Why Bloggers Should Be Appreciated // Showing All the Blogger Love and What You Can Do to Support Them!!

Obviously, bloggers are amazing people (seeing as I am one).

Or every blogger could suck and I would be the exception?? BUT that’s not true at all, because the blogging community is truly wonderful, and there are so many fantastic people in it, who post great things and are just great human beings in general.

Since it’s Valentine’s Day and all, and we’re supposed to “show love” and all that mushy crap, I decided to talk about WHY bloggers should be supported & how to do it!!

I feel like SO MANY TIMES, people don’t appreciate bloggers enough, especially in the book blogging realm with authors & publishers.

**Also!!! A note to check out Marie’s post that was published today coincidentally on the same topic as this. IT’S VERY GOOD.**

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  • We work SO. HARD. We comment on others’ posts. We reply to our own comments. We interact with other bloggers.* We even have to carve out time to write our own posts!! We work hard to create quality content, make sure it’s presentable, and grow our own audience as well as ensuring we appreciate other bloggers as well. It’s tough.
  • Blogging takes so much time!! I don’t know how long it takes other bloggers to write & format a post, but it probably takes me at least 2 hours?? 3??? I have no idea. It just takes me SOOOO MUCH TIIIIME to write just one post and make it presentable, which takes out precious time in my week that I could be doing for other things!!!
  • Sometimes we doubt ourselves. And by sometimes… I mean A LOT. I have friends who are going through blogging slumps/slumpy moods and being doubtful of themselves, and I face the same thing!! EVERY blogger faces those doubts. But sometimes we worry so much and we twist it way out of proportions. So it’s important to support & appreciate bloggers to know that, no, our doubts are not TRUE!!

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  • We can promote books! I know I don’t post a lot of book reviews on my blog, but whenever I rate a book highly, I know that some of my friends are more likely to pick it up. (I’m the same with my own friends!)
  • We use our voice. And this is probably the most important one out of this whole list. Because bloggers, with a platform to write on and talk about whatever they want, can use their voice to speak up and stand up for things they believe in. Especially in book blogging! Book bloggers have called for more diversity and representation in YA books, and we are slowly working towards more and more diverse books. Our voices have such a large impact, no matter how small we may think we are.

*Or… these are things that we SHOULD be doing.

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1. comment & interact!

Obviously, this is the number one way to support bloggers. Comments and every single interaction (except for the bad ones, of course) mean SO MUCH to us, and it truly is one of the best ways to support us!!

There are so many people who are THE SWEETEST. and THE KINDEST. Like when I’d taken a week off of posting because of anxiety & panic attacks, y’all were literally SO KIND and all like “we support you May!! Take breaks when you need it! I’m here if you ever need me!!” All that literally means the world to me.

And a lot of times, when I’m feeling like “uuugghhh I don’t want to blog” or “I feel so dead about everything” or even “this is so pointless why am I doing this”, I read blog comments where people say the simplest things like “I love your blog!!” and “omg you made me laugh out loud!”, IT CHEERS ME UP. Instantly. Maybe not forever, but in that moment, it makes me so happy.

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2. follow our blogs

Well… duh? I mean, OBVIOUSLY it’s great if you’re an active follower and comment, but I know that there are some bloggers who read posts but don’t always comment. (I know I do that sometimes when I’m not in the mood to comment.)

Ghost followers are nice because they increase your follower count, so THANK YOU to ALL my followers, you are awesome!! But you know. Interaction. I like talking to you. Because then it means I’m not just talking to myself (which I actually do a lot more than is probably healthy).

BUT STILL!! Any amount of support is support, and I’ll gladly take it all.

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3. share & link to our posts

Sharing on social media platforms can do a whole lot for us. Sharing with even a blogger friend who may not know our blog can do a lot!! For all we know, you’ve introduced us to our new best friend.*

And in monthly recaps or something, shout out your favorite posts or bloggers by linking to them! It can introduce new people to our blog to talk to, and it also makes us really really happy to see our content being enjoyed by other people. (Or maybe that’s just me…???)

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why is this me

*It’s very unlikely that someone will take the place of a mango but… you can try.

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4. recommend their blog or services (if any)

I loooooove promoting my favorite blogs, or blogs I think deserve more love. So make sure to do that too! And like, if a blogger was looking for a specific type of blog, ie. a book blog that talks about a lot of mangoes, you could recommend they check out MY blog. Because you love me.

Oh! And I know that some blogs have design services, or editing services, or beta-reading services, or sensitivity reading services—recommend those too! Especially sensitivity reading, since it’s so very important to make sure that writers are representing marginalized folks in the right way.

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5. use their affiliate links or buy from them

A lot of bloggers have little affiliate links—so when you use that specific link to buy things, that blogger gets a tiny commission. I know that some bloggers are Amazon affiliates, and others are Book Depository affiliates, etc.! It’s literally something so small to do but helps HUGELY.

And I’m not sure if representatives for certain products (like book subscription boxes) get any commissions?? But if I were a rep, an example code for me might be MANGOES10 for a certain product, and when using that code, you’d get 10% off the actual cost. SO USE THOSE!!! YOU SAVE MONEY!!!! YOU MAYBE BENEFIT THE BLOGGER!!!

Here are some examples if you don’t know what these are. Also I just chose random accounts I’ve visited before and remember seeing rep codes for NO FAVORITISM OR ANYTHING.


And of course, some bloggers actually have their own stores where they create or design things and SELL them. (A lot of times they’re on Redbubble, Society6, or Etsy.) I know not everyone has the money (I know I don’t) but when you can, BUY THINGS FROM THOSE BLOGGERS!! It really helps them and often, their creations are quite nice.

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6. boost marginalized voices

I find this ESPECIALLY important in the book blogging world, but honestly, it’s just as important in other aspects of the blogging world as well??

I think what really hits me the most with this one is that we as bloggers have a voice. We ALL have voices. But some voices aren’t heard as much as others’, or they aren’t able to speak up like others. And these people are often people who belong in minorities or marginalized groups!!

They are so important. I know that Western society (idk about others) have smothered voices of so many groups of people, and that’s obviously not right. So take the time to make sure those people are heard, because often times, they HAVE NOT been heard!

(This is REALLY really great in terms of representation of books: link to ownvoices book reviews who can actually say whether the rep in a book was good or bad—tho that still can be subjective.)

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7. just offer support in general

Stick up for bloggers. Help them around if they’re new. Offer positive words if they’re feeling down. Defend them when they need to be defended. Listen to them if they need to rant. Rant with them. Joke with them. TALK WITH THEM!!! GIVE THEM MORAL & EMOTIONAL SUPPORT!! GIVE ADVICE WHEN NEEDED! LOVE THEM! HUG THEM! GIVE THEM MANGOES!!!

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Any form of support means SO MUCH to bloggers. I know, because I AM a blogger. What you do may seem tiny, but it can mean a lot. So just !! appreciate and support bloggers!!! Because everyone deserves appreciation and support and validation and mangoes.

shall we chat

what other reasons do we need to appreciate & support bloggers?? how else can we do that??? are you having a good Valentine’s Day? anyone giving me mangoes? and ooh, support a few of your fellow bloggers in the comments below and link me to some of your favorite bloggers or posts!!!

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75 thoughts on “Why Bloggers Should Be Appreciated // Showing All the Blogger Love and What You Can Do to Support Them!!

  1. Yes! I sometimes feel like we bloggers aren’t really appreciated, and all the work we do. Like, non-bloggers underestimate how much we do (and even sometimes other bloggers). So just so everyone knows, I’m fabulous and appreciate what you do. 😜

    Liked by 1 person

  2. loved reading this, May!! it’s true: being a blogger is really hard – it’s not just random blurbs and press publish. totally agree with #1. when i first started blogging i was just this quiet little potato, but after people started to comment on my blog, i realized that hey, it really means a lot. so of course here i am now, always commenting on my favourite blogs, and i found some really great friends 🙂 i feel like one of the best parts about being a blogger is the blogosphere, and the love and support that goes around it!! it’s really tempting sometimes to just stop blogging, but you and a lot of others continue to inspire me ❤ oh, and happy valentines day to you! *gifts you mangoes* wait wait wait are there mangoes dipped in chocolate?? like the ones they have with strawberries? eh – I'm just proud to be #single 😂


  3. Love the idea of this post! I also already read Maries post and then saw this one and I have to say I am loving all the love! I think its SO important to comment on other blogs– especially ones that make an impact on you or that you connect with as a reader and as a person! I try to comment on other blogs regularly and as a new blogger I know how good it makes you feel to see people comments and reading your blog content. Great post!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahahah yes!! I guess Marie and I really just love spreading love. 😂 Yes, I so agree!! I know that some of my readers are scared of me and don’t comment (which makes me so sad because me??? scary????), but I LOOOVE when they do because 1) I am doing something RIGHT, and 2) it means a lot to me that if they’re intimidated by me, they can overcome that to just talk a little bit to me. 😂


  4. What a great post! I’m just starting out with this whole blogging thing, but already people have been so friendly and encouraging, which makes it feel much easier! There’s nothing like getting comments and likes on a post to make you feel like the work you put in was worth it.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I agree with everything you say in this so much!! I’m pretty new to the book blogging community, but every single interaction means so much!! THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS POST!!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. I did a post recently where I asked people to send me their blog posts that they are incredibly proud of and made a little post about it. People really liked it and it made my heart happy to help people boost their posts.

    I love your blog very much, May! It’s so pretty and the content you put it is truly amazing. Keep up the excellent work!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wonderful post! I totally agree, when I am going through a blogging slump, seeing other people’s comments on my posts is really motivating. I became a blogger to share my love of books, and it’s so important to support each other and share the bookish love with other bloggers!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. i want to send mangoes and love and appreciation to every single blogger in the world but i’m broke so i just settle for sending the love and appreciation

    this post is exactly what i needed for valentine’s day thanku ❤ i lava you

    Liked by 1 person


    I AGREE SO MUCH WITH THIS POST. BLOGGERS = NEEED SUPPORT. Blogging gets SUPER stressful sometimes because we are creatures that love to stress about things that may need just a teeny amount of stress, and then we just stress overtime and FLAIL TIL WE DROP and people don’t discuss this??? PEOPLE DONT TALK ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS TO ACTUALLY DO THIS.


    And we’re trying to, write posts, make them look nice, make them funny, then find images, then respond to comments, then read others’ posts, and then interact, and fit this all around other stuff going on in outlives like eating mangoes or cake or idk… sleeping? and it really can build up and SUPPORT is needed and rkjsgbjkgj VIRTUAL HUGS NEED TO BE SENT SO WE FEEL SMOL AND APPRECIATED AND EVENT THE SMALLEST LITTLE GESTURES LIKE A SMOL CUTE TWEET OR IDK SOMETHING CUTE CAN MAKE US SO HAPPY AND FEEL A LITTLE BETTER AND LIKE THE ENTIRE INTERNET IS IN FACT *NOT* RESTING ON OUT PUNY SHOULDERS.


    Okay I’ll stop screaming about being cute/nice to bloggers and stop screaming my love for this post ❤ I LOVE IT IT WAS GREAT OK OK OK IM GOING NOW

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes exactly!! I feel like a lot of non-bloggers look down on bloggers… but they work so hard and get so stressed about blogging??? Yeah no one really talks about how hard it is to blog (which is one reason why I think no one really appreciates bloggers).

      But omg yes like there are so many things bloggers have to do (or should do…) PLUS all the other life-y things and it’s incredibly stressful ugh. BUT YEAH SENDING ONE LITTLE BIT OF SUPPORT MEANS THE WORLD WHEN YOU’RE STRESSED!!

      dkdkdkakf I’m glad you loved the post!!! 💖💖


  10. Great minds think alike, ahah, whenever we thought about love in this Valentine’s Day, we thought about book bloggers. I think we are obsessed. Or just awesome? Let’s say we are awesome?? 😛
    That was such a fantastic post, May, I loved it ❤ As bloggers, we work really, really hard and self-doubt happen a lot of the time. I have doubts about my posts every single day and basically about everything that I do and feeling support, comments, likes, someone that shows appreciation for all the hard work we do, means the world, really, it is the absolute best ❤ ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah, I think we’re just a LITTLE obsessed with blogging but like… not a lot. 😉

      Aahh yes exactly!! I think as human beings we all get stressed or doubtful, but especially as bloggers or any creators, so getting just a little bit of support & appreciation means A LOT to us. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

  11. You know I’ve seen Marie’s post a little further down in my queue (I still need to check it out) and I actually thought you had coordinated posting this on the same day, kind of a funny coincidence! 🙂
    Anyways brilliant post May, and yes we definitely need to support bloggers however we can. Honestly no one seems aware of how much time we actually put into our blogs. I’ll admit before I started blogging myself I had no clue how much time it would take each day, but it’s definitely worth it and one of the things that makes it so worthwhile for me is the comments and interaction. The main reason I started blogging is to speak to other people about books so that’s what makes it so worthwhile for me (that and all the incredible and amazing friends I’ve met through WordPress so far!)
    Again brilliant post, and I’m a day late at the moment but I hope you had a good Valentine’s Day as well! 😀 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ahaha I saw the post pop up in my Reader and laughed, it was such a great coincidence. 😂

      And yeah, same! I knew it would take a lot of time, but nowhere near the amount it actually takes me. And it gets so stressful at times, but having that support and kind words from other people definitely makes it worth it, and it makes me want to keep blogging! I’ve also made some amazing friends through blogging and their support means the world to me too. 💕

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Yeees, I’m all here for so much blogger appreciation ♥
    Personally, comments really make my day, because everyone is so nice and sweet! It’s truly heartwarming to see that if a blogger is feeling down, there are always people leaving lovely comments! I recently mentioned in a wrapup that I didn’t have a good month and everyone was so supportive and offering lots of positive vibes, it makes me go 💕💕💕💕💕 inside 🙂
    I always share my favorite posts of the month in my wrapup and lately the list has become enormous, because there are SO many amazing posts 😀 What I want to get better at is using other bloggers affiliate links!

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Agh I love this post so much! (…says every comment I leave on your blog ever, but let’s pretend I am more creative.😂) YES YES YES for blogger appreciation!! One of the best parts about being a blogger for me is actually giving appreciation to other bloggers. Because the community is just so wonderful, and there are so many ways to give back. Thank you for writing this, May!

    Liked by 1 person

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