What Makes Me Comment on a Blog Post? Tips to Increase Interaction and Make Your Blog Posts More Compelling

Welcome back to the latest edition of May pretends to know what they’re doing!! 

Today, I’m going to be talking about something I hold very near and dear to my heart: interaction. It’s near and dear to me because 1) I’ve been the worst at it and feel extremely guilty over the lack of it for the past year, but 2) I love doing it and it makes me happy!!

Comments are 100% the number 1 thing I look forward to when I publish a post. Yeah, it might get a lot of views and a lot of likes, but when I manage to get someone to take the time to write out their thoughts in response to a post I wrote?? That’s gold. Plus I just love talking to you guys so much!! (Despite what my silence last year might make you think.)

So today I thought I would share what makes me comment on a blog post, aka what compels me to interact with a blogger, so you’re able to apply those things to your own blog posts! I think interaction is KEY to growing your blog and being a successful blogger (whatever “successful” means to you), and I hope this post will be helpful to encourage that interaction!!

Full disclaimer: I’m by no means an Actual Expert on any of this!! I didn’t study any field related to this type of thing (because I am… still in high school…), and the only “research” I did was this. I’m literally just using my own experiences as a 2-year-old blogger, so if none of what I says actually works, you can blame it on my tendency to put in minimal effort. (Just kidding, this post took me a long time to write.)

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This is the number 1 thing for me that makes me comment on a post!! Your own voice and style of writing takes some time to develop as a blogger, but once you do, it’ll shine through your posts and make them so much more unique to you.

I think a great example of this is book reviews: We all know that, for some reason, in a community of book lovers that you could argue is based on them, book reviews aren’t that popular. I tend not to comment on a lot of book reviews for a variety of reasons, including that they don’t interest me because I don’t care about the book that’s being reviewed. But if a blogger writes really good reviews, then I’m a lot more likely to comment on that post!

Two bloggers who have really amazing reviews that I always want to comment on are Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books and Tiffany @ Read by Tiffany. For some reason I can’t quite explain, I always feel like I’m invited to talk about the book with them (and their reviews are always so-well written!)

cropped-button.png    grab button for A Whisper Of Ink

Another example of a strong blogging voice making me want to comment is when the post topic doesn’t really interest me personally. Whether it’s a Top Ten Tuesday list topic that I don’t care about or a post full of mini reviews that talk about books I’m not excited to read, a fun blogging voice can make ALL the difference.

Two bloggers whose voices I really adore and enhance their posts are Julianna @ Paper Blots and Ilsa @ A Whisper of Ink. I’m DEFINITELY not saying their posts are boring/don’t interest me (because false!!), but I am saying that their humorous blogging voice makes their posts all the more fun to read and encourage me to comment and talk with them.

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This one is pretty self-explanatory: any post that provokes me to think or discuss a topic with you is going to make me want to comment! Discussion posts are really popular for this reason: They talk about an issue/topic and compel you to give your own thoughts on it.

Of course, these posts are always super opinionated, and it works well in encouraging me to comment, because as the reader, I either want to agree with you, disagree with you, or add my own thoughts. I especially think that discussions posts are gold mines for engagement and interaction, because no matter how many times something has been discussed, people still want to share their opinions, and you also have your own unique perspective to share!

In general tips: Just make sure it’s not too text-heavy, because then I might zone out, and don’t kill yourself writing too many of these, because they definitely require more work (as least for me) and also give you comments of a much larger length to respond to.

Vicky Who Reads

One of my favorite bloggers who writes really good discussions is Vicky @ Vicky Who Reads. All her discussions are extremely well-written, handled with care, and definitely provoke you to think about how you approach and think of the topic she’s talking about! (The post I’ve linked to her name is a really great recent discussion post she wrote!!)

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This, for me, is a big example of how supporting other bloggers can benefit you as well, by making bloggers want to support you. I mean, you shouldn’t set out to support other bloggers just so you get that support back (please do NOT go into interacting with others with that intention), but!! it’s a cute little way of the universe sending good your way when you’ve done some good for others!!!!

I have to say, I’m guilty of using blogging presence as too much of a basis for what I comment on. When I started out blogging, I commented on pretty much every post in my Reader (which is, to say the least, impossible for me now), but I always prioritized those who commented on my posts, because I felt like I owed them something. Now, I see that I don’t owe them anything (no blogger owes another blogger anything!), and that while I meant well, I should have been commenting because I wanted to support them and their content, regardless of what they did for me.

But! I think having a large blogging presence is still important. Not to make people feel like they owe you support back because you supported them, but because it shows bloggers you care about their content. You’re showing that you love to talk to them, and it makes them want to talk to you too.

Again, I keep using the same person as an example, but Marie @ Drizzle and Hurricane Books is just such a fantastic overall blogger! She’s shared a lot about how active she is, commenting on so many bloggers’ posts each day, and I think this, plus her kind and sweet personality, makes her a favorite for a lot of people (including myself) and makes people want to comment on her posts more often so they can talk to her!

(Honestly, this was the biggest reason I felt so bad for not being more active last year. How could people continually comment on my blog posts, when I barely commented on anyone else’s? I’m still so grateful for everyone who still supported me when I barely gave any support myself, and I hope you’re seeing more of me on your blogs because I’m trying!!)

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You know what’s so uninviting? You, the blogger, not being excited about what you’re posting. I mean, if you’re not passionate about what you wrote and published, how am I supposed to be too?

And yeah, not everyone’s going to be proud of what they write all the time! Everyone faces low self-esteem, and everyone has low confidence sometimes. But if you’re talking about books you’re excited for, be excited!! Don’t just give me a bland “Yeah, I guess I’m looking forward to these books”. Go big or go home and scream “I will die if I don’t get my hands on these books!!!!”

And passion doesn’t mean just “be happy and excited and enthusiastic all the time”. If you’re doing a fun little roast post (take this for example), be passionate about that!! Don’t give me a half-hearted roast!!!! (Those are the worst.)

Passion and enthusiasm about what you’re writing draws others in, and makes them more passionate and enthusiastic about what you’re writing about. It invites you to be just as passionate and enthusiastic in the comments!! It’s why so many public speakers who feel strongly about what they’re talking about do so well.

(Obviously, I’m talking about posts that AREN’T the heartfelt, personal posts where you talk about whatever horrible issues you’ve been facing. No need for enthusiasm there. I’d honestly be a little concerned if you were enthusiastic about having issues.)


To shout out some smaller bloggers, I feel like Olivia @ Purely Olivia and Taasia @ Librae Paints Pages both show a lot of passion in their posts! It always seems like they’re super happy to be writing them, and again, while you don’t have to be necessarily excited to be passionate, I feel like they’re enthusiastic about what they’re talking about and I love it.

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I know ALL bloggers put in tons of work and effort into their blog posts (I mean, I did a whole post on how underappreciated they are considering how much work they do) and there are some blog posts that you can tell take a lot more effort than your usual blog post. I love to comment on people’s posts and leave something positive, so I especially do that whenever people take a lot of time/effort on a post, because I want to appreciate and recognize them for their work.

And this also works for the reverse: If it’s obvious that you might not have put in much effort, which for me goes hand in hand with being passionate about what you’re talking about, then I’m like… well I don’t really feel like putting in the effort either to take time out of my day to leave a few thoughts of my own.

And I get that this can come across as a little mean/selfish! Unfortunately, that’s how my brain works: I have a limited amount of time in a day, and I’d rather comment on a post that seems like a lot of work and effort has been put into it over a post that doesn’t show as much.

(*Note: There are some people who can’t put in a lot of effort all the time, because blogging is hard work and it’s tiring! But my point is that: if your work is quality and it SHOWS, then I’m a lot more inclined to want to read and comment!)

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Okay, so this one isn’t a generalized reason like the other 5, as in, it can’t really help you make a blog post that makes others want to comment on it because it’s specific to me, if that makes sense. But! It still is why I will comment on a post and I still want to talk about a few reasons why I personally might want to comment on a specific post:

  • because I’ve read/am excited about a lot of the books they mentioned
  • because I want to support a friend (in the past I followed a bunch of people because I was friends with them and not because I actually liked their content, which I don’t do now, but there are some posts I might not specifically find THE GREATEST but still will comment on to support!)
  • because I relate to what the blogger is talking about in the post
  • because the blogger is one of my favorites. I mean come on if I love them a lot I’m going to want to talk to them constantly
  • because I have something to say. the least helpful thing ever, because how is this supposed to help you write your own post that will make people want to comment??? but still, it’s a reason

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Obviously, my tips include everything I said above: have or try to develop a strong blogging voice, make things more thought-provoking, be active on other bloggers’ blogs, be passionate, put in as much effort as you can!! But I also have some more, less generalized tips on how to make people want to talk to you.

  • First off, make sure your post invites people to read it in the first place. Capture my attention with the title! Or the featured image! Or the first few lines of your post! And hold their attention throughout the post too: Divide your large blocks of text with some visuals and don’t bore us to death!
  • If it’s not as thought-provoking as a discussion post (which is fine! not all posts can be discussions), make sure to add some questions at the end of your posts that your reader can answer! I do this with all my posts, and by connecting your content to something outside of it, you invite more discussion.
example from my recent post
  • End on a strong note!! There are so many instances where I’ve been like, “Yeah, I can comment on this!” and then I get to the end and just don’t feel that same way. Make some bold statement at the end! Wrap up your review with a concluding paragraph! Don’t leave me hanging!!!
  • And I saved this for last because I think it’s like. an obvious tip. But be kind!! Be nice!!! No one wants to talk to someone they think isn’t going to be kind to them. (Not that this is a huge issue, since pretty much every blogger I know is really nice.)

shall we chat

what makes YOU comment on a blog post? do you like interacting with other bloggers? do you have any tips to increase interaction and engagement??

p.s. I wrote most of this post before I wrote this thread, but everything I wrote after that wasn’t that well-written because I just felt so weird talking about something as mundane as this. long story short: please be aware of current crises going on around the world, including the Sudanese crisis that has come up recently

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65 thoughts on “What Makes Me Comment on a Blog Post? Tips to Increase Interaction and Make Your Blog Posts More Compelling

  1. I agree with all of these things!! A strong personal blogging voice is something that immediately draws me to a blogger, in addition to how nice their blog looks and if their interests are similar to mine. And if I see someone talking about something I’m passionate about, I’ll definitely comment! I’m not used to talking about bookish things irl, but here, it’s so exciting to see people so enthusiastic about my favorite topics. 🥰

    Although I will admit, it was hard for me to keep up with all of these things when I started my blog, I definitely try my hardest to abide by these tips. I try! But sometimes, I run out of time, or I get too anxious to reply right away. But that’s okay, because we all have different blogging paths. 🙂

    Amazing list of tips, May! 💕

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you could agree with my post, Xandra!! And yes, blog aesthetics definitely play a huge role in whether or not I’ll actually read the post in the first place 😶 And ah, it’s so great that you get to talk about bookish things online! I don’t really talk about bookish things irl either so I definitely love doing it online with other bloggers when I can!

      And ahh please don’t feel like these are things you HAVE to abide by! They’re just suggestions ❤


  2. Ooh this is SUCH an interesting post and I totally agree with you about Marie’s and Tiffany’s reviews. They’re somehow?? so engaging??

    I’m pretty bad at commenting back. I mean, I do respond to comments on my blog but not necessarily hop back onto their blog and comment back 🙈🙈 I need to fix that since I don’t get a lot of comments anyway. But given that I don’t have a lot of time, I mainly respond to posts I see in my Reader. Though it happens that most people who comment on my posts I do follow so not much problem I guess? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    Also, one thing I’ve noticed is that tags/memes accumulate a lot of comments because they’re just plenty to talk about, given the large amount of books featured. And discussions as well. I find myself commenting more on discussions such as this one and the others more because I have a lot to say! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aahh thank you so much!! And yes, Marie and Tiffany have such amazing reviews 😍

      I also try to comment back as well!! I think my process now, since I’m finally responding to comments, is to reply to comments the day after a post is published, and then comment back the next day so I don’t overwhelm myself ☺ I just think commenting back is a nice gesture and I love to bring some cheer to people!!

      I definitely agree! Anything that features a list of books is great to comment on because there’s just so much you can choose from to talk about ☺

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  3. These are all well thought out tips, May! I super appreciate that you took the time to write them out and even more that you listed some bloggers who do each of these things well – there’s definitely some I haven’t checked out yet, so I’ll have to do that (but I’ve also been horrible with finding new blogs lately so there’s that)! And I’m totally in the same boat when it comes to Marie! Whenever I think of a blogger who seems to do it all and do it really, really well she definitely comes to mind. ❤

    I'll definitely be trying to be more engaging with the posts I read but also try and get people to interact with my content more as I feel like it's usually the same people who interact (who I appreciate a ton because they keep showing support even when I suck at it) with my posts for months now.

    Again, fantastic post! Thank you for sharing, May! 🙂

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    1. Ahh, thank you so much, Swetlana!! And yes, all the blogs I mentioned are truly amazing and I definitely enjoy reading their posts and talking to them ❤ And agh Marie truly is just a phenomenal blogger overall, I don't know how she does it all!!

      I feel the same way about you, with the whole "they keep showing support even when I suck at it" thing, because that's been me too many times. But I really do want to comment and engage because I love doing it, especially knowing that it makes others happy!!

      Thank you so much again!!! ☺💖

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  4. See, May? Now you got me commenting. This is such an amazing and beneficial post. I’ve been slacking so much lately because of school work (okay let’s be real, procrastinating to do school work) but I haven’t been as active in the blogosphere dhjdghdj. I love when posts have a discussion to them and YES, a bold blogging voice. I want to feel as if I’m talking to you. Thank you for this post and all the blogger recommendations!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Ahaha yay, I’m so glad my post about how to be engaging was actually engaging 😂 And I totally get you — school has just eaten all my time up and now that I’m finally out for the summer, I’m just doing SO many more blogging-related things. Thank you for commenting and I’m glad you liked the post!! ❤

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  5. 100% agree. I found discussion type posts are much more engaging in term of comments as people could voice out their opinions freely while for review/haul type of posts comments tend to be generic as there not much to talk about lol if you don’t read/use the said service/books.

    And Marie is truly a darling in blogging community because I see her presence everywhere in different blogging community

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    1. Yes, definitely! Discussions definitely are super compelling and actually have a topic to talk about, whereas reviews depend on the reader and if they’re able to connect to that post or not. And yes, I love Marie so much!! She’s an amazing blogger ❤


  6. Really nice post! There was some things I didn’t quite thought about; like the lack of time put into the post might discourage some people from commenting. Though reading it, it makes sense! I don’t quite know if I did it without really notice it xd

    Actually, conversation posts are my favorite to write ! As i’m a thinker, I can ramble on whatever I wanna talk about and it doesn’t really cost me that much energy – though that being said, I do need to have ideas to begin with! Some months I have less than others, or don’t feel like writting on said ideas i’ve gotten in the past (which would not be good to write noneless, so we pass to something else.)

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    1. Thank you so much! And yeah, sometimes I can tell when a person doesn’t put as much effort into their posts, and it makes me sad because I want to comment on everyone’s posts, but my time is limited and I have to pick and choose 😔

      I love discussion posts as well! I also am a big rambler, but sometimes it just takes a lot out of me. Plus I tend to try to make my discussion posts extra well-written so that requires some more thinking haha. Thank you so much for commenting! ☺💗

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  7. This is such a great post, May, I loved it! I agree with everything you said here – I think interaction is really not only the most important, but also the best part of blogging. I always get frustrated with posts that have a lot of views but no comments, because I have no idea what people actually thought of it. And having a strong blogging voice is so important! Especially for reviews! There are people whose reviews I can read even if I’ve never heard about the book or have any interest in ever reading it.

    Anyways, loved this post 💕

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    1. Aahh thank you so much Marija!! And yes, I completely agree!! Being able to talk to so many amazing people in the community is truly one of the best parts about blogging, and one of the most rewarding ❤ And yes!! Some of my favorite book reviewers just write amazing reviews for every book and I just can't help but read all of them 😍


  8. This was a great post and I agree with so many of the points. I especially agree with the strong voice point- when someone makes you feel like a friend, you get more excited to have a discussion with them! I am someone who reads many blog posts but doesn’t always comment and I feel AWFUL, so I’m going to put more effort into doing so because comments that others leave on my posts always make my day!

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    1. Aahh, thank you so much Jessica!! I definitely am more drawn to friendlier bloggers since I love talking to them haha. And ah no, don’t feel bad about not commenting a lot!! I spent my whole year feeling horrible and guilty and hating myself, and it’s so unhealthy. Just go at your own pace ❤

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  9. This is another great post! Things like this make me want to comment. Other than that, I really just pick a handful of posts daily to comment on and like a ton more. My comments might be really short or they may go into more detail if I have a lot to say. Anything that stands out and really catches my attention. There are posts I love that I just don’t really have anything to contribute to. It really is random for me and it also depends on how much time I have that day. I do visit A LOT of blogs every day and those vary, too.

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    1. Aahh, thank you so much!! (I’m so glad my post made you want to comment, considering the topic haha!) And I definitely relate to you! Sometimes I’m just not feeling in the mood for commenting and wait until the next day, sometimes my whole Reader is full of reviews of books I’m not excited about. But I definitely try to comment on the ones I feel the most motivated to!!

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  10. As an (almost) newbie blogger these blogging tips are really useful so thankyou!! Blogging voice is definitely so important. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now and your voice is one of the reasons I genuinely love your posts!

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  11. AHHHH MAY I’m crying 😭😭
    You’re way too sweet I’m honored that you thought of me for this post and ahh thank you so much for your sweet words, honestly this means the world 😭😭😭
    I love your thoughts here and I agree with it all, I’m mostly commenting on a blog post when I love the blogger and want to support them, when I find a compelling post with a compelling voice and when the post somehow, spoke to me and when I have something to say add to the conversation and so on. I love chatting in comments, it’s probably my most favorite way to communicate since somehow I’m less shy here than on twitter for instance, too. And yes to making your post inviting and pretty to look at and easy to read with paragraphs and with questions at the end,these are just great tips 🙂
    Fantastic post!! ❤

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    1. OF COURSE I THOUGHT OF YOU FOR THIS POST!!! You are truly one of the best book bloggers out there ❤

      I agree with everything you said!! Sometimes there's not a really concrete reason why I comment on a post besides the fact that I just have something to say or contribute to what their post was talking about. And yes!! For some reason, talking in the comments feels a lot less personal than replying to tweets and makes it a lot easier on my anxious soul 😅

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      1. I’m 😭😭😭 May you’re too sweet for this world thank you ahh 😭 ❤
        I'm right here with you on that – I wish I could do better there, but I'm just way more anxious somehow haha. Comments are always nice, even if they're , "old school" ahah 🙂

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  12. So many great tips!! I think voice and passion are some of the biggest factors that can compel me to comment on a post. It’s funny how you can usually tell just by reading it whether the person actually cares what they’re writing about! And if they are, I automatically want to comment and engage more because they make me care about it! Thanks for this great list 😀

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    1. Thank you so much, Margaret!! Voice and passion truly can make or break a post! I think I’ve yet to read a post where I could tell the blogger just despised writing it, but sometimes there are a few that seem a bit forced 😅 Thank you so much for commenting!! ❤


  13. UM HULLO YOURE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU!! I’m honestly so so touched that you mentioned me in this post. I didn’t think my reviews were *that* interesting, but it’s boosting my confidence that you enjoy reading them. They’re definitely some of my favorite posts to write, and I could hug you 5ever for enjoying them.

    Also, I definitely agree with you about all of these points. I’d also add you to the list of bloggers with a strong blogging voice. Your posts along with Jules and Ilsa are also so entertaining to read. Even if it’s a topic that others have done before, your voice brings something special to the table and makes it more engaging to read. Vicky is also such a queen of discussions, and Marie is the absolute sweetest. and I love that you shouted out Olivia and Taasia because even though they’re smaller, all their posts are so well thought out and written. ❤

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    1. UM HELLO I LOVE YOU MORE!!!! And oh my god yes, I absolutely love reading your reviews!! They’re so well-written, and somehow both professional and casual enough that I don’t feel like I’m reading an essay. I enjoy them so much and I’m so happy you love writing them!! ❤

      Oh SHHH stop being nice to me 😚💗 I wouldn't call MY posts entirely entertaining to read, but Ju and Ilsa's for sure 😎 (But really, thank you thank you thank you 💖) And aghh yes I wish Olivia and Taasia got more recognition, because their posts are truly amazing!!

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  14. AHH, MAY, this is an amazing post! Thank you so much for mentioning me in this post, you’re the absolute sweetest.❤️😭You’ve always supported and boosted my blog so much even though it is smaller and that means the world to me!! Ahh, thank you.

    I 100% agree with everything you said here! I love commenting on discussions because like you said, no matter how many times it’s been talked about everyone still has their own perspective and can add something to the topic. And yes, effort is a big one! If I can tell that the post took a long time to write and it’s super well put together, then I definitely want to comment to support the blogger for putting all that work into it. We all know that when we spend forever on a post and it doesn’t get that much love it doesn’t feel great, so I always want to be there for others!

    Again, this is a truly wonderful post. Thank you for your kind words and for shouting out some blogs that I need to go read now!

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    1. Thank you so much!!! 💖 And aahh OF COURSE!! Your blog is truly one of my favorites and I 100% believe you deserve all the appreciation, and I’m happy to boost you ❤

      Discussions are definitely some of my favorite posts! I love seeing people's opinions on topics, even if they're topics we've seen around a lot, and I'm definitely in awe of discussion topics that haven't been brought up much yet. And yes, I just feel instant solidarity with bloggers who've written a post that obviously took a lot of work and want to support them in the best way I can ❤

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! 💖

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  15. This was a really helpful post! I feel like I’ve only been half-hearting my blog because I’m more into Bookstagram but recently I’ve been wanting to get more into it! Thanks for the tips!

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  16. thanks so much for casually mentioning i have a strong blogging voice??? let me just cry of happiness because i have no idea to handle kindness!! honestly, i’m honoured you enjoy my posts, IT MEANS EVERYTHING TO ME OKAY esp since I LOVE your blog posts! and rip i haven’t done a discussion IN FOREVER but i’m just in awe of people who write genuinely good and thought-provoking discussions like HOW?!?!? and i really like interacting with bloggers…when i’m in the mood? sometimes (most of the time) i just don’t feel like going on to my reader, but sometimes i feel really motivated, and it helps that u only follow blogs i personally love!

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    1. I LOVE YOU ILSA!!! I honestly don’t know how you keep getting surprised by this, but you are truly one of my favorite bloggers and your posts are some of my favorites ❤ And fhdsfldsh I get you like there are moments when I'm just 100% NOT in the mood to interact, but then there are other times when I'm ready to binge-comment lmao

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  17. I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS! what makes me really want to comment on a blog post is how much fun i had while reading the post. if i had, like, a LOT OF FUN, i will DEFINITELY COMMENT. (and most of the time i do have a lot of fun.) if i’m bored i can even give up reading the post…
    also, i can totally agree with the thought-provoking point! if i’m drawn to a discussion post from its title or subject, there are more chances that i will comment, just to share my opinion hehe.
    also! i’m a teeny tiny bit guilty of this, but i’m so ~heart-eyes~ in front of a beautiful blog/header/design, and when i see one, i’ll DEFINITELY read the post, and probably comment.
    BUT! yeah, overall i’m just a very talkative person, and i like to comment on everything :))
    your post is amazing! aaaand i loved it! 💞

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    1. oh yeah my enjoyment of a post definitely is a factor!!! if I can’t even get through reading the whole thing, I can barely make myself comment on it lmao.

      omg no don’t feel guilty!! it’s like completely normal to be drawn to pretty things (it happens all the time to me 😎) and that’s why blog aesthetics are definitely important! and aaahh you are SO sweet, thank youuu 💕

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  18. May, did I say i love you? Because i do 💖💖 What did i do to get this mention and your sweetness, i’m crying 😭💞 I love and relate to this post so much, and truly love the blogs you mentioned here! i think having a strong blogging voice is particularly important and passion is too! this was really interesting and again, i love this post (and you, ofc!) so much! 💖

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  19. For me it’s a lot about the title hahah because I mostly find posts through my email subscription feed. I’m also generally more inclined to click, read and comment if I have read the blogger’s posts before? But besides topic I definitely think personality is an important one because it’s what keeps me interested in the post! I love that within the blogging community there are so many different styles and personalities at work, it really feels like by reading and commenting on posts/engaging with bloggers you’re getting to know them.

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    1. Title is definitely super important! If the title of the post doesn’t interest me, I’m definitely not going to click on it to read the rest haha. And yes, personality is so important! You’re right, I love how in the community we all have different personalities that shine through ❤

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  20. omg this is super helpful and i love it! i found that i tend to read and comment on reviews of books i’ve seen around everywhere and the first few sentences of said post! as well as book tags, because they’re super fun haha

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  21. I agree with ever single thing you mentioned. I try to go through all the posts I’m interested in, and comment on as many as possible (literally have almost 30 tabs open with blogs to read and comment on from the last month). I’m so glad you mentioned Marie, because like you said, she’s the perfect examples of so much of these! Great post, this is probably super helpful for those that are trying to get more engagement on their posts xxx

    Melina | http://www.melinaelisa.com

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  22. I am having an out of body experience because I REMEMBER reading your post last month (twitter ftw), but I apparently never liked or commented like a goober. THIS IS FINE.

    Interaction honestly is what brings me so much joy as a blogger, there is nothing more exciting to me than someone sharing the post on Twitter or leaving a comment with their thoughts!

    This is a fantastic list and all of these things, especially blogging voice and presence, are equally important to me when deciding whether or not to leave a comment. I’ve been a horrible hopper for the last four months due to health reasons, but I am trying to get back into the swing of it (at least replying to my own comments faster than 25+ days later). The community is my favorite part about blogging, and I genuinely love reading what everyone else has to say. I am inclined to leave a comment provided that I have something to say (never just for the sake of it!). Great post, May!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That happens way too many times to me and my sleep-deprived brain lmao!! (But thank you for coming back to comment ☺💕)

      Interaction really is the best thing to come out of blogging for me! I just love the idea that my content can prompt people to talk, and it’s so nice to hear back that people love what I write 😭

      And aahh, I totally and completely relate, Kal! I also had to cut back on blog hopping because with school and whatever bad mental health phase I was going through, it was just too much. But it truly is important to take care of yourself and I’m glad you did that over blog hopping 💕 Thank you so much, Kal!!!


  23. MAY! Can I tackle hug you right now, please? THIS post is everything! I love all that you said so much! ❤ Blog interaction, commenting, and engagement is something that I always wander about and like to discuss. Interaction and engagement is truly what keeps me going as a blogger. My heart does little somersaults whenever someone tell me that they sincerely enjoyed my post! Knowing that my content is being received and thought about by others, is a feeling that will never stop bringing me joy! ❤

    I really love how you broke down a few of the elements that influence you to comment on a blog post. I absolutely agree that a strong blogging voice, passion, and thought-provoking discussions are key features that make me want to leave a comment.

    Wonderful post, May!!

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    1. God, I hate WordPress so much sometimes! It put your lovely comment in spam and I didn’t see until now 😭💖 But aahh thank you so much!! I agree with you so much — I honestly think if I did not get the interaction I did, I wouldn’t want to keep blogging, because it feels like I’m so alone! And of course, getting that external validation and appreciation is always an amazing feeling. And aahh thank you so much, Kelly! You are the sweetest 💕


  24. Hello! Sorry for the late comment 🙇 but thank you so much for these wonderful tips you’ve taken time to write! I absolutely agree with you about blogging voice. That’s one of the main reasons I want to comment on your posts too! You make me feel engaged in your post, like you’re treating me as a friend. I like how you approach your readers through your writing. It’s always so fun to read your posts whether it’s review or discussion or even book tags. I might not comment on every single one of your posts but please know that I enjoy reading them all. I do 😊


  25. This is another helpful piece of advice!! I like it when people comment almost more if they’re following me because not all my followers probably have time to engage, so it’s nice to see that people take time to read my posts.


  26. Well hullo mango queen! (Love this title)
    This is so accurate! A strong blogging voice which somehow exhibits the blogger’s personality and a thought provoking discussion are the most critical factors that nudge me to comment on a post. I personally am really, really bad at small talk, so posting a comment like “Great Post!” seems so incomplete or hollow, I guess? Discussion Posts are my favorite type of posts to comment on – it naturally feels like a conversation without the pressure to comment for engagement.
    As a newbie blogger, THIS ADVICE IS GOLD!!!😍 I am really trying to bring a bit of personality and passion into my writing, but of course, its easier said than done. It is definitely scary to put yourself out there – I sometimes fear making a fool of myself🙈


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