9 Improvements to WordPress All Bloggers Would Love & Appreciate aka Please Fix This Right Now or I Will Cry

There are lots of things I complain about.

For example, the fact that I don’t read fast enough, I don’t own enough books as I’d like, I don’t have nearly enough time to do anything I want.

(So apparently I don’t have enough of a lot of things???)

The point is, I have a lot of complaints. Too many. And WordPress isn’t exempt from any of my complaining nature, because I’m just too full of salt & discontentment that it overflows onto everything I come into contact with. Like mangoes, did you know I HATE mangoes????

Image result for good joke gif
all of you right now @ me

So today, I’m going to talk about 9 things that I want WordPress to improve in, since I just have to release all my saltiness!! Hopefully these are all things you want to??? Otherwise that would be awkward and I’d be lying in my post title.


1. better (free) themes

The ??? WordPress ?? themes ??? suck ?????

Okay, so a lot of them are actually decent. Just like the one I’m currently using (Nucleare). Obviously I like it, otherwise I wouldn’t be using it???

BUT. There are always those one or two things that ruin the whole theme. For example, when I was looking for new themes for my blog (because Nucleare is annoying me now), I found a couple of really great themes!! But then they either:

  • had a HORRIBLE color palette (orange and purple??? that is literally the worst color combination you can get???)
  • OR messed up with the menu (aka they had a “toggle menu” option but with the menu, they also had the SIDEBAR there. no)


2. more color options in color palettes


Nucleare literally has three color palettes and two of them are both greenish/blue????

And yes, I 100% understand that WordPress has to make money and profit from people upgrading and therefore being able to choose their own custom color for their blog blah blah blah. But AT LEAST don’t give us options where orange and purple are used in the same theme. No. That’s not how it works.

Image result for orange and purpleImage result for orange and purpleImage result for orange and purple






Okay, so this is completely my opinion of course, and not something every blogger will want. But I find this so important???? (If you want, here’s a post on the pros & cons of viewing posts on the Reader vs. the actual site.)

Of course, there are things that the Reader doesn’t provide, such as special formatting and not being able to see the blog design, and as someone who spends a lot of time on those things, it really sucks that the Reader erases that.

But. This is something I wasn’t aware of until after I published the aforementioned post, but when you view posts in the Reader, it doesn’t count for the post’s page views.

Related image

Now, page views are not always reliable, because it could be one person randomly clicking on a post then clicking out. But there are instances where stats are really important??? For example, when requesting advanced reading copies of books from publishers, you talk about page views. And each view on each post means a lot, ESPECIALLY when publishers are picky.

But like!! Still have some sort of feed so we know what new posts there are!! Just take away the part where you can read the whole post from it because that’s a big no no.


4. make it easier to adjust font size

So, in case you don’t know this, you CAN make text bigger and smaller than the default, but it requires HTML formatting and,,, I hate that.

(I’ve talked about what codes to use, but I recommend looking at this post by Analee for a better explanation!!)

It’s literally SO ANNOYING that I have to insert a code* to increase or decrease the size of my font??? Like a button to do all of that for us would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. I’m not sure how achievable that is, but WordPress, do you want your users to be happy and your software engineer coding people to be miserable, or not.

*Well there is a shorter code I could use, but because I’m a perfectionist and I also apparently like to waste time on small things like the exact size I want my text to be, I use the longer code!!!!


5. more font selections

So the font selections we have are pretty cool right now. And I KNOOOW WordPress has to make money from bloggers upgrading to choose their own custom fonts. But?? Give us better fonts to start off with????

Like, I don’t mean to attack anyone who uses these fonts, but:



(Okay, just kidding on Fondamento. I find it personally SO UGLY but I know others don’t and it’s MUCH better than Anonymous Pro & Source Code Pro.)


6. make it easier to format images

So I recently* discovered that I actually CAN make a row of images centered without making it in one long line down!!

Basically, I learned that I could do this:

20171008_103407_1  20171008_103407_1  20171008_103407_1




20171008_103407_1  20171008_103407_1  20171008_103407_1

Also please appreciate me being brave enough to show this gif of me almost being soaked from a wave SIX TIMES.

Like!!! It didn’t take THAT long to do Option #1, but it still required me to do HTML formatting/coding and wouldn’t it be nice to just have a button that made it all centered for us?? WITHOUT using the weird grid things that WordPress provides when you upload several images at a time???

*Recently meaning like two months ago.


7. put actual spam comments in spam??

Okay look, I know that WordPress/Akismet can get super faulty with filtering what IS and ISN’T spam. Like, I get marking a comment as spam and putting it in the pending folder if it has a link, or if it’s ALL CAPS !!! SCREAMING !!! LIKE !!! THIS !!!!

But when it’s like:


(And yes, that is a legit spam comment WordPress put in my pending spam comments. I got this exact comment another SIXTEEN TIMES on the same post.)

For anyone wondering WHAT THE HECK I’m saying, if you go to yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin > comments > spam to find the pending spam comments. Basically, WordPress puts comments in that spam folder that it THINKS are spam comments, but they want to make sure, so you can either approve it, or delete it permanently. But it also has a separate spam folder where it DEFINITELY is spam, so I’m just wondering why comments like the one above aren’t put into that folder????


8. make it easier to arrange pages

So I have NO idea if it’s any easier or harder to arrange the pages of your blog. But when I started blogging on WordPress, there was some setting that made it SUPER easy to make it a subpage, or delete it, or hide it, or WHATEVER.

(I obviously know a lot about this.)

But then after April, when NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) ended, I wanted to take my “NaPoWriMo” page down* but not completely delete it???? So like. Delete it off my menu, but still have the page active so that if I visited the right URL**, I’d still be able to see it.


So like?? I have no idea how pages in the menu works anymore??? Like even when I go to wordpress.com > My Sites > Site Pages, I can’t make subpages and all that like I used to be able to???

It’s so complicated that I don’t even know what to talk about. I have NO IDEA how any of this works.

*Tbh I’m kind of shocked that I actually posted my poems on my blog,,, like yikes.


9. come with some kind of GUIDE

When I started out on WordPress, I had to figure out all the things by myself. I had an advantage, as I’d been wanting to start a blog for a month, so I stalked people observed people and made pretty graphics like them to attract followers friends people.

I also had a WordPress blogger friend, who gave me mini tips and tricks (such as turning on comments & likes & shares for all my pages, since the DEFAULT doesn’t include that *cough cough WORDPRESS CHANGE THIS*).

But everything else? I had to figure it out by myself.

Image result for frustrated gif
literally me

Of course, there’s support.wordpress.com, but it doesn’t solve ALL your problems. I had to look up how to change font size in WordPress, how to change the comment prompt (“Leave a reply!”), and more. I had to play around randomly with WordPress to change the time zone to the correct one, what sharing icons I wanted to display, and other things.

It’d be SO much easier if there was some kind of guide to it all. Because I’m still discovering new tricks, and I’ve almost been blogging for a year. (!!!!!!)

Of course, it’s probably not very REALISTIC that WordPress makes a guide for new bloggers, but at least make things more accessible??? I had NO idea the WordPress Admin existed until I… did something, and the WordPress Admin is something with SO many things to personalize for your blog.

But who knows??? Maybe your favorite blogger* might do a post with all the little tricks they’ve learned from blogging.

*So, not me.

shall we chat

so, what improvements to wordpress do YOU want?? have you found any cool tricks to use? do you know what the wordpress admin is??? (it’s understandable if you don’t, since WORDPRESS DOESN’T TELL YOU ABOUT IT) isn’t purple/orange the WORST color combination? and would you like a post with little wordpress tips & tricks???

sign off 2.0

117 thoughts on “9 Improvements to WordPress All Bloggers Would Love & Appreciate aka Please Fix This Right Now or I Will Cry

  1. OMG OMG OMG I checked my spam comments and found PERFECTLY FINE comments there like WordPress…..explain??? I also found a pretty mean comment wow. Anyways, yesss we need all of these. I use sela and the palettes are okay but wow purple and orange?? I hate that combination 🤣 Loved reading this.

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    I was planning on changing my theme to Nucleare, and the reason I didn’t was because the set color palettes don’t match up with purple and I was not going to go through all the trouble of making MORE BLOG GRAPHICS just to get with Nucleare. I think I’m the only one who cares about this but still.

    I would definitely like to make it easier to adjust font size and images. I’ve been on WordPress for a year, and I just learned how to code. WHAT THE HECK. (Also, how dare you figure out how to center three images and then NOT TELL US; spill your secrets). 😂

    I am so annoyed WordPress doesn’t come with a guide. I’m shocked my blog looks as good as it does now since I self-taught myself literally everything just by randomly clicking around. And when you search for a guide, there are only ones for WP.org not .com SO I AM JUST LEFT ALONE. WHY.

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    1. Yeah, exactly!! My blog graphics already kinda go with the red, luckily, but I definitely wouldn’t remake my graphics if it didn’t fit a theme’s palettes. 😒

      Exactly??? I had no idea that we could code a lot of things for formatting, and even then, I barely know how to do it. 😂 (And I’m planning a post with my formatting tricks soon so you’ll just have to wait. 😉)

      I KNOW??? I literally self-taught so much about the design & look about my blog (or looked it up or learned it from someone else, but definitely not with WP’s help). AND OMG YES!! Whenever I google things for WP help, it’s always for .org 😒

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  3. oh my god yes yes yES to all of these. the ones about themes especially, bc uh….how do i put this. they absolutely suck dick?? and the color palettes??? OH GOD.

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  4. Haha, this post was literally me for SO LONG. But then I was like, I’m going to be a big blogger, let me be on .org instead! And so I went through all that hassle and switched to .org.

    Oh, but before I did THAT, I paid WordPress for their upgrade monthly pay thing. (Which you pay all at once, btw) (so, alot of money)
    Anyway, THAT move was NOT worth it. I still couldn’t add plug ins like I wanted. (and I thought I would be able to, so I was ticked off)
    So, I did MORE research and found Bluehost. *quick check to make sure that yes, I’m using Bluehost*

    And then I bought a WordPress theme. But I didn’t like it, and felt kind of cheated? So I bought another theme, and really didn’t like that one.
    Scratch all WP themes, I just bought one from another company entirely. And it was so much better. And easier to work with. & this nice person on a bloggers support group showed me to how upload this new theme to my blog. 🙂 🙂 🙂 For free! I was very happy. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    So, long story. But I spent a gazillion dollars. Because I didn’t know ANYTHING.

    And did I become a big blogger? Um, no. So, yeah, all that money. And I went on hiatus for like 6 months. Ergh.
    But WordPress admin on my Bluehost WP press is SO much better than the free thing was. ANd I’m kind of willing to pay the yearly price? Apparently, I’m really willing to pay because I bought it again this summer. I’m just a control freak who likes to have a little more control over everything on my blog, hehe.

    WHAT???? The reader doens’t count as views???? THAT”S SO WRONG ON SO MANY LEVELS.

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    1. Ah it sucks that the plugins didn’t work!! Upgrading seems like so much work and I honestly don’t even want to think about it. 😂

      And nooo, I’m sorry you had to pay for a sucky WP theme!! Some WP themes look cool, but I’m afraid that I’ll buy one and end up hating it, so that’ll be a waste of money. 😭 I’d rather spend my money on free themes that were designed to fit WP!

      I’m so glad you figured out everything! I’ve heard great things about Bluehost, so if I ever am able to self-host, I’ll definitely go for that platform. 😊


  5. NUMBER FOUR!! i read your posts and i always wondered how you did the font size and i just assumed it was a difference between my blog’s theme and your’s. lol i feel dumb. why is this such a difficult thing?! it’s just changing a font size!

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  6. YES YES YES. Ugh, WordPress themes are the worst. I like mine, but it’s not that flexible. 😛 Also, I forgot to disable being able to read the entire post in the reader for my new blog so I’ll go do that now, haha (even though I prefer reading in the reader because I have a claustrophobic brain and it makes it easier to comment). AND ONE MORE THING THE PAGES PROBLEM. I want to share my posts with people sometimes (typically just two people) to give me their thoughts before I publish it and not being able to make a page not view-able makes that 100000% harder.
    Rant over. XD

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    1. So many WP themes SUCK! If I ever self-host, I’m definitely going for free themes designed for WP by other people. And it’s awesome that you can disable the “read in Reader” thing!! I wish I could do that. 😕 And yes!!! I mean I eventually figured it out, but I have no idea now how to do it?? 😂

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      1. Go to reading settings and click on “summarize when in feed” or something like that. XD I think it’s basic for all WP users, because I’m self-hosted (all the themes suck tho that I’ve seen :P).

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  7. Sounds like you should invest in WordPress.org.

    *as I read this in my reader* XD JK. WordPress, .com or .org, does have a lot of stinks. Like even though I pay my own hosting it won’t give me all the free stuff that comes in WordPress.com like a PressThis button?? How retarded.


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  8. OH MY LORD that orange and purple is terrible what the actual heck lol. that’s actually the one thing i’m thankful for on blogger– the ability to upload your own theme and make your own color palette haha. (but everything else blogger is pretty terrible yikes)

    omggg i wish it was easier to change font sizes !! i love including asterisks but then i get lazy and don’t wanna change the font size smaller honestly. but OMG orienting images and doing special text effect thingies is so much easier in wordpress.org i love it.

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    1. aahh yeah, Blogger seems to have so much design freedom and I’m super jealous!! tho WP is better in other aspects imo

      AND SAMEEE. it’s just so complicated to change text size, and it’s something that should be so simple??? ugh. and LUCKYYY. I will cry in despair about WordPress.com 😭😭


  9. Haha nice post 😃 Well I would say that you are right on point for many things here. I am a software’s engineer and I actually WORKED on wordpress for many office projects so I had better idea when I started my blog. But yes, for the new bloggers it is difficult to understand the wordpress tips and tricks so early.
    For the font size you can actually use advanced editor plugin which gives you many options for the editor. That image center thing really annoys me too. I too use HTML to adjust it.
    And totally agree on themes 😃 I spend so many hours while finding the perfect theme 😜
    And this is really shocking- Reader doesn’t count as page views? I mean why? This is horrible 🙁

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    1. Oh wow, it’s so cool that you worked for WP!! And yes, I’m still learning new tricks even after being on here for almost a year. 😂

      Ohh, I see! If it’s a plugin, then that makes sense why I don’t have it, since I haven’t upgraded. 😂 And I KNOW!! WP is just taking away bloggers’ stats with the Reader. 😔

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    I relate so, so much. Literally I have all of these troubles with WordPress! I NEED a guide for it. I’m just now starting to learn how to do things after being on WordPress for a year! (That was my fault partially for not learning more earlier, but still, it’s hard.) Also, if WordPress ever gives us a font size button I WILL THROW A PARTY because I will be so excited. Not even kidding. And don’t even get me started on themes…I have clicked through every. single. free theme on WordPress and finally landed on the one I have now, which I am not even entirely in love with, I just like it the best out of the options.

    Sorry for getting a little ranty…😂I would go on and on about all the other stuff you mentioned but this comment would be 20000 miles long! Great post, May! Please let someone from WordPress read this and change thingggss.

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    1. Yes, exactly!! Or like, when you first open up a draft for a post, have little tutorial slides to click through where it introduces you to the different features and things!!! And aaahh I finally found a new theme that is decent enough, but still not my DREAM theme. 😒

      Hahaha thank you so much, and I’m so glad you enjoyed this post!!!

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  11. For the page thing, I wish there was a guide but I discovered you could put things into categories and make each category it’s own header on your main menu, so that might help. I had to play around for weeks to figure out things but most of its there and I guess I’m better for it….I think. Lol who knows.

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  12. A post with WordPress tips would be AMAZING! And also, how DO you make a row of images?! I’ve been trying to figure that out for AGES!
    I was actually really lucky when i started blogging, because my dad uses WordPress, and was able to help me a lot. Also because he was going to be helping me with it, he bought me a good theme… he tried to find a free one, but he got so frustrated that he gave in and bought one 😁 So that was awesome! And also means that I had to worry about less of these… But image formatting? It’s a nightmare! And font sizes… and the reader… ugh.

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    1. Aaahh I’ll be making that post about WP tricks soon, with the row of images tutorial!! 😊

      Omg that’s so awesome! Yeah, I had no previous experience with WP whatsoever, so I had to rely on whatever my friend told me and what I found out from playing around. 😂

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  13. Totally agree! Especially about the themes thing… I have had countless moments where I debated on whether I should buy the premium themes, but in the end I just decided it wasn’t worth my money. Compared to other blogging sites like Blogger and Tumblr, the ability for us to customize our blog’s appearance is so bad. Additionally, since there’s only so few good themes out there, you just see every blog using the same theme, and in the end your blog will basically look similar to a lot of other blogs! :”(
    However, I’ve had my blog ever since I was eleven (so, I’ve been browsing through WordPress on and off for almost 10 years!), and they have definitely improved A LOT. The reader is much much better and I think it’s a great way to read blog posts, although the view count thing really needs to be improved 🙂

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    1. Yes, same! I’ve seen some cool-looking premium themes, but I’m afraid I’ll end up using it for some time, but then want to change it and spend money all over again. 🙈 Yeah, WP really has limited design freedom — and you’re totally right! All the blogs end up looking similar even when you try to put in different graphics and things. 😭

      Oh, I’m glad to hear that WP has improved a lot!! It gives me hope that it will continue to get better. 😊

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  14. Oh my gosh, YES. WordPress really needs to step up its game???? xD It’s so frustrating with finding a free theme, because even if it’s good, there is ALWAYS something that it doesn’t offer (like the limited palettes UGH) and rjoisjefoijefiojewiofjewie WHY. Also GROSS that orange and purple palette ahhh why are you trying to blind me May??

    AND YES. FONT SIZE. It needs to be easier to change?? I’ve gotten used to using HTML for basic coding and changing the size but it’s just so annoying having to do those steps when WP could put font size into its editing menu thing. UGH. (I’ve never figured out how to put the images side by side like that though??! That’s so useful. Share your magic please omg. xD)

    Also it sucks that the posts seen in the Reader doesn’t count for page views! I don’t check my page views very much anymore, but I’ve noticed that and it’s so frustrating.
    Sorry for bombarding you with all of this ahah, just a lot of shared WP frustrations I guess?! xD Loved this post! ❤

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    1. Yes, exactly!! I’ll find a REALLY GREAT theme… only to stumble upon one or two things that just ruin it all. I’M SORRY FOR YOUR POOR EYES but I just had to show the horror of WordPress palettes????

      Yeah, I’ve definitely gotten used to doing coding for font sizing, but 1) sometimes I mess up and have to redo it all over again, and 2) it’d be SO AMAZING to have a button in the editor menu thing to do it!! (And aahhh I think I’ll be compiling a list of my tricks and stuff and I’ll definitely mention the image thing there. 😊)

      It makes me SO sad that Reader views don’t count!! It’s just taking away from part of the bloggers’ success. 😔



    okay i definitely need all of these improvements?? especially the spam comments one; so many comments that are not actually spam have gone into my spam folder??? and sometimes my comments go into spam folders!! ugh it’s annoying.

    i’m still a wordpress noob and know next to nothing about formatting,, i need a post with tips and tricks by my favourite blogger (wink wink) (pls may) (help me)

    mY EYES HURT I THINK THEY’RE BLEEDING MAY WHY WOULD YOU SUBJECT ME TO SUCH TORTURE OF GAZING UPON THAT TERRIBLE PURPLE AND ORANGE COMBINATION also wp is so stupid why tf would that even be a colour palette?? the palettes for my theme are also pretty crappy ugh why can’t we manually decided our own colours.

    THE THEMES SUCK. i mean not all of them but most of them do?? i get that they need to make money but they have so many talented engineers and stuff why can’t they make better themes for us to start out with smh

    nice post may, drink some water xx

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    1. I TOLD YOU!!! now go and click around, there are lots of things to play with

      yes same!! the actual spam comments aren’t put into the permanent spam folder, and then my comments + other genuine comments are put in spam???

      don’t you worry I’m going to put together a post of my tricks!!!

      I KNOW WHO THE FRICK THOUGHT IT WAS A GOOD IDEA TO USE PURPLE AND ORANGE TOGETHER. and I think you can choose your own colors when you pay for an upgrade??? but at least give us better palettes than PURPLE AND ORANGE.

      but my water is too far away

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  16. The Reader reads don’t count is my biggest thing. Everyone needs to know!!!! Sometimes, too, WP makes it hard to even get that dang new webpage to open! It’s like, here, let me open a new Reader review page for you that STILL isn’t on the actual website.

    Editing the pages is super hard too because some of the edits are in the MySite edit and yet others are in the lower right hand corner Customize section. WP calls everything different names in each of these areas so its like driving in Minneapolis / St. Paul….same street, different name, don’t know how I got here so I can’t get back again (which might be why you can’t take your pages down).

    I also do not like how all of the themes might be different but the formatting is basically identical. It has gotten to the point that I can tell its WP free theme because all of the things are in the exact same place. But, I like to remind myself that non-bloggers might not know.

    Great post. We are all frustrated. WP is still better than blogger.

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    1. I know, it makes me so frustrated??? Like uhh, if you’re going to provide a Reader thing that messes up formatting and other things, then at least make it count for page views??

      I know!! Things I changed in WP Admin were suddenly moved to My Sites and I’m so confused??? But then there’s other things in WP Admin that aren’t in My Sites and djsjfks C’MON WORDPRESS.

      Oh yeah, I definitely think WP is better than Blogger overall. 😂😂

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  17. I could relate to so many of things you have on this list, especially with learning everything by myself when I first got WordPress! I mean, in a way, that process made me a lot more independent and confident to deal with problems that I encounter, but it still was a rough few first months when I started to blog 😊 Also, the font sizes still really confuse me in terms of how to customize them… there’s still so much to learn about WordPress, and probably even more cool setting that I don’t even know about yet. It’s definitely a slow process getting familiar with how to use WordPress 😆

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    1. Yes, totally!! I feel so cool that I figured it all out by myself and my blog turned out pretty decent if you ask me (but a guide still would’ve been SO helpful 😂). And the only way I’ve been able to change text size in the blog post is through coding?? but someone told me there’s some advanced plugin for it so idk. 😂

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  18. Wait wait wait
    Reader DOESN’T count as views??? I knew I was helping somehow by reading blogs by going to the actual blogs even though I can see in reader 😔 my main problem was the view though, I didn’t know about this :/

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  19. I LOVE THIS POST and really, everything you are saying here is ON POINT. I would love for everything to be a bit easier when it comes to formatting blog posts – just to have images centered the right way, or to switch text size and everything, it just takes SO much time somehow? That’s a little annoying :/ Also, that whole thing with views not being counted when you’re reading on the Reader IT MAKES ME SO MAD. I only use the reader to see what’s new from the bloggers I follow, but always click to be redirected to the blog and read the blog post there and comment from there. I just want to be on the blog whenever I am reading a blog post and commenting.
    WP themes are… well, there are so many themes, yet it is so frustrating when they don’t have the right color palettes. that purple-orange thing just BURNED MY EYES MAY WHYYYYYYYYYY.

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    1. Omg yes??? It’s always so tough to format blog posts the way I want, especially when I have to do all that coding. Like, there are things in that editing menu that I don’t use but could easily be replaced with changing text size or something??

      Omg same!! The reader is basically my feed, so I just like the post and then visit the site. It’s supporting bloggers and helping my eyes out by giving them better designs to look at. 😂


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  20. There are so many things I complain about May, I feel like I spend half of my life complaining to be honest, so you’re definitely not alone there. 😀 And yes I’d love to see some of these improvements on WordPress as well, like better free themes and some kind of guide are a must in my opinion. 🙂 Why we don’t have either of them already I’ll never know.
    I don’t know how to use html, so I’ll have to check out Analee’s post when I have the time (I think I have it bookmarked already but haven’t yet found to time to go over it properly and use some of the codes) and I actually do find the Reader part of WordPress useful sometimes. What I wish is that the Reader showed you the blogs theme instead of just the basic WordPress post format you know?
    Great post May, and yeah I think overall I definitely agree with all these points as well! 🙂 ❤️

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    1. Omg yes I complain so much, I honestly feel bad since my complaints are things about something so small compared to what some people have to go through in their lives. 🙈

      Ooh, I hope you have the time to check out Analee’s post soon!! It was SUPER helpful, and HTML is definitely awesome for formatting things. 😊 And yeah, I think the Reader would be a little bit better if it kept the formatting, showed the design, and counted for views!!

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  21. my roommate had to run a wordpress blog for a class and was literally at the point of SCREAMING so frustrated over formatting??? and like. #relatable. i literally have a blog on this garbage fire and i could only help her so much?? PRAYING FOR SIMPLIFICATION & A GUIDE TBH.

    but specifically NUMBER THREE IS SO REAL WTF I’M SO MAD. i always click out of the reader just b/c i hate the formatting but now i’m double pissed that it doesn’t count those sweet sweet views???

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  22. Awesome post! As a blogger person I’ve seen a lot of pros and cons lists comparing blogger and wordpress, and while I’ve never properly used wordpress some of these problems seem really annoying! I agree, coding can be complex but personally I’ve found that it’s rewarding to learn the basics at the least.

    With blogger, I don’t have an issue of arranging images in a row or not having a button for text sizing, but I really hate the lack of free themes (my resolution for this was searching for a new one online, but with my new theme I’m having all sorts of problems too as I’m not very good at customising it so a lot of my formatting doesn’t show up).

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    1. Oh yeah, I totally agree!! Knowing the basics of coding has been really helpful and I feel just a tiny bit more genius for knowing it. But it still would be SOOO much easier if there was a button or something. 😂

      Oh, I thought Blogger would offer a lot more options with free themes! I know a few friends who use Blogger who were able to find AMAZING free themes (but not provided by Blogger).

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  23. I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!!! I HATE some of the blog designs. *Shivers from scary purple and orange combination* I do think a Reader is helpful in some ways, but it is a little annoying. AND THE SPAM THING!!!!! I HAD ONE OF MY INTERNET FRIEND’S COMMENTS IN THERE!!!!!! THEN NO ONE WHO CHECKS THEIR SPAM WON’T KNOW SOMEONE COMMENTED ON THEIR BLOG!!!!! #SOANNOYING!!!!
    Sorry, I kind of ranted there. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, sometimes when I skim-read a post, I end up using the Reader! But other times, I visit the actual site. And omg yes exactly!! Some people don’t know the spam thing exists because WordPress didn’t TELL them so then there will be comments left there that nobody knows of!!!

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  24. Themes, font and palatte! Please! Bloggers need help. The only way in which I can update my own theme is paying…. like, yes, of course I don’t have anything more important on which spending my money *the irony*. Really, this is one thing that really bother me with WordPress.

    And the fonts are ugly. And the size too. Normal seems too much big and small is almost too much little for my to do not bleed.

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  25. may, the mango queen and voice of the people !!!

    shitty font colors are one of my biggest pet peeves AHHHHHHH can you tell that all those aggressively contrasting colors make me want to scream???

    also idk if this would help your page-hiding situation, but you can set pages to private so that only you can view them and they don’t show up on your menu? it’s an option in the publishing status section of the sidebar when you edit a post, you can switch the visibility from public to admins (aka just you)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m here to represent

      I can’t even believe purple & orange was an actual combination of colors??? like were they blind when they created that

      and omg that helps a lot, thank you so much!! I remember clicking around a long time ago and seeing stuff about status but I forgot about it 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  26. I do like the Reader (sorry, please don’t hurt me) because it is how I discover so many wonderful blogs, like yours! But the spam comment thing is so true!

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  27. i literally read his entire post going “huh??? these are features??”
    i seem to be a failure in running a blog bc what the heck this is so complex, im too smol for this

    but youre right wordpress is poop sometimes (aka 8 out of 10 times) :’)

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  28. ew, purple and orange is no


    omg yes i never go on wordpress admin tho ’cause it’s weirdly formatted and also i always forget how to access it

    yes i want a post of little wordpress tips and tricks but not from you (just kidding,, but i think i know most of them)


  29. I have to agree with this whole heartedly I took two courses on html and my brain’s still tryna figure out how things work (I think a few brain cells died) Like i literally had to search up everything on google when I was setting up my blog and I wasn’t even satisfied with half of th info wordpress gave me LIKE THE FORMATTING WAS SO HAARRD. And i had to search up on youtube about the menus and themes 😭. AND YES THE COLORS NEEDS IMPROVEMENT I NEED AESTHETICS


  30. I wish there were more colour palettes- I mean, personally I’m happy with my theme now, but that’s only because I specifically picked the theme to have a colour palette I wanted- there were other themes I wanted to try, but couldn’t cos the colours clashed with my header design. Ah yes that feature of the Reader is *so annoying*!! AHH YOU ARE SO RIGHT ABOUT FONT SIZE! Ahh you’re so right about the font types as well! And the centring (I don’t know how to do what you just did!) Seriously awesome post!


  31. I loved this post 😍 and i totally totally agree with you on the improvements WordPress needs to make especially with the theme and the color palette. And also the fonts.
    But I loved your post ☺️


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