The Rising Author Tag // Talking About My Writing (?!), A Few Snippets (Ew), and a Short Intro to My WIP’s Main Character

In a surprising turn of events, I am doing a tag, and even more surprising: IT’S ABOUT WRITING.

Talking about my WIP??? Sharing (bad) snippets??? More likely than you think!!!

But seriously, I’m a bit nervous to be doing this even though no one will read this or care for… no reason? I mean, I’ve talked about my writing in the past but recently things havne’t been going so well soooo.

And I’ve also gotten very personal with my writing! My current WIP’s MC (WHICH YOU’LL GET A SHORT DESCRIPTION OF WOW) is really similar to me* and I have a problem with sharing things about me. But I will do it because she’s really cool, cooler than I’ll ever be.

So here’s a long post about random things concerning my writing!!

*Except she’s extroverted and NO.

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  • No tagging back
  • Tag four people
  • Thank the person who tagged you
  • Come up with 10 new questions

(I added at last rule because I was very confused about whether or not we were making new questions??? And I want to spare everyone from that confusion as well.)

Thank you SO SO much to The Temperamental Writer for this wonderful tag!! It was super fun to do and helped me open up a bit more about my writing!

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1. what’s your favorite thing to write about?

Oh my god, there’s too many?? Can I make a list???

I don’t care. I’m making a list.

  • MAGIC. I love writing about magic. Or magical things. Or things-that-don’t-happen-in-real-life. Because it makes my imagination (and mind) go CRAZY and I can come up with all sorts of things.
Image result for harry potter magic gif
 I don’t like JK very much but I mean… did you see the whole magical Harry Potter world she created??? but ew the cultural appropriation
  • Diverse people from all marginalized communities!! I’m slowly including more and more different types of people in my stories because it’s SO important that they are represented in books. PLUS I really love writing queer characters (especially sapphic ones) and also Asian characters (because MEEEE).
  • Soft boys who are still “masculine” & feminine girls who are still “strong”. Soft boys are some of my FAVORITE characters to read & write. And I think it’s important to write them to battle toxic masculinity where boys have to be “tough” to be a man. ANDDD while sword-wielding fierce female warriors are amazing, girls who AREN’T that and like society-deemed “feminine” things are STILL STRONG!!
  • Dark things. My current WIP is actually not that dark* but my last one was EXTREMELY dark, and it was so much fun to write???? I mean, KILLING PEOPLE! KILLING FRIENDS! My favorite.

*I COULD make it really dark and creepy and sad but… the gays deserve haPPINESS.

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2. what’s the weirdest thing someone has said to you about your writing?

I don’t think anyone has said anything weird about my writing…? Or if they did, I don’t remember, because I have horrible memory.

But if someone did say something weird about my writing, it’d probably be along the lines of “your writing is good” because that’s a very odd thought to have!!!

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3. do you outline, or make the story up as you go?

I outline! I know for a fact that I can’t just make up the story as I go. I HAVE to have a plan???* Otherwise I’d literally end up banging my head against the wall in frustration because I don’t know WHAT I’M WRITING.

The sad thing is that I’m horrible at plotting (see: the whole month of February in which I plotted nothing) so outlining is a unique form of torture for me.

*Which differs greatly from my reading habits, which is to go in with NO PLAN WHATSOEVER. (Which is why I end up reading 2340584 books at the same time.)

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4. how do you name your characters?

Naming characters… We do not speak of this.

Okay, but in all seriousness*, I do have SOME naming methods!! Mainly, I just go to Nameberry, which is a baby-naming website that actually saves lives. And by lives, I mean MINE because I would be lost without it.

Except sometimes there are tOO mAnY names to choose from and I get overwhelmed. And if I’m looking at a “names that start with G” list, all the G’s start blinding me because there are TOO MANY and it’s scary. LIKE. LOOK.

*When am I ever serious??

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5. which of your characters do you feel the most guilty about?

Um… no one?? Because then I wouldn’t write them.


Niko of my old WIP (Glittered Ghosts) went through some horrible things and I honestly LOVE his tortured backstory but like… does he deserve the suffering?? No. (The suffering involves death.)

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6. are there any objects/situations/etc. that you’ve noticed tend to show up in a lot of your stories?

Honestly, not really? I know that some form of magic or not-existing-in-the-real-world thing ALWAYS appears in my stories because I apparently can’t stick to the rules of the modern world. (The world sucks so I obviously want to escape it.)

I do write a lot of sassy characters tho. And also characters who like food. And also my characters are starting to become more obsessed with socks to reflect my own obsession with socks. (And leggings. And sweatshirts.)

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7. what’s a genre you’ve never written that you would like to try?

URBAN FANTASY!!! Or magical realism!!

AndMagical realism has roots in Latinx colonization and I really feel like if I write magical realism, there are going to be a lot of ways that I mess that up, and I do !! not !! want !! to !! do !! that !!  urban fantasy seems to fit my style of writing better anyways.

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8. do you let anyone read your writing? if so, who?

I let SOMEEEE people read my writing. SOMEEE.

Usually it’s my close irl friends (I have a friend who happens to be a very good writer and understands the pain of sharing writing) who read my writing, but that barely happens because I’m secretive and also insecure. BUT I also like validation so conflicting emotions here!!!

Speaking of validation, here’s a brief moment where I interrupt the daily I-am-extremely-secretive-and-insecure broadcast with a I-really-like-compliments commercial:


1) My poetry is so emo and 2) those last two snippets are from my last WIP, which is aCTUALLY BETTER THAN I THOUGHT IT WAS

(I also have shared a little bit of writing with some online friends in the past. WHO DON’T GIVE ME ANY CONSTRUCTIVE FEEDBACK AT ALL but it’s okay because I gain a bit of self-confidence for approximately .50238 seconds.)

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9. if your book were a movie, who would play the main character?

I’m really stupid and thought this was like “WHO’S THE MAIN CHARACTER OF YOUR NOVEL?!” and actually wrote an intro for her before realizing, no, that is NOT what the question is asking. I’m!! so!! DUMB!!!

But hahhaah here’s a character description anyways:

  • Peter!!
  • a girl (her real name is [insert name that I have not figured out yet because I procrastinate])
  • southeast Asian (like meeee) with hair dyed green at the tips
  • extroverted, loves socks, obsessed with cereal, loud, very chill, likes to read, extremely sarcastic, can get really moody
  • Slytheriny Gryffindor (fight me, JK)

And about the actual question: I can barely find any people that really represent Peter in my mind and I literally know no Asian actresses (due to me not keeping up with Pop Culture™ AND not seeing enough Asians in Hollywood). But you know what? Kelly Marie Tran* is pretty great and pretty cute.

Image result for kelly marie tran

*Look at me talking about Star Wars, Syd & Elise.

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10. what’s something you’ve written that you feel proud of?


Okay, just kidding. I have SOME semblance of self-confidence, thank god.

Actually, I often think that a lot of what I write is decent… at first. When a few days pass and I go back to read over it, I don’t really think it’s that good anymore. Or like, there are only small things that I like???

But I guess I’m proud of everything that I write?? I mean, IT ALL SUCKS, but I wrote it. I spent time and effort on it (probably). I at least have SOME tiny sliver of pride.

(Unless it was really horrible and cringy and anything written before two years ago. In that cast, I’m running away as fast as I can.)

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So I’m nominating way more than 4 of my fellow writer blogger friends that I’m close with because I want to force them to talk more about their writing I’m sure they’ll have lots of fun:

MayJu (are you even writing anything tho)IlsaJackieAmelieSydMarieBethElise (YOU’RE WORKING ON SOMETHING RIGHT)MadelineLuEmmaLia, Savannah, and uhhhh all the other cool writer-blogger people I forgot because I have a useless brain!!

Also if you’ve already done this tag, or you’re actually NOT writing anything, you can blame my memory and I’m super sorry!! And don’t feel like you have to do it because I don’t do a lot of tags either understand.

Here are my questions (and feel free not to answer certain ones)!

  • What is your current WIP about, and what’s its status? (ie. plotting, writing, editing, etc.)
  • Do you plot things out and/or outline, or just figure it out as you write?
  • What are some book ideas you want to write in the future?
  • Out of the characters you’ve written so far, who are your favorites?
  • What’s your writing routine, if any? (ie. snacks, music, time of day, location, etc.)
  • Show your WIP’s aesthetic in images or words (or both)!
  • What (or who) motivates you to write?
  • What do you find is the easiest part about writing? The hardest?
  • What genre will you never try, and why?
  • Share a tiny (or large) snippet/excerpt of your writing, if you’re comfortable!

*”Like” is the most underwhelming word I could use in all of these situations but okay.

shall we chat

what are YOUR current WIPs?? are you plotting, writing, editing? PUBLISHING?! which characters have you tortured and how? who would play your MC in a movie? share a piece of writing you’re proud of! and feel free to steal this tag if you want to!!

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137 thoughts on “The Rising Author Tag // Talking About My Writing (?!), A Few Snippets (Ew), and a Short Intro to My WIP’s Main Character

    1. ok good i am!!! this never happens!!! i’m usually like the 100th comment because i procrastinate!!!

      anyways RUDE I AM WRITING SOMETHING even though i haven’t added to it in 5 years

      youuuuuu need to editttt glittered ghostsssss so i can beta read :))


      you should watch asian dramas 🙂 🙂 so that you know more asian actresses 🙂 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. sure sweetie keep telling yourself that

        oh hell no Glittered Ghosts is never seeing the light of day

        no tagging back means don’t tag the person who tagged you!!!

        after reading I Believe in a Thing Called Love, I DO NOT want to watch KDramas (except I remember once watching Thai soaps and this really dramatic Chinese-translated-to-Thai killing drama thing that was fun)

        Liked by 1 person

        1. uhhhhhh i think you mean “yes ju i’ll let you read glittered ghosts” but it’s okay!! everyone makes typos 🙂

          MY DUDE WATCH THE KDRAMAS ANYWAYS I LOVE THEM SO MUCH (watch descendants of the sun!!) like,,, i believe in a thing called love is most definitely NOT A GOOD REPRESENTATION OF WHAT A KDRAMA IS LIKE

          kdramas are fluffier and cuter and also some angst (actually maybe watch WEIGHTLIFTING FAIRY KIM BOK JOO first?? that’s my #2 fav of all time)

          Liked by 1 person


    umm I haven’t tortured any characters yet because I’ve barely written the first chapters of my WIP and the torturing happens in the middle of it. but in my mind all my characters already went to hell and back oops!

    oh my gosh I hate coming up with names for my characters IT’S LITERALLY THE HARDEST THING. i still have no name for the main dude/love interest (idk??) AND IT SUCKS BECAUSE I CAN’T WORK WITH THAT. I NEED A NAME SO I CAN FIGURE OUT PERSONALITY, TRAITS, ETC.

    i also hate finding face claims omfjdjd it happens so RANDOMLY like i’ll come across a picture of a pretty person on twitter and BOOM. that’s my character. it rarely happens tho and while (i think?) i’ve figured out who i’d cast as my main dude/love interest guy, I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA HOW MY MC LOOKS. like i have an idea of who she is and what she looks like but so far i haven’t really found the perfect fit! IT’S SUCH A STRUGGLE.

    as you can see, i spend more time figuring out these irrelevant things than actually outlining and/or WRITING and i hate myself.

    anywho, thanks for tagging me, i’ll definitely answer your questions once i make some progress with my WIP ily ❤

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    1. OMG YOU’VE WRITTEN THE FIRST CHAPTERS OF YOUR WIP AAAHH!!! but oh my god no I hate you Jackie what did you do to poor innocent Jackie brainchilds

      okay literally same like the names I get are either 1) really weird 2) really white or 3) really… not good

      yeah same like I can’t imagine what they look like but I know what they DON’T look like and it’s literally all the people I look up. and even if I could draw (I can’t), I STILL couldn’t draw the characters bc I have no idea what they look like fjslkfjds

      yes I’m very excited to see your answers ❤

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  2. BAHAHA I love the name play you did with Peter. 😉 And I am also super inclined to look for reads with Asian MCs (esp. if they’re Chinese/Taiwanese)! Much cheers to being proud of what you write, because you should be. ❤ Good luck–I hope I get to read one of your PUBLISHED books one day! ❤

    – Aimee @ Aimee, Always

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    1. AHAHA THANK YOU I’m very proud of my Pan Peter 😉 And aahh yes I’m super excited to be writing an Asian character! I don’t normally read Southeast Asian characters so that’s why I’m writing one ahah. And shhh noo my books will most definitely not be published. 😂


      1. stop calling me out

        yes it is very gay! it’s multi POV and character focused and basically can be summed up this way: Everyone Is Spying On Everyone and Everyone Is A Double Agent

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  3. peter PAN o h m y g o d I love it !!! all the little pieces I’ve read of your writing are absolutely stunning and I would love to read more any time ❤ ❤

    aLSO I'm so honored by this tag!!! I'm super excited to answer all these questions and share some stuff about queer lady macbeth!! 😎😎

    Liked by 1 person

          1. yeah! peter is a trans guy and it’s supposed to be a m/m romance btwn him and captain hook!! it’s actually been on my currently reading shelf since december bc I read one chapter but I keep forgetting to get back to it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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  4. Wow this is kind of coincidental– I JUST finished the first draft of my story like an hour before you made this blog post. I’m in a novel writing class and we’re basically doing NaNoWrimo in February which is weird but fabulous.
    Also yessss, I totally feel ya about putting magic in all my stories— it makes everything so much more fun 🙂
    And omg a pansexual Peter, I love it—-Can’t wait to (hopefully) hear more about your writing in the future! Happy writing!

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  5. Hello May!
    Love your answers here. Your posts are always humorous and make me smile 🙂
    I completely agree that there should be male characters who can be soft and masculine and female characters who can be strong and feminine. It shouldn’t be one or the other, because I think human beings are multifaceted.
    Yes I do get that feeling of going back to read what I wrote only to discover that it’s not as awesome as I thought it was!? There are also moments where it is the opposite and I end up loving a part that I forgot I wrote. All in all, I am proud of my writing, and I believe that we should continue to be proud of our creations as writers 🙂 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sophie!! And aah I’m so happy my posts make you smile, that’s always my goal. 😊

      Yes yes exactly!! I see a lot of female characters who are portrayed as strong but against feminine things, but no, that’s not true! Girls can be strong and still be feminine / like feminine things. We all have multiple parts to ourselves and one thing shouldn’t cancel out another!!

      Omg yes same! Like there are times I think certain things are amazing, but when I go back and read it, it sucks. But then there are other times when I think something sucks but actually is better than I thought!! And yes I 100% agree. We should all be super proud of what we produce, even if we don’t think it’s the best!!

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  6. Those snippets are awesome! I really like them!

    I have a couple ideas I’m kicking around that I quite like, but they’re currently in the half-formed idea state, and I can’t seem to get them past there… Because I know I will fail epically if I don’t do an outline first, and I struggling with coming up with any sort of actual PLOT. So I really have nothing right now.

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  7. 1. well now that you’ve tagged me i suppose i should stop procrastinating on my wip and actually,,,, work on it.
    2. i frEAKED OUT when i saw a sTAR WARS character on yOUR BLOG (altho she’s the worst character in the movie don’t @ me she ruined finnpoe bye anyway)
    3. YOU’RE SO GOOD AT WRITING WHAT. your poems are hella emo but mine are worse SO. i applaud you.
    4. can i,,,,possibly ,, oh,,,,,, i don’t know,,, beta read this pls because i nEed

    Liked by 1 person

      2. oh my god idek who she plays but this is discrimination where’s Elise to fight you for me
      3. THANK YOU but those are the only good parts of my writing lmao. (EMO POETRY IS EASY TO WRITE OKAY)
      4. sjsskfkskfj OF COURSE, but only if I can come up with a plot,,,, aka help me

      Liked by 1 person

        2. she plays rose and i do not!!! like her
        3. WRONG all your writing is good
        4. i’d help if i could but im shit at writing :))

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  8. Your poem was awesome, and so were the snippets! (I can’t find an emoji that’s a mix of this one 😱 and this one 😃. This sucks.)
    I am working on 2 writing projects at once because obviously, I have a death wish. I’m re-writing one and plotting the other.

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  9. I LIVE for the soft boys that are still masculine and feminine girls that are still strong!! Plzzz tell me your book has that bc it’ll make me love it even more! I love the idea of writing magic but actually constructing it and putting words down I get so anxious because I think about all of the magic rules I need to follow in order for the magic system to make sense. You’re poetry is so emo and I’m loving it!! mOREEEE. Thanks for tagging me, can’t wait to do it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. oh HELL YEAH!!! my book has a soft Muslim Arab boy and then sassy and sarcastic Peter who loves dresses and other “feminine” things I’m EXCITED AAHH. and omg same?? I usually end up writing a little magic, but nothing that requires a whole magic system, because I’m not skilled enough to do that hahha. fjldskfjs THANK YOU SO MUCH and I can’t wait to see your answers!!! 💜💜

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  10. I feel you, sharing your writing, especially to people you care about and who are close to you is hard. Maire is such a beautiful name! Best of luck with writing in the future, we KNOW YOU CAN DO IT!!! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh yes!! Sometimes I find it easier to share writing with close ones because they’ll understand me, but other times it’s harder because what if they don’t like it?? And aahh thank you so much, good luck to you with all your writing (if you have any) as well!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Totally agree! It’s been ages since I wrote anything worth sharing, but in a way I guess blogging is also writing, and so far I’m also quite shy about sharing my blog to people close to me 🙂 Good luck to you too!

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  11. Great answers! Bravo! Naming characters is honestly the bane of my existence- though I guess I should say ONE of the banes of my existence because I have several… like plotting and editing and… well anyway. Sassy characters who like food sounds like a good thing to include in everything. And socks!!! Socks are glorious!!! I have such deep affection for socks.
    Yes! Be proud!! I feel like a lot of times we writers beat ourselves up about our writing or feel like we shouldn’t be proud of it unless someone else tells us it’s good. But you just created something using nothing but your brain?? You just took a blank page and gave it feelings?? Doesn’t that seem like something you should be proud of????
    Also, I love reading snippets! SHARE MORE. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Plotting, editing, and naming characters can DIE. I mean I find it fun to name characters?? But also EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. And yes omg I love socks!! They’re so soft and lovely and my favorite ❤

      Omg same??? I mean, I'm all for that validation, but I think it's important to have SOME tiny semblance of self-confidence, even if it's really small. Because if you're not confident in yourself, why are you still doing it???

      AAHH THANK YOU SO MUCH!! (Also I can't believe I forgot to thank you in the post for the nomination? Will fix that immediately!!)

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  12. I LOVE THIS, thank you for writing it and talking more about your WIP, I LOVE it when you do so, so much and your snippets are already amazing, I can’t even imagine how a FULL NOVEL by yours truly would be. IT WOULD BE AMAZING, seriously and I can’t wait for the day you’ll publish your amazing books ❤
    I love that you're writing about magic, I never tried, I like writing about mysteries and strange things happening, but somehow it's always rooted in reality because I SUCK at world-building, my current WIP is cruelly missing world building and I have no idea how to do that haha. And YES for sassy characters, socks and ahhhhhhh all the things. When and where can I read your storieeeeeeees. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I LOVE YOU, you’re literally too kind and too sweet to me FA;LFJASLFDJASFJASD 😍😍 I can’t wait to read YOUR published books one day, Marie! 😉

      Oh god, I could never write epic fantasies in completely different worlds, worldbuilding and I do not go well together! (But I do love having a little magic, so it ends up being in the contemporary world!!) No, when and where can I read YOUR storieeeeeees. ❤

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  13. I loved reading your answers for this tag May, and learning more about your writing and your new WIP/main character! 🙂 Also thanks so much for tagging me, I really can’t wait to get around to this one myself.
    I tried outlining a story once, my NaNo project from last year, and I didn’t manage to stick to it so part of me feels that maybe outlining just isn’t my thing. But I do get what you mean about names. It’s the one thing I really really struggle with and even now I’m not happy with all of them so they will chance for my WIP. 🙂
    Your new main character sounds amazing. I’m already hoping you share more of your WIP including them, and you’re a step ahead of me in a way because I haven’t been brave enough to share my writing with anyone (other than a few snippets posted here and there on WordPress!)
    Great post, and again thanks for the tag! 😀 ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you enjoyed reading this, Beth!! And aahh I can’t wait to read your answers. ❤

      I totally get that outlining might not be a thing for some people!! I just really suck at plotting, so I know that I have to do it all before I actually start writing, or none of it will be done. 😂 But names are SO SO hard aaahhh.

      Thank you so much! I definitely will share a bit more about my WIP later on, but not so much right now. 😂 But yes, those snippets were amazing!! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s all right, and thanks May! 🙂
        At the moment outlining is helping me, but I know when I get to start writing again I’ll go completely off the plot.
        Yeah no one seems to know how to name characters from what I’ve read.
        That’s all right, and I’ll be looking forwards to it in that case! 🙂 ❤️


  14. wheeeeee thank you for the tag ❤ i'll get to that soon … at some point…
    AHHH I REALLY LIKE PETER THAT'S SO COOL. wip?? uhh still working on plotting and development bc i really don't have time to actually make THAT much progress rn or actually write it sooooo,, i feel like rooney mara would be awesome to play one of my MCs (except a younger version of her??). and same i'm so bad about knowing about asian actresses. i need to get on that! OMG NAMEBERRY IS THE REAL MVP HERE. i legit spend hours on there looking for good names (and then saving them into a doc for later)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. THANK YOU also I remember reading your post but I don’t remember if I commented or not yaaay

      lmao SAME. I’ve been making slow progress on plot but I haven’t had a lot of time (or inspiration lmao). we should talk about our WIPs and help each other plot 😉 and AHH NAMEBERRY I AMAZING. I trust no other baby naming site


  15. I!!!! HONESTLY!!!! LOVE!!! THIS!!!! POST!!!! SO!!! MUCH!!!! Those snippets you shared are really great and the poem just crushed my feels so thank you for that, MAY!!!
    Also, Magical realism served as both Latinx and African form of resistance against colonialism, not just latinx.

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  16. Can I just?? apologise?? for? taking?? so long?? to?? read?? this???


    You’re an evil one (NIKO!!) and also,,, YOU TAGGED ME (THANKS) But now I have to talk about ze WIP and WHY ARE YOU MEAN. (THANK YOU THO BC MAYBE THEN I CAN UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M WRITING).


    Liked by 1 person

    1. can I just?? apologize?? for? taking?? so?? long?? to?? reply?? to?? this???

      DJDKVHDJSKD THANK YOU SO MUCH LU 💖💖💖 you know, we should probably hear more about your WIP too 😉

      I READ YOUR POST AND LOVED IT (idk if I commented or not that’s how it’s been these days 🙃)

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  17. Hey May!!
    I’m definitely going to answer these questions and post another comment soon!!!! I just have to get my thoughts together lol 🙂 this is such a cool thing!
    I love the fact that you have wip’s that you’ve given up on too…*cue my four others hovering over the one I’ve completed* 🙂
    All the best, and I’ll be back with my answers!
    -Little Lion, STSI

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  18. let’s get one thing outta the way: kelly marie tran is a queen but rose sucks she messed up the gay ship (do you watch star wars???)

    whooo you did the tag!!! (i’m guessing you saw this on my blog???) all your answers are so awesome omg i love. peter is great and i will help u come up with a name for her i promise (as long as you help me plot my wip)


    m a y how the hell do u write so well i’m cryign that poem wormed it’s way into my heart and planted its seeds there i will never forget it now (i just referenced to ur poem while complimenting it i’m strangely proud omg)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do not watch Star Wars so in my eyes Kelly is completely perfect

      LMAO NO I forgot to thank the person who tagged me (but I saw your post and laughed I WAS GONNA TAG YOU UGH) omg idec about Peter’s name heLP ME PLOT *MY* WIP


      fmebfikcmsisjsnfhsa stop this, my heart can’t take so many compliments at once 💞💞💞

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  19. i enter blogworld once every year and get blessed with ALL THIS LALA!WIP!CONTENT AAAAAAAAA
    writing about soft boys is literally the greatest thing to do and to read no joke. give me more of your emo writing plz i love it (even if youre trash for torturing your children sm)

    and why would you tag me you sneaky rat i know what youre trying to do 😐

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    your favorite things to write about are also coincidentally my favorite things to read about so that’s probably a sign that you should let me read your stuff immediately thank u.

    yay star wars, Peter Pan(sexual) is so good, but also slytheriny /gryffindor/??? never gryffindor!!!! just kidding a slytheriny gryffindor is the coolest thing a peter pan can be

    ugh mainly i’m just so mad you shared details and snippets b/c it’s like eating a crumb of cookie your friend baked but then your friend says “you can’t have the actual cookies tho b/c NO ONE CAN”

    STOP BEING SO TALENTED it’s making me write shitty similes. and also want cookies

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    1. this is a late reply but AS;BLKAUSDG7UWRLJGV

      hmm maybe one day you’ll get to read my writing… one day. also yes I don’t like Gryffindor but Peter is very brave and brash and that’s quite Gryffindor

      SOON SWEETIE SOON. I’ve written like nothing of it so there’s truly, truly nothing to share. (and no I refuse to believe you aren’t a good writer you go to some fancy English college for god’s sake)

      Liked by 1 person

  21. I absolutely LOVE your snippets May! Don’t be so hard on yourself (I say while most of my writing involves crying in a corner and hide from my laptop) Peter sounds ADORABLE and I love the pun – every Peter Pan should be pan I mean,, come on. HOW CAN THEY NOT BE


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