May’s Moments of the Month: June // End of Pride… But Vacation in Tokyo and Thailand (and a Three-Week Hiatus)!!

Your favorite blogger is going on vacation!!!

Just kidding. About the favorite blogger part. Not the vacation part.

I know I’ve said next to nothing about this, but today I’m on a flight to Japan, where we’ll stay for five days, and then Thailand after! This will be my last post until I get back on the 23rd. (Fun fact: I thought we were leaving on the 3rd but apparently not.)

But June was SUCH A GOOD MONTH. I was in a depression period for most of it, yeah, but really great books helped me out!! (I’m definitely not slumping anymore which makes me SO happy.) I also did some writing and hung out with little kids so all of that = great for my mental health!

mmm reading

This month, I read 9 books, and that’s the most I’ve read for… a long time I’m REALLY PROUD but also really surprised because I read books from a TBR and I thought monthly TBRs didn’t really help me?? (Cue me questioning everything I know about myself.)

I also was BLESSED to receive 6 physical books/ARCs and I am so so happy and grateful. I’m not able to get any physical books usually but this month is different and I’m extremely thankful!!!

Summer Bird Blue  Girls of Paper and Fire  The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo  The Abyss Surrounds Us (The Abyss Surrounds Us, #1)  Radio Silence

They Both Die at the End  The Song of Achilles  How to Make a Wish  soft in the middle

  • Summer Bird Blue Akemi Dawn Bowman |♦| gorgeous + cried a lot + heartbreaking + beautiful + a story of grief and healing + non-romantic relationships!! + ADORED it ★★★★☆ [4.5]
  • Girls of Paper and Fire Natasha Ngan |♦| THE sapphic Asian book + LOVED THE ROMANCE + beautiful writing + LOVE the Asian culture + ending destroyed me + 2018 fav ★★★★★
  • The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Taylor Jenkins Reid |♦| blew me away + a masterpiece + read it before you die + loved the characters + cried + wow + 2018 fav ★★★★★
  • The Abyss Surrounds Us Emily Skrutskie |♦| better than I thought + enemies to lovers f/f pirate romance + SO MORALLY GREY + engayging and fun + love Bao ★★★★☆
  • Radio Silence Alice Oseman |♦| amazing + written for and about me + ADORED the characters and writing voice + love the friendships + felt like I was put on Earth to read it + 2018 fav ★★★★★
  • They Both Die at the End Adam Silvera |♦| Adam’s best imo + made me SOB + I love the messages + characters are precious + the ending ended ME + so affected by it ★★★★☆
  • The Song of Achilles Madeline Miller |♦| lowkey boring + until 90% + teared up a lot + broke down sobbing at the end + stayed up 1 hour crying + really beautiful ★★★★☆
  • How to Make a Wish Ashley Herring Blake |♦| just as good as expected + GORGEOUS writing + the girlfriends are so soft and gay + beautiful and important messages ★★★★☆
  • soft in the middle Shelby Eileen |♦| sadly my first 2-star in months + great messages + but confusing + all over the place + felt like I’ve read the same exact thing before ★★☆☆☆

arc/book haul?

Thank you thank you THANK YOU to all the people who got me these books and ARCs, it means everything to me and I’m so grateful!!

City of Ghosts (Scholastic): Schwab is one of my favorite authors and I whisper-screamed when I got this ARC!!! It sounds so dark and lovely and I have a feeling I’m going to LOVE it.

Empress of All Seasons and Grim Lovelies (HMH Teen): Both of these look REALLY good, especially Empress, since it’s an Asian-inspired fantasy! HMH has accepted my requests for the second time now so I love them.

Ash Princess and Steelheart (Delacorte Press): (I won a writing contest last year, and they just sent me an editorial review + books as part of the prize.) I don’t care about Steelheart (hid it from view on my highest shelf) but I’m vaguely interested in Ash Princess, even if I know I won’t love it.

The Brightsiders (Mars @ wildmoonchildz): Mars is doing a great thing (#givearcstoteens) to get ARCs/books to marginalized ownvoices teens, and they were able to get me this book. I’m excited to read this, especially because of the bi hair cover!

favorite book?

Three books are some of my favorites of the year, so I’ll just shout-out ALL of them: Radio Silence, The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo, and Girls of Paper and Fire! I gushed about RS and Evelyn Hugo in this post and GoPaF in this post, but basically, these are all high quality books that you ALL need to read as soon as possible.


I loved all the books I read except for: soft in the middle. It wasn’t on my original Pride TBR but I thought I’d still give it a try and I… didn’t like it. I’m definitely in the minority here though!

favorite review?

I barely wrote any reviews yet again this month but I did manage to write and post my review of Leah on the Offbeat on Goodreads! I’m proud of it and I think it’s one of my better-written reviews.

mmm blogging


  • I really thought I was going to comment more on posts but… I don’t know what stopped me???
  • I genuinely read pretty much all the posts in my Reader each day. I just don’t comment for whatever reason. I think I don’t feel motivated to comment on posts, which I really really hate and feel so bad about.
  • But I posted a lot, and a replied to lots of comments on my blog, and I’m really happy about that!!
  • I also got some homomisic comments, and comments from a Christian who kept trying to convert me. At this point I’m more annoyed than hurt because really, why are you taking the time to say these things when you can do something else with your life than harm people???
  • If you don’t like that I talk about LGBTQIAP+ things and/or am not a Christian, literally just leave my blog. That’s all you have to do. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • I also lost 10+ blog followers after posting my Pride recs and TBR and like wow. Thanks for unfollowing and getting off my blog without attacking me, but things like this is just so incredibly discriminatory and hurtful.

top 3 posts?

 pride month 18  pride flag book tag  spreadsheets track

I am SO HAPPY that my Pride posts got so much love!!! After people trying to discourage me from talking about queer things, seeing you all excited for the books I talked about and supporting posts about queer books… it’s really amazing.

favorite post of the month?

mid year

I really loved writing this post!!! (I wrote it all in one day and I’m way too proud of that.) I ALWAYS enjoy these types of “bookish wrap-ups”, or any kind of wrap-up, really, and it was super fun to look back over the year and lowkey analyze my reading!

mmm writing

  • I went to a writing workshop for two weeks and it was really nice!! I wrote a poem that I’m actually lowkey proud of and got validated by a bunch of the other people at the workshop and of course I love, seek, and crave validation.
  • Unfortunately I got chosen to maybe read my poem at a ceremony, like I have for the PAST TWO TIMES that I’ve done this workshop. I protested but no one listened to me.
  • (Honored they thought of me but also extremely anxious about reading.)
  • I also… completely bailed on the writing contest I planned on entering!
  • The WIP I was working with was trash and there was no way I could fix it in 15 days, and I realized that 1) I didn’t want to get feedback on work that was not good* and 2) I’ve won for the past two years and though that DEFINITELY doesn’t mean I would’ve won this year, I want others to win!!!! It’s one less competitor for them. :))
  • And it was also giving me stress so I decided to not do it anymore because I’m weak.
  • This month I also received editorial feedback as a prize from winning last year’s contest. The piece I submitted was… bad, and I know how to improve it now, so some of the feedback I subconsciously knew already. But it’s very much appreciated!! (And I definitely got some great suggestions for improvement!)

*This sounds elitist, for me PERSONALLY I think I should ask for feedback on work I consider the best it can be, because it’s like asking how you can improve a half-built house. Build the house completely, first, and then make it EVEN BETTER with feedback.

mmm life

  • Besides the writing workshop, going out to a little “daycare” place to help take care of little kids, and taking two dance classes a week, I didn’t really do much??
  • Mostly I stayed home, read books, and watched TV. My sister’s been watching Friends episodes so I decided to join in, and then World Cup started and I’ve also been watching that.
  • Some nice moments: A friend slept over and we also went and saw Incredibles 2 and it was… how do you say… pretty incredible. The Incredibles is one of my [childhood] favorite movies and while the sequel wasn’t as good as the first, it was still really entertaining and I liked it.
  • I also got my hair cut!! Six inches were cut off, and I’m REALLY REALLY happy. My hair was super long, had way too many split ends, and got tangled really easily. Now it’s medium length (wanted it to be shorter but I still need enough to put it into high dance buns), not tangled, with no split ends!!!!
  • That’s pretty much it honestly. Why do I have no life.

mmm old goals

I am proud to say that in June I achieved more than one goal (unlike May)

  • read at least 8 books ✓ (NINE!!!)
  • write & upload at least 5 reviews ㄨ (I uploaded only one but I got started on a lot of others!)
  • request more ARCs ✓ (requested + received!)
  • not get anxious over writing workshop ✓ (it mostly worked out in my favor)
  • re-plot and revise my old WIP ㄨ (HAHHAHA NOPE)
  • and also… get back into poetry?? ㄨ (I think I wrote one (1) poem)
  • post at least 7 times! ✓ (I posted 8 times and… this makes me so happy)
  • reply to recent comments & comment back!! ✓ㄨ (I failed at commenting on blogs for like the third month in a row but I REPLIED TO A LOT OF COMMENTS!!)
  • comment on at least 4 posts a day ㄨ (no)
  • drink 1 water bottle each day ✓ㄨ (kiiiiind of)
  • stretch!  (still have my splits)
  • get 8 hours of sleep at least three times a week ✓ (idk why this is hard in the summer but it is)

mmm new goals

  • read at least 7 books (vacation = relaxing but also = flights = reading time)
  • write & upload at least 1 review (this should be my goal every month)
  • read ARCs (I have like 3 I need to read this month,,, oops)
  • write 1 poem (I love being successful)
  • TAKE A BREAK (this will be easy!)
  • if I have internet connection, try to comment on some posts? (not an official goal but would be nice)
  • drink 1 water bottle each day (it’s going to be REALLY HOT)
  • stretch! (I refuse to lose my splits over the summer)
  • have fun and relax!!! (I’m really excited for this vacation!!!)

mmm looking ahead

I’m going on vacation!! I am SO. EXCITED. for this trip. I’m going to Japan for 5 days, then Thailand for 2 weeks. I’m seeing some people I haven’t seen for four years, and we’re going to go to Tokyo, various places near Tokyo Bangkok, and Hoa Hin (the BEEEACH).

This means that I’m going on a three-week hiatus! From the 2nd to the 23rd, I won’t be active online. I may have WiFi at certain points, but that’s it. And I still won’t post until a little after the 23rd because of the next thing:

DANCE. This month I have to dance from 9 to 4—seven hours of dancing—and I have to do that for THREE DAYS right after I get back from Thailand (12 hour time difference). Don’t know how I’m gonna make it but wish me luck!!!

shall we chat

how was your june? are you on summer vacation or nah? going anywhere cool? what books did you read?? if you celebrated pride (or ramadan/eid!), how was it? watching the world cup? are you doing camp nano? HOW ARE YOU??

blog signoff


34 thoughts on “May’s Moments of the Month: June // End of Pride… But Vacation in Tokyo and Thailand (and a Three-Week Hiatus)!!

  1. omg late congrats on winning the writing contest last year!! and on still working on writing and pursuing this! i know how easy it can be to give up on things, even when you’re relatively good at it….. (side-eyes at myself in high school lmao)
    and have fun on ur holiday!!!!!


  2. I saw Incredibles 2 as well! LOVED IT. *spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t watched it yet* My favorite part was Jack-Jack and Edna together. Hilarious! And I liked Tony WAY better in this version?? He looked so much better and was not annoying actually. HE WAS NICE. (a miracle, I know 😂) Well done Pixar I be shipping them now and am worried I’ll have to wait 15 years for the next movie.
    I am a Catholic, actually. I just really enjoy your posts and they’re always so funny that I decided to do what I usually do for my books: ignore the stuff I don’t agree with because everything else is great. I don’t want to try to convert you unless you actually want to talk about that stuff, and even though we don’t agree on everything, I just don’t read most of your book review posts. 😂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. OMG I hope you have lots of fun!!! And drink lots of water I hear Thailand is hot and humid hydrate yourself and relax ❤ Ugh about that Christian that commented – just try to ignore them. I recently found out how biphobic my family is (like, last night, recently) so I try my best to ignore this kind of stuff since it's in my everyday life. But it's hard. I'm not bi but knowing so many bisexual bloggers it makes me burn with rage. The Incredibles was LITERALLY my childhood, I kid you not. I need to watch it so bad.


  4. Ooh have fun on vacation! That sounds so cool, I really want to visit Japan some day, I’m so jealous 😂 I just got back from holidays in Paris and Amsterdam, though, which was awesome, so I can’t really complain… I’m glad you read so many good books last month! And I’m sorry about the nasty comments and the people unfollowing you, that sucks, that shouldn’t even happen 😦 But maybe it’s a good thing that those people are gone, and you seem to have a really great and supportive blogging community anyway 🙂 Hope you have a great July! (Also HOW is already July?? Freaking out right now.)

    Andrea @


  5. I’m glad your June picked up and you’re out of that slump!! That’s never fun, ugh. But your vacation plans sound so cool, omg. (Post some pictures, maybe?) AND JEEZ GOOD LUCK ON DANCE, OH MY LORD. Sending you good vibes and hopefully not-a-lot-of-jet-lag feelings.
    Georgia Pride isn’t till October, for some reason, so I wasn’t able to celebrate as much this month. On one hand, I’m happy that it’ll be cooler in October, but on the other hand, I JUST WANT IT IN JUNE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. [cries] I’m enjoying the heat here by staying inside at all given moments, lol.


  6. It sounds like you had a really good month, May ❤️ Hope you have fun on your vacation and I need to watch Incredibles 2 because people have been having about it
    Also why are people trying to convert you?? Isn’t that your choice? If they don’t agree with something then they can just not say something, right? Hope you are doing okay with all this ❤️


  7. I hope you have so, so much fun on your trip, May! ❤️Going to Japan and Thailand sounds like so fun (it also sounds like you’ll be eating a lot of good food, I just had Thai food for the first time recently and it was literally amazing) and I really hope it’s a great break.

    Ughh, I’m so sorry you’ve been getting those comments and unfollows, that’s just absolutely not okay. I’m a Christian, but I’m also very liberal and it makes me beyond sad to see people spreading hate instead of love and not being accepting of people for who they are. I loved all your Pride posts this month, and I hope you do many more in the future too!

    Anyway, I hope you have the greatest trip and good luck with your dance and everything else this month! 🙂


  8. I’m sorry people were stupid to you this month. They don’t deserve your awesomeness. I love seeing your Pride recommendations (not just in these posts but on Goodreads too!). I hope you enjoy your much-deserved vacation 🙂


  9. aaah I hope you have fun on vacation (and enjoy those gorgeous shiny arcs!) I’m really happy to hear that you had such a good month in June ❤ also, you enter so many writing and poetry contests! how do you have time and stay motivated??


  10. Holy crap, that is an epic reading list. Radio Silence is in my top books of 2018 FOR SURE. And I’m super excited to read Evelyn Hugo and Girls of Paper and Fire – they both look incredible!! Also, have fun on your vacation!!


  11. Incredibles 2 was so cute!! Jack jack was hilarious and I just loved him SO much!! Also looks like you were able to read some really fabulous books!! I’ve been wanting to read Evelyn Hugo ASAP and also think Girls of paper and fire as well as Summer Blue Bird look amazing! Have fun on your trip and happy reading 🙂


  12. My June was rough. I did not get to read enough or get much done. I am slowly trying to comment, so I feel you on the hesitation to chime in. I only read one Silvera book and loved it. Naturally, I have his other two books and I need to get to them at some point. I hope you love Schwab’s new book. I, too, am sure it’ll be great. But, I don’t really like scary things so I remain unsure if it’ll be triggering or upsetting.
    Enjoy your vacation! And, I am sure you’ll be just fine on the dancing day after you come back.
    Have fun.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. “engayging” hahaha I love it. Anyway…I’m so glad that you read so many great books this month!! 😍 I finally got a copy of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo from the library, and I’m SO excited to start reading it (after I finish my current read).

    I hope you have an amazing time in Tokyo and Thailand!! ☺️ I’ll be attending a residential summer program starting this Sunday, 7/8, and I’ll be away from home for the next four weeks (I’m kinda excited but nervous/anxious, ahhh…cuz homesickness and having to make new friends and stuff. :’) I know I worry too much, haha, but I can’t help it.) Anyway, sorry for that random rant haha. Hope you have a great July! ❤️


  14. UGH poetry is so, so nice. Also, I’m really sorry about homophobic people commenting and trying to convert you! I was raised Roman Catholic, but have grown up with family members who identify as bi and trans and accepted them with open arms. Obviously, that’s not the case for everyone, but I do think that there comes a time where if you grow up under Christianity or even any religion you need to be able to think for yourself about the different doctrines preached. If you don’t agree with it, that’s okay; you don’t necessarily have to agree with what the said religion says 100% of the time! It really sucks that the LGBT+ do get perished. No matter what, everyone regardless of race, color, or gender, needs to be treated with respect.

    Have fun in Japan and Thailand! I know it’s going to be super hot and humid, but again, LOTS OF READING TIME.

    xoxo Abigail Lennah

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Hey I’m super excited for you togo to Tokyo. I went there (and Kyoto) recently and it was a lot of fun.
    WhIle I totally get what you mean about losing followers, I think it’s maybe for the better. In real life you wouldn’t want to hang out worth homomisic people, and I think you should holdthe same principles online.
    Also- thank you for saying homomisic rather than homophobic because they never were afraid of us, just hated us.
    I haven’t commented in a while either I just had some time today.
    xxo sw


  16. have fun on your vacation!! that sounds super exciting. and good luck on all your goals! I REALLY WANT TO WATCH INCREDIBLES 2 AHHH.

    sorry to hear that you were getting that kind of comments and unfollows. 😦 I’m a Christian if you didn’t know. I don’t think it’s right to force your beliefs on people, and whoever that was, that just wasn’t nice. and actually, I personally am not one to be a strong supporter of lgbtq+ (I’m sorry to say that, I really hope you’re not offended), but I will definitely still respect you and not unfollow you and still treat you like I would treat everyone else here! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  17. Have a safe and great trip, May, you will be missed ❤ ❤ Have a wonderful, relaxing time with your loved ones ❤ ❤
    I'm so glad you had such a good reading month – so many great books! I can't wait to read Summer Bird Blue, as well as Girls of Paper and Fire and How To Make A Wish, they all sound SO GOOD and you enjoyed them all and AHHH I NEED THEM RIGHT NOW.
    I kind of can't believe people unfollowed you because of your post with Pride recommendations. tbh it's their loss though, they don't know all the amazing recs they are missing and they're just missing out on your awesomeness and just on life and ugh. You're doing amazing. ❤
    I'm sending you all the love and have a wonderful time! ❤ ❤


  18. ahhh your vacation sounds amazing!! hope you have an awesome time 🙂 vacations are always good for my mental health so I hope it is for u too.
    also your posts are amazing and always make me inspired to read and write haha


  19. I hope you have an incredible trip May. Both Japan and Thailand are high on my must-travel-to list so I hope you love it there, and share loads of pictures when you’re back home again! 😀 You will definitely be missed on WordPress while you’re gone but we’ll all be here waiting when you get back again too.
    Also you got through some incredible books (and congrats on beating your reading goal for June as well). I’m glad to see you enjoyed They Both Die at the End and The Song of Achilles (even though it was a slow read).
    Good luck with your goals for next month, and again I hope you have an incredible trip! 😀 ❤


  20. That is such a kickass lovely June reading list <3333 And I really want to read The Brightsiders and City of Ghosts // those covers are beautiful.

    In June, I read If I Was Your Girl by Meredith Russo (absolutely lovely and very much needed book, had me tearing up), and Moonstruck by Grace Ellis (CUTE AF graphic novel I want to live in), highly recommend!! (If I Was Your Girl does have a lot of heavy stuff in it, too, though.)

    Thank you for teaching me homomisic. Language is so important and useful and I wish I could have had the right words for my father years ago. Now we don't talk about anything important, which makes it easier for me, I suppose, but doesn't make that household a better place… I am sorry that hurtful people have commented on your blog and am sending you hugs. Hopefully they'll realize they're wasting their time trying to impart their hate here.

    I hope you are having a wonderful vacation!! I would love to visit Japan and Thailand one day. I'll be visiting Portland, Oregon, and poss Seattle in August <3333 TTFN


  21. Well this is sad…we just came back…and now your gone…😢😢

    Looks like we missed a lot while we were away…
    Anyways us twins shall go stalk – no catch up, on your posts that we’ve missed till you come back!😉😎

    Have fun with your vacay and your dance!! 😊😊


  22. I also read They Both Die At The End in June and it was amazing! I still have to read Adam’s other works! Also I hope everything is great for you now!


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