The Second Annual Book Blogger Awards: My Nominations (Featuring My Favorite Book Bloggers Who Deserve Everything!)

It’s no doubt that I love book blogs.

I mean, I AM a book blog(ger), I love books, and I love blogs, so it makes sense.

So in an effort to show bloggers the appreciation they deserve, today I’ll be nominating some of my favorite book bloggers for the 2nd Annual Book Blogger Awards, hosted by the amazing Joce @ Write Through the Night!!

I think that these awards are SUPER awesome, especially for spreading blogger love around and getting more bloggers recognized for what they do. We all work SO so hard and deserve so much appreciation, and this is one way we can get it and give it!!

(Plus it’s just so much fun and everyone should do it NOW.)

If you want to learn how to participate and all the other guidelines, click HERE to be redirected to Joce’s post!

Also, I tried super hard not to nominate the same bloggers for multiple categories, but I ended up with making a LOT of Honorable Mentions just to shout-out those bloggers (and narrowed it down to their top two categories).

Also x 2: A quick note that these are not ALL of the categories, just the ones that I could find a blogger/bloggers to nominate!

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best pre-teen/teen book blogger (13-19)

Oh my god, so many of my favorite bloggers fall into this category?? And with a maximum of three bloggers per category, I don’t think I can mention everyone???

Okay, I’m going to nominate the bloggers who I couldn’t put into the categories below. (I was originally going to just not nominate anyone for this but it’s SO important to me that teen bloggers get recognized!!!)

Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink is such a great blogger, whose posts I get so excited to read when I see them in my feed. I know that so many people look up to her and love her & her blog, and I am one of those people!

I also really love Julianna @ Paper Blots!! She is so sweet (most of the time) and caring and loving and is someone who will listen to you no matter what. Also she’s HILARIOUS and overall an amazing human being.

(These two are both really close friends of mine, so I’m definitely biased. Oops.)

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best adult book blogger (20+)

This one again is literally Impossible because this is so VAGUE and OPEN. Like, it has to be the BEST book blogger in their age range??? NO. I REFUSE.

But I’m still going to nominate the bloggers I couldn’t fit into the categories below so here we go:

Jackie @ Too Much of a Book Nerd is one of my favorite bloggers (I mean… I’m biased since we’re close friends) and her posts genuinely make me so happy to read. She has such a positive vibe and I just really !! love her !!! aaaaahhhh

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best book blogger from an underrepresented/minority group

I absolutely love Fadwa @ Word Wonders! She’s a neurodivergent queer brown Muslim girl, and she just does so much for the diverse book community, from giving diverse book recommendations to featuring diverse bloggers on her blog. She’s an absolute angel!!

(There are also a lot of other diverse book bloggers that I love, including many of the other bloggers nominated in this post!)

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best book reviews

Em @ Running Away with Dream Thieves is always going to be one of my favorite book reviewers. She has such a special way with words that makes reading her reviews so enjoyable and she’s also just undeniably hilarious!! She’s also just a really sweet and lovely person too.

(I have a lot of other favorite reviewers but they’re mostly on Goodreads only!)

Honorable mention: Elise @ The Bookish Actress. I stan her reviews SO MUCH but she’s nominated for two other categories, so. But I really really love how she writes, and she’s just so eloquent oh my god.

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the master of weekly features (T5W, WoW, TTT, etc.)

Whenever I think of Top 10 Tuesday, I always think of Beth @ Reading Every Night!! (And she used to do a lot of other weekly features as well!) Her TTT posts are really fun to read and she has such an interesting take on books; I really value her opinion a lot. (I mean, she did get me into Anna-Marie McLemore, who is one of my favorite authors ever.)

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best book recommendations

Oh god… I actually don’t get a lot of recommendations from just ONE blogger?? It’s more like a bunch of book recs/shoutouts from a lot of different people.

But I DO trust Elise @ The Bookish Actress’s opinions on a lot of books (she knows it), and we both have really similar tastes (gay). And if there’s a new YA release, it’s probably already on her Goodreads shelves, because she’s just That Person.

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prettiest bookshelf

So I actually don’t know what a lot of book bloggers’ bookshelves look like?? But I mean… I think we can all agree that Cait @ Paper Fury’s bookshelf is absolutely GORGEOUS. That’s what my bookshelf wants to look like when it grows up.

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best discussion posts

Mikaela @ The Well Thumbed Reader is literally The Queen of writing discussion posts. She has them all the time and they are so engaging and thought-provoking and I love them. (I’ve been such a long time stan of her discussions fjlda;skjfsd.)

Another favorite discussion-post-writer of mine is Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books!! She writes super interesting and thought-provoking discussions (that often reflect what I’ve been thinking but haven’t been able to put words to!) that are super organized and aaahhh I LOVE.

And my last nomination is for Elise @ The Bookish Actress, who, again, writes REALLY eloquently and organizes everything very neatly and articulates her point(s) really well and is just fantastic at her communicating her thoughts. My favorite.

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most engaged in the community

She knew it was coming but… I 1000% had to nominate the lovely Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books. Like, oh my GOD she once told me she followed like 200 blogs???? She is SO SO devoted to her friends and fellow bloggers, is always supporting them, interacting with them, and it’s just so amazing. She’s an absolute superhero.

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blog aesthetic

This 100% goes to Madeline @ Reverie Pages. She designed my blog (for good reason) and she also just has such a great eye for aesthetics!! (Plus she is an amazing and sweet superhuman being, AND makes her own art and sells it!)

I also have to nominate some bloggers who make REALLY beautiful aesthetics, the first of them being Lia @ Lost in a Story! I swear, each and every one of her aesthetics are gorgeous and I just jadlf;kjasd. (She makes her own beautiful art and sells it as well!)

My other favorite aesthetic-maker is Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff. Like… any time she posts aesthetics of her book, I’m there gushing in the comments. I JUST LOVE THEM SO MUCH. (I mean… she even made a post on how to make aesthetics at my request.)

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best personality / friendliest member of the community

This 100% has to go to Melanie @ Mel to the Any, who is the literal SWEETEST, loveliest angel to ever exist. Literally every time I talk to her, I’m left with a smile and a feeling of giddiness, because her words make you feel warm and fuzzy in the best way possible!!!

Honorable mentions: Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books again. Just because. She’s the sweetest. (And only she will get that reference to a conversation we had ages ago.) And also, Aris @ Awkward Aris is super super friendly and sweet and she’s one of the nicest people in the blogosphere, fight me on this.

And oh my god, best personality??? I know so many funny bloggers; literally all the bloggers I follow have a great sense of humor.

But I definitely have to nominate Emma @ Emma Reads Again who is undoubtedly HILARIOUS. (Though she needs an occasional reminder that she doesn’t need to be funny because we love her for more than that.) Every time I read her posts or talk to her, I smile and/or laugh because she’s just so GREAT.

Lu @ It’s Lu Again is also really funny, and I know she’s struggled in the past to pinpoint her blogging voice so I’m super proud of her for finding that this year! She just has such a positive, bubbly attitude and personality, and I love talking to her.

Honorable mentions: Analee @ Book Snacks and Michelle @ The Writing Hufflepuff are both SUPER funny and I love reading their posts and talking to them!! Happy energy. Great humor. Love them.

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As you know, I am a very big fan of supporting other bloggers, especially smaller ones, so here are some of my other favorite bloggers who weren’t mentioned in this post / smaller book bloggers that I love!!!

  • Aris @ Awkward Aris is so sweet and hilarious and kind and just overall an ANGEL. She got an honorable mention from me but I just have to sCREAM ABOUT HER AGAIN she’s literally the purest cinnamon roll ever I love her.
  • Olivia @ Purely Olivia is also a smaller book blogger that I adore—she is SO. SWEET. (like I don’t get how someone can be that kind???) and her posts are QUALITY.
  • Savannah @ The Book Prophet is also, again, very very sweet and funny and I adore her. I love reading her posts and talking to her, and she has such a happy positive vibe to her that it makes me smile so much!!
  • Amena @ Nerd In New York is SO sweet, and she has really interesting, quality posts as well. She has such a kind, bubbly personality and I just love her (and talking to her) so much!!
  • Swetlana @ The Caffeinated Bookworm is another great blogger whose posts I enjoy reading as well. She often has a lot of reading tips that I find SUPER helpful, and she’s just so much fun to talk to. (I’LL GET DRUNK SECRETS FROM HER ONE DAY.)
  • Elizabeth @ Red Gal Musings is so kind and I GENUINELY love interacting with her; our conversations are so much fun and she’s such a great person to talk to?? Plus her posts are high quality as well!
  • Silvia @ Silvia Reads Books is SUPER SWEET and she has so much love in her heart that it makes me burst??? I love talking to her and I also love what she does for the queer community (check out this amazing series she has going on right now!).
  • and there are also a bunch of other bloggers I love, but a lot of them are inactive right now or taking a hiatus!!

shall we chat

see any of your favorite book bloggers here? are you going to nominate some people for these awards? (you don’t even have to write a post / be a blogger!) be sure to check out the rules HERE!! who would YOU nominate for these categories??? (me. for all of them)

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37 thoughts on “The Second Annual Book Blogger Awards: My Nominations (Featuring My Favorite Book Bloggers Who Deserve Everything!)

  1. Honestly, I’m crying in the club because bloggers!! suooprting!! other bloggers!!, and also you’re so sweet, and I love this idea, and I love you!! I always loved these awards because I discovered so many new blogs! Thanks for mentioning me, you’re such an iconic figure in the blogging world so it mean so much!! I’M SENDING ALL MY LOVE TO YOU ❤❤❤💕😊👌💖😢🎶😘😍😍😍


    I’ll have to nominate some people too soon! I’ve been the worst at blog hopping lately, I’ve basically been not reading any of them so I’m going to have to think about who to nominate haha


  3. OKay so you’re amazing and i am apologetic,,, sorry that it’s taken me so long to comment on/read this. I am also SO thankful for your nomination/mention it means so much and ejbksebtak a, MA HAWT <3 <3 <3 ALSO I JUST LOVE THE BLOGGER LOVE AND ALSO IM CHECKING OUT EVERYONE ON THIS PAGE THAT I DIDN'T KNOW B/C GOTTA SPREAD THE LOVE <3


  4. THIS IS A FESTIVAL OF MY FAVOURITE BLOGGERs!!!!! (Also, hi, thank you for nominating me, it’s awesome, you’re awesome, ily, k thanks bye <3)

    The bloggers I don't know I'm going to check out right away because I'm in urgent need of new blogs to follow !!!


  5. Thank you so much for the nomination and honourable mention May ❤️❤️❤️ Especially blog aesthetic because I’m not happy with my current aesthetic AT ALL. I want to change it but I rather spend the free time I have on actual blogging *sigh*

    You mentioned so many great blogs! A few of them I don’t know so I have to check them out now 😋


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