5 Ways That Readers Get Angry / Salty / Frustrated or… All of the Above (aka Please Don’t Ever Do This)

As readers, we’re all pretty used to negative feelings.

For me, it’s mainly the pressing feeling of DISAPPOINTMENT, and with disappointment often comes saltiness. (Or maybe I’m just salty all the time.)

So, because I’m currently feeling extra salty about books (meaning I am in between the “I hate books” and “I want to read books” moods), I decided to talk about things relating to books that make me feel angry and/or salty and/or frustrated!!

I also need to make sure that OTHER people experience this too because if I’m salty all of you have to be salty too I do not appreciate being the Special One.

(What a lie. I love being special.)

Smol note: On Friday night, I got really anxious over something and I had a panic attack. Since I really didn’t have my post ready by then, I decided to just skip Saturday and post when I felt ready, so that’s why my schedule is a little messed up! (That’s also why this post is just 5 points, instead of 9, like I usually do!) I’ve been absent from the blogosphere a little bit, and I apologize!! Love you all!!!

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1. our most anticipated book disappoints

I have had this happen to me SO. MANY. TIMES. and it sucks??? I hear amazing reviews about the book, everyone seems to love it, and I mentally five-star it… only to find that no, the book is actually HORRIBLE. (In my opinion.)

Which then leads me to wonder how other people loved it so much?? Like, am I incapable of having good feelings towards books. Or is everyone just from some alien universe where they actively try to make me the odd-one-out.

(It’s probably the last one tbh.)



The City of Brass (The Daevabad Trilogy, #1)  An Enchantment of Ravens  History Is All You Left Me

  • City of Brass: Y’all. I WAS SO EXCITED FOR THIS BOOK. I was so ready to love it?? To five-star it??? To join the group of screaming fans and anxiously await the sequel??? But I am STILL reading it, after more than two weeks since I started it, and that is not okay. I AM SO BORED. AND CONFUSED. I’m 1 nanosecond away from DNFing tbh.
  • An Enchantment of Ravens: So if you’ve been around, this was the first (physical) ARC that I read, and the ARC reviews were glowing. But as soon as I read the first few pages, I could tell I was not going to like it! I’M SO ANGRY ABOUT THIS, because everyone screamed about it, and I thought I was going to love it. But it was horrible.
  • History is All You Left Me: Okay, so this was my first Adam book, and let me tell you: I love Adam Silvera. He’s an amazing author & person, and I look up to him. But?? I’m so confused??? Am I heartless or something because I did not feel any of the heartbreak other people did. I was bored. I was confused.* I was disappointed.

*Okay is this like a theme with me… being bored and confused?? Does nothing interest me anymore??? AM I NOT SMART ENOUGH TO READ BOOKS????

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2. books defying their pretty covers

The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” has been used by so many people… who don’t know it’s actually IMPOSSIBLE to not do that. We have so much prejudice outside of just book covers, and come on, humans are shallow??? I will 100% feel more motivated to pick up a book if it has a pretty outside??

But of course, pretty outside doesn’t mean a pretty inside (or ugly outside = ugly inside). So when we think we’ll love a book because of its pretty cover, and we DON’T, we feel betrayed. And then angry, because HOW DARE THIS BOOK DECEIVE ME??? I’m already getting deceived by people who offer me a piece of a cookie and then snatch their hand away just as I reach for it. Who allowed…????


I actually… don’t have that many examples?? Shook. BUT I do have a few, so here they are!

An Enchantment of Ravens  We Are Okay  The Graces (The Graces, #1)

  • An Enchantment of Ravens: This is a book I’ll always mention because iT DISAPPOINTED ME SO MUCH. But?? Do you see THAT COVER??? The only good thing about it is literally that cover, everything else sucks. So salty. I can’t even bare to look at the cover on my shelves, I’M THAT SALTY.
  • We Are Okay: So this cover isn’t like, SUPER PRETTY but it’s still pretty pretty. (Calm down, May.) I think you either love or hate this book, and I think I read it at a time where I was not in the mood for it, so I hated it. Oops. I’m really sad tho, because this is about sad sapphic girls, and that’s such a beautiful concept???
  • The Graces: I rated this 3 stars, but I read it in the beginning of 2017 and I honestly don’t think I liked it that much? (Probably 2 stars tbh.) But it has SUCH A PRETTY COVER and also a really intriguing concept, but everything was just way too weird!!

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3. characters ending up with the “wrong” character

I’m sure we all have our own OTPs formed in our heads when we start reading a book, and I know from experience that I will get ANGRY if they don’t end up together. Steam-coming-from-my-ears angry. Where-did-all-the-mangoes-go angry.*

I mean??? Obviously I know exactly who should end up with who?? And not the author who created the characters????

Most of the time, I don’t have this problem. (My only problem is that I WANT MORE QUEER COUPLES.)

But whenever there’s a love triangle, there’s bound to be some problems. First of all, I hate love triangles. Second of all, I hate everyone IN the love triangles**, because they are all so whiny and dramatic and “omg who do I choose I love both of theeeeeeeeem”. Sfjdlskjfslf just cHOOSE NONE OF THEM AND RELIEVE US OF THIS PAIN DEAR GOD.

*This is an actual mood, okay. I don’t know how I lasted that one month last year without any form of mangoes.
**I make one exception for June & Day in the Legend series.

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4. recommended books ending up… bad

Okay, I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again: I kind of… “forget” to check out books recommended to me, even tho I say I will. Basically, I LIE.

However, there are those certain books where one person just praises over and over and OVER again, and they end up actually horrible. Like what?? I trusted you??? WHY DO YOU LIE TO ME. I’m supposed to be the only liar.

I mean,,, hi I’m May I like mangoes.

One of those is a lie oops.


I have a WHOLE lot of examples (because I often get disappointed by books), and because I love exposing people am a great friend, I’ll be naming the people who recommended these books to me!!

Shatter Me (Shatter Me, #1)  The Epic Crush of Genie Lo (The Epic Crush of Genie Lo #1)  Daughter of the Burning City  Tell Me Three Things

  • Shatter Me is literally the only book that Jackie talks about… ever. (It would be endearing if I could understand why.) And, me being me, I read it without reading any previous reviews, and thus ended up HORRIBLY SURPRISED by how much it sucked!!
  • Ju(lianna) ranted about how amazing The Epic Crush of Genie Lo was, so I was super excited to read it! AND it had Asian rep, and as y’all know, I’m 100% here for that. I was ready to love this book. But then I read it, and god was it HORRIBLE. I am still not over this. (I actually want to lower my rating for it.)
  • Ilsa rambled on and on about how amazing and magical and mysterious Daughter of the Burning City was and I was SO. EXCITED. to read it. But then it turned out to be HORRIBLY BORING and also HORRIBLY CONFUSING.
  • Tell Me Three Things is one of many books that May has recommended me (tell her to stop), but this one was the worst one out of them. It was supposed to be cute & fluffy & fun, but instead I got stereotypes, girl hate, and an annoying MC. Uhhh no, I’d rather not.

*I mean, I do the same, so who am I to critique that.

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5. books getting representation wrong

Nothing sucks more than a book you were super excited to read because of the rep you heard about, and the rep ends up 1) wrong, 2) harmful, 3) and/or unrelatable.

This happened to me with Girl on the Verge (which I will keep mentioning because I’m STILL SO SALTY about it). I was super excited to be able to read it, because it’s literally the only book I’ve heard about with a Thai character in it*, but then the rep was so UNRELATABLE and such a disappointment.

Or!! Another sad thing is when you read a book that you’ve heard about for having good rep, and then the diversity is the ONLY good thing about the book. Why is it so hard to write good books that automatically have good rep because good rep one reason why books are “good”???

*If you hear of any Thai characters in any books, LET ME KNOW ASAP BECAUSE I AM DESPERATE.

shall we chat

what are some reasons YOU get angry or salty or frustrated, etc.? what books are you salty about not liking? opinion on love triangles? have you been cookie-snatched before? and i know i’m extremely obnoxious (that’s why you love me tho), but make sure to submit questions for my q&a and/or fill out my feedback survey if you haven’t & you want to!!

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98 thoughts on “5 Ways That Readers Get Angry / Salty / Frustrated or… All of the Above (aka Please Don’t Ever Do This)

    bc apparently that’s a thing that everyone does on your posts and hey who am i to question

    but okay yes i hate it when people get rep wrong or badly written!! also when the plot & writing just gets . . . . sooo . . . . . . . . . . slowwwwwww . . . . . . . . . . . and also when things just don’t make any sense. like STICKY NOTES, DEATH, AND ROLLER COASTERS DO NOT ALL GO TOGETHER LOGICALLY. HELLO WHAT ARE YOU DOING. (That’s the part where we all look @ ATBP lollll k I should stop ranting farewells)

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    1. yes everyone scrambles to be first comment for a reason I do not know of

      OH YES. I HATE SLOW BOOKS. like I get if it’s character-driven and all that, but there’s a difference between purposefully slow books and dry books! omg I’ve heard so many problematic things about ABTP that now I have to take it off my TBR 🙈

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  2. You need to eat some mangoes and de-stress May I’m worried for you *sends a box of mangoes and hugs and kisses and words of encouragement* bUT ALSO THIS POST – S A M E! Especially a book I’ve been anticipating for like a YEAR and then end up loathing it – it’s the worst thing. Especially when you combine that with every other point you’ve made in this post.

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  3. AGH this post is so relatable.😂 *applauds* Honestly, everything you said is so so true! Especially characters ending up with the wrong character. I also hate it when people in the fandom try to cHaNgE the ships the author already established and argue that these characters shouldn’t have been together. (If you’ve read HP, like that Hermione and Ron shouldn’t have ended up together. uM no.) But I do that too sometimes, so here I am being a hypocrite.😂

    Wonderfully fantabulous post, May! Also, I hope you’re feeling a lot less stressed. Sending you lots of love and happy thoughts and anti-stress things like Hamilton and perfect books and awesome turning days!

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    1. Characters ending up with the wrong character annoys me so much!! And haha, I’m fine with people shipping whoever they want? (I personally don’t like Romione. 😂) Just as long as it makes sense?? Like, no Snapmione, that’s disgusting, why are they pairing her with her abuser???

      AAAHH THANK YOU SO MUCH you’re so sweet!! 😘😘

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  4. I have so been there with the panic attacks. Taking care of yourself is way more important than the internet, so don’t feel bad for doing what you gotta do! I hope whatever was stressing you out has been resolved and replaced with lots of mangoes!

    Ugh, the disappointment of a PERFECT cover wrapping up a perfectly mediocre book is awful. I really did not get into Caraval, but since it’s sitting on my shelf now, at least it’s pretty to look at?

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    1. Thank you so much, your words mean the world to me. 💜 Yes, I definitely will take more breaks if I need to! And haha it was something really small & silly, but my anicanxiety ety always makes things bigger than they actually are. 😣

      Omg same?? Sometimes I’m really salty and can’t even stand looking at the pretty covers, but at least it makes for nice photos. 😉

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  5. So far I’ve only read one good love triangle (and it was more like a LOVE SQUARE but the main character knew she didn’t like one of them) and I’m just really worried that the main character is going to choose the wRoNg GuY! 😖 CHOOSE THE FUNNY ONE! NOT THE ONE WITH TEAL EYES. PLEASE.

    And you had a panic attack?? 😢 We’re here for you May! If you need anyone to complain to, or you want to ask for help, I’m always open!! (I’ve had people tell me I’m good at that stuff, so I feel halfway confident in saying that I’ll probably help you)

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  6. the first two ones oh my gOd i have never related more to something. like why do pretty covers have to be so deceiving??? and why can’t anticipated releases be good??? because everything is about me

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  7. I agree with History is All You Left Me so much! I found it really boring and I didn’t feel any emotions throughout it honestly. It was so disappointing. I also haven’t read any of Adam’s other books yet.

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  8. OmFg I actually could not have said it better. I started reading City of Brass about a week ago and after about 30 pgs in, incoherent mumblings of me thinking what the hell is going on, and wondering if the story could possibly get aNy MoRe bOrINg, I gave in and put it down. I just didn’t get it??? Everybody on Booktube said it was definitely thought-provoking and a really good story but I kept wondering If I was the only one who thought differently..

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    1. Omg I’m glad you put it down at page 30 because I put it down after page 300 and I regret SO MUCH not DNFing it earlier!!! It was just SO SO dry and boring and just,, fjsldfjalskf. There was so much hype for it and I literally had it 5-starred in my head… but nope. Do not get the hype AT. ALL.


  9. I hate it when I’ve been anticipating a book for so long, and then it just completely and utterly disappoints me. LIKE WHY? I DIDN’T ASK FOR THIS. Especially when it has such a good premise, but it’s completely and totally wasted by the author or there’s some RANDOM ROMANCE THROWN IN OH DEAR GOD. I swear, I’ve read eleven books so far this year, and seven of them have the complaint “Why the romance?” Who is doing this.

    Hahaha, I haven’t recommended a book to yet. AH WELL. I did love History Is All You Left Me, so we don’t agree on that one whoops. I did enjoy Daughter of the Burning City, but it’s a three star read for me. I’m still planning on reading An Enchantment of Ravens because I have to see for myself, but I was never interested in City of Brass. IT IS WAY TOO BIG.

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    1. OMG YES YES YES. The whole romance thing happened with me and An Enchantment of Ravens. Like literally the whole plot was centered around the romance (which was insta-lovey, seemingly based on attraction, and SO GOOEY AND ICKY AND GROSS), and it was marketed as if it was more about the fae world??? Ugh.

      Daughter of the Burning City was just a “me” thing, I think! I just didn’t connect to anything at all, oops. And oh, I hope you enjoy AEOR more than I did!! (Yeah, I got City of Brass without knowing it was that huge… NEVER AGAIN.)

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  10. just saying that if evelyn hugo ends up on the recommended list i’ll come to america and take ur mangoes and copy of six of crows and mash them into a pulpy mangoey papery mess

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  11. I really enjoyed this super-relatable post!! Ughh honestly! The first one…. people seem to love it so much and the book doesn’t even come any close to all the hype. And then the one character getting over-praised is UNBEARABLE!!

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  12. Have your read Every Last Word, by Tamara Ireland Stone? I know the last thing you read right now is more for your TBR list but it is seriously amazing! You should definitely check it out! (I don’t think it will disappoint.. 😉 )
    ~Julia ❤

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  13. hahaha this post was hilarious! I can totally relate to not loving popular books which is one of the things that annoys me about GoodReads because I’ll see the same book in my feed multiple times and I’ll think hey I should check out that book and then I do and it usually ends up wildy disappointing me… so now I’m just trying to stick with my gut and read what I believe will be great (because my gut never steers me wrong!) great post and happy reading 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much!! And omg yesss EXACTLY! I’m actually kinda scared to read The Cruel Prince now because it blew up over GR when it came out and everyone seemed to love it and I’m 90% sure I will too… but there’s that 10% of me that thinks I won’t?? It’s a scary world. 😂


  14. Oh my word May there is absolutely NOTHING to apologize for! I’m sorry that you had to experience a panic attack; they are the absolute WORST… but I want to let you know that you’re not alone – I’m cheering on for you!! Your health – both physical and mental – is your first and foremost priority. Everything comes later. If there’s anything I can help, pls don’t hesitate to let me know 🙂

    I totally agree with #4… I know that you’ll probably be fuming at me, but so far I don’t know, but Six of Crows is not just my thing?? Shatter Me has been on my tbr for awhile, but I’m seriously going to reconsider?? I am so indecisive.. HELP ME

    Even during the toughest days, try to remember that you are not alone, and so many people (including moi) care about you 🙂 I’m here for you 💕

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    1. AAAHHH KIMBERLY THANK YOU SO MUCH YOU’RE SO SWEET!! ❤ I definitely will be focusing more on my health before anything now, I've learned that it's so so important to be healthy & happy with myself.

      Omg I really hope you end up liking Six of Crows!! I know for some people it was really slow at the beginning, but I remember just having so much fun and being so engaged in it. And aahh apparently the Shatter Me series gets better??? If you can last through the horrible first book. 😂


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      1. no worries ❤ 🙂 I feel like we never really acknowledge how important self care really is until 'it' happens and our brain is like *slaps table* nope why ain't you give me attention 😓

        Ya I really hope so too!! I heard a lot 5 star reviews for Six of Crows, and somehow I've already thought "yup I'm going to love this" before I even read it, so it was… sad for me?? Hmm.. maybe I will try Shatter Me because I'm so indecisive. 😂

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  15. Totally agree with your points! Especially the last one! I see Indian characters everywhere with no actual representation and I get SO. DARN. ANNOYED. Like, hello! We’re more than names!
    Anyway, great post!

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  16. One of the biggest disappoints for me is when the first couple books of series is so great and amazing but then the last book is god awful. *sides eyes the 5th Wave trilogy*.
    I read the Last Star last year and I’M STILL MAD AT HOW AWFUL IT WAS.

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    HAHA YESSS ME. love triangles are the actual worstt. why are they even still a thing?? AND HECK YES to more queer couples.

    i’m sorry you were disappointed by City of Brass! it’s been so hyped up among the community, and now i feel like everyone’s being disappointed by it :(( wait wait We are Okay is about sad sapphic girls?? how did i not know this? (i must go pick it up now!!)

    bad rep is so disappointing also. i’ll definitely shout for you if i hear about any books with thai MCs!! i’m perpetually on the hunt for biracial MCs and recently, there’ve been a couple more, but there’s still only a few i know of! (scream at me if you find out about any)

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    1. I cannot STAND love triangles. (except for like, Marie Lu’s one love triangle in Legend. but even in The Young Elites IT WAS ANNOYING, and Marie is my queeeeen.) yes yes yes more queer couples!! it’s literally NOT that hard to write queer couples??? if you can write straight couples, surely you can write queer couples????

      I’m super sad I didn’t like City of Brass either! a bunch of my friends read it recently with me and we all severely disliked it and I have no idea what happened… YES IT’S ABOUT SAD SAPPHIC GIRLS AND IT’S BEAUTIFUL!!

      omg yes thank you so much! there probably won’t be any books with Thai MCs any time soon but I’m hoping still! and aahh, well you’ve already read Starfish and TATBILB… I know the Astonishing Color of After (March) has a biracial MC?? I feel like I know another one but I can’t remember aaah


  18. I’m so sorry that you had a panic attack, that’s awful. I’ve been there and it’s so rough and hard to work through. Glad you’re feeling better, and hope this week is MUCH BETTER.
    So, true story, I haven’t read any of the books in this post? Possibly because I’ve heard some disappointing reviews and so haven’t bothered picking them up???
    Though I really, really need to read Adam Silvera. I love his twitter, he seems like the NICEST guy in the WHOLE WORLD.

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  19. YES all of these enrage me! Also, FINALLY someone else who sees An Enchantment of Ravens for the suck-fest that it is! I read it and it sounded like a really bad fan fiction of ACOTAR and I had so many problems with it but then I looked at the reviews and everyone else loved it????? I was like, have I read the right book?!?!

    Also, Daughter of the Burning City broke my heart. I was SO excited going into it and the start of the book made me get all tingly and anticipate-y and then it just fell apart and I was like…. NOOOOOOOOO.

    We have very similar opinions on popular books!! Also, I’m so sorry you had a panic attack! Please take time if you need to just not blog for a while – don’t worry about your schedule! I mean, OBVIOUSLY, we’d miss you, but your health and happiness is more important ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes another person who doesn’t like AEOR!! Omg same??? I was literally like, are you crazy, or am I the crazy one? 😂 I honestly get happy whenever the GR average rating for it lowers, that’s how salty I am about it. And omg two of my friends loved DotBC and I thought I would too… but I didn’t?? I’m still so sad. 😭

      DKKSKFKS THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SWEET WORDS!! They mean a lot to me. 💜


  20. I’m so sorry to hear about your panic attack and anxiety, May! I’m always here whenever you need to talk and rant and de-stress or anything else, okay, remember that and I LOOVE YOU! ❤
    That was such a great post!! It is SO bothering whenever books just don't meet up your expectations for some reason… I think I feel so, so sad whenever it's a recommendation, because then I feel a bit awkward having to explain that, yes, that book you love with all of your heart wasn't for me at all, haha :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thank you so so much Marie!! Your words mean the LITERAL WORLD to me aaahhh. 😭😭😘 And omg yes, I just feel so sad whenever books disappoint me? Lately it’s been happening more often, and I don’t know whether it’s because I’m getting more critical or just getting worse at choosing good books to read… 😂

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      1. OH no! I’m so sorry you’ve been disappointed by your reads lately – hopefully this February will bring you tons of amazing and NOT disappointing at all reads?? Fingers crossed!! ❤ ❤


  21. Mmmm… I get annoyed with myself when I am bored to death with a book but cant DNF it because I will think every day and night that i have an unfinished business with it. I’ll never ever know how it ends so when i finally decide to finish it and end my suffering i realize i don’t remember a thing and need to start from the beginning 😑 yep. Let the mango force be with you and nothing but good books come your way 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha well I don’t necessarily feel like I have to finish a book because it’s “unfinished business”?? But I do feel the need to just… finish it. (Okay so maybe I do have unfinished business with it. 😂) Omg you’re too sweet! I hope you read some AMAZING books as well, Alicia! ❤

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  22. my luv i’m so sorry about the anxiety 😦 but i’m glad you took the time for yourself b/c who the hell cares about blog schedules all i care about is you and your well being!!!!

    however this is a great and relatable post, even though you had a really weird typo and said that you hated We Are Okay and the cover is only kind of pretty, when actually we all know that the cover is beautiful and so are the contents. really weird haha lol.

    i will maybe be salty for my entire life about not liking the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before books when i reread them (except the third, but i think i made myself like that one by sheer force of will). & i hate love triangles!!!!!

    hope you’re doing well bb kik me (although you may have already and i just haven’t checked)

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    1. jflsdkfjl;akds I can’t believe someone can be so sweet and kind to me like you are???? ❤

      listen something was messed up when I read We Are Okay and I do not appreciate the beauty of it don't make fun of me

      okay when I read the TATBILB series, I was in my "I LOVE ROMANTIC CONTEMPORARY FLUFF" stage and now ???? I have a feeling that I would hate those books. at least there's Asian rep tho!!!

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  23. Sorry to hear about your panic attack May, hope you’re feeling better ❤


    * *cue existential crisis as I realise I’m turning 21 this year rip*


    I apologise for all the all caps but you brought all my saltiness to the surface lol

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahh thank you so much, Michelle! I am definitely feeling better this week. 💜

      Omg YESSS. Like I know pretty covers are subjective but there are covers that literally EVERYONE agrees are pretty… and yet the book is horrible???? OH MY GOD YES my mind has been trained to think that pretty outside means pretty inside and I literally !! cannot !! change it !!


      oh god, don’t get me started on anticipated books. ESPECIALLY when I mentally 5-star them and they end up below 2 stars???

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  24. You are totally not alone in feeling this way!!

    Honestly Enchantment of Ravens got hyped SO much on BookTube that I didn’t trust any of the reviews and thus – didn’t read the book. I’m so glad I trusted my own gut instinct on all the glowing reviews because I’ve since heard a lot of mixed feelings about it. I think BookTube has become one of the biggest offenders when it comes to untrustworthy reviews to create book hype. I no longer go on there for book recommendations but rather to watch reading vlogs and the like.

    I hope you’re feeling better after your panic attack – I experienced one back in high school and I still remember it vividly….

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    1. Aahh you were so smart not to read AEOR!! I requested it on a whim from the publisher so I kind of had to read & review it, but I genuinely thought it would be amazing omg. And oh yes, BookTubers definitely seem a little suspicious (well, the bigger ones) with their reviews!

      Aww, thank you so much!! Yeah, panic attacks suck. 😭

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  25. Hi may! or sHOULD I CALL YOU MAY the PSYCHIC, CUZ YOU JUST READ EVERYTHING IN MY MIND!! i hate when your most hyped up books ending up to be a flop (i’m looking at you, when dimple met rishi), and you didn’t like Tell Me Three Things??? I loved that book to pieces omigosh. I alsoo hate it when the m.c falls for another person tHAT IS NOT THE PERSON YOU WANT!! it has been happening to me a lot, and i call the second lead syndrome. As always another fabulous post May! ❤

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  26. Yes, it’s always a horrible feeling when a hyped book disappoints. It feels like a waste of time and always puts me in a shitty mood.
    Also, yeah I wasn’t a big fan of Daughter of the Burning City, it was boring and all the main character did was whine. I dnf’d it pretty quickly.

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    1. I know!! Every book that I’m disappointed by, I’m like “what was the point in reading this…” and I feel so sad for all the time I lost that I could’ve spent reading a GOOD BOOK. And agh I should’ve DNFed that one! YES YES YES Sorina was really bland and annoying, ugh.

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  27. I have this thing where I never get salty about the books I didn’t like..? I’d just forget about them. Virtually erase them from my long-term memory to give more space to books I actually adore (but, after a period of time, STILL forget because I’m such a forgetful potato HAHAHAhelp)
    Love triangles suck and I’m SUPER glad I’ve only recently read one book so far with a love triangle, compare that to like almost every-freakin-book I read three years ago. *shudders*
    And no one cookie-snatches moi. No one dares and I’m keeping it that way 😇

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    1. Oh my god Kate teach me how ??? I mean there are some books that I don’t get salty about because they’re not worth being salty about tbh, but I’m just such a salty person that a lot of times, I’m salty for no reason. 😂 Yeah, I’ve barely read any books with love triangles nowadays!


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        1. I was gonna joke about how my lack of saltiness is a sign of aging but my keyboard app is being a complete douche and I’m currently salty about it so I’m not yet getting that old I see 😂😂
          Savage Kate only comes out when food theft happens — which are dire times 😂


  28. #3. I ALWAYS SOMEHOW END UP PICKING THE “WRONG” GUY IN A LOVE TRIANGLE. And then I end up not finishing the book/series because of how pissed off I am at a certain heroine for picking the douchebag over the kind love interest. -_-

    #4. Same here with Tell Me Three Things! I just finished it, and it was full of annoying tropes and basically nothing happened?

    #5. Have you heard of Hello, I Love You? WORST representation of a Korean boarding school/boy band/Korean anything EVER. And why is that? Because they weren’t even ~represented~, dammit!


    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always


    1. Ahaha omg same!! Or I’m torn between the two guys. Or I just want her to give up and choose no one because everything is SO DRAMATIC UGH. And oh I’m glad you didn’t like Tell Me Three Things either?? Yeah, the plot was literally finding out who SN was and… I guessed that from like page 10. 😂

      Oh no, I’ll make sure to stay FAR away from that then! Why is it advertised as Korean if there’s no Korean rep at all omg???



  29. I’m really bad with recommendations… as in getting them. I keep getting stuff recommended to me, and i just smile and nod, knowing all too well, that it’s just never gonna happen.

    As for Thai characters in a book: the second book in the Harry Hole series by Jo Nesbo (Cockroaches) is set in Thailand, so most of the supporting characters are local.

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  30. mayyyy I hope you’re doing well and I just want to say that I always love your posts and they’ll always be worth the wait :)))

    also!! I know that Benjanun Sriduangkaew is a lesbian Thai fantasy writer and I believe most of her books have queer Asian characters! I’ve only read her novella Winterglass, and while it wasn’t a ~perfect~ read I think it’s the beginning of a series and I feel like it has a lot of potential

    Liked by 1 person

  31. ur probably never gonna reply to this or maybe in 10 years u will but cool

    what are some reasons YOU get angry or salty or frustrated, etc.? –> ur existence,,, ummmm people being rude people hating on my fave books and then tagging me anddd umm yeahhh.


    opinion on love triangles? – i dont mind if they’re done welll I GUESSSSSSS but like they’re mostly unnecsarry tbh.

    have you been cookie-snatched before? –> no.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. actually, look who’s replying to this, and it’s NOT ten years later

      YOU’RE SO MEAN TO ME when have I ever been rude to you and jflsfdslk I TOLD YOU why did you look at the reviewssss why did the reviews spoil yooooou

      honey the deal can’t happen if Ace of Shades hasn’t even come out yet


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