A Peek Into My Trip to Japan and Thailand: Really Hot Places, Family and Friends and Fun, and GOOD THAI FOOD

If you didn’t notice, I was missing from the blog all of July!!

And that’s because I was adventuring (not really) in Japan and Thailand, where it was really hot and I wanted to shrivel up and never come out of the air-conditioned building ever again.

Anyways, it was a LOT of fun!!! I took a lot of photos and these are only a few of them, but I wanted to share them with you to 1) document my trip and 2) show you how cool these places are and hopefully convince you to visit them one day if you can!!

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I stayed in Tokyo for the five days I was there, and our hotel was close to both the subway and train station! If you don’t know, literally EVERYONE in Tokyo takes the metro, and there are just stations and railways everywhere.

Tokyo is basically New York City, but much cleaner, quieter (the people there hardly talk while walking and the car noises aren’t as loud), and with less tall buildings. IT’S COOL.


berry 2 DAY 1  ||  JULY 4 berry 1

This was the day after we had arrived in Japan, and it was the day that my grandparents, aunt, uncle, and cousin joined us, so we didn’t really do much?? The only place we went to was a shrine that took a lot of walking to get to, and I didn’t even take that many pictures.

the path we walked down to get to the shrine!

(I was so confused that I’d thought we were going behind the shrine deeper into wherever-it-was when actually, we were LEAVING.)

The name of the shrine? I do not know. All I know is that we walked for nothing and I didn’t even know which exact building was the shrine.

I’m guessing the building on the left is the shrine but at this point who knows

berry 2 DAY 2  ||  JULY 5 berry 1

This day was slightly more interesting, because we went to Mount Fuji!! It took a couple of long train rides to get there, and it was cloudy and drizzling. So we didn’t get the prettiest of views, but I still took some photos!

I really love these photos I got on the train ride of people heading to work waiting for their train. I was able to capture a part of their daily life and that’s so COOL to me

Besides riding up a gondola to see the mountain better, there wasn’t really anything else we did. It was just gloomy because of all the clouds and light sprinkling, sadly.

I apologize for the REALLY HEAVY EDITING but otherwise it’s super dark and almost colorless (because it was really bright!)

some views from the top of the observatory area where we waited for the gondola to pick us up!

view of the lake at ground level and a pic I got of my cousin looking out at Mount Fuji! (and you can see JUST HOW BRIGHT IT IS)

berry 2 DAY 3  ||  JULY 6 berry 1

Today was a semi-fun day!! We went to a temple (that I do not remember the name of), and it was really pretty. The Buddha statue there was gorgeous and we prayed, though no pictures were allowed so I can’t show you what the statue looked like!

again, sorry for the DRAMATIC EDITING but the very bright sun was hidden behind a lot of clouds so it made for really bad lighting!


It was ALSO rainy this day so it was kind of miserable, especially since I wore a really !! cute !! jumpsuit !! for nothing. Mostly because I thought we were going to go to the mall afterwards and I was ready to rock a fancy outfit while shopping, but it turns out we were going to a cheap… supermarket thing??

I don’t even know how to describe it but I sat on the stairs and played games on my phone the whole time like the non-shopper I am.

And afterwards, while my sister and cousin went shopping at Tokyu Hands (a stationery store they had fell in love with a few days before), I went to the observatory deck of the World Trade Center in Tokyo with my dad, and while it was cloudy, I still got some really cool photos of the cityline!!

(I really recommend going to here if you can! The view from the top of the tower is REALLY gorgeous.)


berry 2 DAY 4  ||  JULY 7 berry 1

This was the most fun day for me. We went to Nikko, which was a really beautiful place with temples and shrines and nice little shops and stores and restaurants!

The Shinkyo Bridge was really gorgeous and just so… satisfying to look at. Plus the fog/clouds that day totally worked out in our favor and gave the bridge a mysterious vibe??

on the right is my little cousin and I!

Unfortunately we didn’t get pictures of one of the temples we went to because it was under renovation! We did get to go inside though, and there was an absolutely stunning statue of Buddha. (No pictures allowed!)

Here are pictures of other temples and shrines we went to!

the image on the right has particularly bad exposure but. IT’S SO PRETTY


On our* way back, we decided to split up, and I ended up going with my mom, sister, aunt, and cousin to a mall in Ginza (specifically for Tokyu Hands). I ended up getting one (1) pencil case for school, while my aunt, cousin, and sister literally got 8432057584 different pens and highlighters and god knows what else.

*Our, excluding my uncle because we accidentally left him there due to miscommunication, and he had to find his way back to Tokyo unable to speak Japanese and not knowing the actual names of train stations. I bet it was fun.

berry 2 DAY 5  ||  JULY 8 berry 1

I actually don’t really remember what we did this day? I am pretty sure we went shopping (at Tokyu Hands again) and then ate at a Thai restaurant, then found our way to the airport to fly to Thailand in the evening/night.


fae divider (2)


Thailand was very different from Japan, since we didn’t do much sightseeing at all. (And also much different in other ways.) We focused on seeing/hanging out with family and friends, and anyways, we’d been here multiple times already! We literally just stayed at our grandparents’ house, or like, went to the mall.

If you’re wondering, I mostly stayed in Bangkok for most of the time! Bangkok is… not the most pleasant city, but it’s still close to my heart. And it definitely has TONS of things to do while you’re there!

While I didn’t go sightseeing as much, I did get to take some photos of some places, so here they are! I really adore Thailand and being there means a lot to me so I wish I had more pictures to show you, but I really recommend going there whenever you can.

berry 2 STREET VIEWS berry 1

The only thing I have to say about this is: Bangkok traffic is terrible. Do not trust it. Especially in the rain. A car ride took me 2 and a half hours when it was only supposed to take me 30 minutes. Be afraid.

these were all shot in Samut Prakan at a “street market” (as the people there call it)

shot from the highway!

berry 2 FOOD berry 1

Unfortunately I didn’t get as many pictures of the Thai food as I wanted to, but that was because I was WAY TOO BUSY EATING IT ALL that I forgot!!! And I have no regrets.

the photo on the left is of JJ Mall! lots of food sold there, along with clothes, souvenirs, and a bunch of other things

I’m making a list of my favorite Thai dishes because everyone should have a chance to TASTE THE FOOD OF DIVINITY. (Also I literally ate McDonalds in Japan because I can’t eat Japanese food. Thai food is My One.)

  • pad see ew (basically stir fried noodles)
  • khao kai jeow moo sab (Thai style omelette with rice)
  • pla kapong tod nam pla (specific type of fried fish with fish sauce)
  • moo ping + sticky rice (grilled pork with sticky rice)
  • mangoes + sweet sticky rice
  • khanom chun (Thai jelly)
  • wun ma proaw (coconut jelly)
  • a bunch more but I’m already making myself sad so I’m stopping

berry 2 HUA HIN berry 1

The only “tourist place” we went to in Thailand was Hua Hin, three hours away from Bangkok. It’s on the coast of the Gulf of Thailand, and I’d never been there before! Also, it was SO MUCH COOLER there than it was in Bangkok, even though it was still hot.

I knew these tiny holes housed crabs but this was the first time I actually took a closer look at them! now I’m forever scared of stepping on tiny innocent crabs at the beach

We went swimming at the hotel’s pool, which is how I got so much water stuck in my (right) ear that it softened enough earwax to clog my ear canal. I then had to go to the doctor’s to get it literally sucked out of my ear with a demonic medical instrument. (Then I had to do my left ear, which hurt so much it made me CRY, because the earwax wasn’t soft enough.)

We also went to a water park, which was SUPER fun (and where I learned my younger cousin is braver than me when it comes to rides), and after a whole year of being pale(-ish) from staying indoors all day, I GOT A TAN.

shall we chat

have you been to japan before? or thailand? or any place in asia? do you get your ears unclogged? are you more of a mountain, beach, or city type of person? and have you had THAI FOOD BEFIRE?? (please. try it asap if you haven’t. it’s the love of my life.)

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51 thoughts on “A Peek Into My Trip to Japan and Thailand: Really Hot Places, Family and Friends and Fun, and GOOD THAI FOOD

  1. u cant even tell the pics were edited. also will mention, in the theme of the posts, i had Thai noodles (forgot what they were called) today and it was delicious, i loved. im so glad u had a good time and look quality back-of-may’s-head-photo content IM HAPPY

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  2. Hahaha you ate McDonald’s in Japan – how dare you!!! I love how the day before you left for Thailand you ate Thai food because you couldn’t wait xD The pictures you took are soooo prettyyyyy. Visiting Japan solely for the temples and shrines is something I want to do one day and of course actual Tokyo 😀 My dad’s mom has visited Thailand before and I think she loved it. He wants to but he doesn’t want us to go because it’s dangerous?? but like?? please take us with you!!! That food looks AMAZING!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Savannah I am literally The Worst at eating Japanese food I CAN’T!! And aww, I hope you’re able to go to Japan one day!! It was so pretty and the temples and shrines are 100% worth it ❤ And yeah Thailand's still a developing country so it's not the safest, but the more rural areas are a lot safer than the city haha!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. When i go to japan one day i’ll eat enough japanese food for both of us to make up for you lol xD i think as long as we stay where it’s recommended when travelling it should be relatively safe.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Love this post!! All of your pictures are so beautiful; thank you for sharing them with us! 😍❤️ I’m glad you enjoyed your vacation in Japan and Thailand. 🙂 I’ve never been to either country, but I’d love to someday! I’ve been to many cities in China, including Guangzhou (my birthplace!), Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Beijing, and Shanghai. 🙈☺️

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have not had Thai food actually and I’ve never been to Asia! I’m glad you had fun though! I like the beach since I live in Miami but I’m not sure what I prefer. Probably the city XD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. MEEP! I’m so jealous of you. I wish I could go and see all these beautiful places and taste the amazing food. Oh, well, I’ll just stay learning all the bad things about them in Social Studies! 😂 xo

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Wow, looks like an awesome trip! I VIVIDLY remember my first time in southeast Asia (Vietnam) – specifically, the drive from the airport to our accommodation and spending every moment clutching the car door, thinking we were going to die while people drove their mopeds with anything from trees to glass doors to a family of five to a cage of rabbits on the back!! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  7. ALL THE FOOD. You made me so hungry. 😂
    I relate to missing the food of a place you just went to. Last year, we went to Albuquerque, New Mexico, to visit relatives (from my mom’s side) They had green chili on PIZZA and cherry coke (which is way better than it sounds, I promise) and chorizo (that’s like a breakfast thing that we had wrapped in tortillas. it spills out a lot – like scrambled eggs, I guess – but it tastes sooooo gooooood, especially with coffee) We also went to this one restaurant that had really great tortilla chips before the meals came and an awesome salsa. I kept saying, “This will be my last one! I need to save room for dinner!” and then it never was until the meal came. (funny story about my dinner: I chose something that sounded good from their ‘popular choices’ part of the menu or whatever it’s called, and it ended up being a breakfast. It was slightly embarrassing, but it tasted delicious, so whatever. 😂)


  8. Ahh, it looks like you had such an amazing trip!💓 I loved all your photos and everything looks absolutely gorgeous. Tokyo has always been on my list of places I REALLY want to go someday, but now I think I might add Thailand too! I haven’t been anywhere in Asia, but I haven’t been anywhere out of the United States, either. XD Also, you made me so hungry during this post, haha. I’ve had Thai food once, and it was delicious, but I don’t know if it was actually authentic or not, since it was on a road trip and was in Mississippi…probably not the best place to get Thai food.😂Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Ahhh, I love all your pictures! The ones of people waiting for the train are so cool. Especially because some of the people are blurry. It feels like it captures an atmosphere of the rush to and from work or wherever people are going. So much beautiful architecture and landscapes! It makes me want to travel more. (And ACK! Demonic medical instruments that unclog your ears?? I have been subject to such instruments and their extraction of ear wax and tears).

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Ahhh I love your pictures, thank you for sharing your adventures with us! I’ve never been to any of these places, but now I really want to, wow, the views from the World Trade Center in Tokyo are amazing! And these Thai dishes, I NEED THAT COCONUT dish, I am such a huge fan of coconuts… well, that’s pretty much like you and mangoes haha 😛
    Lovely post! ❤ ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Omg May your poor uncle I’m dying 😂 I hope he could laugh about it afterwards? I would freak out if left by myself lol

    Anyway your trip looks amazing and I’m glad you had a great time! I’ve never been to Japan and I was only four when I apparently went to Thailand according to my mom so I have no memories of that but I really want to go to both! There are so many more countries I want to visit ahhhh why does travelling cost so much money just let me magically portal everywhere pls

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I felt so bad for leaving him behind, especially because my cousin (his daughter) was freaking out about it, but there wasn’t anything we could do?? Thank god he found his way back (I would definitely have freaked too)

      Aahh Michelle thank you so much!! And aww, that’s so cute! I hope you can visit Thailand and Japan soon ❤ and yes omg pls just let me teleport everywhere that would make me literally so happy

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Welcome back May, it’s great to see a post from you and I’m glad you’re back again, but I guess time must have flown by for you in Japan and Thailand! 😀
    Your pictures are amazing, it looks so beautiful over there and I’m a little jealous you got to go to Thailand because that country is high on my must-travel to list. The food both looks amazing in your pictures and sounds amazing based on your descriptions. Honestly just hearing about the food makes me want to hop on a plane right this second! 🙂
    Great post, and I’m glad you had a good time away as well. 🙂 ❤


  13. I feel so sorry for your uncle! I would have been crying if that were me, and panic and mix up languages and be like, “Sumimasen, no hay entiendo nihonggo. Please help”


  14. I’m so jealous!! I’ve never been to anywhere in Asia because I can’t afford to but it’s definitely a life goal of mine to go someday since I’m slowly inching further away every time I leave the country (the furthest I’ve been so far is Washington DC).

    Having a clogged ear does not sound fun at all >.< I've had a badly popped ear from being on a flight before and had to get medical attention for it, but thankfully it wasn't completely burst.


  15. It looks like you had so much fun! I’d love to visit Japan/Thailand/both one day, but so far I’ve only travelled Australia. My stomach was already rumbling, but your pictures of Thai food have destroyed me. In my hometown, my favourite restaurant is a Thai place owned by a Thai family and they just have the best food ever.
    Which I’m now craving, of course.
    Your pictures look really nice though and I’m glad you had a good time!


  16. Ahh I really loved looking at all these pictures! JAPAN LOOKS SO PRETTY 😍 I love those temples! And that view from the World Trade Center is awesome! 😍😍The Shinkyo Bridge looks so aesthetic and relaxing to look at… I’ve always wanted to visit Tokyo, but now I want to visit even more 😂 And Thailand sounds pretty interesting too! I’m glad you had such a good time! 🙂

    Andrea @ https://spaceshipsvampiresandsecretagents.blogspot.com/


  17. Oh, this all looks so amazing! Japan looks so lovely and exciting! It’s slightly different from my experience in China, when you mentioned how quiet it was, I was amused because China was anything but quiet! I’ve never been to Thailand but I need to go if only to try some of their amazing food myself!


  18. Never been to Asia (though I plan to someday), yup, I got my ears unplugged like twice? There needs to be a more affordable way to get ears cleaned out so that people won’t use cotton buds or q tips, whatever. Not that I had to pay to get them cleaned. Never had Thai food. yeah, I need to get that fixed. But I dunno what to do. So yeah.

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday! I didn’t mind the high edited photos? My photos personally suck and no I’m not just saying that because they actually suck.

    Also, I’m curious about why you can’t eat Japanese food?

    Liked by 1 person

  19. kskdjrkkdkfk i would love to se your reaction when you visit India. 😂 omg good luck with crossing roads here. and when it will rain it’ll probably clog the roads. i should seriously consider a profession in tourism.

    Your pictures were so pretty and all the food made me hungry. I did visit Thailand once….when i was like 5 years old so i don’t remember anything except that i once swam in Bangkok. My memory sucks.


  20. Thanks for sharing such lovely photos!! The ones on the train platform are so expressive and all the food looks SO delicious! And I love beaches so those photos are UGH my heart ❤ I would love to visit Japan and Thailand one day. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  21. Hey May!
    I LOVED (seriously, LOVED!) all of the photos (even the heavily edited ones!)!!!! I’m glad you had a (hopefully?!) great experience in both places – the food sounds AMAZING and family is the best!!
    Well, have fun whatever you do next!
    All the best,
    Little Lion, STSI


  22. Love these photos! I feel so bad for your uncle though haha that must have been a nightmare plus a bit scary!
    That Thai food looks SO GOOD – my stomach is legit growling now…!
    Hua Hin looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Glad you had a fun (and safe!) trip 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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