Feedback Survey Results // I Respond Snarkily (and Kindly) To What People Had to Say About Me & My Blog (IT’S FUN)

Whaddup I’m May I’m the Mango Queen and I never learned how to stop obsessing over surveys.

Also known as “I have no idea what to post anymore so I’m going to do something random”. And also “I’m watching too many vines and I have to channel it into something somewhere”.

But today, I’ve decided to share the results (including GRAPHS!!) of my feedback survey, and also respond to things!!! I love snarikly replying to people and I also love graphs and I love thinking that I’m not doing any work when I actually am, so I really had a GREAT time creating this.

Thank you to every single person who filled out my feedback survey for my blogiversary, it really really helps and I appreciate it so much!!! I got super excited whenever I saw just one (1) new entry?? I’m pathetic. (Also if you didn’t get to fill it out, you can still do it HERE!!)

Also doing this meant that I didn’t have to write an ACTUAL post hallelujah. (Even though this turned out to be longer than my average post sfjdl;afkjas.)

fae divider (2)

I originally wanted to embed the actual Infogram into the post, but of course it decides not to cooperate with me so it didn’t work!! And when I tried to download it, Infogram prompted me to upgrade!!!! I LOVE when I get worked up over the simplest things, it’s so much fun.

So anyways, to spare me from spending even more mental energy on this, here is a SIMPLE LINK THAT YOU SHOULD CLICK ON instead. Come back and comment maybe?? (If you know how to make the code work, please let me know, I’ll be in your debt forever.)


Also I am SO SORRY that it turned out so long??? (It is… scarily long.) But I wanted to make sure to feature the sweet and amazing responses, and also answer them! I was actually going to make it a bit longer, but then I decided I made you suffer long enough and stopped where I was. No need to thank me or anything.

Hopefully you had fun reading it and/or took a break while reading, because it was SUPER fun for me to write!! (And I also took multiple breaks from it because its length terrified me.)

shall we chat

do you like posts like this? (idk how i could do more like it but it’s valuable information) do you like charts? and vines? and do you actually like mangoes, or are you just pretending to because you’re scared of me? and what’s going on in your life, i want to know!!

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50 thoughts on “Feedback Survey Results // I Respond Snarkily (and Kindly) To What People Had to Say About Me & My Blog (IT’S FUN)

  1. AM I THE FIRST COMMENT HELLO I’VE COME BACK FROM THE DEAD (or Tartarus… you know, because I’m pretty sure that it’s easier to come back from Tartarus, anyways).

    I don’t mind graph posts, honestly! They’re interesting to digest. Also PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE MORE HAMILTON POSTS.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

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  2. Ahh your infographic was so fun to read!! And the graphs were so cool, too. I think graph/infographic posts are super interesting! I’m just a really visual person, so it appeals to me.

    Okay so, I do not dislike mangoes? But I don’t love them either. Like I wouldn’t choose to eat them if they were presented to me along with other fruits, but I wouldn’t ever hate on them. Reading your blog has actually made me crave them a few times. I don’t know how, but it did.😂

    Anyway, great post!❤️

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  3. OMG I LOVE YOU. It was long, but I read the entire thing. How do you manage to make me do that??! You are HILARIOUS. I honestly would not be reading this if I wanted you to change anything about your format of blog posts/etc. so keep at it!! Wishing you the best, and sending you some love… and virtual mangoes (sorryyy!!! wish they were real!! but I don’t even have access to mangoes :( )

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  4. Ahh the infographic was so much fun to read. Had me smiling. I’m glad you got so much positive feedback. Now I want to do a survey. 😂 😁. How are you? Hope you have a great week

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  5. the code won’t work because its so yeah :(( the link will have to do. i actually have No Idea what i submitted lmao?? I think I tried to be funny but i wasn’t haha. Not much to comment to be honest!! BUT IT WAS FUN LOOKING AT THE GRAPHS! I feel like I would be a person who would write “better grammar” lmao PEOPLE ARE SO NICE TO YOU IT’S HONESTLY A MYSTERY?? Why would they be nice to trash?? It doesn’t make sense!! (jk love you <3)

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  6. I LOVE THIS it was so much fun to read <3 I'd love a bookshelf tour, that'd be amazing. And I would love to read more book reviews from you, I really loved reading the ones youu put up on your blog, I have to say it :) <3

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  7. Like the only two things i could remember answering is you commenting on my blog and not liking mangoes much hahaha. I loved seeing everyone’s answers haha. Expose them all, May! Should I do something like this when I reach 1k?? I did a survey a while back but didn’t get many responses so I wasn’t sure if people would be interested?

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    1. and yes, please write more reviews (tho no pressure, reviews are freaking hard) – i love reading them when they come every few eons

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      1. I used to not read reviews all that often but I’ve been reading them more recently. And your reviews are so rare that when I do get to read them I love them so much more xD IM SORRY – they’re okay, but i wouldn’t necessarily choose them to eat (but i was at the farmer’s market last saturday and i saw dried mangoes and i legit almost bought them to send to you hahaha)

        Liked by 1 person

    (i love vines)
    AND WOW UR WHOLE INFO-GRAPH IS SO PRETTY, AND COLOR COORDINATED. Like wow??? Aesthetic queen strikes again??? Ugh, this post is beautiful, you are beautiful, my heart is hurting.

    (watermelons are better lol)

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  9. I love infographics and generally anything having to do with charts, lists and stats 😍 This was so entertaining to read, it really made my day a lot better :) I still don’t like mangoes, but idk maybe I’ll give them another try because my mom loves them and keeps buying them 😂 Also: I always support more writing posts, I love being nosy and finding out what everyone else’s WIP is all about 😍

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  10. omg how did I miss this survey??? I feel like an inadequate fan but I love your blog!!! I literally trust you to do whatever you want with your blog, I will read all of it and I know it will be fantastic

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  11. graphs are so pretty i love them almost as much as i love vines (jared will forever live on in the history of the universe. kids will be studying about the famed 19-year-old who never fucking learned how to read for years to come)

    also your blog makes me vv happy and you’re probably already a mess from all the compliments you got in the survey so i’ll stop now but remember that u are wonderful

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  12. *is shocked* who could ever utter they want shorter posts from you are they actually insane??????? i adore your blog so much I never want you to changgggeeeee!!!!!!!! change is so stressful i shall not allow it. and thank the lorddd mangoes are here to stay one day I shall be convinced to buy one and try a mango for the first time. <3 <3 <3

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    Maybe I read a few posts before filling in your survey in which mangoes didn’t or barley came up?? And I was like ‘where are the mangoes’ I dunno adfsbdsjb I’m so sorry please forgive me

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