A Few of My Not-so-Secret WordPress Tips & Tricks for Changing Text Size, Centering Multiple Images, and More!!!

So I have a lot of cool tricks.

Such as the trick for every inch of my ability to interact with humans* without being awkward to disappear each time when I interact with humans. Or the trick for mangoes to disappear each time I’m near them.

Okay I’m obviously the best magician ever someone hire me.

Abacadabra and mango magic tricks aside, I have a lot of cool tricks when it comes to BLOG POST FORMATTING!! And blog post designing!! And other blog-related things!!!

So I’ve decided to compile a list of some of my most useful tricks that I’ve discovered, all for you guys. Except not all of them, because I am selfish don’t really know any other tricks besides the ones mentioned in this post??

Oh, and I actually had this post planned before I posted my WordPress Improvements post last week, but then I saw how enthusiastic y’all were to learn about how I make text size bigger and center images in a row so THAT MADE ME MORE EXCITED FOR THIS POST.

*I say humans like that because I am not one.


1. changing text size!!!

Some bloggers know this, and some bloggers don’t, and that’s okay!! Basically, because there’s no button to click in the editing menu to change the text size (COUGH COUGH), you have to actually code it yourself.

“But what?” you probably are saying, since I’m a mind reader. “How do I CODE something? Where do I code it? WHAT do I code??? Why is everything so confusing????”

Well you’re lucky, John, because I will tell you EXACTLY how to code and where to code and what to code!!! Someone give me mangoes.

First of all, you’re going to have to find where to code. The HTML editor can be found right here:

Then when you click on that, your post will suddenly look like:


So now moving on to WHAT to code, there are many codes that you can use to adjust text size.

  • < big > & < /big> or < small > & < /small>
  • < span style=”font-size: __pt;” > & < /span > (the __ is a number)
  • < span style=”font-size: ______;” > & < /span> (the _____ are words like: large, x-large, small, x-small)
  • and to use all of these, you’d take away the space between the < or > and the actual code

I personally use the second one, because I think it’s the best one to adjust the text size to the EXACT size you want, since you can choose between numbers. But feel free to experiment with them all!!

And finally, this is how you’d code it:

Pro tip: If you’re going to copy and paste the code throughout the post, I recommend you FIRST look to make sure that you did the code correctly otherwise you will end up pasting the wrong code everywhere and will have to redo it 3 times. And in case you were wondering, this is not from personal experience. I am not that dumb.*

Pro tip #2: BOLD EVERY TEXT YOU MAKE LARGER. DO IT. DON’T QUESTION. It looks nicer, it doesn’t hurt your eyes, and the reason you’re making text larger in the first place is PROBABLY because you want to draw attention to it, and bolding will draw even more attention do it.

*Yes I am.


2. centering images in one row!!

Now, I mentioned doing this in my WordPress Improvements post (which I linked up above & you should totally check out if you haven’t), and a lot of you were like WHAT. HOW DID YOU DO THAT MAY. TEACH ME YOUR SECRETS.

And it’s with a heavy sigh that I’m revealing my not-so old secret, because I want to keep it for myself, but 1) that’s selfish, and 2) I know that if I knew someone who could center images, I would want to know how as well!! We’re all bloggers and we should all share our deepest darkest secrets with each other because it helps us all. Stalk each other.

Basically, if you click on the image and use the “align center” button, WordPress will center ONE image for you. (I am 90% sure you all know what button I’m talking about.) But it WON’T center multiple images in a row, so it looks like this when you use that “align center” button:




(Yes, I am unapologetically using this gif again.)

But here’s a little secret that I found. If you make a new line, center it, then insert your images, multiple images will be centered in the same row!! (Because it’s basically just using the coding for centering text.)

20171008_103407_1  20171008_103407_1  20171008_103407_1

VOILA!!!! I AM A GENIUS. Aka I was just being stupid and playing around and discovered that it actually did something.


3. toggling text!!

Now, this is something I’ve never used, and my “friend” Ju(lianna) helped me on this, so if there’s anything wrong, I BLAME IT ON HER.

But!! After I tried it out, I’M OBSESSED WITH TOGGLING THE TEXT. Just clicking on it. It’s there and it disappears. It’s there and disappears. It’s there and it disappears.

ANYWAYS, you’re going to have to do some coding. (As always.)

The code is fairly simple. First, write out the text you want to show before you click on it to expand. My text will be: “I LOVE MANGOES”. Then, head over to your HTML Editor and insert the following code around it:





And there you go!! “A LOT” is the text you see after you click on it the toggle thing, and you can either type it in the HTML Editor, or in the Visual editor.

Okay wow this one was very short and not that detailed so please ask questions if you have any???

(Also this is a really great trick to use when talking about spoilers in book reviews, or something like that!!)


4. changing the “comment prompt”!!

This is something bloggers have asked me previously about, and it’s something not a lot of people know about BECAUSE WORDPRESS DOESN’T TELL YOU ABOUT THE WORDPRESS ADMIN!!!

Anyways,,, the comment prompt is basically the text that prompts the reader to comment, locating right above the comment box. Mine says, “The Mango Queen demands your opinions.” (I’m the Mango Queen.)

The default is “Leave a reply” so that’s probably what YOU have if you haven’t changed yours!!! And if you want to leave it at that, that’s cool!! But for those who DON’T want to have that default, carry on:

Go to yoursite.wordpress.com/wp-admin. This is what is called the “WordPress/WP Admin” where you can control all sorts of things that NOBODY TELLS YOU ABOUT. (Ahem.) From then on, you go to Settings > Discussion.

(The stupid thing is that there’s a Discussion settings page in wordpress.com > My Sites > Settings, BUT IT DOESN’T HAVE THE COMMENT PROMPT??? fJLFDSLFSjfdslkjfs.)

For those of you who have a hard time with finding things (me), you can find Settings at the bottom of the sidebar on the left!!


In Discussion, you’ll actually find a lot of really useful things, such as nested comments and levels of nested comments. (Aka when I reply to your comment, it’ll make my reply go right under yours. And levels of nested comments is the number of comments you can have in a thread that you will be able to reply to on the actual site. THIS IS CONFUSING I’M SORRY.)

BuT. That’s not what we’re here for. So scroll allllll the way down to the bottom, where you will find…

So go ahead and change that prompt and save the settings!! YOU’RE WELCOME.


5. shortening URLs!!

This one is something SO simple, yet something a lot of bloggers miss? And honestly, it’s 1) annoying (to me) when posts have really really long links, and 2) not very good for SEO things which I don’t know much about!!

So see where your title is at, at the top of the post draft thing? Well, right next to it, there’s a link icon, that you can click on and EDIT THE POST URL!!

The default link is your full post name, and if you have post titles as long as mine, that means it’s going to be a SUPER LONG URL. So you can actually change & shorten the link to a few key words of the post!

I shortened this post’s URL to “wordpress tips tricks” because that’s mainly what the post’s about, yeah?

ANOTHER way to change the URL of the post is to head to the settings icon near “Preview” and “Publish” at the top right corner, then scroll down to “More Options”, and edit your URL under the option “Slug”!!


shameless self promo

If you enjoyed THIS post, you will probably enjoy these posts that I wrote a long time ago and just reread and feel like dying because they’re so cringy!!!

blogging process  amazing blogger

(Look at me using my centering-images trick.)

shall we chat

do you have any of your own wordpress tricks?? (share them.) do you use any of these already?? shouldn’t wordpress come with some sort of guide to help us out? and what questions do you have about these tricks? i will try my hardest to clarify whatever you need!!

p.s. I wrote most of this post on Monday, but then I got sick on yesterday (Tuesday)! today (Wednesday) I felt so much better, but I didn’t finish the post before my fever came back. so I rushed through everything in order to get some more rest and I haven’t been keeping up with posts/comments. but thanks for understanding!!!

sign off 2.0


171 thoughts on “A Few of My Not-so-Secret WordPress Tips & Tricks for Changing Text Size, Centering Multiple Images, and More!!!

  1. Ohmygosh I LITERALLY just spent half an hour yesterday trying to do some of the things you mentioned in this post, WHY DIDN’T I KNOW OF THIS SOONER?! 😭 Thank you so much for sharing your secrets!!! 😍

    💛 Ngoc


    ngl, i spent like 1 hour yesterday trying to find the answer to literally everything you mentioned here, so thank you for blessing the world with all this valuable info. 😭💖💖


  3. hi may!! you truly are a mango queen!! the comment thing and centering pics KILLS ME and now i have to relearn everything because of the STUPID NEW EDITOR so yeah. wonderful.
    also, what font are your headings in? i love it so much!


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