What Bookworms Say Versus What Bookworms ACTUALLY Mean: a Guide on the Words of Contradictory Creatures

Bookworms are very contradictory. 

I’m sure I’ve talked about this before??? I mean, everyone basically contradicts themselves these days (including a certain… American political figure*), but bookworms contradict themselves THE MOST.

I think the books just kind of like mess with our minds and make us prone to unintentional lying??? Or dramatizing everything???

So because we all need a little help in life, today I’m giving a few situations where bookworms say something TOTALLY different than what they mean. If you’re not a bookworm, you can recognize when your book lover friend is lying to you and get them the help they need.

And if YOU’RE the bookworm, you’ll probably find yourself in a lot of these. I hope. Otherwise that would mean this is all me and that would be AWKWARD.




What bookworms say: I HATE THIS BOOK. Why did they do this to me???? I can’t handle this. I’M SOBBING RIGHT NOW. I WANT TO SCREAM. How dare they, I’m never reading books ever again, I can’t believe they did this omg!!! WHY.

What bookworms mean: I love this book and I will force everyone on this planet to read it if I have to because everyone deserves to be happy and have this book in their life and I will forever stan this book for as long as I live.

arrow 1

This is the MOST obvious contradictory statement that a bookworm tells. Often, when we say, “I HATE THIS BOOK,” we actually mean, “I LOVE THIS BOOK.”

Why can’t we just say we love it and make life so much more easier for everyone.

BUT. Generally we “hate” a book because it damaged our soul or something. (I say that casually, but I assure you, IT IS NOT CASUAL.) And we hate books for hurting us, but at the same time, we LOVE them because it makes us feel emotions????

Image result for crying gif

And then sometimes, we ACTUALLY hate the book and say we hate it. Or other times, we sarcastically say, “Wow I love this book!!!! So much!!!! It was absolutely amazing!!!!!” when we actually did not love the book at all.

It’s not my fault we’re confusing okay. We’re just trying to have a good life.



What bookworms say: I am not crying. This book did not hurt me at all. I have a stone cold heart that cannot feel anymore. I am frozen inside. I am basically dead.


arrow 1

I don’t know why we like to pretend we’re okay when we’re actually not???? Like nobody is going to help us if we say we’re fine???

Random important note: If you’re in a bad place right now, please find someone to help you!!! You may think it isn’t that important, but it IS, and if you’re not okay, someone can help you get to a better place.

Anyways… the “I’M 100% CRYING” part does not apply to me at all. I barely cry over books (only tear up!!!). So when I say “I’M CRYING I’M SOBBING”… I’m actually not.

(I have no heart, I know.)


3. TBR

What bookworms say: My TBR is FINE. It is completely under control, and I’m super proud that I’ve managed to keep it like this!! It’s so tame and I know ALL the books on it. I will definitely be able to read them all by this time next year!!!


Image result for too many books gif
me trying to read all the books on my TBR

arrow 1

We all really just WANT to look like we have our TBR under control, when we actually don’t. It’s literally like me coming up with a plan for the day of what I should do and when I should do it, but instead, NOT FOLLOWING IT ALL!!!

(I do that a lot.)

I like to appear organized??? Or trick myself into thinking that I will actually stay on task and not get distracted???? BUT IT NEVER WORKS.



What bookworms say: Omg thank you so much for the recommendation!!! I will definitely check it out as soon as I can. It sounds SUPER GOOD!!

What bookworms mean: I will put this on my TBR and forget about it forever.

arrow 1

Or sometimes… we won’t even look at the book at all. Which is not at all very nice because 1) we say we will check it out and we DON’T, and 2) a lot of times, we’re actually asking for the recommendations. And then we don’t care about them????

Other times, we say we are thankful for recommendations, when we really mean: WHY ARE YOU ADDING TO MY TBR STOP.



What bookworms say: What are you talking about?? I read SO LITTLE. It barely takes up my time. I don’t know how I read so many books tbh.

What bookworms mean: I read literally every second. I have nothing else to do with my life except read. You will never see me not reading a book. Reading is the only thing I do. I’m pathetic.

arrow 1

We all try to be modest,,, or at least look like we’re not completely a loser for sPENDING SO MUCH TIME READING. (It doesn’t work.)

I actually don’t read that much??? I mean, an average 300-paged novel probably takes me 4ish hours to read. But I have homework to do and school which takes up like 8 hours of my day + 40 mins of commute. So in a day, on average, I probably read for about an hour??

That’s when I’m supposed to be sleeping of course.



What bookworms say: Dude I have SO MANY OTHER HOBBIES I don’t know how I make time for reading??

What bookworms mean: I literally have no life and I want someone to talk with me so I won’t sit in my room and read all day like the sad rotten potato I am.

arrow 1

I BARELY HAVE ANY OTHER HOBBIES THAT DON’T INVOLVE BOOKS??? I blog about books, I write reviews for books, I write books, I READ books. The only other thing I have going for me is dance and piano, and even I don’t love those as much as I love books.

Am I really ?? that pathetic??

(Literally everyone: YES.)

I’m literally known as the One Who Carries Books Everywhere at my school,, for a reason??? I have no other life than books??? 

This is depressing to think about.

Image result for i have no life gif



What bookworms say: Review to come!!!

What bookworms mean: REVIEW NEVER TO COME.

arrow 1

Okay this is BASICALLY ME in a nutshell when it comes to book reviews. (Except for like… ARC reviews because then I HAVE to write them.)

But I always say RTC (which means review to come) and??? It never comes??? Or it does, but 5 MONTHS LATER. I think right now I have around 13 RTCs, one of which is from September.




What bookworms say: I have enough books!! I mean I literally ran out of storage space for them, why would I need anymore??? And I can just get some from the library hahaha!

What bookworms mean: PLEASE GET ME MORE BOOKS.

Image result for i need more gif

arrow 1

I think every book lover lies to themselves about wanting more books. We try to ourselves NO, we do NOT want any more books, and we certainly do not NEED any more books.

And yet we actually know deep down that you can never have too many books.

My problem is that I’m actually literally BROKE and have no money to get books. But if I ever get the chance or I feel like I can spend some money, I will definitely ask for books. Because I NEED THEM.

(But when my mom asks me what I want for my birthday/Christmas, I always say books, but then not ask for more than just a few??? I feel bad that they’re so expensive??? BUT I NEED MORE BOOKS????)



What bookworms say: I need more books. I NEED MORE BOOKS. Can someone buy me more books?? I ran out of shelf space but I will squish the books in with all the other books if I have to!!

What bookworms mean: I literally have no shelf space so the books will go on top of the shelf and also on the floor. I do not need anymore books. I need more SHELVES... WITH BOOKS INCLUDED.

arrow 1

So I actually do have shelf space… if I took out all the cringy YA & MG books I used to read before discovering the Mainstream Books* but then it would look like LESS OF A RAINBOW!!

I currently have 7 books (from my December haul) sitting on the floor, out of the way. On my shelf, I’ve stacked books horizontally on top of the other books (and it looks so UGLY because the books have different heights so the book on top are all lopsided and !!!).

My shelf is literally just a shelf above my desk, so I have NO room????

But I will always take more books. The floor is good enough storage space.

Image result for books on the floor gif
I want as many books as this

*If there’s one thing you need to know, it’s that I like to be Edgy.

shall we chat

what else can you add to my list of bookworm sayings vs. meanings? do you have a life other than books?? what’s your secret for maximizing shelf space? do you ACTUALLY look at book recs given to you? and how much do YOU read daily??? 

sign off 2.0

92 thoughts on “What Bookworms Say Versus What Bookworms ACTUALLY Mean: a Guide on the Words of Contradictory Creatures

  1. Hahahahaha! 😂😂 true, i have a love-hate relationship with books that make me cry (i cry a lot, it takes me a couple of days to wash away all those emotions and return to reality😋)

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  2. OMG this post was SO funny and relatable! The one about saying your totally going to check out a book and then forgetting about it is seriously me! Loved all the funny gifs that went with them! Especially the one with the boy holding the bowl and then asking for more! SO perfect 🙂

    Also just wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award on my blog because I think all of your posts are hilarious and I just love reading them any chance I can get!

    happy reading 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahh I’m so glad you enjoyed it!! Oh yes, I always promise to check out book recs,,, and then forget about them. And yess, I saw that gif and knew I had to use it!

      Aww, thank you so much!!!! 😍 I’ll definitely check your post out!


  3. All of these are literally me. Especially saying “I hate this book.” When I finished Empire of Storms by Sarah J. Maas I literally called my brother and screamed about the ending for an hour and started crying then said “I hate this book and I literally have no feelings left.” But I love that book so much and I know it is going to wreck me again when I re-read it.

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    1. This is so relatable… I was alone at home when I finished the book so I wept my heart out.., n I still reread parts of it every few days just to have a good cry n meet my lovely characters again… coz I don’t wanna b separated from them … ohhhh I am obsessed 😭😭

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  4. Someday, I’ll have enough books to have a room dedicated to each type of book: Really Awesome (the kind that I actually love), Okay (like it enough to buy, but not ever going to be a favorite), and Learn from This (as in, these majorly suck and I only own them because a) I got them without knowing that they were so bad or b) someone else got them for me and they obviously have poor taste).

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  5. First up, I would like to point out that said political figure is a walking contradiction. Whatever comes out of that mouth is usually 100% lies and contradictions.

    D’you know what’s difficult to do? Differentiate between when someone ACTUALLY MEANS they hated a book because they’ll scream about hating it either way. Like, there should be a system in place where if we LOVED the book we talk about hating it in ALL CAPS. And if we actually hated it? Talk about it in regular writing. But then sometimes you hate a book SO FREAKING MUCH that the only way to really bring that across is to YELL AT PEOPLE. We bookworms lead a freaking difficult life.

    Hahahahha, the lies about our TBRs we tell… oh boy. Honestly, I could tell you right now that I have a reasonable TBR but yeah…. definitely not. No way. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. UGH 👏 I 👏 HATE 👏 HIM 👏 SO 👏 MUCH 👏

      Omg YESSSSS. We’re always saying we hate it or love it and it’s so hard to tell which one we ACTUALLY mean??? Fjdlkfjslkfsd YES. Tbh I just scream in caps at EVERYTHING, but I guess I could try to,,,, tone it down or something. 😂

      My TBR is literally out of control. It’s over 600 books, but I’m pretty sure like 100 of them are ones I don’t ACTUALLY want to read?? 😂

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  6. Before I had my daughter, I was an avid reader because I actually had the time to get hooked onto a book and cry my little heart out because it made me so emotional! Granted, I only got hooked on reading once Twilight became a thing and I decided to read it, and from there, I mainly stuck with all the supernatural types of books haha! If there’s one thing I can relate to the most from this, it’s saying you hate a book soooo much when really, you loved it, it just tug at your heartstrings or didn’t have the perfect ending!! Those definitely were the books I told everyone that they needed to read.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. #1- Literally everybody. It’s either exaggerations or off-the-charts snark.
    #3- OMG SO TRUE i literally have 100 books on my TBR and I don’t know if i’ll get it all done… altho to be fair, some of them haven’t been released yet.
    i have literally experienced this whole post on goodreads within the last half hour… so. yeah. We stereotype ourselves.

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  8. Ahahahahahah this is SO relatable, May. I especially do the first one way too often, mostly because when a book breaks me and my feelings, I HATE IT SO MUCH, yet I’ll still throw it down everyone’s throats because …. I want everyone to be broken as well. And let’s be honest, the book was pretty fabulous if it managed to break me this way. WE ARE FULL OF CONTRADICTIONS, aren’t we??
    I also feel soooooo guilty when it comes to recommendations. I’ll add the book to my TBR for sure, but I will probably get to it months, years later, or… maybe never haha. There are so many books to read, it is so hard to know which one to prioritize???
    Fantastic post!! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aaahh I’m so glad you could relate to this post Marie!! 😊 AND YES EXACTLY! The books that break me are the ones I recommend to everyone because 1) they must suffer like me and 2) IT’S SO. GOOD.

      Same!! Except sometimes, I don’t even look up the book; I just lie about checking it out. I feel so bad. 🙈

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  9. what else can you add to my list of bookworm sayings vs. meanings? dude, i helped you out already with this post so stop asking me for more ideas you have squeezed all the ideas out of my bookworm brain okay?

    do you have a life other than books?? um yeah, writing? but then like that’s it. my whole life is basically words. then there’s SCHOOL but that’s not optional SO YEAH books is basically everything in my life wrapped up. i mean i guess i like,,, other stuff right? *fails to think of anything else* I SWEAR I DOOOOO.

    what’s your secret for maximizing shelf space? I DONT HAVE ANY. MAY I ACTUALLY HAVE RUN OUT OF SHELF SPACE? I just use the floor same lmao but i need new shelves yes!! but i’m broke so rip me but the thing is, I WANT MORE BOOKS!! But I actually don’t have any shelf space which is why I did a giveaway of 3 books on my twitter BECAUSE AINT NOBODY GOT SHELF SPACE FOR THAT.

    do you ACTUALLY look at book recs given to you? ^^ stop attacking me pls.

    and how much do YOU read daily??? I try to read 100 pages but on Friday i read 0 and wow goo meeeeeee!

    okay now time for breakfast love u

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I feel like you had SOME other hobby besides reading & writing??? no??? okay. yikes

      BRO AT LEAST YOU HAVE GOOD SHELVES!!! I literally have a “hutch” above my desk and that’s it. I mean, I guess I could put books in front of books but no,,,

      aaahh I try to read 100 pages a day too!! or a little more than that, since my books are usually over 300 pgs. that means more than an hour of reading tho and I have no timeeeee

      love u too 💗💗

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  10. i feel so attacked rn?? why must you do this to me??

    also i DO have a life other than books,, and that is the tv shows i watch rip me. i don’t think there is any aspect of my life that isn’t either reading or watching?? i mean there is writing but still?? i feel so pathetic omg

    I HAVE ZERO SHELF SPACE. ZIP. ZIL. NADA. honestly where does the space go?? i only have like a couple hundred books smh @ my bookshelf. seriously though even my parents think its getting out of hand (i have books on my desk and also floor) and they said they’d buy me a new shelf so yay

    book recs who??

    i don’t really read day-wise? like one day i’ll have read a single chapter and the next i’ll finish the whole flipping book. i’m sporadic.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. okay I literally lead a sad life of no TV shows or paying attention to pop culture, so I never get what my friends are talking about 🙈


      oh wow that’s interesting??? honestly that sounds better than taking more than an hour each day to read 😥

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  11. Okay this was just!!! Too!!! Relatable!!! I’m sorry I’m dead. This post was like a smack in the face that killed me 😂😂😂
    Thing isssss right, reading is like my hobby??? I have no others??? Well I do, but like READING JS THE BEST ONE.


    Thing is, I DONT TRY AND BE DRAMATIC, it just… happens???? I’d like a book just fine and say “WHOA GUYS THIS. THIS BOOK J HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS MY HEAD WILL EXPLODE” when… that’s not really the case..,, (I know, tut tut tut me!!)

    Ahhg ahg I LOVED THIS POSTTTT!! IT was so funny and relatable!! ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. RIGHT??? I have other hobbies, but I like reading the most?? and reading is the most important, bc a lot of my other hobbies rely on it 😂

      SAME. sometimes I’m dramatic on purpose, bc dramatic means funny, and funny means instant friends and/or likes (I’m,,, needy,,,)


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  12. Oh my god, I feel personally called out and attacked right now. Me buying 800 new books although my shelves are already full as it is and I have 3 huge stacks of books lined up on my floor??? Very relatable. Me saying I hate a book because it hurt my soul???? Yeah, I actually loved that book to death and those are my favourite kinds of books (the ones that hurt your soul and make you FEEL something (mostly bad/sad feelings but it feels so GOOD) that sounds contradictory again LMAO))

    AND THIS :”What bookworms say: Omg thank you so much for the recommendation!!! I will definitely check it out as soon as I can. It sounds SUPER GOOD!!” HSJSJSJS stop this is me on SO. MANY. LEVELS. Like yeah, sometimes I add it to my TBR and forget about it like you said. BUT SOMETIMES I DON’T EVEN /ADD/ IT AND THAT’S just the worst thing ever. I don’t mean to lie to people but I’M FORGETFUL OKAY.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. you know I only exist to call you and other people out, it’s the only joy I have in life. 3 HUGE STACKS FKSKFKS LUCKY CHILD SO MANY BOOKS except I have good libraries so I guess it balances out 😏

      okay that was so me??? like once I made a random GR status update and then all these people gave me recs and I was like I WILL CHECK THEM OUT ASAP THANK YOU THEY SOUND AMAZING and I never looked at them??? jesus christ May

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  13. Oh this post is so me, I feel like I must have said all of these things at least once, and possibly more than that! 🙂
    I’m very aware that my TBR list is out of control but I’ve given up trying to control it at this point. There are just too many amazing books being released that it’s impossible to try and control the ones we read. I feel like as long as I keep my bookshelves under control I’m doing a good job! 😀 I actually sorted through my bookshelves, got rid of some old books I didn’t enjoy and moved others up to the loft and now I have plenty of space on my shelves so plenty of space for me to buy loads and loads of new books! 😀
    I always have the best intentions when I say I’ll get around to books soon or post a review soon, but they never seem to actualize you know? For me soon means within the year! 🙂
    Great post May, I really loved reading this and yeah all of these were definitely really relateable as well! 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah same?? I’ve kind of just accepted that my TBR is out of control and I’m much happier. 😂 (I do need to go purge my GR shelves and find the ones that I don’t actually want to read… there a lot. 😆)

      Aw, that’s such a good idea!! I think if I ended up COMPLETELY running out of shelf space (a few books on the floor is fine, right??), I’d end up donating old books to a library or something for others to read. 😊

      So glad you enjoyed the post, Beth!! 💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I should probably purge my TBR list a little as well. There are very lowly releases that I’m never going to get around to still on it. 🙂
        I do try and sort through my books every so often, makes room for new ones and you never know someone else could pick up and love one I’ve gotten rid of. 🙂 ❤️

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  14. Hahaha! This is wonderful and so true it’s basically science??? This post literally made me laugh like 14 times, and I was nodding emphatically the whole time while reading it!

    Also, I swear readers are some of the most dramatic people I’ve ever met?? Like, the responses you’ve written are all so theatrical and over the top, but that’s 100% accurate to how I ACTUALLY react to books. No wonder I’m exhausted all the time 😉

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  15. Your post was so much fun!! I’ve laughed out loud at a couple of points and smiled through all the post! And I can see myself in every point you made (especially for the TBR and the shelves… I need more shelves, but my TBR is completely under control. I would read all the books in it in the next century, so all is fine, right??)

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  16. I relate so much to this.😂 Especially the one about recommendations- I’ll always add book to my TBR and look them up on Goodreads when they’re recommended on a blog post, but I’m torn between being super glad to now know about them and crying because I’m drowning in my TBR.


  17. Normally, I read at least 3 hours a day! When I say I cried, I actually CRIED – I take these things very literally. I do actually check out recs right away when I say I will, I check them out on Goodreads and read the summary at least and if I’m up for it, I do get to it. What’s hard is when a recommender ask you to talk to them after, but by then you don’t know wh

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    1. Omg 3 hours a day?? I WISH I could read much, but I can barely squeeze in an hour with school + homework + other things!! And aahh I’m heartless and barely cry from any books. 😂 And oh wow, that’s awesome!! I definitely forget to check iut recs even tho I tell them I will… 🙈

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  18. I feel like you just read my soul YES TOTALLY 100% AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID… especially with the tbr list. I just added about 5 more just today, and it’s already stressing me out.
    I also wanted to let you know that I nominated you for the Liebster Award. It’s totally optional, but if you’re interested, here’s the link:
    I have been reading your blog, since what, FOREVER, and I also (again) wanted to let you know, that you have changed the blogosphere for me. I look up to you as a blogger and a person, and your posts always make my day better. It’s also my first time commenting here (how?) since I am ever so awkward. Especially in the comments section. Hopefully you’ll forgive me XD *gifts you with infinite supply of mangoes and shelves* xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh god, there are certain days where I add like 10 books to my TBR and it makes me so freaked out but at the same time, I just NEED to read them. 😍😂

      And omggg thank you so much for nominating me!! I’ll definitely check out the post ASAP. 😊 And AAHHH thank you SO SO much for your sweet words!!! They mean a lot to me, and I’m so happy that I’ve inspired someone in at least a small way. 😭💖 THANK YOU AGAIN, LOVELY!!!

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  19. Oh, I totally agree about managing my TBR, book recommendations, and needing way more books!

    I’m telling myself that I’m going to get a handle on my TBR this year I SWEAR TO IT. I am very determined to have it at a low number by the end of this year. I SWEAR IT, MAY.

    Oh my gosh, I don’t know how many times I put off people’s recommendations. Or say that I still haven’t read that book/will eventually read that book a blogger mentions continuously?? I’m an awful person, especially since most of the time, I do like the books personally recommended. I PROCRASTINATE.

    My mom always will be like, “Why should I buy you more books; don’t you have enough already that you haven’t read?” and I’m always like, “Um, no, never.” 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. MIKAELA I WILL HOLD YOU TO YOUR WORD. You better have only 100 (released) books on your TBR at the end of the year, missy. 😂

      Omg yesss!! The only books I actually read that are recommended to me are the ones that my friends SCREAM about, or the ones that are recommended by friends. And not just random people who I do not know at all. 😂


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  20. I really enjoyed these! I’m definitely with you on RTC and shelf space, I have so little shelf space and my reviews always say RTC for a few weeks at the least. To aid me in this I’ve started to do initial thoughts so even if I forget about the review I have a semi-decent idea of what I thought about the book. And as for shelf space, there’s never enough books, and always too little shelf space! Can’t we just have magical bookshelves which fit all the books in the world?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes, I’ve been doing that too!! I had so many problems with remembering what happened in the book that I finally decided to do notes after I read them to remember what I wanted to write about. (But I still don’t remember the plot events. 😂) And omg yesss!!! Magical bookshelves that produced the books you wanted when you wanted would be AMAZING.

      Liked by 1 person

  21. We’re supposed to keep this un-controversial made me die on the inside, yes xDDDD

    ALSO YES ABOUT OTHER HOBBIES. Actually, I have another Hobby (GASP) which may be taking place if it works out, scheduling wise, but we’ll see. I MISS READING THOUGH. Like, reading after a semester of stress is like resting your brain in a warm bathtub with rose petals and candles. IT’S SO RELAXING.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  22. lmao yes I tweet these all the time 😂we bookworms are contradictory little beans aren’t we? I particularly love how we usually shout “I HATE THIS BOOK!” meaning we love it and forcing everyone to read it immediately.😂

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  23. I literally took all the shelves that were not used in my house (including the one I stole from my mother) and I still don’t have enough space for all the books?? Plus there’s also the fact that we have a whole library downstairs and that’s full too (help).

    off topic but I must ask… is the kid with the bowl from some Oliver Twist movie??

    unless you don’t know and I’ll just leave :/

    Liked by 1 person

    I do that with recommendations alllll the time oh my gosh it’s not even funny? xD I JUST FORGET, OKAY. And hahahahhaha I’m past the point of pretending my TBR is tame, okay. I keep saying I’ll clear out the books I don’t *actually* want to read anymore, but nope, it’s just growing and it’s already past 1000???? My TBR is not-so-secretly trying to murder me ahahah I’m not freaking out. (I am very much freaking out.) ALSO YES. The emotions!! I always say I have no heart anymore but I’m actually just dying and crying inside??
    Love this post, May! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. IT’S LITERALLY SO ME OMG. I either 1) forget about the recommendations or 2) SAY that I’ll check them out, knowing that I won’t. I’m horrible. 😂 Omg same!!! I’m like “I’ll take out the books I don’t really want to read!” but never do it. And AAAHH 1000 BOOKS ON YOUR TBR ANALEE??? I think I’d freak out if my TBR had that many books. 😂


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