#AmCurrently Update: the Most Disgusting Lice, School, Weird Book Slump, and Some Actual Writing??

Since I’ve been a bit absent, I decided to do a bit of an update on my life!

And no, the lice part is not just clickbait. I really did have lice. And it was one of the MOST DISGUSTING, UNPLEASANT EXPERIENCES OF MY LIFE.

BUT lice isn’t the only thing that’s happened to me recently (and definitely not the only thing I want to talk about). A lot of New Things have been going on and I decided, why not make a little update post about it?? And anyways I always love reading these kinds of posts by other bloggers to see a little bit more of what they’re doing and I’ve always wanted to write one myself.

So. Here’s a little update about some things currently going on in my life, which you hopefully will find interesting!!

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No, I’m not reading a book called Kind Of, I’m just kind of reading.

I think The Foxhole Court really put me into a weird book slump where I’m reading and I’m motivated to read but I just can’t read a lot? Today (Sunday) I finished my first full-length novels that weren’t rereads since I finished the All For the Game series. A MONTH AGO.

At this point, I REALLY have to be in the mood to read whatever I’m currently reading, or I just won’t read it and read fanfics instead. I’m still obsessed. Help.

Darius the Great Is Not Okay  Toil & Trouble: 15 Tales of Women & Witchcraft  Now I Rise (The Conqueror's Saga #2)  Mirage (Mirage, #1)

Luckily, like I said, I DID finish actual, full-length novels, and those were Darius the Great is Not Okay and Toil & Trouble (an anthology. which I’m just now realizing means that it’s not an actual novel). I really loved Darius; the depression rep is amazing, it’s super character-focused which is My Thing, and I related a lot to Darius’ struggles with his identity. And I enjoyed most of the stories of Toil and Trouble and have a few favorites that I would 100% reread.

And earlier this month, I DNFed Now I Rise after reading about 260 pages of it. I CAN’T STAND THIS SERIES. I really really wish I’d loved it but god it’s so boring and dry and I hardly care for the characters and the story and I hate it.

I’m now trying to read Mirage, which I am totally not in the mood to read, meaning that it’ll take me a LONG time to read it, but I have to because it’s an ARC that’s publishing soon and I gotta get a review up for it!!!

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So I started school on Wednesday and I can already! feel! myself! slipping! into! a! depressive! period!!!!

To be honest, I’m actually kind of excited for some classes this year (French, Spanish, English*), most of my teachers seem really cool, and I know that half of the classes I’m taking will be giving hardly to no homework, which is REALLY great.

However, I know that my school does a lot of projects and I also know that no matter what amount of homework I get, I’m going to procrastinate and end up stressing myself out. And then I’ll slip into anxious and depressed mode for the next nine months (oh my god I just realized that school lasts as long as pregnancy)** until summer.

I know I should probably think positive and I WANT to think positive but also! I know positive isn’t realistic!

I also thought I’d be able to balance school with blogging + bookstagram + book reviewing and HAHAHAHA nope. It doesn’t help that I started watching Brooklyn Nine Nine and now I’m addicted (more on that later).

*Wow am I a language nerd or am I a language nerd??
**Listen it’s night time as I’m writing this,,,

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Again, I’m not writing something called A Little Bit, I’m just writing a little bit. (I have to stop making these jokes.)

My WIP—in which a water spirit assassin catches the wrong twin—is actually one that I REALLY LOVE. Like, if this premise existed as another person’s book, I would die for it. Not to be modest or anything.

I’m just really really horrible with plot and I can’t create a good one to save my life, but I’m TRYING. I’ve been doing character work mostly, and actually some worldbuilding (which, SURPRISE! I’m not very good at either).

So far I don’t have a name for my main character, the twin, but I have one for the water spirit (??? clearly doing great ?????). And I know the basics of these two characters’ personalities!!! My MC is like a cross between Kaz Brekker from Six of Crows and Andrew Minyard from The Foxhole Court except. different. She’s a loner and does whatever she can to survive and she’s very clever and good with knives.

here’s my pinterest board aesthetic for my WIP!!!

So yeah!! That’s basically all I’m going to share for the moment because I have nothing else. I’m really excited to see where this story is going to go, though, because I have a feeling that I’m going to really love writing this.

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This was a very sudden and quick development that was resolved the day I found out about it?

On Friday, I scratched my head and a bug fell out of it onto my phone, and then I looked in the mirror and saw a louse moving in my hair. I almost had a panic attack but then I just ended up crying instead!!

Luckily, I was able to kill the lice using tea tree oil and a chemical pesticide thing that night (and picking out the nits took over an hour, even though there are still some left). There’s a chance it may not be completely gone and that makes me want to rip my hair out and go completely bald but?? everything is fine I’m fine.

I just HATE the idea of BUGS living in my hair and MOVING in my hair and it’s just disgusting and gross and I freak out every time I think about it fjdslkjF;LDJAFL;DSJA.

We also figured out that I got it from my cousin, who I saw in Thailand three weeks ago (it’s weird that it appeared so late??). She told her mom not to tell us because she didn’t want us to not play with her, which makes me :’), but I’m disappointed that no one told us so we could take the precautions to make sure, you know, NONE OF US GOT LICE TOO.

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So I’ve been meaning to watch this for a LONG time now, especially since I know so many people who love it, and I actually watched the first three episodes over the summer with the intention of coming back and watching more… but then I never did??

Of course, I decided to start watching the rest RIGHT when school started. But I mean. Did I expect any better decision-making from myself.

Image result for brooklyn 99

I really love the show though!! I’m so glad it got picked up again after its cancellation, and it’s SUPER funny (at least, with my sense of humor; my mom says it’s not funny bUT SHE’S LYING). It’s also diverse, and while it’s a show about cops, it still manages to talk about the issues in the police force!

Also if you ask me to choose a favorite character I will end up listing them all you can’t make me choose.

I’m currently on Season 2 and unable to binge it because of sCHoOL. (That’s a lie I binged it on the weekend and I should probably regret it but I don’t.)

shall we chat

so that’s pretty much all that’s been going on with me!! how are y’all??? what are you up to? what are you reading and writing and watching? have you had lice before? and would you like to see these kinds of update posts more often??

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27 thoughts on “#AmCurrently Update: the Most Disgusting Lice, School, Weird Book Slump, and Some Actual Writing??

  1. Ahh, I love reading life update posts, too! Maybe it makes me weird, but I just love seeing what other people are up to.🙈First of all, ahh, lice sounds horrible! I really hope I never have to experience it, and I’m glad you got rid of yours so quickly. SCHOOL. Mine starts this Thursday and I’m not ready (anddd I just got an email from a teacher today telling me that we’re having an algebra 1 quiz on the first day of algebra 2, yay!), but I guess I never am going to be fully ready.😂Oh my gosh, you’re in French and Spanish?! I would be so confused if I had two languages. XD I can barely learn Spanish as it is… AND YAY, I’m so happy for you that you’re getting back into writing! Your WIP sounds amazing and I wish you the best of luck with it. I loved this post, May!❤️

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  2. OH, GOD, I HATE LICE. And I got it from my cousin, too! Only my mom had no idea and my head was itching and she didn’t even know lice existed? HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? Anyway, I had it. Then my two younger sisters. And we kept getting it back and forth for 2 years when we basically lived in a hotel and chemical bombed our house. IT was HUMILIATING. bEcAuSe I was 13/14 and in middle school and couldn’t go to my best friends birthday party. So, yeah, Lice sucks.
    And cousins NOT telling you because they don’t want you to not play sucks. Ergh.
    Also, the hair style lady who helped us finally kill them all off said lice like redheads more? So that’s why we had to fight it so hard. Also, we had pets and 3 girls with very long hair. It was the worst, ever….ever.

    I HOPE SCHOOL GETS BETTER!!! 💕 And all your language classes are SO COOL! Like, wow, wow, wow! French is so pretty and if you ever need to practice, I can text pretty fine in French. (I mean, I better after 4 damn hard semesters)

    YOUR Pinterest WIP board is GORGEOUS! I’m inspired just by looking at it! And the premise sounds AMAZING! Plot writing is hard, so cheering for you!!! You can do it!
    And I hope you fall into a reading mood and your depression goes away! Because you’re the best, May!!!


  3. I got Lice a lot as a young kid! I have very thick hair and just kept catching it off people! 😦 it is the actual worst! The process to get rid of them sucks! I hope they are all gone for you and that you only needed the one treatment!

    also your WIP sounds soooo interesting I’d read it! 🙂


  4. Ahhh I enjoyed reading this post so much; I always love reading life update posts! 😊 Good luck with school; you can do it! ❤️ I completely relate, though, school always gives me so much anxiety and stress, and it’s honestly awful. 😦 But I know we can get through it. 💞 Also, it makes me SO. FREAKING. HAPPY. that you’re loving B99 so much!! It’s honestly such an amazing, diverse, and hilarious show and I want EVERYONE to watch it. (And same, it’s sooo hard to just pick *one* favorite character. I love the squad so much. NINE NINE)


  5. Once upon a time I actually interacted with people….and my whole family got lice. That was enough to convince me to stay well clear of all social situations from then on 😛
    You’re WIP though???? Whoa, it sounds cool!


  6. head lice are a NIGHTMARE I remember in primary school a letter was sent out to everyone exposing the person who had head lice and basically saying that you should keep your kids hair tied up and away from this person


  7. I have an extreme fear of bugs being on me in any way so even though I can’t actually feel your pain because I’ve never had lice, I can only imagine the anxiety it must be causing you so am sending you hugs ❤

    I've been needing a new fun show since The Good Place is taking forever and a half to come back and have been debating trying Brooklyn 99 and now because of your post I will definitely be doing that thank you for convincing me!!

    I have been enjoying your bookstagram thus far but totally feel you about it being hard to balance life and blog AND bookstagram. I'd like to be more active on it myself as well since I've kind of maybe discovered what aesthetic I want to use? but I just can't seem to find the time in between job and blogging, which I am admittedly way more interested in than I am in bookstagram. I do hope you continue experimenting with booksta though because I like your photos very much!!


  8. Ugh head lice are the WORST. I remember having it when I was younger and I absolutely HATED it. I hope yours goes away completely soon!! Ahh, I’m so glad you like b99 i might have to watch it soon because everyone raves about it AND one of my best friends loves it so?? like it’s definitely something I want to watch!! ALSO, IM REALLY EXCITED FOR DARIUS THE GREAT SINCE YOU LOVED IT AND I JUST WANT TO READ IT A LOT. I’m not back to school yet but i’m kinda looking forward to it but also!?! i always get so overwhelmed by school so that’s…a thing.


  9. Ugh lice sound like the worst, luckily it’s never happened to me cause I have heard some people having to shave htier heads just to get rid of them :”(

    Hope you begin to enjoy school a bit more as time goes by… having friends always helps, but just remember that you’ll go through it all in no time!!! I love B99 as well, hope you talk about it more in the future cause it’s nice to see more people watching the series compared to a year ago when I only now one other person who watches it 😀


  10. I had lice once *hides* IT WAS HORRIBLE! My mom had to pick through our (more than one of us had it once) hair every day with this smelly stuff, and then at night, we would wear these things on our heads. Shower caps, that’s the word. They were plastic from the dollar store; that way, it wouldn’t get on our pillow or on our sheets. Ugh, I hated wearing those! I would wake up in the morning, and it would be all sweaty and gross. *shudder* I don’t remember how long it lasted, but it was AWFUL. I’m sorry that you got it 😦

    Also, I would recommend the book Structuring Your Novel by K.M. Weiland if you want to learn more about plotting. HOWEVER, I would say, check out her (free) series on her blog. Here’s the first one:


    It’s about character arcs, and it really helps you with character development whilst simultaneously helping you construct a plot! It’s really helpful. 10/10 recommend, though by the end of it I hated character arcs. 😂 The questions can be really hard, and challenge you, but I think the harder they are, the better the answer you can come up with. 😛


  11. Thankfully I’ve never gotten lice, but we had a scare last year when our friend found it the next day after a birthday party we went to. It turned out the girl had been trying on hats at the mall earlier that day (BAD IDEA) so we were safe, but boy was I scared *shudders*

    I totally get what you mean reading-wise. I upped my goal to 120 books after I read 10 books over two 5-day vacays, and now I’m scrambling to stay ahead. I’m reading To Kill a Kingdom and it’s taking me much longer than I thought?? Like Julia suggested, I’d highly recommend checking out K.M. Weiland’s books. You can get them for free if you join her Wordplayers group (you just have to review them). They’re amazing and have completed changed the way I plot!! 😀

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  12. I love these update posts!! They’re fun to read and definitely just get readers liking the blogger more and more. Good luck with school!!! And I’m sorry you got lice, but luckily you caught it fast!


  13. Oh no, I’m sorry about the lice (and school starting) 😦 I’m glad to hear you were able to work a bit on your WIP though, it sounds really interesting! I feel you about the worldbuilding, I just kind of do whatever, because I never know if I have done enough worldbuilding 😅


  14. Nice post! Sorry about the lice and school starting. Your new WIP sounds really cool though.

    I had lice once when I was younger and all I remember is crying a lot. However, I would recommend that you make sure you get ALL the nits out. Otherwise the lice will just keep coming back. I also suggest doing the treatment a few more times just as a precaution. Another tip: put a bit a tea tree in your hair everyday. Wearing your hair in a ponytail might help too. That’s all I really remember from when I had lice as a small child. I hope yours go away soon.

    Good luck with everything. 🙂

    – Romi

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  15. Oh, the lice situation sucks but it sounds like you’ve got it under control so I’m sure they’ll be completely gone soon (if not already!) On another note I am so so so glad you are watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine and loving it. It’s one of my favourite TV shows, I was devastated when it was cancelled, so pleased when it was picked up again, and now I can’t wait for season six. What episode are you up to now? Are you still on season two? 😀
    It sucks you’re not a fan of Now I Rise, but no one can say you haven’t given that series a chance, and I hope you enjoy Mirage and are in the mood to read more soon. I also hope school and your WIP don’t get you down too much ❤ (and while I can't emphasise from a school perspective I can from a WIP one. Writer issues right?) 🙂


  16. First, I LOVE reading about life update posts, so please do more of these!
    Now, this is so weird, because both of us are, more or less, in the same black hole right now. School actually started back in June for me and I’m just now recovering from my 1st term exam trauma and I’m already facing a ton of assignments, projects, journal completion ON TOP OF the 2nd term exams looming over me (in September! What the heck!) and wow. I’m just going to hide in the corner and pretend everything’s okay while booking a ticket to Canada and avoiding™ everything in my life.
    OKAY BUT YOU READ THE ALL FOR THE GAMES TRILOGY? Dude. I read it about two months ago (I think. I’ve lost track of that thing called Time) and I’m STILL in the weird Book Hangover phase. I’m not even kidding. That just became my favorite trilogy. When I even try to remotely step out of the hangover, Tumblr is there to fully drown me in the aftg art and haha maybe I’ll just stay in this tiny orange corner forever :’) (I really don’t mind).
    Hey, I started Brooklyn Nine Nine last month too! Of course, I started binge watching it a mere week before my exams because decision making is not one of my better attributes.But. I mean. It’s so worth it! I’m already on season 3 now.
    Great post!

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  17. I’m so happy you enjoyed Darius so much, this book sounds great, really need to add it to my TBR 🙂
    Best of luck for school, May – I hope that everything will go well and that your classes will be interesting. I’m sending you tons of love and hugs (if taken!) for this period and know that I am always here if you ever need to rant about it all! ❤ Balancing everything with school is always complicated, do your best and what's best for you, that's what matters the most! ❤
    I LOVE your story idea and I hope you'll have the writing inspiration with you at all times, I can't wait to hear more about it, wishing you the best of luck for writing!! ❤
    I really need to get started on Brooklyn Nine Nine at some point haha.
    I hope you're having a good August, I'm sending you love xx


  18. I’m so sorry you had lice! I had them once when I was a kid, my sister and I caught them from someone at school. It was a horrible experience. Good luck with school, I hope it won’t be too bad. Hugs.


  19. ayyy b99! also reading slumps after reading your new fav series are a THING. i can understand your lice struggle, as a child i got them and it was. TERRIBLE. good luck dealing with them man.
    as for school aaaah you have so many languages what how? i had german last year but dropped it once i realized i’m not going to go to Germany for uni lol.
    for school tbh the best thing you can do is hold yourself accountable…and i understand that it’s sooo hard. for me what works is having someone (preferably parents) know what time i’m supposed to study and then they can remind me, and if needed, take away my laptop/phone/whatever. imo, the best way is to get to work as soon as you come home…it leaves the rest of the day free for whatever you want to do! tho it’s hard because i feel super tired after school.also watching videos of different lectures that i’m studying is a great help! I hope you can figure out a way to deal with school!! good luck!!



    Good luck with school, hopefully things will be fine but I get being negative because same I do that every year and my mom’s all ‘but how do you know that it will be like last year??’ but then I’m right and it’s even worse than the last year adsnjbh I really hope things will turn out well for you though!! While maybe B99 isn’t great for productivity, I have found that it makes me feel SO MUCH BETTER when I’m stressed/anxious/having a bad mental health day so hopefully it will help you somewhat too ❤️



  21. Ugh I’ve had lice multiple times and I FEEL YOUR PAIN. It is absolutely annoying and just so hard to get it out. Ugh. I’m glad you at least finish two books! I just finished one last night and I’m hoping to get to more! Sucks that you didn’t like And I Darken but I hope your reads get better! Also I really want to binge watch Brooklyn Nine Nine too but I gotta have self control especially with school coming up. I hope school goes well and I hope you get a lot of writing done!


  22. So sorry to hear about the lice! Oooh, just the thought made my head tickle *shudder* Hope they’re all gone now.

    B99 is the freaking best!!!!!!!!!!! So happy-making and it makes me really happy when others start watching it and love it too. The writing and characters are just so strong and amazing and everyone is allowed to be their weird selves together. ❤

    Hope you're out of your reading slump!


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