will Not Achieve // 2018??? Already??? Who Allowed This

  1. I love this post!❤️I really hope you’re able to achieve all your goals. I think it’s so wonderful that you’re focusing on real world interactions and not just online ones! That’s one of the reasons I only post once a week, because if I did more I feel like I (personally, others can/will definitely feel differently) would spend too much time online.
    ALSOOO, I love how you want to read way more diverse books! I do, too. Like you said, I’m kinda tired of reading the same story over and over, and knowing that there is so much more diversity out there. It’s present in real life, so why am I reading books that are pretending it doesn’t exist?!
    Great post, May! Again, best of luck with all of your goals! :)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, I hope so too! And yeah, I’ve definitely become WAY too obsessed with the online world — I love it, but I have so much more outside my computer or phone?? It’ll be hard tho, because blogging & going on Goodreads are two of my favorite things, but I’ll manage. :’) And yeah, I’d like to post once a week too, just to have less online time?? But I have too many things to say than in just one post a month. 😂

      Oh yes, exactly!! Writing & reading diversely is SO important, not only because it’s realistic, but also because minorities need to be represented too!

      Good luck with all of your goals, and have a happy New Year!! 💖


  2. Hey, I’m back on your blog! *waves awkwardly* I’ve missed a lot of posts … I’ve been sick … and doing Christmas … and stuff … *has a lot of other lame reasons, but decides to stop*

    what are some of your goals/resolutions for 2018?:
    Um … mostly writing-related and such. Write more. Read less, honestly. But post more on my other blog. I had a post about it, but I won’t link to it because I’m not that kind of person. *has extremely strong blogging moral fiber* *arches eyebrows*

    are you weird & like to make goals like me?:
    SO MUCH YES MUCH GOALS. Goals are the strength that holds my good intentions together.

    how many books are you planning on reading?:
    I don’t know? I think I’m gonna set a goal for less than 100 or something and make myself stick to it. This year is a #qualityoverquantity year. (And yes, that is a hashtag. Or should be. IDK.)

    got a WIP you want to work on?:
    Yeah, lots of them? I just finished another round of edits with one of my stories, so I’m planning on moving on to another … it’s just a plot bunny now, but I am soooo ready to chase it! I’ll be moving away from my series for the first time since like 2016 (kinda … except for random ‘dalliances,’ lol) so it’s super exciting! It’s set during WW2.

    It’s about a guy who married a Native American woman (she dies before the book starts but I still gave her this epic personality that makes me so excited for … IDK, flashbacks or something … even though you’re not supposed to do flashbacks … oh well, for draft one or something …) and then she died, but anyway, his half-Native-American is mistreated because it’s the 1940s (*glaring and moaning*) … I am getting mad already. And giving away this “secret project” I was talking about, lol. BUT … you are like a third party I can share it with and I needed to tell someone because I’m not telling my followers yet … XD (sorry for rambling, I’m excited!) It’s gonna be set in my hometown, though! So I’ll get to talk about Celilo Falls and … I’ll stop. I really will. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaahh, Kell, don’t ever apologize for not being able to comment! You have a life to live, and that’s totally okay. <3

      Whoooa, you want to READ LESS??? But at least that gives you time to focus on other things! 😂 And oh yes, 100 books is a definitely good goal. And honestly, I'd shoot for quality over quantity too, but what can I say, I find it easier to write 1-star reviews than 5-star reviews. 😂

      Ooh, your new WIP ideas sounds super cool!! (I was about to ask if it was going to be set in the same world as your previous books but then you said 1940s Oregon and I was like, good job, May.) And what?? Is it some rule that you're not supposed to do flashbacks??? Because I freaking LOVE writing flashbacks!! 😂 And aww, don't feel bad about rambling! I'm honored that you're someone you'd spill all your secrets to. ;)

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      1. Yeah, I know, that’s the nuttiest goal ever, but I think I need to concentrate on writing and life and … okay, mostly life. XD And blogging! I super want to concentrate on blogging. I probably will end up reading more or something like that, haha, but to start with, I’m gonna try to read less. :P

        BUT YES. WRITING 1-STAR REVIEW IS SOOOOO EASY! What new is there to say if the book is perfect? Just incoherent screaming?

        Yeah, I guess there is some truth to that … like, I LOVE writing and reading flashbacks … so maybe everyone who’s been, “Flashbacks are distracting, yada yada” is wrong. *nods*


  3. goals. Goals. goALS. they’e intimidating yet exciting. I really like yours btw, especially the one where you decide to stay hydrated, that’s one of mine too. and how?? do??? you?? write?? more than 3k in a school day I haven’t even written 1k on school days.
    ahh receiving ARCS would be so amazing, good luck with that!!!
    I did an end-of-the-year post too, and I actually mentioned your blog in it! xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, thank you!! And omg yes, hydration is so important but I don’t put enough focus on it. 😂 DUDE I DON’T EVEN KNOW??? But I do remember that I had to sacrifice my sleep??? 😂

      Thank you! I’ve already received ARCs but you know, I’m greedy. 😂 And omgggg THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I’ll definitely check it out & leave a comment. 💖 Have a great 2018!!


  4. This was an awesome post and pretty hilarious too! I agree with the drink more water thing I kinda started doing something similar but I called it a ‘water streak’ and I’d drink nothing but water- but tea is accepted- the whole week every week apart from weekends or when my dad takes me to McDonalds but I do plan to stick to it better in 2018, most definitely. Have a Happy New Year! :) <3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah, I’m glad you thought it was funny! 😂 And ooh, that sounds super interesting! I don’t think it’d work for me because I don’t drink any other drinks besides water and my problem is I just forget to drink it…? But I’m glad it works for you! Happy New Year!! <3

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Happy New Year to you too! And I’m a typical British black girl who really likes tea but also likes flavoured drinks too of course 😉 and there’s some days when I crave something “fruity”. But I really do hope it works out for you too, especially cause you can see the great results on your face, cause of the clear skin you’d end up getting 😊❤️

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  5. When i read that first sentence I was like…. did i write this? because honestly there’s no one I’m more competitive with than myself, hence setting goals works wonders for me.

    Reading more diversely was one of my 2017 goals and it was actually easier to do than i expected, without having to think about it, around 85-90% of the books I read were diverse and it honestly was my best reading year quality wise so far.
    I TRACK MY READING ON A SPREADSHEET TOO!!!! I am huge nerd so I have a spreadsheet for pretty much everything and i love how they keep my brain tidy and organized.
    I also agree on WP themes sucking because oh boi do they suck. The one i have now is the one I’ve had since the beginning, i tried changing it but none of the others fit my needs.
    I need to work on selfcare and anxiety as well, because i’ve been getting yelled at (lovingly lmao) by my partner that I don’t know how to take a break so I shall see how that goes.
    Anyway!! Happy new year 💖💖

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    1. Omg SAMEEEE. I’m so competitive with myself so goals work extremely well with me????

      Oh my god, 85-90% diverse books?? That’s AMAZING. I wasn’t actively looking for diverse books in 2017, so I got around… 53/100 books??? But I’m definitely hoping to up that number this year!! And BRO I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO USE SPREADSHEETS BUT IT’S SO COOL.

      Ugh, WP themes are the worst??? Like I think I’ve found the PERFECT one, and there’s just that one bad thing that ruins it. Usually the color palettes.

      Aww, your bf/gf is so sweet! Hope you work on your self-care & anxiety and have a wonderful new year!! 💖


      1. Yaay!! I’m glad I’m not the only one haha.

        Yeah, I’m really proud of that number because it’s my first year dedicating myself to diverse books and I went all in haha, it’s been rewarding becuse 2017 has been my best reading year so far. DUDE I HAVE SO MANY SPREADSHEETS IT’S RIDICULOUS and they’re fun, also surprisingly easy to figure out.

        Omg the color palette was the bane of my existence when I tried redesigning but i found that the theme i currently have was pretty flexible on the colors.

        Yeah she’s amazing! my exams are finally done so i’ve been doing better on that front. I hope your 2018 is off to a great start 💖


  6. I relate so much to enjoying tracking your writing in spreadsheets. I have an amazing spreadsheet where I track all my reading and it is so satisfying. Also the whole “write more in general” thing is too real. I always get that thing where whenever I have time to write I don’t have the motivation but then when I have motivation I am too busy. My main goals are also to write more and finish at least one first draft. But I also want to save up enough money that I can travel overseas at the end of the year which is really exciting because I’ve never been overseas before.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaahh that sounds awesome!! I really have no idea how spreadsheets work, but hopefully I’ll figure it out?? 😂 And ugh, yesss, same! Or whenever I have time to write, I have the motivation, but I don’t have the inspiration, so I have NO IDEA WHAT TO WRITE. 😭 And ooh, good luck with your writing goals and I hope you save up enough money!! <3


      1. I can only do basic spreadsheets, nothing too complex, but it just takes a little bit of practice to figure out so hopefully it works for you! That lack of inspiration is too real! I also get super hyped to write then I realise how much work I have to do to unravel the plot of this story and it kind of fizzles out.

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